Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs June 14th 2021

jupiter in aquairus

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs June 14th 2021

By our astrologer Elena


Delaying tactics pay off

Take the road to freedom

Seek the truth

Hang fire on major decisions if you can, Aries. This week tells you: nothing in haste. We are still all processing the energy from last week’s eclipse which took place in your 3rd. And Mercury remains retroactive in here – its ruling house and sign.

Yes, people and situations may conspire to push those buttons. Especially at the start of the week. We have a narky, snarky angle between your ruler Mars in your 5th and Jupiter in your 12th on the 15th. Plus, another one between Uranus in your 2nd and Saturn in your 11th on the 14th. This could involve someone stepping over the line and/or you feeling taken advantage of or unappreciated.

Try to avoid a knee-jerk reaction if you can. At least until the 20th when there is an emotional re-balance occurring between the Sun in your 3rd and the Moon in your 7th. This may hand you a way forward which is appropriate to what has occurred. I am not saying that your feelings may not be justified – they are. You just may need to tune in to that inner warrior and together come up with a solution that sees you emerging as the who keeps their cool.

Keep the freedom vibe

Jupiter has merely dipped a toe into your 12th and now turns back towards your 11th as it retros on the 20th. This has been about that impossible dream, path, course and unfurling your wings and seeing how high you can soar, Aries. No, those wings have not been clipped now Jupiter is backwards. You’re retracing your steps armed with fresh knowledge and insight around how to make those dreams a reality. And the truth around a person, connection, situation or even the past. This week’s other aspects may have simply highlighted that. Jupiter hands you the truth about it – and the solution that sets you free.

In a nutshell: Don’t feel pressured to make a decision this week, Aries. Take it you’re still waiting for all the facts to emerge. If someone pushes your buttons, keeping your cool keeps you in your power zone. Now that’s control.



Work the superpower of your resources

People make dreams possible

Who or what adds value?

Your secret superpower now? Who you know, not what, Taurus. Yes, you may be the smartest person you or we for that matter, know. But you need to know that nobody does it alone. And being evolved and on a spiritual path doesn’t necessarily involve meditating alone in a cave on a mountain top.

Jupiter in your 11th should have given you a preview of just what will be possible for you via your friends, networks, circle, club, association, band or party since it arrived in your 11th in May. People make things happen for other people. This includes assisting you with those marvelous and inspirational goals and ideas. You know the ones I mean. The kind that fires up your soul. And hopefully inspires others too.

People need people

This should have given you a goal-reaching preview of ’22. And shown you the importance of those connections. Jupiter will now turn back towards your status-setting 10th, boosting your stock and public image with those who matter. But hang on to your Jupiter superpower. And don’t be a hermit.

Uranus in your 1st is all about freedom for you and tightens its influence on Saturn in its ruling 10th this week. All the more reason to be mindful of who you know and the impression you’re making on them. Your values are now in the spotlight and you cannot afford to underestimate the role these now play in your progress. Mars in your 4th reminds you of this as this is not just your house of home and family. But of your path too. Progress on this is linked to your ability to connect to others now. And to those with who you share the same values and visions. So, ensure these are in alignment now.

Positive benefits and feel-good flow could be yours on the 10th as the Sun in your money zone aligns to the Moon in your work, day job and wellness sector. It could all boil down to the support you surround yourself with, Taurus. Supercharge that for success both professionally, and personally.

In a nutshell: ’22 is going to be all about people power, Taurus. It’s not so much what you know, but who. Especially when it comes to goal getting success. Align with those who share that vision. Even entrepreneurs need a cheer squad.



Look to who or what delivers – or doesn’t

Who is with you on your journey?

Get ready for soul ‘show n’ tell’!

Doors should have begun to open for you to 2022 thanks to Jupiter’s short break in your 10th, Gemini. This week sees it turn retro (you know the vibe!) and begin to head back towards its ruling 9th. So, look to what you have achieved in a short time and now, prepare to build on that with better and bigger results to come next year.

Soul Deliveroo

If Jupiter has turned up in person – as in the form of a generous boss, mentor or someone in a position of influence/authority who simply wants to assist you, take note. You are on a journey together now. Hidden truths and undercurrents in connections are also revealed by the after-effects of last week’s eclipse. As in who is on your team and who isn’t. Maybe that boss who promises you that opportunity or promotion but so far zip? Or that boo who dangles that more love future but still can’t turn up on time for that date? You’ll see who or what is real and also the fakery too as Uranus in your 12th and soul-accounting Saturn in your 9th tense up on the 14th.

Don’t worry. This is show and tell and the result is freedom no matter what. The 19th hands a beautiful alignment between the Moon in your 5th and retro ruler Mercury in your sign. You’ll see what or who has meaning for you and cherish that. And effortlessly discard what doesn’t. Reclaiming your passion you’ve been suckered into discarding by the opinions of people who simply don’t matter is another gift heading your way this week. See what’s real to feel the love again, Gemini.

In a nutshell: The eclipse may have left you with a few unanswered questions. This week invites you to probe deeper into the real nature of that connection. Don’t worry about what you’ll find. The result will be freedom no matter what.



Follow what lifts you higher

Look for alternative routes to where you want to go

Get ready for course correction!

Who or what is the wind beneath your wings, Cancer? Jupiter in its ancient ruling sign of Pisces and ruling 9th house is all about soaring high on that. It’s about expansion, adventure, opportunity and learning. It doesn’t matter if you are able to travel physically or not. Jupiter says there is more than one way to expand your world than simply getting on an aircraft.

Jupiter in your 9th and its ruling sign of Pisces bigs everything up. Your experience, your luck factor, how far you can get or go in pursuit of that big dream. Think of yourself as being on a journey. And a Jupiter retrograde in here as a stopover on the way. Because that is what happens this week. After a short adventure, Jupiter turns backwards and will re-enter your 8th in July. It’s asking you to look at how far you’ve already come in such a short time. To prepare for the next stage in ’22. And also, to show you a possible alternative route to get there. Jupiter doesn’t leave the building when it turns retro. It just shows us other maps and pathways. Or even another destination entirely.

Ready to change course?

If something takes a surprise twist this week, then take it you were heading into a dead end anyway. This is just a course correction and to save you more wasted time. Setting you free to discover alternatives as Uranus in its ruling 11th makes a high tensile angle to Saturn also in your 8th. The Moon in its ruling 4th trines the Sun in your 12th on the same day as Jupiter reverses. It could be that new path opening up shows you the old one simply was no longer worth the effort, Cancer. Prepare to go pause in order to take a big leap forward again.

In a nutshell: If a new and different opportunity or path opens up, ask yourself if the one you’re on is heading where you need to get to, Cancer? Highway to heaven or road to ruin? The universe wants you on higher ground. And there’s an easier way to get there.



What’s the deal on love?

Take those values seriously

Bold, bodacious moves get you a better outcome

Let’s talk mergers and acquisitions of the soul empowered kind, Leo. And yes, this touches on your money too. Money needs to be taken seriously as it too is part of our spiritual evolution. As in how we relate to it. It’s all energy and we are beings of light. It’s how we work the energy not the energy itself.

Something between you and another could be up for negotiation this week. Or you realise its time to make a bold move. When it comes to that past, present or potential personal or professional relationship, you need to look closely at whether your values align. If they do and continue to do so, then the Uranus/Saturn square of the 14th shows you just how unshakeable that bedrock is. You’ll not hesitate to convey just where you’re coming from however thanks to Mars in your 1st challenging Jupiter in Mars’s ancient ruling 8th.

Know you’re worth it

This is about having the confidence to ask for what you want. And to also walk away if the answer is no. Or if you feel something is so not worth selling out for any longer. Remember, Jupiter hands solutions. It will turn retrograde in your 8th on the 20th – same day as ruler the Sun trines the Moon in your 3rd. So, an agreement could easily be reached thanks to this.

If not, Jupiter heading back towards your 7th tells you that you have room to negotiate. Or if an agreement simply isn’t forthcoming around that job, joint assets, divorce settlement, merger of lives, payout etc then you are willing to negotiate – but only up to a point. But if you are on the same page – get ready for an agreement which puts you way ahead this week.

In a nutshell: A bolder, more daring approach could be called for this week, Leo. Mars in your sign gives you the confidence to go after what it is you want. You’ll know if the price is right. And also when selling yourself short is no longer an option.



Work it like a boss

Keep your word to yourself

Get ready for a love revival

Keep in mind that ruler Mercury is still retro in its other ruling sign (Gemini) and your 10th until next week. And use all due caution when it comes to career matters or anything which could potentially impact on your public image or reputation. Work your rep like a boss in other words. And whatever you do – do not promise more than you can deliver.

Mindfulness is your best approach as is hanging on tight to the truth that your reputation is your word. This also includes keeping your word to yourself. Perhaps the most important contract we can keep. Saturn always wants to ‘put a ring on it’ and in your 6th and squaring Uranus on the 14th this is all about acting in your own best interests. And not selling your soul out over something you intrinsically know isn’t good for you. It’s a week of rewards and/or revelations. Something may pay off because it’s right. Or you realise it simply no longer is.

Jupiter in your 7th is all about exploring partnerships. Everything from a working dynamic to that bae. Jupiter in this house in your chart should deliver at least one opportunity to go deeper in to an existing connection or embark on a new double act. But this is just your 2022 preview as it turns back towards your 6th of all things Virgo-cenrtric to serve you more work-a-day-world-benefits from the 20th.

Love goes the distance

However, one important connection related to your status or career could be front and centre despite this now. A relationship that is an asset to you especially a working one thanks to the Sun in your 10th aligning to the Moon in your 2nd also on the 20th. This could still revolve around a significant other as your 10th rules the status of your partner – and also your relationship ‘status’ as in married, single, divorced etc. For some this could be a sense of satisfaction over reaching a key stage or agreement. And this may not have happened overnight either. There’s the feeling of having stayed the course or worked hard for this. If so, congratulations, Virgo. Just call this a success strategy for the heart and the path.

In a nutshell: Ruler Mercury is still retrograde and now Jupiter has you turning back to old loves as it too heads backwards. Is it time for a revival or renewal? Keeping your word has never been more important, Virgo. Just bear in mind this includes the promises you make to yourself.



No fear when it comes to freedom

Look for the road less travelled

Just ask for what you need

You’ll be fearless when it comes to making changes in alignment with what you want for your future this week, Libra. Your goal is freedom and this may mean getting to grips with a financial issue. Don’t be afraid to ask for help as in expert advice if you need it. Especially if one particular subject or area has had you trapped for far too long.

That’s what Uranus has in mind even as it squares up to Saturn in your 5th. A release from something that has kept you restricted for far too long. Take an innovative approach to this now. And remember – you can come across so capable, balanced and frankly as someone with their act so totally together, nobody may know you are struggling. So, unless you ask for the help, nobody may know you need it. Be fearless in asking for that too if necessary.

Welcome to your escape room

The Sun remains in your 9th of freedom, solutions and opportunities. It aligns to the Moon in your 1st on the 20th – showing you an alternative path or option which you might not have thought was possible. Jupiter is the ruler of your 9th and it heads backwards on the same day having spent just two months in your 6th.

Don’t dismiss the power of your 6th to hand you every day magic which transforms how you feel, work and live on a daily basis. Jupiter in here is all about creating the best version of your life that you live 24/7, 365 days a year. Not just on those few weeks a year you go on holiday. So, meaningful, fun work, increased energy and wellbeing and escaping that rut if you have fallen into one.

Chances are, if a sticky, long term situation has kept you stuck in that rut or feeling like a hamster on a wheel, this week could see you finally step free of it. If you need ideas around this – don’t be afraid to ask people for their knowledge, wisdom or experience. Answers (and freedom) are available and all you have to do is ask, Libra.

In a nutshell: Creating your best ever life to be lived everyday is Jupiter’s gift to you. 2022 is set to hand you everyday miracles. For now, pause as course correct if needed. Solutions may be discovered on an alternative path.



Don’t panic – you’re fabulous

Who moved your mojo?

Get back to love

Just understand as Jupiter heads backwards in your 5th from the 20th, that nobody has stolen your mojo or turned the fun tap off, Scorpio. What do we know about retros? They are an illusion. If Jupiter is involved a big one at that. Yes, they can and do deliver real-world retroactive fallout. But planets don’t move backwards. We need to keep this in mind.

Because we are talking about your 5th here’s an example. We begin a love affair and we feel fabulous. Of course, all that romance, and flirtation and attention and that loved-up feeling is what most of us desire and dream of. So, if it goes wrong or cools down even on a temporary basis, we panic. What if we lose this? But the thing is, all those feelings were in us all along and still are. The person just brought them to the surface. So, remember this as Jupiter heads into reverse. You are still plugged in to the feelgood factor. It may however just shift its emphasis or slow a little.

Get Ready for Revival

This is a great time for a love revival. Not just the romantic kind but plugging back in to what you love to do and which fires up your soul. That’s also 5th house stuff. One thing is also certain about this week, you’re measuring connections, relationships, work and lifestyle to see what they deliver. Track records and future factors too. Rewards and where something may have fallen short. The 14th and 15th hand us a couple of challenging angles where you’ll be in a more serious mood and needing to know someone or something intends to deliver on its promise.

Jupiter retrograde tells you that while the good times still roll, sometimes we just have to pause for a moment and get serious. And ask someone else if they are serious along with that. Don’t be afraid to do just that if needed this week, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: Nobody can hijack your fabulousmess, Scorpio. So, hang on to that truth between now and the end of the year – when Jupiter will be back in your 5th. Look to what love has delivered in the past and the present to see what it will bring for the future.



Get back to that idea

Overhaul that day job

Put that love future on track

Ruler Jupiter is retrograde from the 20th in your 4th of home, homeland, living arrangements, security, roots, all that sustains you and your own path. Even free spirits need to know where they belong. So, just where is that, Sag? With Mercury still retrograde in your 7th, property matters need to be approached with caution whether these are joint ones or involve someone else.

Returning to your roots, renovating anything from your lifestyle to your purpose is favoured now. As is travelling back to the past or a place you feel you belong. Above all, you are being asked to create a foundation for yourself as Jupiter heads back towards your 3rd. This will continue in 2022. This may involve upgrading your home, a big relocation, emigration or being handed the ‘key’ to living your life your way. Just remember – its stability that gives you the freedom you crave.

Radically revolutionise that routine

Routines, habits, your day job or study paves the way for this to happen. The square between Uranus in your 6th and Saturn in your 3rd could involve radical and permanent overhauls here. This is all tied in to handing you what you need.

The 20th could hand you a real sense of being on-track for the future as the Sun in your 7th trines the Moon in your future-centred 11th. This could also involve your partner – past, present, potential, a friend or even a working or business relationship. It’s all part of you discovering and then having the opportunity, to get what you need, Sag.

In a nutshell: Ruler Jupiter turns retrograde in your 4th this week. 2022 hands you the key to a door. For now, change up that routine. And look to what love has in store by heading back to the past.



Go to where the magic happens

Commit to something different

Harness transformation

What have you hesitated over or feel you may have missed out on, Cappy? Well, if it means you leaving your comfort zone to experience or have it, then time for your brave pants as it could be coming around again.

Second time around chances often accompany a Jupiter retrograde. Which occurs in your 3rd from the 20th. After just two months in here, Jupiter heads back into your 2nd where it will spend the rest of the year. However, it could have already shown you just how far an idea can take you in ’22. Or offered that chance to stretch yourself. If something came within reach or vanished, if you were offered an opportunity which looked slightly different to what you thought which you now regret not taking up, Jupiter may just re-deliver now.

Change and change moves you

Once it lands back in your 2nd expect a re-focus on your cash. Ruler Saturn is still acting as cosmic banker in here. The 14th sees it in a tense angle to Uranus in your 5th while the 15th brings another challenging aspect between Mars in your ‘other’ money house and Jupiter. Taking a deep breath and committing to a change or showing what you are and aren’t prepared to accept may be required now.

The result could be the removal or a major block to future progress by the 20th when the Sun in your 6th trines the Moon in your status sector. Just remember, this could simply be your own resistance to taking a chance. And taking that chance could involve opting for something better this week.

In a nutshell: Take those ideas and refine them. You may have reached one stage and now, in true retro fashion, incubate it. You’ll discover how far it will take you in ’22 when business and the internet become your playground.



The unexpected is all part of the plan

Imagine your future self

Shake yourself free of restriction

Get ready Aquarius, because Jupiter is heading back your way! It turns retrograde in your money zone from the 20th. Jupiter has only spent two months in here. This has been your taster session for ’22 with regards to your cash and your self-worth. Many of you may have seen financial improvements occur during this time or opportunities to boost your actual or self-worth.

Change who you think you are and change your life

Once Jupiter returns to your 1st, the rest of ’21 will be about you and your future. For more on how to work your 1st house magic and your image, message, brand, style etc. read Get a Fresh Take on Your First House to unlock your power.

Ruler Uranus is involved in a highly charged angle with Saturn in your 1st on the 14th. Something you thought ‘set in stone’ may prove to be shakier than you realized. Sudden moves or shifts could occur around home, living arrangements, family or even your job. Just remember, Uranus always wants your freedom so anything which does shift is being removed in order to give you that.

You’ll realise there’s a purpose and a plan behind any changes by the day Jupiter retraces its steps. The 20th brings a stunning alignment between the Sun in your 5th and Moon in your 9th. It tells you that you are meant for something bigger and better. Including a bigger love, Aquarius.

In a nutshell: any changes are aligned to the real you, Aquarius. So be sure to see them as part of a bigger plan. One you can engage with and design. Change who you think you are and you’ll design a new future to go with that identity.



Reframe what you believe you can achieve

Unlock your true potential

Change your mind, change your world

Engage with the magic of your 1st house and the magnificent and limitless potential of your future self as ancient ruler Jupiter retros in your sign from the 20th. You’ve just had a taster session of the kind of benefits Jupiter can bestow since it arrived back in May. Don’t worry however, it is set to return for a longer stay at the end of the year.

Like your Aquarius neighbours, you will benefit from looking at your 1st house in a new way. Especially while Jupiter is back in your 12th which contains the timeless wisdom of your past and all your future potential. Read all about this in Get a Fresh Take on Your First House. Deciding who you want to be next year and in 12 years’ time when Jupiter will come calling again, is part of unlocking your potential now. Do not be limited by who you were or are today. It’s who you envision you will be that counts. Our identity is for us to decide on, to create and to live. We can imagine a new one for ourselves at any point.

Release and reboot

Uranus is showing you part of this in the form of your ideas, what you say, communicate, study, writing, photography, the internet. The tense square to Saturn in your 12th on the 14th could see you making a big shift around an idea or belief you have been operating under. It’s only a thought we need to change after all. If you can release something now, the result will be soul freedom and a fresh start. You’ll be stepping back into self-empowerment. Feel that shift which says you own your life and your path on the 20th which also sees the Sun in your 4th trine the Moon in your 8th. You get to say who you are and where you’re going from here on in.

In a nutshell: Jupiter turns retrograde in your sign this week. But don’t worry – it will be back. Hang on to the new potentials it has opened up for you. You’ve only just scratched the surface of what this new cycle has in store.




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