Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs June 28th 2021

mars in leo

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs June 28th 2021


Go for the slow burn in love

Claim your right to shine

Take your time and breathe!

We are now intense retroactive weather so take it progress will be slow which is always difficult for go-getting, proactive Aries. Use that warrior spirit for the slow burn for best results.

Above all, avoid knee jerk or over-reactions this week. All of us will be feeling not just the retrograde sludge, but the intensity of this week’s T-Square which involves your ruler Mars in your shining 5th house. So, romance, children if you have them, your creativity or yes, that holiday or trip, could be affected.

Give your children the gift of doing things in their own time or way, and above all, avoid being a helicopter parent now. Or worse, a ‘stage’ parent. You need to stay very connected to your own set of values this week as Mars makes an exact square to Uranus in your 2nd on the 4th. How you are treated by others – lovers or even at work, could feature. State your case calmly and again, don’t over-react. You could also find you and someone else no longer see eye-to-eye as Mars opposes Saturn in your house of friends and acquaintances on the 1st. If disagreements occur keep your response in proportion. And be philosophical if goodbyes turn out to be inevitable.

Your 11th is also your house of social networks. Don’t be drawn into pointless on-line spats and/or give in to the desire to have the final word. Or post at all for that matter. Ask yourself if this is truly worth your time and energy.

Time to shine!

The shining release of the week – and yes, there IS one, occurs on July 2 when Mars trines Chiron in your 1st. Don’t let anyone or anything dim your right to shine, to attract or be yourself now, Aries. In fact, look closely at anything that dulls your glow. If you find it, this is the one area where taking a radical approach is called for. Especially if upon examination, you realise this has been going on for quite some time. All transits serve a purpose. And squares and oppositions give us something to ‘push’ against and test our warrior souls. That breakthrough which results is what hands us real and lasting self-worth and good vibes. Claim yours.

In a nutshell: Sticky retro factors may have you feeling you’re spinning your wheels, Aries. Ask yourself: What’s the rush? Look at anyone or anything that dulls your shine now. Ruler Mars sends you back down that path to shining solutions and self-expression.



Create that support structure

Make that door-opening compromise

Work that rep, Taurus. You’ve worked hard for it!

Home, family and what supports or sustains you will be all important as we head into July, Taurus. As will the foundation for all of this – in other words your career or that of your partners. You will be asked to stand by your values, reputation or word, and when this occurs, please walk your talk. This is not a week for ‘selling out’ or sacrificing what you know on a soul level to be right.

All the Right Moves

You are in an unprecedented cycle when it comes to those long term ambitions due to Saturn in its ruling 10th in your chart. And this is intertwined with the reputation you have built for yourself, how you are seen by people in positions of influence and authority, and also who you know. We are in intense retro weather this week so progress may feel slow or you may even run up against blocks to it. If this happens, how you respond to this is your key to what happens next.

Above all, do not get into disagreements with people in positions of power. I am not just talking about a run-in with your manager or boss although this would be an obvious example. But anyone who is any kind of authority figure. You will not come out well as Mars in your 4th opposes Saturn in your 10th this week. Both of these square off with Uranus in your 1st. Hence the need to stand by your word or your beliefs. And also, to be seen to be in control of your responses.

All that being said, if you have created a personal and/or professional reputation where people know what you stand for and can rely on this, rewards could be on offer as Mars makes a door-opening alignment with Chiron in your 12th on the 2nd. This is what comes from rocking your soul truth, Taurus. However, if doors are closed to you in terms of progress or your ambition, this week allows you to re-align and re-boot just in time, Taurus. To open new doors for your future.

In a nutshell: Compromise opens up new doors to opportunity. Ensure you are on-brand when it comes to what you can deliver, Taurus. Your reputation rules this week and it’s your best ever calling card for success.



Clarity and transparent are your friends

Keeping it Simple is simply smart

Dare to take a ‘now or never’ approach

We are in big, fat retrograde weather still, Gemini. You of all signs knows what this all adds up to. Especially when ruler Mercury is still at amber due to it not clearing direct retroshadow yet and four heavy weight outer planets are backwards. You know this all adds up to taking a cautionary approach to all matters. Whether professional or heart-related.

Please steer clear of any situation now that comes under the heading ‘It’s complicated’ or which is not completely and utterly transparent. Also, avoid anyone who has issues but who is not committed to facing them or in the case of addiction, is not in recovery. You can find yourself drawn into their drama or in the ‘complicated’ scenario, immersed in something difficult to get out of without causing yourself a great deal of emotional pain. Forewarned simply is forearmed.

Extra care needs to be taken if you are travelling. Also, please don’t rush or venture into unknown or dodgy areas. If ever there was a week which says: Look before you leap – this is it. Retrofactor Uranus in your 12th should tell you that outcomes will not go to plan and also surprise revelations or even reversals may be in order. This week sees the planet of upheavals involved in a high-tensile T-Square between Mars in your 3rd and Saturn in your 9th. What seems like a green light may prove to be anything but.

Some may show their true colours one way or another. Uranus is always about the surprise. Now, for some of you this may be one which restores your faith in humanity. While others simply scratch their heads and say: Well, didn’t see that one coming. If you have information to share that you don’t want becoming public knowledge, then please, choose who you confide in wisely. Also, don’t take gossip as gospel or repeat it this week. You could end up being the one with a lot of explaining to do.

It’s now or never!

However, if you have been mulling over taking that step into something bigger, taking a chance to go for a goal or making a comfort-zone busting move for some time, but have hesitated in the past – this is something you can now go for. It all depends on whether this is the spur of the moment impulse or if you have been trying to gather the courage for a while.

If you have been thinking ‘Do I? Dare I?’ for some time then Mars’ trine to Chiron in your 11th on the 2nd tells you to take a ‘What have I got to lose?’ approach. It’s not so much a devil may care attitude as chances are this is something you truly care about having or experiencing. But simply you realising you’ll never know if you can unless you try. And you no longer want to operate under the ‘What if?’ question. The soul who dares always gets their answer. And the experience which stays with them no matter what the result. Claim yours, Gemini.

In a nutshell: You’ve a balance to maintain this week, Gemini. Knowing when to wait and when to act and walking the fine line between the two. The hack you need is making a choice that involves radical change over something you’ve hesitated over in the past. And parking the rest.



No more No Go areas. You’ll go there

Reach for what you know you’re truly worth

Rock that unique vibe for success

This isn’t a week to take risks, Cancer. With either your money or your heart for that matter. Take a cautious approach to both love and finances. Above all, don’t be afraid to let others know where the boundaries lie in either area. Or even yourself if you feel some self-discipline doesn’t go astray.

If there are ‘no go’ areas and topics you don’t like to discuss – especially with your partner or family members, this week is asking you deal with these in a practical, proactive and pragmatic way. Anything from that joint account, expenses, bills to yes – sex due to Saturn in your 8th squaring Uranus in its ruling 11th and Mars in your 2nd of every day money, possessions, self-worth and income.

Communicate your values and work that worth

How you expect to be treated and what you expect to receive in terms of practical and emotional support could also fall under this. Sometimes it is about more than just money but other resources such as time and even love. However, if a conversation around money is overdue, then Mars gives you the courage to start it. Be aware that this can just a easily be a timely discussion with your bank, your creditors, an accountant, the tax man or your boss as it could be with someone close to you. All that matters with this week’s retro weather and the tense T-Square is you initiate it now even if you would prefer not to. And don’t let matters slide.

It isn’t a good week to splurge or take financial risks however so please keep this in mind. However, stand out moves in other areas can not only be made – but your spotlight and quite possibly your audience, awaits, Cancer.

Getting clear about our worth always has a knock-on effect with what we are willing to try or dare in order to get what we want. This especially applies to any move you can make with regards to your career or public image and reputation now as Mars trines maverick Chiron on the 2nd. It’s about rocking what makes you uniquely you. Your professional skillset, experience, smarts, talents or her/history. And working that in whatever way you believe is boss.

So, your version of dressing for success or standing out in other words. Whatever you do, do not be a yes person now or try to imitate others. Simply going along for the ride isn’t your style. If life is a wild tiger, you ARE the tiger now. Show those strips in whatever colour or way you choose!

In a nutshell: Don’t try to ‘fit in’ or even imitate others now, Cancer. This week wants you to embrace all the qualities that make you uniquely you. Nobody else can offer what you can – simply because they aren’t you. Werk that.



Know when to release

All pain, no gain? Stop in the name of love!

Play by a new set of rules – yours

We are in heavy going retro weather with four outer planets retrograde and Mercury yet to clear its retroshadow in your 11th. So, along with this week’s T-Square across Mars in your 1st, Uranus in your 10th and Saturn in your 7th, you may end up feeling that the progress you are making simply isn’t equal to the effort you are putting in this week.

Anything from your career to your relationships may just seem like hard going. And it’s not for want to you trying or shying away from what needs to be done. Mars in your 1st is very much ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going’. And this week the direct approach is what is going to work best.

Do the work then let go

Know that this week isn’t about instant gratification but a slow burn road to success. Also, your best tactic for navigating your way through the retro/T-Square swamp is to know when to let go and stop the heavy lifting. This especially applies around the 1st when Mars will be in direct opposition to Saturn.

Step back and ask yourself if you have done everything asked of you or that you could do. If the answer is yes but yet that progress is still blocked or the results you hoped for are elusive, then stop and let go. And understand there is simply no more to be done. Any further efforts on your part will get you nowhere and are likely to lead to burn out and/or frustration.

This especially applies if you are involved in any kind of discussion or negotiation with someone and they just don’t appear to be listening or budging from their position. Be prepared to walk away at least temporarily if necessary.

Mars angles back to Chiron in Mars’s ruling sign of Aries and your break-free, big opportunity laden 9th. Take it all retro bets are off on this day (2nd). Chiron plays by its own rules – not anyone else’s. If things have been stuck, you may now be handed one more radical approach to unstick them. If you dare.

That out of the box thinking crackles with innovation and in-you-face chutzpah. This is about taking action and being open about the result you get. But knowing that whatever it looks like when it appears, it will set you free. No more holding back, Leo. If you truly have exhausted your inspiration, then that’s fine. But if not – play it again by your rules this time!

In a nutshell: One of the greatest things we can ever learn is when to stop, Leo. If you’ve exhausted every avenue or are simply getting nowhere, it’s time for a soul stock take and to stop the heavy lifting. Sometimes just releasing or doing nothing is the answer we need.



Freedom wears a disguise

The only thing you have to lose is staying stuck

Change your perspective – change your world

Ruler Mercury has yet to emerge from its retroshadow. Plus, we have four of the outer planets retrograde now. That somewhat dense, sluggish feeling may persist right up until Mercury moves back into the light. You of all signs know that Mercury in direct retroshadow means an amber light. Proceed with caution especially when this is combined with Mars in your 12th.

Mars incites us to take action. But in your 12th and all caught up in this week’s electric storm of a T-Square which features Saturn (direct) in your 6th and Uranus retro in your 9th, expect the unexpected. Or that what you set in motion frees you but not quite in the way you thought.

It’s all a bit Monty Python as in ‘Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition’. What may be unexpected for you also may be someone else’s hidden agenda. Or the fact that something you have been doing is unlikely to bring you what you expected or hoped for. A radical change of direction or thinking may therefore be your best approach.

Get Real!

Saturn always brings us down to earth. And has us confronting reality if we have been avoiding that. However, Uranus always wants us to evolve – usually via a release from the status quo. Sometimes seeing things for what they are is the way to achieve this.

Now, this process doesn’t have to be painful. If something has been building as in that feeling things have to change, that change may come unexpectedly and simply see you soar away from restrictions, feeling you had no control or barriers to progress. Simply by offering a dynamic alternative. Sometimes this is as simple as us seeing the situation very differently. We change our perspective and it no longer has any power over us. We become aware of alternatives we simply could not see before and take the door marked exit.

Or someone offers a daring and untried solution which we take as we have newly minted confidence which says ‘What have I got to lose?’. Only that which keeps us trapped is the answer. Watch for the shift around the 2nd when Mars trines Chiron in Mars’s ruling 8th. You’re walking to the beat of a different drum now, Virgo.

In a nutshell: Radical ideas throw alternatives into sharp relief this week, Virgo. A shift in your perspective shows you options that you couldn’t see before. Solutions could be hiding in plain sight. And all you had to do was shift that focus.



Love takes the perfect form for right now

Know where the buck stops

Get ready for a chain reaction!

Radical shifts around partnerships especially emerging ones could occur this week, Libra. Ain’t love a Surprise should top your Spotify playlist. What also may surprise is the form it takes. Remember – it’s all love.

The Price is Right

First however, hang on to that value system, Libra. And what you know is priceless or intrinsically right. We are in retrograde weather still. Mercury in your 9th house has yet to clear its direct retroshadow phase. This means when it comes to travel or your big plans, you have a cautionary amber light winking on and off at you. We also have four of the five outer planets retro. Saturn which is in your 5th and caught up with Mars in your 11th and Uranus – the only one direct, in your 8th.

This is a very tense T-Square which may test your resolve around what you will and won’t ‘sell out’ over. Which is why it is important to hold fast to those values. Mars and Uranus are actually in mutual reception by house in your chart. So, we say there is a conversation happening between them. This combined with Saturn is all about boundaries. Where the buck stops in other words as Uranus sits in your ‘other’ money house and also the house of boundaries, sex and empowerment.

Saturn is in your usually glowing 5th of lovers, children and what you adore to do (as well as who!). So, saying no or simply letting someone know where you draw the line could apply to that lover, your child or even involve a creative idea or venture. If the price is right, the deal is on. If not, you should know when to say no way, Libra.

People who know their worth and state it almost always get what they want. And if one door closes another one swings wide as Mars trines Chiron in your partnership zone on the 2nd. This could bring a surprise development around an existing partnership dynamic. Or a new and different potential one. Radical and freeing love infused with passionate intent is on offer as Mars trines Chiron in your 7th on the 2nd.

Be open to what form this takes. It could be a very different friendship which offers entrée into new realms of experience. Or you come together with someone for a purpose or idea. All that matters now is hearts and minds are aligned. No matter what the nature of the union nor how different you and this person may be. It’s a chemical reaction and attraction that gives you both something new. That’s the surprise this week, Libra!

In a nutshell: One link in a chain reaction. Think alchemy, chemistry and attraction! Someone or something acts as a catalyst this week, Libra. It could just be your decision that sends you down a new path. And yes, fate is at work!



What returns is meant for you

Work what you have like a boss

Don’t be afraid to bend the rules

Focus your energy on your career and ambitions this week, phoenix. It’s time to rise up higher! Above all, walk your talk and work what you have like a boss. Don’t undersell your experience or abilities. You are in a position to impress thanks to ancient ruler Mars in your 10th of career, public image and reputation.

Be aware that Mercury which presently sits in your 8th of transmutable and alchemical changes, is direct but yet to clear its retroshadow. We also have four of the outer planets heading backwards. Including your modern-day ruler Pluto in your sector of news and commerce. However, Mars pushes you onwards and upwards and also sees you meeting challenges head-on. If you are involved in a pitch or interview process this week, take it that you welcome the competition.

Your confidence could be at an all-time high but please, don’t let the desire to succeed prevent you from paying attention to what’s going on close to home. This week hands us a tense T-Square which sees Mars oppose Saturn in your 4th while squaring Uranus in your partnership sector. Also, this house rules working relationships too, don’t forget. So, taking care of business may also mean dealing with any issues around those you live with as well as work dynamics.

Work it your way

If something on the work or career front revives at this point, it could just have your name on it. Dressing for success or at least creating the right image which tells others you belong ‘up there’ on the next level is also an important factor. As is not conforming to that cookie-cutter or ‘uniform’. Don’t leave your individuality out of the loop now.

Yes, your role may involve dressing a certain way or even, yes, that uniform for certain professions. But the trine between Mars and Chiron in your 6th on the 2nd tells you that you can’t afford to leave out your own X-Factor. That something that nobody else has. Look to how you convey this now. Either via that CV or what you say or those subtle individual style notes that tell people sure, you’re a perfect fit – because you know who you are. Chiron is all about startling, individual style. And what works for you, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: It’s all about your reputation this week, Scorpio. Dressing for success however doesn’t mean checking your individuality at the door. Know when to play by the rules, and when you can bend them. Package those smarts to stand out this week.



You can’t hurry love – or anything else

Shake up the small stuff for big results

Get ready for reignition!

Take things slowly when it comes to work, business or money, Sag. And also, to a certain extent, love and partnership matters too. In fact, if someone is trying to hurry you, you are advised to step back and ask what’s their rush? Take it this is a week to look before you leap.

The reason for this is four outer planets retrograde, including your ruler Jupiter. And Mercury direct but yet to clear retroshadow in your 7th. Now throw into the mix a hummer of a high tensile T-Square between Mars in your 9th, Saturn in your 3rd and Uranus in your 6th and you may just feel your usual outgoing fiery spirit has turned into the proverbial damp squib.

Taking care of business is the best approach to reignite the flame, Sag. Pay close attention to those daily tasks, habits, your day job or that routine. Shaking this up and above all, being in the here and now and ridding yourself of those chores or ‘must do’s’ you have allowed to pile up is what busts you out of any restrictions. Create a better schedule or system and be organised. Structure is the key to freedom for you.

We have ignition

Just do the work and you’ll make room for something more heart-starting to move you in a fresh direction when it comes to love, creativity, fun, freedom, passion and pleasure. New ways to express yourself, get yourself noticed or even attract! The 2nd sees Mars make an unexpected move on Chiron in your 5th. You may feel impelled to act or make the first move around something.

You’re in go-getting form and that rush of heady self-confidence brings with it the heat that may have been missing. This aspect says you’ll never know until you try, Sag. Or if an opportunity appears which looks radically different to anything you’ve met before, time to explore a little radical magic for some dramatically satisfying outcomes.

In a nutshell: Resist the urge to rush. Or be rushed by others this week. No, you won’t miss out if you take your time, Sag. A new and radically different opportunity could just take you by surprise. And what’s meant for you will wait anyway.



Be open to a new kind of love experience

Slow down when it comes to money

Surprises lead to benefits

You are in one of the high points of the year when it comes to love, double acts of all descriptions, partnership matters and attraction, Capricorn. But you need to have two rules firmly in place. 1: Open-mindedness about what love or other opportunities may look like and 2: Don’t rush.

Stick to these especially now as ruler Saturn in your sector of money and self-worth gets caught up in this week’s tightly-packed T-Square. This also involves Mars in its ruling 8th and Uranus in your 5th of romance, indulgences, children and creativity. We are also still in big fat retro weather. It’s not just ruler Saturn that is backwards. Four of the outer planets including Pluto in your 1st are retro. Plus, we have Mercury in its ruling 6th in your chart, direct but yet to exit retroshadow. So, this is also not the week for expenditure or big purchases unless something has broken beyond repair. Another factor to bear in mind.

Lava hot – or not?

Mars in its ruling 8th is all about shared money, empowerment, transformation and yes, sex. Other astrologers like to gloss over this essential 8th house factor. But Mars is about the head-on, direct approach. Romance with either work well – or not at all now. And if something new is on offer, although that sexual chemistry may crackle, just fan that spark for now if you can.

Beneficial changes or breakthroughs for those Cappies who takes the slow, considered approach could follow. Not just around love and attraction but your home, living arrangements or anything which underpins your security. A surprise offer or solution for instance as Mars trines Chiron in your 4th on the 2nd. While this may come out of left-field this could lead to long term benefits. So, look for these and this could just lead to saying ‘Yes’ after all this week, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: You’re another sign who needs to take things slow this week, Capricorn. Only spend money on what you really need. That attraction may feel intense but it could just as quickly fizzle out. Fan the spark for now to ensure you get that long, slow burn.



Love is all – or nothing much at all

Go for what you need – not what you want

Changes align you to what sustains you

There may be no middle ground for love this week. You are either totally feeling it. Or else –meh. This isn’t just about physical attraction. You want depth, meaning and real intimacy. So, take it from me anyone superficial just won’t cut it now.

Bear in mind that Mercury has yet to clear direct retroshadow in your 5th of lovers and romance. So, take a cautionary approach to anyone new. Especially if you connect via a dating app. We also have other strange and unusual retrograde energies around us. Ancient ruler Saturn backwards in your sign. Pluto in your 12th, Neptune and Jupiter in your 2nd.

The only outer planet direct is in fact modern day ruler Uranus in your 4th. But Uranus is caught up in a ‘What do I truly need?’ question mark of a T-Square this week between that Mars in your 7th which is responsible for that hot or not feeling, and Saturn in your 1st. Taking time out to explore your innermost emotional needs and how these may have changed, is therefore important.

Explore the Three C’s – Chemistry, Connection, Communication

If you are faced with a house move at this time and especially if this is unexpected or sudden, take it that this is in alignment with those needs. Even if you have yet to fully acknowledge them. What you will love about this week however is the trine between Mars and Chiron in your 3rd on the 2nd. This could see a connection where chemistry and communication combine to deliver what you’re seeking and need. Or you rediscover the hidden depths that already exist between you and someone significant. Singles should not rule out an unusual encounter in an improbable place. The last place you would expect to find love is exactly where it is this week.

In a nutshell: A week to dive deep into what you really need as opposed to what you think you want, Aquarius. In fact, if you don’t need it you won’t be feeling it anymore. Chemistry, connection and communication are what love needs to thrive. You either have all three but anything less won’t work.



Replays, reconciliations and reunions feature

Don’t try to revive the past unless it seeks you out

Get some everyday mojo type magic happening!

The Sun presently in your 5th is shining on pleasure, romance, creativity and children if you have them or are connected to them in some way. Revivals and reunions may also feature and don’t rule out the past reappearing in some form. That is if it is meant to. If something is flatlined now, just understand there is no way to jump-start it and it is time to let it go.

We remain in retro weather due to both your rulers ancient and modern – Jupiter and Neptune, retrograde in your 1st. Two other outer planets are also in reverse – Pluto in your 11th and Saturn in your 12th. Mercury is now direct but remains in retroshadow so use all caution when it comes to moving, renting, buying, leasing or selling property.

Again, if something or even someone is supposed to return it is because there is still unfinished business between you or it is still aligned to your soul growth. Understand that if so, this requires no further effort on your part. And also, that if not, further attempts at resurrection are not only futile, but represent a step back on a path that should be closed off. Uranus – the only outer planet direct, has an agenda for you and that is to ensure your feet are on the perfect future one. So, if things do not go as planned or hoped, please bear this in mind.

Serving mojo magic realness – every day

This week does hand you an opportunity to claim your everyday mojo magic or simply to see clearly what does and doesn’t serve you. Taking a radical approach to your day job, routine, habits, study and wellbeing could reenergise you and simply see you in a better place when it comes to work or how you feel. Mars in your 6th trines Chiron in your money zone on the 2nd. This could see many of you reach for that better work opportunity or simply, when combined with Uranus, let others know you are no longer willing to accept what you may have put up with in the past.

You may voluntarily close off a path that was going nowhere this week. Or see it for what it is. What returns must now measure up to what you know you need. Whichever one this is, an unexpected turn sees you headed in the right direction now, Pisces.

In a nutshell: If the past returns then its meant to now. But if not, then understand its time to let go. You’ve the gift of creating a little everyday magic to spice up the present this week. All the more reason to look forward – and not back, Pisces.





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