5th September 2016 Weekly Astrology Forecast

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs Feb 26


  • Cast a new light on an old problem
  • Your insight opens up new possibilities
  • Press the ‘reset’ button on your soul

Time to look at what’s standing in your way this week, Aries. You’ve a slew of planets in your spiritual 12th and all things hidden and mysterious. Those blockages can be situations, other people, the past or even something you have unwittingly put in your own path and are unaware of – even when it trips you up. You not only don’t see it coming, you have no idea what just happened or why. Mercury in your 12th squares Mars in your 9th and your ruler right now is on a mission to give you freedom. Mercury also makes a more beneficial angle to Pluto in your status zone on the 1st – the same day Venus also in your 12th trines Jupiter, the ruler of the 9th. Get ready for a ‘Now you see it’ moment – or at least the beginning of the emergence of that. You may get an inkling that something now has to change. Is it you? Or it is something external?

This week is all about seeing something or someone in a new light. From your emotions to your relationships, expect your insight to open up for a mind-blowing revelation. After a month without a full Moon March will give us two ‘blue’ Moons, the first of which appears on the 2nd and occurs in your sector of work and wellbeing. For you in particular, you can  explore the mind/body/spirit connection, how work and routines affect these and make adjustments based on what is revealed. The past plays a role, perhaps in re-framing it or perhaps it returns. Again, if you will be able to see it (or them) in a very different light this time around especially when the Sun meets Neptune on the 4th. Press the reset button on your soul this week and then release yourself into a future that’s yours to create.

In a nutshell: Soul revelations are forthcoming now. This week allows you to by-pass what has been blocking you for good. Get ready for green light between you and the future.


  • Life takes on a fresh lustre
  • Restore your connection to romance
  • Live a little, laugh a lot this week

Has your sparkle been a little dulled of late? Even for a sign ruled by the planet of glamour and beauty, this can happen all too easily. Everyday routines and responsibilities take over. You lose your connection to the creative, sensual side of life. You’re so reliable that others start taking this for granted. The causes are endless. But the result is you wondering why life is all work and no play? If so, time to set this to rights, Taurus. Your 5th/11th house axis is alight this week and beckoning you out of the shadows and back into the spotlight once more. Ruler Venus heads up a planetary party in your house of social connections, goals and dreams. A shift could occur that sees you stepping out and expressing yourself and your ideas in front of a larger and more appreciative audience.

Normally I would say that this would be more about friendship than romance. But with your 5th involved – you can have both! After an entire month without a full Moon, March will deliver us two! The first one appears in your fabulous 5th and let us not forget this is your house of romance, fun and opportunities to shine. That sparkle just had its lustre restored as the desire to step free of drudgery and routine is reawakened within you. Under the light of this Moon a romance could begin or go to the next level. With the Sun meeting Neptune in your 11th and also Mercury, Venus and Chiron all meeting in here as well, it is time to heal any wounds around your social life, attraction and desirability. Time to hone those flirting skills – whether it is life in general or one particular person you want to flirt with. Let go of anything that has tarnished you in the past and let your true self shine through. Attraction and acceptance are yours to explore this week.

In a nutshell: Time to shine, to been seen and to attract this week, Taurus. Ditch the dullness and restore that sparkle as friendship and romance beckon.


  • Confidence is sexy
  • Do you belong to yourself?
  • Balance the yin and the yang this week

Career matters, partnerships and anything related to home and long term plans are favoured this week, Gemini. Fiery, action-oriented Mars is usually not the best visitor to your 7th of long term love and partnership matters. This is because the energy of this house is feminine and relating in nature. Not really Mars’s thing. However, when it comes to business partnerships and anything that involves you and at least one other person, Mars gives you confidence, leadership and the desire to take action. Vesta along with Mars in your 7th wants you to connect to female empowerment and also taking authority in your life. If you are in a partnership, who has the authority? It is equal or biased one way or another?

Vesta is intriguing. Are you in an all-female or predominantly female home or hierarchy? This can happen irrespective of our gender. Or are you a woman who has given up her authority to her partner? Vesta is linked to the Vestal virgins in Rome. They had to agree to remain virgins for 30 years. At which point they were set free. But there is another interpretation of the word ‘virgin’ – and that is nothing to do with sex. And that is a woman who belongs to herself. With the first full Moon we have seen in a month appearing in her ruling sign this week, you could find yourself experiencing Vesta/gender issues on the home and possibly the career front too as ruler Mercury plus a slew of planets including the Sun, Venus and Neptune are busy in your sector of status and reputation. Perhaps it is through a female boss or you are bumping up against a glass ceiling. Whatever form it takes, act with authority and be the boss of your destiny, this week.

In a nutshell: Time to take the lead and the authority in your life. In love, are you insisting on getting your own way or is someone else? Restore that give and take this week, Gemini.


  • If it’s never the right time, the right time is NOW
  • Love the reality, not the fantasy
  • What we need may not look like what we want

Don’t get too bogged down with the details or an idea of perfection this week. Are you making excuses not to do something because the timing if ‘off’? Or accept something because it fails to exactly meet your criteria? Having your ducks in a row or standards is one thing. Delaying tactics or rejection because it fails to meet your standards of perfection, something else entirely.

So, how do you know which one is which and if you are unwittingly holding yourself back, Cancer? There’s a very old and now very dated joke out there about the woman who says she will leave her unsuitable partner after she has lost ten pounds. That would be one example. Another one is always telling yourself (and others) that now is just not the right time to pursue or have that dream due to (insert here excuse du jour). Funny thing is the right time never arrives. Rejecting something purely on face value is just one more example of how we allow perfectionism to get in the way of freedom and happiness. That job offer or that potential partner fails to live up to our idealised fantasy. The problem being is that nothing or no-one ever lives up to it.

Hopefully none of this applies to you as the first full Moon in a month appears in your 3rd this week, bringing you news or an opportunity that may not be strictly perfect but is perfect for you right now. Hopefully you will see it for what it is. You’ve a suitcase full of fabulous planets in your 9th of opportunity, expansion, adventure and learning telling you to pack your bags and take that lucky break or offer, no matter what it looks like. What we want or think we want is one thing. This week the universe could deliver what you need – which is something else entirely.

In a nutshell: Don’t get so bogged down in the details you can’t see the big picture this week. Or use this as an excuse not to dare to do. Time to do whatever you’ve been putting off now, Cancer.


  • Negotiate like the Lion of Wall Street
  • Boundaries and values determine outcomes
  • Love transcends time, space or even karma

Changes around money, finances or something you share with someone else look to be inevitable this week, Leo.  The outcome depends on your ability to tap into your self-worth, keep your boundaries intact and negotiate like you’re the Lion of Wall Street now. If the changes do not occur on a financial level, expect a transformation or shift within a key relationship. Things could get emotional along the way and passions could be stirred up. If this happens, again, tap into your soul power and ensure those boundaries are where they should be. Your values are also in focus and form your bedrock now. Here is what you connect to if you are unsure how to proceed. How do you expect to be treated? Are these expectations being met? If not, time to let people know.

After a month where we have seen no full Moon, this week brings us the first of two we will see in March. This takes place in your sector of finances and may see a money issue come to the fore or be finalised. Again, see this as a reflection of your inner values and self-worth. Your ruler the Sun occupies the opposite house – your 8th of salary, shared resources, empowerment, fears and yes, sex. As well as the Sun this house contains several power-placements of Mercury, Venus, Neptune, Chiron and Hygeia. The Sun meets Neptune in here this week and you need to ensure you stay on top of changes. And if the change is not something you have initiated, then boundaries and values rather than fear, is what you need to fall back on. Others could be transported by a relationship that transcends space, time and karma – or offered one. Dare you explore it? Bear in mind this week that sometimes the thing we desire the most is also the thing we fear the most – but don’t realise it. It’s a week therefore or boundaries and values which remain no matter what changes occur.

In a nutshell: No matter what changes, the one thing that’s permanent should be your values. Keep these intact. Ultimately, they will determine your outcome this week.


  • Time for soul love
  • Explore new levels of connection
  • Get relating

It’s a ‘You and me’ week this week, Virgo.  This is not your week for going it alone. If you have been of late and want to change this, this is your week for discovering who is out there. See and be seen. And in a way that is more than just swiping left or right. Think heart connectivity now and true communication. Venus and ruler Mercury are both in Venus’s ruling house in your chart (7th) along with the Sun, Neptune, Chiron and Hygeia. Remember in mythology that Mercury was Venus’s courier – the god she used to deliver those love letters! Chiron and Hygeia are all about healing while Neptune connects us to empathy, compassion and a more spiritual connection with others. All this points to the possibility of the real deal for singles – especially with Pluto and Saturn in your 5th, and the ability for those of you who are settled, being able to explore a new dimension of love and understanding with your partner. Business or creative partners benefit from new ideas and working towards a shared vision with both of you investing in it from the heart.

We’ve experienced a February without a full Moon. The start of March sees the first of two full Moons this month appear in your 1st. If the planets in your 7th are all about the people you are in a relationship with – or will be, then this Moon is all about you. Your emotions, your dreams, what you are planting for your future and of course, all the subtleties and details that make this up. I could say under this full Moon you are examining the minutiae of your soul and through this, what this tells you about how you relate to others. Following this full Moon, ruler Mercury meets Venus and also Chiron in here while on the same day (4th), the Sun co-joins with Neptune. This week could mark the start of a whole new way of relating – with others and most importantly, to yourself.

In a nutshell: How we relate to others always begins with our relationship with ourselves. Want the love? Love yourself first – every little facet of that soul, Virgo!


  • Heal old wounds
  • Tap into intuition
  • Work, live and love better

Mercury occupies his ruling house in your chart (6th) along with the Sun, ruler Venus, Neptune, Chiron and Hygeia this week. This is your house of health and wellbeing, and one thing you may have noticed right off the bat is that so many of the planets or bodies in this house at the moment are directly concerned with healing. Chiron (actually a comet) is the ‘wounded healer’ and represents the soul wound we all carry, Hygeia who rules holistic healing and Neptune who is associated with hospitals, alternative therapies, mental illness and compassion. This week could see you seeking out advice on a health or wellness matter or come into contact with some or even all of these themes via someone else. This house also rules our pets if we have them so an animal health issue cannot be ruled out. Someone may come to you for help or you may need it in return. Neptune takes us into the deep side of life. Others could just be bringing those old emotional wounds out into the light of the Sun to be healed especially around the time of the 4th when major conjunctions take place between the Sun and Neptune in here as well as Mercury, Venus and Chiron.

The opposite house to your 6th – and the house that Neptune rules, is of course, your 12th. February was a month without a full Moon. By contrast, March will bring us two of them. The first of which appears in your 12th on the 2nd (or 1st if you are in North America). It shines back at your 6th from your house of secrets and things to be revealed. Emotions may feel tense now and if not health matters, then work may demand your attention. Take care not to take on too much now as there’s a real possibility you could end up feeling overwhelmed and burned out. The plus side however could be a revelation that results in a breakthrough when it comes to healing and wellbeing. Your insight may appear to have been channelled direct from a source outside of you. Actually it’s your higher self talking. Listen carefully this week. It’s whispering some spiritual truths.

In a nutshell: Listen to your insight this week, Libra. Especially when it comes to work and wellbeing. You’ve access to spiritual wisdom. Use it now.


  • Mend those soul wounds
  • Step into enchantment
  • Rule your own little universe

Ready to rule the world, Scorpio? Or at least your own little universe? It’s a week of full-on fabulousness due to the sheer number of heavenly bodies in your 5th. All of which have the same agenda, to make your heavenly body the centre of attention now. This is the Sun’s ruling house in your chart but you also have Venus in here acting as an attraction magnet, Mercury whose job it is to get you to have fun and lighten up and Neptune who adds glamour, beauty and a spiritual dimension to all of this. But – there’s more as the ad used to say. Chiron and Hygeia in here can assist in repairing anything from feelings of adequacy to a broken heart. Whatever soul wounds that have come between you and love or just living a life filled with joy and creative self-expression can be healed.

Fabulous meetings in this house in your chart this week could just reflect the stars colliding right here on Planet Earth in your social or business circles. Venus and Mercury trine Jupiter in your 1st putting you in the right place at the right time or landing you that ‘lucky’ break. The Sun and Neptune conjunction could bring something from your past into the present or add that extra dimension of enchanted and mysterious coincidence – which isn’t really. Some of you could encounter a new lover who you feel you’ve known before. It’s a time for romance, for pleasure and even if you are engaged in business dealings, to bring in the fun and the pleasure to every transaction. As a result, others can’t fail to notice you. You could move out of the backroom to front-of-house in one smooth move. Last month saw no full Moons, March will bring us two with the first one appearing in your house of friends, groups and goals. Dreams and desires can be fulfilled, wishes granted but only if you’re willing to get out and about and let others appreciate all you have to offer. All the stars are coming out this week to shine with you, Scorpio. So, don’t stay home. Rule the world – or your little corner of it, instead.

In a nutshell: Time to rule your world – or your little part of this one, Scorpio. Fabulous meetings and enchanted coincidences put you on course towards your desires now.


  • Create the Launchpad for your dreams
  • Run towards your goals
  • Build that base

Putting down roots or thinking in the long term isn’t usually your style, Sag. After all, you’re a free spirit. We get that. You like to live in the moment and usually see the world as your home. However, even explorers usually have a home port they return to. A place where all the adventures start from and also where they end. And from where the next one can be planned. In order to fly to the stars, you need a launch pad. And funding for your space program, for that matter. This week is all about that, Sag.

Chances are now Saturn has moved out of your sign and restrictions are being lifted, you want to spread your wings. But chances are during this stay in your 1st, Saturn has instilled in you the necessity for structure (that launch pad) and planning (that pesky funding business). Without either you’re going nowhere. This week could deliver an opportunity to establish both thanks to home and launch-pad building blocks in your 4th – the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Neptune, Chiron and Hygeia. If you’ve been running from something instead of towards it in the past, you now understand the difference and change course. Long term plans are favoured along with decisions around your home or career. February was a month devoid of a full Moon but March will give us two. The first appears this week in your 10th of career, reputation and status. Something you have been working towards for some time could now come to fruition. It’s time to perfect that business plan or project a more professional image. Yes, you can still be a free spirit and take those professional goals seriously. This week the universe is asking how you expect to be taken seriously by the very people you hope to impress, if you don’t take yourself seriously first? Mars in your 1st fires up both your confidence and your energy. This week you can be seen as someone going places – and coming from a place that says you’re no lightweight either. Build that powerbase because in doing so, you create the future that offers you permanent freedom.

In a nutshell: The ‘boring’ stuff is actually the freedom stuff. Putting down roots, taking care of business. All create the base from which to have what you want now, Sag.


  • Big dreams start with small details
  • Enchant your audience
  • Grow those goals

You know it’s not enough to just have a big dream, Capricorn. For it to become reality you have to attend to the details. Unlike next door sign of Sag who is all about ‘big picture thinking’ – and then having sold everyone on their idea, leaves it to others to execute with a ‘Hey, I’m just the genius who came up with the concept. How you get it to work isn’t my job. Next!’, you dream just as big – if not bigger, but then you spend all the time necessary to complete the picture with every detail intact. Anything else just isn’t professional – or the kind of perfectionism your soul secretly craves. This week hands you even more advantages when it comes to business, commerce, writing or just finding out how far anything from a romantic interest to an idea can take you now. Because you know that without paying attention to the details, no matter how good it looks on paper, it’s just not going to fly.

The Sun, Mercury (in his ruling house), Venus, Neptune, Chiron and this week Hygeia, all occupy your 3rd house lending you not just access to the details but the ability to weave magic in all your communications and ventures now. Anything you say or write is touched with a little bit of enchantment. That’s because you’ve done your research. Your words and ideas offer the solution others are looking for. Whether it’s healing that hole in someone’s organisation by hiring you or that hole in someone’s heart by connecting to them. February was an unusual month as it had no full Moon. March makes up for that by bringing two. The first appears this week on 2nd in your 9th of travel, expansion, freedom and yes, those very big ideas and dreams. A seed you planted could ripen now or you head off on a journey (either real or metaphorical) fuelled by an idea which you have brought to fruition by nurturing the details. So this week, pay attention to the small stuff. And get a big pay-off.

In a nutshell: Words and how you communicate are magic spells. Did you ever doubt that, Capricorn? If so, this week shows you the results of weaving a little magic.


  • What’s your power position when it comes to money?
  • Add some value
  • What’s your cash really saying about you?

Money and power. Do you feel you have more power when you have money? What’s your true worth? I’m not just talking about your bank account although this week finances may play a major role. I’m talking about how you value yourself. Because it is the value we put on ourselves that determines every exchange and every relationship in our lives. If you do happen to have plenty of money, do you think you would be less of a person if you lost it? If you have very little, do you believe that those who have more than you are better, smarter, luckier, more ‘worthy’? Do you believe that the person who has the most money in a relationship calls the shots? Or do you know someone who thinks like this?

All the above examples have nothing whatsoever to do with money. They relate to values. Of course money and values are linked. And didn’t I just say that the value we put on ourselves determines every exchange in our lives? From our pay packet to how we are treated in our relationships. Venus rules your 2nd of assets (the moveable kind), money and self-worth. She’s in here doing deals with the Sun, Mercury, Neptune, Chiron and Hygeia. You’ll notice big conjunctions happening in here this week. The Sun and Neptune meet on the 4th throwing a light on hidden motivations behind the desire for cash. Mercury, Venus and Chiron all meet, offering healing around self-worth and blockages to abundance. Fabulous angles are formed between Mercury (commerce) and Venus (money) to Jupiter (expansion) in your house of reputation and career.

Your 8th is about personal power, your salary, pay-outs, buy-outs, boundaries, transformation, control and fear. February saw us minus a full Moon. March will bring us two, the first one this week in yes, your 8th and opposing all those 2nd house planets. Time to come from a place of self-worth and surety and to understand it’s never really about the money. Money is just energy. It’s about you. Remember the book: Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow? This week the title for you is: Values Lead, Money Follows. Try it and see.

In a nutshell: It’s not enough to love what you do. You have to underpin it with values. Do this and success simply has to follow this week, Aquarius.


  • Say goodbye to going it alone
  • You have everything you need to create anything you want
  • Be star-struck

Pity the other 11 signs this week, Pisces. Seeing as you are the sign of compassion and empathy this should not be too difficult. Basically, I could have written this week’s forecast for just two signs: Pisces – and the other 11 who wish they were Pisces. You’re playing host or hostess to a record number of sparkling planets and spinning heavenly bodies this week making this one of the most star-struck birthday cycles you’ve experienced in a very long time. As March arrives you have the Sun, Mercury, Venus, ruler Neptune, Chiron and the asteroid Hygeia all in your sign. Hygeia is all about holistic healing while Chiron represents the soul wound in our charts. Our solar return is always the start of a new cycle. Mercury brings us fresh ideas. Venus love and attraction. Neptune adds insight and a spiritual dimension linking us to the deeper side of life. What we attract, where we go and the ideas we use are therefore all part of our soul unfolding. While Chiron and Hygeia enable us to heal anything that is preventing us from living and loving, all that wonderful potential.

Basically, your planetary gifts this week amount to just about everything you need to make the next 12 months one of the best cycles you’ve experienced from just about every perspective. Which is why those 11 other signs may be looking at you with envy – and perhaps a little awe too. Time for a little star quality and to look the part. Update your image if necessary and make a conscious effort to try new things. It’s time to experiment with anything from a new hairstyle to a different restaurant to accepting an invitation you would have said no to in the past. And whatever activity you are involved in, if love is what you want to attract or deepen if you already have it in your life, it’s time to say goodbye to going it alone. Even if you are waiting for ‘the one’ to arrive. This week’s full Moon appears in your 7th of partnerships and long term friendships. If you’re in a relationship, explore new activities you can do together. If you’re single, make a concentrated effort to do things with at least one other person even if this is just a friend, to show the universe that stars need to be in a constellation. Or with a twin star. After all, as the sign with the mostest – who wouldn’t want to shine alongside you now?

In a nutshell: This week there are really only two kinds of star in the sky: Pisces and the rest who wish they were Pisces! You’ve star quality so who wouldn’t want to be you right now?

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