Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs July 5th 2021

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs July 5th 2021


Follow that long term vision

Give love a radical re-boo

Make this week a homecoming – to yourself

All of us will feel the shift in energy this week as Mercury finally clears its retroshadow in its ruling sign of Gemini and ruling 3rd in your chart. Say goodbye now to snafus, reversals, delays and cancellations. That amber light switches to green again. Boot up those job, business, writing and internet plans. You can also look at those purchases you want to make. Especially around home, property or any real estate dealings.

It’s a homecoming to love (and self-love!)

Mercury will land in your 4th on the 11th – the day after we have a new Moon in what is the Moon’s ruling sign/house. New Moons always represent fresh cycles. This one in particular is telling you that no matter the choices you have made in the past – you can always begin again. And on a new footing. There is a real sense of renewal about this new Moon as it coincides with that Mercury forward-motion. So, take those learnings and don’t be a prisoner of your past choices. It’s time for daring new decisions now.

Last week handed you a va-va-voom thanks to ruler Mars trine Chiron in your 1st. That rock out in the name of love vibe continues this week as Venus in your 5th makes the same angle to Chiron on the 7th. This is all about the surprise element. Breakthroughs and a radical future re-boot. What you believed was improbable, impossible or out-of-this-world. Prepare to believe again, Aries. S/he who dares sets the Great Attractor in motion for them.

Venus also opposes Saturn in your 11th (7th) and squares Uranus (8th) in what is Venus’s ruling sign and house. What this means is you are no longer willing to settle for what you may have done in the past. Or are now willing to take radical steps to get what you know you deserve. This week tells you the timing is perfect. Step into the place where all bets – especially around love, are off.

In a nutshell: Link to those needs and don’t be afraid to show that vulnerable side as the new Moon offers an emotional homecoming this week. When it comes to romance -expect the unexpected, Aries.



How have your needs changed?

Look to what adds value to your soul

Trust that emotional pathway

Ruler Venus wants you to look to those values and personal ambitions this week. What you wanted in the past may no longer be relevant so please, examine this is in the light of who you are today and what that you needs for your future, Taurus. Then act on this.

Money, income and self-worth (or simply value-added talk) – all get the green light as Mercury finally shrugs off the retroshadow cloak in your 2nd from the 6th. Venus will oppose Saturn in its ruling 10th on the 7th, trine Chiron in your 12th on the same day and then square Uranus in your sign on the 8th. All from your 4th of home, security, family and your soul path.

It’s your time to choose!

It’s all about the ownership, Taurus. Knowing your worth and working it. Staying true to those needs – financially, emotionally and yes, soul needs too. If you are feeling confined, restricted or that the choices you made in the past are no longer aligned to the person you are now, then this week tells you it’s time for a major re-boot. And to no longer keep your truth hidden.

If you’ve been afraid to claim this or of what reactions could follow if you do, the new Moon in your 3rd on the 10th is one where you can open up that conversation. This is Mercury’s ruling house in your chart and Mercury will land in here the following day. This is one of the most important new Moons of the year for you. It tells you to take that idea and back it up with action. It also allows you to stop that vicious cycle of regrets and inner blame over those past choices that didn’t work out.

Your internal dialogue could undergo a massive shift now as the conversation you have with yourself takes a more positive spin. It should become more future focused and if you do look back, focus on those successes, Taurus. As your inner dialogue changes, so your outer conversations with others – that boss present or potential, your partner or those you live with, follows. Dare to talk about what you want, Taurus. Sharing your truth is what leads to satisfaction – and living it.

In a nutshell: Choices and decisions await you with this week’s new Moon, Taurus. Time to choose what simply resonates deep within you. What you once wanted may no longer hold sway. Go towards what resonates and trust those instincts.



Take time to nurture those dreams

Your solution is right in front of you

Love what you have to get more to love

Ruler Mercury finally exits its retroshadow in your 1st on the 6th. Say goodbye to misunderstandings and crossed-wires now, Gemini. Delays get lifted this week and a new direction could appear. Especially around money, income, ideas or that side-hustle.

From the 11th, you will have Mercury and Venus in each other’s houses in your chart (mutual reception by house). So, these two are talking and working together. Think enhanced business or money-making opportunities, the ability to infuse your ideas with an extra level of creativity and allure, and conversations that open doors to what you are seeking too.

If you are unsure what direction to go in or even which idea to best pursue, Gemini, this week hands you that answer and it’s so simple you’ll response will simply be: I knew that. Actually, it’s obvious. The fact you did all along and the answer. Go for the one that represents the biggest change. Time to take the plunge on a new direction, approach, idea or even a relationship. Or to be the one to start that conversation if you have hesitated in the past.

Let’s talk about the changes

Venus opposes Saturn in your 9th of learning, freedom and expansion (7th) and squares Uranus in your 12th (8th). As well as trineing Chiron in your 11th of the future in between. You’ll be willing to try something innovative., edgy or even rule-breaking if necessary. You also have the new Moon in your money zone on the 10th which not only sets you off in the pursuit of something more, but has you appreciating what you already have in fresh ways. This includes your talents, skills and all you have to offer. Mercury’s arrival in here on the 11th says money talks but your self-belief speaks volumes now, Gemini.

In a nutshell: Ruler Mercury clears retroshadow and out of this, a new purpose emerges. If you are still unclear about your future direction, breathe and take your time for your true desires to emerge. The way forward? Right under your nose this week, Gemini.



Me First isn’t selfish- it’s self-love

Prioritise your dreams

Action is passion in motion!

Banish those uncertainties now. And face forward into your future with confidence and no more looking back at the past from this moment on, Cancer. Passion, intention and surety replace confusion, regret and indecision. Feel good becomes your default setting. This week marks the start of your new yearly cycle no matter when your birthday falls as the new Moon appears in your 1st on the 10th.

Embrace the positive, the new and above all, please don’t look back at the past now, Cancer. One door may close but take it more are opening for you. Especially with the end to the Mercury retroshadow in your 12th of the past now and Mercury’s arrival in your 1st on the 11th. This truly does mark the closing of one chapter – perhaps the one played out over the past 12 months or even longer, and the start of something new.

Forward with passion from this point onwards!

Set your intentions under this new Moon. And look to all the ways you can demonstrate via your image, look, appearance, style, brand, what you say and communicate or share, how you’re somehow a newly minted version of the old you. With all that implies when it comes to what you want to have and experience in the next 12 months.

You can look forward to a cycle like no other due to Jupiter and Neptune in your 9th next year. For now, you have Venus in its ruling 2nd of cashed up self-worth and money-spinning opportunities. This week brings a change potentially around your income or simply a re-evaluation of what you believe you should have and deserve. Hopefully that’s raising your value in your eyes and in the eyes of others, Cancer.

Venus opposes Saturn in your ‘other’ money house on the 7th while also making a trine to Chiron in your 10th (Saturn’s ruling house). Realising we not only deserve something better often goes hand in hand with the ability to go after it. Or simply ask for it if we have shied away from this earlier. Venus also squares Uranus in its ruling 11th but also Venus’s ruling sign of Taurus on the 8th. Your beliefs around what you think you can or can’t have is one area of the past that you could slam the door on for good this week, Cancer. Up your expectations for the cycle ahead.

In a nutshell: The new Moon in your sign brings passion and positivity back, Cancer. Time to move forward with those intentions re-forged. And to see yourself in a whole new light as your fresh cycle begins.



Reboot your self-belief

Strike out towards those goals

Your dreams demand realness

We have Mercury clearing its retroshadow in your 11th and house of the future this week. Plus, Venus in your 1st making some bold moves. Take it that this week is your week to start to set some new goals or simply intentions ahead of your fresh cycle later this month. In other words, get a head start on those dreams, Leo.

Start your engines!

Yes, this is your soul declutter time. But along with making space for the new comes decisions about what that new is or might look like. Try this on for size first in the realm of your imagination. Play with possibilities. Dream on and visualize at the time of the new Moon in your 12th on the 10th. This is an important new Moon for you as it comes just before your ruler lands in your sign. Mercury will arrive in your 12th the next day. You have an access all areas pass to your full future potential now.

What begins in the multiverse of your ideas, can become your future reality. But seeing as your imagination may be sparking off visions left right and centre, how do you choose? Answer: if it’s right the universe will send signs and synchronicities impossible to miss or ignore to let you know this is the path you need to explore now.

Meanwhile, Venus opposes Saturn in Venue’s ruling 7th on the 7th and at the same time trines Chiron, object of the improbable, in your 9th. What’s that bigger dream, Leo? Love frees and doesn’t restrict. Be honest in your explorations about what it is you really want. The 8th sees Venus square Uranus in your 10th. The goal or path you create could be unique to you. This is time to draw up that success map both personal and professional for the coming year. Your imagination is limitless. So don’t limit yourself.

In a nutshell: Want to jumpstart your future, Leo? This week offers the potential to do just that. Get a head-start on your fresh cycle by paying more attention to those goals and dreams. They could become more real that you ever imagined.



It’s like the recruiting poster says: Be All You Can Be

Be fearless

The past shows you what your future could be

Ruler Mercury steps into direct light as it clears retroshadow in your 10th on the 6th. It only remains here a few more days however as it will arrive in your 11th the day after the new Moon in here. Now, despite the fact Mercury is very much direct and you have green lights, this new Moon asks that you take your time and don’t rush.

This is about your goals, your personal dreams and aligning with your unique spirit. It’s about self-expression, reclaiming lost parts of who you are and above all, deciding to no longer live up to anyone’s expectations aside from your own.


Uranus rules your 11th house and its goal is always freedom for us. So, this is the subtext of this new Moon. What begins now is all about freedom and that’s freedom to be you. Venus in your 12th wants you to look back at your past. At the times when you felt you could be exactly who you were – and who allowed you to do this. And at what happened when you acted in alignment with this and conversely, what occurred when you didn’t.

Venus’s opposition to Saturn in your 6th on the 7th could have you seeing the long-term effects of this. This day also sees Venus trine Chiron in your 8th. You’ll be unafraid to rock out who you really are now or remove any remaining barriers to you doing just that, Virgo. You’ll be able to psychically hone in on those areas where changes need to take place the most. And focus your famous attention to details and doing the work there, Virgo. Don’t rush the process this week.

In a nutshell: Ruler Mercury clears retroshadow this week. And along with a new Moon in your 11th wants you to embrace a fresh vision of what your future could look like. Explore your past to imagine just what this could be, Virgo.



Get a plan for success

That support structure is everything

When it comes to love – all bets are off!

An uplifting new Moon in your 10th sends those ambitions higher, Libra. Mercury dumps the retroshadow cloud too from the 6th and moves from your 9th to your 10th the day after this new Moon appears.

Time to focus on your career trajectory and your public image and reputation. If you have been mulling over a change of jobs or even direction, all this tells you its time to make your move. It’s about getting serious now about your path and your purpose. Acting with intent and focus. And coming across as someone to be taken seriously. This also includes taking those romantic ambitions seriously too. No time wasters. No one who isn’t looking for the same thing you are.

Get some support happening

Usually, I would be telling you that your ruler Venus in your 11th was all about the love of friends and beneficial social and professional connections. Well, that still applies but with Saturn in your 5th and breaking the rules Chiron in Venus’s ruling 7th in your chart, Venus could deliver that unexpected love prospect in an unusual way. One thing is certain now as Venus opposes Saturn on the 7th – if you are already in a relationship you’ll know for certain if it has lasting potential or not, now.

Venus trines Chiron on this day so if you are seeking love, be open to who or how this may arrive. Exciting and unusual friendships can also be made. Again, be open and also understand its all love no matter what kind of duo, duet or double act you enter into now. Venus squares Uranus in your 8th from what is Uranus’s ruling house. Shifts and negotiations may feature both around work and personal partnerships. If you are another are not completely aligned, expect a release from something that was going nowhere. Above all, ask for the love or the rewards you know you deserve this week, Libra.

In a nutshell: Who you know matters as much as what you know this week, Libra. A new Moon in your 10th ups those ambitions. While ruler Venus sends you friends or connections offering all kinds of benefits.



Shed what you no longer need – effortlessly

Take aim at love

Set something new in motion

Empowered changes and soul-validating transformations get a go signal this week as Mercury exits retroshadow in your 8th. Move forward with financial matters or discussions around investments, your salary, benefits, mortgages or even negotiations with your partner over anything from shared childcare to who takes out the garbage. It’s your move, Scorpio.

Aim higher

Effortlessly leaving behind something that has kept you stuck may also form part of this. This could even include that job that was going nowhere or being stuck in that house purchase chain. The combination of Mercury entering your 9th on the 11th and an important new Moon in here the day before represents a new phase of expansion, opportunity and freedom from what may have been holding you back.

You are also in an unapparelled phase for career progress and to make your best, most lasting impression thanks to Venus in your 10th. We are building up to a power meet-cute between Venus and your ancient ruler Mars in here. So, time to make your move, Scorpio or at least put your best face forward. Work what you have like a boss whether it’s your smarts, reputation, skillset or even how you handle the everyday, small stuff. Sell yourself in and above all, be prepared to make a bold move or offer now Venus trines Chiron in your 6th on the 7th.

This is the day Venus also opposes Saturn in your 4th which could lead to a move or establishing something sustaining for yourself in terms of living arrangements or financial/emotional support. Venus will square Uranus in Venus’s ruling sign and house on the 8th. This is about a love or working partnership that is aligned to those inner values. If yours no longer reflects these, then a new one may appear now. This is about your truth in love, work and living, Scorpio. Settling for something that isn’t in alignment with this – no longer an option.

In a nutshell: Time to really live your truth. Scorpio. Especially if this involves experiencing something bigger. Break-free opportunities and bold moves are favoured by the new Moon in your 9th. So, take aim and know – heaven helps those who take the first step.



Don’t fear the block – embrace it

Transform fears into healing

Embrace your power

Depth and deepening especially around partnership matters of all kinds are back on the menu now Mercury stops playing stupid Cupid in your 7th. It exits retroshadow in your 7th and lands in your 8th from the 11th.

You also have Venus in your 9th intent on brining you something bigger, freer or more heart-starting. This applies to business, travel and learning as well as love. Even if you are not heading overseas now – which as you know your 9th rules, far flung destinations or people may feature in some way.

Get ready for amazing, improbable love, solutions and freedom

As could those big dreams or ambitions. Unusual, exotic or quite frankly improbable people, outcomes or solutions or just astounding, jaw-dropping, against all odds luck may also play a role here. Think being in the right place at the right time or else just making the right connection. Everything clicks or falls into place. Or else, you are propelled out of something that has now gone from wired to tired in a way you could not have dreamed possible.

Let’s face it Sag, you don’t do routine, you need variety and stimulation the way other signs require air and water. Or regular meal times if you are a Taurus. Venus opposes Saturn in your 3rd on the 7th and then squares Uranus in yes, Taurus and your 6th on the 8th. That day job, your workaday world or that routine could transform into something more freeing and energizing.

The new Moon of the 8th is the perfect time delve deeply into your wants and desires. To look to where you want to get to, have or experience and to understand there is a very good reason why you want what you want. If you have been denying any part of this – time to embrace it. Look to where you may have been denying yourself or even who you really are. And under this new Moon reclaim all of that. From here on in, don’t be shy about owning all of this. In the parts of you that you keep hidden from even yourself, are your power. And this is your power to get what you REALLY want, Sag!

In a nutshell: Something you thought a given which has kept you restricted, confined or trapped could effortlessly and unbelievably transform this week. Whatever your fears – don’t avoid them. Embrace them and in healing them, turn them into truth and power!



Find that balance between giving and receiving

Changing you means changing needs

How deep is your love, Capricorn?

If it doesn’t have depth, it’s not on now, Capricorn. It’s all in the feeling and you either do or you don’t and there’s simply no middle ground for you now. Faking it will be impossible. Settling for so-so – not likely. The superficial will not be tolerated.

The fact is, you’ve done a tremendous amount of growing over the past few years. Pluto transitting our Sun sign is always about the fires of transformation. Many signs never experience this in their lifetimes. Plus, you have had the soul defining encounter of ruler Saturn, Jupiter, Ceres and Pluto last year. This may have left you feeling that you have been on a journey few can no appreciate or understand. Your needs have changed – you’ve changed! Often our relationships evolve with us. Sometimes they don’t. What we wanted before all this began isn’t what we need now. And we’re so aware of that.

Time for emotional honesty

So, as Venus in your 8th opposes ruler Saturn in Venus’s ruling 2nd, trines Chiron in your 4th and the squares Uranus in your 5th on the 8th – look back at all of this and to what you now know you need.

Mercury exits retroshadow in its ruling 6th from the 6th and lands in your 7th of partnerships, marriage and all long term unions on the 11th. Duos of all descriptions are the main topic of conversation now. You’ll be discussing what you want and need with anyone from that bae to your bestie, collaborator or employer – past, present or potential once the new Moon appears in your 7th on the 10th.

Be honest about what you need and seek. Existing relationships that have grown with you take on a new depth and meaning as you appreciate and connect to one another on a whole new level. If not – prepare to attract the one which does, Capricorn. Partnerships which are fit for purpose and allow you to express that reservoir of understanding and emotional giving, are yours to discover now.

In a nutshell: Time to appreciate how much you’ve changed. And to look at how your needs have changed along with it. The new Moon in your 7th calls for emotional honesty. And opens the way for a new relating phase aligned to this, Capricorn.



Get a dose of impossible, improbable love

Tune in to soul knowing

Prioritise self-care

Venus sits in its ruling 7th in your chart and Mercury clears its retroshadow in your 5th removing delays, blocks and confusion especially around romance this week, Aquarius. Venus will oppose your ancient ruler Saturn in your 1st on the 7th and squares your contemporary ruler Uranus in your 4th on the 8th. Also, on the 7th it will trine Chiron in your 3rd. Hearing from that lover you dismissed as the ghost who walked could be one possibility. As could be news on a job or project you thought gone for good.

One thing is certain, if something is working, you’ll know it now and it its not, you’ll know that too. Again, this could involve a collaboration, a friendship or even a housemate as easily as it could your spouse, boo or love interest.

Embrace a new reality of self-care

This week is also asking you to start in the name of wellbeing. To look extremely closely at the inter-connectedness of your daily life and routine and your relationships. Those habits, where you spend your time and with who. That day job – paid or unpaid. Your studies. How much time you schedule for you and doing the things you love to do. As well as what you need to do. And yes, how those connections support all of this or effect you.

It asks if you are using anything to escape the everyday life you have simply because it no longer measures up? Work, binge watching, comfort eating/drinking, even too much exercise as is escaping to the gym or outdoors. Going to bed early to escape relationship tensions or the reality that you don’t get on with those you live with. Look closely at all of this as the new Moon appears in 6th on the 10th. And use any insights to create a life worth living. Not one you may be trying to check out of in some way.

Don’t put off doing what needs to be done in this area. Mercury lands in this its ruling house on the 11th offering you the antidote if you are willing to embrace it. Getting organized, tackling procrastination and above all, taking action to deal with those soul/energy drains or even initiating a conversation around this topic, are the remedies you have. If necessary and you need support doing this, this new Moon and Mercury tell you to reach out to a professional. Anyone from a psychic to your doctor, a fitness coach or a professional organizer. Fit for Love is your goal this week. Start training!

In a nutshell: Taking care of you should be your first, best, on-going priority, Aquarius. This week’s new Moon is all about a new-level of self-care which involves being in the here and now. Do this to ensure you’re ready to experience the good stuff that’s coming!



Doing what you need to do frees you to do what you want

Express yourself – authentically

Be who you are to attract what (or who) you desire

You can move forward with confidence and self-assurance with home, family and property matters this week now Mercury packs its retroshadow bags in your 4th on the 6th. Along with this, this is a week to be looking at your every day needs and taking care of the small stuff (and yes, it’s all small stuff) ahead of the major lightening up phase which begins on the 10th with the new Moon in your 5th.

Werk that workaday world

Venus sits in Mercury’s ruling 6th. This is all about your day job – paid or unpaid, those habits, routine, wellbeing, diet, exercise, chores, tasks, studies and pets if you have them. Saturn in your 12th is asking you to look at the structures you have created. In other words that schedule, your daily responsibilities, what you need to do to get the job done even if your occupation is just living. And everything you do which either supports this or untethers you.

If you have allowed things to ‘drift’ during the lockdown, Venus’s opposition to Saturn on the 7th, its trine to Chiron in Venus’s ruling 2nd on the same say, and its square to Uranus in your 3rd on the 8th will allow you to reprioritize self-care and tackle those tasks in new and innovative ways. For some of you this may mean breaking out of that rut or even looking for or starting a new job.

Be authentic 

If you take care of what you need to do, this frees you to go do what you want to do. The 10th brings a new Moon in your 5th and Mercury arrives in here the next day. Whatever you are seeking now, this new Moon combined with Mercury is all about coming from your heart. Wish it, feel it, be it authentically. Above all, don’t be afraid to share your thoughts and feelings.

This is of course, your house of romance. And if you are seeking someone, yes, it’s a wonderful new Moon under which to embark upon that search. Ensure however you are letting the true you shine through. Don’t pretend to be someone else. Or for that matter go along with what someone else wants. If you are seeking a long- term relationship, then don’t become entwined with someone who isn’t.

Allow your heart light to shine through everything you do. From your appearance – this is a wonderful new Moon under which to give yourself a makeover, to your creative projects or hobbies. It’s time to express yourself and not worry about what others may think. The ones who matter or you want in your life will love you. The rest – don’t give them another thought, Pisces.

In a nutshell: It’s all about letting those feelings shine through at the time of this week’s new Moon, Pisces. Expressing yourself, allowing the true ‘you’ to shimmer sets the laws of attraction in motion. Time to simply be yourself to draw to you what you need.




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