Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs July 12th 2021

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs July 12th 2021


Needs vs. Wants – are they one and the same?

Go for what the heart wants

Inner wisdom shows you the way

Fabulous mystical, magical alignments light up the sky for all of us this week, Aries. But especially for you as ruler Mars is a major player in the biggest one.

Exciting news, a long wished for opportunity or something which simply fulfils your deepest, most soul-centered needs could be how this manifests for you. Sure, you may have to reach for this or make an effort. But let’s face it, Aries – if you did not have to stretch yourself you might then not appreciate the prize quite as much.

Explore the Edge of Wisdom

We have two trines linking you to what you truly need as opposed to what you may think you want. Yes, something these are one and the same and other times, well, our higher selves and the universe just has that added edge of wisdom and our best interests at heart. Mercury in your 4th trine Jupiter in your 12th (12th) and Sun in your 4th trine Neptune in your 12th (15th). This is all about listening to the voice within. Journeying to that deep well of warrior wisdom and then acting on what you know to be your own truth.

You’ll so see that pursuing anything other than this isn’t just a waste of time, but even if you attain it, it simply doesn’t deliver that satisfaction or love you were seeking. And the Venus/Mars meeting in your 5th on the 13th says ‘All or nothing’, Aries. It’s about heat, passion, creativity, love and also the confidence to make it happen – or go after it.

This is one of the best desire fueled aspects of the year for you. And it appears two days before we have a marvelous Mystic Rectangle forming. This is our ‘message in a bottle’ from the universe. If you look at a chart with a Mystic rectangle in it, it looks like the back of an envelope. Think news, announcements, invitations, contracts or offers. It doesn’t have to arrive by snail mail and this one links those worldly hopes and ambitions to your emotional needs.

Messages of love

Of course, for some Aries this week could deliver satisfaction around home, career or your path. Others could discover that envelope contains messages of love, an opportunity to showcase your gifts, news around children or a holiday or pleasurable pursuit. Or you could just hit the jackpot and get both, Aries. This week says go for what you want and expect what you need to be the outcome.

In a nutshell: The heart wants what the heart wants. This week could deliver news around a soul-centered need. Is it the same or different to what you want, Aries? Tune in to those real needs and go straight to your answer.



Make that home-centered choice

Know what is priceless

News grounds your future

Home, family, lifestyle, homeland, that place you belong will be your biggest focus this week as ruler Venus and Mars co-join in your 4th. Decisions around your future, living arrangements, property, moving, relocating and security can be made with confidence this week. If you are involved in anything to do with how, where and with who you live, you can expect a good outcome now.

You may be feeling the need for more space. You may extend or improve your current home or upgrade to a bigger one for instance. Contracts, deals, business decisions, even writing, communicating, buying, selling and the internet may feature. And success in these areas has a knock-on effect to that life style.

Build on your soul values

Being a Taurus, this is also about how it all chimes with your value system and chances are now, what you value is security, home, family (genetic or self-created) and what makes you feel you belong. And any future moves facilitated by this week’s gorgeous, glowing trines between Mercury/Jupiter (12th) and Sun/Neptune (15th) revolve around these.

This week hands us an envelope – literally as a Mystic Rectangle forms in the sky. If you have ever seen a chart with one, you know they look like the back of an envelope. So, think important messages, news, documents, contracts and decisions which affect or ground your future now as one forms of the 15th. The 17th sees the Sun in your 3rd oppose Pluto in your 9th and a T-Square with the Moon in your 6th. So, what you sign, agree on or discuss now has the ability to transform where and how you live, or hand you an opportunity to expand your path or lifestyle. Be ready to say yes.

In a nutshell: Your home, living arrangements, lifestyle, path, family and anything and everything that adds to that sense of belonging should be your priority this week. Decisions you make cement that future path and see you grounded, Taurus.



Get ready to impress – professionally and personally

What you broadcast gets a positive response

Take the leading role in your own reality show!

This week’s star-studded aspect for you is your ruler Mercury’s trine to Jupiter on the 12th. The day before Venus and Mars meet in Mercury’s ruling 3rd in your chart. Be very ready for news or to launch something which ups your status, stock or reputation.

Mercury along with the Sun is in your 2nd house. It trines Jupiter in your 10th promising recognition, opportunity and advancement. While the Venus/Mars meet-cute is all about having something to talk about that makes everyone sit up and take notice of you. Along with the Sun’s trine to Neptune also in your 10th on the 15th, provided you are clear about the outcome you want, this is setting you up for success.

Keeping Up with the Geminis!

Make your pitch or move, apply for that new position, start that dialogue, launch that idea. Look for a bigger stage on which to express yourself or be seen. Yes, all the world is one for you this week, Gemini.

Ideas, sharing these and even images – ideas as pictures, all have a role to play as does the internet, writing, publishing, TV, stage, film, that YouTube channel or simply your on-line profile or that CV. Take all these seriously and above all, craft carefully how you want to come across.

Put it out there

You could well receive a positive response to what you have ‘put out there’ or gone after in return. The 15th brings a Mystic Rectangle crossing your money/career/reputation and establishment sectors. If you have ever looked at a chart with one of these in it, you’ll see it looks exactly like the back of an envelope. So, think messages, important papers, contracts, news etc. And not literally in this digital age as this could well arrive via email or Zoom as any other way. But its contents should benefit you especially around that work/career/public image.

So, think status. Likewise, this includes your relationship status too. As this news could be around your partner for settleds but raises your stock in turn. Or you attract that pure and utter catch. Yes, clever Geminis – there is a big opposition between the Sun and Pluto in its ruling 8th as a T-Square with the Moon in your 5th. The Sun trumps everything don’t forget. So, an extra effort results in extra shine. Personally and/or professionally. Go for it. No excuses.

In a nutshell: News or an opportunity is set to up your status and get your noticed. In all the right ways and by those who matter. Get ready (and dressed) to impress, Gemini. You’ve an audience waiting both professionally – and hearts to win.



Fortune favours the bold

Blaze a trail towards your desires!

Become the Magician and the creator of dreams

With the Sun and Mercury in your 1st both trineing planets in your 9th this week think bold moves, big picture thinking and plans, expansion, learning and freedom, Cancer. Solutions and opportunities are there for the taking. But you have to be the initiator here. This is a week to be the master magician, the sorcerer supreme of your own life. To harness the power of the card of The Magician in the Tarot.

Above all, be optimistic. Luck is on your side now. Just understand you will get a positive result even if it is not the one you expect. Take a leap of faith and the brown stuff you land in is bound to be chocolate and nothing else. Mercury trines Jupiter in its ruling 9th on the 12th while the Sun trines Neptune on the 15th. Portals of possibility open wide now and the universe is encouraging you to go after those big dreams, visions and goals. But to know that to make it real, you are the one who has to act. This is the magician part!

Searing soul worth solutions

Venus in its ruling 2nd in your chart meets Mars in here in between these two trines. So, rewards, higher self-worth, soul validation and yes, even love could be what come spinning out of those spellbinding moves you are in a position to make now.

This week really is a 2022 preview for you, Cancer. Or can be. Your birthday season also has something for you to open. If you’ve ever seen a Mystic Rectangle form in an Astro chart you’ll know it looks exactly like the back of an envelope. The Sun in your sign forms one with your ruler the Moon in your 3rd of news, communication and messages, Pluto in your 7th, and Neptune in your 9th on the 15th. This could well involve you and a past, present or potential partner across love or work.

News arrives which sets you on a fresh course. Again, possibly because you are the master/mistress instigator and initiator of your own fate. As a result of something you began. T-Squares allow us to bring our talents, skills, abilities and whatever resources we possess to the fore and use them in new ways. The one between the Sun, Pluto in your 7th and the Moon in its ruling 4th on the 17th hands you this. Work what you have with magic, confidence and in a way only you can, Cancer. What’s in that envelope may show you just how worthwhile this can be.

In a nutshell: Come from soul-worth and don’t hesitate in going after what you want this week, Cancer. Time to become the initiator of your future and ignite your dreams. Especially when it comes to love and abundance.



Follow through on those inner prompts

Express your passion

We have ignition!

Venus and Mars meet in your sign this week and if there was ever a week to go after what you want, showcase yourself and stand out – this is it Leo. Love is in the air as is passion and ways to express this. If not via that boo, then via your creativity, show-stopping professional smarts or what makes you light up.

Children or young people may play a role. As could be doing things together or seeing your child or child you are involved with, shine too. Family oriented Leo’s will discover a new sense of play and also proud satisfaction by spending time with their children and engaging in activities you can enjoy together. Reconnecting to your own inner child may also feature as some of you reconnect to hobbies and activities you enjoyed when younger. Making you wonder why you gave them up in the first place.

Are you ready to stand out?

Naturally, your inner performer (always present with a Leo even if it’s just in front of the mirror), is going to take to the stage in some way. Perhaps via your social media or professionally if you have a job or are aiming for one that puts you ‘front of house’. In fact, this is where you are meant to be.

If you are a single Leo seeking that mate, please keep in mind your key word ‘pride’. Yes, as in pride of lions. You need to be able to take pride in your partner on some level. No matter how nice, kind or hot they may be, if you don’t feel a sense of pride in them, it will never go the distance. You must always bear this in mind if its something lasting you are seeking. And don’t compromise on this, please. It will only lead to heartbreak for both parties if you do.

You also need to feel pride in what you do or who you work for. For the same reasons. This week promises changes which is why I mention this across your ‘other’ money house, your main money house, your work and your area of hidden truths.

Hidden truth

A Mystic Rectangle looks exactly like the back of an envelope if you have ever seen one in an Astro chart. So, think news, messages, contracts, offers, opportunities. These days this may not arrive in a physical envelope vis snail mail. It can just as easily be digital. But this is a hidden truth, missing piece of insight or that change vector that sees you effortlessly now solve an issue or transcend something that has had you stuck. It may require you to have faith in your own intuition and ability to act or take a chance.

If you follow through on what your gut is telling you however, you’ll not only change things for the better, but have a new pride in yourself and what you can achieve when you don’t allow the opinions of others or the past to define your direction. If this means leaving something behind you no longer take pride in – the choice is easy, Leo.

In a nutshell: Venus and Mars meet in your sign this week. And if there was ever a week to go after what you want – this is it. You’ve got the charisma, the confidence and the chemistry this week, Leo.



Explore your partnership potential

You don’t have to chase what’s meant for you

Find the sweet spot between your past and your future

Your love future is what ruler Mercury is aspecting this week, Virgo. Just remember as it trines Jupiter in your partnership zone, this double act could just as easily be a working one or a deep friendship as it could be a romantic one. Pay attention to whatever opportunity to double up appears.

Jupiter always wants to expand our world via a bigger experience. To stretch us and show us there is more to a particular area of life than we ever dreamed possible. Especially when it shares that house with Neptune. The Sun also in your 11th trines Neptune on the 15th. In between the have a cosmic love-in encounter in your 12th between Venus and Mars on the 13th.

Release yourself and heal

This is your house of the past – not just in this lifetime but in all of them. The house of mysteries, psychic abilities, your belief in a higher power as well as secrets and what’s hidden. If someone is meant to come back in now or an old love revive it will. If it does not, you will understand why and be at peace with this now.

Putting the past into perspective can be a lasting gift of this encounter. If say you have been picking fruit from the wrong tree, you’ll see this all too clearly and be able to reconcile this and change course. Letting the past go can also be a precious gift. As if we are hanging on to something or someone, even on an unconscious level, we cannot fully embrace the future or new opportunities.

New beginnings

A Mystic Rectangle looks exactly like the back of an envelope if you have ever seen one in an Astro chart. So, think news, messages, contracts, offers, opportunities – and in your case possible insights or information that brings about a release into new beginnings. The one on the 15th has the Moon in your 1st linking across to the Sun, Neptune and Pluto in your 5th. I could now say a little of what does you good is the best medicine. As does seeing quite clearly what doesn’t or hasn’t in the past.

You may stumble across a piece of information that highlights your own journey and fuels your decision as a result. That message could arrive digitally or be something you read on the internet. But strangely seems as if it is aimed at you. Of course, actual physical good news or fresh starts in love and duos, duets and double acts are yours to explore in what has been a 2022 preview for you, Virgo. This week is setting you up for more to come.

In a nutshell: Often it’s the intangible gifts that last the longest and are the ones we need the most. Such as putting the past into perspective or releasing it to let the future in. That’s what’s on offer for you now, Virgo.



Make a wish

Work those ambitions

Harness people power

Whatever you are seeking, who you know has the keys to its attainment this week, Libra. So, just keep this in mind. Helpful, influential or even dare I say it – famous friends or contacts lift you higher and also may offer their assistance, help or contacts of their own to help you on your way towards your goals as ruler Venus and Mars meet in your 11th on the 13th. New people can enter your life and your social circle could expand with fabulous entrée on offer into VIP areas or very different milieu to where you usually socialize.

This is a real wish-fulfilment conjunction. But due to other stuff happening in your chart right now, this may not be around a love goal this week. Look to your other areas of ambition and focus on these – your work, day job, studies, internet project, career, side hustle, ambitions. Mercury and the Sun both in your 10th of your public image, reputation and status trine Jupiter (12th) and Neptune (15th) respectively. Again, work who you know to get where you want to go. Time to leverage all you know too in terms of smarts, insights and that track record.

Jupiter wants to open doors to everyday benefits. Working smarter not harder for instance. Fulfilling those dreams for feeling on top form and falling in love with your own daily life. Instead of permanently waiting for the weekend or your holiday to come around.

Your message in a bottle

Your time to push forward, act, make changes or even receive that news you have been waiting for could arrive on the 15th – 17th. A Mystic Rectangle looks exactly like the back of an envelope if you have ever seen one in an Astro chart. So, think news, messages, contracts, offers, opportunities. Maybe not an actual snail mail letter but digital delivery or even a message in bottle metaphorically from the universe. The Sun aligns to the Moon in your mysterious 12th on the 15th with key elements of workaday changes and home truths about what is the right choice for you.

Push through any resistance to making changes now. Especially around not feeling capable or experienced enough. What’s the difference between you and someone else doing what you want to do? Possibly nothing aside from them ignoring self-doubt and just doing it anyway. The Sun/Pluto opposition and Moon in your 1st on the 17th tell you that if others have faith in you, then it’s well placed. Trust your gut – and your people this week, Libra.

In a nutshell: Goals, wishes and dreams are highlighted for you this week, Libra. Ruler Venus entangles with Mars for passionate wish-fulfilment magic. The key is who you know. Or who you meet now!



Ditch that comfort zone

Aim higher

You are who you believe you are

Aim high especially when it comes to love this week, Scorpio. Or simply doing what you love as opposed to who. You are on the threshold of something bigger now. Be prepared to cross it when that door swings open wide. And understand the magic is always happening outside of our comfort zone and unless we are prepared to leave it, it will remain out of reach.

Glittering prizes, opportunities to stand out, get yourself noticed, shine and experience something bigger and more eye-opening are on offer this week. What you need to keep in mind is that this can turn out to be the first step for you which leads to an even bigger one in ’22. So, time to work that destiny like a boss.

Even if you have the biggest ever internal shake-in-your-shoes stage fright going on within, provided you hold your head high and fake it like you’ve already made it – believe me, nobody will be any the wiser this week. Time to reach for something bigger and above all, don’t fall victim to thinking you are punching above your weight. Either professionally or personally. Jupiter in your 5th trine Mercury in Jupiter’s ruling 9th says luck is on your side. Plus you have the Sun trine Neptune also in your 5th on the 15th.

Be who you know you can be

In between, we have the meeting of Venus and ancient ruler Mars in your sector of career, status and public image. Giving you what you need to go for it. Which is why I am telling you to work what you have like a boss. As Oprah Winfrey says: You become what you believe.

A Mystic Rectangle looks exactly like the back of an envelope if you have ever seen one in an Astro chart. So, think news, messages, contracts, offers, opportunities and as this one which forms on the 15th involves your ruler Pluto – this could be a total game-changer. What’s more, as the Sun and Pluto oppose each other and form a T-Square with the Moon in your 12th on the 17th, you intuitively may know not just what is coming, but the right choice to make. Don’t stay with what you know. Go towards what you’ve yet to experience, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: Both rulers ancient and modern want to free you from limitation and see you claiming a new, self-authorised, shining path to success this week, Scorpio. Choose the one that brings the most change – and hands the most confidence too.



Home is what you want it to be – and where

Do it your way

Get ready for big solutions, opportunities, breakthroughs – and loves!

Time to click the heels of those ruby slippers, red cowboy boots or simply your favourite footwear together and repeat after me: There’s no place like home. The corner of the earth that smiles on you is what I am talking about. Which may or may not be where you find yourself right now. But nonetheless calls to you.

Ruler Jupiter in your 4th wants to expand your living space or simply see you in the right place that feels like home. This week has Mercury and the Sun both in your ‘other’ money house and yes, he house of mortgages, assets, loans, salary, benefits and what is shared with you, trine Jupiter and also Neptune both in your 4th.

Think keys to the door and living large. Moving on up or towards what supports you and your visionary lifestyle. All served up with satisfaction and that feeling you are doing it your way Sag. Support and security but without restrictions or feeling fenced in. Which we all know you simply don’t do.

What you want is available right where you are

This could come in the form of a release into something bigger or a lucky break or opportunity thanks to Venus and Mars meeting in your 9th of all things Sag-ruled on the 13th. Big loves, freedom and room to breathe, expand and explore. And the person to do that with for some of you as this could usher in that free spirit that aligns perfectly with your own.

A Mystic Rectangle looks exactly like the back of an envelope if you have ever seen one in an Astro chart. So, think news, messages, contracts, offers, opportunities and even in your case moves or the means to do so or invest in your future. The one on the 17th may not be a physical letter in this digital age. But something is on offer now as it stretches over both money houses, your career sector and your home house too.

Take on more responsibility 

The Sun opposes Pluto in your 2nd on the 17th plus you have the Moon in your 11th forming a high tensile T-Square. Think in the long term when it comes to finances or living arrangements. Be prepared to accept more and to take on more responsibility if necessary. It will have the opposite of tying you down if that’s what you fear. That bigger role you take on leads to the freedom you seek instead.

In a nutshell: Live it large on all levels this week. Decisions around security simply create a launch pad for something bigger and freer. Changes around work, career or finance provide the wherewithal to achieve just that, Sag.



Engage with the engine of change

Bold, fiercely confident moves set you on the path to success

Be upfront about what you want

Partners, your husband or wife, that long term love, your bestie, business or work connection or collaborator or even that opponent or rival remain in focus this week. Good news involving you and at least one other person is on its way now thanks to Mercury in your 7th trine Jupiter in your 3rd on the 12th. And the Sun trine Neptune on the 15th.

The weeks most powerful alignment however is probably the Venus/Mars meeting ion your 8th – which Mars rules incidentally, pointing to a key transformation around love and/or money. Dig deep into that wellspring of confidence and self-assurance, Capricorn. It’s no time to allow whispers of inadequacy or feeling not good enough get in the way of progress. And also, if people do try to push your buttons sowing seeds of self-doubt, time to (nicely) inform them you got this. Or not so nicely if it involves that rival or frenemy I mentioned. Mars rules boundaries while Venus rules diplomacy. Like I said – you got this.

Desire points you in the right direction

Assert your desires and don’t be afraid to go after what you want. Or make that first, sizzling, bold move. A Mystic Rectangle looks exactly like the back of an envelope if you have ever seen one in an Astro chart. And does pretty well what it says on the label. So, think news, messages, contracts, offers, invitations, opportunities. The 15th hands you the envelops with Pluto in your 1st all part of the mix. As well as the Moon in your 9th.

Along with the Sun in your 7th and Neptune in your 3rd, this points again to duos, duets and double acts or the invitation to join one. Many Capricorns could see that status shift around who they love, live with or work with this week. It takes two, baby.

In a nutshell: Play with the irresistible force of change this week, Capricorn. And above all, don’t resist it. You and another are in focus as double acts, duets and dynamic duos of all kinds feature. One in particular transforms.



Embrace the power of two

You have the ability to attract

Enter a new kind of alliance

Be the Law of Attraction in action this week! Along with your opposite sign of Leo, you are one of the signs set to benefit most from the loved-up meeting between Venus in its ruling 7th and Mars, on the 13th. This is one of the best transits for love and partnership matters you will experience this year. Above all, be open hearted and don’t let your past define the choices you can make now.

This is about that opposite number, that past, present or prospective partner and the law of attraction in action now. Don’t be surprised if someone is in full-on pursuit mode this week. Or limit your possibilities either by second guessing what kind of double act you may be invited to join. It could just as easily be that work alliance as the love kind. But the key to all this is knowing it is all about you and someone else.

Incredible and fabulizing transits are also occurring across your 6th house of day job and wellbeing and your 2nd of income and self-worth. Check out the 12th when Mercury trines Jupiter in your 2nd and the 15th when the Sun trines Neptune in here. So, for many of you that invitation to dance could well include a job offer too.

Enter a new double act dynamic

Which brings me to this week’s Mystic Rectangle also on the 15th. A Mystic Rectangle looks exactly like the back of an envelope if you have ever seen one in an Astro chart. And does pretty well what it says on the label. So, think news, messages, contracts, offers, invitations, opportunities. Which is why the new relationship dynamic on offer could just as easily be a working one. Or even involve someone from your past as it hooks in to Pluto in your 12th.

There’s the promise of moving up and away from something that has held you back or restricted you if you are willing to reach for it now. It’s also important you ignore those fears or self-doubts telling you what you want is beyond your reach. This week could just rekindle your faith in love especially if you are willing to open up and try something new.

In a nutshell: Venus and Mars meet in your 7th promising divinely destined double acts of all descriptions. This is about one particular partnership or close relationship that benefits you both, Aquarius. Let in the love this week – no matter what form it takes.



Love is all around you in everyday ways

Get the feelgood factor happening

New day – new journey

The saying that love is all around us is true for you this week, Pisces. For some, love may be found via a work connection or someone connected to your work this week. All down to the meeting between Venus and Mars in your 6th. Others could be looking at a job offer, returning to learning, better work/life balance or a confidence boosting cycle of wellbeing. That new exercise routine, that fitness guru, nutritionist, doctor etc.

Feel good factors just mount up this week as does your ability to attract what you want. Both your rulers are still in your 1st . You have the Sun in its ruling 5th along with Mercury. Mercury trines Jupiter on the 12th telling you that you’re going places. While the Sun trines Neptune on the 15th. Watch for opportunities now – and who offers them.

Be open to what opportunity looks like

News, a meeting, invitation, offer, opportunity, lucky break, breakthrough, being in the right place at the right time, help, assistance or solutions; whatever you have wished for the answers could be contained with the Mystic Rectangle also on the 15th. This puts ruler Neptune opposite the Moon in your 7th and the Sun opposition Pluto in your house of the future. So, think you and someone else – that past, present, potential buddy, bae or boo,

A T-Square forms two days later when the Moon is in your 8th. It’s asking you to go for the choice that involves the most change. That opportunity or that person who represents something different. If you want a different future, you need to choose different. In love, in life, in work. That’s what’s on offer this week.

In a nutshell: Opportunity creating alignments open portals of potential as both your rulers are involved this week, Pisces. Work that feelgood factor. A new job or project could be around the corner. As could that love now.






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