4th June 2018 Weekly Astrology Forecast

Weekly Astrology Forecast For All Signs March 19th 2018


  • Open a special kind of magic and power
  • Know what you want before taking action
  • Are you ‘The Fairest’?

Happy birthday, Aries. Your new cycle has a lot to do with pausing before moving forward, Yes, that  goes against the grain with for you. But Mercury retrograde in your 1st until April 15 is asking you to look back, revise, revisit and re-evaluate what you want before moving ahead. That does not mean to say that progress isn’t possible. You’ve big planetary implications for what’s already in motion. Especially when it comes to your career and bringing things to a conclusion in this area. Ruler Mars, Pluto and the black Moon Lilith are all in your 10th of rewards and reputation. All three are involved in power in its varied forms. Take the upsurge of energy that’s available to you now and channel it into those career goals. Used correctly, you’ve the ability to take this and project confidence and leadership skills. You’re ambitious and willing to work harder than usual to get results. Just ensure you remain organised and disciplined. You’ve got an almost inexhaustible supply of energy available to you when it comes to your career. Just work within established structures and be seen as a team player. Scatter your energy or insist on doing things your own way too often and you’ll find yourself becoming frustrated or meeting opposition.

Ceres heads direct in your 5th this week after a retrograde period and you may have found yourself in the position of late of looking at what you want from love. Has romance lived up to your expectations? Venus in your 1st meets up with Eris in your sign this week while the Sun trines Ceres. Now in mythology, Eris set in motion the events leading up to the Trojan War by throwing an apple at a gaggle of goddesses marked ‘For the fairest’. Now, as Venus is associated with love and beauty, we might have thought she would have been secure enough in the knowledge that this was indeed her to allow one of the others to have the apple. But no. An argument ensued between her, Athena and Hera about how the apple was meant for. All three missed the point that the apple was not about them but actually about Eris and her insecurities as she felt snubbed by not being invited to a wedding this insecure lot were attending. My point? If love has failed to live up to expectations is the solution to raise yours? Or if someone shows an interest in you, do you wonder why? Ditch the insecurity and know ‘For the fairest’ means you now.

In a nutshell: Your birthday cycle arrives laden with a special kind of power and magic! Be willing to accept more – in order to receive so much more now, Aries.


  • Tap into the divine
  • Empower yourself – and others
  • Sisters are doing it for themselves!

Your mother or feminine power in general could feature this week Taurus. It doesn’t matter what your gender is. We all contain elements of both the divine masculine and the divine feminine. If you are a woman, how do you tap into and use your feminine power? No matter what our gender this week we may be looking at this and what messages we have received about this from our mothers, female caregivers, role models and society in general as the astral symbol of the divine feminine Ceres turns direct one more in the house of yes – guess what, home, mother, mothering and being mothered. Your 4th house is of course the sign of show-stopping Leo. This week also sees a very different kind of feminine power feature in your chart. That of Lilith the Black Moon who makes a positive angle to Neptune in your 11th which rules the collective. So, expect issues around this that surface in the collective to trigger memories close to home. Lilith wanted to be on top. Legend tells us her husband Adam didn’t like this. Neither did Lilith who left him. Ceres laid waste to the world when her daughter Persephone was abducted by Hades (Pluto). These sisters were in their power and doing it for themselves. This week asks you whether you are in yours.

This energy is very different to that of Venus your ruler who is in your 12th along with Mercury, Uranus, Eris (another gal determined to do things her own way), and now the Sun from this week. Mercury will turn retrograde this week and remain so until April 15. Now, all the usual retro rules apply no matter which house of our charts he retrogrades in. And by now you should know what these are by heart. But in your 12th, expect a big emphasis on the past, people from your past, memories and above all, secrets. Now, this can be secrets kept from you by others, secrets you keep or things that you are just plain unaware of. There’s a saying that the truth will set you free. Ruler Venus squaring Pluto in your 9th and meeting Eris in your 12th may be about to do just that. You may not like what is revealed at first. It may simply relate to how feminine power has been expressed within your family (or still is). But seeing this is where the freedom lies. There’s so much more to feminine power than just the nurturer or the devourer (seductress) that has been handed down throughout history. Step into a new dynamic this week and create empowerment that works for you – and the women in your life.

In a nutshell: It doesn’t matter what our gender is – we all need to tap into the divine feminine. This week allows you to do that. Are you in your power now, Taurus?


  • Express who you are
  • Reclaim all you can be
  • Love that retrograde!

Ruler Mercury shifts into reverse this week and another retrograde cycle begins, Gemini. Now, some of you along with that other Mercury ruled sign Virgo, may be asking why you have to have a ruler that does this so often? Or why couldn’t you be one of those lucky signs whose ruler never retrogrades at all – like the next door sign of Cancer (Moon) or Leo (Sun) for example? First, yes I know there are other signs out there whose rulers don’t retrograde as often. But the thing about those signs is that their rulers retrogrades either last much longer than all the yearly Mercury retros put together, or their rulers when retrograde create even more mayhem and chaos than yours do. So, what about those Cancers and Leos? Their rulers don’t retrograde – ever. Yes, but the Moon changes signs every 2.5 days and waxes and wanes so you’re at the mercy of emotional tides, constant mood swings and cravings for cupcakes. And then there’s eclipses. Those involve the Sun and the Moon and usually mean something’s being covered up. And being your ruler it’s going to be personal. So, I suspect after reading this you are: Love that Mercury retro!

Ceres the planet of reaping what we sow heads direct this week in Mercury’s house in your chart. And Mercury heads retrograde in your 11th. As well as revisiting old friends and old haunts, this retrograde is going to be about looking at how you express your ideas and individuality. And not being able to afraid to do that. You have the Sun, Venus, Eris and Uranus (who rules this house) in here. Some of you may now dust off old ideas and abandoned goals and see they are still relevant. Others may look at the company they keep and realise when they do, they can’t be who they truly are. You know the Retrograde Rules so I don’t need to repeat them. ‘Re’ words define a Mercury retrograde. Revise. Revisit. Refine. Review. And yes, repeat. But now Ceres is direct in Mercury’s house this retro is all about not repeating past mistakes and above all, reclaiming who you are if you’ve been made to feel lately you have to be someone other than yourself. Happy retrograde.

In a nutshell: Ruler Mercury turns retrograde. But wants to show you how not to repeat the past. A fresh future is yours to create if you’re ready for something new now, Gemini.


  • Going somewhere or nowhere fast?
  • Perfect that plan
  • Don’t give self-doubt house-room

The word ‘career’ is both a noun and a verb. Now, we’re most familiar with it as a noun as in ‘an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress’. Then there’s career in verb form: ‘to move swiftly and in an uncontrolled way’. In other words, forward motion without a direction or a plan gets you nowhere fast. Which is why when the universe offers us a chance to re-evaluate, review or restructure our career progress to date, we should see this as an opportunity rather than a barrier to progress. The Sun enters your 10th of long term career, recognition and rewards on the 20th. Joining Mercury, Venus, Eris and Uranus in here. Mercury turns retrograde three days later and between now and April 15 when he moves forward again, this is about completing what is already in motion or making course adjustments rather than beginning something new. Projects can be brought to a successful conclusion, deals that are already being negotiated can be closed. When it comes to reaping the financial rewards from this Ceres now moves to forward motion again in your money zone promising either a rich harvest or the opportunity to plant a fresh crop for the future. So, you can also take advantage of this time to plan your next move – and in a structured way rather than career in its verb form.

Of course, the usual Retrograde Rules apply on top of this and by now you should be all too familiar with them. If you are however unemployed at this time or about to be, then seeking a new job does not fall under this. Especially now Ceres and the Sun form a wonderful angle which stretches across your career and money sectors. Venus meets Eris in your 10th this week. These energies are different yet at the same time look deeper and you’ll find similarities. The message is this is no time for self-doubts about your abilities. You and you alone have what it takes to get the job done. If the only way is up – that’s where you belong this week.

In a nutshell: You need a plan or a structure to work to this week, Cancer. Without it, all that potential goes to waste. Time to initiate or perfect one this week.


  • Set yourself free
  • Kick-start your future
  • That path not taken reopens

Wow. Get ready to be set free, Leo! Yes, it may be a Mercury retrograde in your 9th starting this week but this week also holds freedom-triggering aspects just for you alone (don’t tell those other signs – it’s our secret!). Now I am not going to pretend for one minute the usual Mercury Retrograde Rules don’t apply to you. And by now you should know what they are so I am not going to repeat them here. But magnificent, powerful and abundant Ceres moves forward in your 1st this week and it is she who is going to create these freedom-enhancing aspects for you despite the Mercury madness in play.

This does not mean that certain elements of your past – as in the revisiting, revising and reviewing aspects of a Mercury retro are not in play. But what Mercury retro and Ceres direct are reminding you – especially now your ruler is also in your 9th from the 20th, is that it is your past that contains the keys to your freedom on some level. Some Leos could see something they have waited for kick-start and release them. A past opportunity could reappear as could travel to somewhere you have visited in the past which you now see with new eyes. Did you have a ‘path not taken’? You could be offered the chance to walk it after all. Look back, claim what you can take forward with you and then don’t look back now.

In a nutshell: Most retrogrades have us standing still or looking back. Not you this week, Leo. Use what you already have as a springboard. The future is waiting.


  • Change your reaction
  • Suspend judgement
  • Deep, powerful, potent, sexy – that’s you

Changes are upon you this week, Virgo. Read what I have to say for the other Mercury ruled sign, Gemini, about this week’s Mercury retrograde which lasts until April 15. Of course, this takes place in different houses in your charts so the influences will play out in slightly different ways. However, the basic understanding of what your ruler moving backwards (or appearing to as no planet actually goes backwards in its orbit) remains the same for both of you. Mercury will retrograde in your 8th of changes, transformations, sex, shared resources and power. Plus you have the Sun, Venus, Eris and Uranus also in here. The Sun will also square Mars in your 5th of lovers and romance this week while Neptune in your partnership sector sextiles the deep, powerful and ultimately extremely sexy and potent black moon Lilith again in your romance zone. Venus who rules your love life and your money squares the ruler of your 8th Pluto who is in your 5th – but from Pluto’s ruling house. This all points to a shift or a transformation around an intimate connection or even your income.

But there’s more. Some of these changes may be expected but some may come upon your seemingly out of nowhere. Ceres turns direct in your secretive 12th. This is a dwarf planet who packs a powerful punch in our charts. And power is the operative word here. Even if the changes that occur are unexpected, Ceres is about to remind you that you have the power to choose how you react to them. And by doing so, direct their course. However, Ceres is also about reaping what we sow. What may seem at first like nothing we could predict, may not be that at all. Chances are when you look back the signs were there. You just missed them or did not see what they meant. Grasp the reins of change this week and ride it where you need to go.

In a nutshell: Your ruler is retrograde. But that’s doesn’t mean deep, powerful and ultimately sexy moves can’t be made now. The signs are there, follow them.


  • Take a new, bold approach
  • Fill the loss
  • Second chances are the charm

Missed an opportunity to shine or even worse for a Libra – to connect? Second time around chances in all areas could beckon you along a path you may have thought had closed for good. Time to look back and possibly quite a long way to what didn’t just slip through your fingers but your heart as well. Is something hurting, Libra? Like a lost love or something like a project you poured that love into – and then didn’t pay off? Don’t get bogged down in nostalgia as that does nobody any good. But something you missed could return although in a slightly different and dare I say it, better form now.

Ruler Venus is in her ruling house in your chart along with the Sun, Eris and Uranus. Now on the face of it we can say the latter two are probably not the best house guests to have in there. You also have Mercury in here who turns retrograde now until April 15. Here’s that link to your past opening up. Eris and Uranus have been daring you to think and act different about relationships and also to acknowledge who or what it is you need that gives you the freedom to be YOU. This week Ceres heads direct in your 11th of you and the collective and goals and dreams pushing you forward and out once more towards a heart’s desire but with a radical new approach in mind. Add to this Venus meeting Eris and you could be the sign that not only kicks the hornet’s nest but enjoys doing so as you realise you can’t please all the people all the time, but you can please yourself. Someone may just love this new approach, Libra. So, meet the future with a fresh mind set this week.

In a nutshell: Missed connections or opportunities could resurface. If so, ask yourself if it or they allow you freedom to be you? Love that new approach – others will too, Libra.


  • Dare to try something new
  • Break out, break free
  • Get support

Refine that routine now, Scorpio and initiate a new one if necessary. You’ve a loaded 6th house now as the Sun arrives in here this week focussing your energy on work, daily tasks, wellbeing and yes, that routine. Mercury rules this sector of your chart and heads retrograde in here from the 23rd and will move forward again on April 15. Because this is Mercury’s ruling house you must expect the retrograde to have a bigger impact than is usual. By now you should know those Retrograde Rules by heart so consider them written in stone this retro. It’s all about revising and revisiting work and also health practices and see how they support you. It’s also about daring to try something different and monitoring how that feels or how it may open things up for you if you have fallen into a rut. Dare you vary your routine? It’s all too easy for our routine to stop supporting us and instead entrap us. This retrograde gives you the opportunity to step back and see what is really going on and plan to make changes if these are needed.

News you have been waiting for could arrive or something returns to you like an opportunity especially if it’s connected to work and career. Ceres planet of empowerment and reaping harvests from what we’ve sown turns direct this week in your status-elevating 10th. Meanwhile Venus also in your 6th squares off against ruler Pluto in your 3rd and you have Black Moon Lilith also in your 3rd making a more beneficial angle to Neptune in your 5th. Extra effort may be required and you won’t necessarily coast towards success now, but you can tap into inner determination and resources to get the results you need. Plug into the power source within this week and show how open you are to changes.

In a nutshell: What supports you? What traps you? Do you know the difference? One allows you to move forward, the other keeps you chained. Set yourself free this week, Scorpio.


  • Let go of struggle
  • Life was meant to be easy
  • Open the way for what you want to come to you

Striving for more freedom or the ability to explore and realise all that potential, Sag? Strive no more this week. Also bear in mind what Buddha said: ‘Struggle creates suffering’. Let this week be a deep let go in the knowledge that you have set the wheels in motion and striving more is therefore unnecessary. What will be, will be. Step off the treadmill this week and cruise now Ceres moves to direct motion once more in your 9th. Soon you will find yourself on an open road towards a key destination you have had in mind for some time – and all without the struggle involved.

The Sun enters your 5th of total fabulousness this week. This is a crowded house in that you also have Mercury, Venus, Eris and Uranus sitting in here. Yes, for the past few years passion and perhaps creativity projects or something close to your heart may not have panned out the way you thought it would. But this time is now coming to an end. With Mercury heading retrograde in this house, you could be about to reclaim some lost fabulousness or finally clarify something in your life that has been hard to pin down. Again, all without the struggle. The usual Retrograde Rules apply at this time of course. And you should know these by heart by now. So, give up the struggle this week, let go and let freedom find you.

In a nutshell: Let go of struggle. By now you’ll have discovered it gets you nowhere – fast. Once you do, what you want comes to you instead this week as life turns easy.


  • Got a grand design? Put it in place
  • Build for the future
  • Renovate, redecorate and change rooms – in every area of your life!

Planning on moving experiences? Put those plans on hold now, Capricorn if you possibly can and make those changes in the place you are. You have a loaded 4th house at the moment and usually I would be saying this was an ideal time for moving, renting or anything to do with property especially as the Sun arrives in here this week. But Mercury also in here turns retrograde until April 15. If you know the Retrograde Rules you know he rules contracts, leases and commerce – buying and selling. If you are selling or leasing a property, you may find that prospective buyer or tenant backs out. If you are buying or renting, my advice is to wait until after April 15 if you possibly can – or longer until he is out of shadow. Obviously, this is not always practical if you have a deadline to be out by. If you can, renovate or redecorate or research areas you would like to move to. Mercury Retrogrades rule ‘re’ words which have you working with the energy rather than against it.

If something returns or reappears under a Mercury retro however the Retro Rules don’t apply (yes, they are ‘re’ words!). An example of this would be a property you wanted to move into but which sold or was rented, pops up on the market again. As your 4th also rules what underpins your security another example is a job you wanted becoming available again and you re-applying for it. Keep to the ‘re’ and you can’t go wrong. Changes are in the air even if they have not reached you yet now that Ceres turns direct again this week in your 8th. You can sow the seeds of transformation from this week onwards – even if you have to wait to harvest them.

In a nutshell: Home and security feature this week, Capricorn. Time for a stocktake. And to put improvements in place rather than actual moves. You’ll get the full benefits later.


  • You can’t feel love if you don’t feel empowered
  • Acknowledge your feelings
  • Reclaim that mojo!

It’s very much a you on top week this week, Aquarius. So I have to ask if you feel that you are? Or sharing power at the very least. If it’s not been you ‘turn’ of late, it’s now time to rectify this and reclaim lost power. Whether it’s been taken from you without you being aware of it happening or you have given it away due to fearing rejection if you stood your ground. This week is all about reclaiming this and stepping back into your power.

Ceres turns direct in your 7th of partnerships and sorry to say, open enemies. You have the Sun joining Uranus your ruler in your 3rd – along with Venus, Eris and Mercury who rules this house but this week turns retrograde in here. As Mercury is in his ruling house, I should not need to remind you his ability to create mayhem in your life during retrograde phase is increased exponentially. Neither should I need to remind you of the Retrograde Rules which for you this time around, should be inscribed upon stone tablets. But this is a time to say what has needed to be said for a long while and reconnect to lost power thanks to Lilith the Black Moon in your 12th linking to Neptune in your self-worth sector and Vesta in your 3rd making a radical approach to Uranus in your 3rd. Emotions and anything that’s been lurking in the closet demand to be acknowledged and could come tumbling out around the period of the 23rd – 25th. But as the Sun trines Ceres on the 25th you’ve all the power you need behind whatever it is that’s needed to be said. Get back on top now.

In a nutshell: Reclaiming everything from that mojo to your feelings could bring up relationship issues this week. Get back on top and reconnect to lost power, Aquarius.


  • Worship that body!
  • Self-worth matters
  • Have a soul audit

Girlfriends, big or small, thin or fat, worship that body – it’s the only one you’ve got. This quote comes from the 2004 film Connie & Carla starring Toni Collette and Nia Vardalos. Of course, this refers to guys too but seeing as this is a film about girls playing guys pretending to be girls, the fact it is equally applicable to both sexes seemed unnecessary. No matter what our gender, worship that body. But have you been? This week has you looking at whether you have treated your body as a temple or the fast food outlet next door and your self-esteem which is of course directly linked to how you see yourself – no matter what size or state that body is in. Ceres in your 6th of work and well-being ends her retrograde phase and moves forward this week. How you see yourself in reference to your friends, groups and people in general and how this effects how you interact with others may come to the fore as ruler Neptune angles to the Black Moon in your 11th. Do you feel sexy and powerful? Or are you hiding away? It may be time to care for that body more but it may also be time to worship it just the way it is right now and then go on to make changes.

Self-worth and actual worth are also in focus thanks to Venus in your 2nd and Venus’s ruling house. The Sun arrives in here this week bringing a renewed emphasis on your finances and highlighting deficits or credits in your self-worth score. There are five planets in here now – the Sun, Venus, Eris, Uranus and Mercury who heads retrograde now and will stay that way until April 15. This is now not a good time to take out new loans or start that business. It is a good time to have an audit – of your money or again your self-worth and re-align if necessary. Refinancing an existing debt is also working with Mercury retro. See this as an opportunity to audit any area of your life where assets come into play. Your greatest asset is of course always that body. So begin with that and watch how other areas of your life reflect the new way you value it.

In a nutshell: Amping up that self-worth. Loving yourself and the way you are right now. Watch how life, and others, reflect that self-esteem upgrade, Pisces.

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