7th May 2018 Weekly Astrology Forecast

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs November 26th 2018


Take action based on intuition
Speak your truth
Love is your way to freedom

What do you need to do to set you free? Or are you searching for clarity on a particular issue, Aries? Step forward into the flow of renewed confidence, optimism and positive action now as you reconnect with your purpose or just your faith in the future.

Step into expansion as the Sun and Jupiter meet in Jupiter’s ruling 9th. Ruler Mars in your 12th is in a tight angle to Mercury indicating you make things happen or news requires you take action. Plus you have the Sun and Mercury also conjunct in your 9th this week. You’ve the spiritual and inner resources you need to initiate something better for yourself. And also the ability to know exactly what needs to be done.

You’re in full soul-explorer mode this week. Powered forward by a pure vision of something you need to have, do or experience. Mars says it is yours but you must take action to make it manifest. Follow your gut instincts and don’t be afraid to try the creative solutions Mars may be sending your way now. The results could exceed even your wildest expectations.

A bigger, deeper emotional experience could be what you’re also craving. Don’t lose track of what it is you truly need when it comes to love. The past could feature in some way or just where you have neglected to be honest about those needs in the past.

Venus now direct is about to re-enter your sexual and intense 8th and on its way to there, opposes Uranus in your 1st just before it does. The past could reappear in surprising ways but ask if the leopard has changed its spots?

This is an invitation to you to be open and candid now and dare to be vulnerable as well as strong. Above all, stay connected to your truth and don’t doubt your actions are fuelled by the best intentions. When it comes to love, being open either brings you closer or else opens you up to a better experience in the future. Love is the way to emotional truth and the clarity you seek as well as freedom.

In a nutshell: Set your intentions and speak your truth. Opportunities could arise out of the past as could people. Dare to be open and upfront about what you want – especially when it comes to love.


Express your true worth
Is love the change you have been waiting for?
Know you deserve something better

Changes gather momentum now as the Sun meets Jupiter in your transformative 8th house. Are you ready to take a chance on something better? Because that’s really what’s at the heart of this cycle. Your belief that not only is there something better out there, but also that you deserve it.

Truth is, that your beliefs around what you think is available to you, is the most important determining factor in all of this. Your knowing you deserve a better alternative is your starting point here. Knowing is the first step. Acting is the second. Have you delayed doing this in the past? Don’t put it off any longer with Mercury retro also in your 8th which will also meet the Sun and Jupiter in here this week. Express your worth via what you say and do now and don’t whatever you do, doubt it. Tap into unshakeable surety especially when dealing or negotiating with others.

Hidden talents or inner resources you did not know were yours or have ignored or dismissed could come to light as ruler Venus in your 6th asks you to look closely at what you have available as it angles to the North Node in your 3rd. This is all tied in with that process of change and provides you with a deep connection to the truth around the rewards you are receiving and how you utilise what you have.

Time to re-evaluate that self-worth and come at not just money situations, but all areas with a new purpose and sense of value. Expand your ability to receive – and what you know you should be receiving, whether this is love as Venus now enters its ruling 7th, or monetary rewards .

This it itself could be the most powerful change you can make on your own behalf. Love could be the change you have been waiting for and this cycle could bring it. Know what you’re worth to receive it this week, Taurus.

In a nutshell: Change has an agenda all its own. Either take control by setting it in motion. Or let it carry you along with it. For beautiful, freeing results – take a chance on change this week.


Say it anyway
Make an extra effort to connect
Love gets enlightenment

The Sun’s meeting with Jupiter in your 7th and Venus (now direct) in your 5th makes this one of the best weeks of the year for love and partnership matters. Venus also angles to your destiny driving North Node putting fated connections and cosmic encounters directly in your path. Soul contracts fall due now.

Do be aware however, that your ruler Mercury is retrograde in your 7th even as it too meets the Sun and Jupiter this week. However, this can bring the past into the present. However, you may also find yourself searching for the right words to say whether it is getting a creative idea across, sharing your feelings or even coming up with that great opening line to start a conversation.

Or you could know what you want to say, but be worried about how you will come across. Say it anyway. Mercury retrograde in here does favour reigniting past relationships or past life encounters in the present .

If you have let something slide when it comes to partners, just be aware you may be confronted with having to now do – or rather say, something about it. Don’t shy away from difficult conversations. If lost for words, describing your feelings is where to begin.

A past working relationship or opportunity could revive or enter a new phase. All kinds of partnerships are highlighted now and not just the love variety. And remember, it’s all love! If you’re feeling the need to connect – make the effort now. Emotional enlightenment often results in new and improved relationships. Why? Because by understanding ourselves better we understand what we need from others.

Yes, you may struggle to find the right words to start with this week, but your heart is in the right place. So, if lost for words in any situation – whether it’s a friendship, working relationship or a partner (or potential one), describing your feelings is where to begin. Chances are you’ll reach an understanding.

In a nutshell: Lost for words this week? Feelings getting in the way? Reach for a way to describe your emotions and reinstate the flow. Especially when it comes to love and those ideas, Gemini!


Take a second chance – and a second look
Love is a feeling and a journey
Go with that ‘gut’ feeling

Love, fate, kismet, karma and destiny are all wrapped up together this week like some delicious cosmic Godiva truffle. The North Node is paying your 1st a visit. So this means the South Node is now in your 7th of partnerships. With Venus about to enter your fabulous 5th house, if romance or even just an opportunity to shine at what you do best, is your destination, then it’s time to strut that stuff this week. Ensure your destiny can find you.

Looking for love? Try internet dating, ask your network if someone knows someone – and then of course be prepared to meet someone in a completely different way. It’s all about knowing destiny is something we opt into. The words ‘destiny’ and ‘destination’ are linked. It’s all a journey. Start yours now.

Mercury the ruler of your 6th is retrograde in here. This week sees the Sun and that retrograde Mercury all meet Jupiter the planet of expansion in here. It’s not a time for new business but this could be a week where you reap the benefits of ideas and initiatives you have already set in motion. Jupiter wants to expand even as Mercury backwards covers old ground. Leverage what you have already set in motion.

But please check everything you send out. News around a job application order, project, plan, exam or result of some kind could reach you. Deadlines and details are things you need to adhere to as if they are lifelines – they are. This week asks you to take a second chance in going back to an old employer, client or customer or giving something you turned down a second look. Opportunity knocks twice this week.

In a nutshell: Love is both a destiny and a destination for you this week, Cancer. Ready to travel? Make that first move or take that step on a wider, bigger love journey.


Turn on, tune in and drop out – temporarily
Old connections have new relevance
Prepare for breathtaking new beginnings

Time for a quick cosmic check-in when it comes to that inner voice, Leo. You are about to enter a full-throttle cycle which I can only describe as life in the fast lane. So, for at least a few hours or maybe longer – turn on, tune in, drop out as they used to say in the sixties. Perhaps turn off that phone too so you won’t be disturbed.

The North Node is now in your 12th. This could result in some deep revelations around how your subconscious mind has been working – either for or against you. Also what you subconsciously really need as opposed to what you think you want. As usual when tuning in to that inner voice, we only get to hear it when we are silent, at peace or undisturbed. How you accomplish this is up to you. Maybe it involves being alone at home or meditating.

For others it can mean taking a walk or losing themselves in something creative. It’s about what works for you. And make no mistake – this is necessary work in order to make the most of your up-coming cycle.
This arrives quicker than you may think . Which is one more reason to carve out that serious down-time.

There’s a party happening in your 5th, the like of which you have not seen for 12 years especially when it comes to love, fun and romance. All courtesy of your ruler the Sun meeting Jupiter in here. This is your premiere, your launch, your time to shine! However, when it comes to invitations or travel, allow extra time when getting to your destination and have plans B thru to at least D handy due to Mercury retrograde joining the party. Things can go very right but when it comes to travel – disruptions are likely to be big ones.

However, luck is on your side in more ways that one. Take a chance when it comes to anything from romance to showcasing your talents and skills. If there’s news to be shared it will be big. This week marks the start of a cycle which invites you to join a bigger, better more glittering gathering where you feel you really do belong.

In a nutshell: Don’t be afraid to take a time-out and seek answers when it comes to what you need, Leo. New beginnings in romance and news of success fuel your decision making process. Tune in!


Are you charting a course or drifting with the tide?
Keep love real
Past efforts pay off

Are you drifting along wherever love takes you and/or content to sail away with anyone you bump into, Virgo? Does love have a plan for you or have you uncharacteristically abandoned this? It may be time to look closely at where love is headed. Do you have a destination in mind?

Neptune recently moved direct again in your 7th plus you have Vesta in your 5th being impacted by several planets this week. Vesta can see us in competition for someone’s attention or an imbalance. And it’s important to remember that while Neptune can have us reaching for the highest expression of love, it can also lead us into fantasy and delusion. We tell ourselves the person we’re involved with is or will get serious about us despite them telling us that’s not what they want. We make excuses for someone’s bad behaviour. We may even allow ourselves to believe it’s not them – it’s us.

Frogs turn into princes or princesses under Neptune’s spell and kissing just spreads the slime. The message is: know what you want from love and fall in love with a real human being – faults and all, not a fantasy. Or let the fantasy go.

Time to get serious about what it is you need not just for emotional security but your career too. Look at what underpins your life and you can rely on. The Sun meets Jupiter and ruler Mercury (retrograde) in your 4th this week. The first time this has happened in 12 years. This is a cycle where creating that base which in turns gives you more freedom is possible. Moving to a bigger, better home is possible as is moving to another area or even another country with Jupiter in here.

But remember, ruler Mercury is in retro grade form. So, a door may appear to swing open, but then closes. Or it turns into a revolving one. Put off major decisions around property but bring career matters that are already in motion to a conclusion. The doors that do swing wide open to opportunity.

If you have done the ground work, you should see achievement begin to rise. There’s something you can build on for the future that’s very real. Keep it concrete this week whether it’s love or business.

In a nutshell: Your superpower is your pristine, practical yet sensual approach to love and life in general. Don’t lose sight of this now. Love needs to measure up to reality. Don’t settle for less.


Does how you look match how you feel inside?
Believe in your power to shape your own future
A cosmic searchlight highlights opportunity

Venus is direct once more and the North Node in your 10th of achievement points to rewards coming your way due to the efforts you’ve been making. This week also sees the Sun meet Jupiter and Mercury in your 3rd. While your ruler is now in forward-motion, Mercury is unfortunately retrograde in this, its ruling house.

Yes, this massive meeting is shining on opportunities when it comes to writing, publishing, speaking, the internet, communication, business and commerce. But the ruler of this house is heading back. So, while you may see those opportunities, please do not launch them or send them out there.

Above all, if you are travelling (Jupiter rules long distance travel and Mercury rules getting about) ensure you store copies of important documents somewhere safe and also have hard copies as back up. Get everything in writing but expect that writing to change. The people you do business with may not be what they seem or move the goalposts without warning. Forewarned is forearmed. Use this time for research when it comes to anything new. But expect your faith in your abilities and the future to be restored.

Ruler Venus in your 1st opposes Uranus in your 7th. The strange tango or partnership musical chairs you have experienced these past seven years is almost over. Past, present and potential partnerships or one in particular is highlighted for one final going over. Or it may involve a go-or-stay situation. This all may have affected how you see yourself – chances are you feel very different. Not just about partnerships which may have involved a radical realignment for you. But also about how you look and come across.

Chances are you are feeling different about so much now–and may take steps to ensure your outer appearance matches these inner changes. The adjustments you make are a reflection of the future you are stepping into. While it may not be the time to launch a business or that website, it is time to launch the new improved version of you. The reaction? Well, this week says you’ll never know until you try. Or try again. Don’t be afraid to do just that, Libra.

In a nutshell: Refine those ideas and get everything in writing. This week brings you renewed faith in the future and fresh possibilities. This week is all about discovering what you can achieve if you try.


Get ready for a soul stock-take
Watch for unexpected expenses
Get the love you deserve

Although it may be tempting to give in to the urge to splurge, I would ask you to resist making major purchases for a while longer. There’s a massive meeting this week between the Sun, Jupiter and retrograde Mercury, in your money house. This could well bring you news of a new source of income, better paying job or that side hustle takes off. But Jupiter in here however can boost our sense of generosity and also throw the budget out the window!

With Neptune in your pleasure centre now direct again, you may be enticed into buying things you don’t need and also operate under the illusion the money will just appear to cover the cost. Now, I am not saying that this cycle won’t bankroll those dreams and indulgences further down the track. But right now you have Mercury, the planet of commerce, retrograde.

Money matters will therefore be subject to change, unexpected expenses could occur especially around Mercury-ruled things such as our phone, computer or even your car. And promises such as ‘The money will be in your account/cheque is in the mail’ may just not be something you can bank on just yet. Yes, improvements are on their way. But don’t spend them faster than they appear!

Sizzle, sizzle, Venus arrives back in your 1st this week. Look deep into your values and also your love life. This is one of those transits which plants possibilities for your future but how it manifests could boil down to how you expect to be treated by others – both in the workplace and your personal life.

Seeing someone or a situation in a very different light could be one result of this. You may realise the scales are out of balance or you are simply not getting what you feel you deserve when it comes to how you are treated.

Action may need to be taken as a result. Venus in your 1st reawakens love and that includes self-love. What’s new this week, Scorpio? Could be that re-vamped attitude. You’re a love magnet in all areas so shine bright.

In a nutshell: This week asks you to look at issues around your worth. Are you being treated or rewarded the way you know you deserve to be? Take that attitude upgrade to the bank, Scorpio!


Opportunities appear where you least expect them
Jumpstart that love engine!
The world is your mirror

You and your dreams are most definitely in focus now as the Sun and ruler Jupiter meet in your 1st. You have not experienced a cycle laden with this kind of excitement and potential for 12 years.

The air around you positively crackles with possibilities. It’s time to think big but strangely enough, it’s not yet the time to take action. The reason for this is Mercury retrograde in your 1st which gatecrashes that Sun/Jupiter party. It’s all a bit of a tease.

You can see where you want to get to, but for now, have to remain in place, spinning your wheels. Revise, review and refine those plans or your flight path until next month.

This may be hard as I know your philosophy is usually instant gratification takes too long. See yourself not so much as in a holding pattern, but being given a chance to look around you and see just how many options you have available to you in the coming year. If you do, you’ll see there are more directions open to you that you previously imagined. Opportunities could appear where and when you least imagine however. You get to choose now.

Asking yourself what you want from your relationships and love is a good place to start when it comes to making those choices. With all this major activity in your 1st, look out and see just who or what is opposite you. What you see is a reflection of your emotional state and your beliefs around what is possible. We attract what we dwell on. So, where your emotions take you is what you see – in others and the world around you. You ‘read’ the world through your emotions. Reach for that higher love especially as Venus arrives in your 12th this week. Chances are, you’ll see something bigger and more resonant, reflected back at you.

Venus in your 12th can mark the end or the beginning of a new emotional journey between you and someone or something else. If you are in a close working or collaborative relationship, then this week could just bring you rewards and satisfaction. Others could contemplate past loves or the love yet to come.

When it comes to love if you’re single however, this is no time to sit on your hooves. Jumpstart that connection and make the first, bold move in that signature sexy style of yours.

In a nutshell: It’s a heart-starting week! Step into a cycle like no other thanks to ruler Jupiter. You have more options open to you than ever before for your future – especially when it comes to love.


Wherever you go, there you are
Explore the worlds of inspiration and insight
Work with what you have

We’re at that time of year when the inner you may be on a very different journey to what the outer you is engaged in, Capricorn. The Sun and Jupiter meet this week in your spiritual, cosmic and highly mysterious 12th. You may want to escape on some level now and if travel is not an option – and due to Mercury retrograde in here should be approached with caution; you may choose other forms of escapism.

Neptune which rules this house but is in your 3rd (Mercury’s ruling sector) is now direct again. Some forms of escapism can be positive experiences now if you choose to explore psychic or occult studies, creativity or your enhanced intuitive and imaginative skills. You can even begin something which results in financial success in the future during this cycle, or see the return of something which you began in the past.

This is your house of the past so second chances or even going back to work for someone you did in the past can feature due to retrograde Mercury also meeting the Sun and Jupiter in here. Just don’t launch anything new just yet! Losing yourself in the worlds of films, music, books is a way to tune into your inner muse and also resurrect old ideas.

Losing yourself in food, alcohol, shopping, or other substances is running away. Remember in the words of Buckaroo Banzai: Wherever you go, there you are.

Being right here, your everyday routine and responsibilities and taking care of yourself are issues highlighted by Vesta in your 1st. It may however be hard to stay in the here and now or even focus on what needs to be done. Your job or even your routine may feel confining and again, you may seek ways to escape . So, gazing out the window and imagining you are someplace else is another form of escapism that could entice you.

Your desire for a change or for something more exciting could undermine you and all you’re trying to achieve in the long term if you give in. The secret to all this 12th house activity and call to freedom is to be content with what you have and where you are right now. It tells you to work with what you’ve got and appreciate even the small things. Take care of the details and this week’s line-up will take care of you in the longer term. Little things mean a lot now. Stick with reality but travel far in your mind this week.

In a nutshell: There’s more than one way to escape this week, Capricorn. The world of intuition and inspiration is yours to explore. Work with what you have for long term success.


What’s in your House of the Rising Sun?
The future springs from the past
Connections are part of your spiritual + emotional journey

Step into the House of the Rising Sun this week, Aquarius. I’m not referring to the classic 1964 hit by The Animals. Did you know this song was based on an even older one? The original featured a girl who had been ruined by working in the House of the Rising Sun. But the House of the Rising Sun I’m referring to is your House of the Future – your 11th. The Sun, Jupiter and retro Mercury all meet in here this week. It’s time to look to the future and to do that first look back 12 years as this is the last time this transit occurred.

What happened? What goals came within reach for you? For you now, the path to the future means first looking back and seeing what remains relevant and what needs to be discarded. This is your house of friends, contacts, groups, networks and connections of all kinds – so you may hear from old ones now. It is also the house where you receive from others. What you have given out in the past could return to you with that Mercury retrograde in here. While Jupiter can magnify the rewards. Yes, you paid it forward generously and without expecting anything back. But that good karma could come full circle now. Watch carefully.

People who further your spiritual and emotional growth are likely to cross your path this week as this too forms part of this cycle of receiving you are in. Unexpected encounters, surprising news or invitations could form the bridge between your past and your future.

This week asks you to be flexible when it comes to the shape your future may take. The past is behind us and the future is yet to be experienced. Yet the actions we take in the present moment are shaping it.

If you look to the past you may be able to draw a direct correlation between choices made in the past and where you are today. Stepping into the House of the Rising Sun means we’re afforded the means and the imagination to begin to form that future. It’s a highway to heaven you’re walking – not the road to ruin, this week.

In a nutshell: Step into your future this week, Aquarius. Who or what do you want to come with you? You’ll draw to you exactly what you need now. Be ready to receive.


Now you see it – go for it!
Build on the past
Be seen in a whole new light

Ruler Neptune is now very much direct again. Unlike other planets, Neptune spends almost half the year retrograde. The trick with your ruler is to remember that retrogrades are illusions and Neptune rules these! Neptune retrograde offers you the opportunity to see things as they are and when it heads direct once more, you have the chance to begin a new cycle based on truth. It’s a ‘Now you see it, go for it’ moment. So, let go of the past now and take action.

You have Mars the planet of this also in your 1st energising you into action. Making changes to your image and being mindful of how you come across could bring you rewards and get you noticed by all the right people now.

Career opportunities are highlighted this week in a way they have not been in 12 years thanks to a meeting between the Sun and Jupiter. Yes, doors are opening but with Mercury retrograde it is all about who you already know and building on what you have already established rather than embarking on something brand new.

You can have existing bosses, employers, people in positions of influence and authority, looking at you in a whole new light however. Resurrect talents and skills you have not used in a while or return to an old career path. Re-approach people you have applied to or have had contact with previously, applying what you have learned in the interim. You may get a very different answer from them than you did before.

Mars in your 1st stokes your confidence and gives you the determination to claim the recognition you deserve. Focus and build on your achievements so far and don’t allow insecurities to undermine you. You may at times feel vulnerable but allow your desire for success to carry you forward. Dress to impress, act for success and discover just how capable you are now. It’s now time to rebuild for your future. And to let others know just how capable you are. See yourself in a different light and sell yourself in accordingly. Lightweight? That’s not you this week.

In a nutshell: See yourself differently and the world will too, Pisces. Second time around could bring you the result you wanted first time out. Become the change that makes the difference this week.

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