Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs March 28th 2022 – New Start!

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Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs March 28th 2022


New cycle – new YOU!

Step into impossible possibilities

Your audience is waiting

Brand new beginnings beckon and its time to showcase that fierce, unstoppable quality as the new Moon in your sign marks the start of April, Aries. Fresh face forward as the Sun, Mercury and Chiron all meet on the 2nd pointing to a fearless, unstoppable new you as well as a new cycle. This may also involve a radical relaunch of goals and/or your appearance. Or both.

You are able to make a lasting impression on people who matter this week thanks to Venus and Saturn meeting in your 11th on the 28th. This can bring you influential friendships who hand you their wisdom, strength and experience. They are in for the long haul. Just be aware this is friendship energy, not the romantic kind. Age may feature as in years rather than emotional or spiritual age. Don’t make the mistake of rejecting a connection simply based on a generation gap. This can go either way. You may have more in common than you realise.

Embrace the impossibly possible outcome

The conjunction of the 2nd could have you feeling very different – like someone new or someone you have always wanted to grow into or become. Go with this, don’t edit or dilute it and on some level, don’t be your old self. This may take the form of that radical image overhaul for some to a minor adjustment for others. It is a year to explore possibilities. Especially those you may have felt were unattainable or out of reach of the old ‘you’. But something you are now projecting, doing or conveying has the world sitting up and taking notice of you this week. Step into the light of your new cycle, Aries.

In a nutshell: There’s something different about you this week, Aries. It can be as subtle as that new vibe you’re projecting. Or as obvious as a total makeover. But the result is the same: everyone is looking at you and treating you differently. Expect new outcomes as a result.

Mar 28 2022 Venus conjunct Saturn in Aquarius (11th)

Apr 1 2022 New Moon in Aries (1st)

Apr 2 2022 Sun conjunct Mercury in Aries (1st)

Apr 2 2022 Sun, Mercury and Chiron conjunct in Aries (1st)


Combine intuition with certainty

Take control of your future like a boss

Shine a light of clarity on confusion and clear a path to success!

A week to make that move or to communicate your intentions in a way that simply cannot be misinterpreted, Taurus. Ensure you are taken seriously as ruler Venus meets Saturn in its ruling 10th on the 28th. Timing any interviews, meetings, appearances or important conversations to coincide with this boosts your chances of walking away with the result you were after.

It’s certainly a week to fuse intuition with professionalism. And in doing so, attain serious results, Taurus. Hopefully you are taking yourself and all you have to offer seriously. Because if you don’t then who will? Boss moves can be made so it is important you act like one. With ruler Venus involved don’t just limit these to the business realm but extend to the personal one too. Walk your talk and know what you want to take away with you. If you are dating someone new, ask what they are seeking and look at whether or not their plan dovetails with your own. And if not, take what they say seriously in return. There’s no point in going forward if you are both seeking different things. And no, they will not change their minds and neither will you.

Harness the full force of intuitive intention

Knowing this and coming from a place of certainty and authenticity, allows you to tap into your full intuitive force for guidance. At which point, you don’t waste your time or that of others, on something with no future. This week hands you a new Moon which pierces through the dark of any confusion or illusion for that matter, and delivers clarity of intention. You see everything including what’s in the recesses of your own heart, for what it is. In the case of your goals and ambitions – a soul mission that is part of who you are. In the case of other people or situations – the truth about your future from here on in. The truth is both out there and within you this week, Taurus. Act on it.

In a nutshell: Act on insight and the information you gather. You may see your goals and ambitions in a new light. Just as connections and everything else around you takes on a new truth and perspective.

Mar 28 2022 Venus conjunct Saturn in Aquarius (10th)

Apr 1 2022 New Moon in Aries (12th)

Apr 2 2022 Sun conjunct Mercury in Aries (12th)

Apr 2 2022 Sun, Mercury and Chiron conjunct in Aries (12th)


Explore alternatives

New connections offer more than just freedom

Set fresh intentions when it comes to those goals

An irresistible force meets an immovable object as Venus encounters Saturn in your 9th this week. What restricts or blocks you, Gemini? Pushing hard or increasing your efforts won’t work now. If you want to free yourself you have to either 1) play nice and by the accepted rules or else 2) try an alternative route/approach. Venus is all about diplomacy and that old saying of you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Put simply: if you need someone’s cooperation or agreement how can you bring them on side without alienating them? Reach for those love tools or simply side step entirely.

Embrace the freedom to circulate

Long term efforts can release you and rewards or a Get Out of Jail Free solution appear if you have been willing to go the distance. This week kickstarts a fresh goal cycle and upgrades that social life thanks to a new Moon in your 11th at the start of April. The Sun also meets your ruler Mercury and Chiron in here on the 2nd. Invitations or the appearance of new people suck you into a brand new, vibrant or exciting social scene which may be very different to the circles you usually swim in, Gemini. The more different the better now in fact.

This is no time to remain that boxset hermit as if you do, you are likely to stay that way for some time to come. And isn’t this week all about freedom? Release yourself back into the flow again and circumvent whatever is preventing you from doing just that.

In a nutshell: Know when you need to try a different tactic to either release yourself from restriction or get someone on-side, Gemini. A touch of diplomacy goes a long way. It’s also time to emerge from any self-imposed lockdowns. Time to fly, social butterfly!

Mar 28 2022 Venus conjunct Saturn in Aquarius (9th)

Apr 1 2022 New Moon in Aries (11th)

Apr 2 2022 Sun conjunct Mercury in Aries (11th)

Apr 2 2022 Sun, Mercury and Chiron conjunct in Aries (11th)


Change your perspective – change the dynamic

Your way – your rules

A new success setting chapter opens

Something within you shifts this week, Cancer. Perhaps those feelings around a person or situation. Or you simply realise you have settled for far less than what you are capable of – or entitled to for that matter. Your ability to shift your perspective around something or someone allows you to effortlessly transcend it or else turn it to your advantage as Venus and Saturn meet in your 8th.

Colour in a new success story

Has someone been dictating your path or insisting you play by their rules? Rules which may not be yours or even make any sense? By the time this week comes to a close you should know when to colour within the given lines and also when to redraw the lines when necessary. Yes, you will embrace the accepted or traditional way of doing things – if this assists you or has meaning for you. But if not, you’ll redraw the lines and also redefine what success means to you for your future with the new Moon in your 10th on the 1st. Rather than continue to follow what simply looks outdated and foolish.

Go your own way or simply claim your original success story no matter what this is as the Sun, Mercury and Chiron meet in here on the 2nd. This could bring some of you news around a bold, brazen career venture or interview or see recognition for sticking to that individual journey. You are on the cusp of something bigger now which may well manifest later in April. Take the first key step towards making it happen this week.

In a nutshell: Own that path, Cancer. This week asks you to step into the role of CEO of You.Inc. No more playing by other people’s rules designed to confine or limit you. Work it like a boss – both personally and professionally.

Mar 28 2022 Venus conjunct Saturn in Aquarius (8th)

Apr 1 2022 New Moon in Aries (10th)

Apr 2 2022 Sun conjunct Mercury in Aries (10th)

Apr 2 2022 Sun, Mercury and Chiron conjunct in Aries (10th)


Love gets the ring of truth

Don’t take on the limitations of others

Aim for something higher

If it’s right you’ll put a ring on it this week. Venus’s meeting to Saturn on the 28th in Venus’s ruling 7th points to a partnership that is either future-proof or else simply not destined to go any further. Watch for a new potential double act emerging as this could come pre-packed with serious longevity.

This week hands us a new Moon in your freedom inspiring 9th and your ruler also meets Mercury and Chiron in here on the 2nd. Your sense of adventure and need to stretch into a larger experience calls out to you. How will you answer? Does the union you are in expand or restrict your potential? Travel may feature now as could anything which adds to your learning journey. News could send you in an exciting direction. One which opens up your heart and your mind to exactly what is possible for you in the coming year.

Heal that heart

Look closely at any wounds you may be carrying that have caused you to believe you have to settle for a smaller slice of life than other people. Time to become your own visionary. Look back at those big dreams or visions you have held for yourself in the past. Were they supported by others or shot down in flames? Who or what has made you limit your ideas around what you can do, have or experience? If an area of life has a No Entry sign on it for you – time to rip it up or at the very least, change your course so you simply by-pass it entirely. If you do you’ll quickly discover an open road ahead.

Don’t let anyone else’s ideas limit what is available for you now. You are on the cusp of a brand new cycle where luck and the ability to dare to venture into fresh territory can deliver that experience you are seeking. Whether this is around love, learning or any experience you dream of having. There are no No Go areas for you now, Leo. Take no notice of those who tell you otherwise.

In a nutshell: Envision a new and bigger dream for yourself this week, Leo. And avoid anyone who tells you it’s simply not possible. Is your love future-proof? If so, you’ll be in for the long haul now.

Mar 28 2022 Venus conjunct Saturn in Aquarius (7th)

Apr 1 2022 New Moon in Aries (9th)

Apr 2 2022 Sun conjunct Mercury in Aries (9th)

Apr 2 2022 Sun, Mercury and Chiron conjunct in Aries (9th)


Get that TGI-TODAY vibe!

Shape shift your passion

Reach out, be strong

How is that everyday vibe, Virgo? Elevating and energising or low vibe and basement level? Are you greeting your day with optimism and open arms or simply wishing there was a permanent snooze setting? This week is all about creating the framework that frees as Venus and Saturn meet in your 6th.

Your ability to make changes that enhance or support your overall wellbeing or lifestyle come with a juiced-up new Moon in your transformation sector on the 1st. The 2nd sees the Sun meet your ruler Mercury as well as Chiron in here. Shape shifting everything from how you see your situation to our money or what you share could result as you initiate something that brings daily benefits. Perhaps a new job, sharing household duties with your significant other or creating a routine that hands you the resources you need – more time, energy, happiness.

Claim that power

It’s important to realise you are more powerful than you believe when it comes to creating change. But also to keep in mind that strong souls know when to ask for assistance too. So, if you need to show your strength this way, don’t hesitate in calling on others for support. Whether this is a close connection or a professional. This cycle wants you to experience more empowerment. On a daily basis and in practical ways. Look forward to seeing every day as a positive dawn, Virgo.

In a nutshell: This week’s new moon jump starts a new way of living, thinking and being. You transform your attitude to yourself. And what you do each day. TGIF turns into TG every day, Virgo.

Mar 28 2022 Venus conjunct Saturn in Aquarius (6th)

Apr 1 2022 New Moon in Aries (8th)

Apr 2 2022 Sun conjunct Mercury in Aries (8th)

Apr 2 2022 Sun, Mercury and Chiron conjunct in Aries (8th)


Say hello to real connection

No more fake love

Start your hearts

Love and partnership matters get a re-boot this week. Ruler Venus meets Saturn in your 5th telling you to make serious time for love. Or what you love to do, have or create. In terms of an existing boo, you’ll see if you have a future or not. You’ll also not be in the mood for anything superficial.

This is an excellent week to go looking for lasting love if that is on your agenda now. Why? Well, you won’t be sold simply on the flirtation and chemistry. Not that this isn’t important. But you know you need more for love to go the distance. So, you will take the time to ensure there’s substance behind the flirtation. You’re nobody’s fool as a new partnership dynamic or fresh chapter for that current connection is announced by the new Moon in your 7th..

Open your heart

That proactive intent and openness is so sexy right now. Singles are no longer in the mood for second chance servings. You crave something or rather someone, new and different. Settleds also won’t shy away from making those changes that brings them and that boo closer or clears up any issues once and for all. It’s a time for new beginnings, reboots and redefining what you want from any kind of double act. This is just the start, Libra. The steps you take now can lead to real heart-starting results by next month.

In a nutshell: The new Moon in your 7th promises a heart starting beginning around duos, duets and double acts. No fake flirtation. Just servings of authenticity and real emotion. What you begin now keeps that heart beating into May.

Mar 28 2022 Venus conjunct Saturn in Aquarius (5th)

Apr 1 2022 New Moon in Aries (7th)

Apr 2 2022 Sun conjunct Mercury in Aries (7th)

Apr 2 2022 Sun, Mercury and Chiron conjunct in Aries (7th)


Lay the foundations for your future

Cast some present moment magic spells

Leave bad habits behind

Love your lifestyle or where you live? Send those roots deeper or else time to plant new ones as Venus and Saturn meet in your 4th. Positive and long term decisions can be made around home, living arrangements or family members now. If you are moving then you should be unpacking for some time to come. Make those long term decisions with confidence this week.

You have a new Moon of everyday self-care occurring in your 6th on the 1st. Working smarter not harder, ditching bad habits for keeps and escaping that rut be it that routine or job are how you can wield your power in the present moment magic this new Moon can hand you. Don’t underestimate how influential even the smallest change you initiate can be now.

No more hamster wheel habits

What is tired when it comes to what you repeat or cling to? What do you know deep down doesn’t do you any good but you keep doing it despite this? Now is your moment to quit and replace it with a different and better habit. This week can see your job being one of becoming your own life coach. Having said that – doctors, trainers, therapists, healers, dietitians and yes, coaches may play a big role in the new direction you set for yourself. This week tells you to Seize the Day and to understand your point of power is always in the present moment. Begin in now – no excuses. No procrastination and no underestimation, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: This week’s new Moon tells you there’s nothing like the power of the present moment. You may be harnessing that routine or every day resources and deploying them in fresh ways. The result: power shot you, Scorpio.

Mar 28 2022 Venus conjunct Saturn in Aquarius (4th)

Apr 1 2022 New Moon in Aries (6th)

Apr 2 2022 Sun conjunct Mercury in Aries (6th)

Apr 2 2022 Sun, Mercury and Chiron conjunct in Aries (6th)


Start kidding around again

Get talking, sharing or launching

Bring that love game, Sag!

Okay enough adulting for you now, Sag. Have you had to put fun on the back burner? Maybe lockdown and Covid restrictions have had a role to play in this. Or else lack of money or other resources may have played a role. Maybe you have been putting others’ needs before your own. If so, time to reclaim joy, anticipation, optimism and joie de vive with this week’s new Moon in your 5th, Sag.

There’s also an idea around you whose time has come. What are you doing with it or intend to do? Maybe this is a conversation you need to initiate. Or something you need to launch or finish off once and for all. The meeting between Venus and Saturn on the 28th cements those ideas. And ensures others are left in no doubt that you mean what you say now.

The L Word

But basically there’s no escaping this week ushers back in the joy and lightness of being your sign is known for. Optimism is your default setting after all. The day after the new Moon offers excitement and the possibility of news that sends you in an eventful direction as the Sun, Mercury and Chiron all meet in your 5th. Time to simply be fabulous, Sag. And if you are still waiting to see what this new Moon has in store for you, then take the initiative. If this means adopting a fierce new persona which simply can’t be overlooked, then do whatever it takes. This is no time for half measures. An unexpected break or stroke of luck could land you just where you need to be. Or see you in the hot zone romance wise. Let your inner child out to party and play. Time for serious fun now.

In a nutshell: No need to be a grown-up, Sag. If you are done with adulting time to let that inner child back out to play. The new Moon in your 5th is a rom-com, fairground ride waiting to happen.

Mar 28 2022 Venus conjunct Saturn in Aquarius (3rd)

Apr 1 2022 New Moon in Aries (5th)

Apr 2 2022 Sun conjunct Mercury in Aries (5th)

Apr 2 2022 Sun, Mercury and Chiron conjunct in Aries (5th)


Take the fastest route to security

Shore up that support structure

Get capable, Capricorn

Chances are if your manta has been ‘There’s no place like home’ lately then there may be faster ways than ruby slippers to get you there. Funding holding you up? Venus in its ruling house meets your ruler Saturn on the 28th which could give you access to the resources you need. This is an excellent time to apply for that mortgage, loan, better paid job or ask for that payrise.

Just bear in mind if you are seeking to borrow money – this isn’t about credit cards or consumerism. This is about sound financial choices which create a strong foundation for you. And which are aligned to your core values. The new Moon in your home sector and the Moon’s ruling 4th on the 1st says you’d be foolish to take any other approach. Any extra money needs to be channeled into what will support you for your future or which enhances your feeling of security right now. So, upgrading your home, saving for that deposit, home improvements or being able to move all fall under this. Click those heels.

Get your support structure

Benefits may flow via family members. Or those special souls you may not share DNA with but think of as family. The Sun meets Mercury and Chiron in your 4th on the 2nd which could see you strike out in your own self-defined but ultimately more satisfying, direction. Others could receive an unexpected boost or benefit from someone close to them. If what you needed in terms of nurturing, parenting, security or family was missing on some level when you were growing up, this week hands you the tools to heal any remaining wounds around this. And to give yourself what it is you’ve always needed. Harness that belief within you that you can provide this. Especially if you have been made to feel incapable or inadequate. And also have enough to give others you care about what they need too. It’s never too late to have a happy childhood, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: Build on what enhances your sense of belonging and security. Whether this is material or emotional, Cappy. Expect a revelation around just how capable you are to provide this. For yourself or those you love.

Mar 28 2022 Venus conjunct Saturn in Aquarius (2nd)

Apr 1 2022 New Moon in Aries (4th)

Apr 2 2022 Sun conjunct Mercury in Aries (4th)

Apr 2 2022 Sun, Mercury and Chiron conjunct in Aries (4th)


Look closer for fresh discoveries

Kickstart those ideas

Speak up and share

Don’t take what’s oh-so-familiar for granted this week. Instead try to see it with fresh eyes. Same goes for those ideas. Maybe like any work of art they need a better frame? You’re being prompted to get serious about something now as Venus and Saturn meet in your sign. This is about a serious commitment and sticking to your word – one way or another. It’s about going all in or else realising this isn’t what you need after all. Stand by what you say and back it up with love. Even if it’s self-love.

Harness the power of your ideas

Back to that fresh perspective. You have everything you need to get anything you want or go anywhere. Right where you are right now is where it all begins. Your ideas contain worlds of new beginnings and the internet multitudes of manifestation potential now. The new Moon in your 3rd is the next big idea or opportunity set to take you places. It can make you see what is under your nose in a fresh way. And highlight what you have at your disposal. Above all, you get that all important nudge to action. Perhaps because that idea now keeps nagging you until you do something with it.

It’s time to let the light of your ideas shine as brightly as they can. Don’t dismiss your thoughts or what you have to say as unimportant or worthless. Speak up. Share. Be as brilliant as you can be as the Sun combines with Mercury’s swiftness and Chiron’s maverick inspiration on the 2nd. Dazzle others with what you have to say and the brilliance of those witty comebacks. Especially if you’re flirting. But ideas are what you need to flirt with this week. And watch how a conversation you start opens more than just discussions.

In a nutshell: Work those ideas and don’t just talk about them. Although sharing, applying or launching them may have a ripple effect. Craft that opening line. Words are spells and work magic this week.

Mar 28 2022 Venus conjunct Saturn in Aquarius (1st)

Apr 1 2022 New Moon in Aries (3rd)

Apr 2 2022 Sun conjunct Mercury in Aries (3rd)

Apr 2 2022 Sun, Mercury and Chiron conjunct in Aries (3rd)


Bank on integrity and soul worth

Step into a fresh cycle of abundance

The best thing in life is – YOU this week!

You should not need to dig too deep to connect to your soul values and sense of right and wrong, Pisces. What forms part of your soul integrity. What you know that compromising or selling out on means selling part of your soul. What is not for sale at any price.

Venus meets Saturn in your 12th at the start of the week. And it really is important that you don’t compromise on that integrity now. Saying No to someone may feature. Don’t be afraid to take a stand if something simply doesn’t sit right. Self-protection may be called for. Do not be tempted to go against what you know deep down is wrong. Trust your decision is the right one.

Continue your emotional expansion

This week’s new Moon in your 2nd speaks to that authenticity on a deeper, more connected and emotional level. Yes, this is all about your connection to your money and the material world. And while it can hand you a new income stream or better paying job, it is more about experiencing abundance and enjoying what you have rather than yearning after what you believe you want. Or think will make you happy. Having a strong sense of self-worth is part of this. Want to experience the new rich? You don’t need a designer bag or even a superyacht to do that. Go do something you simply love to do. Be in nature, paint, draw, create something.

The Sun’s meeting with Mercury and Chiron could well usher in a freshly minted flow of the folding stuff. But it could just as easily deliver a rise in your self-esteem which comes from simply sticking by what you know is right. Take that cashed-up feeling and re-invest it in anything that creates more meaning for you. Chances are that’s not material things but experiences. What it means to be you is more than money can buy this week.

In a nutshell: A richer, more empowered you emerges along with a new Moon in your money zone, Pisces. But it’s about more than what money can buy you. It’s that priceless feeling of knowing you stand by your values.

Mar 28 2022 Venus conjunct Saturn in Aquarius (12th)

Apr 1 2022 New Moon in Aries (2nd)

Apr 2 2022 Sun conjunct Mercury in Aries (2nd)

Apr 2 2022 Sun, Mercury and Chiron conjunct in Aries (2nd)


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