Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs January 3rd 2022

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs January 3rd 2022


Nurture those ambitions

Get set for blue-sky living – and thinking

Live brighter, bigger, bolder in 2022!

Become the innovator, the entrepreneur of love, if only on a soul level this week, Aries. See yourself as the CEO of YOU.Inc. ‘22 kicks off with a Venus retro which meets Juno in your 10th. This may have you wanting something more emotionally satisfying. And committing to not just a path or partnership, but of your dreams and desires. You realise you have them for a reason – they form part of you. It’s no longer enough to have the dream but you now realise 2022 means setting off in pursuit of it. Or reviving it.

You’re opening up to possibilities for achieving this you may not have been able to see before. Yes, there’s blue sky thinking involved but you can bring ideals nicely down to earth thanks to retro Venus in your 10th combining ambition with the ability to create the right impression. When it comes to moving forward or just communicating those thoughts, restating that promise is where this all begins.

Again. With Jupiter in your 12th, linking to the idea or vision that’s never died within and then reclaiming it becomes increasingly important. Inspiration strikes, which sets the whole thing in motion. 2022 asks you to reclaim that lost path, idea, dream or potential from the very start. If you dare to dream and then dare to act upon it. I could just say go the distance in ‘22, Aries!

In a nutshell: Start the year by selling yourself better. Where can you innovate and create? Love those dreams – you have them for a reason, Aries.

Jan 7 2022 Retrograde Venus and Juno conjunct in Capricorn (10th)

Jan 9 2022 Sun and Retrograde Venus conjunct in Capricorn (10th)


Embrace the power of freedom

Wait for more information

Hold on to love

Things must change and I must change them. Is this your New Year mantra, Taurus? We know you are reluctant to shake things up. But even you must now see that in order for things to improve or you to escape that rut you are in, change must now be embraced. It means working with what you have right now. To make it better or else if that can’t happen, to move on. Venus retrograde has you yearning for more. But also you may feel disconnected from loved ones. It’s only temporary.

More information or another way of accomplishing this could come to light over the next few days so my advice is to state your case, and then step back and see what emerges. Ruler Venus says are in you or are you out when it meets Juno in your 9th. You want more but do others? That’s the question and look to any disparity. Or is it now time to explore the freedom you seek? That too is a commitment. Love in one form or another could be the change that takes you into 2022, Taurus. Even if you are still working on its final form.

In a nutshell: Deep down inside you know things have to change. So why resist it? Embrace a new and better, love dynamic for 2022. It’s waiting and all you have to do is take that step towards it.

Jan 7 2022 Retrograde Venus and Juno conjunct in Capricorn (9th)

Jan 9 2022 Sun and Retrograde Venus conjunct in Capricorn (9th)


What do you feel you deserve?

Liberate yourself with love

Project a success mindset

Time to look at not just where the money goes but why it may go in a certain direction. Questions around your worth may surface thanks to Venus retro in your 8th. What you give and what you get in return.

You’ve a fabulous meeting between Venus and Juno which could seal a deal or send you in search of a new and better one. Not just in love but in your work and career. This could see many of you either actively seeking a new role, taking up one or be infused with a new direction – perhaps to work smarter not harder or to direct your energy towards working at something that liberates you to do what you love. ‘22 says it’s time for improvements in relationships both on a personal and a professional level.

Behind all of this is whether or not you have been spending money on things just to feel good rather than living a feel-good life? Venus in your house of personal empowerment, shared resources and your salary weaves some alluring and inspirational magic with Jupiter now in your long term career and reputation sector. Knowing your worth means projecting an aura of success. One that says that you not only know you belong – you know you’re the real deal. Rewards can be yours when you recognise you’re worth it. Make 2022 the year of increased self-worth.

In a nutshell: The New Year begins with a focus on your self-worth. Do you need to invest more? It’s all about showing yourself the love this week, Gemini. And ensuring you get back what you put in from others.

Jan 7 2022 Retrograde Venus and Juno conjunct in Capricorn (8th)

Jan 9 2022 Sun and Retrograde Venus conjunct in Capricorn (8th)


Doors to opportunity open wide

What do you need to recommit to?

Dare to be yourself now!

Chart your course for 2022 and set sail, Cancer! You have Jupiter in its ruling 9th this year and its time to focus on your goals and desires. A cascade of choices are set in motion by the decisions you make now. Doors and new paths open and present themselves to you. Are you ready to step across a threshold?

Retro Venus and the Sun remain in your partnership sector so who is accompanying you on this journey is going to be of prime importance. Love needs to offer both a soul connection and exploration for you now. Are you getting this, Cancer? There’s questions to be answered as Venus and Juno meet. If you are starting the year with no-one to call your own, now is not the time to look for them. Wait until Venus heads direct again. But this is the time to seriously look at what you need.

Cuffing season – that time of the year when we feel singledom the most, has been on hold and needs to stay that way until Venus heads direct once again. So, for heart’s sake please resist the urge to start swiping as ‘22 begins. You will make up for lost time next month and heading into March. Jupiter is on your side this coming year and lucky breaks not just in love, but in career can present themselves. In the interim, love what and who you have or work on plans to change that up. If you feel your present path no longer offers you the rewards you seek, 2022 could see you stepping into a new role with ease. It’s all about your vision and self-direction now. Chart a course that satisfies your soul for 2022.

In a nutshell: Step into a New Year and ask what you want from love in your new cycle, Cancer. Love the love you have. Or if you’re single, commit to what you know you need. Something bigger and more daring awaits you.

Jan 7 2022 Retrograde Venus and Juno conjunct in Capricorn (7th)

Jan 9 2022 Sun and Retrograde Venus conjunct in Capricorn (7th)


Prepare for a revelation

Time for lifestyle changes

Express yourself

As 2022 begins you’re in a discovery mode, Leo. What works and what doesn’t. There’s no chance of throwing the baby out with the bathwater, however. You are very much aware of what you need to do. Now, this could even be something left over from 2021. Alternatively, the feelings you have kept a lid on around this may now come to the surface and demand expression as retro Venus and Juno meet in your 6th. Be honest and express don’t suppress, your feelings especially if these relate to your habits, day job, studies, routine or wellbeing on any level.

Look to those coping mechanisms. Are they doing you any good? More to the point, what is triggering them? Stuffing emotions down – either literally or by comfort eating will only result in problems further down the track as ruler the Sun and Venus in your 6th of wellbeing this week urge you to reach for a positive outcome. And make those changes.

With Jupiter now in your 8th you are free to make lasting and empowered changes. One of your discoveries could be just what it is you need to do to open yourself up to everyday magic in 2022. Don’t be afraid to shake things up in small ways which lead to massive benefits. Work that feelgood factor and gravitate towards what energises you. Live in the light of your truth. Above all, don’t be afraid to do this. Mind, body, spiritual freedom and lasting satisfaction with your daily life should be your first priority as the New Year begins.

In a nutshell: You uncover a missing piece of the puzzle that’s been right under your nose all along. The New Year asks you to see and live the truth. With soul freedom to follow.

Jan 7 2022 Retrograde Venus and Juno conjunct in Capricorn (6th)

Jan 9 2022 Sun and Retrograde Venus conjunct in Capricorn (6th)


Love needs to get real

Pleasure can be a spiritual practice

Reclaim your passion

Give me your love, make it real – or else forget about it! The track Smooth from Carlos Santana sums up those feelings this week as retro Venus and Juno meet in your 5th.

What’s the reality of love for you as 2022 begins, Virgo? Are you seeing things as they are, or how you would like them to be? Your task as far as relationships go for the New Year to ensure that the dream and reality are one and the same. And January could put you on the right path towards that. You’re the retro boss. So, Venus retro in your 5th says you have the power to make love real – perhaps more than you have realised to date.

Jupiter is now in your sector of long term love, partnerships, duos and double acts of all descriptions. Once Venus is direct, it will bring singles at least one serious potential partnership opportunity. But for now, when it comes to love, Venus retro in your fabulous 5th says stay away from love at first swipe. This is where you need to keep hold of the reality of love and see partners for who and what they are. That way you get to live the dream without any nasty wake-up calls.

Venus conjunct Juno on the 7th is all about making it real. If you are seeing someone and unsure where you stand you won’t hesitate to ask those questions around what they want or where you are heading. Or put your own desires on the table. If you don’t get the answer you were hoping for, you’ll merely shrug and move on. You’ll know if you are with the right person now – or not. Love has a path, a plan and a purpose for you in ‘22, Virgo. And that is to live it for real.

In a nutshell: Ready for real love, Virgo? It’s the only kind that lasts. Retrograde Venus in your 5th wipes away any illusions. And 2022 offers that if you’re willing to make the dream and reality one and the same.

Jan 7 2022 Retrograde Venus and Juno conjunct in Capricorn (5th)

Jan 9 2022 Sun and Retrograde Venus conjunct in Capricorn (5th)


Partnership questions get answered

Financial goals come within reach

Bank on those ideas

Home truths feature this week as we rock into ‘22. You are focused on your long term security – both emotional and material/financial and getting your needs met for the long term. You may also finalise a career and/or home matter thanks to Venus retro in your 4th meeting Juno. You have clearly stated intentions and others need to take these seriously. Your commitment could not only see you seizing that financial goal but that opportunity to impress people in positions of influence – current or potential bosses, customers, clients. And convincing them that you are the solution to whatever it is they need. And you most probably are right now.

Venus’s meeting to the Sun this week could also remove a guessing game when it comes to a partner’s behaviour or future plans. News or an explanation you have been waiting for could arrive by the 9th when deals can be done or a cosmic chat room opens where new insights get shared and clarity can also emerge.

If any confusion still remains, chances are you are now going to be too busy to spend time trying to figure it out. Bank on your ideas now. The smart money is on a home, work or business plan that you can initiate that adds value – to people, to a company, to an idea and most importantly, to your future. Your ideas are bankable this week and long term success could just be your take-out from it.

In a nutshell: The smart money’s on you as 2022 begins, Libra. You’re on course to make more this year. Have a plan and invest anything that cements your long term security. While new love remains on hold for now, working with the love you have adds to that sense of security.

Jan 7 2022 Retrograde Venus and Juno conjunct in Capricorn (4th)

Jan 9 2022 Sun and Retrograde Venus conjunct in Capricorn (4th)


As you change your world and future changes with you!

Success could be effortless

Passion + fun = time to shine!

What’s your idea around love, Scorpio? Change this and the world changes with you. It’s time to broaden your mind, your expectations for your future and your horizons. Jupiter in your 5th encourages a playful, less serious attitude when it comes to romance, what you love to do and also to your children. Or brings more of these themes into your life. Opening up to more flow changes how you see yourself – and how others see you. Positive feedback this week with someone sharing how they see you – in the nicest possible way, changes how you see yourself forever.

All thanks to retro Venus and Juno conjunct in your 3rd on the 7th. Attraction and passion could combine to bring you an opportunity to shine, attract the attention of someone. Just steer clear of new romantic encounters for now while Venus is retro! As the Sun and Venus meet on the 9th, you could be feted for doing something you love to do or for your ideas. Success? You could make it look effortless this week.

Liven up that work schedule or daily routine by taking a more fun loving and innovative approach now. Believe in yourself and be open to new ways of doing things. Above all, don’t get attached to schedules or doing things a certain way. Dare to try something new because sticking to your usual way could simply cut you off from new opportunities. How can you say what you want to in new ways? If you hold back on your ideas, time to ask why? You are heading for miracles this year, Scorpio. And you could be handed an opportunity that may be very different to what you have done or how you have done things, in the past. Try something new on for size just because you can, in 2022. You may find it’s a perfect fit for you after all. , your talents and your skills.

In a nutshell: Go back and mine those old ideas. Or even the way you present new ones. Are there new and fresh ways you can communicate these? Above all, 2022 wants you to lighten up. Including around love, Scorpio!

Jan 7 2022 Retrograde Venus and Juno conjunct in Capricorn (3rd)

Jan 9 2022 Sun and Retrograde Venus conjunct in Capricorn (3rd)


Are you a dark horse with a big secret?

Wait for rewards

Step off the romance roundabout

You are usually ‘out there’ and along with fellow fire sign Leo, a very ‘front of house’ kind of person, Sag. So it may seem strange as 2022 begins to see you keeping something to yourself or simply being willing to take a back seat for now. And being quite happy about it.

You may be still working through the residue from the eclipse in your sign last month. And combined with Venus retro in its ruling 2nd, wanting to keep your plans on the down-low for now. You are also the sign for whom ‘Instant gratification takes too long’ is a mantra! But not so at the moment. There’s just the feeling of deferred gratification sitting over all this. You’re on a journey but you’re not in a rush to get there. Instead you’re enjoying the scenery. If rewards are forthcoming this week – which they could be thanks to retro Venus in your 2nd meeting Juno in here on the 7th, you may not rush out to spend it, but instead put it towards a future plan.

This whole ‘wait and see’ approach could extend to your love life due to Venus backwards. If you’ve been playing swings and roundabouts with a lover, you may now just step back and observe rather than continue on an on-again/off-again merry-go-round. If you are working on a creative project, you could inject this with a truly innovative vision but again, you may not quite be ready to launch this on the world. You may not let everyone in on your secret world this week, Sag. But that doesn’t mean you’ve turned into a hermit. Live a little, play a little then recharged, return to whatever it is that is lighting up your interior world. The real rewards are set to follow.

In a nutshell: What’s that secret you’re keeping, Sag? Something you’re investing in or working on behind the scenes could pay off big-time in 2022. You’re willing to wait now – especially when it comes to love.

Jan 7 2022 Retrograde Venus and Juno conjunct in Capricorn (2nd)

Jan 9 2022 Sun and Retrograde Venus conjunct in Capricorn (2nd)


Dream a dream for two

Ideas take you further

Refine and re-align

You have an intense desire for a real emotional connection based on truth, equality and emotional resonance. Venus retro in your 1st could see you return to a joint project, awaken a need for a deeper commitment or refine that love goal for later in ‘22, Capricorn. Yes, an old flame could return as this week has the Sun meet Venus on the 9th.

You want to share your feelings and also be upfront about what you want for the future. You are also open to what the other party is seeking too. Checking you and your boo are still on the same page, asking for more and getting it are promised by the Venus/Juno meet-cute on the 7th. You may set new goals or pledges with someone close to you and remember, this includes business and working relationships and that bestie!

Jupiter now in your 3rd makes it easy to table that discussion. And also bigs up those ideas. You need to be doing something with them. Remember, the difference between a dream and a goal is action. If you do nothing but talk a good game, you never experience the results of bringing one. If your goal is around an existing relationship then get talking and follow through. If its around an idea – you have a green light. Just don’t go seeking a new love at first swipe right now. That particular goal needs to wait. If your present situation isn’t working then you need to have that conversation to fix this – one way or the other.

This week isn’t just about your ideas or wishes but about you and someone else. That present or future partner. So focus on your dreams which involve you and at least one other person. Start a dialogue with a present partner. And imagine the conversation that will follow with a future one this week.

In a nutshell: You’ve a desire to get closer or make a commitment as 2022 begins. Love can be reimagined for your future. Time to take action on that when it comes to present partnerships. Get serious this week, Capricorn.

Jan 7 2022 Retrograde Venus and Juno conjunct in Capricorn (1st)

Jan 9 2022 Sun and Retrograde Venus conjunct in Capricorn (1st)


Act on inner wisdom

Work your worth

Reclaim the past

Link to that inner truth this week and commit to what it tells you, Aquarius. There’s no ignoring the wisdom that whispers. An aspect of your past needs dealing with. Perhaps a past lover returning or a past promise you made. You now have to deal with them or make good. Perhaps this is something you promised yourself but didn’t follow through. You know you would never let anyone down, Aquarius. So why do you think you don’t deserve the same kind of integrity? You need to make good on those dreams this week.

Jupiter now in your 2nd is about more than just your money. It’s about your self-worth too. If the past does return, please look back at how it (or they) treated you. Is this still acceptable? How about how you have valued or treated yourself? You know your standards and ideas have now shifted.

You could see a key phase or project connected to your work – and one that you have invested in emotionally, come to fruition now. Jupiter wants expansion for you. And for you to be ready to receive more. Not just cash although it can up your income while in here. But to abundance in all its many forms.

In a nutshell: Promises or the past returns or comes full circle this week. Is there a new deal on the table? If you are to renew something it needs to reflect your values and that enhanced self-worth Aquarius. Including the promises you make to yourself.

Jan 7 2022 Retrograde Venus and Juno conjunct in Capricorn (12th)

Jan 9 2022 Sun and Retrograde Venus conjunct in Capricorn (12th)


Embrace something bigger in ‘22

Welcome to the world of wonders

Past connections come calling

Heighten the passion and embrace adventure or something bigger as the New Year begins. Your senses and your worldview expand thanks to Jupiter now in your sign. Leap into new experiences. Connect on new levels. Just not new love adventures yet as Venus remains retrograde in your 11th. It’s all about breaking free of past emotional bonds to immerse yourself in new soul experiences. Jupiter in your 1st is the explorer, pushing you out of your comfort zone. While Neptune your ruler guides you towards spiritual insight which is your compass. This is a fabulous time to reconnect to old friends and also those discarded dreams and reawaken them again.

Make that choice and stick to it now. Venus retro allows you to see whether you and others are still on the same page. Do your friendships support you or hold you back? There’s a spiritual bond to be explored here. One way or the other. Are you holding yourself back to simply continue to fit in? When you talk about your future do others subtly or even not so subtly, shoot down those ideas? Or are they your cheer squad? You need to make long term choices and decisions this week. Committing to a group or a goal being one possibility. 2022 is the year which wants to take you further. Get ready, soul traveler. There is so much more waiting to be explored.

In a nutshell: Expand your pleasure and your possibilities for ‘22 now you have both your rulers in your sign. A trip back to the past reclaims an old goal and injects it with renewed passion. Ensure you surround yourself with like minds now, Pisces.

Jan 7 2022 Retrograde Venus and Juno conjunct in Capricorn (11th)

Jan 9 2022 Sun and Retrograde Venus conjunct in Capricorn (11th)


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