3rd September 2018 Weekly Astrology Forecast

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs September 9th 2019


  • Empowered actions flow from intuition
  • Something shifts into true focus
  • Who is holding up that mirror for you?

Mirror, mirror, Aries. Not just as in ‘Fairest of them all’ or even that person who is holding one up to you. There’s a little bit of Hall of Mirrors going on. Something has been distorted or out of focus for you but now, suddenly and miraculously – shazam! Like a cosmic magic trick it snaps into true focus. The message of the week is wait and see. This may be hard as we all know you inspire the zodiac with your ability to act! You saying: I’ll think about it or I need more time? Will the aliens who have taken the real you please send you back?! The thing about this week is with a slew of planets in your 6th up until the 14th including ruler Mars – you can still act provided your decisions are powered by your intuition. That niggling gut feeling, that inspired choice that flies to you out of nowhere – that’s you call to right action now especially around the 14th when ruler Mars opposes Neptune in your 12th.

This is the day when the planets begin to shift into your 7th – Mercury and also Venus which rules this sector of your heart and chart. And yes, now the mirror is going to be held up by someone opposite you. It’s going to be all about partnerships for the upcoming weeks. This is however the day a highly intuitive full Moon in your 12th resets your vision in some way and exposes that hidden dimension in that mirror. Ever tried on clothes in a store where they use a distorting mirror to make you look slimmer? You snap up that outfit and then when you get it home, wonder why it’s not quite as flattering? That’s the kind of effect this full Moon could reveal for you. But the thing is, your gut has been alerting you to this for quite some time. So, when you are faced with the real reflection, is it really such a surprise after all? Hidden truths and realities are exposed and that’s a good thing. From here on in, you only want to see true reflections – especially when it comes to others. Act on what you see, when you see it this week, Aries.

In a nutshell: This week exposes what your heart and your higher self knows to be true. Follow your inner guidance when it comes to taking action. You already know the truth – wait and see, Aries.


  • Work that mojo
  • Embrace an everyday kind of love
  • Make friends with that body or your routine

That planetary party that’s been happening in your 5th and which has dropped you firmly in the spotlight, comes to an end this week. Ruler Venus is about to move on into your 6th of work, wellbeing and routine – along with Mercury which rules this house. Sadly it’s time to relinquish that love mojo –nobody gets to keep it for good. It’s like an astro relay race and you have to hand the baton on – to the Gemini’s next door in which case. You do have one more fabulous attention grabbing aspect on the 13th when Mercury and Venus meet in here. This is your day to take a chance, accept attention, accolades and to flirt, meet and date. Romance and good news rule so work that mojo one final time for fabulous effects.

Mercury and your ruler in your 6th from the 14th put the focus on your day job, that routine and yes, that body. Is everything working well? How can you creatively enhance what you do every day? This includes looking after yourself properly. If you are looking to change jobs or re-enter the workforce, these two together enhance those prospects. Your workload may increase now but there should be a similar effect on your bank account. It’s all about the daily details that matter more than you think with these two in here so focus on those. The other focus? Friends, networks, groups and contacts. How you are seen out there in the big, wide world and what you have to say to large groups of people. A friendship may be seen in a new light thanks to a full Moon in here. Just be aware of who you are with at this time as you are likely to be cast in the same light as them. You’re either totally on the same page as those social connections – or now seeing it may be time for new ones. This full Moon marks the end of that 5th house party season. Now – down to the daily business of working, feeling and functioning at your best, Taurus. And doing what you love in the process as you make friends with that routine, day job or that body.

In a nutshell: Good news or opportunity could leave you with something to celebrate this week, Taurus. The body you inhabit and the company you keep plays a role here. Only the best for you!


  • Come from a place of self-worth surety fused with compromise
  • You can find the balance now
  • Claim that prize – and that love mojo!

Start your engines, Gemini! Rev up that success vibe as ruler Mercury in your 4th plays a power hand with Pluto in your 8th this week. There could be contracts to be signed and new deals for you on the table. Red letter dates are the 12th when you need to come from a position of power as Mercury and Venus trine Vesta in your 12th. And the 13th when Mercury and Venus are exact and the Sun in your 4th trines Pluto. Some of you may be looking a property dealings or closing an important career matter. Loans, mortgages, shared assets and power money may feature. This is asking you how comfortable you feel stating your price and also handling other people’s assets and money. If you need to ask for a raise, loan or share of something, now it the time to know your worth and what you will and won’t compromise on. The price is right and provided you stay connected to that innate belief, you should emerge with what you want now.

After this intense period – it’s time to party and play! You’re revved up and ready as ruler Mercury and Venus arrive in your house of pleasure, children, lovers, holidays, creativity and pure unadulterated fun. Indulgences, romance and good times beckon as you wrest the love mojo away from those greedy Taureans next door. (Let’s face it – they had it for far too long!). The 14th also brings you a full Moon in your sector of status and career. Bring those career and home matters to a conclusion and also be aware of your professional and public image now at all time. You may feel that push/pull between home and work, between what you know is right and what you are being asked to compromise on. You can find the middle path now, Gemini. And once that all important work is done – time to play!

In a nutshell: Time to claim that prize, Gemini! Home and career matters bring an increased sense of satisfaction and security. When the work is done – romance, fun and pleasure rules once more!


  • Set sail in new emotional waters
  • Share for success
  • Allow others into your world

All cooped up or fenced in? Where do you feel restricted in any way, Cancer? There’s been a soul calling going out to you over the past few weeks about sharing your emotional truth with others. This is not to be confused with co-dependence or neediness. It’s about emotional honesty, taking down barriers and allowing others in to your emotional world. And by allowing this process to happen, they allow you into theirs in turn. There’s a fabulous day for sharing coming up this week as Mercury and Venus meet in Mercury’s ruling 3rd on the 13th. How you share could also feature with a new phone, computer or even car (easier to share you as you get around flawlessly), on offer. This is also one of the best days of the year for sharing what you have to offer to employers or clients. Basically, it’s all about interpersonal communication for success in all areas now.

Boosting this is a full Moon in your 9th on the 14th which shows you the way past any feelings of being hemmed in while you still maintain that sense of security that’s your anchor. This is a personal high tide full Moon which allows you to set sail towards something bigger and more freeing. You’ve expanded your emotional world and now you escape into something that allows you to cast off and slip free of restrictions. Yes, there may be that ‘ship to shore’ momentary pull of leaving something familiar behind. But by now you know the familiar was closed off and simply not working. You’ve still grounded and safe even as you push off into uncharted territory as Mercury and Venus arrive in your 4th of all things dear to your heart on the same day. Continue sharing as you embark on a new adventure of emotional discovery and learning. There’s no looking back now, Cancer.

In a nutshell: It’s all about what you share and continue to share this week, Cancer. Embrace a new openness for success in all areas. Share what you have to offer and allow others into your world.


  • Your soul knows – tune in
  • Where energy goes – your attention needs to follow
  • Make changes based on what you discover

This week asks that you stop for a moment and look seriously at the emotional impact of everything in your life. What makes you feel good and energises you so you step naturally into your ability to shine? And conversely, what dulls or drains you? Now chances are as you have been reading this something or even someone has immediately popped into your mind. Are you fired up but in all the right ways when you think about it or them? Sit with this process this week as it’s an important one. If you can, keep your journal close to hand and make notes as you go about your daily routine. Jot down those ‘Hooray!’ situations that make you feel good. Now these can be anything from aspects of your job to doing something that ignites your soul. Note what makes your energy rise and peak. Then what makes you feel like someone pulled the plug on your soul and it all drains away. You need satisfaction on more than one level, Leo and this is what that heavy duty line-up of planets in your 2nd, have been showing you. Including your ruler the Sun and Venus which rules this house.

They have been impacting on your area of wellbeing and work, love, change and career. Hence the need to look at what emotional take out or deficit everything brings. The 14th sees a shift occur when Venus and Mercury enter Mercury’s ruling 3rd in your chart. This day also sees a full Moon appear in your house of changes, transformations and personal power. Have a soul audit now based on the insights you’ve been amassing all week. When you add it all up, it should now be clear what changes and where, you need to make. Don’t be afraid to set these in motion and also to say what needs to be said. Ditch the soul drain and head towards what gets your heart beating faster. If things do not change, they cannot improve. And improvements are what this week wants to hand you. Get ready to roar once more.

In a nutshell: It’s soul audit week, Leo. Look at what energises you and identify those soul drains. Once you see them, make those necessary changes. Move it to improve it, this week.


  • Baby – it’s you – and your opposite number!
  • Reflections of love come into focus
  • Work that attraction factor

Ruler Mercury is set to leave your sign this week. Heading off into your 2nd on the 14th along with Venus, which of course, rules this house in your chart. The focus is about to go from ME to your money, cash, assets (material and intangible), possessions and what you value above all else. Hopefully this cycle has handed you an increased appreciation of all you have to offer the world, Virgo. And this has resulted in an enhanced sense of self-worth. However, as well as the wonderful world of you and all that is intensely personal to you, this week is also about the person who is opposite you too. As we begin to see ourselves differently, our relationships with others shift accordingly. So, be prepared to literally see the difference this week.

It’s a wonderful week for interactivity with others thanks to those 1st house planets continuing to make highly beneficial angles to others in your romance, partnership and freedom houses. It heightens your ability to attract even as your self-esteem grows in tandem with this. The more you radiate, the more comes back to you. But the thing is, this isn’t self-centered as the more you grow in surety, the more you’re giving out too. The 13th offers you a truly wonderful day to attract whatever it is you want thanks to a meeting between Mercury and Venus and the Sun in your 1st angling to Pluto. The following day, Mercury and Venus move and this day also hands you a full Moon in your 7th. This shines back at you quite literally. Someone may be holding up a mirror for you which reflects your newly minted appreciation of all you are, have and can be. See how far you’ve come this week, Virgo by the way you are seen in the eyes of lovers and others.

In a nutshell: You’ll see yourself in a new light thanks to how the world is reflecting that upgraded self-worth. That reflection should tell you – others like what they see too this week, Virgo.


  • The party starts here
  • The past falls back to let the future in
  • Get ready for your relaunch!

Early birthday surprises feature courtesy of ruler Venus and Mercury. Both arrive in your 1st this week giving you a head start on your new cycle. This may come as a relief after the introspective past few weeks when the focus has been very much on your inner world and life’s big questions. Such as: Where do I go from here? And: what do I want the next 12 months to bring me? Hopefully you are now emerging with the answers you need to chart your course for the upcoming year. This week hands you that green light to begin after a few final adjustments and decluttering in that soul house clearing zone. I hate to sound all Marie Kondo, but if you discover it truly does not bring you joy, it needs to be let go of. No matter what ‘it’ is. You’ll shed what you no longer need and beautifully as the past makes way for the future on the 13th when Venus and Mercury meet one final time in here.

On with the show, Libra! And it’s one you are starring in. You should be emerging from this deep cycle svelte at least in terms of what you are carrying around with you. Now, with the full Moon in your 6th on the 14th, look closely at what still needs to be ditched. It’s had an unseen emotional impact on you that’s simply been dragging you down. This full Moon exposes it so once you see it – away with it for good! The lighter, freer you that results is ready for the game and face changing rejuvenation your ruler and Mercury in your 1st hands you. How you look and what you say reflects the new you that’s emerging to run that show in the coming year. Focus on the outer you now,  and bring it into alignment with those inner changes. Now – on with the show.

In a nutshell: You emerge from deep soul searching with a new sense of purpose. And a brand new take on yourself. Get ready – this is your relaunch, Libra.


  • Who is holding that door open for you?
  • Swim in brand new waters
  • Make that attention worthy move or statement

Both your ruler ancient and modern have you saying what needs to be said and doing what needs to be done this week, Scorpio. You’re not one to run away from a challenge and there’s a warrior spirit about you this week. Ancient ruler Mars along with the Sun and a network of three other planets keep the focus on those wider connections in your 11th. And also those goals, wishes and dreams. We have them making say it anyway angles with Saturn and modern day ruler Pluto in your 3rd this week. You’ll state your case and get those ideas across with maximum impact now. Who you know plays a role in opening doors to opportunity. Work that network and above all, be open to ideas and suggestions from people in positions of power, authority or simply with a great deal of insight and experience to offer you. Powerful introductions can be made this week and your network could well expand to include all of the above. If they enter your life, this is a sign fate is at work.

Craft what you say and how you come across as a result of this. Adapt to the company you find yourself in. You may find yourself swimming in very different waters to those you usually frequent. If so, don’t feel out of your depth. Act like you belong as you could be swimming in fresh circles that benefit you in ways you cannot yet see.  The 13th – 14th marks a key period for this. The 13th has a meeting between Mercury and Venus in your 11th which could wing a key introduction, meeting or invitation your way. The 14th a full Moon appears in your house of shining self-expression, making a good impression and romance. Just whose attention do you want to snag now? You could be in the right place at the right time to do it. Or even snag it on-line as this is a good time to try that dating app. The 14th marks the start of the movement of planets into your 12th. Look to who is holding open a door for you or wishes to help. You’ve done this in the past for them and now they’re paying back the favour. Maybe not in this life but a previous one. It’s all connected this week, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: Who you know and who you meet this week as a bigger role to play in your future than you can possibly imagine. It’s a Pay it Forward week now. And the recipient is you, Scorpio.


  • Success has a ripple effect
  • Compromise gives you a better deal all round
  • Work, rewards – play!

Focus on home, career, living arrangements and making yourself secure, Sag. Then it will be time to party, socialise and play. The start of the week continues the heavy emphasis on achievement, recognition and rewards. And all the things connected to that. On with the flow as career benefits ripple out into wider decisions around where and how you live. There’s a new deal on the table for you this week with lasting impact as Juno, ruler of commitment in your 10th asks you to compromise in order to negotiate something far better for yourself with Ceres in your 1st. Mars adds confidence and belief in all you have to offer as it angles to ruler Jupiter in your 1st. Keep your eyes on the prize Sag or rather the result you’re after. The planets in your 10th are making rewarding aspects to Pluto in your money zone. Your red letter day for doing that deal is the 13th when Mercury and Venus meet in your 10th and the Sun trines Pluto. Make your play now.

And play is where you are heading. The 14th sees a full Moon in the Moon’s ruling 4th of home, family, homeland and belonging. This could well be the day when you receive the results of those career efforts and see how they can be used to improve your current lifestyle and create a better sense of belonging. This is also the day when Mercury and Venus change signs – moving from your 10th and on into your 11th of friends, contacts, clubs, groups, networks and goals. If you’ve taken care of business, it’s now time to focus on friendship and social activities again. Many of you should have something to celebrate and share now. This is also where the future gets set in motion. Prepare for a brand new beginning this week.

In a nutshell: Career rewards and recognition have a ripple effect. Allowing you to make changes to home, living arrangement and what you need to feel secure. Success has so many aspects this week.


  • Be a soul traveller
  • You have a passport to worldly success
  • One journey ends – and a new path beckons!

The past few weeks have been about learning, exploration and expansion. You should have been a soul traveller with five astral road trip companions in your 9th, Capricorn. Many of you may have been packing your bags for real and heading overseas. Others may have travelled to learning destinations via books, study or encountering new philosophies, people and experiences. No matter what form your journey took, your horizons and beliefs about what is possible for you, should have expanded accordingly. Especially as these 9th house planets have made angles of freedom to ruler Saturn and Pluto in your 1st as they moved through it. The world didn’t just get bigger – the possibilities did too! Benefits via travel, learning, the law, the outdoors, the mass media, overseas and even religion, continue to flow your way this week, especially on the 13th when the Sun trines Pluto and Mercury and Venus meet in your 9th.

Continue to have the faith in a higher power or your purpose and to reach for that star but now in more earthly matters. The 14th begins a planetary shift out of your 9th and into your 10th. You’ve grasped how far you can go. Now is the time to start your climb as Mercury and Venus reach your sector of career, rewards and reputation. This day could also bring you news around a business, work, study or communications project as a full Moon appears in your 3rd. It relates to how far you can go but is also about where you find yourself in the here and now. What you say, write or communicate plays a role as does how you get around. This full Moon can mark the culmination of a journey – real or metaphorical. With a fresh one to be embarked upon. You should see where you are going next, Capricorn. And for you, the only way is up.

In a nutshell: Time to take what you have learned Capricorn, and put it to good use. You’re an explorer and soul traveller. Now – take these experiences and craft yourself a success story!


  • Set your self-belief to sky high
  • Step back into the flow of opportunity
  • Freedom is your take-out this week

Changes and restrictions give way to a newly discovered sense of freedom this week, Aquarius. If things have seemed intense lately, get ready for light relief. With a slew of planets trawling your transformational 8th, big decisions and transformations will have dominated the past few weeks. Especially given the fact that as these planets have moved through your 8th, they have impacted on the slower moving outer planets in your 12th. This has been serious stuff –some of it soul testing. Decisions may have been reached which have lasting impact but you are now emerging from this cycle with a restored sense of belief in your own strengths and abilities. And a firm fix on those future goals. You should see this week how changes and the decisions you’ve made, are in fact, all weighted in your long term favour as Mercury and Venus meet in your 8th. News could bring a positive impact on your finances. This could involve a salary increase, bonus, pay-out, legacy, loan,  settlement or someone offering to share what they have with you.

The 14th brings you a full Moon in your 2nd telling you that the results any dealings or negotiations you are involved in, are a reflection of your inner values and self-worth. You should be exiting this period with a renewed appreciation of these. The 14th is also the day where the energy begins to shift from one of transformational transactions, to that of freedom and opportunity. Endings give way to new beginnings as blocks to progress vanish courtesy of Mercury and Venus’s arrival in your 9th. It’s time to connect to a bigger love of something that expands your world and fires up those dreams and passions. Take what you’ve earned and what you’ve learned – and get ready for something bigger, Aquarius.

In a nutshell: A key negotiation or period of transformational change comes to a conclusion this week. You emerge with a freshly forged sense of what’s really worth it. You are, Aquarius!


  • Ring in the changes around love
  • What’s that duo dynamic that’s deepening now?
  • What you share is a little bit of alchemy

Connections are set to deepen now, Pisces. You’ve just had an extraordinary phase of new relationship opportunities, exploring new relating dynamics and opportunities to experience all types of togetherness. From that long term love interest – past, present or future, to a close friendship or work connection. Duos come in all shapes, sizes and forms. The loved up legion of 7th house planets – including Venus which rules this house, have been sharing those good vibes with ruler Neptune in your 1st promising spiritual affinity, Jupiter in your 10th which is all about career and any connection which impacts on your status, Saturn and Pluto in your sector of friends, and Uranus in your house of ideas, communication and business. So, looking at all of this, you can see that your relationship experiences of the past few weeks should have touched on more than one kind of partnership – or potential one.

As Mercury and Venus move on into your 8th of shared resources and yes, sex, you should see one connection go to the next level. This can be anything from a working alliance – as in a job offer or business win you have worked towards with another, or deepening that connection or commitment. In other words, you cross a threshold be it the bedroom or the boardroom. This is your house of sharing – what you share with others and what they share with you. The same day as Mercury and Venus enter your 8th (14th) you have a full Moon in your 1st. Full Moons reflect the light back into the opposite house in which they appear. So, when you have a full Moon in your 7th, it’s all about the person opposite you. This time it’s all about you and your relationship with someone else which is in the spotlight now. It’s the one I’m talking about, that is set to transform in some way. Big decisions can be made now especially around shared resources. And even bigger ones about what you share. When we share ourselves in a relationship on any level – we are transformed. And so is the other person. Love could just be the change you’re searching for now. And love changes everything under this full Moon.

In a nutshell: Love brings alchemical change. Or shifts around a key connection take it to a new level. It’s all about what you share – and what is shared with you in return this week, Pisces.

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