12th March 2018 Weekly Astrology Forecast

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs March 5


  • What do you want to attract?
  • Love is your weapon of choice
  • Shrug off the past and jump into the new!

All you gorgeous rams out there – start your engines but drop those swords! Yes, it’s time to rev it up and put peddle to the metal. But don’t necessarily think you’re going into battle – even if people just seem determined to needle you now. This week marks the start of new beginnings and these include opting for a different style of individual action if it’s called for now.

In the run-up to your birthday, we have Mercury and Venus arriving in your sign this week intent on getting that party started. Time to think about fresh ideas and new beginnings. Start to shrug off the past and set your sights on what you want to attract in your new cycle. Love? A new job? More money? Or just a life that fills you with passion, excitement and happiness? You’re entering an important phase now where you can take stock and make any adjustments necessary as Jupiter heads retrograde in your 8th this week. Changes may not exactly go on hold, but they may be going on deep below the surface where others cannot see. This is your house of shared resources, power, sex, negotiation and boundaries. This goes back to what I was saying about laying down your sword or if someone does cross the line, to respond appropriately. Mars is in your 9th – Sagittarius, while Jupiter is in your 8th – Scorpio, which before Pluto was discovered, was Mars’s ruling sign. So, Mars and Jupiter right now are in what we call ‘mutual reception’. Even though Jupiter is retrograde, you can access big picture thinking and a philosophical outlook, as well as looking at challenges in a completely different way. Mars will trine Uranus, the planet of innovation and revolutionary thinking, in your 1st this week. Suddenly you’re able to see that the pen or at least diplomacy, is mightier than that sword and reach for a new way of dealing with things. Or maybe you now see the sword was totally unnecessary to begin with as you were never actually under attack. Or maybe you’re just in a go-getting frame of mind. If so, be a warrior for truth, beauty and love and base your actions on those.

In a nutshell: The solution may not be fight or flight this week, Aries. Time for Warrior Goddesses and Gods to lay down their swords. Make love your weapon of choice instead.


  • Spiritual insight is yours to access
  • Spring clean your soul house!
  • Prepare for a new cycle

Ruler Venus enters your 12th this week along with Mercury. This is the start of your soul house clearing period that occurs each year before your birthday. Of course, each year the process is slightly different – just like spring cleaning your home may vary, due to other influences in your chart. What I can tell you is that you are now being ‘prepped’ to take a radically different approach over the next few years and this week could very well mark the start of this process.

No matter which house Venus is in, your ruler always brings love and creativity to bear on any situation. With Mercury also in your 12th you are in a position where you can quite literally channel answers to mysteries. Think of this as a high speed link to universal wisdom or even your guardian angel – as this is the house of spirit guides. If you have questions, ask and then wait. Know you will get your answer – but this may come when you are no longer thinking about it or in a form different than you imagine. So watch for signs and synchronicities appearing in your path and keep track of your dreams. A journal by the side of your bed is a very good idea now.

As with any 12th house transit, the past may have a role to play now. When it comes to that soul-searching that goes hand in hand with the 12th, it’s time to look at where you have held yourself back in the past – and why. Fear of success? Fear of failure? Or just fear of what change would bring? Be open and honest with yourself about this and then commit to a different approach next time.

Jupiter planet of expansion, turns retrograde in your 7th of partnerships this week. If you are looking for love in the long term – or any kind of permanent arrangement even in business, this is not a good time to go looking or begin one. With the 12th house activated, a former partner may feature. If your current relationship is not going well, now is the time to tackle any issues and not let fear get in the way. One way or another, life is trying to move you forward. Don’t resist the process now.

In a nutshell: Got a Guardian Angel? Sure you do! You’ve a high speed link to spiritual wisdom this week. Want answers? Just ask!


  • Step out into a new social scene
  • What’s on that bucket list?
  • Dare to dream

You’re feeling the need to learn something new, Gemini. Perhaps as part of a group or social experience. Ruler Mercury enters your house of social activities and friends along with Venus this week. Invitations and good times beckon. But part of this may be a desire to join in and learn something new. If you have been thinking about joining a local meetup or class, this could be your moment to do so. Or maybe you are thinking of starting one? It’s all about connecting with others who have something to teach you. Perhaps not in a formal way, but just broaden your experience or knowledge of the world on some level. So take advantage of any opportunity to escape your usual social circle and meet people from different backgrounds or professions. Chances are you could strike gold.

This is your house of goals and dreams – that bucket or wishlist of those desires that form part of who you are. To achieve these no matter what they are, chances are at the very least you need a cheer squad. Venus always wants to deliver us pleasure – even if her energy in this house is more geared towards friendships. So, one likely outcome of Venus in here is connecting with your dream team who can cheer you or even offer practical assistance – or come on the journey with you.

Jupiter is about to make a rare retrograde in your 6th (a Mercury-ruled house as you know). Think of this as a Mercury retrograde but SUPERSIZED. Jupiter rules amongst other things long distance travel, higher learning and the mass media. So, double check those travel arrangements and all communications. This is your house of every day work (the ‘day job’) routines and health matters. Jupiter is very much about big picture thinking and this house which is ruled by Virgo is all about the details. So, time to look behind the broad strokes now. Adjust your routine if necessary as Jupiter hates ruts and repartition. If you experience the kind of delays and snafus you would normally encounter on a Mercury retrograde again, they are likely to be bigger and last longer Don’t leave home without a Plan B – or even a Plan C now.

In a nutshell: What’s on your bucket list, Gemini? Pick the thing that fills your heart with excitement and then go for it. And you won’t have to go it alone either!


  • Is romance on replay?
  • Make those career moves
  • Upgrade ambitions – both personal and professional

Is romance on hold?! Or is this a re-run you’re experiencing, Cancer? What is set on spin-cycle or even return? Are you getting the uncanny feeling you have been here before? This week sees Jupiter planet of expansion, travel and learning, turn to retrograde motion in your house of love, creativity and children. Past issues around any, some or even all of these could surface now. Past lovers, adult children, step children as well as your own, past creative projects – these are the ‘children’ of your creativity – you may find yourself in a new situation with any of these but it’s got a past flavour to it. As Jupiter is all about higher learning, if this all seems familiar, then time to take what you learned from the last time around and apply it to the present.

Career moves can now be made as your 10th begins to fill up with planetary potential. Mercury and Venus arrive on the 6th. Upgrade those plans and update your image if necessary. You have the ideas and power of persuasion courtesy of Mercury while Venus enhances your ability to reach for win/win solutions and above all, create the right impression. Others see you as someone they want to work with. Both Venus and Mercury will make a perfect trine to Ceres in your 2nd this week. The 2nd being Venus’s ruling house of course. Ceres is either about planting a crop to harvest later or reaping one now. Which is it? Could it in fact be both as you reach a milestone in your career and then prepare for the next phase? While love may be tinged with shades of the past, your work and career is yours to colour with future success this week, Cancer.

In a nutshell: Time to shine a light on those career goals and ambitions. You’ve the ability to charm and create exactly the right impression.  Make it work for you this week, Cancer.


  • Renovate, redecorate or revise home matters
  • Sow the seeds of your imagination
  • Opportunity shines a beacon into your future

Home matters, moving house and even long term career plans are on hold from this week or else up for revision. The reason is Jupiter turning retrograde in your 4th of home, family matter and long-term security. Just as you would try to avoid signing a contract or property deal on a Mercury retrograde unless it could possibly be helped, you need to approach this Jupiter retrograde in much the same fashion. Except consider it supersized. Of course, often one cannot help but plough ahead with plans, retrograde or not. Especially as this one lasts a supersized time longer than a Mercury one. Until July 15 to be precise. Needless to say, you cannot necessarily put home, moving matters or career moves on hold during this period. But if you have to move forward when Jupiter in here is going backward, my advice to you is to supersize what you would do in a Mercury retro: i.e.: read the small print, check, double-check and even TRIPLE check and get expert advice is necessary. 

Fabulous freedom-enhancing aspects are building up in your 9th house (which co-incidentally Jupiter rules). This is of course ahead of the Sun moving in there later this month. For now the cosmic focus shines on transformation, personal empowerment, desire, passion and yes – sex while your ruler remains in your 8th. Magnetic attraction that’s hard to resist may feature. Or else you may discover a connection is not for you after all.   

Ceres in your 1st is at present unlocking the doors to your future. Get ready for what I can only call ‘preview night’ as to what this holds for you in terms of exploration and expansion this week as Mercury and then Venus align to Ceres from your 9th. Sow the seeds of your imagination now. They could take your so much further than you imagine, Leo.

In a nutshell: Unlock doors to your future now. One or even more may be opening wide. You’ve waited for this moment. Don’t hesitate now.


  • Get ready for change
  • Use a touch of magic
  • As within, so without

What’s your anthem this week, Virgo? ‘Turn and face the strange’ – Changes by the incomparable David Bowie. The reason for this choice? Change can involve us having to deal with new ‘strange’ elements. Our 8th house of transformation, endings, rebirth and change is also our house of fear. So, just the word ‘change’ can often trigger a knee-jerk response. Ruler Mercury and also Venus shift into your 8th this week plus we have some very interesting aspects occurring in your mystical, magical 12th too. I could say that any changes are linked to your destiny unfolding or your past. Actions you took, actions you failed to take – these now come full circle as Mercury and Venus trine Ceres in here. People from your past could reappear too. What do they have to tell you about how you were back then and who you are now? What has changed within you during the intervening period?

Your 12th is your house of all things hidden – including the things you hide from yourself. Don’t be afraid to probe fearlessly into the depths of your psyche now and yes, make inner changes if needed. To quote Bowie again: So I turned myself to face me. It may be time to do this now.

Jupiter in your 3rd of the written word, communications, business, siblings and your neighbourhood – as well as learning and journeys, shifts to retrograde in here from the 9th and will remain so until July 15. Being a Mercury-ruled sign and this being a Mercury-ruled house in your chart, you are better able than most to cope with what may manifest as a Mercury retro on steroids. Needless to say, back everything up, read the small print, prepare to repeat yourself if necessary and allow extra time to get anywhere. Remember, retrogrades are all about ‘re’ words – revise, re-imagine, review. You can apply all these to any inner work – and those changes as you can go about them in a new and completely strange and charmed way this week.

In a nutshell: What’s strange may be just what you need, Virgo. Strange as in novel and new of course! Be a little stranger this week and embrace fabulous results!


  • Give yourself that loving feeling
  • Like attracts like
  • Refine your values

Get ready for love, Libra! Ruler Venus arrives in her ruling house in your chart from the 6th – entering it the same day as love courier Mercury. It’s time to focus on all activities that involve you and at least one other person. But if you’re looking for new love or to rekindle the passion in an existing relationship, now is your time. Want love? Then you need to ensure love can find you. It’s no use staying home with your boxset. Get your glam on and get out and about especially as both Mercury and Venus make gorgeous angles of allurement and attraction to Ceres in your house of friends, groups and goals. Update your image and start by loving yourself a little more than you have been of late. Like attracts like, after all. Good news not just in love but in business or working ventures could also be on the way for some. You are in a position to create your very best lasting impression when meeting people – whether for business or pleasure. Ready to work your magic?

This week sees Jupiter, the planet of abundance, expansion and luck turn retrograde in your asset-driven 2nd. As you know, this is the other house Venus rules in your chart. Unlike a Mercury retrograde which lasts on average roughly three weeks, due to Jupiter being a slow-moving planet, retrogrades last months with this one ending on July 15. Time to look at what you have learned about managing your money, assets, talents and skills (these are assets don’t forget) and self-worth. By now you should have grasped the fact that the only way to save money is not to spend it. And as for your self-worth or what you have to offer, that’s just one more resource you don’t scatter. Put a price on you and don’t give away anything from your time to your skills or most importantly, your love to anyone or anything that doesn’t deserve it or reflect your true value now. How’s that for love magic this week?

In a nutshell: Love magic returns this week as ruler Venus enters her ruling house in your chart. Sprinkle yourself with a little stardust and get ready to work it now.


  • Explore your potential
  • Work those smarts
  • Get serious about being absolutely fabulous!

You, your image, who you are, what you are all about and how you want others to see you is about to enter a key stage of what I would call refinement this week. After all, you are the sign of the phoenix and rebirth is second nature to you.  Refocus your energy now on the wonderful world of you. What changes have been going on inside of you with regards to your beliefs, philosophies and how you see yourself in relation to the world ‘out there’? Does the outer you reflect what the inner you is now all about? Are you happy about the way others see you? Jupiter in your sign is all about you and your image. The largest planet in our solar systems shifts to retrograde motion this week and will remain this way until July 15. This could bring about a time of self-alignment where you craft and project a congruent image that is new, fabulous and authentic and above all, reflects who you truly have become. Don’t be afraid to make big sweeping change and above all, have fun doing it. Jupiter really doesn’t take anything too seriously. Sure, you can get  serious results from this but it shouldn’t be hard work. Exploring your own potential is very much favoured now as is  travel. But have you been to me lately? This is where your journey begins now.

Mercury enters his ruling house in your chart (6th) this week along with Venus and both enhance work and career prospects as they angle to Ceres in your house of career and reputation. So, working on that image may result in you being seen as the perfect person for  the job. Pay attention to how you are coming across. Both your rulers ancient and modern (Mars and Pluto) and making positive aspects across your money, communications, work and business sectors. The upshot could be that work win you’ve been waiting on or you taking action to set it in motion. This week is all about going within to bring about the changes you want to see in the outer world now.

In a nutshell: A week to ensure your outer gorgeousness matches all that inner radiance that needs to shine. Time to unveil a new you. The world is gonna be lovin’ it now.


  • Be the magician in your life
  • Romance, fun and pleasure return
  • Replay that soul mix tape from your past

Your ruler Jupiter retrogrades rarely. But when he does the retrograde period usually lasts a long time and of course, puts you ‘on hold’ in a key area of your life. It’s time for a cosmic review period from the 9th when this occurs in your 12th house of mysteries, the past and all things hidden. This will last until July 15. Until then, look back but whatever you do, don’t live in the past. What your ruler wants you to do is see how far you have come and what you have learned. People from the past, or situations in the present that may eerily resemble something you thought lived out or lived through, may reappear. The question is: how will you deal with them this time around? Things that have been hidden may come to light. Ensure you do not have any skeletons in that closet. Understand that the choices and decisions you made in the past have created your life in the present. This is why reviewing it can be so empowering. Once we understand this, we become magicians in our own lives as we now see that what we choose in the present right now, is creating our future. Jupiter says: if necessary, choose different this time around.

This may apply to your love life, your creativity, your children or just your ability to showcase yourself, play with life and have fun. Mercury and Venus both arrives in your 5th of love affairs, pleasure and attraction this week. What gives you joy? Or does something that you are attracting now have its roots in the past even if it is in fact, brand new? Time to radiate the desire for something new and playful and see what – or even who, responds to your call. The future for you is happening right now this week, Sag.

In a nutshell: You’re bringing not just sexy back but romance, fun, pleasure and creativity too. Your vibe is set to ‘attraction’. Watch who or what responds this week.


  • Update that wishlist
  • Changes around home or living arrangements are possible
  • What do you need to feel secure?

You may be looking at crunch time with a home or career decision this week, Capricorn. There’s an issue you are determined to get to the bottom of or take action over. The question is: who or what is getting in your way? You may have to make a decisive move to deal with this or probe deeper into it to get to the truth. Don’t be afraid to ask questions now or shy away from confrontations if they are needed. I could say ‘The truth is out there’ but it may also be within you as your intuition may be guiding you in the direction of the answers you seek. Tune in then act on  the information you are given.

Mercury and Venus arrive in your 4th this week favouring home and family matters, moving, improving or any decision that affects your long term security or living arrangements. They are impacting on Ceres in your sector of change, transformation and personal empowerment. Hence the need to take a stand or uncover what is going on ‘behind the scenes’. Expect a dynamic change or shift as a result possibly around your income or something you share with someone else.

Your goals and even your social life, groups, organisations, clubs and how you deal with ‘the collective’ could be up for review as Jupiter planet of abundance, travel and expansion shifts to retrograde motion in your 11th from the 9th. Unlike Mercury retros, Jupiter retrogrades last for months. This one will come to an end on July 15. Old friends and contacts can re-appear – perhaps with new resonance – and relevance for you. When it comes to your goals, test them to see if they still reflect who you have become. Have you changed and if so, has what you want changed with this? If a goal has stood the test of time then re-commit to it during this retro period. If so, set your sights on something new. Here’s what Jupiter wants you to understand: If your dream is not coming true, it’s  because you need a bigger one.

In a nutshell: Are those goals and dreams still relevant for you, Capricorn? Or do you need to re-wish them? Perhaps you need a bigger dream to come true so create it now.


  • Dare to try something new?
  • If you always choose the same you get the same result
  • Ready to fall head over heels?

Get ready for rush hour, Aquarius! Mercury enters his ruling house (3rd) along with Venus this week. Plus you have them both making connections to Ceres in your 7th and Venus’s ruling house. It’s not only news, meetings, ideas and journeys that send you dashing from one exciting meeting to the next, but the possibility of love that puts wings on your heart as well as your heels. In fact, ‘head over heels’ could be a perfect way to describe this week’s line-up for you!

Mars in you 11th of all matters Aquarian-related is pushing you out into a larger social network or off in hot pursuit of those goals as he trines your ruler Uranus also in your 3rd this week. The talk is not just of love but lovin’ success, your ideas and just doing things your way. A different kind of love? You could have that too. Step away from your usual ‘type’ if you have one or from ideas where you think love can be found. Try something new. Want to see what I mean? Watch the movie ‘Something New’ starring Simon Baker and Sanaa Lathan. You’ll see what I mean.

Time for a career review as Jupiter the planet of expansion, now heads backwards in your 10th from the 9th. Jupiter is a slow moving planet and when he retrogrades, tends to spend a long time in retrograde phase. This retro will last until July 15. During this time it’s not so much about progress being halted as reviewed now. How far have you come? Are you satisfied with your career path? Or your progress to date? Remember, Jupiter always wants to bring opportunities and expand on some level. This is all about planning your next move mid-year when he turns direct once more. Loving what you do plays a big role in this as does who you work with. Align your business goals and your heart this week.

In a nutshell: Is it time for something new especially when it comes to love, Aquarius? If you want a different outcome, reach for a different choice now.


  • Make you your own best investment
  • Watch what returns
  • Music! Beauty! Love! Embrace the finer things of life

Venus enters her ruling house in your chart (2nd) this week along with Mercury. Expect a renewed focus on your income, assets and values. A new source of income could open up with a job offer or side hustle you start yourself. Mercury lights up your mind with ideas and also the ability to sell yourself so much more effectively. Just keep an eye on your budget while Venus is in here as while she can boost your assets she can also have you spending money as fast or even faster, than it comes in. Usually on the finer things of life as Venus has a keen eye for the beautiful, the sensual and the pleasurable and only the very best will do for the Material Goddess. Mercury and Venus will both trine Ceres this week in your 6th which is Mercury’s ruling house. Once again indicating that a money making on income increasing plan may now come to fruition. Set the wheels in motion now.

Jupiter in your 9th turns retrograde this week in his ruling house. Jupiter retrogrades last a long time – this one until July 15. As Jupiter is going backwards in his ruling house in your chart, you need to focus on all things Jupiter-ruled – with added depth and the ability to be transformed during this cycle. These include travel – especially the long distance variety, people and organisations from overseas, academia, the law, the outdoors, sports, the mass media and animals – especially large ones and horses. Whatever is in motion in these areas may need to be reviewed, revised or in the case of business and travel – revisited.  You could also see the return for something which falls in one of the categories return now – that even includes that missed opportunity. As with all retrogrades even big ones like this, it’s more about repurposing what you have with an eye on the future rather than starting something new. Sometimes however, you can find something new or maybe something you missed, along a path you have walked before.

In a nutshell: Gorgeous self-and-actual worth boosting events could seem like money in the bank now, Pisces. What you attract is a reflection of those inner values. Invest in you now.

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