Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs March 23 2020 – Healing Soul Wounds

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs March 23 2020 – By our astrologer Elena

Hello Gorgeous Soul, Obviously this was written before a worldwide lockdown, However, Elena did predict what was happening now and wrote an article about exactly what we are going through in January, you can read it here. Use the advice she gives here, use the astrological energy to heal, to evolve, to be safe. I am sending you so much love in these trying times. I will be doing live FB and Zoom free workshops to cheer you all on. Also, I will be doing group free tarot readings as I am aware that some of our lovely clients are suffering at this time. At the moment my Cathy is downstairs self-isolating as she has cold/symptoms so I may be delayed in my weekly videos.

The Mars and Pluto conjunction on Monday is a big wake up call so expect a lot more intensity.

Sending so much love



Make the impossible possible

Be a little bolder

Activate audacious fortune!

Weave yourself an impossible, outrageous fresh start this week Aries! The 23rd sees ruler Mars meet Pluto in your 10th handing you an opportunity to step into your power and use it not just or your own ambition, but for something which benefits others too. The new Moon in your 1st appears conjunct Chiron on the 24th and the Sun aligns with it on the 25th. Put yourself out there, make big adjustments to your appearance, look, style, profile, message or brand. Of all the new Moons you will experience, this one offers you the best ever opportunity to get the world to see you in a new way.

Set out to prove them wrong.

All you need to do is decide how or who you want to be seen as. If you have been nurturing a personal goal, no matter how improbable you may think attaining it is, now is the time to take that first impossible step towards it. If someone tells you that you cannot do something now, you’ll set out to prove them wrong.

This week could also deliver rewards and satisfaction. Recognition would be on its way as Venus in its ruling 2nd trines generous Jupiter in your sector of career and status on the 26th. Doors to abundance or even love could open wide. Long term efforts may be recognised and receive tangible rewards. Venus and the Moon meet in your 2nd on the 28th and both trine Pluto adding an intense satisfaction to anything you achieve now. You know you’ve not only earned this and deserve it – you’re worth it, Aries!

In a nutshell:

Time for some bold, bodacious moves, Aries. To set your sights on that ‘impossible’ dream. But is it really that out of reach? Boldness says nothing is impossible now, Aries!



What you never expected – expect that

Claim your wild side

No more barriers – just wide open opportunities!

It’s a ‘I never would have thought/believed/imagined’ kind of week as the new Moon in your 12th falls conjunct Chiron. What you cannot imagine – expect that. And then expect something radically different. As the Monty Python boys told us: Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition. This is your house of the past so if you thought you would never hear from a particular person again – they call or email. All bets are off this week. Powerful ‘now or never’ aspects also occur in your 9th as Mars conjuncts Pluto on the 23rd. Time to feel the fear – and make your move anyway.

The cold hard truth

The Sun’s collision with Chiron on the 25th could also have you looking at something or someone in a new light. In other words, the steel of the cold hard truth. This allows you to take a different approach from here on in or brings you the gift of self-release from something that holds you back.

Ruler Venus is getting together with Jupiter offering you opportunities and roads to freedom. Travel and expansion as well as lucky breaks could be on offer this week along with the unexpected. Perhaps opportunity is what you have least been expecting? Grab it when it presents itself no matter what form it takes. If it has the potential to move you into something bigger – for example, a role, a love or else send you out on a journey, then take it as emotional freedom is your pay off as Venus and the Moon trine Pluto on the 28th. Make your move and stake your claim on something bigger you never thought possible Taurus.

In a nutshell:

Whatever you thought beyond the realms of possibility could show you it is all too real after all, Taurus. If you are ready to claim your wild side and sign up for adventure – this could be your week!



It’s who you know not what

Go where intuition tells you

People form your future – and your fate!

This week brings what is always one of your most important new Moons of the year. You need to see it as every bit as future determining as the one which occurs in your sign during your birthday season. Your 11th house is where your future takes shape and is set in motion. This month’s new Moon is extra special as it falls conjunct the object of impossibility – Chiron in here on the 24th. Time to dare and to do. The direction this could take you in could be revealed on the 23rd as Mars and Pluto offer a point of pivotal power when they meet in their ruling 8th.

It promises total transformation via those you are connected to, or one particular connection. So make that extra effort to click and connect. This is your house of friends, networks, contacts, clubs, groups, associations, parties, movements and bands. People are who direct our future and nobody does it alone. The old Streisand ballad ‘People who need people are the luckiest people in the world’ applies to YOU now, Gemini. So be a joiner not a hermit. The Sun meets Chiron on the 25th telling you that you never know who you will meet or what role they will play.

The new Moon

Because this new Moon is about your future it sets the scene for a long time to come. So, if you stay cocooned with that boxset, that’s how you may remain. Take advantage of this week to make changes and above all, tune in to what your intuition is telling you about these. If it is guiding you towards a certain group, person, place, experience – follow through. Venus and the Moon in your 12th heighten your creativity and psychic senses. Venus tines Jupiter in your sector of change on the 26th. This could bring back in a blast from the past or missed opportunity. The 28th sees Venus and the Moon both trine Pluto in what is it’s ruling house in your chart.

The people you meet or path you take promise soul transformation. Embrace the change – especially if it comes in human form, Gemini!

In a nutshell:

It’s not what you know but who, this week, Gemini. People form your future and set luck in motion for you. Whatever you do – this is no time to stay home. Circulate and let fate do the rest!



Time to be bodaciously bolder!

Get yourself noticed

Love could enter your orbit

Status shifting events and changes and powerful transformations between you and your spouse, live in lover, working partnership or duo of any description – including that rival or opponent, could be the result of the meeting between Mars and Pluto in your 7th this week. It’ also time to set your purpose higher and take a new pride in your achievements, Cancer. This week’s new Moon appears in your 10th on the 24th. It’s time to consider why you have those dreams. Of being ‘somebody’, to achieve, be noticed or climb higher.

The Sun meets Chiron

You need to know you already ARE somebody and work this for all you are truly worth. If someone has told you that you can’t, never will or won’t – you now need to seriously consider the source of that negativity. This new Moon asks you to take a bolder, more audacious and confident approach to career, work or anything that impacts on your pubic image or reputation. It falls conjunct Chiron – object of the frankly impossible. It could be telling you that nothing is when it comes to what you can achieve provided you commit to it. The Sun meets Chiron in here the very next day so take it you are ‘on show’ now in the best possible way.

So, project an authentic image that says I am ready to become the person I know I am destined to be!

Venus in your 11th is usually about love of friends rather than the romantic variety. But this week you are the exception to that rule Cancer! If it’s love you are after, time to be out and about as Venus trines lucky Jupiter in your 7th on the 26th. Venus and your ruler meet on the 28th and also trine Pluto in your 7th. This could add up to a powerful encounter or connection with someone who has the ability to rock your world. The magnetism could be irresistible. Together you could change each other’s world’s. Get co-creating.

In a nutshell:

Looking for someone with whom to co-crate you own magical little world? This week could park you in one another’s orbits. Get their attention by projecting all that is unique about you!



Chart yourself a brand new course

Bring your best game

Don’t stop believin’

This week is like the lyrics to that Journey song. You know the one, Leo! Set yourself free to explore a brand new course or direction this week, Leo. Perhaps even one you thought was closed off to you. You need to look at what effect this has had on you. Giving up your dreams as Mars and Pluto meet this week in your 6th of wellbeing on the 23rd. You need something that makes you come alive. If you are not heading after it, tackling it or holding back, chances are this is draining you. Travel could feature for some of you – possibly to somewhere you never thought to go.

What is meant for you

Venturing into uncharted waters could be a theme – either metaphorically or in actuality, as the new Moon takes to the skies in your 9th on the 24th. It falls conjunct the outrageous object of the impossible occurrence – Chiron. If you have thought you would never try, have, see or experience something – think again. Your ruler also meets Chiron in here on the 25th highlighting the path ahead and showing you that far from this being out of reach for you – it actually has your name on it! What is meant for you – and this includes opportunity, heads in your direction now.

The ruler of your 9th is of course Jupiter which is in your 6th right now. If that impossible dream of yours revolves around work or career ambitions – then this could be the week of acclaim and success. Venus in your 10th enhances both your professional allure and work prospects. It trines Jupiter on the 26th making this one of the best days this year so far for anything to do with business or career matters.

People want to say yes and you are in a position to impress. Venus meets the Moon on the 28th pointing to an emotionally satisfying outcome in career endeavours and both then trine Pluto also in your 6th. Work and career changes ripple on through bringing benefits in other areas. The entire goal of the week is the opportunity to explore something new.

In a nutshell:

Freedom to explore a new path beckons this week, Leo. This may be one you thought permanently closed. Take the unexpected route towards something bigger and more success-making for the future!



What direction can you channel that passion into?

Be your own object of desire

You own it, baby so work it!

Love is alchemy, transformation and passion. Hands up if you believe that! . And it’s either composed of all those things – the ability to change us mind, body and soul – or not. You’ll see all too clearly which is which on the 23rd when Mars and Pluto ask you to co-create a bold new love experience with someone. Or find the person with whom you can as they meet in your 5th.

It’s a sexy, supercharged week for you, Virgo. But it’s about more than just that. Time to be the sex deity of your own life and to feel good about it. So, this week’s new Moon in your 8th points to a powerful reawakening of passion. You’re stepping into your power and owning it. And that in itself is sexy. Certainly, you’ll be more than usually aware of any areas in your life where passion is missing. And I’m not just talking about the bedroom here either.

Raw creative energy

Turning a passion into a profession is one area where you may channel this sexiness. It’s raw creative energy after all. Others show their sexiness by letting others know where their true values lie. It’s all about owning who you are and what you desire with no room for fear as this new Moon falls conjunct Chiron in here.

Signals of empowerment beckon you ahead towards whatever (or whoever) you desire on the 25th when the Sun meets Chiron in here. Also perhaps highlighting a route you may have hesitated taking in the past towards it. This week sees Venus in your 9th trine Jupiter in your 5th on the 26th. Jupiter being the ruler of your 9th. Big loves, passions and dreams with that extra sprinkling of emotional satisfaction could appear within reach. The 28th sees Venus and the Moon meet and trine Pluto which rules your 8th, also in your 5th.

Love affairs could turn lava hot, your daring and frankly brazen sexiness ripples out into other areas making you everyone’s object of desire now. How you choose to work that – up to you, Virgo!

In a nutshell:

Ready to showcase your own unique brand of sexiness, Virgo? This week says it’s no time to be a shrinking Virgo violet. Let those colours radiate out. It’s your Access All Areas pass now.



Sometimes love don’t look like you thought it would

No more impossibles

Get a new spin on the ‘L’ word

Get ready for radical new love, Libra! If the ‘L’ word has been in short supply or simply ended up filed under that other ‘L’ word – lacklustre, then this week marks the beginning of something outrageously brazen and exciting. Old connections get infused with new potential. New ones come pre-loaded with super-hot features. Don’t forget the new Moon in your 7th can usher in a new working, business, collaborative, bff or activity kind of partnership. Take it that it is the one you need right now which will give you that radical fresh perspective on relating as this new Moon falls conjunct Chiron on the 24th. If you have thought love passed you by, then this may cause you to re-evaluate this belief.

Unimagineable love

This is all about what you believe to be ‘impossible’ around partnerships. Think about what this is and then dismiss that too as the Sun meets Chiron in here on the 25th. Unimagineable love – get ready to embrace it. Behind all this, a powerful meeting between Mars and Pluto meeting in the Moon’ ruling 4th on the 23rd. This points to transformation around what provides you the foundation for your work, relationships or living arrangements. Moving experiences or experiences which move you.

Ruler Venus in your 8th points to a love that changes everything and also your values. Home, living arrangements and even your career could be set to benefit this week as it trines Jupiter in your house of home and security on the 26th. Upgrading anything from your living space to your income are just a couple of the opportunities this alignment could bring you. In addition to that well-heeled lover. Venus will meet the Moon in here on the 28th and both trine Pluto on this day. There’s a move on up occurring. Perhaps of the heart and soul or of the place or career. So, it’s all about the love whichever way you look at it, Libra.

In a nutshell:

Ready for real, outrageous love, Libra? What you imagine to be impossible around duos or partnerships, could get all too real this week. It may not look like you thought it would – but boy, is it exactly what you needed!



Don’t get stuck in a rut!

Put some pizzazz back in your routine

Write some new love rules

You may not be in a rut but if you have the sneaking suspicion you may have inadvertently dug yourself one, this week offers a chance to escape it. So, pivotal news could play a role as both your rulers – Mars and Pluto, meet in your 3rd on the 23rd. New avenues around work or wellness open up thanks to the new Moon in your 6th on the 24th.

Work matters

You may shake up that routine, take a radical approach to diet, fitness or your general wellbeing or dare to apply for a new and different job. Work matters take on a new, dynamic feel. You could be offered the chance to step out of your usual role. This may be another route you are offered out of the rut with a project, course of study or role that allows you more freedom, stimulation and scope as this new Moon falls conjunct Chiron. The Sun will also meet Chiron in here the following day. Time to reclaim anything from that lost pizzazz to that missed path.

Or is that a missed love opportunity Venus remains in its ruling 7th in your chart and trines Jupiter in your 3rd on the 26th. This could beam in that lover, job offer or partnership opportunity. The 28th sees Venus and the Moon trine ruler Pluto also in your 3rd. What you say yes to has the capacity to change up the rules of a partnership or simply revise that game of love in your favour. Love is too important to be allowed to fall into a rut. As is doing what you love. You’ve the ability to experience a true passion revival this week. Change begins with that attitude, Scorpio.

In a nutshell:

Fallen in to a rut? Need both a change and an espresso shot of passionate intensity to charge up your life? Order yourself up a large one – with an extra shot of love to go, Scorpio!


Begin something magical

Discover your hidden assets

It’s your now time for love!

If not now romance, creativity and good times then when, Sag? Pleasure is the flavour of the week – and the month, as a new Moon appears in your 5th. It’s giving birth to something. A cycle of feeling loved-up, a project, a showcase for your talents, a tour or holiday or an opportunity to shine or simply indulge yourself. It tells you good times are set to roll again. Perhaps with someone new or in a wildly different way. This new Moon falls conjunct Chiron. This is the object of impossible outcomes. You’re getting the band back together and heading out on the road for instance. Making a come back in your chosen arena. Falling in love again – perhaps with love itself or with that lover. What you think is impossible turns out to be a sure thing.

Opportunity could present itself on the 25th when the Sun and Chiron meet. It could mean taking a walk on the wild side. Or with a fellow free spirit. You know you’re ready, Sag.

Mars in your money zone

Ruler Jupiter wants to go ka-ching this week as it meets Mars in your money zone on the 23rd and then aligns with Venus which rules this house but is in your workaday world sector on the 26th. It is of course, in Venus’s ruling house. So, a better paying job, side hustle or new source of the folding stuff could also be adding to that feelgood factor this week. Venus and the Moon meet on the 28th and both then trine Pluto also in your 2nd. Pluto grants access to the riches of the vault.

The hidden assets, untapped motherlode and big biccies. What comes with this as extra is that priceless sense of satisfaction you made it happen as this is your house of what you make as opposed to what may be given or won. It’s all about the love you make this week whether it’s for someone or something you do, Sag.

In a nutshell:

Time to rediscover all the avenues to love in your life, Sag. Chances are there is more than one open to you right now. Take a walk on the wild side back towards romance and pleasure!


What do you need to do to get really living?

Head out and claim that love

Make your own luck!

Living matters this week. As does family, roots, home or even your ‘home land’. This week’s new Moon appears in its ruling 4th in your chart. Little known fact in some astrological circles. This is a new Moon which can allow you to direct your life down a fresh path. It may be about your security but it is also about your future too. Sometimes this is a new Moon where we step out of our parent’s shadow. Or our cultural expectations and decide to walk our own path. So, this new Moon combined with Chiron on the 24th allows you to do that.

This is my life

It’s all about ownership and taking action that says: This is my life. Take the first step towards establishing something for yourself the very next day when the Sun also meets Chiron in here. That fresh path could include changing how others see you – for good and for the better. Mars and Pluto meet in your sign on the 23rd. Work that brand power and your message. Be ready to impress.

Venus continues to add glamour and allure in your 5th while Jupiter in your 1st brings self-created opportunities and lucky breaks. It doesn’t just happen. You engage the flow by taking action. So, as Venus and Jupiter align on the 26th, do what you can to head towards that dream or passion. And then know you are engaging the forces of cosmic luck and they are flowing in your direction. In other words, you create your own luck but supercharge it. Jupiter is very much a planet which embodies the saying: Heaven helps those who help themselves. The 28th promises romance, attraction and even for some, acclaim and recognition as Venus and the Moon meet and trine Pluto in your 1st. The ground shifts, the universe spins around you and you find yourself right where you need to be.

Do whatever you need to in order to claim that path, Capricorn.

In a nutshell:

Owning your path means owning all the good things waiting for you along it. This week asks you to get living – your way. You just might discover what you’ve been waiting for if you do, Capricorn.



Get ready for unexpected discoveries

What you need is in your orbit

See the everyday from a fresh perspective

What are you seeking this week, Aquarius? Because no matter what it is, it could be found right where you least expect it. In other words, right under your nose. Hidden in plain sight. That also goes for the truth as others cannot keep that from you and true colours will be exposed as Mars and Pluto meet in your 12th on the 23rd. The new Moon in your 3rd is all about going with an idea but also it connects you to your everyday environment – your neighbourhood, routine, commute, the familiar in other words. That truth could even change how you see this. This is also a good week if you are contemplating buying a new phone, computer, tablet or even a car.

Get that message out there.

Or for revamping that commute in some way by looking at an alternative route or way to get around – a bike perhaps? When it comes to what you’re looking for – search right where you are. Which includes the internet which your 3rd rules too. Unexpected opportunities abound right around your neighbourhood to explore this as this new Moon meets Chiron on the 24th. Siblings if you have them may feature too. As could unexpected journeys Bilbo Baggins style when the Sun meets Chiron on the 25th. In other words, new job opportunities or chances to get that message out there.

A wizard may not scrawl ‘Burglar for hire’ on your front door – although with Chiron anything is possible. But if you are seeking that new job again you won’t have far to look. Venus in your 4th wants to enhance your living arrangements and security. The past may feature as moving bac somewhere familiar or into a familiar work area as it aligns to Jupiter in your 12th on the 26th.

The Moon is the natural ruler of your 4th and meets Venus on the 28th. Both trine Pluto in your 12th pointing to deep spiritual shifts. This week could point to a homecoming that begins in your locality – even if it ends up taking you back to where it all begin. Like all good journeys – it begins and ends where you call home.

In a nutshell:

Go with your ideas. See your everyday surroundings in a new light. What you’re seeking could be right under your nose. There’s a gift to be discovered in your neighbourhood or daily routine. Opportunity is on your doorstep.



Love those hidden assets

Know your value

One piece of news sets your future on a new course

Time to look at how you can forge a better emotional connection with your money, budget, assets, possessions and most importantly, your self-worth, Pisces. These are all interlinked and ruled by your 2nd house. A new Moon falls in here on the 24th. It appears conjunct Chiron – object of the impossible. So, taking a bold new approach to how you earn your dough, starting that side hustle or just seeing yourself as more worthy could set you on a fresh path towards prosperity. Feeling rich often has little to do with how much we have in our bank accounts but what we feel we have and are worth within. This is your opportunity to set a new price or establish a fresh value system.

It can also have you taking better care of yourself and what you have. Because yes, you are worth it and what you earn or own is worth caring for.

Opportunities flow

The Sun’s meeting with Chiron the following day highlights the way forward to achieving this. The ruler of your 2nd which is Venus of course, is in your 3rd of news, communication and business. Opportunities flow via who you know or connect to this week as it aligns with Jupiter in your 11th. Plus, you have a powerful meeting between Mars and Pluto in your 11th on the 23rd.

So, this includes people to do business with, powerful allies, influential friends as well as simply a support network. The 28th sees Venus and the Moon meet in here and both trine Pluto also in your 11th. One piece of news has a powerful impact on your future path or even earning ability or this could literally see you benefit from a friend with influence. Your own sense of self-worth sets the scene – and what you receive back in kind, Pisces.

In a nutshell:

Set some fresh values when it comes to that self-worth this week, Pisces. It’s your stock to trade. That freshly minted self-esteem attracts like investment as friends and connections set your value soaring.



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