Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs June 15th 2020

new moon in cancer

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs June 15th 2020


Instinct is your compass

Keep it close to home

Have alternatives in place

Take it this week that you are not only in the dark, you may also not have the big picture or even have misinformation, Aries. The only advice I can give you is do your due diligence, fact-check and wait before acting.

Get ready for a homecoming

Mercury turns retrograde this week in your 4th of home, property matters, family, roots and security. Of course, the usual Mercury retro rules apply on top of this. But this all adds up to it being ill advised to enter into new property dealings. Whether you are buying, selling, renting, leasing, or looking for a housemate. People will change their minds, delays and snafus will occur as well as other potential problems. Keep close to home in other words.

Unless it cannot possibly be helped, you should stay put now. This week brings us the solstice as the Sun enters your 4th. The 21st also brings us an annular solar eclipse at the time of the new Moon in your 4th, making a tense angle to Saturn retrograde in your 11th.

Insight brings a ring of truth

Remember, eclipses conceal. An annular eclipse is one where we see that ‘ring of fire’ effect around the Sun. So, you have a flash and in your 4th this could take the form of a gut instinct about someone or something. Please heed it.

Right back to where it all began

The interesting thing about this week aside from all that is hidden, is that just prior to the Sun’s arrival in your 4th, it conjuncts the North Node in your 3rd. News could have a familiar feel to it. If new for you, it could reflect a long-standing family theme and point to what is being concealed by both Mercury retro and that eclipse. You could be heading towards where you’ve been before. Or you could follow those breadcrumbs of insight in another direction. Wait to see which one is right, Aries.

In a nutshell: Time to stay in place. And to wait for more insight and facts to emerge before making any kind of move, Aries. Take it that there’s more going on than you realise. The truth? Out there.



Keep that Retro playbook close to hand

Avoid jumping to conclusions

Pro tip: Watch and wait

Those Retrograde Rules? They need to be inscribed on stone tablets for you now and taken just as seriously. Mercury heads backwards in its ruling 3rd from the 18th. So, it has the capacity to deliver you an extra dose of Mercury Moon-walking Mayhem.

Update your playbook

Avoid signing anything unless it cannot be helped. Have more than one alternative in place or take extra time if travelling. And please, check and re-check anything you say or send out there to ensure you have your facts straight. Misinformation and disinformation rule now.

The Sun arrives in your 3rd on the 20th. And what you do need to know is that you do not have all the facts. Question everything and read the small print. Keep everything in writing – minutes of meetings, back up files and if you cannot avoid entering into contracts, then don’t be afraid to get a second or professional opinion before going ahead. The reason for this being the new Moon of the 21st brings with it an annular solar eclipse.

The answer is intuition!

As you know, eclipses conceal something. An annular eclipse is one where we see that ‘ring of fire’ effect around the Sun. So, you have a flash of insight into the truth. The key is to take this seriously. To hold onto it and do nothing for now and wait for more information to emerge. This is even more important on a Mercury retro cycle.

Question everything but your self-worth

Ruler Venus remains retrograde in its ruling 2nd. This for you simply adds to that feeling of not knowing what is going on. Or which direction to take. Before the Sun arrives in your 3rd on Solstice Day it will meet the North Node in your 2nd. Look back on your history of self-worth, attraction and values. You can choose different this time around. Or get a different outcome if you are prepared to wait.

In a nutshell: This is more than just a pause for thought. This week’s eclipse plus retrogrades tells you not to rush into anything. Or jump to obvious conclusions this week. Because nothing is, Taurus. Take that as a given.



Keep that cash close

Money talks so what is it telling you?

Have a soul stocktake

Hang on to your cash, Gemini. And your self-worth for that matter. Avoid if you can entering into new financial arrangements – taking out a loan or credit card for instance.

Invest in you

Also, be aware if someone asks you for a loan, despite their assurances, they may not be in a position to pay you back as quickly as they think. Yes, we are in Retro Time this week as ruler Mercury turns backwards in your house of money and assets. Added to this, you have Venus which rules this house still retrograde in your sign. All this adds up to this being a time of auditing on a practical as well as an emotional level and looking at what you invest your time, your money and your love into.

Needs vs. wants

Unless something breaks down beyond repair, I should not need to tell you to steer clear of major purchases. That ‘bargain’ may turn out to be exactly the opposite. Especially if it falls under Mercury’s rulership – white goods, phone, computer, car for instance. As could that cut-price trip.

The Sun moves off into your 2nd on the 20th – again highlighting your assets and your value system. The new Moon of the 21st throws a further shadow on your finances or even your expectations around how the world and even others see you and treat you.

What you need to change your world, you already have

This Moon brings added obscurity around money and the flow of abundance as it triggers an Annular Solar Eclipse. An annular eclipse is one where we see that ‘ring of fire’ effect around the Sun. So, you have a flash of insight into the truth – but not the bigger picture. So, resist both the urge to splurge and also entering into any new financial arrangements as you can take it you don’t have the bigger picture.

Above all, resist impulse buys or last minute ‘bargains’. Especially if these revolve around the desire to in some way, to change your life, escape or ‘run away’. Because if that is your goal, you already have what you need within to do that! And in abundance. Check within at those resources and you’ll see what I mean. I should not need to labour this point with your ruler backwards. Wherever you go, there you are this week. So, stay put and save your pennies.

In a nutshell: What’s your abundance level this week, Gemini? Money talks so what is it telling you about your level of self-worth? Time to look after those resources so they look after you in turn.



History doesn’t have to repeat itself

Set yourself free to explore new possibilities

Happy birthday, Cancer!

Your birthday cycle presents itself wrapped in a touch of mystery, Cancer. The Sun arrives in your sign on the 20th, and the 21st delivers your all-important new Moon. Which comes packaged within an Annular Solar Eclipse. An annular eclipse is one where we see that ‘ring of fire’ effect around the Sun. So, you have a flash of insight into the truth – but not the bigger picture.

Set yourself free of the past

The new Moon in your 1st is normally the signal for new beginnings. But you also have Mercury in your 1st retrograde from the 18th and Venus still retrograde in your 12th. So, all together this is telling you that there is still stuff from the past to be dealt with before you can move forward into your cycle. Your new beginnings or fresh direction remains obscure as eclipses conceal. Yes, you may be raring to go but you have an amber light from the universe telling you to wait.

Stay connected to your natural intuitive ability and follow its guidance now. Chances are that flash of illumination produces a gut feeling about who or what needs to be reframed, finalised or put to rest.

The path less travelled

Before the Sun arrives in your sign on solstice day, it will meet the cosmic North Node in your 12th. The Nodes rule karma and our past. Cycles that go round and even get handed down. From lifetime to lifetime, down through family karma or even our own history and choices we set in motion ourselves. The Nodes operate on 19-year cycles.

Your present is the present choice!

This meeting offers either freedom to close a cycle by choosing differently, or else you go round again. Look at who or what is repeating as your new year begins. Your gift is the opportunity to weave a new pattern for your future. Simply by watching and waiting for it to reveal itself this week. That’s your birthday present – the power of the present moment, Cancer.

In a nutshell: Happy birthday, Cancer! To step into your new cycle, you first have to put the past into perspective. Unfinished business needs to be tackled. Or simply reframed. Watch and wait before moving forward.



Ask your angels

True guidance whispers

Reset the future with a fresh decision

Take it this week that what you don’t yet know about a situation or person could fill a book, Leo. Time spent alone, in spiritual practice, seeking insight or even talking to that psychic, astrologer, doctor, therapist, priest or even meditation, may provide you with some, but not all of your answers.

Open up to inner wisdom

But what I can tell you if that if you are truly open to receiving them, they will come. Even if you may have to wait for the real truth to emerge. Something or someone from your past may be dominating your thinking this week. You want to make sense of it, deal with it in some way or put it into perspective. Asking ‘Why?’ may form part of this process. As could digging deeper.

If you get the feeling someone is not being truthful or is trying to pull the wool over your eyes you need to play close attention to this. And again, watch and wait for the real story to emerge.

Play with potentials and possibilities

Mercury turns retrograde in your 12th from the 18th. As well as the usual Retro Rules, this is your house of secrets, hidden truths and anything clandestine. Ruler the Sun is on the move this week, arriving in your 12th on the 20th. Just prior to it doing this, it bumps into your karmic North Node in your 11th. Take this as pressing the ‘Reset’ button on your future. It’s yours to play with and re-design. In any way you want!

The truth can’t hide from your angels

The 21st delivers the new Moon in your 12th and an Annular Solar Eclipse. With your ruler covered-up, take it that there is a big cover up happening somewhere in your life too. And this could well involve something or someone holding you back. Or just the need to choose a new path over the old way of doing things. An annular eclipse is one where we see that ‘ring of fire’ effect around the Sun.

So, you have a flash of insight into the truth – but not the bigger picture. But intuition can provide the rest if you ask for it. There’s an angel on your shoulder ready to provide you with answers this week. Be open to what it tells you, Leo.

In a nutshell: Whispers of the truth reach you this week. But you need to spend time unplugged to listen to what they say. Prioritise that me time, Leo. And tune out the noise to receive what you need to know now.



Get back to basics with friendships

Revisit past connections

Your future path has yet to be revealed

Ruler Mercury enters its retroactive phase in your house of connections and the future this week. You do not need me to repeat the Retro Rules to you. People from the past could be in touch and you could also be reviving friendships. As well as connections to groups, bands, parties, clubs or associations. There’s also the litmus test of continuing resonance when it comes to those you know.

Opportunity opens doors to success

One connection in particular may feature in this. And chances are when reading this you already know who! So, stay with your gut on that one. The Sun is on the move in here this week which marks the solstice on the 20th. Just hours before it arrives, it will meet the North Node in your ambitious 10th. Despite your ruler’s retro cycle, this could see a door you have been waiting to open, swing wide when it comes to boosting your career or status. Don’t shy away from taking on more responsibility or a leadership role if offered, Virgo.

Taking the weather with you

It’s a Crowded House week in your 11th. Take it noe step at a time when it comes to new connections (or even past or present ones) as this week’s new Moon in your 11th delivers an enigmatic Annular Solar Eclipse. Eclipses always conceal. An annular eclipse is one where we see that ‘ring of fire’ effect around the Sun. So, you have a flash of insight into the truth – but not the bigger picture.

With your ruler backwards in here and the eclipse itself making a highly charged angle to Saturn also retrograde in your 6th, pay close attention to any insights linked to work, bosses, routine, co-workers, wellbeing, pets, lodgers or even ‘atmospheres’ and ‘vibes’ you pick up.

The eclipse effect

If you feel ‘under the weather’ now look closely at what may be affecting you. Be wary of anyone new who seems to want to ‘friend bomb’ you. Sure, they may be the real deal. Only time will tell. True friendships are like true love. They take time to develop. The future doesn’t need to be rushed. You’ll get there if you take your time, Virgo.

In a nutshell: Check all friendships and contacts for continued resonance now ruler Mercury retros in your 11th. The future may be shrouded in a little mystery. And adopt a ‘wait and see’ approach when it comes to re-entering the past, Virgo.



Craft that professional persona

Get a strategy to reach those goals

You need serious results now

Ruler Venus remains retrograde in your 9th and this week also sees the Sun and North Node meet in here. Perhaps pulling you back to past places or those big dreams. Mercury adds to the retrograde feel as it too, turns backwards in your 10th of career and public image on the 18th.

Take those dreams seriously

Naturally, the usual Mercury retro rules apply. As do the Venus retro ones. Time to look closely at what you have achieved so far and plan your strategy for what you need or want to aim for next in the longer term. Above all, take yourself and your ambitions seriously.

The 20th sees the Sun also arrive in your 10th on Solstice Day. It’s often a time of stock-taking as it marks the point the year pivots and we look back at what we have accomplished. And what is still on our ‘to do’ list. If doors have remained shut no matter how hard you have knocked, what this tells you is that it is time to choose a different door.

Set that intention to ‘Success’

However, you may not be certain yet of the right steps to take as the new Moon on the 21st in here delivers an Annular Solar Eclipse. We all know eclipses conceal something. An annular eclipse is one where we see that ‘ring of fire’ effect around the Sun. So, you have a flash of insight into the truth – but not the bigger picture.

It’s all down to your intention however. Saturn is the natural ruler of your 10th house, but sits in Now Age Aquarius and your 5th. If you wish to turn that passion into a profession, this can see you looking into practical ways to make this happen. But the soul call is to take this seriously.

In the spotlight

Protect your public image as people are taking note of how you come across and your reputation – whether you are aware of this or not. If that blast from the past turns up under this eclipse wanting a second chance, insist they prove their intentions are serious too. After all, you need a serious commitment to anything long term this week.

In a nutshell: Take your desire for a successful outcome in any area seriously this week, Libra. Be seen as someone who knows what they want and where they are going. Others are watching.



Travel may have a direction all its own

Have an alternative route in mind

Staying close to home could see the world coming to you

There’s a saying: All roads lead to the top of the hill. But some take a different route. So, be flexible this week when it comes to where you need to get to, Scorpio. And I’m not just talking about travel but those goals. Is there an alternative? Retrogrades tell us to have a Plan B all the way through to Z.

Retro weather report

You may not be travelling anywhere during the Merc retro in your 9th. However, you may experience changes to plans, technical outages, breakdowns, border issues, supply chain snafus or errors of the glaring variety. Studies could also be affected as could anything to do with the internet, publishing, the mass media or legal matters which your 9th also rules.

Negotiations could stall or appear to go round and round with no resolution in sight. Especially if they involve assets, investments, your salary, something you share or settlements as the Sun meets the North Node in your 8th on the 20th. Does this all feel familiar?

Where do you want to get to?

The 20th sees the Sun on the move into your 9th – Solstice Day. Normally this would indicate a phase of freedom and movement. But the 21st brings an Annular Solar Eclipse courtesy of the new Moon in here. We all know eclipses conceal something. An annular eclipse is one where we see that ‘ring of fire’ effect around the Sun. So, you have a flash of insight into the truth – but not the bigger picture.

Even if you are restricted to necessary travel, take it there is something you don’t yet know about your journey. Also, obey the usual Mercury retro rules and avoid buying anything large – from a house to a horse if you possibly can.

Down from the door where it began

It’s all a bit Bilbo Baggins now. In other words, the journey begins from home. This eclipse impacts Saturn also retrograde in your 4th. Family matters, home, homeland and what underpins your security (emotional and financial), could be impacted. Just take it you don’t have all the facts – yet. Or that alternative route has yet to reveal itself. Tune in to intuition or as I like to call it for anything that involves your 9th – Satnav for the soul. Above all, avoid knee-jerk reactions. Stay close to home if you can. And wait for the confusion to clear.

In a nutshell: Pro Retro Tip: Don’t leave home without a Plan B – or the rest of the alphabet, Scorpio. Mercury retro plus an eclipse in your house of learning and big dreams. There’s more than one route to where you want to get to.



Time is your superpower

Give money matters waiting room

Take your time with love revivals


Venus is still retrograde in its ruling 7th in your chart. So, please remember this and try to steer clear of embarking on new love affairs or any new partnership matter.

What have you shared together?

The chances that a past partner could resurface remain high however. Especially as on the 20th the Sun will co-join the North Node in here just hours before entering your 8th. Add to the backwards-facing mix is also Mercury retrograde in your house of what you share and yes, sex from the 18th. Naturally, the usual Retro Rules apply but in addition to this, this can contribute to that connection heating up once more.

However, a word of caution hangs over this as well as your money. Your 8th is your ‘other’ money house. Shares, investments, mortgages, loans, your salary, taxes, inheritances, insurances, benefits, maintenance and compensation all come under the rulership of this house. Mercury retro tells you that this is not the time to enter into anything new around any of these. And Venus rules your money as well as your love life. So, you have two red flags already. Slow down and stocktake.

Don’t rush the big stuff

The 21st and the new Moon in your 8th also hoists a third red flag as it triggers an Annular Solar Eclipse. We all know eclipses conceal something. An annular eclipse is one where we see that ‘ring of fire’ effect around the Sun. So, you have a flash of insight into the truth – but not the bigger picture. Use extra caution in any negotiations or financial dealings.

Even if you are refinancing or re-mortgaging now. The terms may change or may be hidden in the fine print. The same goes with anyone who makes a reappearance. The eclipse also hits Saturn (also retrograde) in your 3rd. That ‘Wassup?’ text from that former flame could be the start of rekindling the fire. Or it could hide another agenda. Saturn rules time. Take as much of it as you need before making any decision, Sag. And you’ll emerge the retro cycle winner.

In a nutshell: A past love could reappear but if so, take it that nothing is settled yet. And when it comes to agreements, decisions or negotiations, don’t expect answers. You need waiting room this week.



Defer decisions around love

Past choices come full circle to teach you

Money, love, wellbeing – explore the connection

Hold fire on long term decisions around love or money matters now, Capricorn. It’s also time to look at your past history around both these areas. And how they have made you or continue to make you feel and the impact this has on your wellbeing. Venus rules your 2nd and 7th houses. Both these are in focus now while Venus itself is retrograde in your 6th.

Take the hard work out of love

Mercury is the ruler of your 6th as well as your 3rd, and this week heads backwards in Venus’s ruling 7th. All the usual retrograde rules apply here. But there’s a special emphasis on past and present relationships and how your work or feelings of wellbeing are impacted by love and money.

The North Node only just arrived in Mercury’s ruling 6th. The 20th sees the Sun meet it in here – the first time this has happened in 19 years. Hence, the need to look at past history in detail. Just hours after this occurs, the Sun arrives in your 7th. Look to one particular connection and how this makes you feel. Flowing and easy or simply hard work? Uplifting or a drain? Or is it your belief that true love doesn’t run smoothly that’s behind all this?

Heart and purse strings

The reason not to make hasty decisions around anything to do with a relationship whether love or business based, or your finances, is that the 21st delivers a new Moon and an eclipse in here. We all know eclipses conceal something. This is an annular solar eclipse. One where we see that ‘ring of fire’ effect around the Sun. So, you have a flash of insight into the truth – but not the bigger picture.

What you feel makes it real

Someone may not be telling you everything, feelings can change (yours or theirs) or you simply don’t have what you need to know to proceed. This eclipse also heavily impacts on ruler Saturn retrograde in Venus’s ruling 2nd. So, whatever decision you make, you have to live with for a long time, Capricorn. Also, past decisions could catch up with you in the present. All in all, this week should give you pause for thought. So take this as a gift now. Take time out. The truth lies in your feelings.

In a nutshell: Nothing hasty when it comes to love – or even your money this week, Capricorn. The decisions you make you’ll live with for a long time to come. All the more reason to slow down and smell the roses before making them.



Seek out information

Your best resources are those older or more experienced

Old loves could return with new meaning

Fact check and comb the details like never before this week, Aquarius. As well as Venus still retrograde in your 5th of romance, you now have Mercury retro in its ruling 6th in your chart from the 18th. It’s also time to focus on that routine, health issues and even pets or lodgers if you have them. The usual retrograde rules apply but supersized for you. And it’s not just down to Mercury retrograde in a ruling house either.

Love revivals

The Sun moves in here on the 20th but before it does, it hits the North Node in your 5th. Children, past lovers, what makes you shine or places you love or things you have fallen in love with in the past, could feature now. With Venus retrograde in here it’s no time to begin a new love affair. Revive an old one? Absolutely! Even if it’s not for a person but something else instead.

Don’t second guess intuition

The 21st will deliver a new Moon and an Annular Solar Eclipse. One more reason to be delving into the details or even getting another opinion if possible. Fact check like your future depends on it. We all know eclipses conceal something. An annular solar eclipse is one where we see that ‘ring of fire’ effect around the Sun. So, you have a flash of insight into the truth – but not the bigger picture.

Above all, don’t be influenced by gossip, inuendo, fake news or anything less than scientific fact. This eclipse makes an extremely tight angle to retrograde Saturn in your 1st. You need to look to established truths, methods, ways of doing things or solutions now.

Questions? Ask people who know what they are talking about. And if you don’t have the answer yourself right now, don’t pretend otherwise. Just saying you don’t but that you know who may, does wonders for your own credibility. Your intuition is nudging you in the right direction. So listen to that. You’ll find the facts if you go looking, Aquarius.

In a nutshell: It’s a week to check the facts and take nothing on face value. Delve into details and create structure in your life. Need a second or even third opinion? Those older or more experienced appreciate being asked.



Focus on past loves rather than something new

Return to innocence

Recreate something meaningful that’s been missing

Venus the planet of love remains retrograde still in your 4th. This week also has Mercury backwards in your romantic 5th. You have other, major events in your 5th and what you need to know when it comes to love, children, babies, your hobbies and passions and even your talents, is that you know nothing. Hence, embarking on a new love affair means that the ‘lover like no other’ truly may be – but in all the wrong ways.

Let your inner child out to play

Your childhood, early years or family history may also feature. Some of you could even revisit the past in some way as on the 20th the Sun meets the North Node in your 4th. Mercury also rules our childhood. This could involve childhood friends or even heading back to the old neighbourhood for many. Reviving that hobby or pastime? You may wonder why you ever gave it up.

Fall in love with life

The Sun’s arrival in your 5th often heralds a month-long focus on love and creativity. The 20th is no exception. However, the 21st sees a new Moon appear in here and an Annular Solar Eclipse. We all know eclipses conceal something. An annular solar eclipse is one where we see that ‘ring of fire’ effect around the Sun. So, you have a flash of insight into the truth – but not the bigger picture.

Adding to what is hidden from you is retrograde Saturn in your 12th of secrets. Nothing is what it appears to be in other words. Take care entering into creative or business ventures and get the very best advice before signing anything. In fact, delay if you can. This may not be a time for falling in love with someone new. But you may fall in love with your own life again simply by listening to that inner voice. And reactivating past loves of a creative or pleasure kind.

Is old love really new again?

That past lover should also be given plenty of opportunity to prove they have changed before you hand over your heart again. Something could be conceived however in the shadow of this eclipse. A project, activity that adds pleasure or a new direction that love could possibly take you in when the light gets turned back on. Just ensure it is something you consciously want to conceive rather than by accident now, Pisces!

In a nutshell: There’s a hidden secret around a past love to be found this week, Pisces. A cautious approach could be called for before handing over your heart however. Returning to the past could just form part of this.





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