20th May 2019 Weekly Astrology Forecast

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs May 21st 2018


  • Be an initiator
  • Mix it up!
  • Self-start yourself to success

Taking care of business is at the forefront of all you do this week as the Sun enters your sector of commerce and ideas. If a job change or even asking for that raise or promotion has been on your mind, this is the week to go for it. Mercury in your money house opposes Jupiter in your sector of personal power and salary. This is the ideal time to start something new especially with regards to your work , ideas or income.  You have the energy plus the attitude coupled with the ability to get your ideas across, sell in a concept or even sell in yourself if this is an interview situation. If you have been spending too much time indoors with that boxset, you are being given an invitation by the universe to get out and explore more. Connect – face to face and person to person – not online. Your neighbourhood, town or local environment has more to offer than you may think. Dig a little and you’ll quickly discover new ways to enjoy yourself and make new connections while you’re at it.

Ruler Mars in your social sector emphasises this. Time to mix it up socially. Just don’t fall into the trap of insisting on doing things your way which Mars in here can sometimes lure us in to. This can be an extremely exciting cycle especially as the Sun makes a wonderful, opportunity highlighting angle to your ruler from your 3rd on the 24th. The activities you enjoy with friends can make you feel renewed, energised and alive in a way that may have been missing for a while. This is also a great time to demonstrate to bosses or prospective ones, your ability to take charge or be a self-starter. Your mind is demanding more of a challenge and the outlet you need is action. Follow through and make your moves now.

In a nutshell: Work and business ventures are highlighted for you this week, Aries. Time to do something with your ideas. Get ready to step into a more exciting and rewarding, role.


  • Follow your instincts
  • Think big
  • Explore partnership potential

What are you drawing down towards you this week, Taurus? Well, I can tell you at the very least you are set to attract potential – and freedom. The Sun’s in your 2nd from this week onwards so expect a month-long focus on your money, possessions and values. Where is your ruler Venus who also rules this house? In your 3rd of business, work and commercial activity. Think big when it comes to what you can do or achieve now. What  I can tell you is that your gut instincts are very strong.  So follow these now  especially in relation to any kind of moves on the work front.

There’s also partnership potential in the air thanks to Mercury in your 1st aligning with Jupiter and Neptune. This could bring an opportunity to flirt with a new union. This may not necessarily be a romantic one as we are talking all kinds of potential relationships including friendships and working ones. While the banter may start off light, chances are behind all this you’re seeking something serious and probing to see whether or not the connection has this potential. Take your time. This can be a time of building something solid for you but it means expanding on something you have already set in motion rather than starting something new.  Opportunities especially around your income can appear as if by magic if you have laid the right foundation. This is just one more example of what you can draw down towards you this week, Taurus.

In a nutshell: You are able to draw down potential and possibilities to you this week, Taurus. Work and money making opportunities as well as potential partners. Magic? No. Groundwork!


  • Follow your dreams
  • Release the creative magician within
  • Happy birthday, Gemini

The start of your birthday season arrives along with the Sun in your 1st and loaded with hidden potential, Gemini. Time to look at where you are and how far you have come since this time last year. The Sun’s arrival in our 1st brings our energy back to the centre of our universe. In other words – us. It’s not selfish or narcissistic. It’s about a realignment with who we truly are and our purpose. We can only do this when we direct all our ideas, thoughts and actions back towards ourselves. This is your time to plant some seeds for the future, to envision where you want to be in 12 months’ time, and above all, take action on that.

What you truly desire may actually surprise you when you go within and stop and think about it.  Ruler Mercury remains in your 12th angling towards Jupiter in Mercury’s ruling sign. This is the position where Mercury releases your creative inspiration allowing you to channel this into your work with fabulous results. Work your creative magic now! Mercury also trines Pluto from here, pointing to a transformation around your money or earnings. This could be the gift that keeps on giving. But what this will bring to the surface as you go deeper will be that secret wish that you truly need to fulfil. It could be linked to your reason for being here or your soul’s calling. Time to unwrap it. That hidden dream or goal you’ve kept from yourself or denied holds the key to a big part of your future. Giving yourself permission to have it, go for it or at least try, is the best birthday gift you can give yourself.

In a nutshell: Your birthday season is all about YOU, Gemini. Revisit those goals, dreams and wishes and set your intentions for the coming year. You have those dreams for a reason – to come true.


  • Believe in love again
  • Get out and attract
  • Write a new chapter

What are your beliefs around love, Cancer? What’s your love story? I’m not talking about romance novels or fairy tales. But we all have a love story we tell ourselves whether we know it or not. This story is often made up from our experiences and also the messages we get from others. Especially if their story hasn’t had a Happily Ever After to it. We can use metaphors for our stories as in ‘Love is a battlefield’, ‘Love is a journey’, ‘Love is a garden you need to tend it’. Venus in your 1st is all about your love experience. While the Sun in your 12th shines a light back on your past. So, does your love story require an update or some editing? Time to do a re-write if necessary.

You have some major planetary activity right the way across your 5th of romance, your 7th of partnerships, your 9th of expansion and your socially-inclined 11th. With Venus in your 1st this makes this a pivotal week for attracting love, attention and getting out and about to enjoy yourself. The link to your past means that people from your past may turn up now or you encounter them unexpectedly. If this is a former lover, before getting re-involved, ensure you are both on the same page now when it comes to that love story. The story you tell yourself is very important this week as it is likely to be reflected in your own life or in the world around you as Venus in your 1st opposes Saturn in your 7th. Love could be locked in for the long haul and if you are currently involved and it is not working out, how does this all sit within your story? The great thing about stories is we can re-write them at any point. And as they are ours to write, we can get to choose the ending. Given that it IS a choice, then choose a happy one.

In a nutshell: Your beliefs around love will be reflected in the world around you this week, Cancer. Do you believe in life after love? This is one of the best weeks for attraction. Don’t stop believing!


  • Pour your creativity into ways to shine
  • Life offers an invitation – accept it
  • Feel the heat of sudden attraction

Ruler the Sun shines on social activities as it arrives in your 11th this week. Surprises are in store as your social life takes a carnival like turn for the better! Unexpected or last-minute invites contain destiny-making possibilities. Perhaps to bring about a new connection who has a bigger and more profound role to play in your future than may be immediately apparent. So, don’t be too busy or too attached to plans to change them. Especially if this involves you going somewhere new and different now. It’s time to explore new experiences, new ways of doing things, new ideas and groups of people. And in a way that allows you to express yourself, your creativity and above all, to be you. Showcase yourself no matter what company you find yourself. You’re stepping into a fresh cycle of self-acceptance and belief and the thing about this is, those you come into contact with reflect this.

Some of you could feel an instant attraction to someone you meet who just seems to amplify and reflect all that you are radiating now. The heat could be intense right from the beginning. Put yourself out there to ensure you see and can be seen in turn. You should be seeking out those opportunities to socialise and party whether you get an unexpected invite or not now, Leo. If you don’t get yourself noticed for who you are, you’ll be noticed for what you do. This week favours contacts and new connections of all kinds and that includes new friends and professional ones. The people you need now will ignite your soul and reawaken your desire to fulfil your goals. You’re in good company this week, Leo.

In a nutshell: You’ve a desire to be social, to party and above all, to be seen. New connections and intense attractions feature. Feel the heat this week, Leo.


  • Focus your efforts in the here and now
  • Project leadership and professionalism
  • Open doors to success and opportunities to impress

Pay attention to your professional image and ensure you are being seen in the best possible light now, Virgo. The Sun casts that light your way as it enters your 10th of career, rewards and reputation. But you have to play your role too now the spotlight is on you. This is all about doing what you do best to the best of your ability. To standing by your word. Completing tasks and above all, to not promising more than you can deliver. You can create the right impression when it comes to superiors, bosses, managers or those in a position to help you now. It’s a period when you need to remain focussed on your work, career or business. Lucky for you, you are a very organised, detail-oriented and focussed sign so this is easier for you than it may be for others. Yes, it may seem as if your workload and responsibilities increase. But you know there is a time for everything. And the time to push forward with your ambitions or to just get things done is now.

Play? You know that sometimes you have to defer the rewards for you efforts until later. However, just bear in mind your ruler Mercury and Jupiter are in mutual reception by house this week. In other words, Mercury sits in Jupiter’s ruling house in your chart and Jupiter sits in Mercury’s. Travel especially for business is favoured now. You will be able to get your ideas across to people effectively and if this is in a business context, you have the ability to impress. This is one of the best alignments for interviews, pitches or presentations of any kind. Doors are opening and what’s more you have an opportunity to showcase your knowledge and experience. Above all, bring your enthusiasm to bear and have the details to fall back on if needed. If you bring all these qualities to the table, and do whatever you need to in order to get the job done or sell yourself, your company or your product, you could end up with something to celebrate and that excuse to go play.

In a nutshell: Keep focussed on work projects and career goals this week, Virgo. Doors to success and ways to impress are all around you. Be professional and reap the rewards and the recognition.


  • Are you hot with anticipation?
  • Prepare for something new
  • Establish something beautifully sustaining

Hot love? This week has an ‘anything is possible’ flavour to it thanks to the Sun’s arrival in your expansive and adventurous 9th. That yearning for adventure could just extend to romance and if so, are you ready to answer the call? Remember, you have to take to first step ‘out there’ whatever experience your soul is calling out for now. That’s what adventures require to set them in motion. Get out there and feel good. You can harness soaring confidence , sexiness and a Devil-may-care attitude that others just find hard to resist. Travel is highlighted now and there’s a feeling of optimism around you that is infectious. You have the feeling that something important is about to begin. And the thing is – it is! You are about to step into a new cycle as this is one of those points in the year for you where fresh starts or opportunities present themselves. And that includes business as well as in love. Above all, explore as many possibilities as you can. This is taking that first step that I mentioned earlier.

Career and even real estate decisions also feature this week. Establishing something beautiful either in terms of your income or a refuge for your soul could follow ruler Venus in your 10th opposing Saturn in your 4th. A move is now highly likely for some Librans and if so, you could be looking at moving somewhere better than where you currently live and also unpacking and putting down ‘roots’ for some time to come. Others could be contemplating a job offer or career move that builds on their experience or something they have been working towards. This week should leave you with a sense of excitement and of satisfaction. You know you’re on the cusp of something new so get ready to experience it.

In a nutshell: Sizzling hot love. The potential is all around you. As well as major inroads around career to be made. But you have to take the first step towards what you want, Libra.


  • Make a creative change
  • Do whatever you’ve been putting off
  • Time to talk long term love propositions

Who’s afraid of an 8th house transit? Certainly not you, Scorpio. You are after all, the 8th house of the zodiac and for you, anything that allows you to go deeper and transform, has to be good. The Sun is in your 8th this week and also trines ancient ruler Mars in your 4th. Some initial transformations in this cycle could include those to your home, family or lifestyle or even your career. Bear in mind Mars energy always demands the release of action, so it’s important to ensure you do this. Make creative lifestyle, work or home changes and Mars can help you accomplish beneficial transformations now.

It’s very much a week where you can get to grips with things you have been putting off and this includes your personal life as well as your career. Lucky Jupiter in your 1st makes an angle of attraction to Neptune in your 5th. This could indicate travel for some, romance or an opportunity for you to explore. Do ensure however you take things one step at a time. This angle enables you to see the potential in a person or a proposition but you need to make certain it is all it appears to be. Mercury in your 7th of long term love and partners of all descriptions opens up a dialogue to ruler Pluto in your 3rd. It’s time to talk but ensure you’re not forcing your ideas on others. However, if there is anything you normally find difficult to air with a partner, you’ll have no hesitation now whether it is around your work or even your sex life. This aspect along with the Sun in your 8th is fabulous for transforming an existing connection or forging a powerful new one. Sometimes this energy can manifest in the desire to create something. This especially applies to anything you write. A book, play, film script, blog or even that pitch or project. You have the ability to reach others on an archetypal level with your depth of understanding. You’ve a touch of sexual alchemy about you this week. It’s primal energy which when unleashed, you can use to transform any area you wish.

In a nutshell: You’re infused with primal, creative fire this week, Scorpio. And yes, it’s sexy. How will you use it? For positive transformation of course!


  • What have you been thinking?
  • Imagine. Visualise. Create.
  • Attract your opposite number

With the Sun in your house of attraction  this week you are going to see where and what your thoughts have been dwelling on recently. It’s a little known fact that while our 7th is our house of committed partnerships of all descriptions, it is all our house of what we attract. When you stop to think about it, that makes perfect sense. So, the power to attract your opposite number is just one possibility single Sagittarians can wield right now. Attracting money, opportunities or whatever it is you want is another one. This is an excellent transit for any kind of visualisation or creative process.  If you have been experiencing any issues in any close relationship, the Sun in your 7th can allow you to bring these out into the light and usually resolve them in a positive way.

When it comes to that attraction factor however, what you are drawing towards you may be apparent this week around the 24-25th. The 24th sees the Sun angle to Mars in your house of business, communication and commerce. That go-getting attitude you’re projecting can be channelled into any kind of thought process or idea related to your work. You can sell yourself and those ideas far more effectively now. Ruler Jupiter in your 12th of mysteries and all things hidden trines Neptune the ruler of your 12th in your 4th. You may not think you have been thinking about something or someone, but what appears now shows you exactly where those thoughts have been focussed. This is the power of attraction at work. Remember, you have this to use for another month. Focus those thoughts accordingly.

In a nutshell: You’re entering a cycle of attraction now, Sag. What turns up is what your thoughts have been focussed on for some time. What you think, you attract. So think big this week.


  • Work gives you an outlet for creative expression
  • Launch that idea or project
  • Can you connect to something lasting?

You demand more expression now via your work, your ideas and also what you have to say. The Sun’s entry into your 6th brings a month long focus on these as well as your daily routine and your wellbeing. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself resonating with the saying ‘You are what you eat’ now. Inner maintenance supports your outer success so don’t forget that! Above all, monitor your stress levels as your desire for perfection may have the opposite effect to what you are trying to achieve. Don’t forget to delegate or even take some time out if necessary. You’re in a position to achieve your work goals and the next month should see your work and your bank account increase so learn to pace yourself!

Networking, communication and opportunities to show what you can do usually accompany Mercury in your 5th house. The planet of news and business makes a fabulous angle to Pluto in your 1st this week and it’s time to initiate or launch something. Take that message, product, idea or just your ambition out there. Pitch, explain, share and talk about it. Apply for that new job. Pursue those customers or a wider audience. S/he who dares wins. Beautiful outcomes could be yours as ruler Saturn in your 1st opposes Venus in her ruling 7th. This represents the triumph of the feminine and love combined with the strength of something lasting. Love relationships which begin now come tinged with a forever kind of promise to them while others could take that next big step. Whether it is for love or for business, that connection could be a lasting one now.

In a nutshell: Lasting connections feature. Either with existing ones being taken to the next stage. Or with a new one with long-term potential. Love gets stronger this week.


  • Time to shine and be noticed
  • Take that first step
  • Build on what you have begun

The Sun in your 5th always marks the start of a new cycle. It’s a bit like getting a second birthday. But there’s a difference. When it occurs it’s been five months since our birthday. So, we can look at what we’ve achieved so far (or not as the case may be) and set some fresh and maybe more relevant goals. Our 5th house is where we get to shine. To play. To be noticed. Either for who we are or what we do. Or perhaps both. It’s time to shine and it’s also time for passion. You’re in possession now of the burning flame of creativity and desire thanks to Mars in your 1st. But it’s like any kind of energy. Unless you use it, it will just fizzle out or dissipate. Mars is saying get out there. Imagine what it is you want to be, see, do or experience. And then take action towards making it happen. Action is the creative force in motion. This Sun/Mars combination insists you take it to put yourself ‘out there’ and to make a fresh start on some level. To seeking a partner or to succeeding doing something you love.

Career achievement or building on something you have already started is favoured now by Jupiter in your 10th. This can be another indication of an important new beginning which could involve you being offered a new job or taking that next rung up the ladder. Jupiter aligns to Neptune in your money zone on the 25th. Time to come from a place of surety and facts when it comes to business or financial transactions. Business-like and practical. This is one transit where you quite literally cannot afford to be anything else. Beautiful inroads can be made and success could be yours provided you remain pragmatic and take care of the details. Remember – the deal is not done until the contract is signed and/or the money is in the bank. Follow your insight and listen to that higher voice. You can combine worldly affairs with spiritual truths for a fabulous outcome.

In a nutshell: This week offers a fabulous fresh start in a new area. Where does your passion want to take you? Ensure you follow its lead for fabulous results.


  • Create an emotional foundation
  • Make it happen
  • Time to get lucky

Sun in the 4th is all about our foundations – at least our emotional ones, our family and the place we call home. Of course, this is more than just bricks and mortar which is why our psychological foundations come into play. What do we need to feel ‘secure’? So, understanding yourself and those needs are also what this transit is all about too. We all need to feel secure if we are to venture out in the world and succeed. Funny how that doesn’t change no matter how old we get! So, look at what you need to do to support yourself in order to go after those dreams while the Sun is in here. This is important work so take some time out to do this if necessary.

Insights are available to you now thanks to ruler Neptune in your 1st. Often people say this transit sees us lost in a dream world but dreams and your imagination are also important tools when it comes to envisioning our future. Take some time out for creative visualisation or just imagining what may be possible for you. Then bring it all back down to earth by asking: what would I need to do to make myself secure enough to make that dream a reality? Now you are putting your ruler to work. Neptune is busy working for you this week making angles to Mercury in its ruling 3rd and Jupiter in his ruling 9th. Both these transits involve the right timing. Both planets are right ‘at home’. So, now is the time to make things happen and also to know, things may now happen in their own time. There’s an element of luck to all of this too. And if something does happen, it appears effortless especially if when you have tried it before, you didn’t get the results you wanted. This week is all about knowing the time is now.

In a nutshell: When we understand what we need we can go get what we truly desire. This week hands you the insight – and the ability, to do just that. Make that dream reality now, Pisces.

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