Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs June 29 2020

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Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs June 29 2020

By our astrologer and psychic Elena


2020 gets a re-boot

Know what you want

Prepare to be noticed

There is a Peanuts cartoon where Lucy complains to Charlie Brown that she has been given a ‘Used year’. She wants it exchanged for a fresh one. Now, up until now 2020 may have felt used or cancelled for you, Aries. This week however may show you that contrary to this feeling, 2020 still has promise after all.

Opportunity knocks when you least expect it

Jupiter always delivers solutions and opportunities. The 30th sees it re-encounter Pluto in your 10th. This is the second meeting between these two. The first was in January and you are set for one more later in the year. Much of this week’s action is centered on your status-climbing 10th. As well as anything that contributes to your long term feeling of security.

Know your outcome

Pluto transforms don’t forget. Just add to the mix retrograde Saturn re-entering it’s ruling 10th on the 1st, and an eclipsed full Moon in here on the 5th. You have a potent potion to make alchemical and powerful changes to your status, career and long-term reputation. What you have worked towards with integrity for some time could now be possible thanks to Jupiter’s door-opening ability.

You’re on show!

Your 10th is your ‘public’ house of reputation. So, be aware of this at all times now. Feeling more powerful and in control of your path adds up to you projecting an image of someone who is serious. About what they want and where they are going. People who matter are taking note. And you may be dealing with them face-to-face. Deals, negotiations, self-promotion and how empowered you feel when undertaking these play a role in the outcome.

Ensure that anything on the table is fair. And don’t be afraid to state your own terms as both Vesta and the Sun in your 4th trine Ceres in your 12th on the 1st and 4th. It’s really about the impression you make, Aries. Ensure it’s one of self-empowerment.

In a nutshell: Re-think what 2020 may bring you as second chances could appear. You do get another go at making a first impression now. And another opportunity to go for that goal, Aries!


Choose freedom

Opportunity can be reclaimed

Make that circle the right fit for you

There’s an element of re-exploring an opportunity. Or going back over something you missed the first time this week, Taurus. Don’t be too hasty to dismiss something. Or to make a U-turn.

Turn around, bright eyes

Major factors in your 9th could see you re-treading a familiar path. Or put you back on course to pick up something where you left off. The second of three freedom-inciting meeting between Pluto and Jupiter which rules your 9th, occurs on the 30th.

Look back to 2019 and anything that had to do with travel, study and people ‘over there’. Wherever ‘over there’ is for you. Now this can be the other side of the world, your country or even the next suburb. Or the people ‘up there where you belong’ – in other words, that big career goal or promotion. If you began anything connected to any of these themes last year, this week could mark the next stage. Or you recommitting to the path thanks to Saturn’s re-entry into your 9th on the 1st.

Opportunity sends you in a new direction

This week also brings an eclipsed full Moon in your 9th. This full Moon is all about expansion, exploration and looking to what is calling you from afar. If you’ve read anything about the Heroes Journey this is your call to adventure. To re-take or take the next big step. It’s about new deals about what you are willing to allow yourself to experience. This may involve letting something go however. Remember, eclipses conceal something. Is this a dream you have been denying all this time?

This could also be tied to your larger social group as well as your goals for the future. All thanks to Vesta and the Sun in your 3rd making wonderful angles to Ceres in your social sector. Just ensure that you’re in a circle where you don’t have to become a square peg simply to fit in. This week is all about freedom on some level, Taurus. And this includes the freedom to be you.

In a nutshell: An opportunity could re-present itself this week, Taurus. It may look and feel familiar. But the outcome could take you places you’ve not explored before. Say yes a second time.



Set your intentions

Empowerment is freedom

Embrace a new and better deal

You’re very much in the driver’s seat this week when it comes to money, your home, possessions and your reputation, Gemini. So, time to know not only where you want to get to, but to believe in your own power to get yourself there.

You’ve got the power!

Perhaps you’ve been feeling at the mercy of your circumstances, your money, a tight situation or even like a pawn in someone else’s chess game, Gemini. Who calls the shots could have been a theme since 2017. This could have revolved around you and one particular person. A partner, boss or other authority figure. Or you and an organisation. The company you work for, your bank, the government for instance. But the question behind this has been: Who is in control? If you’ve been feeling lately this wasn’t you, get ready to plug back into empowerment.

Release yourself into new possibilities

Jupiter has always been associated with opportunity. As it re-encounters Pluto in your 8th of dynamic change for the second time on the 30th, expect one to appear which releases you from a situation or else now tips the scales back in your favour. This could mark a major release from something that has restricted you for far too long.

This week’s eclipsed full Moon also in your 8th could well deliver a powerful surge of confidence. If you’ve been afraid to take action on your own behalf, hesitation vanishes. You can access inner resources you had no idea were available to you. Plus, you know exactly the outcome you want to achieve. Something needs to be tackled or let go of. Set change in motion if you want to avoid further blocks or frustrations in a key area.

Get ready for serious results

What you are really after though is something better and fairer all round. Power sharing and equality are your goals. Or simply a better deal. You won’t be afraid to ask for this as Vesta and the Sun in your money zone trine deal-maker Ceres in your status shifting 10th.

The shift you’re having within this week is that as you see you have what it takes to get what you want, results in you taking affirmative action on your own behalf. And jumping on an opportunity for change when it presents itself. Your 8th rules negotiations, loans, your salary, payments and bonuses. Your bonus this week? Discovering that self-assurance is oh so sexy Gemini. Work that for results now.

In a nutshell: Plug into the soul power within this week, Gemini. You’ve the ability to craft outcomes. An opportunity to break free of something that’s restricted you could appear. Go with it.


Get a new deal on love

Open up to opportunity

The heart gets what the heart wants

Love and partnership breakthroughs may be possible this week. There’s a new deal on relationships happening now. And it comes with added potential and opportunity.

No more rocky road

Sure, the path to true love may not run smooth. But chances are you’ve encountered more than your fair share of speed bumps over the past two years. Fat Cupid in the form of Jupiter offers a big fix this week. Smoothing the path between you and a big love. Or big love goal on the 30th as it meets Pluto for the second time in here.

Don’t forget this house rules double acts of all descriptions. So, this could involve you and a love or marriage partner. But it could just as easily revolve around a close friendship, a working relationship or even that opponent or rival.

That ‘Backatcha’ moment

You have an eclipsed full Moon in your 7th on the 5th. As you of all signs knows – full Moons reflect their light into the opposite house. Even when eclipsed. Under an eclipse however, we may not want to or else pretend we don’t see this. So, that past, present or potential partner will be doing exactly that. There’s a shift occurring between you thanks to the Sun and Vesta in your 1st angling to Ceres in your 9th. Don’t pretend you don’t know who this is now, Cancer.

Big loves, your heart’s desire and even faraway people and places may also have a role to play now. You’re being handed not just a change in the dynamic between you and another, but also an opportunity or solution you’ve been waiting a long time to appear. The effects are likely to be lasting. And send a relationship along a new path. Sometimes getting more means opening up to the possibility of accepting more. So, make your love promise just that this week, Cancer.

In a nutshell: Who or what is showing you just what is possible for you when it comes to love now, Cancer? Double acts of all kinds feature. And love holds out an opportunity this week.



Restore that Leo lustre!

It’s all small stuff

Get up and glow

Time to roar, Leo. You’ve been in training for this week since 2019 – whether you know it or not. You’ve the ability to make big improvements to your work, routine, wellbeing and lifestyle. To kick those habits which no longer support you. And ditch the energy drains. For good.

Room to glow

What’s left is simply room to glow. As you were meant to. Maybe that dull feeling has come about from being stuck in a rut. Or a dead-end job. Little things and everyday choices that you make out of habit – but add up to a lot. The right ones energise you and enhance your life. The wrong ones see you drained and also uncertain. You lack lustre in other words.

Tiny choices. Big improvements

We’re in your annual soul house clearing period which occurs each year during the run up to your birthday. But this year it’s different. The 30th brings the second of three meetings between Jupiter (opportunity) and Pluto (change), in your 6th of work, study and wellness. You also have an eclipsed full Moon in here on the 5th. Which means the Moon is opposite your ruler the Sun in your 12th. With the Earth sandwiched in between. Meaning you are being ‘brought down to earth’ about something or someone.

You’ll see connections between what you do, eat, work at (paid and unpaid), and lifestyle choices you simply were not aware of until now. This is also due to both ruler the Sun and Vesta in your 12th angling to Ceres in your 8th. Making changes that enhance your life has never been so easy. Let go and embrace the flow.

Step out of the shadows

Above all, focus on the small stuff. And hey – it’s all small stuff. Especially when you have Fat Planet Jupiter on your side. Work opportunities could present themselves now. Yes, even in the middle of uncertainty. You’ll release anything that no longer supports you whether this is in mind, body or spirit. This full Moon tells you the ‘buck stops here’. It’s all about becoming a shining success story via what you do every day now, Leo. You glow.

In a nutshell: There’s a door to a better way of living or working being held open wide for you this week, Leo. It all begins with escaping that rut. Create a new everyday reality. One that lets you glow.



Doors to love swing open wide

Play with possibilities

Luck finds you

You’re in one of your most creative cycles of the year this week, Virgo. Yes, I am talking about Love in the Time of Coronavirus! Even with your ruler Mercury retrograde. Do a little dance, make a little love and get down with opportunity. Of the young and romantic kind!

The young ones

Children. Babies, Young people. Your son, daughter, god-child, grandchild. Pregnancy. Or a romantic connection that could turn you into a parent or step-parent. Solutions and opportunities are all around you thanks to the meeting between Jupiter and Pluto in your 5th on the 30th. This is the second of three meetings between these two planets. Venus which rules your love life, creativity and your money, is now direct again. Love and what you love to do, immerse yourself in and what brings you joy, gets a green light again.

Time to shine

You also have Ceres, ruler of new cycles and deals in your 7th of long-term partnerships. What’s more Saturn retro re-enters your 5th this week. Fabulous meetings even at a distance could occur thanks to the Sun and Vesta in your 11th angling to that Ceres. Saturn hints at this being something long term.

Your 5th house is where you shine and get noticed. What you love to do in other words. Some of you may receive recognition or find themselves in the spotlight. And this could be tied to a creative or work venture. Something you have put your heart and soul into.

Conceive something new

Others could bring a project to a conclusion but hold off launching it ‘out there’ for just a while longer if you can due to the eclipsed full Moon on the 5th. Your 5th house is your ‘lucky’ house and Jupiter rules ‘lucky’ breaks. Teamed with Pluto this could turn out to be a game-changer. But it’s all in the timing. Have one final run-through before you do.

Past, present and potential partners could play a role. As could opportunities. If you love it, that luck could just be on your side this week. So, take a chance, Virgo. Even if it’s just on your own talents.

In a nutshell: Love is all around you this week, Virgo. Yes, even if it’s been in lockdown recently. The same goes for doing what you love too. Cupid could have you in his sights now. Ready to stand out and shine?



Unlock a larger lifestyle

You have the key to your future

Move on up!

Unlock new doors to opportunity this week, Libra. Especially around your home, apartment, property dealings, living arrangements and long-term security. You’re being handed a key this week. Get ready to find out what’s behind that door!

Get ready to live large

You may have felt confined and restricted when it comes to home, lifestyle and family matters. Perhaps you’ve down-sized since 2017? Been unhappy with how and where you have been living? Jupiter always offers opportunities and removes barriers. This week sees it meet Pluto for the second time in your 4th. This could hand you the chance to literally ‘move on up’ in some way. And also allows you to see you have the power to escape what confines you.

The power of the everyday

Above all, know that your ability to make lasting and large change begins with the details. Be organised. Have a plan or schedule. There’s a deal to be done around your work, routine and even your everyday environment that opens you up to bigger changes. All thanks to the Sun and Vesta in your 10th and a deal-making angle with Ceres in your 6th. It’s about win/win solutions that bring about a new daily deal for you. And this includes where and how you work and live.

Doors swing both ways

You could be about to close a chapter or door on something that has confined you or held you back. Sometimes freedom comes from closing one door. Think about that old saying of how one door closes and another opens. Especially this week as the eclipsed full Moon appears in its ruling 4th on the 5th. Saturn has re-entered this house for it final visit this week. Perhaps cementing those changes. If you have factors at 13 degrees of Capricorn, Cancer, Aries or your own sign, you need to see any endings as new beginnings.

Room to move

Opportunities around long-standing family or living matters may involve committing to finally closing something. You’ve room for expansion this week, Libra. And a new deal on where and even how, you’ll be living in 2021.

In a nutshell: You’re being handed a key to your future this week, Libra. Especially around where and how you want to be living. Big up that sense of security. And get ready to live a larger life.



Feel the fear and say ‘Yes’ anyway

Be ready to move on up

You can’t miss this!

When ruler Pluto gets mixed up with big, fat luck planet Jupiter, you should know this will be too massive to miss. And possibly game changing too, Scorpio.

Get ready to launch

Direction changing news could lift you higher when it comes to career, status and ambition as Pluto and Jupiter meet in your 3rd on the 30th. This is the second of what will be three meetings. If you’ve been feeling controlled or at the mercy of others or even external circumstances, this could free you from that.

A big opportunity could present itself. This is also your house of the internet, writing, publishing, teaching, communication, how you get around and commerce. Bear in mind that the ruler of this house – Mercury, is presently retrograde. As are Jupiter and Pluto for that matter. So that news or solution could be around a second-chance opportunity. Or free you from something long-standing.

Opportunity may come in disguise

Opportunities like angels sometimes come in disguise. Keep an open mind, listen to your gut feeling and look beyond the obvious. The only question you should really be asking is: how confident do you feel accepting it? Jupiter always invites. Your ruler says you know this will result in a big shift. So, how does that make you feel? The eclipsed full Moon in here on the 5th may stir those emotional uncertainties. You need to have faith in yourself.

Time for a ‘No fear’ approach

But once those changes are in motion, you may find they have a direction all their own. And that’s towards freedom for you, Scorpio. Remember, feelings are not facts no matter how intense. So, take a ‘no fear’ approach. Let go, trust and go with it this week. That’s the secret to success for you.

In a nutshell: Fortune favours the fearless this week. It takes courage to go in the direction opportunity wants to take you. News that’s too big to miss may require a ‘Yes!’ from you Scorpio.



Invest in self-appreciation

Opportunity reflects your inner worth

Get the key to lasting solutions

Money talks, Sag. And this week it has big and powerful news for you. Solutions to home, property, finances, what you share, borrow, owe or are owed, could appear. Ruler Jupiter just wants to see you in credit in some way. And this could revolve not just around your cash, but freeing you from restrictions.

Get control of your assets

If you’ve felt you have been at the mercy of your money – especially when it comes to how you make it, an opportunity to change this could present itself now. Jupiter meets Pluto in your money house on the final day of June. Pluto rules power money. Also, how powerful we feel around how we manage and attract not just money, but other stuff too.

Know what’s worth it

Pluto rules our 8th house. This is our ‘other’ money house. It rules joint assets – especially marital assets, loans, debts, legacies, payments, benefits and our salary. Our 2nd is where our self-worth is. And also our talents, skills and self-worth. So, setting a new ‘price’ on what is truly valuable may feature.

As could a new or better source of income. Or the chance to feel in control of your financial destiny. This week’s eclipsed full Moon in your 2nd throws the light on your emotional connection to what you have. And what you feel you can attract too.

It’s about more than what money can buy you

The Sun and Vesta in Pluto’s 8th make angles of attractive change to Ceres in your 4th of home, property and security. This all adds up to you defining what it really does mean to be rich, Sag. Sure, this may be about money. But it could just as easily be around what money doesn’t buy you too. Such as that all-important freedom. You know to you that’s priceless.

In a nutshell: What price do you set on freedom and self-worth, Sag? There’s more to this than just money. Ruler Jupiter offers the keys to powerful, positive change. That cashes you up in more ways than one!



Refine that message

First impressions count

Game face forward!

It’s not just about how you see yourself. But also, how you want others to see you. This week this could involve one particular person. This may or may not be a partner of the romantic variety. It could just as easily be a boss, client or business partner. Just take it you are in the spotlight in some way. And image is everything.

Hold that name!

If one particular name or association jumped to mind reading that intro – hold that thought. Is how you see yourself and how they show you that they see you, one and the same? Since 2017 you may have been refining your image, appearance, profile and reputation. Ruler Saturn tip-toeing back into your sign this week marks the opportunity to cement those changes.

Work your brand for whatever it is worth. And if someone is still not taking you seriously, ask yourself if impressing them is truly what you want or need now? Opportunities to make a big impression on someone who really matters and has the power to change things for you could appear this week. This is courtesy of the second meeting between Jupiter and Pluto in your 1st on the last day of June.

Bring your best game

Pay close attention if you have factors at 24 degrees of your sign – give or take one or two. Jupiter always wants to being opportunities. This could be one to work your brand and all you have to offer. And to impress someone who counts. If you have having important meetings or discussions around the 5th – its now or never. Bring your best game when the eclipsed full Moon appears in your sign on the 5th. And be mindful of how you are coming across.

However, if you are still failing to impress take it you may be directing all this at the wrong audience. This also applies on a personal level. If no matter what you do you are left feeling it’s never good enough, this week says it’s time to flip it. Perhaps they are simply not good enough for you? Success comes from choosing to impress those who appreciate who and what you are. And all you have to offer this week, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: Image is everything this week, Cappy. Craft carefully how you want to come across. You’re in a position to impress and see doors open. If they don’t – time to knock on a different door.



Ideas re-shape your world

Angels are at work

Change your thoughts – change your future

What do we do when we want to change the world, Aquarius? We begin with one person. And that’s the one within. Matters of the soul and spirit, your personal philosophy, the Tarot, your beliefs, inner whispers and the past dominate now. As a new and powerful inner journey leads to mighty changes in your outer world!

This week wants you to look back at how the past repeats itself. Or you stick it on ‘replay’. We may not be able to change what the world serves us, but we can change how we respond to it. Know also that you cannot change anyone else but yourself. And if someone is telling you they have changed – look to what your intuition is telling you about this. And remember – actions speak louder than words.

Re-write your story

The meeting between Jupiter and Pluto in your 12th on the last day of June could expose an opportunity to transcend limitations. It may have always been there. You just couldn’t see it for what it was. Until now. Powerful shifts within – such as reframing the past, or seeing just why you chose what you did ‘back then’, put your future on a new footing.

Plug into a higher power

Jupiter rules our belief in a higher power. You could literally feel that you have been given the gift of divine intervention. Especially if this is around an old issue. Pluto rules rebirth. Like a phoenix you may simply soar above what has been holding you back. And that includes that inner dialogue and story you’ve been telling yourself. Time to write a new one.

Look to the eclipsed full Moon in your 12th on the 5th, and above all, take it that your intuition is pretty well infallible now. Eclipses hide something. It’s not what may be being said but looking beyond that now.

You may see your past a new light. Like a negative – the reverse of what you thought it was. This may apply to someone else too. This eclipse is set to show you true colours. There’s also a new and better deal for you when it comes to your resources. This can be anything from your time to your love or your talents and skills. This week sees you knowing where and on who to allocate these. Expect big breakthroughs on a soul level to ripple out into every corner of your world, Aquarius.

In a nutshell: Become the change you want to see not just in your life. But in your outer world. And in your relationships, Aquarius. Inner shifts open up new opportunities. Change your world.


Commit to realness

Life (and love) is a team effort

Have a vision for love

It’s time for real friendships. Real love. Shared goals and people power. Who makes up that cheer squad, support network or dream team for you. This week isn’t about sitting on the sidelines either. It’s about getting involved. And yes, you can do that and still maintain a social distance. All that is needed to succeed is a heart-felt commitment.

People power

No more fake friends. Or lovers for that matter. This week sees Jupiter and Pluto meet in your 11th of goals, friends, groups and your future. A team effort may see a big future goal come within reach. Or someone you know or who you are connected to is instrumental in making a dream of yours come true. Or at least hands you the ability to make it happen.

Retrograde Saturn also moves back into your 11th on the 1st. Plus you have an eclipsed full Moon in here on the 5th. Think of this as your cosmic sorting hat. It’s going to show you once and for all who is a true friend, and who isn’t. However, give this insight time.

Cupid gets real

The same goes for lovers. Venus planet of love is now direct again but you have Mercury still retrograde in your 5th. The Sun and Vesta are also in here and both will angle to Ceres in your 1st this week. You want a new and better deal when it comes to love and romance. It won’t be enough for someone to just state their intentions. You need them to show you the love by following through.

So, if love is all talk and no action; or if someone keeps telling you what the future holds for the two of you but that day never actually arrives, you won’t be content to wait any longer. It’s the real deal or you’ll be off in search of a new deal. With people or one special person who values realness too. That vision of love you share with others literally can make dreams come true this week.

In a nutshell: Time for the real deal this week, Pisces. In friendship and in love, you need to know who is there for you. And who isn’t. What follows could be real results when it comes to those goals.




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