26th March 2018 Weekly Astrology Forecast

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs May 13th


  • Use those powers of persuasion
  • Know your price
  • Leverage your hidden assets

Feel your power even if you feel that you are being swept up by events outside your control this week, Aries. There’s a strange power to be drawn from being able to say ‘What a ride!’ – which is well what this week could turn out to be. Money, finance, work, career, your assets and values as well as how you ‘sell yourself’ will be at the forefront of events. Know what you want, but take a flexible approach. The Grand Earth Trine of the 14th contains the potential to transform your work and your bank account plus an elevating angle between Mercury and Saturn on the 17th puts you in a position to make an impression and yes, sell yourself, your ideas or even your company’s effectively.

If you love a challenge, love that feeling of victory – this could be your week. Venus in your 1st angles to ruler Mars in your 3rd on the 14th – your powers of persuasion and I might add, attraction, are at their peak. Use these to woo anyone from that potential boss or client to that lover. Venus is on the move (as is Mars into your 4th) shortly after. Venus arriving in its ruling 2nd on the 15th. The 18th is a red letter day for finances as for the first time in your lifetime, Venus will meet Uranus in here. What occurs could be game-changing when it comes to how you earn, utilise or what you do with those assets – and this includes the hidden ones like your talents, skills and abilities. It’s no coincidence this meet-cute between Love and Mr. Unusual occurs under the light of a powerful full Moon in your 8th which says ‘All change’ when it comes to wealth, money and what you share. Hang on to your self-worth and know your price this week and ride the waves of change, Aries.

In a nutshell: This week promises changes around work, career and money. Rise to the occasion. And when it comes to winning anyone over – you have the right words, Aries.


  • Unchain your heart
  • This is your moment
  • Claim a freer way of working, living or loving

If ever there was a week to go after whatever it is you want to do, be or experience, this is it. Taurus. The question hanging across the sky is: What are you waiting for? If you are feeling restricted, limited, unsatisfied or trapped, this is your week to break free once and for all from whatever it is that binds you or holds you back. Remember however, the planets hand us the energy – but we do the work. The Grand Earth Trine of the 14th between the Sun in your 1st, Moon in your 5th and Pluto in your 9th acts as a change engine and point the way ahead. Ruler Venus sits in your 12th for one more day linking Mars in Venus’s ruling 2nd. Delivering you the desire and confidence to take action and refuse to hesitate when it comes to going after what you want or breaking free.

Your moment arrives soon after when Venus enters your 1st on the 15th and Mars enters your 3rd the following day. Mars imbues what you say with confidence and certainty. Not only can you push ahead with work, communication and business matters, if there are issues to be raised with loved ones or people you live with, you’ll tackle them now. You are about to be unchained from something – perhaps a situation or your own limiting beliefs around what is possible for you as Mercury in your 1st aligns to Saturn in your 9th and then Pluto on the 18th. This is the same day when for the first time in your adult lifetime, your ruler will meet Uranus in your 1st. And also the same day a full Moon strikes your partnership sector. This is your moment when you can leave behind anything that prevents your soul from evolving and step into something which promises so very much more. Anything from a new relationship to a new work or living arrangement. You know what it is you want deep down in our soul. So just what are you waiting for, Taurus? The moment to claim it has arrived.

In a nutshell: The moment to claim what it is you’ve been wanting has arrived. Just what is that, Taurus? A freer way of working, living or loving? A brand new experience wants you to claim it.


  • Explore the mysteries
  • The past could return with a new perspective
  • The truth is freedom

Brace yourself for insight and revelations! What you hear, see, read, are told or even intuit changes everything. This is on a ‘Need to know’  basis and ruler Mercury along with other planets in your 12th says, yes, you DO need to know now. No more hiding from the truth or even your own incredible creativity. Yes, ideas which come spinning out of the dust of the cosmos for you to make something real out of could play a part in this. As could your past. You’ve an Access All Areas pass this week to the realms of channelled inspiration, psychic ability, mediumship and in some cases, secrets, espionage, spying, hidden truths and subterfuge. If someone is saying one thing but you know they have another agenda, well – good luck with them pulling the wool over your eyes this week.

Anything that has been kept from you in the past will come tumbling out of the closet now. I do have to add that I hope your own life is an open book and that you are not the one with something to hide. Because anything hidden has a life of its own and no matter how hard you try to keep the lid on it, it will get out there. So, be open and be warned! The Grand Earth Trine of the 14th tells you that those feelings or thoughts you’ve been having are grounded in reality. Look closer. Venus enters your 12th on the 14th – this could not only link you to that creative muse but in some instances bring a past love back to you. And in expected ways. For the first time in your adult lifetime Venus encounters Uranus in here on the 18th. That revelation could arrive in unexpected ways – via a random, apparently unrelated remark. Or you make a connection via something you read, watch on TV or hear. Or that person you would have put good money on never seeing again reappears. It’s a game changer. Uranus rules astrology and this house rules psychic ability. If you have ever wanted to study astrology, this is one of your best transits under which to do so. The full Moon in your 6th highlights the impact secrets or anything hidden has on your overall wellbeing. You could be shocked awake this week. But the truth sets you free.

In a nutshell: It’s your ‘Need to know’ week. What you hear, see, read or are told could open your eyes to a new reality.  Which sets you free of anything that holds you back, Gemini.


  • Come together with your people
  • Get connected
  • Who you know shapes your future

This is a beautiful day
It is a new day
We are together, we are unified

Come together this week, Cancer. Connect with your people, your group, your friends, your clubs, associations, organisations and bands. Time to embrace the power of the Sum of Us.  This is no time to go it alone. If you have allowed yourself to become a hermit – and yes, I know how you love your home and comforts, it is time to get out of the door. Or if you must stay home – to let others in. Make your home a place where people come to join up and share. Even if you’re bonding over knitting or yes, even that boxset. The whole theme of this week is people or group power, the love of friends and funnily enough, your future. People shape our future. New friends can be made and they could have the ability to impact or even change your path in ways you cannot possibly imagine. So this is yet another reason for that reach out. And if you do socialise from home – well, why not ask a friend if they have a like-minded one they’d  care to bring along?

Get involved and jump in as the Grand Earth Trine of the 14th between the Sun in your social sector, Moon in your chatty and talkative 3rd and Pluto in your 7th promises game-changing conversations and connections. It truly is all about who you know this week – or who you are about to know. Let the good times roll and embrace as many past, present and future connections as you can as Venus enters your 11th from the 15th. Also make a wish as this is also your house of goals. Mars in your 1st from the 16th injects your whole being with a combination of confidence and sex appeal that you absolutely have to share! Don’t hide that sassy self away.  Explore unity and togetherness in the realm of friends and the collective as for the first time in your adult lifetime, Venus and Uranus meet in what is Uranus’s ruling house on the 18th. There could be more than just friendship on offer today as you have a full Moon in your romantic 5th. Be yourself now. A larger audience or perhaps an all-important audience of one, is waiting to connect, Cancer.

In a nutshell: It’s a week to meet new people, to reach out and connect. Your future is being shaped by the people you know – or want to get to know you. Don’t go it alone now, Cancer.


  • Find your purpose
  • Look to the future when it comes to decision making
  • Just do it – your way

Ruler the Sun in your 10th shines on status enhancing and career-move making opportunities. It hooks you in to enhanced work satisfaction and money making opportunities along with the Moon in your 2nd and Pluto in your 6th with a Grand Earth Trine on the 14th. The focus is very much on your long term career path and goals this week. As well as your purpose. Yes, financial rewards form part of the package. But you also need that satisfaction that comes from knowing you are doing what aligns with your purpose. If you have been wandering around in the dark wondering just what that could be, Mars in your 12th this week could provide you with a sense of renewed direction and confidence in your decisions.

But the main action remains in your 10th. Time to take yourself seriously because if you don’t – how do you expect those who matter to? Venus’s entry into this house on the 15th puts you in a position where your professional image is enhanced and you have the ability to make exactly the right impression on people in positions of influence, power and authority. You need to be looking to the future and make choices based on the long term now. If you  feel your career is not the one for you – especially if you have always felt it was ‘chosen’ for you via family or outside expectations, now is the time to own your own path and change direction as Mercury also in your 10th aligns to Saturn in your sector of work and responsibilities and then Pluto in here on the 18th. The two most important transits of the week also occur on the 18th. This is when Venus meets Uranus in your 10th – the first time this has happened in your adult lifetime. And a full Moon appears in the Moon’s ruling 4th. The decisions you make need to be based on enhancing your emotional security. This however may mean stepping outside your usual comfort zone to get this. The Venus/Uranus encounter could bring you an unexpected or different career opportunity or a chance to break out in a fresh and exciting direction. Some of you could just be smitten not with a job opportunity, but by a dynamic and successful love interest who has very much forged their own path on their own terms. In fact, that’s your template for success now, Leo. Go your own way in the way only you can.

In a nutshell: It’s a week to claim success, Leo. But very much on your own terms. Be confident in your long term decisions. Go your own way when it comes to your career choices now.


  • Is there a choice between commitment and freedom?
  • Life wants to say yes on some level
  • Put a ring on it!

You’re the Beyoncé of the zodiac this week, Virgo. In other words, it’s a ‘Put a ring on it’ week. Or not as the case may be.  All thanks to ruler Mercury aligning to Saturn in your 5th. It’s a week where choices and decisions are made and cemented. Or else you are freed to go off in search of new ones. The Moon in your 1st on the 14th radiates emotion towards the Sun in your 9th and Pluto in Capricorn. You’re examining your choices as well as your feelings. Perhaps yearning for a change or for something that gives you more than you are receiving right now? This Grand Earth Trine gives you the feeling that something is on its way that fits the bill – even if it has not yet arrived. And if it hasn’t – you won’t have long to wait.

Venus joins the Sun, Mercury and Uranus in your 9th on the 15th. Prepare for unexpected freedom or a learning opportunity as a result. This is your house of luck, learning and opportunity. It is from where your biggest dreams are launched. Just what are those? Is there one you have been wishing or hoping for that just isn’t happening? If it involves you and someone else, this is there that ‘Put a ring on it’ moment may come about. The ‘C’ word looms large as does the ‘F’ word – freedom. It’s one or the other now. Mars enters your 11th – the house Uranus rules, where friendships and the future are formed. You crave more excitement, more heat, more intensity. The 18th sees Venus and Uranus collide in your 9th for the first time in your adult lifetime.  The same day sees a full Moon appear in your 3rd. You’ll choose the adventure of commitment – or the other kind of freedom. Yes, you can combine the two in some cases. You’ll also be unafraid to ask for it now rather than keep waiting if that wish isn’t fulfilled. And if the answer is no – it was never going to be a yes and you’ll know that too.  Just as you know freedom to head in the direction of passion is life’s own way of saying ‘Yes’ this week.

In a nutshell: Sometimes a commitment is one we make to ourselves. To commit to going in the direction that fires up our souls. Head towards this now – whether its alone, or with someone.


  • Say goodbye to the rejection dance
  • Call the love-shots
  • You’re right on the money!

You’re the one who calls the love shots this week, Libra. After all, you’ve put up with rejection or rejecting for the past seven years or so. Doesn’t it feel nice to be either told or be saying ‘Yes’ instead? Ruler Venus starts the week in its ruling 7th and aligns to Mars in your lucky and freedom inspired 9th. Watch those tables turn now! Venus is on the move into your powerful and sexy 8th on the 15th while Mars boosts career confidence from the 16th.

There’s something about you this week that’s right on the money. Also you are entering a new cycle with a very clear idea about what it is you do – and don’t want. All this helps when it comes to that rejection cycle avoidance.  Mercury also in your 8th makes a long term move to Saturn in your 4th indicating you are on the cusp of something lasting. Keep this in mind as for the first time in your adult lifetime, your ruler meets Uranus in your 8th on the 18th. Time to step into your power, to know what you will and you won’t say ‘Yes’ to back. Chances are something lasting is on offer when it comes to money, assets, values and self-worth. Or even something you share with someone. Anything from a bed to a bank account or even a horse. You know your price and your T&C’s. This is backed up by the full Moon which occurs the same day Venus and Uranus meet in Venus’s ruling second.  Love, money and self-worth are at the heart of all this. You’ve had seven years to prepare and evolve for this moment. Your decision awaits.

In a nutshell: Something or someone wants to say ‘Yes’ to you. And you know your answer this week, Libra. Whatever it is, it comes from evolved self-worth.


  • Ain’t love a surprise?
  • Love is evolutionary alchemy
  • Get ready to tango!

It’s all about the person opposite you this week, Scorpio. Expect a shift around a major relationship to occur as a result. Or a change in your relationship status. This may happen suddenly as love comes ‘out of the blue’ or is revealed to have been right in front of you all along. Love or deep connecitivity is your surprise package this week. So, look closely at duos, twosomes and opportunities to tango. And remember, partnerships come in many forms – not just a marriage partner or long term lover. Who or what emerges or changes is set to evolve your soul and your understanding of what love is on some level. Please be open-minded about this.

Anchor down that love –  be it a partner, prospective one, close working tie, friendship which resonates on a soul level, business or collaborative venture or activity partner. The Grand Earth Trine of the 14th promises a transformation around relationships thanks to is hooking in ruler Pluto in your 3rd. Venus is on the move this week into its ruling 7th while ancient ruler Mars, heats up your desire to explore or demand a more passionate experience when it enters your 9th on the 16th. The true game-changer however will be the full Moon in your 1st on the 18th. This coincides with the meeting between Venus and Uranus in your 7th. The first time this has occurred during your adult lifetime. This full Moon shines back into your 7th – illuminating your ‘opposite’ number –  or potential one. Uranus rules the unusual so who this is – or even what it is, may come as a surprise. Love takes on a different and ultimately freeing and transformative hue this week. Be open minded about what love means for you now. Or the kind of love you need, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: Look to who is ‘opposite’ you this week. Present and potential partners feature. Your ideas around partnerships and love are changing. Who emerges is sent to evolve your soul, Scorpio.


  • Head in that feelgood direction
  • Re-work that routine
  • Escape the rut – for good

Work and wellbeing are works in progress now, Sagittarius. Be prepared for a big attitude adjustment when it comes to these and also that routine. The mind/body/spirit trinity are very much in focus as will be your long term career path and that bank account. What you need, how much you feel you need,  and how powerful you feel when it comes to meeting those needs – both material, physical and emotional, will all be thrown into sharp relief this week. Be prepared to make radical adjustments if necessary and take a fresh approach to what may be an old conundrum. You won’t be able to ignore the effect your work and daily routine has on your physical  body and emotional state however. Either you feel energised, satisfied and rewarded or you realise you are running on empty, have been for a long time and will continue to be until you make your wellbeing your priority.

Rewards could  however be in line for some thanks to a Grand Earth Trine promising results and recognition on the 14th. The Moon in your 10th points to acknowledgement and recognition while Pluto in your money zone could open up those coffers. Your houses of money, work, career and also personal power  are alive with fresh potential –but this may test how powerful you do in fact feel. Feel that fear and negotiate your best deal anyway as Mars enters its ancient ruling 8th of salary and shared assets on the 16th. The 15th sees Venus enter your 6th of work and daily responsibilities. The 18th brings a full Moon in your 12th shining on what could be an opportunity hidden up until now or just that missing piece of the puzzle you’ve needed to make that major decision. This is also the day when Uranus also in your 6th, meets Venus in here for the first time in your lifetime. Sudden and unexpected work opportunities could appear as well as a resurrection of something you thought long done and dusted. Your litmus test for decisions  now is your feelgood factor. Does it energise you, make you feel freer, lighter and more alive? Then  the choice is simple, Sagittarius.

In a nutshell: When it comes to work and routine you need more passion – more freedom! Go in the direction that energises you this week, Sag. And ditch the drain!


  • Come out and play!
  • Love looks radically different
  • Soul encounters are set to sizzle!

Children, the younger generation, the child within, parenting, pleasure, romance. Partners with whom you can make babies or partners with the potential to do this with – all are going to be in focus in a big way this week, Capricorn. I should therefore not need to add that if making babies is not on your agenda right now, please take extra care to ensure this does not happen. This is a week to woo, to be wooed in turn or to create. To allow your inner child out to play if it has been stifled or to enjoy what you have to give to either your own children or others younger than you. The Grand Earth Trine of the 14th is a passion and creative vortex between the Sun in your 5th, the Moon in your sector of new experiences and Pluto in your 1st. It all promises a personal and emotional transformation via a romance or creative self-expression.  Mercury also in your 5thimpacts on ruler Saturn (17th) and then Pluto (18th) saying the time for something has well and truly come.

This may come out of the blue or be passionately and breathtakingly unexpected. Mars adds the heat as it enters your long term partnership sector on the 15th while Venus arrives in your romance zone the day before. You are now set for some sizzling love or the initiation of something that sparks the passion within your soul. The biggest event of the week – if not the month or the year, occurs on the 18th when the full Moon illuminates your social sector and Venus and Uranus meet in your 5th for the first ever time in your adult life. If ever there was a day when the stars were shining on romance and opportunities to shine – just for you, this is it. Be aware, opportunity may not look like it has done in the past. And neither may love. This may be a good thing as if you go for the same choices of the past – you’ll get the same result. Choose different and create something new.

In a nutshell: It’s a time to express yourself, to create and above all – to experience love and passion, Capricorn. Allow the lover or child within out to play. New playmates are on your horizon now!


  • There’s no place like your home this week
  • Intuition reveals where you truly belong
  • Expand your sense of what family is

What you need to sustain your soul over the long term, may just surprise you, Aquarius. Your needs are changing as is your definition of home and family. Delve deep into your emotional source and ask questions this week. The answers will be readily available to you now. Tune into this insight on the 14th with a grounding Grand Earth Trine across your home, change and soul answers sectors. You can tap into inner wisdom and learn from the lessons of the past. Need to change your family karma? This too is on offer if you listen to the guidance that’s there for you.

Venus changes signs this week arriving in your 4th while Mars enters your house of work and responsibilities from the 16th. You’ve the energy to do what needs to be done – and to also direct towards increasing your income if changes rest on that. The most important transit of the year so far when it comes to creating the kind of lifestyle or security you seek will happen on the 18th. This is the day when a soul-satisfying  full Moon peaks in your sector of career and reputation. So, try to ensure you bring all important career projects or discussions to a conclusion on this day. Know you are ‘on show’ or display in some way so please, craft how your present yourself accordingly and remember – be all business. This day sees venus meet your ruler Uranus in your 4th.  The first time this has happened in your adult lifetime. It’s a day to plant roots – perhaps from a different branch of your family tree. One you have pruned or grown yourself. Beautiful moves on the career or home front can be made which are designed for successful living. Or how you define that. Grow your own definition of family and success this week, Aquarius.

In a nutshell: Your roots, your idea of family, home and what gives you that sense of true ‘belonging’ is changing. Inner whispers tell you where you can find your No place like home, Aquarius.


  • Say what’s on your mind
  • Share your message
  • Words win that business, job – or that heart this week

What you say, hear, write, communicate, publish, share or send winging out there into the wide blue yonder, has the ability to free you and set you on course for an unfettered future, Pisces. If you have something to share or say – then say it. If you want to start something – anything from a book to a blog or a business – do it this week. Apply for that job. Ask for that meeting. Start that conversation. This week says, what are you waiting for? And also – s/he who hesitates is lost. You need to understand that often we make our own opportunities. Or when opportunity presents itself we need to grab or – or else it heads in another direction. You have a loaded 3rd house this week where once-in-a-lifetime aspects occur.

Shout about it – or at the very least start that discussion, on the 14th when a Grand Earth Trine favours meetings, talks, ideas or even flirtation. New connections, business deals or even a new love interest can be made now. Watch as your ability to weave a story around an idea or win hearts and minds with words receives a boost when Venus enters your 3rd on the 15th. Mars is on the move from the 16th when it amps up the attraction factor in your 5th. Expect sizzling interactions, creative passion and come-hither flirtation!  Set those plans in motion and broadcast yourself – or find a new way to do this on the 18th as for the first time in your adult life, Venus and Uranus meet in your 3rd. This day sees a full Moon appear in your 9th. Whether you know it or not this marks the start of a new and incredible journey into something bigger and freer. Ideas are your currency and what you say your stock-in-trade. Opportunities come spinning out of mere nothingness as does that offer you can’t refuse. Don’t think twice this week, Pisces.

In a nutshell: Say what you mean or want to say this week, Pisces. Words or the way you communicate have the ability to shape your future. Or win you that job, success or even love!

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