21st May 2018 Weekly Astrology Forecast

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs May 27 2019


  • Dance with the divine feminine
  • Embrace a new kind of strength
  • Break yourself free – beautifully

It’s a week of female power. No matter what gender you primarily identify with – all of us contain the same archetypal energies. They link us to the power of the cosmos and the soul power within. The Sun and Mercury remain in Gemini this week – the sign of the Twins and interestingly enough, one associated with both energies. You often see this depicted in the card of The World in the Tarot. The central figure is the hermaphrodite – associated with Gemini’s ruler, Mercury.  The Sun in Gemini and your 3rd opposes Ceres in your 9th. Ceres is the dwarf planet we associate most with the power of the feminine. Venus the planet which represents the power of love. They are related – but different. Venus is in its ruling 2nd in your chart making a softening angle to that old curmudgeon Saturn. Both planets are in their ruling signs and their ruling houses in your chart. Love rules in this instance.  This means they are talking to one another and for two planets with nothing in common, the conversation is on the same wavelength.

This is not the only one going on that is either. Mercury is in its ruling house and ruling sign too. And so is Jupiter. Both oppose one another on the 30th. Again, they speak one another’s language. But what is this conversation about? Feminine power does not need to imitate male power. It has its own strength. This week for you, it has the ability to break you out and free and allows you to work opportunity and be effective with a strength that is – quite frankly, simply irresistible. It comes from stating your terms and holding your position with quiet dignity. Travel – or a literal move away from a problem and into the flow of opportunity could form part of this. Know your power – state your terms this week, Aries and get ready for success.

In a nutshell: It’s the week to embrace a new kind of power for you, Aries. And in doing so to get the results you want but in a way that reflects feminine strength. Get a divine solution now.


  • Tap into your inner strength
  • Begin a new reward cycle
  • Advantage  – you!

Do you see yourself as a Goddess of Change, Taurus? It doesn’t matter what gender we may identify with, we all contain male and female energy. Think of these as power sharing your destiny. Sometimes one needs to come to the fore, and then the other steps in. Ideally, these would be balanced but our modern day society has seen so many of us out of alignment with our inner archetypes. This week you are one of the signs which should be extremely comfortable tapping into the powerful energy of the divine feminine. And allowing this force to come to the fore when it comes to important changes and decisions this week. I say this because you are a Venus ruled sign and your ruler in your 1st is part of this week’s powerful feminine line up.

It’s not just about aligning to your inner female power. It’s knowing that changes this week are all to your benefit. These may occur around money, assets, your intimate relationships, your marriage partner, payouts, maintenance, benefits or your salary. Come from surety, strength and feminine power as the Sun in your 2nd of self-worth, money and assets opposes Ceres in your 8th. Know when to compromise however – especially if you intuit that allowing someone to ‘save face’ or have a concession actually gives you what you want. There are oppositions and then there are oppositions which involve Jupiter. The planet of good fortune’s open-handedness mixes with Mercury’s business acumen and penchant for communicating as these two oppose each other. You have the advantage now in any kind of negotiation or deal.

Freedom inciting results should arrive soon after thanks to ruler Venus handing you a very different aspect of feminine power – but one that is nonetheless effective at getting you what you want. Break free of restrictions and find away round of blockages to progress that have been placed in your path. The 31st sees your ruler trine Saturn in your 9th. Both these planets are in their ruling signs which means they are talking to one another – despite the fact they may not usually have much in common. It is also worth mentioning that Mercury and Jupiter area also in their ruling signs which adds up to another mutually beneficial chat happening. The combined effect of all of this should be to set you free from a long term and restrictive situation and open up fresh possibilities. It begins with you owning that powerful feminine part of you. Show your strength this week, Taurus.

In a nutshell: Own that inner strength in a way which honours the divine feminine we all contain, Taurus. Changes take you away from restriction. And on into freedom and rewards.


  • Love Rules
  • Balance the yin and the yang within
  • You can rule the universe (or your little corner of it!)

The Yin and the Yang of it feature this week, Gemini. As does the need to reconcile opposing forces. Strangely enough these may simply be within you. Whatever is occurring between you and another in the outer world is a reflection of what is happening within. So, begin there when seeking any kind of resolution or outcome. You contain the universe which is made up of male and female energy in equal parts. Reconcile and balance this, and you control the universe – well, at the very least your little part of it and what’s in your orbit! If someone is opposing you or causing problems, provided you are coming from this place of balance, this means they are taking on the universe. Think about this. So, any solution lies within you now and this includes solutions around love or lack thereof.

Bring the divine feminine to the fore this week when seeking out either love or answers. Because both lie within this. This is a week where all signs are asked to tap into feminine power no matter what gender they identify with.  The Sun in your 1st opposes Ceres in your 7th asking you to bring feminine power in to balance a particular partnership. Remember that this house rules close friendships, business, working and collaborative partnerships as well as your opponents (opposite numbers!). Solutions are at hand or even a new beginning as Mercury opposes Jupiter in here on the 30th. Something bigger, freer, more expansive is set to replace the current dynamic. Venus is in your house of destiny and the past while Jupiter is retrograde. Don’t be surprised if love involves trying again or a second chance at something. This could even connect to your career as Venus aligns to Saturn in your 8th on the final day of the month. Venus always seeks balance and its power comes from this. So, balance your universal feminine this week and use its wisdom – in both your personal life and your career. And control your own little part of the universe, Gemini!

In a nutshell: Balance the divine feminine within this week and you could just control the universe, Gemini.  Well, your own small part of it. When it comes to you and others – work it to rule it.


  • You are far more than a job title or pay check
  • Love loves those who own it
  • What’s your secret superpower?

Matters of wellbeing, routine and work are in focus this week. And you’ve a secret superpower to bring to bear on these matters this week. It doesn’t matter if the work you do is paid or unpaid. Events revolve around the worth is gives you and how powerfully fulfilled you feel doing it. In many respects it’s also not about how much you get paid for what you do either. It’s about knowing you are more than a job title or a pay check. I am not saying these are not important but you are far, far more than these and this week puts you in touch with the greater worth of what you do and who you are via the power of the divine feminine.

This could also see you breaking free or breaking down stereotypes associated with what you do or female roles in general.  There’s a beautiful rebellion happening here. You’re in a position to turn perceptions – especially if they are gender biased or biased towards you and your role personally, on their heads this week. The Sun in your 12th opposes Ceres – symbol of female power in your 6th while Mercury also in your 12th, opposes retro Jupiter in what is Mercury’s ruling house. Your secret superpower involves saying or acting in a way which reflects this power. And not to be afraid of using it – or for that matter, other people’s reactions. Show you are more than you job title, salary or what you invest your time doing. But allow yourself that feeling of power that comes from whatever it is you do. Dismissing yourself or what you engage in as unimportant should be put behind you. And by the way, if it is serious love you are after, don’t think this new power you are embracing will be off-putting to a prospective mate. Quite the reverse in fact. This week puts a different kind of female power – Venus in your social sector aligning to Saturn in your partnership zone. Love and respect are the best foundation on which to build something lasting and if you meet someone this week, this is what your superpower can get you, Cancer. Someone wants to admire your newly acquired strength for all the rights reasons.

In a nutshell: That secret superpower you’ve been hiding could make everyone look at you differently. That’s your new appreciation of all you are showing. Let love know you matter, Cancer.


  • Align with your right to shine
  • Express yourself
  • Work the Power of Love

You’re powerfully creative in a way which honours your inner goddess this week, Leo. No matter which gender you identify with, this is archetypal energy which transcends this and links us to the divine creative source. It’s where everything from those ideas we have to our joy and even our children if we have them (or simply what we have to give to those younger than us if we don’t) comes from. What do you dare to create with this power this week, Leo? Reach within and then direct it out into the world in whatever form you want to shape it into. Just ensure that it involves fun, joy and you immersing yourself in the experience as you do so. When you engage in this kind of work, you are connected on a deep level to the power of your Sun sign – sparking attraction in every interaction. So, as your ruler the Sun opposes Ceres on the 29th, come from this place of creative power. You could attract far more than you bargained for especially if romance is on your mind. Power sharing with a lover is just one potential or approach you can take now. Mercury also in your 11th opposes retro-active Jupiter again in your 5th promising love, luck or opportunities to shine. Again, it’s about stepping into that full glory and allowing yourself to shine. Don’t allow anyone else to dim that light, Leo! And if they do – redress this now.

Career matters are in focus which all adds up to one more area where you can shine this week. Venus in Saturn’s ruling 10th in your chart angles to the planet of attainment and establishment. Owning that power not only brings you to the attention of those you want to impress both personally and professionally, but it also gets you where you want to go now.

In a nutshell: Connect to the power of your self-expression, right to shine and creativity this week, Leo. You’re about to get yourself noticed. By all the right people in all the right ways.


  • Design your perfect role
  • Love is on your wavelength
  • Head towards recognition and reward

Have you been cast in a role that just doesn’t seem right for you, Virgo? Or are you just not being allowed to use your full potential? Are you seeking to spread your wings in some way? If you have wound up in the wrong job, no job or just in a position where you know you have more to give but have no outlet for it, then this week could provide you with that escape plan at the very least. At its best, it could see you power on up to the next level with career recognition and satisfaction thanks to the Sun and ruler Mercury in your 10th. The Sun opposes that symbol of female empowerment – Ceres in your 4th on the 29th. Yes, the hand that rocks the cradle also rules the world but there’s a big difference between wanting to be at home and being stuck there. Or vice versa. Ceres influence is about to become more and more important  in our lives as we will embrace female power in new ways – no matter what gender we identify with. Ceres is the ruler of compromise and the Art of the Deal. Mercury’s opposition of retro Jupiter on the 30th could hand a win/win solution when it comes to creating the role or lifestyle that’s designed for you in mind.

Venus, that other symbol of a very different kind of female power in your 9th, trines Saturn in your 5th of romance, children and pleasure. Use love to create what you want now. Far away loves could feature and if travelling, expect pleasurable encounters or even romance. Creating something lasting is promised by this line up as both planets are in their ruling houses.  You’re on the same wavelength with that lover, your children or your power. Creating that perfect role for yourself or going after it is another way to work this week’s power. Make the Art of the Deal for you now.

In a nutshell: What role do you need in order to fulfil yourself and your potential, Virgo? It doesn’t matter what it is, so long as it satisfies your soul. You have the power to create it, so step up.


  • Perfect the Heart of the Deal
  • Be ready to show others your power
  • Push aside fears around success and intimacy

With the Sun and Mercury both in your 9th of travel, learning and expansion, you’re in the mood for something to explore. Stepping into a more powerful role at work or in business could provide you with the outlet you crave if actual travel isn’t possible at the moment. Ideas and what you say have powerful implications as the Sun opposes Ceres in your 3rd on the 29th. You of all signs should be extremely comfortable with Ceres particular brand of female empowerment. You strive for balance and Ceres rules compromise and the Art or even Heart of the Deal. One can be struck this week in your favour as Mercury in your 9th angles to Jupiter in your 3rd. Both planets are in their ruling signs but one another’s houses in your chart (Mutual reception by house). Highly beneficial news could reach you which sees you working your power in a new way. Ceres represents a new era of female empowerment – especially when seen in the context of Uranus now in that other ruled Venus sign of Taurus.

And your ruler is – guess where this week? Taurus and your 8th house of intimate relationships, what you share and yes, personal power. It makes a highly beneficial aspect to Saturn in your 4th on the final day of May. Push through fears around long term success, love or thoughts that ‘things have to be this way’. They don’t. You’re being challenged, yes. But meet the challenge and the results are not only worth it – but lasting. You’ve the chance to establish something that while on the surface may look restricting or comes with more responsibilities or structure, nonetheless gives you more freedom. Make that power move, Libra.

In a nutshell: Freedom results from working your power in a new way. You’ve a chance to establish something with a paradox attached. More structure leads to the freedom you crave, Libra.


  • Hey, big spender – save a little
  • Sign your name on a contract with destiny
  • When it comes to options you’re cashed up!

Save a little to gain a lot now, Scorpio. With free and easy Jupiter in your money sector you need to guard against falling into thee ‘easy come, easy go’ attitude to your cash. Jupiter can boost your income, yes. Or else present you with opportunities to generate more. But it can also turn you into the last of the big spenders and hand you a false optimism that the money will magically turn up to pay the bill when it falls due. This week there’s a feeling of ‘no pain, no gain’ around your money. In other words, resist the urge to splurge now. When the Sun in your change sector opposes Ceres on the 29th, look to where the financial winds of change can blow to your benefit. This may mean budgeting or reining in spending in one area. This week may offer you clues as to where you can not only save, but where long term improvements or changes can lead to freedom around money. And this could well mean getting rid of debt or just having more to spend on what truly matters. Mercury opposing Jupiter could deliver good news regarding your money on the 30th but again, please keep your spending within limits to take advantage of any gains.

Venus is the planet which rules your money – and your love life. It is in its ruling 7th of partnerships of all descriptions. This week it makes an angle of long term promise to Saturn in your 3rd. Deals can be done but in this case they could be deals of the heart and soul. However, don’t forget your 7th also rules long term working relationships, collaborations and business partnerships. Whatever deal is struck, promise made, conversation had, idea or even what is written, comes packaged with long term implications. Sign your name on someone’s heart – or the dotted line this week, Scorpio.

In a nutshell:  Look to where the money goes this week. There are gains to be made with better management. When it comes to soul contracts – it could be time to sign on the dotted line!


  • What is being reflected back at you?
  • Embrace who or what you’re missing
  • Re-write the past

With the Sun and Mercury in your 7th of dynamic duos and opposite numbers of all descriptions, who is opposite you now is who you need to evolve your next love experience. And really, this does not have to be a love partner (but this is one of the best periods of the year to attract one if you are single!). So, take a good look at just who is talking or who you are having a conversation with this week as Mercury opposes retrograde ruler Jupiter in your 1st. There’s a feeling of ‘high time’ about all this. You could have been waiting or wanting to have a talk with someone close to you. Or waiting for love (or potential love) to arrive. And with this house, it’s all love no matter what form this experience takes. And it’s all to your benefit with Jupiter involved. Love gets large in more ways than one. The Sun opposes Ceres also in your 1st on the 29th. The person opposite you now is a mirror and shows you what you are seeking in a relationship. And the answer may just surprise you. It’s important now not to just see them – but to see yourself in them. Ceres is about striking a deal. And the deal to be struck this week – especially when it comes to love, just may be seeing what we need to make us ‘whole’.

A big opportunity is handed to you this week when it comes to fresh starts in love, money or work. And to understand where these areas cross and interweave. Venus rules our bank accounts and our love life. Saturn rules our long term career, reputation and what we establish for ourselves. This week these two planets who usually do not have much in common, make an angle to one other from their ruling signs, which will allow you to re-set the clock when it comes to your past history. You can separate out the past – especially past mistakes, but learn from them. And in the present make decisions which lead to a new future. You may take on extra work or responsibilities, but the rewards are worth it. And as for the relationships around you now – the reflection you’ll see is the future of love, Sag!

In a nutshell: Whoever is opposite you this week represents just what you are missing when it comes to love. Look at what they are reflecting. And get serious about filling that need for wholeness, Sag!


  • Solve the mystery of what your heart wants
  • Don’t take anything for granted
  • Be careful what you wish for!

Ready to discover what’s going on behind the scenes or solve a mystery, Capricorn? Of course the secret to be unlocked could be in the most mysterious place of all – within you.  Maybe because it is a secret desire? It’s a time to tune in – especially to the hidden rhythms and messages of nature. Or of what your body may be telling you. Pay attention to those ‘gut’ feelings or reactions that simply have no logical foundation but nonetheless turn out to spot-on and spookily accurate.  Don’t dismiss this. There is more than one kind of information superhighway in the universe and you are plugged into the soul one right now. There’s a need to take what you learn via this process and use it to your everyday advantage when it comes to your health, work or routine. So channel down your insights and turn them into practical applications you can utilise. Mercury is in its ruling 6th in your chart and opposes Jupiter in your 12th. This could involve resurrecting something you used to do in the past – to greater effect in the present. The Sun also in your 6th opposes Ceres in your 12th. If you’ve taken something as a given you may need to change your position. This says: Look again at anything from your diet to your relationship with someone. Don’t take anything from your health to that connection for granted.

Venus in your 5th is always a time of pleasure, expressive indulgence and romance. This is one of those cycles where you get to witness how the Power of Attraction is functioning in your life. It’s simple: you radiate by being yourself – you attract back in kind. Energy is drawn to like energy. Get serious this week about what it is you want to draw to you as Venus in here aligns to ruler Saturn. Who or what appears could have been desired by you for some time. Given the activity in your psychic 12th, your ability to wield this power could border on the uncanny. I needn’t tell you to be careful what you wish for this week, Capricorn. You could just get it.

In a nutshell: Got a secret wish or desire? You higher self knows what it is you truly need – and want. Be careful what you wish for – it could just turn up, Capricorn.


  • Involve another in your dream
  • There could  be less than six degrees between you and what you seek
  • Rewrite history when it comes to success stories

You can get far more accomplished this week by teamwork. Success or even sourcing what you want – anything from that job to a contact, comes via you asking or involving at least one other person. The term that comes to mind is ‘barn-raising’ this week. As in the good-old-days when the entire community turned out to build something. You may not require the entire entourage but you do need at least one friend or contact, possibly more – a group, club, network or team depending on your goal. So, don’t be shy – ask as the Sun in your 5th opposes Ceres in your 11th on the 29th. Your luck factor is activated as is that old six degrees of separation which could now in fact be revealed to be less – probably around three. Ask because if someone you know cannot help you – they will know the person who does. Who you know – or who you know knows, will turn out to be your greatest asset this week in some way. As could simply being in the right place at the right time to connect with the right person as Mercury in your 5th connects to retro Jupiter in your 11th. This could be a re-encounter that fulfils its potential the second time around.

Venus which rules your love life, is actually in your 4th and intent upon bringing you something which shakes you out of that domestic routine and into something so much more successful. Look to family history and beliefs around success. It’s time to forge your own path in some way now. As Venus aligns to Saturn in your 12th, if you’ve patiently done the work or see the pattern and want to change it, you could move onwards and upwards in either your job, career, profession or even where you live. Take a risk this week – especially if someone you know provides you with that chance you’ve been seeking.

In a nutshell:  Your riches this week lie in who you know. And on into who those you know also know. Whatever you are seeking – your network is your greatest asset and has the key, Aquarius!


  • Friendship doesn’t have an age limit
  • Seek connections with soul
  • Hold fast to that outcome in work or home matters

Time for honesty between you and your friends. Also with yourself if necessary. Are you guilty of being too much of a hermit of late? The world needs you this week, Pisces. Make an extra special effort to get out and about and share yourself – and your ideas as Venus in your 3rd angles to Saturn in your social sector. You’re seeking friendships and connections with depth, where the talk is far from superficial now. New friends can be made but don’t be surprised if they are older or more experienced than you on some level. They bring advice or help you can use. Friendship like love doesn’t operate by numbers. So seek the soul in any encounter – not the person’s physical age.

Career goals are in focus this week as is making long term decisions and establishing something for your future. You are not about to abandon that spiritual compass in that quest for success however. Set yourself goals but know exactly on what terms you will seek success as the Sun in your 4th opposes Ceres in your 10th. Some of you may be involved in contracts or career moves now so all the more important to know your price. This week also sees Mercury also in your 4th hint at a big move to come as it opposes Jupiter also in your 10th on the 30th. This could indicate a second offer or meeting or a second time around opportunity to state your case. If so, have a clear idea of the outcome you want. Actual physical moves of home can be negotiated now. Expect to flourish wherever you put down roots either professionally or personally.

In a nutshell: Don’t be a hermit now. Share yourself and make the kind of connections you need. Those with depth and which are keepers. Just remember – friendship has no age limit, Pisces!

With our psychic and astrologer Helen

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