Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs March 30th 2020 – A Love Revolution

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Written Astrology March 30th 2020 – A love revolution

By our Astrologer and Psychic Elena


Opportunity comes in disguise

Harness people power

Staying in place sets the future in motion

This week brings the end of the Merc retroshadow cycle on the 30th in your 12th of mysteries and meaning. It’s asking you to continue your inner journey within. To expect answers and also revelations about your soul journey. And to see any apparent restrictions as opportunities to let go of what has been holding you back once and for all. Yes, there may be frustrations and limitations placed on you. But the planets are telling you that if you can look beyond these, there are also opportunities too. This week brings us a power meeting between Jupiter (opportunity) and Pluto (transformation) on the 5th.

In the sign of the high climbing mountain goat Capricorn and your 10th house of status. Whatever may have held you back in the past needs to be let go of. It may be something you have been unaware of until now. But taking time out allows you to see it for what it is.

Ruler Mars is also set to make a momentous meeting with Saturn in your 11th on the 31st. Many of you will not have experienced this kind of energy in your adult lifetime. For you, the Now Age of Aquarius has well and truly begun now. It’s all about people power and being part of something. All for one and one for all.

Not what someone can do for you but what you bring to the party. And you don’t actually need to be mixing it up to participate. Aquarius is the sign of individualism within the whole. Of equality and a group vision. Time to participate perhaps by sharing your inner journey with the world at large via social media, blogging, vlogging – get creative and also, make your message a positive one.  Beautiful and lasting impressions and group alignments can be made this week thanks to the Sun in your 1st opposing Juno, ruler of commitments in your partnership sector. Mercury and Neptune conjunct in your 12th speak of connecting with like-minded people via any channel you have – and all for a higher purpose.

Venus’s entry into your 3rd on the same day sees it trine Saturn. It shows that even apart, you are coming together with others for the Now Age this week.

In a nutshell:

The Now Age of Aquarius demands a new kind of shared experience, Aries. One that is based on sharing your own insights and coming from your truth. The world is waiting for your message this week.


Get serious about your reputation

Make some kindred spirited connections

Imagine a whole new future path

Nobody does it alone, Taurus.  Even if that’s where you find yourself now. That’s your message this week as the Now Age gets kick-started by Mars meeting Saturn in its ruling 10th on the 30th. Take this time to see what you have built, created and established. And also how people – especially those in positions of influence, have played a key role in your journey. Use this time to look at what you want to achieve for the future. And who you need to get you there. Or who you are grateful to for their support in the past. Is it time to reach out and thank them or rekindle a past contact?

Know where you want to get to, and make a serious commitment to your future path and your purpose. This can be a highly productive time where you can re-set your goals and also build on past achievements. And re-boot your rep if necessary. Jupiter in its ruling 9th meets Pluto in the 5th. You can re-invent yourself and how you are seen. See how others see you as your ticket to success. And again, don’t be afraid to reconnect and remind people of all you have to offer now. Mercury and Mercury and Neptune meet in your contacts sector and the Sun in your 12th opposes Juno in your 6th.

Ruler Venus exits your 1st and arrives in its ruling 2nd on the 4th when it will trine Saturn in your 10th.  This is telling you there are more ways than one to further those ambitions. Work with the connections you have this week, Taurus. It’s all about staying connected to your future.  And letting people know you want them to be a part of it.

In a nutshell:

Contacts and the impression you have made in the past, is all important now. Even when alone, who you know matters. Connect and remind them of just how you fit into the bigger picture, Taurus.


Build a base from which to explore

Get creative

Unleash that vision

Make the inner changes to create a new definition of what freedom can be for you this week, Gemini.  Paradoxically, freedom means structure and working within restrictions. When we’re forced to do this a funny thing happens. We unleash the power of our imagination. In other words, you have to have a map to reach the stars – and for that matter a launchpad for that starship to fly you to them. So, don’t see those dreams on hold. See this time as a powerful opportunity to create the structure that eventually makes them all too real!

Jupiter and Pluto meet in Pluto’s 8th on the 5th. You also have your ruler Mercury exiting retroshadow in your 10th this week. Now is the time to be as creative as you can be when it comes to those big dreams and ambitions. And how to get there. If you are confined to one place, your imagination is free to search out solutions that would otherwise never have occurred to you. Know what result you are after and align this to your highest purpose as Mercury and Neptune meet in your success sector on the 4th. This isn’t a holding pattern. This is a creative refinement stage where dreams are re-born.

Mars enters your freedom and long-distance exploration sector asking you what can you do now, today, within your present circumstances, to go boldly in the direction of your dreams on the 30th. It collides with master-builder Saturn which is where the whole structure as a route to freedom comes in. Saturn confines and restricts. It asks we dig deep into our resources and work with what we have, right now.

So, as Venus arrives in your sign on the 1st, it’s time to fall back in love with those ideas, visions and goals that form part of who you are.  Ensure you look and feel your best. That lover like no other or that employer could sit up and take serious notice as Venus and Saturn align to create a lasting and best impression. Explore the effect you can have this week, Gemini.

In a nutshell:

Your dreams matter. So don’t let restriction come between you and them. have a plan Work with what you have. Freedom and success involve structure and building a launchpad this week!


Know what you need from love and all partnerships

Hello – is it me you’re looking for?

Time is on your side

Know the changes you want to achieve around love now. Or is love the change you’re looking for? Lionel Richie who wrote ‘Hello’ was born with his Sun at the last degree of Gemini so almost a Cancerian. But he does have his Venus firmly in Cancer at 16 degrees and his Part of Fortune at 26 degrees. So, like you he will be feeling the effects of Jupiter and Pluto in his partnership sector when they meet on the 5th at 24 degrees of Capricorn.

If you have anything plus or minus two degrees of this, then expect major transformations around a key relationship or know that your heart is no longer on lockdown and you are ready for something new. It may not appear right away but the promise is there. This could be due to important inner shifts as Mars exits your 7th and enters its ancient ruling 8th.

It will meet Saturn in here the following day signalling it is time to know what you want from love in the future. Even if it seems out of reach today.  Saturn wants us to have a plan, to establish something or act with authority when it comes to our destiny. So, determine what this is and then wait for your time. Saturn promises it WILL come.

future love for now means exploring what you have learned from your past. Mercury and Neptune meet in your 9th of higher learning on the 4th. Venus which rules your love life and also all creative ventures arrives in your 12th of the past, higher forms of loving and soul contracts also on the 4th and trines Saturn. This is a reminder that the only limits on love are your imagination and your ability to wait for the real thing. This may not stop someone from your past getting back in touch now.

Can you re-forge something new and better out of how you have to proceed in the present? This week asks you to have faith in the fact that love and opportunity happen when the time is right. Provided we are prepared for it. For you, the time of preparation is now, Cancer.

In a nutshell:

What do you want from love in the future, Cancer? Take your time to get very clear about this. We have to know what we want in order to get it. And time is on your side now.


Love gets unplugged

Work with realness

Embrace the power of the moment

If the Cancerian’s next door theme song this week is by Lionel Richie, then yours is by Santana, Leo. I am talking Smooth and it’s time to make love real – or else forget about it. Saturn in your 7th isn’t about love being hard work. It is about love realness however. And not settling for any other kind. Sometimes we can be distracted from the truth around love. It’s only when we unplug or find ourselves without the constant background noise of our lives, that we begin to see how things really are – rather than how we want them to be or think they are.

Mars joins Saturn in here on the 30th. Mars rules action but Saturn rules restrictions. In addition, Mars is also about passion and heat. So, you’ll either see all too clearly you have this – or not. If not, you can now come up with a constructive action plan to re-ignite the realness or if it’s missing entirely – go in search of it in the future.

If anything isn’t living up to its promise, that will be obvious now as Mercury now very much direct, meets Neptune in your 8th on the 4th along with your ruler the Sun’s opposition to Juno in your 3rd on the 2nd. It’s also about the power of your focus in the here and now. To concentrate on the power of the moment as Jupiter and Pluto meet in your 6th on the 5th.

Because extraordinary changes always begin with the smallest shifts we can make to our everyday routine and surroundings. So, if you are opting for realness in any area this week, but don’t quite see how you can bring this about, changes made to your routine and your immediate environment are a good place to begin. Especially if they involve improving your wellbeing, outlook or giving you more breathing space. One small adjustment could just lead to a giant change in your love reality this week, Leo.

In a nutshell:

What’s real and what’s not comes into sharp focus now, Leo. Especially around those love goals. Being in the moment allows you to align with what you want from the future. Work with it.


Find new ways to close the distance between you and others

Try a little self-appreciation

Gratitude is your superpower!

Even with ruler Mercury out of retroshadow in your 7th on the 30th, by now you know there are no quick fixes or green lights when it comes to taking any joint matters forward, Virgo. Yes, this may feel like spinning your wheels when it should be all systems go. Especially as Mercury meets Neptune in here on the 4th. The same day as Jupiter and Pluto conjunct in your 5th of romance. But instead of seeing this period as a barrier to love, try seeing it instead as an opportunity to explore the many forms love can take – and not just the romantic kind.

There’s the love of children, friends, family, anyone with whom you are involved in a joint or group venture with and the things you love to do. Sure, some of these may be at a distance but you can still connect to them. And appreciate what you do have. Gratitude is one of the most powerful forces of attraction in the universe. Think of it like gravity. The more grateful you are, the more people/thing/opportunities it will begin to draw to you to be grateful for. So, love what you do have this week, not what you don’t. That’s the love difference.

Taking the time to appreciate all you have achieved or have to offer and no longer underestimating your worth is another benefit of this week’s ability to draw your focus to key areas that need some TLC. Venus enters your 10th of success and reputation asking you to take yourself seriously for the future. Saturn rules this house of course. This could allow you to re-set that professional stock and set a new price on it. Even if working remotely, you can communicate more effectively just what you bring to the table. Structured routine and gratitude are your superpowers this week. Store them for future use.

In a nutshell:

With the focus on others, it’s not just time to look at ways to keep connected. But also on what you have to give back. Structuring that routine in better ways keeps you in the flow, Virgo.


Explore the freedom of new ideas

Settling for second best is no longer an option

Change your thoughts – change your future

You want liberation but feel stuck in hibernation, Libra. Freedom may seem to be a far-away concept this week. But what this wants to teach you is to set your mind free of self-imposed restrictions so that when real ones get lifted, you are set to soar. The thing about standing still is that it allows you to hear your own thoughts without interference.

Jupiter is the ruler of your 9th house which is of course your house of expansion, long distance travel but most importantly learning and beliefs. Ruler Venus arrives in here on the 4th. Jupiter itself meets Pluto in your house of home, family and security on the 5th. What this tells you is that you of all signs are uniquely placed to discover opportunity within your confinement. Especially around where you go from here once the restrictions are lifted again.

The week sees Mars arrive in your 5th. The arrival of the red planet in here would usually see you off in the pursuit of passion. Mars says some like it hot, not tepid. But this now allows you to see where you may have settled for the lukewarm. Take some meditation time to focus on times in the past where you have ‘settled’ for what you thought you could have rather than what you truly wanted.

This week tells you that these choices not only come from an ‘I’m not good enough’ mindset but are simply no longer acceptable as Mars and Saturn meet in here on the 31st. This is a week of commitment thanks to Juno in your 1st opposing the Sun in your 7th. Which could just amount to re-committing to following that dream as Venus and Saturn align on the 4th. This week also sees Mercury exit retroshadow in its ruling 6th. It meets Neptune also on the 4th showing you just how restrictive thoughts not circumstances, affects your wellbeing and your soul. You’ll see how ideas around passion and freedom are the best medicine this week.

In a nutshell:

Whoever said passion is the best medicine knew what they were talking about. This week allows you to see where you have compromised too much and given it away. Reclaim it now, Libra.


Say it anyway you can

Ideas can take you anywhere

Scorpio’s Got Talent!

If you have been dabbling with that book idea, manuscript, business idea, blog, Instagram feed or website, this is the week when you could put all your power into your ideas. Don’t underestimate the impact of what you have to say or share now.  Jupiter planet of opportunity and big ideas meets your ruler Pluto in Mercury’s ruling 3rd of communication and commerce now.

Mercury itself clears its retroshadow in your 5th and will meet Neptune on the 4th. This is simply the perfect alignment under which to work on something from home. Or even think about that home-based business. Scorpio’s got talent this week so if you have, get innovative about how you can work it.

If you don’t have that innovative project you want to work on, open yourself up to new ideas via books, documentaries, and on-line learning. Ancient ruler Mars is on the move into your 4th on the 30th and meets new roomie Saturn in here on the 31st. You may also be looking very closely at those long term needs now, Scorpio. We can say Mars in your 4th is not the best house guest due to this being a ‘feminine’, receptive and nurturing house. In other words, the opposite of all Mars is!

Saturn is all about building an establishment. Mars is about action to think of it as your call to take action to pour your energy into ideas you can initiate in your current environment. So, rearrange your home, sort out what you no longer need and either list it on eBay or else put it in a box to donate later. Make small changes which symbolise the bigger ones you want to bring in. It could be those ideas you have been sitting on turn into major assets. Use your time to explore and invest in them now. 

In a nutshell:

You may be at home but this is the week to discover just how far an idea can take you. Work those words and discover new ways of saying things. The next big idea could just be you, Scorpio.


Get some brand ambition. Time to say ‘I do’ to having what you desire

That’s the power of love this week, Sag

There’s nothing sadder than a Sagittarian who feels they cannot go anywhere! Fear. not, there are more than one way to travel and adventure is beckoning. This week says all signs are in this together. But this does not mean travelling towards something is off the table. Just that it may be done from the comfort of your sofa or virtually in some way. Two planets dominate the sky for you this week, Sag. One of them is your ruler Jupiter which meets Pluto in your money zone on the 5th. Happily, this occurs in the same week as Mercury exits retroshadow in your 4th.

Mars puts some oomph and confidence behind those ideas as it enters Mercury’s ruling 3rd. on the 30th. Along with Saturn it is inviting you to explore better ways to market or sell yourself. And send yourself, your talents, skills or even message ‘out there’ in ways that reflect this. Can this brand ambition if you like. It may take a while to pay off for you, but don’t underestimate how redefining those values could define your future worth and experiences.

Venus is the other planet dominating your chart this week. It rules two houses in our charts – the 2nd which we have just discussed, and of course your 7th of love and long-term partnerships which it enters on the 7th. Combined with the Sun in your 5th, this makes this one of the best periods of the year for partnership matters of all descriptions. Or simply planning for a future one. Settled and isolating together? Revive the love and come up with a joint vision to work together to attain for the future.  Singles could be put in the unusual position of having to rein in their usual desire to jump in and get to know someone slowly via on-line dating.

No matter how isolating you find this, love always finds a way if you can spot the opening, Sag. Don’t ignore the opportunities that are in the here and now. 

In a nutshell:

Ruler Jupiter always wants to hand you opportunity. This week is no exception. Sure you may have to look harder. But opportunity like love, is not only around you but ready to be discovered.


Embrace the power of Brand You!

Road-test that message

Self-worth = future success story

The Power of One – or simply You, to evolve yourself, is your focus this week. Your image, brand, appearance, personal message, profile, title (professional and partnership), style, image or Instagram feed – what do these say about you? If you are now in a position where you are spending more time with yourself – is it time to take a good look at you and make an update if necessary?

I’m talking about how you project yourself more than being able to undertake a major make-over. The impression you make, how people perceive you, determines what you attract and the results you bring about. Stepping back and adjusting our view so we can gauge an accurate idea of our reflection and how we come across, can be difficult. Mainly because we are too busy.

So, more time on your hands if you have it adds up to seeing yourself very differently. And making adjustments if necessary. Life is not a dress rehearsal usually. But the current circumstances may allow you to rehearse how you want to be seen and perceived for the future. Try a new you on as Jupiter and Pluto meet in your 1st on the 5th.

Mercury exits retroshadow in its ruling 3rd this week  so if you have a fresh message to share via the internet or social media, this is the perfect time for your relaunch. Mars leaves your 1st this week and meets ruler Saturn in your 2nd locking and loading your self-worth. Hopefully that message you project now reflects this. Let the inner you shine through now. Road test yourself via friends on social media if you are self-isolating and ask for feedback. How you come across determines how you will be seen when you emerge into the Now Age of Aquarius. now. Show a fresh side of yourself and give it all you’re worth, Capricorn!

In a nutshell:

It’s Brand You week, Capricorn. Your future could simply be determined by how you come across and how others see you. Time to refine Brand You. And work it for all you are worth!


Share your truth

Make it, don’t fake it

Enter the Now Age of Realness

Mars’s arrival in your 1st and its conjunction with Saturn brings you fresh determination and launches you headlong into the Now Age. Yes, even if you are self-isolating. Saturn rules boundaries but your sign is the one of the collective. You’re apart yet part of everything. Chances are you have a mission, an idea, a personal vision or goal you are determined to pursue. Ancient ruler Saturn gives you the structure and framework within which to get this done. Think of this as your wizarding ivory tower. Your fortress of solitude and genius rather than restriction.

Mars adds the confidence and staying power to succeed. Yes, you may be alone but you are part of something bigger now.

If you are staying connected via social media, apps, facetime, Skype or texts, what you will notice now is that your interactions take on a new realness. People are sharing their truth now rather than that art-directed perfect Instagrammable life. So, strangely enough, you may feel even more closer and connected even if you’re apart. This is a massive gift which you can use in your Now Age. The power of simply being real. Venus in your 5th on the 4th is encouraging you to put your heart out there by sharing what you really feel and not faking it.

Mercury which rules communication is now direct again and in Venus’s other ruling house – your 2nd.  Not only are there still ideas for making money from creative, inspired or self-initiated ventures, sharing your truth is always a sign of unshakable self-worth.  You’ll be in touch this week with those who reflect this and also share with you their truth in return. Help and solutions if you are in need of them could be on offer as Jupiter and Pluto meet in your soul secret 12th on the 5th.  Or you may be in a position to offer help – if only in the form of listening and understanding, in return. The Now Age gets real this week.

In a nutshell:

What you need is realness now, Aquarius. Don’t be afraid to build stronger connections by sharing what you really feel or are going through. This isn’t a time for faking it. The truth sets you free.


Step into a No Fear Now Age

Let true colours inform you

Open up a high speed line to enhanced insight

For you the Now Age begins with your energy at a peak, Pisces. You may feel there’s nothing you cannot tackle now. But not sure what it is you are supposed to. Look deep within and you will suddenly become aware that fear or negative thinking which has held you back, vanishes like the illusion it is as Mars arrives in your 12th and meets Saturn on the 31st. Your spiritual beliefs, insights and intuition form your framework and you’ll quickly discover if you heed that inner voice, your confidence in it and your own inner guidance increases.

If you are now in the situation where you have the time to connect to this, consider this a plus. This week also sees Mercury ends its retroshadow and meet with ruler Neptune in your 1st on the 4th. This is a day which hands you true insight so use it.

People will reveal their true colours or motivations. And once you see these, you will have no hesitation is acting accordingly. As a result, some connections may shift. Even if these people are at a distance.  It’s a week to find your family and by that I mean your soul one. Those kindred souls and spirits with whom you may not share DNA but something much deeper. Your 12th is your house of the past and this includes those past lives. Expect people from this to return during the Now Age. Friends offering support even remotely could feature thanks to the meeting between your ancient ruler Jupiter and Pluto in your 11th on the 5th.

Their generosity of spirit opens doors to true soul connectedness. You will now see these people as true assets in your life. As they in turn look at you the same way. Venus is on the move into your 4th on the 4th and aligns to Saturn. You’ll use this time to beautify and appreciate your surroundings and your connections. And discover more ways than ever before to connect to that inner wisdom. And to using without fear, Pisces.

In a nutshell:

The Now Age hands you a new kind of fearlessness when it comes to looking at what holds you back. And the ability to see all your connections for what they are. Embrace inner wisdom this week, Pisces. 


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