6th May 2019 Weekly Astrology Forecast

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs May 7th 2018


  • Get comfortable with success – on your terms
  • Revolutionise your relationship to money
  • Get and add value

How comfortable are you with money and success, Aries? And what does success mean for you? You may have started looking closely at this back at the end of last year when Saturn moved to its ruling success zone in your chart. Success should be self-defined to well, be successful. You’re looking closer at what this means to you this week. Powerful and positive change ripples through your career sector and this is very much about success but on your terms. Yes, you want the recognition and the material rewards. But you also want what you have accomplished to have meaning and be emotionally satisfying too. You’re willing to work to bring about a shift that ticks all these boxes and to think outside that box for ways to accomplish this. For some of you, this could revolve around a change in those ambitions or just what you are willing to do or sacrifice to get where you need to go.

For all of us this week, we will be looking at how we relate to money and the material world in some way, shape or form. There’s a radical shift about to take place around this. Being the warrior spirit of the zodiac, as usual it’s down to you to forge ahead for the rest of us, Aries. Your relationship to your money, your possessions, your assets etc is about to undergo a massive shift starting this week when Mercury meets Uranus for the final time in your sign and then moves on into your 2nd. What really matters, what you are prepared to ‘pay’ – for success, for ‘stuff’ and your values is about to undergo a massive shift. You are awakening to what really matters – and redefining what success means to you all at the same time. The world is watching you, Aries. Blaze that trail this week.

In a nutshell: What really matters to you is under the microscope this week. Get ready for a soul revolution when it comes to your money and what success means to you. Redefine that now.


  • Make a break for soul freedom
  • Dream big for love
  • Be your next big idea

Secrets are revealed or uncovered this week, Taurus. Something hidden from you – perhaps by another or maybe something you have hidden from yourself, is laid bare. There’s no avoiding this now. No matter what it looks like, this is your break for freedom. Because I can tell you that no matter what this is, it has been holding you back. Perhaps for longer than you even imagined.

The freedom for some good, good loving forms part of this as the Sun in your 1st opposes Jupiter in your partnership zone. Feel this kind of warmth for the first time in 12 years, Taurus. You’re more open, more expansive and want to share – yourself, your feelings and above all, your famous Taurus generosity, with others now. That radiance you’re broadcasting pulls in others. Freedom feels so good, doesn’t it? Bask in it now. Singles – you’re set to shine so bright nobody could possibly overlook you. The trick here is to know that if your dream around partnerships has proved elusive up until now, there is a very good reason for that. Yes, it may or may not be connected this this week’s soul revelations. But it could also be because you settled for something or someone less. No more low expectations. Upgrade to a bigger dream – and a bigger kind of love experience. Soul revival and revolution is what you are being prepared for now. Mercury enters your sign this week preparing you for this. Your connection to your money and to your personal ideas/image/what makes you you, is set for some radical change. You’ll feel the shift in energy begin now and see this reflected in those around you. Especially if they think they have you all figured out. Get set to shake-up a few preconceived notions. You’re waking up (finally) to your incredible and unconstrained potential. Some people may not like this. For now it’s all about walking your talk and doing something with your ideas. The next big one? That could just be you, Taurus.

In a nutshell: You’re in a cycle of profound awakening. And that includes waking up to what’s been hidden from you, Taurus. This week reveals it and release you – into a bigger kind of love experience.


  • Follow your insights
  • Friendships get locked-in
  • Prepare to build yourself a brand new world

Friendships and connections are being locked in for the long term this week. Maintain a universal outlook when it comes to any shifts in your social circle. If someone disappears it’s because the connection has been well and truly lived out. This week is one of awakenings. Of becoming more aware of what is going on behind the scenes or below the surface for you. Pay attention to those insights especially if they relate to your career or your partner now. You might want to do whatever you can to source validation or uncover facts. I’m not talking about snooping but if you feel something strongly and can’t shake it, a fact-finding mission may be called for. The best tactic – just ask. Straight out. What can I say? They won’t see it coming and you’ll get the answer you want one way or another.

You’re about to enter what I can only describe as a soul-searching cycle. It’s going to favour the radical approach when it comes to unearthing hidden insights or even working behind the scenes. It’s going to be fabulous if you have ever wanted to study astrology or anything ‘occult’. And I mean that in the broadest possible sense. People usually associate the term with anything psychic, mystical or magical but the word comes from the Latin to hide or conceal. So, any work, paid or unpaid, soul or professional that involves delving into mysteries or making great leaps of the imagination is going to be in focus for you over the next few years. Ruler Mercury is set to kick-start this process for you from the 13th when he arrives in your 12th which rules all these things. So look for what begins to surface as this offers you a glimpse of what is to come. A radical new way of seeing the world is about to be revealed to you. Or creating a brand new universe to inhabit. And your gut could turn out to be your most reliable guide as innovation and intuition begin to work hand-in-hand for you. Get ready to begin to create a brand new world(view) for yourself.

In a nutshell: You can combine insight and innovation to totally reshape your world now, Gemini. It’s time for delving behind the scenes. There’s opportunities waiting – with your name on them!


  • New places, new faces and new circles open up
  • Make a different kind of wish
  • Get ready for Stranger but Better Things

Prepare for the entrance of new people, possibilities and goals to enter and re-shape your life in ways you would not dream possible, Cancer. This week is preview week for a longer, stranger and above all, thrilling cycle that’s waiting in the wings and which will begin shortly. Single? You should be circulating where you can be seen this week. Love could be less than a swipe away so ensure it knows where to seek you out. The same can be said for your professional availability. You are being asked if you have truly explored every possible avenue available to you or have sold yourself as well as you can? The past few years may have brought some unexpected twists and turns when it comes to your career. But hopefully what you have learned from this is that nothing succeeds like you. Understanding it’s about what you and you alone can bring to the table – and packaging this in a way that impresses, should have resulted in success. Or at the very least freed you from that dead-end job that was never going to offer you the opportunities you need anyway. This week offers one final course adjustment or opportunity to own that CEO within you. Or to promote yourself as if you were one.

You’re now being prepared to keep some very fast company. Get ready for the entrance of people from many different backgrounds and walks of life. To explore new social circles. To seek out new opportunities and new networks. To boldly go where you’ve not been before when it comes to not only friendships, but also your goals, dreams and dealing with people at large. Your 11th rules all these themes as well as yes, science fiction, UFO’s, entrepreneurs, revolutionary ideas and awakenings. You’re on the cusp of a cycle of innovation, invention and evolution. Like the captain of a starship, you’re entering unexplored territory. Making the most of this means you need to be open to change and unattached to any particular outcome. In other words – don’t cling on (pun intended) to the past if what you are really after is a different result in the future.

In a nutshell: Time to look closely at those goals. If they have not manifested perhaps they are no longer relevant? Or just not big or bold enough to satisfy you, Cancer? Get creating this week!


  • Freedom vs. Security. Or can you combine both?
  • Create your foundation for success
  • Showcase your potential

How do you reconcile freedom with security, Leo? If you want the answer you could do a lot worse than to ask fellow fire sign Sagittarius for a few insights. They’ve been battling this conundrum for almost three years. And while they may not have the whole thing quite figured out (yet), most of them will probably tell you freedom begins with a good foundation. Do you have yours? Ruler the Sun in your 10th of foundation, career and rewards opposes Jupiter in your 4th of home and security. A shining opportunity could present itself to establish a base, a career milestone or just establish something that sustains and supports you for the future. That’s your security bit. The freedom? Chances are there’s something you still want to explore or experience and you need a solid base from which to do that.

You are about to enter a cycle of innovation and reinvention. Especially when it comes to your career. So, take that opportunity that should arrive this week and use this as your bedrock. When it comes to your career, you can look forward to a profound awakening around your calling, your profession, the company you work for or even why you choose a particular path in the first place. If you are in the wrong profession, what I can tell you is that over the next few years nothing or no-one will be able to keep you there. If you have unfulfilled ambitions, you will be unable to resist the call to explore these. Even if you are the proverbial golden round glowing peg in that round hole, expect some twists and turns that could see you take on a new shape, and a new role. Innovation and reinvention will be called for. There’s going to be so much to experience and experiment with around what you do and all you can be, Leo. So now you see the sense in putting in that foundation so you are free to do just that. Lay it down this week.

In a nutshell: Enter a cycle of innovation, invention and playing with possibilities you were not even aware existed, Leo. Time to experiment when it comes to those career ambitions. And become CEO of You.Inc.


  • Be the change you need in your life
  • Halt or hot up?
  • Remain open when it comes to solutions

Feet on the ground, head in the stars. Doesn’t sound like a bad philosophy, does it Virgo? Make this your mantra for the foreseeable future and you won’t stray far from your goals. You’re about to be connected to a whole universe of possibilities. Some you may not even have been aware existed before. Before all this manifests, changes on the romance front could have you seeing either yourself or the other party in a very different light. Ruler Mercury is either halting or hotting up the love talk this week squaring Pluto and then Mars in your 5th. Surprise twists and turns could impact on your love life or alternatively, could involve you moving from an understudy role into star status. You can bring any negotiations to a successful conclusion now provided you’re not overly attached to a particular outcome. This comes from knowing that if things are not going your way, it could be because there’s a better solution to be had. So remain open but hold that ground.

Mercury is on the move this week and heading off into your 9th of travel, learning and expansion. This is a great transit under which to plan a trip if not take one. Or to see how far a big idea can take you. First however, you have one final meeting between Mercury and Uranus in your 8th. It is your final call to transformation as this is the last time your ruler and Uranus will meet in here this lifetime. What needs to change? Especially when it comes to personal empowerment or money? Step into the flow of change and whatever you do, don’t resist the fire of transformation. You’ll emerge from it with the freedom that’s already asking you to claim it now. The cycle ahead is going to be all about dreaming big and aiming high in new ways but also remaining grounded while you do so. Be the change this week.

In a nutshell: You are poised on the cusp of an exciting cycle of potential and possibilities, Virgo. But first, you need to complete a cycle of change. Do whatever you need to in order to claim your freedom.


  • What opportunity are you missing?
  • Stay in the moment
  • Go get your new kind of love

Ruler Venus is in your expansive 9th wanting to take you on a love journey of some description or another but squares Neptune in your 6th of everyday work and responsibilities. There’s a danger here of escapism as you feel a pull towards something that gets your heart beating faster rather than the daily grind. This does favour any kind of creative, intuitive or psychic work however and there’s a deeper message to be decoded here. You could be missing an opportunity that’s under your nose especially when it comes to any work that falls in any of the above categories. Look closer especially if you want to create a life where you work at what you love. Then it’s all about loving the here and now rather than the fantasy of escape.

Change is in the air this spring and some of this will already be in motion. Especially when it comes to where you are living, home and family. There’s going to be a huge change around your salary, shared resources, pay outs and personal power about to take place and this week acts as a preview week for that. You’re not the only sign who is experiencing the shift. We all are. But each of us will experience it across a different area of our charts. Before this really kicks in for you expect one final moment of revelation around a partnership (or potential one). You’ve made some incredible inroads to understanding and redefining your needs when it comes to you and others these past few years. Yes, they have presented some challenges as chances are things have not always worked out the way you hoped. There have been guessing games, disappointments and changes. You may have had to deal with people who were most definitely on Team You and others that were up in your grill and the complete opposite. There may have been thrills and heart-starting moments too. All this is coming to a definitely close for you. This has been an awakening time for you where you have become more aware not just of what you need, but the many forms partnerships can take – and work. One more Ah-ha! Moment brings this cycle to a close in this lifetime. Go get your love, Libra.

In a nutshell: Your ideas around love or what works for you when it comes to partners, has undergone a radical shift in recent years. One more revelation is in order. Then you’re done, Libra.


  • Explore partnership potential
  • Take action to make love real
  • Work it your way

The past few years may have had you changing your work, your health and wellbeing practices or your routine, Scorpio. What has shifted here for you? What still needs to change? What is just not working? You can make one final adjustment across these areas this week and ruler Pluto is also pushing you to do this.  To negotiate and communicate what you need to change and where this now needs to be completed. Make those adjustments and don’t be afraid to try something new to get the result you need. Ancient ruler Mars is also in the mix at the moment. So, you have both rulers pushing you to make a transformation. It may be obvious where this needs to happen now if it concerns work, business, communication or even the internet. There’s a need to get across ideas or a message you have. If you have been mulling over looking for a new job or even changing direction completely, mull no more. Take action instead. And think outside that square. You’re receiving one final awakening when it comes to seeing your work, wellbeing or just daily routine so use this.

You can expect surprises, excitement and thrills around your personal life over the next few years. Sometimes this may seem like a rollercoaster ride. If you want to know what it is like, then just ask the Librans next door. What I can tell you is that your next big cycle of growth will bring you a greater understanding of what you need from a partnership plus the opportunity to try on all kinds of twosomes for size. These include close friendships, working relationships, business partnerships, activity partners and collaborations. Who or what turns up during this cycle will depend on where you need to open up and redefine what love or partnership means to you. So get ready. You will also be looking at your partnership with your money and how you relate to the material world in general. Yes, this is a relationship you are in. In fact, from the moment we are given pocket money to the moment we leave this mortal plane, this is the one relationship we are in for our entire lives. Yet often it is the one we ignore or fail to work out. Can yours be better? This week can provide you with a heads-up. Lucky you when it comes to relating right now as Jupiter in your 1st opposes the Sun currently in your 7th shining on a potential partnership opportunity for you. Mercury also enters your 7th this week bringing in a period where you want to talk love. Mercury was after all Venus’s messenger who delivered all those love missives. You want a bigger love experience than what you have been receiving of late. You have the ability now to make those thoughts and ideas real. But you need to act. Don’t just imagine love. Take action and ground romance down to earth. This will be your key to exploring all this partnership potential that awaits you. Get relating.

In a nutshell: A bigger, different or just more electrifying kind of love? Don’t just talk about it. Across all your relationships, it’s time to make that love a reality.


  • Bring excitement to work
  • What gift do you have to give to someone younger?
  • Claim what you need to feel vibrant and alive!

The past few years could  have seen you looking at children, step-children, the children you want to have, those you never had, the younger generation, romance and even your creative ventures (children of your spirit). Chances are you have experienced a shift, an awakening or a total revolution around one, some or even all these themes. Some of you may have become parents. Some of you may have empty nest syndrome. Some of you may have been you have been on a rollercoaster ride when it comes to love. Others may have had the same experience with creative projects or been unexpectedly pushed into the spotlight in some way. This week represents your final bend on the rollercoaster before it glides to a halt and you disembark. Hopefully with a sense of what you need to feel vibrant and alive. Or with the satisfaction of creating something. Anything from an entire new human being to something that has defined you in some way. Or even a legacy or learning experience for the younger generation. What gives?  Hopefully you giving back and giving love. Lesson over. At least around these experiences.

And now for something completely different. The call towards revolutionising your life is about to occur in another area. Mercury enters its ruling 6th on the 13th joining the Sun in here. This week the Sun opposes ruler Jupiter currently in your 12th of all things hidden, secret and mysterious. What comes to light is most likely the need to make some radical changes to your work, your routine and your wellbeing. You’re ahead of the curve if you start on this now. Experiment. Go for the untried option. Shake things up a bit. What works may no longer work for you so find out what does. Thinking of changing direction when it comes to your job? Prepare for some exploration. Above all, don’t get attached to one way of working. One way of doing things. One set routine. No matter how hard you try to hold on to it, chances are you won’t be able to. If you have strayed on to the wrong path or ended up in a rut, the next cycle is guaranteed to break you free from it. Yes, those twists and turns now apply to this area of your life. But chances are this could be one of the most exciting

cycles you’ve ever worked.

In a nutshell: One major cycle in your life involving love affairs, children or creative ventures is drawing to a close. What’s ahead? An exciting new phase when it comes to work, Sag.


  • Get ready for the romance revolution
  • Make a life that’s designed for living
  • Get a taste of indulgence

Are you getting in the mood for love, Capricorn? Or perhaps I should say a more exciting, breathless, different kind of love experience than you may have been experiencing of late? The past few years may have thrown up a few challenges around your home, family, living arrangement or even your career path. And hopefully a few fabulous solutions, unexpected surprises and new and better lifestyle or living arrangements too. You are reaching the end of this period now. And what you should be walking away from it with are a couple of revelations to live with and by. The first is that anything built to last can’t be shaken off its foundations. The second is that you need to create a home and lifestyle that is designed for you and your living arrangements. Not around anyone’s else’s idea of what this should be. Living in a different and highly individual way than when this cycle began back in 2011. How were you living then? What has evolved or changed? Are there still some adjustments you need to make to your living arrangements, your lifestyle or your home that you need to make? This week marks your final chance to fine tune this process and arrive at a true living arrangement.

Romance, children, step-children, the decision to have children or not, your inner child, creative projects, being in the spotlight and pleasure and fun are going to be your themes for revolutionary change over the next few years. You already have the Sun in here making fabulous angles to Pluto in your 1st this week kick-starting this process. There’s an intense attraction building in you. Perhaps for someone coupled with a desire to create – or even procreate! Mercury arriving in this house brings you the ability to flirt and also to sell yourself effectively whether in a business or a personal context. But this is just a taste of what’s to come. Think indulgence. Think beauty. Think love revolution. It begins here.

In a nutshell: Freedom. Beauty. Truth. Love. Are you ready for the revolution, Capricorn? Yes you can-can this week. Let glamour, indulgence and passion take you where you need to go.


  • How much has changed on a daily basis?
  • Push that idea for all it’s worth
  • Get ready for a better cycle for living

You would have to be stuck at the top of a pretty remote ivory tower – and one without internet access, to be unaware of the fact that ruler Uranus is about to make a move, Aquarius. Since 2011 you have experienced the Uranian revolutionary effect going on around how you communicate, commerce, business, studying, your commute, ideas, your siblings if you have them, how you get around, travel, and your neighbourhood. Look back over this period and see how much has changed or affected you across these areas. This should have acted as an evolution for you. Your day to day world may have undergone a profound shift as a result of this. What have you done with your ideas? How have these changed? How do you communicate them and where have they taken you? Getting one final idea across or just pushing it that bit further could cap off this cycle for you this week.

Mercury who rules this house remains in here until the 13th before moving on off into your 4th of home, family, living arrangements, lifestyle and security. Just ahead of yes, Uranus who will shortly follow. No more hiding in that ivory tower, Aquarius. Some aspect of your home or how you live is about to undergo a total reimagining. Chances are during this time you could move to or create a home like no other. One that perhaps stands out or is dramatically different from those of its neighbours. Or you could be staying right where you are, rearranging your space or creating a unique lifestyle that is very much a reflection of who you are. Living in an original way is going to be the best way to sum up what’s ahead for you. Also, if you have ever wanted to work remotely from home, Uranus could now unshackle you from your commute and your desk job and bring about the way to make this happen. As always with your ruler, be prepared for the unexpected. Don’t plan too far ahead and above all, don’t get too attached to your plans. If your foundations are solid, they will continue to support you even if things get shaken up. If something does come crashing down, it is an opportunity to rebuild it with something more sustaining. This cycle gets you living – and on your terms.

In a nutshell:  Home or your living arrangements are about to enter a period where you can create a living evolution. Possibly right from your couch if necessary. Begin to live a little more this week.


  • Create an environment where beauty can flourish
  • What returns has your name on it
  • Take an innovate approach to resources

Venus in your 4th is all about living in a state of beauty. Or to put it another way, beautifying your home and surroundings. Inspired? You can channel inspiration via ruler Neptune. Or are you unsure just where to channel it? You want to bring in the beauty and to create an environment which nurtures and inspires. This is a wonderful transit under which to create a sanctuary of retreat and rejuvenation. Altar your space but keep a close eye on your expenditure as neither planet is concerned with the worldly constraints of budget. The Sun in your 3rd  opposing Jupiter in its ruling 9th brings you an opportunity, lucky break or chance to expand your worldview on some level. News could be on its way that you can’t possibly miss. Jupiter is retrograde at present and this could even involve something returning. There’s a feeling of rewards from the past or something you missed out on. But it had your name on it all long.

Since 2011 you have probably had to deal with more than your fair share of financial ups and downs. This has been due to Uranus in your money zone during this period. While you may have had to deal with the unexpected, Uranus’s swings and roundabouts usually put us ahead by the time we get off. Hopefully that has been what has happened for you as the cycle now comes to an end. You may have had to evolve a radical new approach not just to your money but your other resources too. These include your talents and skills. Perhaps you uncovered resources you didn’t know you had. Or found innovative new ways to use the ones you did. You’ve one final piece of news around your money this week before the cycle ends. After this, expect to use the same radical approach you’ve had to reach for over the past few years on your job, business, studying, communications, the internet, your ideas or even how you choose to get around. Get playing with not just the way you communicate but your actual thoughts and ideas. Mercury zooms into its ruling house this week giving a new focus to what you say and all your business and personal interactions. Invent, innovate and experiment now. You’re a work in progress this week, Pisces.

In a nutshell: Become the innovator and inventor across all areas of your life. Get a little radical when it comes to your ideas. And your belief in yourself.

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