Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs March 14th 2022

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Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs March 14th 2022


Shine bright like a diamond

Prepare to astound

Happy birthday, Aries!

The Sun arrives in your sign this week, kick starting a searing cycle you’ve waited over a decade for. In May, Jupiter will pay your 1st a visit for the first time in 12 years and then return again in December. It’s going to be about how your image, appearance, profile, social media feed, message, style and brand open big doors to opportunity for you. Start working on this now Aries. Update, shower yourself with self-care and get ready to show out.

Startling shifts may occur and others react to you very differently as your desire to project those diamond like facets of fascination you’ve been hiding gets you seen in a brand new light. This is due to also having Chiron in your sign when all this occurs. It’s not just zhuzhing up that look but goes deeper. You will explore so many ways to expose that inner you now. Prepare to astound.

Shift how you see yourself

This week also brings us a full Moon in your 6th on the 18th in your work and wellbeing sector which trines Pluto in your 10th of pubic image, reputation and status. You not only prioritise taking care of the inner and the outer you, but this is your cue to make those work or career moves. Or to engage in anything where you need to create exactly the right impression. Schedule those important meetings and interviews for this day if you can. And do be aware of how you come across. Hopefully not only diamond bright but as valuable as one too, Aries. How others see you begins with how you see yourself. New cycle, new you, fresh appreciation of all you bring.

In a nutshell: Happy birthday, Aries. You are set for a cycle of opportunity and expansion you have not experienced in 12 years. Where does this begin? Up close and personal with how you see yourself. Get a new appreciation on you.

Mar 18 2022 Full Moon in Virgo (6th) N.B. 1 degree off a Pluto trine

Mar 18 2022 Sun in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn (12th to 10th)

Mar 20 2022 Sun enters Aries (1st)


Freedom, beauty, truth, love – antidotes to the mehs

Shake yourself free

Surround yourself with what sets your soul soaring

Whether you know it or not yet you have stepped onto a rollercoaster and need to strap yourself in for this will be the ride of your life! Stand by for excitement and thrills and embrace and initiate creative change. Freedom, truth, love, beauty – the ride involves all of these and the experiences that have evolved your soul since Uranus arrived in your sign. Life may take a direction all its own but one thing you can count on – it will not be dull.

This week’s full Moon makes a freedom pass at Pluto in your 9th of long distance travel, expansion, learning and opportunity breaking you free from something that has held you back for far too long.

Is fun, enjoyment, romance and pleasure in short supply? This full Moon will highlight any shortfall but also if you do have these, will hand you opportunities to indulge and immerse yourself in good times – especially with that lover or simply via something you adore to do.

Kick confinement to the kerb!

You may not have been able to see just how confining this has been up until now but expect illumination with the arrival of the Sun in your 12th. You may also be tired of the way people have pigeon holed you or taken you for granted. If so this week could see you shake up those preconceptions or just let them know that enough is enough.

While the Sun remains in Pisces and your 11th up until the 20th, look to your friends and support network. Changes may occur around these but also you may be looking at who you know and what they are going through for guidance and advice on your own journey. What’s out of balance or just plain missing? This week brings an awakening to your needs or just how far back your have been sliding when it comes to getting them met. If you feel shackled to something that has been lived out or doesn’t serve you, time to initiate changes to put it right. The Sun in your 12th is all about revelations. And the truth you just can’t escape, Taurus.

In a nutshell: Step into a cycle of excitement, reinvention, awakenings and thrills. This week allows you to see where you’re stuck or where life is out-of-balance. Shake yourself free and re-set, Taurus.

Mar 18 2022 Full Moon in Virgo (5th) N.B. 1 degree off a Pluto trine

Mar 18 2022 Sun in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn (11th to 9th)

Mar 20 2022 Sun enters Aries (12th)


Emotional changes run deep

Revelations set you free

Follow that insight where it leads you

Changes around home and money or the need to commit to moving in a fresh direction are highlighted under this week’s full Moon in its ruling 4th on the 18th. Emotions you may have been repressing or simply ignoring, come to the surface demanding you take them seriously and give them house room.

As a result, you may be feeling extra-specially sensitive, vulnerable and in need of reassurance. Ask yourself what is in you need in order to have all that. Then let go and have faith in the universe to deliver it. This week could bring you an opportunity to create something that sustains you long past this full Moon’s influence. Have faith in your future to deliver it this week. But also due to this full Moon’s angle to Pluto, you can change direction or transform a situation which is not longer emotionally sustaining. For keeps.

Enter a future making space

The Sun’s arrival in your 11th tells you its time to set yourself some fresh goals. This is one of those cycles where if you do, then later this year you are likely to see them manifest – especially when Jupiter arrives in here in May. So, chart that direction and also bear in mind that it is people who act as the conduit for the universe to manifest our dreams.

Once the influence of the full Moon is over, you need to get out there, get social, get that loving feeling for friends now. Don’t be a hermit. If your social life has been lackluster, contact an old friend out of the blue or go find those as unique and individual as you are. This isn’t a waiting room – it’s a future manifestation space, Gemini.

In a nutshell: You’ll go within for an emotional health check. Then, with a new perspective on your needs, emerge like a social butterfly ready to spread their wings! Time to set new goals. And align with like minds, Gemini.

Mar 18 2022 Full Moon in Virgo (4th) N.B. 1 degree off a Pluto trine

Mar 18 2022 Sun in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn (10th to 8th)

Mar 20 2022 Sun enters Aries (11th)


Write a new success story

No more time wasters

Get talking

Full Moons are always big deals for you and bring peak experiences. Doing something with an idea or getting something off your chest may be triggered by the full Moon in your 3rd on the 18th. Watch for messages in that inbox or connections on the internet. Your devices may play a role now. Is it time for a phone upgrade? Is what you use to talk, communicate or even get around – fit for purpose?

The same goes for taking care of business on the love front. Do you need to be told you are appreciated or conversely, do you need to let that boo know in return? Take the time to talk this week. Pluto’s angle to the Moon speaks of changes while the Sun shows you where they need to take place.

Entertain your future

Career matters are also in focus now the Sun has arrived in your 10th from the 20th. This is your month to stand out in some way via what you do and have achieved. Understand you are ‘on display’ on some level and take care of your image – especially your professional one. It’s time to project an image of someone who knows what they want and where they are going in life.

This cuts across all areas from your work to your relationships. Don’t entertain anyone or anything that isn’t on the same page. If you are asked by others what you want – be upfront. That potential date or partner? Take a Zero Time Wasters approach and above all, ask what they are seeking at the start. In interviews, remember its a two way street and have those questions ready. You will receive a big boost up the ladder at some point between now and October. Set your status to success.

In a nutshell: Project that future you and become right now what you believe success to be, Cancer. It’s a week to be upfront about what you want or are seeking. Asking the right questions is where it begins.

Mar 18 2022 Full Moon in Virgo (3rd) N.B. 1 degree off a Pluto trine

Mar 18 2022 Sun in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn (9th to 7th)

Mar 20 2022 Sun enters Aries (10th)


Be the author of your future

Beneficial work or business relationships can be forged

Get ready for royal progress!

Look to your money, your resources and also your possessions under the light of the full in your 2nd on the 18th. This is all about what you truly value now. How have your values or what’s truly important to you, changed over the years? As this has evolved, so should your feelings of security.

You may find you need less but feel more secure. Is there still work to be done? You could end this week in a better financial position than when you started it but that isn’t the main point. The point is what is growing or going forward with you and what holds you back from progressing or having more. You need to continue to value or add to the former and now ditch the latter. If a gap opens up in your life know that what you truly need to continue to evolve will automatically come in to fill that void. Or you may find surprisingly, there is no void at all.

Royal progress

News and freedom as well as moving on – in some instances this could involve travelling, in others a move away from restrictions and on into fresh opportunity, could accompany your ruler’s arrival in your 9th. This is all about knowing where you are going so ensure you have a clear plan, destination or outcome in mind. Time to harness that regal, leadership potential that is your Leo birthright, hold your head high and act with confidence as you are in a position to ‘author’ your own future career now. Significant rewards and recognition could be yours this week with the added benefit of forging a highly beneficial long term working relationship or partnership. You’re the business this week, Leo and the boss of your path. Go forward with regal and roaring confidence.

In a nutshell: A fabulous, fresh direction could emerge with your work or career this week. Dazzle with your ability to turn pictures in your mind into ideas. And take a unique approach to success.

Mar 18 2022 Full Moon in Virgo (2nd) N.B. 1 degree off a Pluto trine

Mar 18 2022 Sun in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn (8th to 6th)

Mar 20 2022 Sun enters Aries (9th)


Engage with change

Go with the tide

Be fearless

Just admit it, Virgo. You’ve been hungry for change. This can be anything from a change from not knowing where you stand with another, a change in your finances, circumstances or even your address. Hopefully you know this and are more than ready for when it arrives. Or at the very least won’t stand in its way when it inevitably does.

This week’s full Moon in your 1st on the 18th is your searchlight now. It is going to illuminate the area or even person, change needs to occur around. How others see you will also feature. This is mirror sharp feedback. Does this tell you a shift is needed? The person holding it up could be a long term love, a working partnership or relationship, a deep friendship or even in some instances, that person you truly cannot stand. No matter who it is, they form a part of the changes that are coming through. This full Moon also reminds you that what you focus on, you draw to you. What or rather who, does it pull in to you like the tide? And like the tide, does it need to change direction?

What you cling to may not ground you

Often we create routines, structure or even surround ourselves with ‘things’ to give ourselves a sense of security. But what happens when we no longer need them? Often we hang on to them even when we have outgrown them simply because well, they are there and we think they give our lives meaning. Or we are simply afraid of the change that would rush in if we were to let them go. This is a time of knowing what remains relevant for you and yes, does contribute to your wellbeing, purpose, sense of security and belonging, and what quite frankly, now prevents you from growing, evolving and experiencing the new. Get ready to let this go whatever it is as the Sun arrives in your 8th.

Changes bring benefits especially on the material front as your 8th is the house of other people’s money and their willingness to share it with you. You may ignite the process by first releasing something which no longer serves. This takes courage but don’t worry, Virgo. You’ve a bottomless well of fearless you can access all month long now.

In a nutshell: What do you want to attract, Virgo? Is it change? What – or even perhaps who, appears opposite you is the harbinger of transformation this week or shows you just where a shift is needed.

Mar 18 2022 Full Moon in Virgo (1st) N.B. 1 degree off a Pluto trine

Mar 18 2022 Sun in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn (7th to 5th)

Mar 20 2022 Sun enters Aries (8th)


Open the vault of your heart

Double acts and duets feature

Secrets free you

Time to tell a friendly star about that secret – love or otherwise, Libra. Open the doors to that vault – what you or another have been keeping under lock and key. Feel someone is holding something back? You’ll discover what now.

If someone entrusts you with their confidence, please keep it. Expect to be confronted with the truth as well as the secrets you keep from yourself! If you have a secret love, this week could see it come tumbling out as if your psyche has been cracked by a master safe breaker! Get ready for revelations – either those you reveal or which are revealed to you, thanks to a full Moon in your 12th on the 18th.

This is a deep dive – basically the emotional equivalent of getting into your submersible and heading down to the wreck of the Titanic. You can’t go deeper than this and what eventually comes to the surface – it could reverberate right to your soul – just like the Heart of the Ocean. What you may come to realise when this is dredged up or revealed to the light, is the impact it has on other areas of your life.

It takes two

All this prepares you for the real world cycle of love as the Sun arrives in your 7th of duos and double acts on the 20th. Even if that revelation resulted in letting something go, this all seems like a new beginning rather than an ending. And it is. This is all about that past, present or potential marriage or live in love, business partnership or other timely twosome. What you are heading into takes two in a way you’ve not experienced in 12 years. Prepare to double up, Libra.

In a nutshell: Secrets come tumbling out and the truth around love sets you free. You’re entering a new cycle where one significant other or dynamic duo opens a fresh perspective on the power of two, Libra.

Mar 18 2022 Full Moon in Virgo (12th) N.B. 1 degree off a Pluto trine

Mar 18 2022 Sun in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn (6th to 4th)

Mar 20 2022 Sun enters Aries (7th)


Be both the scene and seen

Reboot that routine

Get your glitz on!

This week’s full Moon in your 11th makes a near perfect alignment to ruler Pluto in your 3rd while the Sun in your fabulizing 5th ensures you are the centre of that social scene. Be seen and circulate this week. Your opportunities for fun, good times with like-minded souls, romance and creative self-expression are highlighted by both the energizing rays of the Sun, the light of the Moon and Pluto’s transformative power.

Be present – it’s a gift

I should not need to tell you to get social and showcase yourself. To swipe right, click and message. Have a great opening line handy. This is no time to hide away or stay home. Do you believe it is your destiny to be noticed? This full Moon sits in your house of the future. This is why the 11th rules our goals, wishes and dreams – they are out there waiting for us to claim them. To do that, we have to take action and also understand that nobody gets to their goal alone. Even that solo around the world yachts person needs someone to build their boat – and also float it! Connecting with a goal in the form of the person who either embodies it or can help you attain it is just one future potential that surrounds you. As is attracting that new lover or sealing that deal with a kiss. Pucker up, buttercup but don’t be in too much of a rush. Be in the moment. You may miss that opportunity that’s right under your nose.

The Sun shifts into your 6th on the 20th but don’t think this is all routine and replays. It’s not. 2022 is going to hand you the tools to upgrade that workday, studies, habits and how and where you work. It will add magic and innovation to what you do and your everyday environment. You’ll feel more alive and energised as a result. More time for what you love to do rather than what you need to. Sound good? That reboot begins here.

In a nutshell: What’s your hurry this week, Phoenix? Don’t rush if you want to avoid dashing past that person or opportunity that wants to flag you down. Get a double dose of fabulousness instead.

Mar 18 2022 Full Moon in Virgo (11th) N.B. 1 degree off a Pluto trine

Mar 18 2022 Sun in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn (5th to 3rd)

Mar 20 2022 Sun enters Aries (6th)


Stay classy, Sagittarius

The present is a gift

Welcome in the Big Easy

A serious attitude gets you serious results under this week’s full Moon in your career zone. Be business-like in your dealings and understand as this is the house of your public image and reputation, that you are under scrutiny. So, making the right impression is crucial. You’ve a need to reach as high as you can climb this week – and to be acknowledged and rewarded for doing so. This may bring you even bigger results than you anticipated. You may be interacting with power players, decision makers and people in positions of influence or authority. Hence the need to project the right image. Stay classy for success, Sag.

Once you’ve taken care of business – the good times are gonna roll as the Sun arrives in your 5th on the 20th. You are now on show again but for dazzling, pleasurable or personal reasons. Unleash that inner rock star. Glittering prizes, lucky breaks and attraction will form a big part of ‘22 for you especially once your ruler Jupiter arrives in here in May.

The big easy

Do you believe it is your destiny to be adored or just noticed and rewarded for what you are good at? Radiate and you’ll attract effortlessly now. Keep in mind the effortless part. If it doesn’t flow it’s simply not for you. This week says after doing all you can do, let go. You’ll see the results you want or else slip free towards something better. Love isn’t meant to be hard work. 2022 wants you to understand just how easy it can be.

In a nutshell: What’s your hurry this week, Sag? Don’t rush if you want to avoid dashing past that person or opportunity that wants to flag you down. Get a double dose of fabulousness instead.

Mar 18 2022 Full Moon in Virgo (10th) N.B. 1 degree off a Pluto trine

Mar 18 2022 Sun in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn (4th to 2nd)

Mar 20 2022 Sun enters Aries (5th)


Home is the new adventure

Tie up loose ends

Find that guiding star

Themes of freedom and soul exploration ripple through your chart this week. They can be close to home or from far far away. Ideas, what you say and how you convey it, are going to feature. You could begin a new phase or journey under a sail-furling full Moon in your 9th. Under this Moon big adventures can commence, your True North reveals itself or you find yourself on the home stretch.

Set sail for homecoming

If it’s the latter, then bring whatever you are doing to a conclusion. If you are quite literally ‘setting sail’ now, be prepared to chart a new course or direction to get where you want to go due to this full Moon and the Sun making transformational angles to Pluto in your 1st. Learn from the past steps you have taken and adjust in the wake of these. Above all, be prepared to leave what you know behind you. If necessary, answer that restless call of the heart by looking at taking the final stages on an existing course, rather than embarking on a new one. It’s a full Moon where you can complete something which sees you regain your sense of freedom.

This can even happen close to home now the Sun lands in your 4th from the 20th. In focus are property matters, living arrangements, family and what gives you a sense of place and belonging. Funny how we need a home port to return to even when we are heading out into the unknown in search of exploration! So, establish something or plan to get to the place that gives you this. Yes, you have the green light to set sail into uncharted waters. But first shore up what anchors you and when setting out, look to the long term impact of your choice. A fresh direction emerges even if you stay home, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: Know where you call home before embarking on that exciting new direction. Losing sight of the shore doesn’t mean letting go of what sustains or is familiar. Your foundations provide the launchpad for your dreams.

Mar 18 2022 Full Moon in Virgo (9th) N.B. 1 degree off a Pluto trine

Mar 18 2022 Sun in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn (3rd to 1st)

Mar 20 2022 Sun enters Aries (4th)


Open up to a wider perspective

Answer the need for change

True colours reveal what you already know

Changes or the need to change intensifies under this week’s full Moon in your 8th. It trines the ruler of your 8th Pluto – in your 12th while the Sun in your 2nd angles back to Pluto. You may access resources internal or even external, you had no idea you had access to. This is a Moon which exposes your true desires and also drags secrets out of the closet. As a result, people’s true colours are revealed. In grunge or glory as the case maybe. But whichever it is, you won’t be able to deny the truth of what you see.

Be your next big idea

Neither will you be able to hold back anything that needs to be said or aired about this as the Sun lands in your 3rd on the 20th. On the upside, 2022 is a year where you will discover just how far an idea, message, news or the Internet can take you. Travel will feature and even if you don’t head overseas, if you are traveling in your own country, you’ll experience it with a fresh perspective.

People are going to love the way your mind works now. But please be patient with those who simply cannot keep up. There’s a touch of Big Bang Theory about you now due to your ability to break free of restricted thinking and out-dated ideas. You are the innovator, experimenter and inventor all rolled into one. The fact is, you may have been sitting on an idea for some time and this week says if so, its time has come. So, don’t just say it – follow through. The changes that result from it are opening up a whole new vista.

In a nutshell: No more sitting on that idea – time to do something with it. And find out just how far a conversation or click can take you. What’s been hiding in plain sight is revealed to be either gory or glory. You’ll know what to do either way.

Mar 18 2022 Full Moon in Virgo (8h) N.B. 1 degree off a Pluto trine

Mar 18 2022 Sun in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn (2nd to 12th)

Mar 20 2022 Sun enters Aries (3rd)


Love hands you an accurate reflection

Bank on self-worth

Are you receiving back what you give out?

The Sun leaves your sign this week and enters your money house on the 20th. It’s always about more than just money in the bank, Pisces. The payday I’m talking about is really your shining self-worth and values.

Who is your mirror image?

This week is also about the person who embodies those or reflects them back at you. Any deficit too. Which is why you need to be looking at who this is and also how others are treating you thanks to the full Moon shining out from your 7th house on the 18th.

It as well as the Sun, make powerful aspects to Pluto in your house of friendships and connections. So, this reflection of how you are seen may involve one person or it could involve several. Via them, this Moon has so much to tell you about who or what really matters to you – and in the case of a relationship, how much you matter to them.

If it’s equal your open, endlessly loving Pisces heart will give its all. You’ll seek balance in all your interactions and this Moon can bring in wonderful relationship rewards – be your connection a business one or just all about the love. In fact, this week truly is all about the love whether it’s what or who you value, Pisces. But be aware it can also show you where there’s give on your part and nothing but taking you for granted on the other. Don’t like what that reflection shows you? Time to reset that value system and shore up that self-esteem. It could begin with simply saying No or No more. Yes, you are worth it, Pisces.

In a nutshell: Mirror, mirror on the wall. Yes, you are the fairest of them all, Pisces. But are you being fairly treated by others? This week shows you whether you are getting back all you give out. Adjust that reflection accordingly.

Mar 18 2022 Full Moon in Virgo (7h) N.B. 1 degree off a Pluto trine

Mar 18 2022 Sun in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn (1st to 11th)

Mar 20 2022 Sun enters Aries (2nd)


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