Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs June 7th 2021


Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs June 7th 2021


Stand by what you know to be right

Listen to your soul truth

What returns could have your name on it

Out of the light and back into eclipse season this week. This time we have an eclipse in Gemini and your 3rd. This occurs at the time of the new Moon on the 10th and is an Annular Solar Eclipse. That’s when we get that amazing ‘ring of fire’ effect we see in so many eclipse photos.

Let’s talk about what we know as opposed to what we don’t know. This is an eclipse of dis-information and delays. This is because it not only occurs in your house of communication and getting around, but it coincides with Mercury which rules this house and sign, retrograde in here. We can expect Mercury mayhem to the max when this happens. Throw in the art of concealment from the eclipse and what you can expect is confusion, cancellations and sadly, reversals and people going back on their word. Fake news will also feature. Don’t listen to gossip now.

Is it soul verified?

You need the facts and nothing but. And these need to be verified personally. You may also need to stand by your value system this week as Ceres and Uranus meet in your 2nd the day after the eclipse. Above all, if you are signing anything, you need to go through that small print with the proverbial fine-tooth comb or get expert advice.

Ruler Mars lands in your 5th on the same day as the Sun and retro Mercury meet in your 3rd. It may be you need to look closer at someone offering up the same old story or excuses again. If something simply doesn’t ring true then take it that is exactly what it appears to be. See through the smoke and mirrors now. However, if that opportunity you missed out on earlier returns – it could just have your name on it this time around. But you are still allowed to look the proverbial gift-horse in the mouth, Aries. I suggest you do exactly that.

In a nutshell: Even if what you hear comes straight from the horse’s mouth this week, you need to stick to the facts and what you know to be the truth. There are many layers to the truth according to which version you are given. Stick to yours this eclipse, Aries.



Shore up values to be a sure thing

What can you ‘bank’ on?

Follow the money

Stand by what you believe in this week. You may be tested on this, thanks not only to the eclipse in your sector of money and values on the 10th. But also, the mega meeting between Ceres and Uranus in your 1st the following day.

You also have Mercury retrograde in your 2nd which is a big influence upon this eclipse. As you know, Mercury is retroactive in its ruling sign of Gemini. In your house of money this covers all kinds of financial dealings. Your income from your main gig to your side hustle if you have one. Credit cards. Purchases. Possessions. I should not need to over-sell the point that you can re-finance at this point but you should not take out any new loans. Or make major purchases unless something is beyond repair.

Count the costs and follow the cash

Anything to do with your money needs careful consideration. Eclipses conceal. Mercury retro throws a spanner in the works. Think unexpected expenditures, something you counted on not happening, a source of income coming to an end.

If you cannot avoid going ahead with a deal now, you need to look carefully at the fine print or the T&C’s. This even extends to deals of a personal nature. Eclipses conceal, Mercury retro confuses or sees the terms change, people change their minds or goal posts moved.

The only thing you can ‘bank’ on during all of this is your own gold standard and what you will or won’t sell out for. So, stick to this no matter what. Even if refusing to sell your soul means you lose out in the short term. Watch around the 12th when Ceres squares Saturn in its ruling 10th. That’s the day when you need to know what those deal-breakers (or makers) are. Mars is also on the move this week into your 4th. Not the best position for Mars. It needs an outlet so think renovations, redecorating or decluttering. Taking action which Mars always wants, includes backing up those values too. Show your worth with how you act this week, Taurus.

In a nutshell: An eclipse in your money zone has you looking at what is truly worth it and what isn’t, Taurus. When you add it all up, ask yourself if the price is right – or simply means you’re selling out for less than you’re worth.



Your truth is who you are

What you had forgotten resurfaces

Don’t be afraid to upend the status quo

Get ready for mysteries and an enigma, Gemini. Above all, don’t jump to any conclusions this week or rush into making decisions. Especially around anything that may have long term implications. Stay connected to your inner truth which will prove over time, to be your best resource now.

You’re not only operating in extreme retro weather, but this week hands you an eclipse at the time of the new Moon in your sign on the 10th. This is an Annular Solar Eclipse. The kind that delivers the classic ‘Ring of Fire’ effect we see in so many eclipse photos. Eclipses conceal. So, take this literally and you get a brief flash of the truth. Then it’s gone again.

Best tactic to slay those eclipse shadows? Hang on to that insight and don’t let it go. No matter what other information comes to light in the interim. The Sun’s meeting with retro Mercury the next day could redeliver a piece of news you had forgotten about. Or you now see something in a different light. This day also marks a meeting between Ceres and Uranus in your 12th. Something previously agreed upon or which you thought written in stone changes. Look to the person associated with this as this says everything about them rather than the actual words of the agreement.

What do you need to do to obtain soul freedom?

Your response? Once the eclipse is over, you’ll be in a position to make your point. The 11th sees Mars add some oomph and fiery self-confidence to what you say or the moves you make as it lands in your 3rd. The tight aspect between Ceres and Saturn in your 9th on the 12th means you’re not afraid to shake up the status quo. Or suggest a radical alternative if necessary if it gives you more freedom. Use this week’s energy to look closely at what may be restricting you – without you knowing it. And once you see it – commit to change it.

In a nutshell: You’re in the dark about a subject close to your heart. But a change in perspective can reframe it. In the wake of this week’s powerful eclipse in your sign – a new truth is set to emerge, Gemini.



Hang on to that quicksilver insight within

Have you been turning a blind eye to the truth?

A connection could be up for renegotiation

Insight is like quicksilver. If we try to grasp or analyse it, it slithers out of reach. All we can do is hang on to the feeling it leaves us. Eclipses conceal and never more so than when they are in our 12th of hidden truths, secrets and the past, Cancer. The new Moon of the 10th triggers an Annular Solar Eclipse in here. That’s the kind which results in that ‘ring of fire’ which we see in so many eclipse photos.

You also have Mercury retrograde in here and this meets the Sun the following day. So, we can also say that retro Mercury falls within the eclipse orb. Mercury is the quicksilver planet. What this means for you is that 1: You need to pay close attention to your Cancerian superpower – your intuition. And 2: You need to go back over something or re-examine it as there is more going on than meets the eye. Or that you have previously wanted to admit.

Facing up to reality may be part of this process as the eclipse shadows clear. Especially if you have not wanted to do this. Fear of rocking the boat or simply fear of what would happen should you confront this may have played a role. Or maybe you have been making excuses for someone’s behaviour but now have to finally admit you’ve run out of them?

Expect shifts in friendships

One friendship or connection may also feature in this and if a name comes to mind, then please pay close attention. Is it skewed unfairly? Is someone calling all the shots? An unexpected revelation around this could emerge out of this week’s shadowy and somewhat confusing vibe. All thanks to a meeting between Ceres and Uranus in Uranus’s ruling 11th. You’ll see something now has to be re-set or re-negotiated if it is to go with you into your future. Your new cycle is almost here, Cancer. As Mars moves into your 2nd on the 11th, don’t be afraid to start your terms around exactly what you want from this. And from others.

In a nutshell: Just what is being covered up this week, Cancer. And more to the point, who is doing the covering up? No more making excuses for someone’s behaviour if that’s you. As with any eclipse, this weeks sees the truth begin to emerge.



Reclaim that mojo

Reconnect to your dreams

No more behind-the-scenes roles

No more being content with a supporting role in your own production, Leo. Mars lands in your 1st on the 1st telling you it’s time to claim your future direction again. You are the only one who can decide this. Take back control of where your life path is taking you. And yes, adjust that identity to reflect who you are and how you want to be seen if you feel you’ve lost some of that.

Have you also become disconnected from your dreams or even your larger social circle? Has lockdown left you languishing? Yes, that is now an actual term for the mehs so many of us are now experiencing. When your ruler the Sun is covered up by the new Moon, you can feel relegated to the shadows. Throw in a Mercury retrograde in orb of the eclipse in your 11th on the 10th, and this could all add up to you feeling an outlier in your own life or disconnected from your passions. What you once thought you wanted may no longer hold any meaning for you.

Reclaim the passion – and the true you!

Don’t panic. This is an annular solar eclipse. One that hands you a ring of truth. It will eventually reconnect you to a big part of yourself or your goals that you have lost. And hand you new meaning around them in the process. However, people who no longer support that may need to be weeded out.

This week also brings you a momentous meeting between Ceres and Uranus in your 10th of career, reputation and status. Put it this way, if the path you have chosen is no longer right for you, nothing and no one will keep you on it once you have processed those eclipse insights. Or you relaunch yourself down it with fresh commitment and reforged passion. Either way – it’s a win/win for you, Leo.

In a nutshell: A solar eclipse always throws you into darkness. But from that you emerge back into clarity again. This week’s is no different. But this time you’ll reclaim all the lost dreams and passions that make you uniquely you, Leo!



Werk your walk and walk your talk

Are you getting what you want?

If you don’t take yourself seriously, how do you expect others to?

Ruler Mercury is still retroactive in your career zone. What is more, it falls within the shadow of an Annular Solar Eclipse which occurs on the 10th.

If Mercury retro confounds and confuses, eclipses cover up. An Annular Solar Eclipse produces that classic ‘ring of fire’ effect we so often see in eclipse pictures. Now, as total eclipses represent a total black-out in a key area, I like to think of annular eclipses as giving us a flash or ring of the truth to them. So, we don’t have all the facts or the big picture. But a glimpse of it.

I should not need to tell you to guard your public image and reputation under this retro/eclipse. And to keep in the back of your mind that no matter what is being said or promised, it is most likely going to change due to the fact this is in your fellow mutable sign of Gemini. Don’t fall victim to this energy by promising more than you can realistically deliver or fudging the facts. You will be exposed if so.

Take what you want seriously

This week also sees Ceres and Uranus meeting in your 9th and Mars landing in your 12th. Both of which occur the day after the eclipse on the 11th. Now Mars in your 12th is a peak energy transit. One where you will be fearless in your soul exploration. And determined to get to the bottom of anything. Which includes what you really want and whether or not you are getting it.

So, when it comes to eclipse over-ups, you won’t hesitate in pursuing the truth. Put career matters on hold now if you can – at least until Mercury heads direct one more. In the interim, take those ambitions and what you want to achieve on a personal level – seriously. The most important word you can keep this week is the promise you make to yourself.

In a nutshell: This week’s eclipse in your career zone is all about taking yourself – and what you want to attain or achieve, seriously. Pay close attention to how you are coming across. What you project is being noticed. Whether you’re aware of it or not.



Keep those ideas in the lab of your mind – for now

Changes align you to what you truly need

Reclaim your path

New Moons are usually a time for new beginnings. In your 9th this is about the ability of your ideas to blaze a trail or take you further than you ever imagined possible. But when that new Moon eclipses the Sun? Or on top of that, you have a Mercury retro in orb of the eclipse? Not seeing the potential in an idea is one possibility. Or pursuing one that simply doesn’t have the potential you want in the first place another. So, hang fire on those ideas – for now.

This is your house of long-distance travel and transportation. And while most of us are not going far due to Covid, if you are travelling under this eclipse and the Sun’s meeting with Mercury retro the following day, you need to have several contingencies in place. Above all, do not launch that plan or idea now. Or more importantly, get caught up in other peoples. That sure thing may not be after all.

What changes is in answer to what your soul needs

There’s also a major change in the air and this is a good thing. Because any transformations will be in perfect alignment with who you are or what you truly need. Focus on what this is for your future as Mars lands in your 11th on the 11th, Libra. Because this is one of those transits which makes you feel nothing is out of reach. This is the time to go over those goals or set new ones and make an action plan to claim and overwhelm them with the sheer force of your passion and energy. But do wait to put them into action unless this involves reviving an old goal.

Ceres and Uranus conjunct in your 8th point to setting new priorities which result in more freedom. Striking a deal with someone or over something sets you free to pursue what really matters. A re-arrangement of your priorities could have a massive knock-on effect. Concentrate on these this week and leave those ideas on the back-burner.

In a nutshell: Hang fire on those big ideas for now, Libra. An eclipse in your 9th tells you its not quite time to launch. If going anywhere this week, pack a map and a contingency plan. But changes come with hidden benefits.



Is love a done deal or up for renegotiation?

Tune in to your innermost vibe

Make a stealth move

What do we know about eclipses? They conceal or cover-up. You’re not completely in the dark however. This is because this week’s eclipse in your 8th at the time of the new Moon on the 10th triggers an Annular Solar Eclipse. That produces the classic ‘ring of fire’ effect around the Sun we see in so many eclipse photos. So, you get a flash of insight or glimpse of the truth. But then – it’s gone.

The Art of Concealment

Your intuition hangs on to this and will keep nudging you with it. What is this all about? The key to changing something long term. Possibly between you and someone close to you. Or around your money, assets, income and resources. By simply seeing it another way. Don’t worry if you can’t yet. This will come and is part of your hidden eclipse package. However, unless you cannot avoid it, please do not enter into new financial dealings as this eclipse also throws a shadow over the Mercury retrograde in here.

A new deal or release into freedom is what is emerging from those shadows, Scorpio. And this may just elevate your stock professionally, personally or both. The 11th sees a power-meeting between ceres and Uranus in your partnership zone. And at the same time, ancient ruler Mars amps up those ambitions as it powers on into your 10th. Get ready for a serious move or shift now around love, career or simply setting yourself free to have more. All hidden under wraps this week. Wait to open.

In a nutshell: If you’re contemplating change then wait and pick your moment. Love could also be the new deal on the table for you. It’s all about getting serious about what it is you want this week. But picking your moment to act, Scorpio.



Love is a process

Get some 20/20 vision on the past

Keep that wild magic hidden

This is a back to love week, not a forward in love week, Sag. So long as you keep this in mind, you should be able to peer through the double jeopardy of both a Mercury retrograde and an eclipsed new Moon in your 7th.

Do bear in mind however that if the past reappears now, sometimes the past can be a trap. Sure, someone is telling you they have changed. But have they? Time is the only way you find out for certain. Look back at the past not with sentimentality as this is no time for ‘The Way We Were’ but with 20/20 hindsight instead.

Love goes analog again

A new Moon in your 7th is usually all about a new phase of relating. Or a new relationship emerging. But with an eclipse and retroactive Mercury, chances are the person or situation is not what they (or it) appear to be. This is your house of working partnerships too. So, one example here would be you taking a job only to discover it is very different from the description. Realistically, we have to say life sometimes does not align with the stars. You may need to take that job due to being unemployed or your current position has become untenable. If so, watch and wait and reserve judgement for now.

Just because an eclipse is hiding something, doesn’t mean this is a nasty surprise however. You could for instance, discover that new position offers far more potential that you first thought. Or you may meet someone significant but not realise it at the time. It’s all about taking time for the true picture to emerge. Maybe that detail is you and just something you are not willing to reveal yet. Wild magic needs time and darkness in which to grow like a seed. Think of this as an old-fashioned dark room studio. Before digital photography. You had to develop first the film and then the photograph. It went into a ‘bath’ and slowly the details developed. Well, that’s your love process under this eclipse.

Every day stuff also shifts in your favour thanks to a meeting between Ceres and Uranus in your 11th the day after the eclipse. You’ll now focus on what lights up your soul again, shifting that schedule, day job, habits or routine to give you more time for this as Mars lands in your 9th. Give love time to show its true form. In the meantime – follow that personal passion, Sag.

In a nutshell: Love has a ring of truth to it – one way or another. But you may need to wait for the bigger picture to develop. So, when it comes to your heart’s desire – follow your personal passion under this week’s eclipse, Sag.



Big bold beginnings are hidden in the details

Follow that effect

Go for what does you good

Prepare for daily changes and big, beautiful bold transformations, Capricorn! What have you been contemplating when it comes to shaking up those habits, your routine or that day job? How you work your world or even how you support yourself mind, body and soul is going to be up for review now.

You may need to take some time to internalise the rightness or appropriateness of any actions you are thinking of taking however. Don’t hurry this process. Going back over the past, looking at the more subtle effects anything from your diet to people or places has on your wellbeing may form part of this. It’s all down to 1: Mercury retrograde in its ruling 6th meeting the Sun in here this week and 2: An Annular Solar Eclipse in here which takes place on the 10th.

Nothing is too insignificant

Joining the dots, making connections between how you feel and what you do is what will emerge from all this eventually. But not all at once. As you know, eclipses hide things. An annular eclipse is one that serves that ‘ring of fire’ effect we see in so many photos. So, you get a flash of insight. In this instance, related to your work (paid or unpaid), studies, diet, wellbeing, habits, exercise, daily routine (or rut). What you eat, drink, do or surround yourself with.

Get ready to peel back the veil on these over the upcoming weeks. Your ‘gut’ is telling you something. Pay attention to it. This may be literal when it comes to what you consume. Mars in its ancient ruling 8th from the 11th points to empowered changes around this if they need to be made now. This day also sees Ceres and Uranus meet in your 5th highlighting your right to shine. You can only do this when you feel at your best. What has dulled that or taken that from you can now be dealt with and removed. All that’s left is the sparkle, Cappy.

In a nutshell: This week’s eclipse contains hidden truths around your energy, wellbeing and what you do, eat or surround yourself with. Put it this way – your gut knows. Time to remove whatever is stopping you from shining, Cappy!



What needs more priority?

Don’t rush the love

Get more houseroom

Lovers and children, babies and young people. Then there’s the ‘children’ of your soul and spirit – your passions, creative ventures and what you love to do. All these fall under the shadow of the eclipse on the 10th. And the Mercury retrograde which is caught up in it.

So, you’re in the dark around one, some or even an intriguing mix of these, Aquarius. A word to the wise: if you don’t plan on being a parent right now, take extra precautions to see this doesn’t happen. Guard your creative ventures – people could steal your ideas. When it comes to love, please don’t rush into anything new. Or anything old for that matter. Yes, Mars in your 7th from the 11th ignites passion and desire. But it can make you throw caution (and your heart) to the heat of the moment.

This especially applies to an eclipse and Merc retro combo in your 5th happening at the same time. If you do meet someone new, vow to take things slowly to get to know the ‘real’ them. We’re all on our best behaviour when we first meet. Or you can miss a red flag that might otherwise give pause for thought. Eclipses may not be concealing anything bad. This is an Annular one so it gives us that ‘ring of fire’ effect we see in so many photos. So, you get a glimpse of the truth but nothing more.

Go by instinct

Follow up on your instincts now when it comes to anything to do with your children. No matter what they may be telling you. If a creative project or hobby keeps nudging you to re-take it up or do something with it, you need to pay close attention. It’s more important than you think.

Ruler Uranus is busy reshuffling that work/life balance and your priorities on the home front. This week sees it plant some new seeds for the future with Ceres in your 4th. Some of you may commit to a new lifestyle which gives you more space and time for what you want to be doing. As opposed to what you have to do. This may involve an actual move for some – or now seriously thinking about it, or just reshuffling your timetable or your home layout. Or even who does the chores. No matter what you design now, do it with passion and plant for your future.

In a nutshell: A massive eclipse in your 5th tells you not to throw caution (or your heart) to the winds when it comes to love. This week,, keep the focus close to home instead. Changes to your path or living arrangements give romance time – and room, to grow.



Focus on your needs

Want to cocoon? Take your time to emerge

Crush those tasks

This week delivers a whammy of an eclipse at the time of the new Moon. It is in your fellow mutable sign of Gemini adding to the ‘heavy’ mutable weather we are experiencing. In other words, everything is subject to change.

Check your chart for Pisces factors within 0-2 degrees of 19 degrees Pisces. Or anything within that orb in any mutable sign in your chart. If so, take it you will be hit. Eclipses conceal. This is an Annular Solar Eclipse and in the Moon’s ruling house. Plus, Mercury is retrograde in here. So, over-selling you on the need to look closely at home, living arrangements, property matters should be unnecessary.

Try not to move or to sign contracts or leases now unless you absolutely have to. I should not need to tell you that you may experience delays or even reversals. The meeting between Uranus and Ceres in your 3rd says there may be a better deal on the table. So, if something does go pear-shaped now, take it that this is the reason. Because this eclipse and the retro also rule lodgers or flatmates, that ideal roomie probably isn’t either. Again, try to delay getting anyone in to share with you if you can. Or to look for somewhere to share.

Connect to what sustains you

This eclipse may see you go deep within. You may want to spend quiet and above all, quality time at home or else out in nature, and unplugged. It is an invitation to reconnect to your hidden and deepest needs. And also, to see how you can get these met as the eclipse and retrograde shadows pass.

Moving into a daily routine that suits you better could be one result as Mars enters your 6th from the 11th. Mars boosts your energy when in here. Yes, you can take on all those outstanding and niggly tasks on that ‘To do’ list and crush them. Just don’t burn yourself out in the process. This week tells you to pace yourself and above all, practice self-healing. See to your needs in everyday ways, Pisces.

In a nutshell: This week is all about going deep into those soul needs. And seeing if you are getting them met. You may need to take a time out to reconnect to what sustains you. But you’ll emerge ready to tackle any task. And ask for what it is you truly need, Pisces.



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