Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs July 13 2020

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Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs July 13 2020

By our astrologer Elena


Get ready to conquer!

No hesitation – to limits

Time for fierce love

Mirror, mirror on the wall? Who’s the fiercest of them all? Hopefully you had no hesitation in putting your hand up and yelling ‘Me!’, Aries. Bring that confidence, that fiery fierce determination to conquer hearts and minds this week. And a willingness to try something new to get what you want.

Dare to take a fierce approach

Ruler Mars in your sign ignites that fiercest love warrior streak. You don’t just own it this week, you rock it. The 14th (Bastille Day) could see you storming hearts, minds and outcomes as Mars collides with Chiron in your sign. You’ve the confidence this week to reach for something new. And please, if opportunity presents itself – this is not the time for hesitation or self-doubts.

S/he who doesn’t hesitate rules!

Doors to opportunity are opening wide as the Sun in your 4th of home, family, property and security opposes first Jupiter (14th) and then Pluto (15th). Both in your house of status, career and public image. How you come across and are seen is all important too. So, bring your ‘A’ game and your game face too. S/he who dares to try a new and different approach not only wins, but brings those walls between you and what you want, come tumbling down.

In a nutshell: Ensure you showcase that inner fierceness this week, Aries. Project an image that tells the world how you feel. How is that? Ready to try something new to grab that opportunity!



Fabulize those dreams

No more love lockdowns

You are the magic ingredient!

Content with lurking in the shadows, Taurus? Your energy peaks this week as your soul asks you whether you are settling for so-so instead of scintillating! If you have been putting the lid on something, this week could see it blow off. In freeing and fabulizing ways. The universe is asking you: What are you afraid of if it did?

You know deep down you want/deserve more. This could be a week of the unexpected adventure. Or the start of that. This transcends Covid restrictions. Take a step back and look at any area of your life you feel has been on lockdown or limited long before the Rona appeared. This is where change could occur this week. Especially if you believe ‘nothing ever changes’ – or is likely to.

Dare to chase the dream!

Mars and Chiron meet in your 12th of the past, spiritual insight and where you can give birth to your future. If you dare that is! Revelations could occur that propel you out into something bigger. Or you hear from someone you never thought to again. Or an opportunity returns from the past. Re-framed, re-formed and re-born. Perhaps bigger. The question is whether or not you are content to go along with being discontent on a deep level. Or are willing to go with it.

If you are involved in any kind of creative area – where your mind has to reach into the realm of the improbable and imagination, this week could hand you inspiration which opens up a parallel universe which always existed. But which you were unaware of. Artists, writers, performers and even physicists can draw on solutions and new ways of looking at the world and the universe.

Try a little self-made magic

Opportunity or a new path to freedom opens up as the Sun in your 3rd opposes first Jupiter in its ruling 9th on the 14th, and then Pluto on the 15th. Open up to positive change and your ability to believe in yourself. Especially if your inner dialogue has looped around that you have to make do with what you have as opposed to what you know you want. This is your chance to escape the so-so you’ve settled for on some level. The only question is: dare you take it, Taurus?

In a nutshell: Change up your status quo. And go from so-so to scintillating, Taurus. This week’s big ask for you is to take a chance. Perhaps on your own dreams. Reach for your ability to make them real.



Embrace the unimaginable

Get in with a new ‘in’ crowd

What you’re looking for could be where you least expect to find it

Power to your people this week, Gemini. By that I mean your friends, allies, group, band, alliances, contacts, networks (virtual and real-world), clubs, organisations and groups. Shared goals, shared visions and experiences can feature. Above all, no matter what you want to do or achieve, this week tells you to get connected.

Time for the Dream Team

If you have read the classic manifestation book ‘Wishcraft’ by Barbara Sher, you may remember the chapter where she talks about ‘barn raising’. In other words, you tell others whatever it is you want to do, and ask for assistance. This particularly applies to you this week due to Mars and cosmic Chiron conjunct in your 11th. The house of both friends and contacts and also your goals and the future.

Mars is about confident action. Chiron rules the unexpected and improbable. So, don’t be shy in giving others the heads-up on what it is you need now. Help or offers may come from unexpected quarters. Or a long-term goal is realised. In unimaginable ways.

Go big or go home

Venturing out into new social circles (even at a social distance), could also open doors to discovery. This week also has major opportunistic action happening in your house of sharing. It’s time for transformation. And to have the attitude that the bigger the change, the brighter the butterfly. The Sun currently in your money zone opposes first Jupiter (14th) and then Pluto (15th) in your ‘other’ money house. This is also your house of sex and joint assets.

Pluto rules this house but Jupiter’s presence in here points to changes that bring big benefits. Combined with the Mars/Chiron buddy-up in your 11th this could see a change for the better in finances, someone who offers to share what they have with you – whether this is contacts, resources or a helping hand. Or for those looking for more than friendship, finding that next sizzling hot love interest somewhere you would have least expected to. Go in all the way. Especially if its with a radically different ‘in’ crowd than you usual one, Gemini.

In a nutshell: People power has the ability to shape-shift your future this week. Whatever you are seeking to have or do, let others in on your goal. That dream team could be a click away, Gemini.



Dynamic duos feature

Move on up

Werk that love factor

Partnership and love matters or your status in both personal and/or a professional relationship could surprise this week, Cancer.

As the Sun moves through your sign is will opposed first Jupiter (14th) and then Pluto (15th) in your 7th of long-lasting love and working twosomes. Opportunities or what some would class as ‘luck’ are all around you now. And who or what presents itself has the ability to change up things for the better.

Werk that attraction factor

If you are a settled Cancerian, this could come to you via a partner’s success. If you are in a close, collaborative working union, playing in the big leagues is a strong possibility. Single? Seeking any kind of long-term double act? This is your week to attract that perfect partner in crime or land that permanent position. Your 7th is one of your houses of attraction. And just a heads up – from now until December is the last time in your lifetime you will have Jupiter and Pluto in this house together.

Sure, Jupiter will be back in here in 12 years’ time. But Pluto will have moved on. Werk this like you’re only leasing it until the end of the year, Cancer!

Love lifts you higher

Because this week all this is backed by something extraordinary. A meeting between Mars and Chiron in your 10th. This is not just the house which rules your own status and what you can reach for and achieve. But it also rules the status of your significant other too.

Your gift should you choose to unwrap it this week is making it on some level. Perhaps in love or in business. And this could come about via taking a chance or simply ‘luck’ – that force we have yet to fully understand. But what we do know about it is this: we set it in motion. So, take a chance and do just that. For love’s sake this week!

In a nutshell: Start in the name of love, Cancer! This week is all about double-acts, partnerships and twosomes of all descriptions. One in particular is in focus now. It takes two, baby!



Get soul support

What is your body saying?

Big up what you think is possible

It’s probably impossible this week to avoid mentioning the invisible elephant in the room. And with ruler the Sun in your 12th and Jupiter and Pluto in your house of wellbeing and daily duties, this revolves around health and what boosts your system.

Go towards wellness

When we see this against the backdrop of Covid-19, it’s all about you gravitating towards what supports and energises you, rather than anything that drains or depletes you. You are now in the crucial final week before your birthday. And it’s time to discard or move away from anything that does not support your wellbeing. This can be that dead-end routine, people, situations or even places that suck the life out of your soul.

Pay attention to what your body is saying this week. This includes what you ‘feed’ it with. Not just food but thoughts too. Create soul immunity as your ruler opposes first Jupiter (14th) and then Pluto (15th). Whether you realise it or not, doors to opportunity on a day to day level will swing wide now.

Feel the force!

Jupiter is the ruler of your 9th house. And right now, you have an incredible break-free kind of boost occurring in here. Mars and Chiron link up on the 14th – same day as your ruler meets Jupiter. There are no coincidences. Synchronicity is like gravity. A force that exists but we may not completely understand it.

This alignment brings in the unexpected and freeing. The incredible and mind-blowing. Get ready to accept it and go with it. Especially if it touches on the following: overseas, travel – if not actual then the ability to plan, learning, mass media, publishing, the internet, foreigners, sports, the outdoors, the law, large animals – especially horses and larger than life individuals with Sagittarian qualities.

If your dream is not coming true, then what transpires this week shows you that the reason is you need to big it up. Go big or go home, Leo.

In a nutshell: Pay close attention to what feeds and supports you mind, body and soul, Leo. Time to head towards the energising and positive. Astounding synchronicities could free you this week.



Explore new paths to your goal

Get a little love alchemy happening

Let’s talk about the ‘S’ word – yes, THAT one!

Let’s talk about wishes and dreams this week, Virgo. You of all signs know that goals remain dreams unless one takes steps to turn them into reality.

Being the sign of details, schedules, plans and organisation, chances are if you have a dream, you have a map to get you to it. This week however asks you to be flexible about that plan. Especially if a radically different but perhaps better way is revealed for you to get to goal.


The Sun ignites your house of friendships and the future. Telling you to get connected even if it is at a social distance. You can be ‘seen’ and circulate in so many ways after all! Changes around romance, children, freedom and creativity, ‘lucky’ breaks via people you know which are linked to your goals and dreams could send you down a new path. Or open up opportunities as the Sun opposes first Jupiter in your glamfantastic 5th on the 14th and then Pluto on the 15th.

The ‘S’ word

Let’s talk about it. And everything connected to it. Money is sexy. And buys sexy lingerie after all. Feeling powerful is sexy. Sexiness however is an attitude. More than what you can buy at gent Provocateur. Although if that makes you feel sexy – go for it!

Sharing – so sexy because it screams confidence and having enough. This can be sharing what you have or simply your thoughts. What’s not sexy? Superficiality. Judging books by their cover. Lack of generosity. When it comes to turn-ons and turn-offs as Mars and Chiron meet in your 8th on the 14th, you have more than enough sexiness to go around.

What you won’t want to share is what you have with anyone who exhibits those turn-off qualities however. Including your precious time or passion. This meeting could see someone share something big with you. If so, take it as a reflection of your own willingness to share in turn. You could be offered help, backing, a loan, introductions or access to something you need to make that goal a reality. The sexy truth about you this week is that you have the power to know when to keep to that plan – and when to reinvent it.

In a nutshell: Sex and sharing. Get a little change alchemy happening this week, Virgo. What you share with others or is shared with you, has the ability to transform your goals. Now that’s sexy!



What the love!

Impossiprobable is your new word

What do you dare to do for love?

Impossiprobable is your new word of choice this week, Libra. Especially if linked to love, long term partnerships both past, present and potential.

Unpredictable outcomes are right on target

In the universe of impossiprobabilities – all bets are off. Cupid’s arrows go everywhere but here’s the funny thing. No matter where they are aimed, they end up hitting the right target!

Just say ‘What the love?!’and then let go. New commitments can be made, existing ones deepened or past ones revived. And yes, if something has been lived out, paths to freedom and consciously un-coupling can be revealed too. The most unlikely you think this could be, the more the power of impossiprobabilites becomes engaged.

Nothing is impossible when it comes to love

The Sun is shining on your status and so often this is linked to another person. This week it opposes Jupiter (14th) and then Pluto (15th) in your 4th of living arrangements, home, family and security. Partnership and career factors impact on how you live and are seen. There’s a key to a door being offered now. Perhaps via a relationship or lifestyle upgrade.

The real action however is in your 7th. Mars and impossiprobable Chiron intersect in here also on the 14th. Ask yourself what you think is out of bounds, out of your league or just plain beyond belief. Also look at what you would dare to do for love. Chiron dares us to try something different. Mars pushes us to act.

This could just as easily be about a professional or work partnership as it could be around love or marriage. You could be the one proposing the impossiprobable solution just as easily as the other party. Impossible new loves and the improbable return of old partnerships. Get ready to say ‘What the love?!’ this week.

In a nutshell: You can’t hurry love. And this week says you can’t predict it either. Anything is possible when it comes to old, existing or potential relationships. But words like ‘never’ don’t figure!



Your body knows

Solutions set you free

Is saying no the yes you’re looking for?

When both your rulers ancient and modern are involved in major transits, you should prepare for a big shift, Scorpio. The game is changing this week and the rules are being re-written in your favour.

The Sun in your 9th shines on expansion and opportunity. Game changing news which offers freedom or a solution to a long-term issue could arrive. The 14th sees the Sun oppose Jupiter in your 3rd from its ruling 9th. While the following day the Sun then opposes ruler Pluto in here.

It all starts with saying yes to no

This could mark a journey – if not a real one then a metaphorical one, towards freedom. And a release from something you have been working long and hard on – but which has held you back.

Your other ruler – Mars, points to a radical shift in your day to day work, lifestyle, wellbeing or way of living. It also says this may be overdue as it meets Chiron in here on the 14th. Things cannot stay the same. And you have to answer the call to make changes – even small ones now.

Listen to your body. And take action on its messages. You need support and you need boundaries which Mars rules incidentally. Your routine, your day job (paid or unpaid), diet, exercise, lifestyle and even the ‘atmosphere’ where you spend your time are critical factors. Telling people ‘No’ or ‘Sorry, no more’ may play a role here. Chiron asks if you dare set new boundaries and what you think will happen if you do?

Your body knows the bigger picture

If you ignore what you body is telling you, continue to run on empty or allow others to drain you, you could be setting yourself up for bigger issues further down the track. Mars is in this house for a while giving you time to get comfortable with putting in new rules and boundaries. Not just with others but this may also involve saying ‘no’ to yourself too. Such as no to that second helping or extra glass of wine for instance.

Go with the no or ‘enough is enough’ factor and even the smallest changes will see you energised, happier and able to take full advantage of opportunities on offer now. Say no to say yes to more.

In a nutshell: News could offer both solutions and opportunities this week, Scorpio. And to take advantage of this you need to feel your best. Saying no may be the best way to say yes to something better now!



It’s not how much you have but how you werk it

Feeling rich is an attitude

Be the Queen/King of Everything!

Expansive planet ruler Jupiter always wants to big up something. Hopefully this is not your waistline. Or that perennial Sag bug-bear your hips and thighs. The patriarchal controlling ideas about size can be dumped once and for all this week as you embrace all of you.

It’s not how much you have – but how much you enjoy what’s on offer

Your ruler is together with Pluto in your 2nd. Pluto also says it’s power. However, I’m not necessarily talking about your body. But that bank account and how powerful you feel when attracting the good things life has to offer. As well as your ability to enjoy them when they are. You can be rich but not happy for instance.

I am not saying you will win the lottery, but the Sun in your ‘other’ money house (and Pluto’s ruling 8th) opposes both Jupiter and Pluto this week promising a change in how you view what you do have. Shifts, solutions and opportunities to explore more around what money does and doesn’t buy could appear.

This is of course linked to your capacity to enjoy the ‘good’ things of life. This comes under the rulership of your 2nd. This is a Venus ruled house so it’s all about appreciating the sensual pleasures of the material world. And the means to enjoy them. Sometimes with your 8th house in play, this means comes via a raise, pay out, loan or better paying job. Or via someone who already has these things and invites you to share them. You get taken to places or given access to benefits you would not usually be able to afford for instance.

The Queen/King of Everything is in the house!

Your 5th house rules attraction, romance and your ability to seek out and enjoy pleasure when it if offered. This is about indulgence but also what money doesn’t buy you. You can understand how all this is linked this week. It’s no use being invited to the world’s best party but not wanting to get up and dance. Or sitting down to a banquet but telling yourself you have to stick to your diet. Or worrying that your bum looks too big to sunbathe in your bikini on that superyacht. The world’s hottest lover wants to get jiggy with you but you’re worrying about your wobbly bits (real or imagined).

As Mars and Chiron meet in your fabulizing 5th this is all about going with what is on offer. And ditching your own hang ups or worries what others may think. Romance could take a surprising up turn or you get the opportunity to shine, have fun and feel like you joined the rich list in some way. It doesn’t matter how much money you have this week. That cashed up attitude says the Queen (or King) of Everything has arrived!

In a nutshell: Step into the flow of abundance. And re-define what the ‘rich list’ means for you, Sag. This could just be your ability to enjoy what’s on offer. Don’t let hangs up hold you back from love – or fun!



Break free of past patterns

Love holds out a key

Go with what moves you

What or where is home for you? Where are your roots, foundation and connections? All your most important relationships are in focus this week. This includes your family, the people you live with, your partner, long term professional and working relationships and your relationship to where and how you live.

Let the right one in

First of all, we have the Sun still in your 7th of marriage, long term loves and double acts of all descriptions. The 14th sees it oppose first Jupiter and then Pluto (15th) in your 1st. You are now entering the final stage of having three major planets in your sign. Your ruler Saturn (retrograde) is revisiting. Jupiter and Pluto are also both retrograde. This is offering you yet another opportunity to revisit love or to get a key relationship ‘right’. Or to release yourself once and for all from attracting the ‘wrong’ one.

So, this is the final time for 12 years that the Sun will illuminate Jupiter in here as it will exit your 1st in December. Pluto will remain in here for another four years. But once Jupiter returns, it will be long gone. So, this week could mark the start of a brand-new opportunity with a past, present or potential partner or the end of a cycle in order to free you into something more evolving.

There’s no place like where you call home

Chiron doesn’t like labels. When is was discovered it got slapped with first one and then another. It shrugged off both and told us to think again. In your 4th its all about where you call home and the lifestyle you want to create. Now, this may or may not be the one you were brought up with. Or it could be.

Mars is usually not a happy houseguest in your 4th. That’s because this is a feminine house and Mars doesn’t do all this touchy-feely emoting associated with it. However, Mars in here is fabulous for lifestyle changes from moving to decluttering and those pesky, stubborn DIY jobs we keep putting off.

Doors you thought forever closed open

Shacked up with Chiron on the 14th, this could add up to domestic shifts. Some of you may get a chance to get a foot on the property ladder where before you thought this was impossible for instance. Shifts around family, your relationship or your career see you putting down roots somewhere that offers growth. And simply supports you. You could take the next step in your relationship and commit to moving in together. Or commit to moving somewhere new which simply feels right.

If you haven’t been able to see your way to move forward – quite literally, this week could offer the key to a door you never thought you’d unlock, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: Opportunity knocks literally this week, Capricorn. A change of lifestyle or residence could be on the cards for some. Love could be the moving experience you’ve been waiting for!



News simply astounds

Dare to say it your way

The past comes calling

Get ready to say it anyway you can, Aquarius. And a loud as you like. Mars and Chiron meet in your 3rd of writing, publishing, speaking, communication, the internet, media, learning and commerce this week.

Big up that message

Whatever that message is – work it. This is not a week to undersell yourself. Showcase those smarts and radical ideas. Chiron loves to challenge and turn perceptions on their heads. Mars adds charisma and confidence. Selling sand to the Saudis? They’ll want what you and you alone have to offer. Simply due to your powers of persuasion. You could be the idea whose time has come. Or the one that people didn’t know they wanted – until now.

This also applies to that website, blog, YouTube channel, Tiktok, Twitter or social media feed. Craft what you have to say and dare to say it different and in a way that only you could or can. Chiron and Mars add a splash of daring which includes starting that conversation or making that first approach. Whether its on that dating app or door knocking that prospective employer, agent or client.

Hearing from the past

All this occurs against a backdrop of the Sun in your workaday world 6th and Jupiter and Pluto in your metaphysical 12th. The Sun will oppose first Jupiter (14th) and then Pluto (15th). This is your house of the past and something unexpectedly could come full circle now. You may have thought something or someone was gone for good. And be shocked and astonished to be proven wrong.

Resurrected opportunities, hearing from someone you never thought to again or rewards from work done behind the scenes or in the past could be part of this week’s surprise package, Aquarius. It’s not just your message but the messenger that delivers news that could knock you off your Jimmy Choos this week.

In a nutshell: Rock that message any way you can! Your ideas can take you further or open doors you thought closed. Or what you hear defies belief. In the best possible way, Aquarius!



Place your bets on love

Don’t just dream it – live it!

New avenues open up to what you want

Feel-good opportunities, wishes and dreams and a whole lot of lovin’ could feature this week, Pisces. The Sun remains in your fabuglamourizing 5th. Lovers, children, babies, young people, relationships that could turn you into a parent, step parent, your adult children, hobbies, creativity and pleasurable pastimes feature.

Fabu-glamourize your future!

As could money stemming from these or to bankroll them. Some of you could be banking on improvements as Mars and Chiron meet up in your money house on the 14th. But there’s more than one way to feel cashed-up. This is your house of self-worth too. Recognition, gifts, good times, acknowledgements and yes, feeling loved-up all add to us feeling rich and abundant.

Don’t just wish it – make it happen!

Chiron is all about the incredible, outrageous and unpredictable. Mars of course, says ‘Don’t dream it – do it!’. So, having the confidence to take a chance on something could play a role. Or if you thought a goal was out of reach, you could see it drop into your lap in an unexpected way. Or at the very least the way to get to it.

Your 5th is your house of luck and Jupiter rules gambling. I am not talking about betting the mortgage payment on that hand in poker. But being willing to take a chance. Possibly on yourself and your talents on the 14th – the day the Sun opposes Jupiter in your 11th. The next day it opposes Pluto also in here. This could be a game-changer when it comes to you being offered the opportunity to get something you want. Possibly via someone you know.

No matter what, explore your connections this week as it is often via those, we know that we turn dreams into reality. And betting on ourselves that brings the love we want within reach.

In a nutshell: Time to bet your love, Pisces. On yourself, your talents and yes, your dreams. Take a chance this week when it comes to realising that goal. And above all, enjoy yourself while doing it!


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