Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs March 29th 2021

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Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs March 29th 2021


Launch yourself skyward!

Follow where inspiration takes you

All abord for the Mystery Tour!

Spontaneity and daring launch you into April, Aries. You’re feeling adventurous and ready for something new. As to what that is – well, Mercury’s meeting with Neptune on the 30th could hand you some inspired ideas. Certainly, if you are faced with dealing with anything from your past. But Mercury and Neptune just want to stretch our imaginative abilities and take us far away from accepted thinking or what we know. This can mark the start of a journey that takes you toward magical, mystical discoveries. And far from what you know.

Don’t listen to someone else’s limitations

How is this likely to manifest? Take no notice of anyone who tells you that’s just the way it is so why bother? You’re one daring thought away from a new direction, solution or new beginning. You’ll meet the week with a decision to wow thanks to the Sun’s meeting with Chiron. And work that inspiration for all you’re worth.

Venus and Ceres also meet in your 1st on the 3rd. The day before Mercury arrives. When it comes to rebooting your path, going after what you want or simply initiating something new, this week says its one great experiment. So, play with the untried, Aries. You may just love the result.

In a nutshell: Step into the mysterious quantum realm where possibilities and magic meet. With this energy you can craft yourself a fresh start that sends you off in a new, exciting direction, Aries.



Show who you know how much you care

Imagination opens up a surprising new direction

Changes within bring the changes you’ve been waiting for

Mercury in Pisces meets Neptune on the 30th. This isn’t just about your higher ideals and goals or shared ideas. You just feel the need more than usual to be a ‘people person’. Time to be as social as you can. And don’t be surprised if old friends or contacts resurface now.

You’re coming from a place of your highest ideals this week, Taurus. You simply want the best for everyone. That of course includes yourself. But feeling that connectivity with others and the universe, will be a big motivator for you this week.

The ideas that come to you now may see extra outrageous or ‘out there’. In fact, you may surprise yourself when it comes to what you are able to come up with now. Especially if you are seeking insights into love, your needs and also what made you the person you are fabulously today. The Sun’s meeting with Chiron on the 29th could mark one such point of revelation. And that surprising thought or realization.

Knock and the doors to healing and insight open

Ruler Venus in your 12th is all about understanding yourself within to bring about the changes you want without. It’s that simple when it comes to getting what you want. You do after all, have a new cycle just ahead. As well as being able to intuit what (or who) is coming, past loves as well as any lingering family issues surface for resolution or healing.

Especially when Venus and Ceres meet on the 3rd and then Mercury lands in your 12th on the 4th. So, take a deep dive and prepare for messages around this arriving via dreams, synchronicities, symbols or meditation. If you have an issue around love, family, what direction to take next, concentrate on the inner you. And then watch all that other stuff take care of itself.

In a nutshell: Whatever it is you want to change in your outer world, this week wants you to know that they will occur effortlessly if you go within. Old wounds heal while future solutions take care of the rest.



Love it or leave it – there’s no in-between!

How many kinds of love do you think there are?

What you cannot imagine – except that

Let’s talk love or simply long-term partnership matters, Gemini. Juno rules marriage and also those promises made to be kept. Or the kind that if we want to back out of, we won’t be able to do that easily. Juno is in your marriage and bae sector this week and aligns to Mercury in your status zone. Whether you are contemplating entering or exiting any kind of agreement involving anyone else, this lets you know there’s no going back now.

This week is very much about remining you that there is more than one kind of love. And also more than one kind of chemistry that may kick-start it too. All down to that big line up in your social and connectivity area of your chart. Now, being the sign of ideas and the mind, it’s unusual for any Gemini not to be looking for a mental turn-on as well as the requisite degree of hotness. Exciting, unusual and quite possibly, daring new connections could send both your imagination and your heartrate racing when it comes to possibilities.

Get ready for surprise possibilities!

Others could be surprised by an outcome they never thought would happen as this is also your house of goals. Career matters are also highlighted while Mercury remains in your 10th and angles to Pluto on the 2nd. But basically, once Mercury lands in your 11th from the 4th, the week’s message tells you that love begins with an idea, a conversation or a connection. This could turn out to be for keeps. It’s the future of love this week, Gemini.

In a nutshell: Promises to keep, promises you made or agreements that are not lightly broken feature this week. You are either in this whole-heartedly now, Gemini. Or if there’s a hole in your heart – time to walk away to find what’s missing.



Get set for success

Home and work merge

Take the high road to freedom

You are at your most focused when it comes to your career or what you want to achieve now, Cancer. All thanks to the full board meeting of planets happening in your 10th. If you are happy with your direction, then you may be looking closely at how to make that work/life balance truly work for you.

It’s the era of flexible working. So, many of you may be making innovative changes that spending more time working from home have brought you. Changing rooms or simply innovating, renovating or contemplating moving could be the result. Home and work may be merging now for the foreseeable future for many.

Have you settled for less?

Others could enter a period where new priorities replace old ones. Especially when Mercury meets Neptune on the 30th which could have you asking: What else is out there? Have you been blind to other possibilities or paths open to you? This could reveal them now. Especially if these paths can take you higher.

Above all, no matter what path you want to take, you are the author of it. If your current one no longer brings you satisfaction, those possibilities you were unaware of before could reveal themselves and beckon you along a new one thanks to radical shifts made possible by the Sun and Chiron on the 29th. Pursuing that new love path is also possible now as this house rules the status of our partner. So, attracting a new and possibly serious one is one outcome.

Others’ stock could soar thanks to their current squeeze making all the right moves. Success is no joke in April as Venus strikes a new deal with ceres and Mercury in here seals it. Success gets some home-working. As does love this week.

In a nutshell: Remember in ancient times your sign was linked to explorers and discovering what else may be ‘out there’. Expand your horizons this week as fresh possibilities open up.



Be happy

Make a promise to keep

Just how lucky can lucky be, Leo?

Your luck could turn this week – for the better, Leo. Solutions, opportunities and freedom could simply drop into your lap. All thanks to the gigantic cosmic happening in your 9th. Fancy kickin’ it old school? Let’s talk about ancient astrology. Because what does it teach us? The old rules still apply.

When planets are in your 9th house, tradition says they are happy in here. Think ‘9th house, happy house’. This is your house of learning, luck, the law, travel, foreigners, the mass media and big loves and ideas. Now, even if you are grounded due to Covid restrictions, you have ruler the Sun in here along with Venus, Ceres, Chiron and as of the 4th, Mercury too. Guess what? Old school astro tells us even the not-so-happy planets go all Pharrell Williams when in here. Not that you have any right now. So, get happy, Leo.

Lucky break

You’ll feel the effects of outrageous clap along fortune around the 29th-30th when the Sun and Chiron meet and then Mercury and Neptune engage in a fantastic change routine on the 30th.

Love is the lasting promise you’ll make either to yourself or someone else thanks to Juno in your 5th on the 1st. It aligns to Mercury which rules contracts of all kinds. Two days later and Venus and Ceres make a heart-starting happy meeting which could bring about a brand-new arrangement in love or business. Happiness is the deal you may strike this week, Leo. That’s the truth.

In a nutshell: Happiness often comes in the form of lucky breaks and solutions, Leo. Or simply from us being willing to take a chance. Raise the roof on expectations as happiness is your truth now!



Higher love delivers

Doors to the vault open wide

Don’t over-think it – just jump!

Hopefully at the time of the new Moon in Pisces and your 7th on the 13th, you made a wish. ‘Bring me a higher love’. Ruler Mercury conjunct Neptune in your 7th on the 30th could deliver that – or news of it. You also have Juno in your 4th getting serious with Mercury on the 1st. Mercury makes a sextile to Pluto on the 2nd. Love could get serious. Or a commitment could be made now.

This may not be with someone (although it could well be). It could just as easily be with something. The doors to empowerment and the vault swing wide now. Your 8th rules sex – let’s not forget that. But this is also your other money house. Salary, loans, mortgages, long term contracts, shares, legacies and big bucks are ruled by this house. What is jointly owned and shared. If you have a mortgage you and the bank or you, your partner and the bank jointly own you home. Until you pay it off.

Jump for love!

Gaining greater access to more resources, or someone offering you access to theirs, a deal to be stuck or done – involving perhaps more than just money. And then some. You have the Sun, Chiron, Ceres and from the 4th, your ruler in here. Venus rules your 2nd and your 7th, money and love, so don’t be surprised if gains come via a partner of one description or another.

When it comes to new love, this is your house along with your 5th, of attraction and flings. But higher love begins with taking a leap of faith as high as we can go. Wish big. The stakes are as high as you can dream, Virgo.

In a nutshell: The wish you made earlier this month could begin to manifest now. Was it around that higher love? If it arrives, don’t hesitate. You may just have to jump in, Virgo and feel rather than think!



Who or what supports your soul?

Share that worldview creates a new kind of chemistry

Love makes everything go round

Love also means wellbeing and has to have the feel-good factor now. While next door sign of Virgo aims for the higher variety, you want the sustainable kind you can wrap yourself in every day. And feel you don’t need to change a thing about yourself either. Just the way you are. This week is about every kind of love from the every-day ‘nice to come home to’ kind to self-love as in taking better care of yourself.

Mercury’s meeting with Neptune in Mercury’s ruling 6th asks you to tune in to what your body is telling you. And apply any insights. Especially if lockdown has not been kind to you in wellbeing terms.

Singles could have that exciting and dazzling encounter now. Settleds get closer again. Juno which rules marriage and all kinds of big commitments, is in Mercury’s ruling 3rd. And angles to Mercury in your 7th on the 1st. There’s a new deal on love in the air as ruler Venus meets Ceres in Venus’s ruling house on the 3rd.

Love Makes Your World Go Round

Promises are for keeps but what you need in a lover if you’re looking for one, is someone who thinks the same way as you do on the big stuff. The same way of seeing life, the universe and everything. Of course, you can agree to disagree on the small stuff. In fact, for you – vive la difference! So, ensure you and that boo have the same worldview if you are going to create your own one to share. A conversation could simply kick-start the next big love event once Mercury arrives in your 7th on the 4th.

In a nutshell: It’s all about the love now, Libra. If it’s new love, shared values and worldviews are your chemical catalyst for the lasting kind. Look for the love that is different – but unites your souls.



Let imagination show you what is possible

Love is on the rise this week

Get your glow on!

This week’s mesmerising meeting between Mercury and Neptune in your 5th on the 30th is set to remind you that you are the star on earth, Scorpio. So, look to how you shine now because that’s what stars do. We look up at them and they hold our imaginations captive.

How you shine is up to you. But since Mercury rules ideas and Neptune inspiration, you should have plenty of ways to showcase this. Both on-line or off. You’re allowed to dream this week. To imagine yourself where you want to be. Or what you want to attract as this is one of your main attraction houses. It’s also where you get yourself noticed in an effortless way. So, this is your invitation to explore doing just that.

Hobbies, play, pastimes, creativity, writing, painting, photography, designing, performing – showcase yourself. I should not need to remind you this is your house of romance. Looking for love? This is all about the dreamy, romantic variety – not sex. But ensure that dream lover can deliver the real thing and isn’t just all fantasy.

Rise up past what restricts you

Lucky for you, reality driven aspects ground you from your 6th house of daily work, routines and wellbeing. Is it time for a radical shift around one, some or all of these, Scorpio? As the sign of re-birth, you know when its time to rise like the phoenix. Ditching habits that don’t help, that job that’s a rut or committing to a healthier feeling you for the future by shaking up your daily life is promised when the Sun and Chiron meet on the 29th.

This could even stretch into areas like home and your finances. You want everything to be healthier now. From your money to your environment and living space. Get ready to initiate fresh ideas around all of these once Mercury which rules this house, lands in here on the 4th. This week takes you all the way to the stars – and back down to earth again. Design each step of the journey, phoenix.

In a nutshell: Get ready to captivate and mesmerise, Scorpio. In your own unique way of course. Plus, you could be about to transcend anything that gets in the way of that. Go glow!



Take a reality break to bring home realness

There’s nothing like your brand of realness either!

Renew your vows to yourself

You’re playing for keeps now, Sag. This week is about those long-term promises. The ones we cannot get out of easily if we do decide we want to exit. Anything from that work contract to that marriage or mortgage. Sure, we can change our minds. That’s our right. But we also know if we do, there’s going to be effort involved.

So, if you are making a decision now, think long and hard about the long term implications. Mercury and Neptune meet in your 4th house. It’s easy to drift away imagining how you will live as opposed to how you are. Best use of this transit which can be wonderful incidentally, is to look to inspired ways of improving your home. Especially if you are working from it now. Make it your temple of inspiration, soul recharge and retreat. Fill it with beauty. Light those scented candles, run a luxurious bath, meditate, listen to music, wrap yourself in a blanket of imagination. Reboot.

Real Magic

Then emerge like Venus from the waves ready to begin the magic for real. Above all, be real. Your best version of you and please, don’t worry about what others will think. You have the Sun, Mercury from the 4th, Venus, Ceres and Chiron in your 5th. This is the Sun’s ruling house. Every planet is happy in here and they all want to party and play. Hook into that vibe.

New love, new projects, new plans, new YOU. Romance could be found closer than you think now. You could already ne connected or meet via someone you know. Or right where you are. In fact, right where you are right now is where the magic is at, Sag.

In a nutshell: Create a space where fantasy and magic can reside to take you out into a new world, Sag. It’s not just wishful thinking. It’s part of your long term purpose now.



Giving your word carries weight

Get a time and a space for living

Check in to the Hotel Imagination

If you didn’t know what you were getting yourself into when you agreed to something in the past, for better or worse, you’ll be faced with the full implications of it this week, Capricorn. Juno in your 12th squares Mercury ruler of contracts in its ruling 3rd on the 1st. While the following day, Mercury angles back to Pluto in your 1st.

Terms and conditions around something may change this week as a result. Or a newer, fresher and better agreement is reached between you and someone else. Be flexible, pragmatic but don’t be afraid to suggest some T&C’s of your own either.

Check into Hotel Fantasy!

Home, family, living arrangements and property matters feature thanks to the huge number of houseguests in your 4th. Time to get living and well. Also, live in the realm of your ideas and imagination this week. The cosmic meeting between Mercury and Neptune in Mercury’s ruling 3rd on the 30th, is all about magic spells. The wonder of words and ideas, inspiration and fantasy. How will you use this?

Explore and also launch, share and capture those thoughts, visions and imaginative, fantastic ideas. Photograph, write, pitch and weave a luminous spell no-one can resist. Anyway, you like and anyway you can. Reading, dreams, visualisation, fantasy, sci-fi, movies, painting and deep learning insights take you away from the everyday world now and show you possibilities of what can be. Take those words and ideas and run with them, Capricorn. And above all, cast your spell far and wide.

In a nutshell: agreements need to be honoured one way or another this week. If entering into anything you, be certain of what this means. Time to give your imagination house room. And use this for living better.



Know where the money goes

Be a real contender

The fearless heart is a loving one

Fearless love? How do you feel about those words, Aquarius? Sometimes we just have to close our eyes, take that leap and trust. And know no matter what the outcome, we will be richer for the experience.

First let’s talk money as Mercury and Neptune meet in your 2nd on the 30th. This could be a reality checking moment if you have allowed finances to drift without knowing where the money is actually going. Pop goes the weasel! However, for many this could bring inspiration when it comes to opening up new ideas around your income and abundance. Especially working with your creativity and higher ideals.

Follow through with fierce fearlessness

Back to that fearlessness. That begins on the 29th when the Sun meets Chiron. Say it and say it anyway, Aquarius. This could lead some of you to apply for that job you feel is out of reach. Or simply tackle that conversation. You’re bringing realness and the authentic you into any interaction now.

Saying ‘I love you’ or just showing it will be increasingly important. And across all kinds of relationships. Not just the romantic variety. However, this week could bring some that lightning bolt of attraction. Hence the call to fearlessness when it comes to that follow-through. Love could be found close by or around your everyday interactions too.

Venus meeting Ceres in your 3rd on that day points to new beginning or understanding. Mercury’s entry into what is its ruling house on the 4th tells you to keep up that fearless approach. Whether its in love, business, what you share or what you believe you can dare to do. Heart in the ring this week, Aquarius. You’re a real contender.

In a nutshell: Anything we want usually deserves risking our heart. But the rewards far outweigh the risk. It could be time to throw your heart into the ring, Aquarius. Try a little fearlessness.



Be timeless and transcendent

Own ‘it’, werk it

Dare to change up that deal to something better

There’s a whole new world beckoning to you this week Pisces. And on more than one level. First let’s talk a whole new you. Star quality, glamour, charisma. These transcend mere physical appearance or fashion. They are timeless. What people used to call ‘It’ in other words. Take it you don’t just have ‘It’ this week. You own it and will work it like a boss, baby!

Becoming You

Mercury and Neptune meet in your 1st on the 30th. It’s about your image, appearance, brand, message and yes, ‘It’. Resulting in a you who projects something irresistible in your own unique way. And it’s what people want. You may not be looking for love, attraction or attention. But it will find you nonetheless now. This is your week of Becoming.

Elsewhere in the sky – or your 2nd house, the money is on your self-worth. As well as the kind in your bank account. Venus is the ruler of this house. You’re cashed up with planets in here. As well as Venus you have the Sun, Chiron, Ceres and Mercury from the 4th. There’s a sub-theme this week around seeing what supports you or reflects your values. And who or what doesn’t. Especially as Venus and the Sun align to Saturn in your 12th.

You’ll make changes based on any insights here. And these could include changing the deal between you and someone else so be prepared. Negotiations around work, self-worth boosting ventures and yes, your money could feature. Others could launch or open up new sources of income – perhaps that side-hustle now. Or dare to ask for that pay rise or apply for something better. All the while emitting that alluring glow that says you’re the best deal going, Pisces.

In a nutshell: There’s only one you, Pisces. And all the facets that make that up are worth showcasing and celebrating. Uniqueness has nothing to do with fashion. Embrace a little timelessness for success in the here and now.



By our astrologer Elena


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