24th June 2019 Weekly Astrology Forecast

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs June 3th 2019


  • Set yourself free
  • Sign on the dotted line
  • Ensure your message is understood

You’ve something to say this week, Aries but you need to ensure your message is being received by its recipient. This week’s new Moon in your 3rd adds flair and wit to anything you say as well handing you ideas that can take you places. This is a week where you get to play with possibilities and above all, not to be too concerned with outcomes. Venus also in your 3rd from the 9th hands you the ability to flirt with whatever or whoever crosses your path. The trick is not to take things too seriously or get overly attached to one particular goal. The freer you feel, act and interact, the more potential you’ll ignite. What you have considered possible for yourself could be turned on its head thanks to Chiron now in your 1st making an amazing angle with Ceres in your 9th. There is a way to have what you want after all.

This generally playful vibe does not mean that serious inroads when it comes to future plans cannot be made. Especially when it comes to your money and career. Before Venus arrives in your 3rd, it remains in its ruling 2nd of money and makes a status-making move on Pluto in your career zone on the 3rd. Mercury enters your 4th from the 4th promising agreements and important papers that relate to your long term security.  This could see some of you signing on the dotted line when it comes to that promotion or job offer.  Watch out for subtleties in what is said however especially by others and for hidden dynamics and powerplays in relationships – whether working or in your personal life. Is someone calling the shots in your relationship based solely on their earning ability or their ideas around traditional roles in the family? Vesta in your 2nd and Juno in your 4th opposing Pluto in your 10th ask that you be mindful of whether money is being used to manipulate. The Sun in your 3rd is in an angle of confusion with Neptune on the 9th. This is when you need to ensure you are getting your point across.  If someone wants to block progress and possibilities this week, this is about their insecurities, not yours. Play with your full potential now and see where it takes you.

In a nutshell: Immerse yourself in the moment and let go of the outcome. This week tells you to just go with the flow, Aries. What you believe is impossible could turn out to be all too attainable after all.


  • Interact to attract
  • Do you relationships reflect how you see yourself?
  • What you seek could be closer than you think

You’re totally attuned to this week’s sensual full Moon in your 2nd. You want to talk, interact with and immerse yourself in ideas that connect you to the material world. Business interactions and money making ideas are favoured now. A new job or source of income can open up for some. But for many of you the quality of life, work and the experience is more important than the actual amount. Being around stimulating people (or working in a stimulating environment) where you can interact and share ideas will be your prime motivator. Ruler Venus remains in your 1st until the 9th when it too, moves into its ruling 2nd in your chart. Love this week will either be ignited or snuffed out by a partner’s ability to provide you with the mental turn-on you need. If you’ve been feeling restricted, taken for granted or even manipulated by a partner of late, this week could see things come to a head as Juno in your 3rd opposes Pluto in your 9th on the 6th and Vesta arrives in your 1st the day Venus leaves it.  See this as your opportunity to show others that how you value and see yourself has changed. Your relationships now need to align with your upgraded self-worth.

Someone or something may be seen in an entirely different light now as Chiron in your 12th aligns to Ceres in your 8th. The Sun in your 2nd pushes at Neptune in your circle of friends and someone shows their true colours one way or another. Don’t be surprised if a new deal or arrangement is on the table between you and someone else. Mercury enters its ruling 3rd on the 4th. It’s time now to plan ahead when it comes to your work, security and wellbeing. And also to look closely at what is right outside your front door or has become such a fixture in your daily life or routine, you fail to notice it. This is all about your everyday environment – your street, your neighbourhood, your neighbours, your commute – the things we take for granted. Short journeys are favoured now but what this tells you is there are opportunities, conversations and ideas to be mined close to home. Look closer this week and if you are searching for love, it could be right up your street – or at the very least, on your commute. Have an opening line ready.

In a nutshell:  Start that conversation this week and above all, broadcast those values, Taurus. You see yourself differently now. Ensure your relationships reflect this.


  • Set your imagination on course for the future
  • Stay connected to your inner strength
  • Go directly to your dreams

Time to plan what you want to do, achieve and experience in the coming year. I should not need to tell you that this week’s new Moon of the 3rd in your sign, is your most important of the next 12 months. This Moon hands you the ability to literally create a movie of your upcoming life in your mind. It’s a step beyond visualisation and like entering a scene you’re setting in a future date. Take this power and use it now. Venus enters your 1st on the 9th increasing your ability to attract – especially when it comes to love. Before it does, it will allow you to put the past into perspective in some way as it aligns to Pluto the day that new Moon appears. This frees you to create that future that is unencumbered by the past. Know what needs to be put behind you now and also what needs to change. Vesta in your 12th from the 9th could expose undercurrents in relationships you were unaware of before. This is also a week where you need to stay connected to your power – especially when it comes to your career and reputation. Ensure you come across as someone who knows what they want on the 9th when the Sun in your 1st and Neptune may impact on your professional image.  Be direct and be seen as someone who knows what they are talking about.

Ruler Mercury is on the move into your 2nd on the 4th.  Come across as someone who knows their business and takes themselves seriously, and your bank account could reflect this belief now.  Been feeling shut off lately? Time to do something about it. Chiron in your 11th aligned to Ceres in your 7th could just put you within the orbit of surprising and even powerful friends. There could be more on offer for the future than first meets the eye. Explore this now.

In a nutshell: Chart a new course this week, Gemini. Your personal and soul-course determining new Moon allows you to set a new direction. Where are you heading? To the stars!


  • Stand out from the competition
  • Own your sovereignty
  • Travel to the future of love

Being a little bolder and standing out from the pack could lead to work and career recognition this week, Cancer. Walk to the beat of your own drum thanks to Chiron now in your 10th making a defining alignment to Ceres in your 6th. There’s a new deal to be struck now. It could not only be struck in the professional sense but also in the personal one too. Looking for seachange when it comes to love or even just friendship? It – or they, could come your way this week thanks to a beautiful alignment between Venus in your house of connectivity and Pluto in Venus’s 7th. Juno in your 1st is putting you in touch with your sovereignty when it comes to what you need from a significant other. You have a surety about you now and can claim this in partnerships when it moves across from Pluto also on the 6th.

Your usual high speed link to intuition gets a major upgrade now thanks to the new Moon in your 12th on the 3rd. This week also asks you to use your insight when it comes to looking at the barriers you have placed in your own path or in reframing your past in some way. All down to the Sun also in your 12th and Neptune which rules this house in your 9th. What has been lived out and needs to be left behind you now? Let the tide take it away as it simply does not serve you any longer. Being your ruler, you always feel the new Moon energy on a deeper, more soul-calling level than other signs. In your 12th, its linking you to what needs to be completed – both on a physical, psychological and psychic level. It represents that point in the flow of time between the past and the future. Where in the present you can ditch the detritus and recast your future direction. Venus also in your 12th from the 9th wants you to reach for a higher love. By that I mean allow your mind to take a leap  to a place where new beginnings could happen. If your mind goes there first, the rest of you will follow. Vesta in your 11th may have you staying home for now. So travel to those love possibilities in thought and get ready to meet them next month.

In a nutshell: Send you imagination ahead of you into the future. And visualise what a more exciting, spiritually evolving love looks like. You could meet it in person next month, Cancer.


  • Greet  the future with open arms
  • Ideas become goals become reality
  • What’s your sign saying?

With your ruler the Sun, a new Moon on the 3rd and Venus from the 9th, all in your 11th, this is no time to stay home with that boxset, Leo! Just be aware that Venus in here is more about the love of like-minded souls than one special person. But hey – it’s all love, right? This is your house where the future takes form which is why it is linked to your goals, wishes and dreams. This is where the future starts – with an idea which then becomes a goal. So, this is the house of the Shape of Things to Come – where you set the future in motion. The people who cross your path now may have a role to play in it which is another reason to be out and about. This is also your house of receptivity. In other words your ability to accept and receive. This includes people, gifts, opportunities, invitations. It tells you how open you are. What’s your sign? Hopefully not one that says: Closed until further notice.

You may discover however that some connections no longer hold the meaning they once did especially when your ruler becomes intent on an expose with Neptune on the 9th. Mercury’s entry into your 12th from the 4th wants to bring out your inner muse but also hands you insight into what’s working – and what no longer does. Career decisions or a new job could see you working in a female dominated environment when Vesta enters your 10th from the 9th. This may be one where there is one man at the top. However, if you’re in a job where you’re being made to feel like a cog in a machine, this is not your niche. This week favours you taking action to find it – and one where you not only stand out from the crowd but are rewarded. There’s a call to freedom that needs to be answered this week but in a way that’s highly individual to you. What’s your sign? Open for business now.

In a nutshell: Friends, groups and goals feature. Especially when it comes to your ability to create your future. The universe wants you wide armed and accepting this week. Embrace it!


  • Take back the power of love
  • Project your best possible professional self
  • Look to that win/win scenario

The new Moon in our 10th always stirs a desire in us to be taken more seriously, to do and achieve more and to show the world there’s more to us than what they previously thought. It’s a new Moon of renewed ambitions this week. Venus also enters here from the 9th handing you the ability to make your very best impression on those that matter – bosses present and potential, clients, anyone you interact with who is in a position of authority and influence. Push yourself forward and above all, know your stuff. This is the time to really tap into your native Virgoan talent for taking care of the details. Ruler Mercury is on the move this week into your house of groups and goals. The people that are around you or who you meet now can give you that sense of belonging and ‘family’. Accept those invites. Have those business cards ready.

Escaping the real world – perhaps for love, is another theme for you this week. Or even using your career as an escape route (the old workaholic paradigm). Maybe to avoid dealing with other issues. You use love to avoid doing something about the dead end job, or immerse yourself in work because your relationship no longer works. Yes, love is supposed to elevate us but not take us away from the real world. This is a week to take back your power of love, Virgo and to ensure that every area of your life is filled with it. Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music sang about Love is the Drug in the 70’s – many of you too young to remember that. This week’s Sun/Neptune square is about real love, not fantasy. With Pluto in your romance zone being impacted on by both Venus and Juno, a love affair could transform your idea of real love. Just ensure it is the real deal now. Talking of deals, a new one around your home or your career could be on offer. There’s a need to negotiate with sensitivity while keeping those boundaries in place. The Art of the Deal always means allowing the other party to either ‘save face’ or walk away feeling they too have struck a bargain. Be ambitious, have a clear outcome in mind, but know when to accommodate the reality of win/win scenariois.

In a nutshell: Project your best possible professional image out there. One which says you are a force of intention! You’ll make the impression you’re seeking – and reap the rewards for doing so, Virgo.


  • Keep it real when it comes to work and career
  • Ready for a different kind of lover?
  • Embrace the unbelievable

Freedom comes door knocking this week, Libra. You may have felt as if you were enclosed in a bubble, separated off from the real world when it comes to your work and routine. Or you may have been exploring new paths to work intuitively and have ended up feeling more attuned. Whichever scenario you identify with – it’s either time to step back out into the brighter, bolder, bigger real world again or explore just how much further this intuitive way of living and working can take you thanks to the new Moon in your 9th this week and an angle between the Sun and Neptune in your work sector. Even if you are working in that bubble of creativity on your own, time to be as organised as possible and check in with reality.  Ruler Venus is also on the move in here from the 9th,the same day as Vesta asks you to reclaim any lost power when it comes to career and your values. The old term ‘indentured servitude’ comes to mind. Mercury in your 10th of career and status has you selling yourself more effectively if the rewards simply don’t equal the efforts now.

This could be a week that delivers a highly unusual lover for some of you. Or if you have been thinking love is the impossible dream – think again. This person could well embody the ‘We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams’ quote on some level. This comes from the poem ‘Ode’ by Arthur O’Shaunessy. Perhaps this lover is a poet, a musician or someone who soothes your soul. You could get lost in their rock n’ roll to preface another famous line. There’s a question hanging over all this whether you are single or already settled however. And that’s what you are prepared to give up or negotiate to have love. It’s all a trade-off be it our time or our freedom to have another soul in our lives. But this also means a new partnership dynamic can be created. Get a fresh deal on love and so much more now.

In a nutshell: Love is music for the soul. This week could deliver a romance which embodies that. Freedom comes calling but don’t neglect the details or the day job – and what it gives you this week.


  • Step into your No Fear zone
  • Claim the love that gives you room to grow
  • Reawaken passion and desire

The new Moon in our 8th always asks us to step free of fears and embrace our inner power. And the one that appears on the 3rd in here is no exception. It does get supercharged however thanks to an alignment between Venus in its ruling 7th and your ruler Pluto in your 3rd. Reawaken lost passion and desire whether it’s for a love or just the drive to feel more alike. Venus will move into your 8th from the 9th with this day also seeing Vesta enter your 7th and the Sun in your 8th cast a reality checking light on Neptune in your romance zone. Claiming that power is knowing when love is right, and when it isn’t and also being unafraid to tackle the issue if it’s not what you want. That being said, attractions could deepen now and a recent relationship intensify. You need a certain freedom and room to explore in partnerships now. It’s not that you don’t want commitment. You soul just requires that connection which allows you to grow. Neediness and clinginess are likely to be turn-offs for you. You will however be unafraid of talking to partners about the need to come together yet at the same time have space. It’s that cosmic dance where we come together, step apart, come back together again that is necessary for a healthy long term love you are intent upon achieving now.

Travel could feature for some of you now Mercury enters your 9th from the 4th – in the literal sense rather than the learning variety. Again, you’ll want a travelling companion who is curious and wants to expand their view of the world. But if you are flying solo, follow that desire to get that heart beating faster – without taking any untoward risks of course! Radical new approaches, landing a job you thought you wouldn’t get, stepping into a more powerful role – there’s a deal to be done with your day job, routine or even wellbeing. Chiron in your 6th of daily responsibilities and things health related says it’s time to turn something on its head. This could even include escaping that rut. Being willing to do or try something you would never have thought you would consider could take you by surprise – as could be results as Chiron aligns to Ceres in your money and self-worth sector. Flex those muscles and understand that power equals confidence which is what this new Moon truly wants to hand you. By fearlessly initiating changes you become soul heart healthy this week. Get it beating faster now.

In a nutshell: This week’s new Moon asks for a fearless approach. To love and anything else, Scorpio. Your heart needs something to make it beat faster. Only you can claim it for yourself. No fear!


  • Give those you live with your focus
  • Love fits the bill
  • Work the details

A new Moon and Venus in its ruling 7th this week adds up to just one thing –time for love and partnership matters, Sag. This is about your present, potential or even a past love which has or had, long term potential. Are you ready to relate? If so, stand by because a lover like no other may be about to present themselves. Thinking there is nobody out there who could fit the bill or make your heart skip a beat? Think again as Chiron in your 5th of romance aligns to Ceres in your 1st. Always with you there’s the question of giving up your independence to be with someone. But you know you can and will if the person in question is right. What or rather who is right, may just surprise you.

If you are settled or even if you are seeking, don’t ignore home and family matters now as the Sun in your 7th aligns to Neptune in your 4th. There’s a touch of the Egyptian about this. As in that river that flows through it. Are you in denial over something or just not wanting to see it? Whatever you do, ensure you are seeing everyone from those you share your living space with to partners, in the clear light of day and don’t ignore your intuition if it gives you a heads-up. Shifts could occur around your relationship status and your money too thanks to Juno in your 8th aligning to Pluto in your money zone. Vesta is also on the move this week into your 6th. Working in a female dominated environment or for a man at the top who employs a female gander biased workforce can be one manifestation of this transit. Any job where ‘term of service’ applies – ie: contracts or even the armed services. One word of warning: do not under any circumstances get romantically involved with someone at work who has seniority or hire and fire capabilities over you. Unless you want to enjoy the freedom of having no job that is. Want to stand out from your co-workers in the right way? Diligence and details are your superpowers now. Do the work and feel the love, Sag.

In a nutshell:  This week’s new Moon ushers in the love – or new beginnings. Who or what you draw to you is an aspect of who you are becoming. The world or the person opposite, is your mirror.


  • Make those lifestyle changes
  • Have a love manifesto
  • Don’t compromise on what you know is right for you right now

The body electric needs your attention this month, Capricorn. Yes, the new Moon in your 6th is always a good one under which to have a check-up or even start a new lifestyle routine. I steer clear of words like ‘diet’ simply because it is loaded with all kinds of negative connotations such as denial, deprivation and ultimately very often failure. Lifestyle changes however imply good things are still on the menu due to increased choices. Venus is all about indulgence but you can get the planet of sensual pleasure and love working for you when it too arrives in here from the 9th as Venus is all about beauty and feeling good. Look also at the work you do whether this is paid or unpaid and ask what meaning it brings you aside from the fairly obvious one of a pay cheque. The Sun also in your 6th and Neptune in your 3rd asks if you are allowing yourself to drift instead of doing something with your ideas or seeking out more variety Allowing yourself to fall into a rut – simply because it has become routine and familiar may be another area you need to examine. Put it this way – those baggy sweatpants and shapeless sweater may feel comfortable but do they actually do anything for you? Now you get it.

Your partner, relationship status and even the balance of power within your relationship could be in focus and up for discussion with Mercury and Juno in your 7th. Mercury in here favours business and working partnerships but also is a real conversation starter if you need to open with ‘We need to talk’. Juno which rules marriage and traditional unions is also in your partnership zone and opposes Pluto in your 1st on the 6th indicating time for a shift or an important commitment. Venus’s alignment to Pluto on the 3rd also speaks of a shift in your romantic status. If you want something serious – own it. Part of opening ourselves to having the relationship we want is being up front about it. Don’t whatever you do go along with someone who clearly states they want something different in the hope of changing their mind. Chances are they won’t and you will not only have wasted your time, but you emerge questioning your own self-worth and desirability. So, save yourself that journey this week especially when Vesta enters your 5th of romance. Yes, Vesta amongst other things represents the eternal flame. It also represents being willing to keep it alive for as long as it takes. So, don’t just settle for something or someone you know deep down can’t or won’t give you what you need. Keep the faith instead.

In a nutshell: State your heart’s intentions then don’t waver now, Capricorn. And don’t waste your time on anyone who wants something different. Second best or settling just isn’t you.


  • Have you taken on more than your fair share of responsibilities?
  • Get set to get noticed
  • Romance restores your shine

Romance, fun, children or relationships that could lead to you becoming a parent all fall under the soft light of the new Moon in your 5th this week. What’s more, wait a few days and Venus also arrives in this house. This is one of the houses where you attract – simply by expressing yourself. It’s time to be a little bit carefree and a lot more playful. This new Moon always wants to bring us a fresh opportunity and often this is around love or something we love doing. If you’ve been feeling unnoticed or overlooked and lacklustre lately (and please see one possible reason for this below), this new Moon infuses you with sparkle and shine once more. Along with Venus and the Sun in here, it wants to put you in a position where you get noticed. For this reason alone, make the effort and ensure you look and feel Instagram ready at all times. Act like the star of your own show and yes, we all are just that on some level. But it’s surprising how we can stop glowing when responsibilities and routines take over. Restore that glow and restore your soul and your optimism at the same time. Step out and perhaps into previously unknown or unexplored social sphere or set a daring, creative goal thanks to Chiron in your 3rd trineing Ceres in your 11th.

Vesta is about to enter your 4th – of keeping the home fires burning – quite literally. Keep a balance between those responsibilities and the hats you have to wear at home with your need to express yourself as an individual. Mercury which rules your 6th enters here on the 4th. You may be unusually sensitive to atmospheres now, the weather or have a love/hate relationship with technology. Juno ruler of traditional unions is also in here and asking are you expected to undertake certain tasks merely because of your gender or place in the family? Again, this relates to the one who keeps those home fires burning while others are out doing their thing. This can be anyone from your kids, to your partner or even someone you share with. Ensure that you are not being expected to comply with outdated gender stereotypes. Is this why you’ve been feeling lacklustre of late? Restore the shine by putting a new deal on the table when it comes to daily duties, Aquarius.

In a nutshell: This week’s new Moon could usher in romance or see you stepping back into the spotlight. Feeling overlooked? The planets have the antidote to restore that shine this week.


  • Claim your path for yourself
  • New directions open up
  • Be a grown-up (It can be fun, honest!)

This week’s new Moon takes place in its ruling 4th in your chart. It’s time to look at issues close to home and especially parental ones. This Moon wants us to grow up on some level and claim our lives for ourselves. If we are adults and still dependent on our parents for anything from money to approval, then now is the time to look to changing this. Very often, if we don’t work out our parental issues we attract a partner who mirrors these. The controlling or distant parent is replaced by the controlling or distant lover. This week wants you to love the life you have created for yourself – or to be the grown-up and take steps to give this to yourself. Venus in your 4th from the 9th enhances your domestic life and also favours any kind of real estate dealings – buying, selling, leasing, renting and even Airbnb. You also have an interesting angle between the Sun also in your 4th and ruler Neptune in your 1st. If there are tensions at home, around your living space, who you share with or live with or even, those parental or subtle partnership issues, don’t avoid them or pretend they don’t exist. You  may want to retreat back to that blanket fort metaphorically but please try to resist this. Sometimes you just gotta adult for a bit.

An exciting career breakthrough could be on offer for some of you as Chiron in your 2nd trines Ceres in your 10th. Some of you could make a radical departure from what you usually do. Again, is this the path you have chosen or have you felt it was chosen for you? Mercury is on the move this week into your 5th plus you have Juno also in here opposing Pluto. This could deliver a lightning strike kind of attraction. Juno rules traditional partnerships as it rules marriage. Just ensure once again, that you are not attracting someone with whom you are working out those unresolved childhood issues. Vesta is also on the move into your 3rd. This could hand you an idea that just keeps on burning or a move to a neighbourhood or job where your light can shine. Remember, the great thing about being a grown-up is you get to choose.

In a nutshell: This week hands you the tools to create the lifestyle you need and to live your life your own way. Living in someone’s shadow? The only person’s approval you now need is yours, Pisces.

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