19th February 2018 Weekly Astrology Forecast

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs February 5th 2018


  • Get ready for social healing
  • Action and confidence propel you forward
  • Forge new connections any way you can

Lots of activity in your 11th puts you in the eye of the social whirl this week, Aries. Mix in a bit of fate and 5th house glamour and sparkle, shake and then – prepare for surprises! Three planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus) and two asteroids (Astraea and Hygeia) fill that 11th to capacity. It’s your very own sell-out concert happening in here. Heal any feelings of social inadequacy. Do you no longer have the resonance with certain friends you used to? Now is the time to get out and forge new ones. It’s all about the support of groups around you as the asteroids are connecting to you healing, balance and also a sense of being able to be yourself. Look closely at the connections which allow you to do that. Perhaps start a Moon group ans gather a new tribe around you?

Ceres and the North Node are in your 5th and Mars your ruler trines these and pushes you to make changes which could actually result in cosmic connections. Don’t be a couch potato now. Shy? Believe it or not, for a sign that’s associated with action and confidence, this can happen. You just hide it well if it does. Many actors admit to shyness away from the spotlight. If so, join something like Toastmasters where there’s no pressure but you can work on your confidence skills and extend your social circle all at the same time.

Venus is on the move this week and on into your 12th where you’ll start to delve deep into the past and how it gives birth to your future path. But this week is all about getting a head start on it.

In a nutshell: Rock you like a social hurricane, Aries! Friends, group, contacts offer cosmic connections. Work that network like a pro this week.


  • Move up where you belong
  • Craft your professional image
  • Don’t undersell yourself

Ruler Venus is set on enhancing your professional reputation and enabling you to create an image worthy of the cover of Entrepreneur or Fast Company this week. There’s a full board meeting happening in your 10th of long term career and status which sees you set for a take-over bid when it comes to those ambitions. The question is however: do you feel you belong in the boardroom – or the basement?

It’s one thing to ‘fake it ‘till you make it’ – unless of course, you want to be a brain surgeon at which point medical school is your recommended route. However, impostor syndrome is something else entirely. This is no time to undersell yourself or your talents. Or to be tripped up at the last hurdle by thoughts such as you’ve gotten this far due to a fluke or that anyone could do your job. It is time to think however about new ways of doing things and be an agent for innovation. How you are seen by others this week will be all important when it comes to your progression. Be seen as someone who knows their stuff and is going places.

This is the house of your partner’s status so some of you could benefit directly from a partner’s ascension as opposed to yours. With Venus involved, singles could attract someone powerful (which can mean many things not just money) and with serious long-term prospects.

The 10th sees Venus enter your 11th sprinkling all social interactions with a touch of glamour. You’re now set to make the right impression whether meeting someone for business or personal reasons. Update your image if necessary and ensure you look and feel your best. You’re on show now.

In a nutshell: Ruler Venus has a board meeting happening in your career zone. And your status is #1 on the agenda. Time to make serious (and beautiful) moves now.


  • The world comes calling
  • Where can your ideas take you?
  • Take a chance on love (or doing something you love!)

Mercury in your 9th opposing the North Node in Mercury’s own house in your chart can only mean one thing: destiny defining news or a journey is on its way. Your 9th is loaded with planets like passengers sitting in the departure lounge. Where are they headed to? What is their journey about? Business? Pleasure? Study? Exploration? Freedom? The Sun, Mercury, Venus and two asteroids – Astraea and Hygeia. The two asteroids are enhancing your intellect and problem solving abilities (Astraea) and connecting you to healing and the world of archetypes (Hygeia). It’s all about expansion and doing things you have always dreamed of doing – but which perhaps you’ve held back from attempting in the past. This line up is all about having the confidence to go for it. New and exciting people could cross your path and even if you are not travelling now, you could be meeting or dealing with people from overseas. However, this is a wonderful line-up under which to at least plan that long distance trip if not depart on it.

Luck is all around you especially up until the 10th when Venus changes signs and shifts into your 10th bringing then enhanced career prospects and the ability to create a favourable impression. Until then, its time to take a chance, perhaps on love or doing what you love. Parties, celebrations or just being out and about lifts your spirits and you could even find yourself in the right place at the right time for an unlooked for opportunity. This is one of those weeks where your confidence and your belief in yourself and your ideas should be at an all-time high. The question is: where do you dare to go with all this? Plan for a big journey now.

In a nutshell: Take the first step on a big journey this week, Gemini. You’re suddenly aware that only one thing stands between you and your goals. That’s you.


  • River deep, mountain high passion
  • What’s not healthy gets cleared away
  • Change your ideas about change

Change is the only constant and the catalyst for our evolution. This week proves the truth of that. We can have a very extreme reaction to the word ‘change’. Usually, because we associate it with something negative or untoward happening. But change can be exciting, thrilling, put our feet on a new path where opportunities lurk we may otherwise have missed, and even small changes can have a big impact in the long term. Getting married is a change. Having a baby is a change. We move from single to coupled-up and from being responsible for ourselves, to creating a whole new person to be responsible for. So, these are two examples of positive change. Given this is a week to embrace change thanks to a massive line up in your house of transformation, shared resources and yes – sex – how many positive changes as opposed to negative ones, can you think of? Change your perspective on change. Shared resources, joint accounts and your salary could be up for negotiation. Passions run high and deep. Anything that isn’t healthy could be cleared away for you now thanks to Astraea and Hygeia in here as well as a three-planet line up.

You could feel an intense desire to express your passion or even attract a lover who exudes magnetism. Are they a mirror of your own? What part of you is demanding to be unleashed now? And is this the change you have been waiting for?

Venus is on the move on the 10th on into your house of travel, freedom, learning and luck. You may now want all of this but served up with a spiritual twist. And fuelled by the cycle of change that you’re now embracing, rather than thinking of it as something to fear. Remember, things cannot improve and the new cannot replace the old without change. This week shows you the power and the truth of that.

In a nutshell: How do you feel about change? Or to put it another way: unless things change they can’t improve. So open up and embrace it.


  • Radiate and you attract
  • Balance your love life
  • Get soul healing

Is there a price ticket on love? Just askin’, Leo. Relationships could come up for a health check this week. Love is often an act of compromise. Usually requiring give and take by both parties in equal proportion. Too much take and not enough give and one ends up with imbalance. Or perhaps you have been made to feel you have to be someone other than who you are to receive love? Conditional love is an imbalance too and usually comes with the sort of price ticket nobody wants to pay. Your 7th is loaded with heavenly bodies wanting to bring you the love this week. And the balance back in to your love life.

Ruler the Sun shines on partnerships of all descriptions – whether it’s long term love, marriage, business or any close personal connection. Plus you have Mercury in here enhancing communicating those feelings and Venus in this her ruling house. This is your house of attraction and what you radiate you will attract back. So, where is your focus going? If you need healing around love and especially around allowing love into your life or redressing a love imbalance, two powerful asteroids in here – Astraea and Hygeia are enhancing the love vibration to enable you to do just that.

This is one of the best weeks of the year so far for attracting love or success in business. Especially as Mercury opposes the North Node in your chart. Fate is at work when it comes to attraction now. Venus is about to move out of here and on into your 8th house. Now it’s all about desire and intensity and less about hearts and flowers. You could be set for a passionate encounter or as this house rules your shadow side, surprise yourself with what you have attracted. It’s two sides of the same coin this week.

In a nutshell: Bring on the love this week, Leo! I’m talking about the REAL deal, not the 10 x 8 glossy. Accept no substitutes this week.


  • Bring back joy
  • Lighten the load
  • Ready for that forever kind of love?

This week has a vibe that’s just well, so YOU, Virgo. It’s all down to your 6th house of peerless Virgoan detail, wellbeing and pristine perfection. You’re better able than most signs to declutter the extraneous from your life and be left simply with nothing left but which brings you joy.

What no longer serves you is culled now as ruler Mercury in his ruling house opposes Ceres and the North Node in your 12th. There’s a feeling of letting something go which may have been long overdue. Once this is done there’s a lightness in your soul. Two asteroids sitting in your 6th – Astraea and Hygeia, are very much on your wavelength. In fact there are arguments for making one of these your new or co-ruler. Astraea allows you to restore sublime balance in your life while Hygeia is all about self-awareness, self-healing, Shamanism and holistic health. You are more aware than ever now of connections – not just the mind/body/spirit one but the connection between imbalance in one area of your life and how this impacts on others. You’ll take steps now if necessary to restore this results in a happier, healthier, more joyful you and a better way of working.

The 10th begins the planetary switch into your 7th house starting with Venus who rules in here. Single Virgos could find their thoughts straying towards a forever kind-of-thing – or someone who fits the bill. Taken Virgos need that extra bit of love and affection, for their partner to show how they appreciate them. Venus in here enhances all kinds of partnership situations including business and working ones. It’s time to think ahead towards a month where it takes two on one level or another. And that in itself is worth you feeling healthy and joyful about.

In a nutshell: Time to create a life that just gives you back nothing but joy, Virgo. To do that, you may have to let some things go. Maybe love is what you’re making way for now.


  • Create balance in relationships
  • Who do you belong with?
  • Life is a collaborative venture

Ruler Venus spends most of this week in your shining 5th house before moving on to your 6th on the 10th. Make the most of this because as well you know, this is not the best position for Venus as the 6th is too practical and dull for her. That being said, she will be smiling on any attempts by you to enhance yourself by making changes to your diet, fitness or wellbeing regimen – as will Astraea and Hygeia who are also in your 5th. Is it time to just feel better about yourself on some level?

Connections which enhance your life – or don’t as the case may be, are foremost in your mind. Who do you belong with? You have a lot in common with Astraea as this asteroid is concerned with balance and you are after all, the sign of the scales. You’ll be bringing that to bear on your relationships now – whether romantic, business or just friendship and looking at how they fit in to the bigger picture. New connections can be made as Mercury in your 5th opposes Ceres and the North Node in your 11th. Just be aware this is more about a working connection, collaboration or friendship than a romantic one. But there’s a touch of fate around this and whoever you encounter now is destined to play a pivotal role in your future.

This is a fantastic week for pushing forward with any plans you have especially when it comes to business and making money. Jupiter in your cash zone is intent now on improving the flow for you this year. You have the option now to take steps and accept what is on offer. It may require discipline but you’ve done this before. Focus and act and those financial goals could just materialise this week.

In a nutshell: Time to love yourself that bit more this week, Libra. Looking good and feeling good paves the way for new connections and work opportunities.


  • Create your future
  • Get your hygge happening
  • Love is in the air

Houseguests Astraea and Hygeia in your 4th are asking you to put your house in order this week. Plus some truly security enhancing aspects are occurring between Jupiter in your 1st and the Sun, as well as Mercury also in your 4th and the North Node and Ceres in your 10th. This is the week under which to cement your future.

Venus remains in your 4th until the 10th, giving you the desire to beautify your home environment. Make this your temple now. You may find you are more inclined to spend time at home than go out. If you’ve felt like cocooning recently, or just spending time appreciating your surroundings with a good book, meditation or music, don’t feel you need to be out and about. In other words, get your hygge on! The energy is about to shift and you’ll be back in the flow of things again. Mercury in here as well as the asteroids can have you decluttering and refining your lifestyle. This is also an excellent time for property dealings if you are thinking of moving. Your long term career is in focus too and naturally this affects your home life. You could be handed the keys now – for anything from a front door to a corner office, It’s a week to think and act with a long term plan and to use any down-time to refine this.

Venus in your 5th from the 10th announces that love is in the air! If not love for someone special (although for singles this is a distinct possibility), then loving what you do or the company you keep. You’re heading into a time to fun, pleasure and creativity where everything takes on a light-hearted feeling of play. That goes for work too. You’ve the ability to attract at your command. And one way or another, when you emerge from your sanctuary, get ready to attract attention this week.

In a nutshell: Time to cocoon – then time to play. Think and plan for the long term. Then emerge and party like the present, Scorpio!


  • Get ready for positive news
  • Love, romance and flirtation
  • Where energy flows manifestation happens

Go-getting Mars in your 1st could be making you feel there’s no mountain you can’t scale or task that’s beyond you this week, Sag. If you’ve been feeling at a low-ebb of late, you should see your energy return. Direct it like a laser towards a specific goal rather than scatter it and you will be amazed at the progress you can achieve this week.

You have a loaded 3rd this week with not only the ruler of this house, Mercury in here, but the Sun, Venus and asteroids Astraea and Hygeia. Both these asteroids share qualities with Mercury and strangely enough, also Venus as Astraea in particular is concerned with balance. Venus enhances your ability to get both your ideas and yourself across and boosts your creativity – especially in anything to do with business or the written word while she is in here. Your words are tinged with love for what you do and passion – perhaps for someone as words of love, romance and being downright flirtatious are other ways Venus expresses herself in this house. Positive news around business and affairs of the heart could therefore be on their way. But again, utilise that Mars energy in a constructive way as you’ll quickly discover that whatever you direct your energy towards quickly manifests now. Are you a magician? Possibly if you keep an open connection to your intuition now.

Venus moves into your 4th of home, family and long term security from the 10th. You may now see the results of all this concentrated effort appear. Time to look to your surroundings, your home and decisions around your career that sustain you for the longer term.  A change is coming – for the better and all thanks to your efforts, Sag. That’s your magic this week.

In a nutshell: Feeling like you can conquer the world, Sag? With the right plan you just might. And win a few hearts in the process this week.


  • Get into a new relationship – with your money
  • Direct your resources
  • You are your values this week

Watch out for unexpected changes on the home front this week, Capricorn. Money could be coming in but it may go out again just as fast due to unforeseen expenses or perhaps things just costing more than you originally budgeted for. Venus in her ruling 2nd can also lead you towards extravagance. All in the pursuit of beauty, naturally.

But with three planets and two asteroids in your money zone now this is all about your relationship to your cash and assets. Plus you have the North Node and Ceres in your 8th of salary and shared resources. It’s all about reaping what you sow as well as your values. Some of you may find more cash coming your way as I said. For others, the issue may not be how much of it you have, but how you use it. It’s about your power to direct your resources. So if unexpected expenses do turn up, you can handle them. This week will ask you if you control your money or if it controls you. And you may see quite clearly which one this is now. It really does all boil down to what you value the most and it’s time to determine this. It’s all time to surround yourself with people who reflect your values. So, be selective about these now.

Venus moves from the ruling 2nd and into your 3rd from the 10th. Time for some love talk after you’ve been talking money (and money and love are both Venus ruled!). Venus in here can continue to bring you the benefits that began while she was in your 2nd as business and financial dealings continue to be blessed by her. But in your 3rd you are able to channel Venus into expressing your ideas in a way that is both emotionally compelling yet remains grounded in intellect. The combination when it comes to business is irresistible and compelling and the results may amaze not just others but you too. Direct your energy this week whether it’s towards money or romance towards whatever it is you truly value for yourself.

In a nutshell: Get into a love relationship with your money this week, Capricorn. It’s your values which are your greatest asset, not your cash. Invest for profit now.


  • Set your intentions for the coming year
  • Create your fate
  • Dare to do

One final week where it’s all about YOU Aquarius before the planets start to move out into your 2nd of money, assets and values. Hopefully, you are been looking at what you want to achieve in the next 12 months, the kind of person you now see yourself as, and to set yourself some goals for the coming year. With Venus in here, it’s time to appreciate beauty and to enjoy yourself. Mercury has your head buzzing with ideas but also appreciating the fun side of life. Your birthday season still has some time to run so set some intentions now.

Jupiter in your 10th gets behind your personal ambitions helping you to  reach higher than you have done previously. Dare to do now. Mercury in your 1st opposes first Ceres in your 7th and then the North Node on the 9th. Ceres can be the planet of abundance and power but also one of loss, compromise and mis-use of power. Fate features and with Ceres so close to the North Node this is asking – do you submit to fate, or create it? Take authority now especially when it comes to your career and partnership matters. In mythology Jupiter always assisted Ceres and this help is now something you can access to. But it comes from taking up the reins of your own life and directing it.

The 10th sees the party begin to break up in your 1st but this is actually not bad news as Venus is the first to leave for her ruling 2nd of money, values and assets. This position along with Jupiter in your 10th, directing the course of your career, or your love life for that matter, is very much down to your self-determination – and your self-worth. It all boils down to your intention. So, fix on an outcome – and enjoy getting there.

In a nutshell: be a little bit more daring this week when it comes to where your life is headed. Whether it’s work or love, you determine your course. And your destination.


  • Restore wholeness
  • Tap into a well of insight
  • Put yourself first

Intuition has a huge role to play this week – especially when it comes to your health and wellbeing, Pisces. Tune in and be open to healing on some many levels. I’m talking about the entire mind/body/spirit connection. We aren’t just what we eat, we are what we do and think too. You’re at the close of a cycle of preparedness. But what are you preparing for? Right this moment you may not know for sure. But what you do know is that something is coming.

Your 12th is your link to the past so as the planets amass in this cosmic waiting room preparing for your birthday cycle, don’t be surprised if the past surfaces in some way. This may involve healing or just re-framing it in the light of the present thanks to Astraea and Hygeia in here. Two asteroids concerned with restoring balance and holistic wellbeing. Mercury also in here opposes Ceres and then the North Node in your 6th which is Mercury’s ruling house. A change in health regimen, diet, fitness or simply opting for a healthier routine could be one outcome while another could bring a change for the better in your working environment. Above all however, your 12th is all about intuition and gut feelings so pay attention to them and follow through on the advice you receive.

Kick-start your birthday season early as Venus enters your 1st from the 10th. Time to now act on your intuition and plant beautiful seeds which will grow and bloom for you in the year ahead. Time to put yourself first and to live your life on your terms without worrying about what other people think. This new you is getting prepared – for what’s yet to come.

In a nutshell: Your intuition is helping you map out your future path. You’re on the cusp of something, Pisces. Chances are this week brings you a preview of what’s to come.

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