16th September 2019 Weekly Astrology Forecast

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs September 23 2019

With our Fabulous psychic and astrologer Elena


  • There’s a new deal – and a new world of love to explore
  • Make some compromise magic
  • You have a ticket for a magic carpet ride

Go in search of that perfect partnership. And be prepared to negotiate to create it. Fabulous new togetherness options present themselves this week, Aries. All courtesy of the Sun in your 7th from the 23rd. And a big new beginning announced by the Supermoon also in here on the 28th. I say ‘big’ as there should be one particular ‘opposite number’ – either past, present or potential, that you simply cannot miss now. It should be obvious who this is. Venus which of course, rules this house in your chart, is in residence and makes angles of attraction between Ceres in your freedom sector and the Sun opposes Chiron in your 1st.What’s this all about? Exploring a new deal between you and someone else that gives both of you what you want! There’s a magic to compromise that brings understanding and satisfaction. Ready to weave some?

Remember this week – it’s all love. And that person playing your opposite number if a reflection of love. Even if it’s a friend, boss, co-worker or business partner. You’re going to be asked to compromise in some way this week, Aries. But this comes with big benefits attached to it. The day the Supermoon in here shines forth marking that new phase of relating, you also have Venus making another highly beneficial angles to Jupiter in its ruling 9th. It’s all a bit Aladdin now. There’s an invitation to go on a magic carpet ride. For some this could include actual travel while others receive big benefits via someone’s generosity, help or door opening abilities. Others could embark on a new love, business, learning or collaborative venture that expands their horizons. There’s a whole new world of give, take and love on offer now. Be ready to explore.

In a nutshell: Fresh starts in love and partnership potential invite you to leave behind the familiar and embark on an adventure, Aries. There’s a new deal on the table. And a new world to explore.


  • Work with that body while you worship it
  • What’s the wellbeing compromise you need to make?
  • Step into a way that works so much better

That perfect partnership this week involves you and your body or you and your routine, Taurus.  Ruler Venus is all about being and experiencing the world – from a pleasurable perspective. No matter which way you look at it – it is all about relating. And relating often means compromise in order to have the relationship in the first place. Our gateway to experiencing all the good stuff in life is via our bodies of course. If it’s is not feeling or functioning at its best, it goes without saying our experience will be diminished. And then there’s the routine aspect to all of this. Not only in creating a routine which supports the earthly containment of our soul and spirit; but also in looking at how we can do the daily tasks we all need to do, more creatively and in ways which energise us. This week is therefore going to involve shedding – tasks, thoughts and mundane traps as oppose to Marie Kondo decluttering. Although for some it can and will involve that too if your daily environment is filled with stuff that traps your energy and keeps you prisoner. Because that too impacts on the perfect partnership you’re forging with yourself.

New ways of working with yourself – as in your body, as well as new ways of working, are on offer now if you are willing to step free of the rut of restrictive thinking thanks to the Sun highlighting these in your 6th this week. Ruler Venus is busy on your behalf in your 6th, not just enhancing how you look and feel – or getting creative with that routine. But also improving your work prospects. The new Supermoon in here on the 28th marks the point where you commit to something – a new job, routine, way of working your day that simply works. The result is an inspired change which frees, to say the least thanks to wonderful angles between the Sun and Chiron in your 12th, and Venus, Jupiter and Ceres in your 8th. You’ll feel the benefits right away. Shed what confines you be it that weight, dead end job, rut creating routine or that boredom – and fly free!

In a nutshell: Your perfect partnership? Working in tandem with your body, routine and day job. The benefits ripple out into every area. Declutter what weighs you down, and fly free this week, Taurus.


  • Unforgettable – that’s what you are
  • You have the Love Mojo – and an unfair advantage
  • Radiate audaciously to attract!

You’ve simply an unfair advantage over other signs this week, Gemini as you grasp that love mojo and use it to create fabulous magic between you and someone special. Or even just putting the spotlight on you and what makes you shine and your heart beat faster! You’ve more than your fair share of charisma and star quality now the Sun joins Venus in your fabulous 5th this week. Feel the passion ignite for new beginnings and to express your creativity and love. Above all, be out and about – in the real world and on-line, if attracting anyone or anything from that new lover to a work opportunity or recognition is your goal now. The Sun opposing Chiron in your 11th means you stand out now for what makes you unique and what you have to offer. A daring, audacious and frankly, bold approach nets you results now. Don’t be afraid to do whatever it takes to get yourself noticed.

Both your houses of attraction are in focus this week which means you need to answer that soul call to sparkle, radiate and express yourself! Be the somebody you know you can be now. Someone may enter your life who allows you to express your vibrant side. With your 5th, this could be a new lover with Venus in here. Others could receive the recognition they have been seeking for what they do. You are set to make a lasting and unforgettable impression on someone. Doors to opportunity, creativity, travel, pleasure and leaving that indelible mark on someone’s heart, swing wide and a new world of experience beckons you forward. All thanks to Venus in your 5th angling to Ceres and Jupiter in your 7th and a new Supermoon in your 5th on the 28th. There’s a deal to be sealed between you and someone else. Or you and something you create or love to do. The results this week –unforgettable.  That’s what you are, Gemini.

In a nutshell: Be your most unforgettable self, this week, Gemini. You are not just set to attract but make a lasting impression. This is one of your best cycles for attraction. Go radiate now!


  • Give that work/life balance some love
  • Go bold for safety
  • Make a move towards what your heart calls home

Your heart instinctively knows where home is or what you need to feel nurtured, loved, secure and safe. Sometimes as well you of all signs knows, this transcends mere bricks and mortar. It includes the people you call ‘family’, peace of mind, tranquillity and that perfect life/work balance. It’s what I like to call the everyday ‘loved up’ lifestyle that brings pleasure, satisfaction and time for the people and things you love as opposed to what you feel you have to do. Home, living and lifestyle choices are literally ‘front of house’ when it comes to your decisions this week. This is all linked in with major boosts occurring in your career and work sectors. The Sun enters your resonant 4th from the 23rd and sees you looking at how to pull off that perfect work/life balancing act I mentioned earlier. Making a compromise around work or your daily routine and setting new priorities brings you the success and the solutions you’re seeking. All thanks to Venus also in your 4th making contract or deal making angles to both Ceres and Jupiter in your 6th.

Ruler the Moon is not only brand new on the 28th but supersized! We tend to dismiss new Supermoons. Simply because they don’t put on quite the same show as full Supermoons. But all new Moons mark fresh phases and new Supermoons add to their influence and potential. For some of you this could even mark a move or relocation to a new home. Others could be looking at a bold career move now paying off thanks to the Sun opposing Chiron in your status sector on the 26th. This allows you to strike that home/work balance you’ve been striving towards, or opens the way for greater financial security or living choices. Click your heels together this week, Cancer. Because it’s all about what and where your heart calls home now.

In a nutshell: Your heart knows where you call home. And it also knows what you need to create that. Strike a new work/life balance, Cancer. One you can truly call a place of your own.


  • Try a little outrageous on for size!
  • Start that conversation
  • Go boldly

This week offers one of the best opportunities for adventure, love, travel and luck you’ve experienced in a while, Leo. Are you ready to go boldly? The 23rd sees your ruler enter your 3rd of communication, commerce and getting around. You’ve Venus also in here enhancing those ideas with that extra sparkle of creativity and infusing anything you say with diplomacy and an ability to meet the other party’s needs. Striking a fresh deal that’s a win/win could hand you that job offer, order or backing for that idea as Venus sextiles Ceres and also Jupiter in your 5th. Or you’re able to compromise with that lover or find the way to take the time to pursue what you want to do vs. what you have to do.

There’s not only a fresh deal on the table but this week marks the start of a whole new conversation or portal of potential opening. That blog, website, thesis, script, pitch, your CV, manuscript or presentation could play a key role. As well as the potential for contracts to be signed, the new Supermoon in your 3rd on the 28th points to new work or learning opportunities or yes, that travel coming up. This week sees your ruler oppose Chiron in your 9th of expansion. It’s about outrageous fortune and daring to do something you haven’t in the past. This could include anything from that activity, putting your message out there, making that first approach to someone – be it in business or in your personal life, or daring to go somewhere you’ve not ventured before. This week says you never know until you try, Leo. For fast, fresh results – dare to just do it this week.

In a nutshell: It’s a week of daring to do, try or experience something extraordinary, Leo. Don’t allow any perceived limitations or fears hold you back. S/he who dares just may win now.


  • Invest in self-worth
  • Leverage your assets
  • Strike a new deal based on what you value

With the Sun now joining ruler Mercury and Venus in your 2nd, it’s all about your money, assets, savings, possessions, charity donations, what you own and earn, Virgo. Time to look to the long term when it comes to what you do with your money. You are better at coming up with a plan and sticking to it than most other signs out there. Your gift for organisation, checks and balances, lists, schedules, details and weighing up the pros and cons, means you can make the most of all you have. And with this line up in here this week, come up with new ways to use this or fresh avenues of income. This is our house of self-worth and how we expect to be treated by the world – for what we do and also in our interpersonal relationships.

It’s a week to come from a place of self-worth surety when it comes to new negotiations or bringing existing arrangements into alignment with your values. Venus puts you in a prime position when it comes to striking that work/life balance as it makes positive angles to Ceres and then Jupiter in your 4th on the 24th and 28th, respectively. The Sun in your 2nd opposes Chiron in your 8th of empowerment and shared resources. These don’t just include those you may share with your partner, but those shared with you by banks, credit companies and even your employer. The new Supermoon in your 2nd points to a fresh source of income or again, you relating to and using what you have in a new way. This could result in some of you adding a major asset to that list of possessions – such as a house for example, taking on a loan and feeling comfortable about it, or making a decision which increases not just your actual worth, but your inner one too. Strike that bargain this week, Virgo.

In a nutshell: Leverage what you have and know your intrinsic worth. The more you value yourself and what you have – the more you have to value. And are valued by others in return, Virgo.


  • Take a chance on outrageous fortune!
  • Think Big and Rich
  • Happy birthday, Libra

Happy birthday, Libra! The Sun joins ruler Venus and Mercury in your 1st this week and places you, wonderful you at the centre of the spotlight. It’s time for new beginnings and to look forward to the future now. There’s a splash of daring, a hint of the outrageous and a whole new bodaciousness about you now. You’re like a track from Big and Rich – you know the one I mean – Look at You. The world could just be watching. It’s time to act just like – Big and Rich – even if this birthday, that bank account presently has you on a budget. You can take the Libra out of Vegas but you can’t change the fact that right now you’re the headline act and everyone is looking!  So, put your Vegas face on, act like a billion dollars and put the past behind you. The new year and the new you starts here.

Ruler Venus is big on getting you noticed and has birthday surprises to deliver. This week sees it sextile both Ceres and Jupiter in your 3rd of communication and getting around. Invitations, lucky breaks, offers, opportunities and being noticed could be just some of the gifts with your name on them. The new Moon in our 1st always marks the fresh start our birthday cycle brings, no matter what date our actual birthday falls on. Your occurs early this year – just five days after the Sun enters your sign. And it’s not just any new Moon either. It’s a new Supermoon telling you this is a bigger relaunch or new beginning than you would usually experience. Time to be someone new as someone is definitely looking your way now. Chiron in your 7th reflects not just that show stopping aspect of yourself that’s surfacing and ready to be unleashed, but a new and possibly daring different partnership potential too. Someone could just not stop looking at you now as you dare to showcase this new, bolder version of yourself. And attract back in kind. Doesn’t matter where you’re at this new cycle, Libra. If you can’t come to Vegas, Vegas just happens to be wherever you are. Take a chance when it comes to going after what you want. To quote another Big and Rich track – Do It For The Party now.

In a nutshell: Your birthday cycle promises to be bigger, bolder and more bodacious than before, Libra! Bring your best Vegas game face. It’s time to stop hearts and start the show!


  • Tap into the magic of the cosmos
  • What does your soul desire?
  • Synchronicities and omens point to your dreams

You’re more insightful, more intuitive, more resonant, more mysterious (is that even possible?!) and ready to delve even deeper this week, Scorpio. Don’t underestimate the strength of your allure. Nor your ability to tap into the secret power of your future. Just who is your future self? What do you want to experience and be attracting? The arrival of the Sun into your 12th says it’s time to explore the secret desires of your soul. This is the house of where you’ve been and where you are heading next. Yes, the 11th is your house of the future. But there’s a hidden power in the 12th that goes beyond the usual associations with the past and our psychic senses. It’s all about connecting to the dreams we have of what we can possibly be, and using the imaginative power of our minds to set them in motion.

Connect to the cosmos now and understand you have those dreams for a reason. Yes, you are involved in the usual soul house clearing that accompanies this cycle. But this now involves so much more future potential than just letting go. Think of it as welcoming back in those dreams that are part of your purpose. Link to these and work a little visualisation magic now. Venus makes fabulous angles to both Ceres and Jupiter in Venus’s ruling 2nd in your chart. There is a new way to fund or get to those dreams utilising resources you already have. Negotiate, prioritise and use who you know. The Sun opposes Chiron in your 6th on the 26th. You can now make some radical changes around work or routine that free you up for what your soul knows to be integral to feeling you have a higher purpose. The new Supermoon in your 12th on the 28th not only supersizes that psychic ability, but shows you a path towards one particular higher goal of yours. Be on the look-out for omens, synchronicities and coincidences that simply back up that feeling something is simply too important to let go of. You’re about to get a green light to go for it, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: Connect to your deepest desires and wishes this week, Scorpio. Ever wondered why you have those dreams? For them to come true of course! Set them in motion now. Magic happens.


  • Don’t just dream it – live it!
  • Work it like you own it (you do)
  • The future is in your connections

It sounds like a Stark Industries slogan: Live the future – today! But that’s what you can do this week, Sag. The Scorpios next door are busy weaving a little mystical future magic imagining what theirs can hold. You can get to experience the reality – or should I say, a beta version of what your future can be, now the Sun enters your 11th on the 23rd. This is of course, our house of friends, contacts, connections, networks – real and virtual/social, bands, clubs and associations. It’s also our house of goals which live in our future. Ruler Jupiter this week tells you enough of the future forecasting. Time for you to catch up to it as it angles back to Venus also in your 11th on the 28th. Venus also makes a similar angle to Ceres also in your 1st on the 24th. There’s a bargain or a deal to be struck with someone which could allow you to have that future experience you’ve been dreaming of right now. Today. Be open as to how this can come about.

The main message of the week is that nobody gets those dreams to come true on their own. It’s via others that they happen. So, be out and about and also broadcast what it is you want to people you meet. The new Supermoon in your 11th on the 28th ‘sets’ your social temperature for a long time to come. It wants to amp up your social life and bring in new people. Especially those with the potential to connect you to those future creating opportunities. But you have to accept those invitations or respond when others move to connect with you. This week also has the Sun in your 11th oppose Chiron in your fab 5th. You of all signs resonate with the centaurs because you ARE one. Chiron was different to all the other centaurs and this is your clue and your cue to work whatever it is that makes you stand out. Be audacious now and do whatever it takes to get you and your goals, front of house. Your 5th is one of your houses of attraction – and luck. Be seen now. Others or one person in particular, is going to be attracted right back. They have a role to play in your future – and that goal. Get social and be yourself, Sag.

In a nutshell: You’re the real deal this week and what’s more – there’s no-one like you. It’s your uniqueness that attracts what or who you need to fulfil your goals. Work it like you own it now.


  • Share what you know
  • Walk your talk
  • Set those sights higher

You are very much in the spotlight now the Sun arrives in your status-setting 10th, Capricorn. Being the natural 10th house of the zodiac, you should be attuned to the vibe now and also looking at your career path, those ambitions and how you are perceived professionally. Or alternatively, if you do not have a paid job, how your partner’s status or even being ‘partnered up’ affects your own. If you are currently not working, but want to be, now is the time to dust off that CV, update your professional image and be ultra-aware of how you are coming across to those in positions to hire you. This is a ‘public’ house of your chart. Your reputation is everything now so ensure your word is your bond and you come across as someone reliable and serious about what they want – and say they can deliver.

It’s a time where you can see results and rewards manifest for past efforts. Venus in your 10th enhances your public and professional image and lends you the power of creative diplomacy if you are meeting with decision makers and VIP’s. You project exactly the right image someone is seeking now. There’s a deal to be done now as Venus makes enhancing angles to Ceres and Jupiter in your 12th this week. Perhaps one you could not imagine or even believe was possible. The Sun also opposes Chiron on the 26th which could see you stepping into a role where you are mentored or you act as mentor to someone. You could be both leader and teacher now. Your own unique skillset is your superpower. This is not a moment to come across as a yes woman or man either. Neither is it one to undersell yourself. The new Supermoon in your 10th speaks of a fresh start on the career front or shines on the next step up that ladder of success for you. Be ready to take it this week, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: Walk that talk and aim high this week, Capricorn. Above all, be seen as someone who knows what they are talking about – and what they want. You’re going places – to the top now.


  • Take a chance
  • Expand your ideas around what’s possible
  • The world comes knocking at your door – are you in or are you out?!

Are you ready for adventure, Aquarius? Pack your bags as at the very least, you’re heading into a new experience this week even if you don’t leave home! The wider world is set to come knocking on your door as the Sun arrives in your 9th. Needless to say, travel is possible now. And if you can’t get away right now, what you need to know is that any trip you just plan in your head this week has a better chance of becoming reality in the future than at any other time! So, if there is somewhere you want to experience, get researching it now. Dealing with people overseas – foreign companies or with people with overseas connections could feature. As could airlines, the mass media, the law, academia and encountering other belief systems. Ideas could open you up to new ways of seeing the world or unexpected news could send you off on a new path – especially around the 26th when the Sun in here opposes Chiron in your 3rd.

You have Venus also in your 9th offering you lucky breaks and benefits via all the above areas. You could settle something or strike a bargain on the 24th – 28th when Venus puts the odds very much in your favour as it aligns to Ceres in your 11th and also Jupiter which rules your 9th. Being in the right place at the right time or simply taking a chance pays off now. The door to a new world opens as the new Supermoon appears in your 9th on the 28th marking the start of an important journey of excitement, learning and discovery. Whatever you are embarking upon now will change your worldview. Expand your horizons this week, Aquarius.

In a nutshell:  Time for a fresh adventure, Aquarius! Fabulous lucky beaks could feature as could packing your bags. It doesn’t matter if this is a real or metaphorical journey – expand your world.


  • Work that self-worth
  • Change starts with the confidence to ask for what you want
  • Soul power is sexy!

All change especially when it comes to your career, money and soul foundations, Pisces. Whether you realise it or not, you are in a power position this week. Especially when it comes to negotiating for what you want. The results you get are all hinged to how confident you feel in asking for whatever it is and knowing when the price is quite literally right. Of course, you are able to see both sides and it’s not in your nature to ask for more than you know you’re entitled to. But you do need to know what you’re truly worth this week. And also when to compromise when necessary. If you can strike this balance, you could emerge with a winning hand by the time the week is over. The Sun’s entry into your 8th puts you in a power position when it comes to asking for – and receiving in return, what you know to be only fair. Negotiations, contracts, loans, your salary, pay-outs, legacies, settlements or something you share with someone else may be part of the deal on the table.

Venus also in your 8th hands you the ability to ask nicely – and also puts others in the mood to say Yes back. There is room to manoeuvre but both parties basically want to do the deal thanks to agreement making aspects between Venus and Ceres and ancient ruler Jupiter in your house of career and status. The Sun will also move to oppose Chiron in Venus’s ruling 2nd on the 26th. This is daring you to push the envelope and perhaps ask for that little bit more than what you have in the past. Especially if underselling yourself has been a theme. Upgrade those ideas about what you are entitled to receive and also understand that s/he who asks for what they want, usually gets it or very close to it. If someone says no, they were never going to say yes anyway. So ask away. The new Supermoon in your 8th sparks a new sense of power and also sexiness. Ask for it because yes, you are worth it now, Pisces.

In a nutshell: Show your true worth and set a price on what it is you want or need this week, Pisces. You know when to compromise now, and when to hold out for what you deserve. Work that worth!

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