18th June 2018 Weekly Astrology Forecast

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs June 1st 2020


Make time for what you want to do

Love gets back in touch

Reclaim the dream

Mercury retroshadow begins in Cancer and your 4th this week. So, begin to apply the Retro Rules especially around anything to do with property. Buying and selling, leasing and renting, roommates if you have them, your landlord and even – clunk – domestic appliances. With Jupiter still very much retrograde in your career house this too could be affected.

Reframe those roles

Looking at who does what around the home could also be in focus thanks to Vesta entering your 4th on the 4th. Talking about what’s fair may feature on the day as the Sun in your 3rd tightly angles to ruler Mars in your 12th.

Some of you may hear from blasts from the past this week or good news you have been waiting on finally arrives as the Sun and retro Venus in your 3rd meet on this day. You’ve a deep need for something now that expands your soul. Hence you may chafe at what restricts you now like distancing and lockdown. Which is why narks around domestic duties may surface.

Re-ignite the dream

This week’s full Moon of the 5th is an eclipsed one in your 9th. The house of adventure, expansion and freedom. Stirring your desire for something more and to escape what you feel confines you. Look deep within as to what you may be trying to escape. Eclipses conceal don’t forget. If you can’t actually go anywhere right now, is it time to re-focus on those big dreams you’ve stopped pursuing?

Release yourself

It also once more triggers ruler Mars and the Sun in your 3rd. This is all about a release into something bigger. Which can be as simple as switching up that routine that’s become a rut. It’s time to speak up when it comes to taking on more than your fair share this week. All work and no play makes Aries very dull indeed. And we all know that’s not you now, is it?

In a nutshell:

This week sees you restless and hungry for something that takes you out of the ordinary. The escape route is there if you look for it, Aries. Shake up that dull routine. Domesticity isn’t you this week.



Stick to retro rules you can bank on

Are you valued?

Love demands you look within

Double trouble! Or should I say double retrograde mayhem? Ruler Venus remains retrograde in its ruling 2nd while Mercury in its ruling 3rd in your chart begins its retroshadow this week. This is retro lite as opposed to the full retro 2.0 which is heading your way. Apply the retro rules now and adhere to them as if they are etched on stone tablets. Especially when it comes to money matters.

Shore up that self-worth

Refinancing is favoured as the Sun conjuncts retro Venus on the 3rd. Some of you may also hear about a possible income stream or payment that has been held up. But entering into new loans, credit agreements or borrowing now should be approached with extreme caution. Read the tiny print. Re-read it again and have an expert cast an eye over it if necessary.

Avoid big purchases unless something is broken beyond repair. And only spend on what you need as opposed to that ‘must have’ item. You don’t need it and could soon find you no longer want it if you succumb. Are you using ‘stuff’ to fill up an empty gap n your life? Satisfaction comes from self-worth.

Go Deeper into love

Vesta’s appearance in your 3rd may actually assist you in looking at the difference between need and want. Changes are in the air this week too. Possibly around friendships or one particular friend. If you already have a gut feeling about who I am talking about, pay close attention. The Sun squares Mars in your social sector on the 4th.

And it’s time for some serious introspection and the 5th delivers an eclipsed full moon in Mars’s ancient ruling 8th. While Mars hands you confidence it can also expose those frenemies and fake friends. Discovering you don’t share the same values or are no longer on the same page could see shifts occur in connections. Your ruler retro and this eclipse could have you looking at what you and the other party get out of the connection. And confronting this if necessary.

Set your stock to rise

How you are made to feel by others around your self-worth could also feature. This eclipse asks you to set your emotional worth higher. And to act accordingly if others show they don’t value that.

In a nutshell:

Have the confidence when it comes to your money to know the difference between what you need and what you want. The same goes for friendships this week. Only people who truly value you are worth your time.



Take care of your cash and it will take care of you

Adjust that reflection

Changes in relationships begin with self-love

You have ruler Mercury starting its retroshadow phase in your 2nd. Plus, Venus which rules this house, retrograde in your 1st. And an eclipse in your partnership zone. Read your monthly forecast for more on how important this eclipse can be for you. Especially when it comes to love and money.

That retro rule book has extra pages

You know the retro rules by heart. But this rulebook has additions. Because as well as putting a hold on love, you need to be looking at your expenditure this week. Basically, are you using stuff to fill a bigger (emotional) hole? The sub-theme to all this is are you worth it? I am not talking about the advertising slogan kind of worth it. But are you worth more within?

Knowing our true worth is wanting the best for us. And often this doesn’t translate into that designer outfit or bag. We value ourselves too much to plunge ourselves into debt over things. And while we may desire beautiful objects (which Venus rules incidentally), we know we are enough without them.

Know your worth

Vesta meets the North Node in your 1st on the 3rd before it too arrives in your money and values house. Have you allowed others to peg your value on what you earn or have or even how you look? The 3rd also sees the Sun in your 1st meet retro Venus. Reconnect to your true worth which has nothing to do with external factors. And certainly not the opinions of others.

Take your time with love

This week delivers an eclipsed full Moon in your 7th of long-term loves and partners. One relationship with be in focus. But don’t jump to any conclusions. The rulebook says eclipses conceal. If you have factors between 11-19 degrees of your own sign or Virgo, Sag or Pisces expect revelations to follow. It could involve how others or one person sees you is a reflection of how you see (and value) yourself. Take your time as the image may form and then re-form. Adjust that inner reflection accordingly, Gemini.

In a nutshell:

This week’s full Moon acts like a mirror. Someone reflects back at you your innermost feelings about yourself. Look closely, Gemini. You can adjust that reflection if you need to.



Check that internal barometer

Ditch those energy drains

What you do and where you are determines how you feel

There’s a big focus this week on your wellbeing, Cancer. You are going to be even more sensitive than usual to ‘atmospheres’, energy drains and even the weather! Take it from me, you are now your own infallible internal barometer when it comes to what is good for you – and what isn’t. Pay close attention to those gut feelings and that energy level. Especially if you are dealing with old issues or people from your past.

That old familiar feeling

Mercury starts its retroshadow in your sign this week. Put those retro rules into action. But remember, Mercury rules your 6th house of wellbeing and routine. This week sees Vesta conjunct the North Node in your 12th (3rd). This same day also sees the Sun meet retro Venus in here. This could deliver a blast from the past or something new which nonetheless feels familiar. The question around it is – how does it make you feel?

Time for that soul detox!

Vesta has links to your wellbeing too. In fact, there are astrologers who believe Vesta should rule our 6th house instead of Mercury. It arrives in your 1st on the 4th. It’s asking you to examine the effects of what you do, what you eat, that routine, where you are and who you hang out with, has on you. You may suddenly make connections between one, some or all of these.

Yep, it’s soul detox time. What’s more, your higher self knows what it is you need to cleanse. Those thoughts? Those habits? That routine? Your ruler the Moon is eclipsed in your 6th on the 5th. So, something simply is no longer working for you. The connection may not yet be clear so follow those insights.

Get ready to rebound

Time to bounce back if you have been feeling drained by making bold, long term adjustments which free you. The eclipse angles to Mars, planet of confidence and action in your 9th. And also the Sun in your 12th. It’s an ‘Ah-ha!’ moment followed by determination. You see if something is actually good for you. Or now. Once you do, head towards the decision that supports your energy. And ditch any drains this week.

In a nutshell:

How you feel within in your best guide for the direction you should head in this week. And the decisions you need to take, Cancer. Take note of what feeds you mind, body and soul and head towards that.



Feelings reveal the truth

Make love wait for you

Let the fun back in!

This week brings an eclipsed full Moon in your 5th of all things close to a Leo’s heart. Plus we have major retrograde weather happening. The past could feature in some way. But love could get complicated. To avoid retro traps – especially those of the romantic variety – read on.

Back to the future

Mercury retroshadow begins in your 12th of the past on the 2nd. This is retro lite but it can still deliver snafus and delays. Plus, you have Venus at full retro in your 11th. Old friends could be in touch but that past lover needs to prove they have changed before you should consider giving them a second chance. Watch for who you hear from around the 3rd when Vesta meets the North Node in your 11th and ruler the Sun meets Venus. You need to look at how you have been treated in the past by anyone who wants to come back in.

What’s your feelings feeling?

Don’t dismiss what you are feeling as on the 4th Vesta arrives in your 12th. Even if this goes against what other people may be telling you. Or how you hope things are. This is the day before the eclipse in your 5th. It could be a foreshadowing of what that eclipse may bring. Call it a reality check. Eclipses rarely deliver their message exactly on the day they arrive. So, tune in to those insights now. And trust your gut.

Love, children, creativity

As well you know being the 5th house of the zodiac, this rules lovers, children, creativity, fun and pleasure. Because Venus which rules our love life is retrograde, this could have you wondering about someone’s intentions as the full Moon appears in shadow on the 5th. You can in fact take it you are ‘in the dark’. But you have a strong hunch about something or someone.

This could even relate to a child or younger person. Try to steer clear of new emotional entanglements now. The person may not be all they appear to be. Resist the urge to splurge too. Your 5th rules pleasure and that includes gorgeous, glittery and glamourous items. Designer shoes, clothing, jewellery, lingerie. It could be that desire to spoil yourself is coming from an emotional hole. Or you may fall out of love with your purchase once the Venus retro is over.

Make love wait for you

The same goes for that lover. You could end up in a ‘What was I thinking?’ situation. Eclipse and retro remedies include spending time with your children or inner child, creative play and self-expression and love revivals. This includes hobbies and past-times. And if that old lover does appear – ask that they woo you all over again. Delays simply provide you with more insight into what you need now, Leo.

In a nutshell:

It’s a back to love kind of week, Leo. But steer clear of anything new. Instead re-explore what used to make your heart beat faster. This may not be a person – but if it is, don’t be afraid to go back to the beginning.



Just breathe

Look past that initial reaction to inner strength

Ask directly

You need breathing space this week, Virgo. Emotional room to move and grow. Space in which to expand your soul and to welcome in what you truly need to sustain you. First, this week sees ruler Mercury commence retroshadow in your 11th. Old friends and connections may feature as well as the usual retro rules. You also have Vesta’s arrival in this house on the 4th. Female friends may also feature. Is it time to reach out to those gal pals? Even via facetime? Kiki on-line if you can’t in person.

Do you have chart factors at 11 – 19 degrees?

Check your chart for factor between 11-19 degrees in your own sign, Gemini, Pisces or Sagittarius where this week’s full Moon is eclipsed on the 5th. If you have them, then you will feel very emotional at this time as this is the Moon’s ruling house. If you are feeling vulnerable, then ask for what you need directly. Don’t expect people to automatically know what this is as emotional signals can be hard to translate at this time.

However, you are more sensitive and intuitive than usual when it comes to tuning in to the needs of others. Be aware however that if you do have factors in Gemini, this may affect work and career too. Looking at career progress to date and coming up with a plan is your best course of action now. If we are talking career or even status – as in your job title, personal title or public reputation, this always ties in to your sense of stability and security. Which of course is ruled by the Moon and your 4th.

Game face on

It may be hard to keep your cool – especially if you feel under any kind of pressure around work matters. It is time however to try to be as constructive as possibly when it comes to anything that impacts on where you live, your security or your income.

This eclipsed full Moon asks we reach deep within and discover just how much we are capable of. You may access hidden resources within you had no idea existed. So, stay cool and come from a place of emotional strength. You got this.

Keep retro happy

Venus retro means love is on hold so don’t break retro quarantine now, Virgo, If you do, you are likely to end up feeling let down or stuck in an ‘it’s complicated’ situation. Revision, returns and reconciliations – all possible. And when it comes to those needs – take the direct approach.

In a nutshell:

Reach past that initial emotional response this week, Virgo. It’s time to seek out your inner strength. Part of this is the confidence to ask directly for the solution you need. You got this.



Life is not meant to be experienced on fast-forward

Work or career matters may go back and forth

Time to give ‘me’ time your priority

Career matters may go back and forth between now and next month as Mercury enters its retroshadow phase in your 10th this week. Expect changing roles, minds and nothing to be decided. I should not need to remind you that love is very much on hold now. Except for the past kind.

Head towards what frees you

Vesta also enters here from the 4th. Before it does, it meets the North Node in your 9th on the 3rd. This is the same day as the Sun meets your retro ruler Venus in here. You may make a decision you have been putting off for a while as a result of all this. Basically, to move away from something that has become a dead-end for you.

Take time for the inner you

The link between stress and wellbeing is also something you will be more aware of than usual this week. This is all down to Mars in your 6th. Are you always in a hurry? Running on empty? Mistakes and accidents can occur but also that feeling of being constantly tired. If so, this is the week when you will confront this and do something about it. Look to mindfulness techniques to recharge. And if you are one of those still working from home or self-isolating, there is where you can make this really work for you.

Rely on intuition – not what you hear

With your ruler backwards, it is still not the time for love or money decisions. Hence those career factors also impacting on this now. The Mercury retroshadow plus an eclipsed full Moon in Mercury’s ruling 3rd on the 5th all adds up to you not having all the facts. Reversals, indecision and delays could feature. Or you later discover you were only given part of a bigger picture. So, take nothing on face value this week. The truth when it does emerge may look very different.

Work that retrograde and recharge

All the more reason to take your time and adopt a ‘wait and see’ approach. Your insight will be your best guide now. So, listen to that even if others say it simply isn’t so. If you do find yourself depleted or asked to take on extra, now could be the time where you stop and take stock. When was the last time you smelled the roses, Libra? Scheduling a little more ‘me’ time may be just the work solution you’re seeking this week.

In a nutshell:

Have you taken on too much, Libra? You will explore the link between what you have to do and how you feel this week. Downshifting into ‘me’ time could hand you back that precious time – and energy.



Have an alternative plan – just in case

How you are treated says a lot about you

Yes, you are worth it!

Self-worth, sharing and how you are treated by others will be your main these this week, Scorpio. First however, the major retro weather we’re experiencing continues to build as we have Mercury entering its retroshadow period in your 9th. This is the house of mass transportation – airlines, long haul flights, international business. Most of us are still not going anywhere but events or people overseas may impact on you in some way.

Retro rules playbook at the ready!

Astrology isn’t meant to be scary. But it does give us the heads up for when we may need an alternative game plan. Or to just ‘Be prepared’. This especially applies to your money this week. And your self-worth. Do you need to set a few new values? Especially around how others see you, equal treatment, pay or respect? All these are in focus as Vesta bumps the North Node in your 8th on the 3rd. Reset those values. Have an alternative game plan.

The Sun also meets retrograde Venus in here on the same day. Your credit score, bank account, loan, mortgage, investments, pay or something you share with others may be your prime focus. But at the heart of this are your expectations and ideas around being ‘worthy’.

Embrace a new deservedness

There’s an eclipsed full Moon in your money zone (which Venus rules) on the 5th. It also triggers a T-square with ancient ruler Mars in your 5th. Your emotional value, your talents, skills and abilities and how others see and treat you, all reflect your own beliefs around what you deserve. Hopefully that’s the best, Scorpio. If not, adjust your expectations accordingly.

In a nutshell:

A powerful eclipsed full Moon asks that you look at what you believe you deserve this week. This also includes how you feel you should be treated by others on a personal level. From your bank account to the bedroom, work on that worth.



Some things deserve a second look

You are the difference

Love goes retroactive!

Ruler Jupiter remains retrograde in your money house. Venus which rules this is also retrograde in its other ruling 7th. And now this week, Mercury retroshadow begins in in your other ‘money’ house and also your house of sex – your 8th. I should therefore not need to over-sell the point that love and money matters are most definitely on hold. Plus, you have an eclipse in your sign on the 5th. When it comes to you and another. Or simply you and self-love, there’s more going on than meets the eye, Sag.

Your superpower starts with ‘re’

Your ability to re-frame, revive or even renegotiate is your superpower right now. And while new love is a no-go area, past loves are your playground. This week sees Vesta also in your 7th conjunct the North Node on the 3rd. And this is also the day when the Sun meets retrograde Venus in here. You could be looking at the return of a lover, something you loved or a work opportunity. If so, something has changed since the last time you were in this position. And that something is you, Sagittarius. So, you will look at this and also expect something different this time around.

Welcome to your relaunch and revival

Vesta moves on into your powerful 8th on the 4th. You will no longer be content with the way things have been structured or shared in the past. You’ll have the confidence and the know-how to ask for more or something better and fairer. The 5th sees the full Moon eclipsed in your 1st. What’s going on behind the scenes, Sag? Either with you directly or between you and someone else?

Check your chart for factors between 11-19 degrees in your sign. And also your opposite sign of Gemini as well as Virgo and Pisces. You could be the one not ready to reveal something to those closest to you. Think partners, bff’s, long term working relationships, collaborations and even rivals and opponents. Or you could a strong feeling that someone is holding something back.

Is it emotional validation and recognition – another ‘re’ words, that you are seeking? How about a re-balance around domestic matters? One of the things you may push towards is that all-important freedom. Remember when it comes to outcomes, you are the difference this time around, Sag.

In a nutshell:

If the past reappears this week – either in the form of a person or a situation, what’s different this time round? The answer is easy: You are. So, ask for something different when it comes to moving forward, Sag.



Explore fresh alternatives

What comes around may need a new response

Opt for the feelgood factor

With Mercury retroshadow starting in your 7th and Venus retrograde in Mercury’s ruling 6th, love, work, money and even wellbeing matters need a second or even third look now. The usual Merc retro rules need to be in place no matter what house Mercury heads backwards in.

Hidden truths, higher insight

And please don’t forget, this all occurs against a backdrop of Jupiter and Pluto retrograde in your 1st and ruler Saturn retrograde in your 2nd. Simply put, when it comes to those personal goals, nothing is decided and things may go back and forth for a while before they are. Plus, you have an important eclipse in your mysterious and spiritual 12th. You’ll need those soul smarts to navigate all this, Cappy. So open up to that intuition like never before.

Before any kind of decision is made, you need more information anyway. Or to look at the alternatives. The Nodes rules karma – what goes around comes around. This week sees Vesta in your 6th meet the North Node in here. While on the same day (3rd), the Sun and retrograde Venus meet. Are you choosing the same thing, personal dynamic again and again, Capricorn? Can you see a pattern here?

Love makes the karma go round

Vesta moves off into your 7th on the 4th and when it does, look at past themes between you and partners. Anything looking familiar? The 5th links you to the past as the eclipsed full Moon appears in your 12th. As you know, full Moons reflect their into the house opposite to the one they are in. And eclipsed Moons a shadow or mystery. In this case, your 6th. So, there is a link here between what you are choosing or thinking and whether this does you any good or not.

Is it time to choose different?

This will trigger a T-square between the Sun in your 6th and Mars in Mercury’s other ruling house – your 3rd. Understand if you receive news or even if someone reappears, you don’t have to make a decision right away. Or opt for that usual choice. Ask if this makes you feel good – or not. That’s your lead on decision making this week, Capricorn.

In a nutshell:

Jumping in – especially if this involves anyone from your past or a situation which feels familiar, may not be in your best interest. Take your time in making that decision. And look at all the alternatives first.



Understanding the past doesn’t mean repeating it

Start a new karmic chapter

Money can’t buy you love!

Carry those retro rules with you now Aquarius if you feel you need reminding. That in itself is a retro word as Mercury heads into retroshadow phase in its ruling 6th. All ‘re’ words apply now. You also have Jupiter planet of expansion and opportunity retro in your 12th along with Pluto. Saturn retrograde in your 1st and Venus retrograde in your 5th. In addition this week brings you and eclipse. So, there’s nothing new under the Sun for you. However, something can be re-born in a new form.

Re-runs and returns

Karma is at work. If there is unfinished business between you and someone, now is the time when the books are balanced. Just be mindful that simply because they come back in, doesn’t mean they stay for good. Watch around the 3rd when Vesta meets the North Node in your 5th and the Sun meets retrograde Venus in here the same day. You may find that any old issues that were there before are still present. But that you needed to know this in order to close the book between you.

Friends and the future

This week also brings an eclipsed full Moon in your 11th on the 5th. Goals and also friendships may get tested for resonance. Past friends or even lovers could re-enter your life as this Moon will shine its light across into your 5th of romance and pleasure.

This is not a good time however to enter into new financial agreements as the ruler of your 2nd (Venus) is backwards and this Moon triggers a T-square between it, the Sun in your 5th and Mars in your 2nd. Avoid impulse buys, over-spending in general and above all, signing off on that credit card or loan. You may be filling an emotional desire as opposed to what you truly need.

And what is that, Aquarius? It could just be something money can’t buy. Like fulfilling that goal for instance. Does one need to be revived? So, if the past reappears ask if it fills that gap. If all it buys you is more of the same, then hold out for something better.

In a nutshell:

‘Re’ words feature this week. Returns, reconciliations, re-runs. And balancing the karmic books on some level. If something comes back in, it’s designed to do just that. Close a chapter to open a new one.



Own your life path

Get that balance between responsibility and dreams

Set boundaries

Love and money matters continue to meet with red or amber lights this week, Pisces. Mercury begins its retroshadow in your 5th from the 2nd. Plus Venus remains retrograde in your 4th. This is a time of consolidation and working with what you have or have already achieved rather then beginning something new.

Keep it close to home

It’s rebuilding time in other words. Property dealings may also stall or fall through due to Venus being backwards in this zone in your chart. This may not apply if you are moving back somewhere you have lived before however. Family matters may also require your attention this week.

Past themes around who cares for who, does what or takes responsibility could re-surface as Vesta meets the North Node in your 4th and the Sun meets retro Venus all on the 3rd. This could take the form of someone feeling they are being asked to take on more than their fair share of domestic tasks, or expected to care for an elderly relative say simply because they are the unmarried one. Opt for self-care as if you are running on empty you simply have nothing to give.

Do you have chart factors between 11-19 degrees?

Check your chart. Do you have factors between 11-19 degrees of your sign? Or else in Gemini, Virgo or Sagittarius? Time to look at boundaries and your ability to say ‘No’ if so. The full Moon in your 10th on the 5th is eclipsed. You may feel at the same time vulnerable but also that you have access to more than your usual reservoir of emotional strength. All thanks to confidence-giving Mars in your 1st.

If you need to find your courage to speak up about unfair responsibilities or expectations placed upon you, now is your chance. You have but only one life to live. Well, you have many but this one is the only one you are truly experiencing right now. Look carefully at what you are giving it away to or for. And ask yourself if this is fair or truly how you feel you should be rewarded? If you’ve not been able to say no before, saying it now could simply re-balance your life in your favour, Pisces.

In a nutshell:

Are you expected to give too much, Pisces? This week asks for rebalancing if the asks others are making of you are turning out to be too one-sided. Just say ‘Yes’ – to your right to live your life your way.





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