Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs July 19th 2021

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs July 19th 2021


Polish up those unique qualities

Time to be fierce

Love, creativity and pleasure rule

This week’s big line up in Leo puts you very much front and centre, Aries. The Sun lands in what is its ruling house on the 22nd. Plus, you have Venus and ruler Mars also in residence. It’s a week to be exploring what makes you unique and looking at how you work that, Aries.

Not only that – are you truly appreciating these qualities? Or do you take yourself for granted and then wonder why others do to? Chiron retro in your 1st is the perfect point to stop and honestly ask yourself if this is going on?

Work and career opportunities are on offer this week. And making the most of these just may involve you seeing the total package you are in a fresh way and selling yourself in more effectively. And also, being able to address any disconnect between how you see yourself and how others value you. Both in your professional and your personal life now Vesta enters your 7th also on the 21st.

What you radiate, you attract

It’s a week to showcase all you have and attract back in kind. Romance, self-expression, getaways, bold moves, embracing pleasure, fun and opportunity go hand-in-hand with the Sun in your 5th and this week’s full Moon in your 11th on the 24th. Children may also feature in a new way. And for singles, the appearance of a prospective lover who could make them a parent, step parent, God parent or just bring younger people in to your circle with them.

Venus in your 6th opposes Jupiter in your 12th wanting you to explore your beliefs around what does you good mind, body and soul. While Mercury in your 4th opposes Pluto in your 10th on the 25th making this a week where powerful shifts can occur around work and career. It’s important to hang on to that vision you have of what makes you stand out during this and the trine between Mercury and Neptune on the 24th. This week is telling you that its your image of yourself that matters and this isn’t fixed but a work in progress. Change how you see yourself, you change how others see and respond to you. Don’t even try to be anything other than unique now.

In a nutshell: What you put out there or project, determines what you receive, Aries. And never more so than when the Sun is in your 5th. Time to shine and know when you change how you see yourself, what you attract back changes too.



Prioritise those needs

Focus on satisfaction

What’s nice to come home to, Taurus?

Goal progress especially around home, income, property and family matters should be your focus this week, Taurus. What supports and sustains needs to take precedence over everything else. And also, you need to ensure you are giving your loved ones enough of that special brand of attention only you can bring – and to carve our time to do this if necessary.

This week could have you looking at what you have and haven’t achieved on both the material and the emotional front. The most important lesson of this week’s full Moon in your 10th on the 24th, is to focus on satisfaction. What you have in other words, rather than thinking you should have done more. The Sun in your 4th from the 22nd along with ruler Venus and Mars, could give you a whole new sense of appreciation.

Yes, you can get satisfaction – sorry, Mick!

Spending time with family or those you live with, property matters and doing things to your home will simply add to this sense of belonging and sheer satisfaction. That being said, the full Moon may also see a career or work issue come to a head. If you do end up having to work extra hours on something at this point, please remember to release, relax and reward yourself by unplugging afterwards.

Venus enters your 5th from the 22nd and will oppose Jupiter on the same day. This is about wish fulfilment, romance and attraction. Jupiter invites you to make a wish. Venus in your house of love and luck combined with Mercury in your 3rd could just grant it or the way to get it. Being willing to push the limits of that comfort zone or simply opt for what you know is most important to you – in other words, those dreams and visions, should be top of that ambition list. Success begins at home and with what you love this week.

In a nutshell: This week wants to hand you a backstage pass to more to love, be grateful for or to count as a blessing. Focus on satisfaction with what you have right now. It just leads to more to love, Taurus.



Find the sweet middle ground of win/win

Love asks all the right questions

Explore a new relating pathway

Compromise, diplomacy, win/win solutions or even upturning your usual tactics are your superpowers this week, Gemini. If you are looking for success, try jumping into the other party’s shoes. Or at least imagining via visualization what they could be feeling, thinking or even wanting. This ability to know what people want perhaps even before they do, could simply put you way in in front of the competition now. And also see romance and relationships take a significant upturn.

If you fail to take the other party’s point of view into consideration, you’ll be wasting a significant opportunity to create something new, freeing and more meaningful. So, as Chiron heads backwards in your 11th on the 21st following a tight Venus/Ceres squares on the 19th, do ensure you at least contemplate what the other side may be looking for.

Now, this could be you as the Sun lands in your 3rd from the 22nd. Expect a month-long focus on business, getting around, communication, writing, speaking, news, messages, conversations, doing deals and yes, the internet. Above all, speak your shining truth, Gemini. Not what you think others want to hear. And ask for theirs in return.

Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

Especially around love and relationships or even long-term work connections. Probe and ask questions. It’s that way you discover whether you are on the same page or not. Look to where your goals and needs align. And above all, ask the other party what they want for their future be this in business or in love. Are you both seeking the same thing? Again, success comes from the discovery of where you agree or can reach that middle ground. Getting the facts around this is important now Vesta enters your 5th and Venus moves into your 4th this week, Especially if it is equality and longevity you’re looking for.

The outcome? A new phase in a journey that could take you further thanks to the full Moon in your 9th on the 24th or a release into something bigger and better for you as Venus opposes Jupiter just prior to this. Ruler Mercury will trine Neptune in your 10th on the 24th making you extra amenable and willing to do what it takes to achieve what you want. But its important to stay connected to that while looking at how the other side fits into all this.

Mercury opposes Pluto in its ruling 8th on the 25th. This is about not selling out and knowing where the boundaries are. So, do the deal based on finding that common ground this week, Gemini. But also, if you discover there is none, then stay true to what you know is right.

In a nutshell: You’re extra-specially open to finding that common ground this week, Gemini. Simply put, you seek alignment. The only way to discover if you are on the same page is to ask questions. Love is a Q&A process this week.



Follow the importance of those feelings

Know just how powerful you are

Focus on what you share

Full Moon week is always an important time for you no matter what house is involved. You know it is a time of intensity, emotional highs and lows and peak experiences. Pay close attention to your feelings now.

There is a tendency amongst some astrologers to simply write off Moon transits – even important full Moon ones, as temporary. If you dismiss these you are missing the point entirely. Yes, feelings around something can feel magnified. But there is a reason for this and that is this is something that we need to pay attention to. And often the only way we are made to do this is when we can’t ignore them. That is the function of a full Moon.

Just allow yourself to feel

Of course, this does not mean what we experience are negative emotions. We can just as easily get an extra-large dose of positive ones. Just think important emotional focus during a full Moon and you’ll know where and when to pay attention.

This week’s full Moon takes place in your ‘other’ money house of joint (marital) assets, mortgages, loans, taxes, benefits, payouts and yes, sex. So, with the Sun in your 2nd from the 22nd, its also about income, empowerment, self-worth and your values too. Look for issues around how powerful you feel when it comes to your financial destiny or who controls the purse strings. Or how you control your money for that matter. We can say if we have debts then our money controls us and not the other way around.

Chiron retrograde in your 10th from the 21st may have you looking at what constitutes success and this includes the material variety in a new way. Who calls the shots where you live could also be in focus now Vesta heads into your 4th. An example of this would be a ‘traditional’ type of marriage or partnership where the one who earns the most makes the decisions in the relationship.

Venus rules your 2nd house and lands in your 3rd on the 22nd and delivers what could well turn out to be one of the best money magnet transits of the year when it opposes Jupiter in its ruling 9th. You also have Mercury in your 1st trine Neptune also in your 9th on the 24th and opposing Pluto in your 7th on the 25th. Your relationship to what you have and earn, and how it is shared with you or you share in return could radically transform this week. That emotional focus is right on the money now, Cancer.

In a nutshell: Focus on what you share with others and what is shared with you in return. And don’t hide from those feelings now matter how intense they may be. There’s a good reason why you feel the way you do under this week’s full Moon. Own it, don’t avoid it, Cancer.



Feel it first, then experience it

Love could just rule the stars

Happy birthday, Leo!

Let the sunshine in! It just so happens that this line from the 1960’s musical Hair also contains the lyrics ‘When the Moon is in the 7th house’. Which it is for you in this birthday week, Leo.

So, the Sun in your sign adds up to just that. Love ruling the stars and the spotlight on you. Focus on partnership matters as you begin your fresh cycle. Full Moons reflect their light into the house opposite. That’s you again. So, that person opposite you. That past, present or potential bae. And that includes that empty space waiting to be filled if love is top of that birthday wishlist.

To get you have to give so shine on, Leo. Time to feel worthy and loved up this week. Love is like money. To get it you have to have it – or feel like you do. Hold you head high and broadcast that vibe that tells the world you are a magnet for your desires. Venus has your back now it leaves your 1st and enters its ruling 2nd on the 22nd – same day as the Sun beams into your 1st. Better yet, Venus opposes Jupiter in your 8th of shared resources, ‘other’ money house and yes, sex,

This is about feeling empowered and able to get what you want. But as this is the house of sharing, for you to share what you have especially those feelings and your time, resources etc. with others. This is the secret to having it to get it. When we share, we say we have more than enough already. That could be what the Venus/Ceres square shows you on the 19th justp rior to the Sun’s arrival.

So, tell people how much you appreciate them and what they do for you. That’s your gift to them. And in return, you’ll receive more. The past plays a big role this week or else hidden barriers between you and what you desire. And again, maybe this is just about seeing how much you already have rather than what you don’t – yet.

Mercury in your 12th often shows you a different spin or take on things. It trines Neptune ruler of your 12th on the day of the full Moon. Chiron retro in your 9th tells you there’s a bold kind of freedom for the experiencing if you simply look at things differently. Perhaps even small things you may have overlooked before. They add up, especially on a daily basis. Chances are, you have more than what you thought or knew. Celebrate what you have to get what you need. That’s what letting the sunshine in does for you, Leo.

In a nutshell: Time to shine when the Sun lands in your sign, Leo! This birthday season asks you to align your emotions to whatever it is you want, need or desire to experience. Love rules the stars – and your new cycle.



Shed what you no longer need

Show the love to grow the love

Your future begins with your focus

Vesta in your 2nd is about a new kind of devotion to what you earn, have or offer, Virgo. This is also combined now with Venus which rules your 2nd, landing in your sign. You will have an enhanced awareness of how you are being rewarded or treated by others – both professionally and in your personal life. And there may be a need to address any unfairness or imbalance as a result.

Don’t shy away from this or worse, tell yourself it’s not worth it or it doesn’t matter. The Sun’s arrival in your 12th illuminates all things obvious but which may have been hidden or below the surface until now. Inequalities around income, decision making within relationships, working conditions/pay or even who does what around the house, may need to be addressed.

The 24th stirs up long repressed emotions linked to one or some of these. If you have felt something was unequal or unfair, it may now emerge like a lava flow of feeling due to a full Moon in your 6th. You know this time is your annual soul house clearing and healing time. Don’t be afraid to shed now.

Envision what future love looks like

Also, begin to focus on what you want to draw to you for your new cycle. Especially around relationships. A new closeness or a joint vision in an existing one perhaps? Or are you seeking that special someone to explore the future with? Get very clear about what it is you want now. Or who as in terms of the kind of qualities they need. Venus opposes Jupiter in your 7th on the 22nd offering a new love or working dynamic.

Plus, ruler Mercury remains in your 11th this week and trines Neptune in your 7th (24th) while opposing Pluto in your 5th (25th). Love offers transformation, healing (be open now to who or what form this takes) or sets you on a new course entirely. If you currently have no one special, understand the way to draw them closer is simply to stop trying to. Creating your best life and being happy with it may simply be the balance within you need to discover which leads to the perfect double act, Virgo.

In a nutshell: Express don’t repress those feelings especially if you believe something is unfair, Virgo. Time to look at how well things are balanced. From your money to your life ledger. Shed what you no longer need and to get what you want – show that area the love.



Love needs to go deeper

Take the path to higher purpose

Don’t just desire it, do it

The love that’s attuned to your soul is the theme of ruler Venus in your 12th this week, Libra. Love with meaning, with depth, with resonance. Secret loves. Creativity. Past loves. Aligning with love’s true nature or the need to express this.

Venus landing in here gives you an early start on your yearly process of deciding what is meaningful to you and which you want to bring with you into your new cycle – and what you need to ditch, Libra. You also have one of the best dates for realigning with your everyday needs with regards to what you love to do or what does you good as Venus opposes Jupiter in your 6th on the 22nd.

For some, this could bring back something or someone from your past. Or you see all too clearly that something you let go of needs to be reclaimed in the name of self-love. Take radical steps to do this if needed now Chiron heads backwards in your 7th and Vesta lands in your 1st both on the same day (21st).

Welcome to the goal superhighway

Continuing down a path that simply no longer works for you isn’t an option from this point on. The Venus/Ceres square earlier in the week is your wake-up call to this. While the Sun in your 11th from the 22nd highlights your people and those goals.

Wishes and dreams can become a reality as can the people who can make them happen. But you will also be aware of where you no longer share the same dreams, desires or resonance. Let go to make room for what does especially under the fabulous full Moon in your 5th on the 24th which is asking you to lighten up, dance and feel joy. If you do, you will effortlessly attract what you need under this full Moon.

Mercury remains in your status and career zone and it is important to stay very focused on what you need to sustain you and what truly matters. Don’t be diverted or distracted from this. Mercury’s fabulous alignment with Neptune in your 6th on the 24th could hand you the missing step you need to take when it comes to work matters. The 25th sees Mercury oppose Pluto in your home sector. Be prepared to change or adjust accordingly. No more dead ends when it comes to living those dreams for real.

In a nutshell: Time for some life gardening under this week’s full Moon. Making room for what you want means identifying what doesn’t. A change of heart sometimes means a change of direction too. Out of a dead end and into the flow you go, Libra.



Explore the sub-text, the covert agenda or the hidden truth

Short-changed? Change the conversation

People come bearing opportunities

If you are feeling short-changed in any area look at how, why or even who is making you feel this way. Time to pay close attention to that support structure this week, Scorpio.

Vesta in your 12th is all about subtleties around your roles and gender issues. Plus, you have Chiron retro in your 6th on the same day (21st). What this is saying is that when it comes to everyday stuff or anything work related, have you been handed a set of rules that are based on your gender or family role? You need to pay close attention to this now as we have the Sun in your 10th of career, status and self-determination and a full Moon in its ruling 4th on the 24th.

It could be you need to have a conversation around getting the emotional support you need or just a better, fairer way of working or who does what around the home. Call this emotional admin which could lead to a better, fairer way of doing things. Venus in your 10th squaring Ceres in Venus’s ruling 7th speaking about the need for a new deal.

Get ready for a love-in!

Venus is on the move this week, into your 11th of friends and the future. Friends may also provide the support you’re seeking under this full Moon. Normally Venus in your 11th isn’t about love. This week is the exception as it opposes Jupiter in your 5th on the 22nd. You have the power to attract not just romance, but important new friendships, recognition, door opening opportunities and solutions to anything from loneliness to escaping that rut.

And when it comes to that conversation you may need to initiate, time this for the Mercury’s opposition to ruler Pluto in Mercury’s ruling 3rd on the 25th which facilitates empowered change. Or simply power moves. While Mercury’s trine to Neptune on the 24th speaks of another type of conversation entirely. The dialogue between you and someone else or simply the universe, is filled with flirtation and divine possibilities. Get talking about those needs, phoenix!

In a nutshell: Jupiter always delivers while Venus wants us to experience the good things of life. This week’s key move between the two could bring friendship or friends offering not only all kinds of benefits, but solutions and opportunities, Scorpio.



Chase the dream

The journey begins right where you are

Make a deal around what rocks your world

Fire up those visionary dreams and future plans this week, Sag. The Sun in your 9th from the 22nd has you looking towards something bigger. Your usual Sag themes may feature – travel, learning, big picture thinking. You can’t confine the spirit even if you may be staying close to home for now.

Venus also begins the week in your 9th but will sashay into your 10th of career and status on the 22nd. Before it leaves your 9th its square to Ceres has you looking closely at what is confining you or has just become hard work on a daily basis. Do you need to re-envision that routine, those habits or that day job? Chiron backwards in your 5th on the 21st sees you wanting to recapture fun, romance and simply what adds fire, zest and allows you to express yourself. So, any changes you make are likely to be around making room for this.

Fire up that passion and ditch the dull

You don’t do confinement or dull repartition. If you’ve had too much of either or both, then Vesta in your 11th from the 21st puts a better balance at the top of that goals list. Establishing something which supports this will be your priority. Ruler Jupiter always offers solutions and right now it is in your 4th just for a while longer. It opposes Venus on the 22nd – the same day as the Sun reaches your 9th. Look for that opportunity which both frees you and establishes something for you at the same time.

Mercury in your 8th promises power moves, deals and contracts. Especially when it opposes Pluto and trines Neptune also in your 4th Ensure you know what it is you want to achieve this week and communicate this. Deals can be done now which result in more freedom for you. Financial, emotional or simply the freedom to pursue that bigger vision which fires up your soul.

In a nutshell: It’s in your nature to crave freedom and to want to explore, Sag, If you’ve been feeling confined or restricted lately, ruler Jupiter offers solutions or a door opening opportunity – right where you find yourself right now.



Are you getting enough? Of everything!

Extreme self-care often starts with ‘No’

News could hand you opportunities – and validation

Are you feeling valued, Capricorn? Loved up? Appreciated? Are you in the black or red when it comes to positive strokes, self-worth or others showing you the love? Do you feel that your feelings are being taken into consideration or that someone is only interested in themselves?

Feelings around this may come up this week with the full Moon in your 2nd on the 24th. What you feel you are worth or deserve. How good you are at saying ‘No’ – the ultimate act of self-love and appreciation at times. How ‘worthy’ you feel when it comes to rewards you attract. Especially as you start the week with Venus in your 8th squaring Ceres in your 5th.

Know you are enough

The Sun in your 8th from the 22nd, merely lights up all these themes. Giving you a month-long focus on what you earn, are entitled to, share or feel you can attract. A little healthy competition is good for all of us. But feeling we have to compete with others all the time be it for the accolades or attention, isn’t healthy. Are things unfairly skewed at work for instance? Gender bias could be an issue now Vesta lands in your 10th. Or even feeling you have to compete for attention at home or in love. You are enough and so there should be no competition. That’s all you need to know.

Mercury is in your 7th and trines Neptune in your 3rd on the 24th and opposes Pluto in your 1st on the 25th while Venus enters your 9th and opposes Jupiter also on the 22nd. This is a key period for progress and also freedom and not feeling you need to compete unfairly for anyone or anything. Did this start in childhood competing with siblings for a parent’s attention? Or do you have to deliver double the results at your job to be taken seriously due to your gender? Is that lover playing you off against another or making you feel you don’t quite measure up to an ex? Jupiter is telling you that you deserve better.

Self-worth, success boosting or wellbeing news or opportunities could just be the simple take-out of this week, Capricorn without any of the above complexities. But take it solutions are available, no matter what your situation. That’s your gift this week.

In a nutshell: The effect of Venus in your 9th and Jupiter in your 3rd could be an opportunity or gateway to freedom. It could begin as simply as you realising you don’t have to be anything other than who you are, Cappy. And that’s enough for anyone – just the way you are.



Who is your co-star this week?

Breakthroughs break you out of stalemate

Love + empowerment – the only tools you need

Your husband, wife, partner, prospective boo, bestie, working double act or even that opponent will be in focus this week. Take it one key dynamic duo will have the spotlight on it thanks to the full Moon in your 1st shining back into your 7th.

Surprise twists and turns, unexpected developments, the return of someone you never expected to hear from again, someone coming forward with an olive branch or you holding one out in turn, that daring approach and an even more surprise result – all possibilities this week. You begin the week with Venus in its ruling 7th squaring off to Ceres in your 4th. This could instigate a compromise situation being reached between you and another, a win/win situation or simply you daring to table an alternative. With Chiron retro in your 3rd from the 21st, don’t rule out coming up with a radical way to resolve a long-term sticky issue.

Say goodbye to stale-mate, hello to hot (or hotter) love

Ways to unstick you or reach a better, fairer, more equal understanding could be on offer now Vesta lands in your 9th. The Sun reaches your 7th on the 22nd and on the same day Venus lands in your 8th of ‘other’ money, what you share with your spouse, employer or others – anything from that salary to the chores or a bed; while Venus opposes Jupiter in Venus’s ruling second – also on the 22nd.

Lucky you as Jupiter is heading back your way. For now however, this represents one of the best attraction aspects of the month and it is all about a deal, agreement or relationship dynamic with one other person or even an entity. Look to what is being discussed. And ensure what you agree or embark on, is aligned to your wellbeing or what you need. Knowing this enables you to get the result you’re after as Mercury in its ruling 6th trines Neptune in your 2nd and opposes Pluto in your 12th. You have two tools in your kit this week, Aquarius – love and empowerment. Together you can use them to create exactly what you need.

In a nutshell: Stalemate can mean you and another can’t see eye to eye. Or another way of looking at it is so-so, tepid kind of love. Whatever one, break through and break out this week. Turns out you and another are all in agreement on that.



Just who or what makes your world go around?

Open up to potential

Start talking

Bring on the love, Pisces. Jupiter is shortly set to leave your 1st but before it does, it will oppose Venus in its ruling 7th on the 22nd. This is all about your past, present or potential duo, duet or dance with someone.

Love is the best medicine and this week is all about the love that does you good. Not the one that comes with hidden undercurrents or covert themes of inequality, domination, manipulation or control. Ensure especially that any work or business arrangement you are in or enter into, is fair and free of any bias now Vesta lands in your 8th. Once the Sun arrives in your 6th, it’s all about healthy choices – in work, play and yes, in love too.

It’s what make the world go round!

Jupiter wants you to experience a bigger, freer more soul expanding kind of love. Or know what it is like to step into that effortless flow of energy between you and someone else. Sure, this may be a lover or it could just be that partnership that has your best interests at heart in work or friendship. Or that collaboration which takes you places. Jupiter opens up our world while love makes it go round.

Past loves could feature this week thanks to the full Moon in your 12th. While Chiron retro in your 2nd has you looking at what you may have been willing to accept in the past – and possibly changing all that up for the future. So, if someone does return, they need to under very different T&C’s. Don’t be afraid to state these and stick to them. Knowing what we want is the first step to getting it.

Mercury in your 5th is all about flirting with ideas, children, babies, young people, the child within and yes, that love talk. This is romance talk, not sexting! Allure and magic spells. You can weave this or take your creativity to a new level as Mercury trines your other ruler Neptune in your 1st on the 24th. It then moves on to oppose Pluto in your house of friends, goals and the future.

The conversation you have or start, or that creative playfulness you are channelling has the ability to take you in a fresh direction now. The past few months have been a preview of what ’22 has in store. Take it love makes your world turn in a fresh direction now.

In a nutshell: If things have been oh-so-serious lately, time to lighten up, Pisces. You’ve one of the best transits for attraction this week. Love asks you to play with possibilities. And to remember it makes the world go round spinning you in a potential new direction now.





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