11th June 2018 Weekly Astrology Forecast

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs June 18th 2018


  • New loves, fresh perspectives
  • What has stopped you in the past?
  • Go sideways!

With Neptune retrograde in its ruling house in your chart you will feel the pull to explore Neptune’s depths more than almost any other sign – aside from Pisces that is. If we are going to sail into uncharted waters we need to know where we have come from and also where we intend to end up. Take Columbus for example. His boss the Queen decides she wants Indian take-out. Columbus duly sets sail in the good ship Deliveroo but in the opposite direction to the one he should have headed in. Well, it didn’t quite go down like that but you can see where I am coming from here – and going to. We’re on the brink of a massive retrograde cycle which begins now and which will include Mars your ruler as of next week. We will see six planets retrograde all at the same time over the following months. The purpose of retrogrades aside from Mercury-induced chaos is to have us looking back at our past in specific areas in order not to repeat it. Neptune particularly links us to our past, hidden truths and past lives – this one and all others. And future lives too. Fix the past – or at least see why things were, you don’t have to repeat it.

Where do you want to go from here? Look back and see what stopped you from getting there up until now. That’s your starting point. Get clear about the direction you need to move in. The Sun in your 4th and the sign of Cancer points to a sideways shift or view needed in order to accomplish this. Watch the film Sideways. It’s how we store wine. Or used to. The reason – the corks before the cork shortage hit. Reasons to watch the film aside from stellar performances? Two characters stuck on a spin cycle of the past and refusing to budge. Now you get it. Ruler Mars in your 11th opposes Venus in your romance zone on the same day the Sun arrives in your 4th. Something new that escapes the shadow of the past could  be on its way when it comes to meeting that new lover or someone who can have a big impact on your future. Look at the past from a fresh angle, and step sideways away from any patterns that imprison you there.

In a nutshell: Look at your past from a fresh angle and create a different future. A new lover, important friendship or opportunity is on the horizon. Head sideways for success this week.


  • Values are close to home
  • You can have (almost) it all
  • Try a little original thinking

Back to those values this week, Taurus and what you are and aren’t prepared to sell out for. Taking a stand perhaps over that work/life balance may form part of this. What you need to do or achieve vs. what you love. Yes, we all have to pay the bills. But is there too much sacrifice going on in order for you to maintain this? Something happens this week to quite literally bring this ‘home’ for you and asks that you speak out and make your position clear as the Sun enters your 3rd and ruler Venus now in your 4th of home, family and security opposes ambitious Mars in your 10th of career. You can strike the balance now and if not exactly come up with a solution where you get to ‘have it all’ – because no one does, at least reach a compromise situation. We are on the cusp of a massive retrograde cycle which at its peak will see six planets move backwards across the sky. This week Neptune in your 11th turns retrograde. It’s not about being influenced by others – but by what works for you individually. So reach for your own solution now based on what has worked and what hasn’t in your past.

The challenge of new ideas and their ability to bring you new opportunities – especially around doing things differently, is what Uranus in your 1st is asking you to embrace. The Sun in your 3rd angles back at this planet of awakenings and revolutionary change. You may not only surprise others with your innovative take on things but yourself. Break free of past ways of thinking and be seen as an innovator for your future path. You may not be able to have it all but a little original thinking could see you come very close to that now, Taurus.

In a nutshell: What do you value? What will you compromise on and what’s a non-negotiable for you? This week allows you to stay firm on what matters, and compromise on the rest. Win/win now.


  • Fuse soul calling with success
  • Money matters
  • Awaken to what’s possible

Your entire money, work, career and power sectors of your chart are lit up this week brighter than Blackpool or that shiny new Tesla. This week like the Tesla, asks you to look at exciting, electrifying alternatives and what’s ‘out there’ for you in the realm of the unimaginable or yet-to-manifest. Look back first down that career path. Are you happy with your career to date? Is it one you chose yourself? Or did you follow a certain path because it was ‘expected’ of you or you just ‘fell’ into it? If you don’t like where you are or the rewards you’re receiving, what’s the alternative? Do you have to sacrifice your calling for money? Ruler Mercury in your 2nd will make a wonderful angle to Neptune this week as well as Jupiter planet of abundance in your area of work opening up opportunities across new areas for you if you feel a change is needed. You may also become aware of alternative career options for yourself you just could not see before. Go explore them.

This is not just about taking a higher path towards success but a more empowered and rewarding one. The Sun enters your 2nd on the 21st brings a renewed focus on not just increasing your cash but what you do with it when you have it. It’s about what you choose to spend it on and making different choices about that now. Mercury opposing Pluto in Pluto’s ruling 8th puts you in a power position when it comes to handling assets, resources, other people’s money or just negotiating for yourself in a game-changing way as this house rules corporate money and your salary. It’s all a sign of a new dimension opening up. And one where you get to make the rules.

In a nutshell: Alternatives you simply could not see before when it comes to your work or money now drift into view. Chart a fresh career course where you have more say in both direction– and rewards.


  • There’s no escaping your dreams
  • Is love the gift you ordered?
  • Happy birthday, Cancer!

Changes around relationships, love or romance could form part and parcel of that bundle of birthday surprises, Cancer. Before we unwrap these, let’s look at Neptune in your 9th which turns retrograde this week just prior to the solstice and the Sun in your 1st. Neptune spends a huge part of every year retrograde. Approximately 150 days in fact. So we can say for almost half the year Neptune appears to move backwards in the sky. I say ‘appears’ because this is an illusion. Neptune rules those. So, Neptune is born to retrograde. Our 9th rules travel and higher learning. Neptune rules universal wisdom and also escapism. What have you learned and where is this taking you? During a Neptune retrograde we either feel cut off from reality as if looking at everything through a fog or else we can see dreams become reality. Which is it to be now? It’s all about which one you normally choose. Travel and wisdom or the great escape? Neptune rules the past. Choose different.

Escape your reality via opportunity to travel or an open door to a bigger experience as Mercury in your 1st trines Jupiter planet of travel and ruler of your 9th in your 5th of romance and luck. Mercury will also angle to Pluto in your 7th this week pointing at a romantic journey for some. Or a lucky break for others. The Sun’s arrival in your 1st on the 21st not only marks the start of a new cycle but asks the all important question: who do you want to be in the coming year? With Neptune retrograde you have a touch of magic where dreams can become reality (they are called ‘goals’!) if you opt for the learning journey. Look at what you want to accomplish in the next 12 months and as the slogan tells you: Don’t just dream it, do it.

In a nutshell: Your birthday season hands you the ability to not just talk about your dreams. But show people what it’s like to live them. Get ready to hustle them in to being in the next 12 months.


  • Rewrite the past and revive it
  • It’s not over until the lion roars
  • Love may be new but seem so familiar

Thinking about the past? Someone from the past perchance? There’s a soul revival happening this week and a chapter of a book you thought had closed still waiting to be written. This week is all about watching what comes back.

Ruler the Sun enters your 12th this week and your intuition could just give you a heads-up on what may be about to re-emerge for you. Neptune the ruler of your 12th is headed to retrograde motion in your 8th now. Your 8th is all about sex, death, endings, transformations and re-birth. Something isn’t yet over even if you thought it was. When it reappears you will need to look closely at the history you have with it or more likely, them. Don’t get lost in sentimentality of ‘the way we were’ – you cannot go back. If it is not a person from your past coming back in for one more go around, then you could be faced with a recurring situation that just plays out as Past Imperfect. Remember, for it to be perfect for the here and now it has to fit who you have become since the last time you were here.

Venus planet of love and attract in your 1st flashes come-hither looks across to Mars in your opposite 7th. Even a new love may come ready-packaged with past-flavoured themes. You need to examine why you would revisit the past in any way shape or form before opting for that one-way ticket. Is it to escape something in the present? Or a true revival that springs from you seeing things in a different light? Or has it (or they) proved that it has a lasting place in your future? As with anything to do with the 12th house and Neptune – take your time. There is more to be revealed so wait for the big picture.

In a nutshell: Something from your past may return. But does it fit into that picture you were creating for your future? Even new situations have a past flavour. Re-frame it in the present tense.


  • No more ‘someday’ blues
  • Get receptive
  • Real love. Right now

Ruler Mercury in your 11th wants you out and about and broadcasting yourself but without falling into the trap of being all talk and no action. You crave variety, conversation and new ideas now and this alone should be enough to get you taking the initiative when it comes to initiating catch-ups with friends or exploring a new social scene. Your 11th rules your goals, wishes and dreams and here is where talking turns into a trap as you can end up being all talk and no action. It’s what I like to call the ‘someday’ fantasy. ‘Someday’ is the day which never arrives. Give Someday a hard date and turn it into a goal instead. Mercury and then the Sun in your 11th from the 21st is asking you set your energy to a new level: and that’s to ‘Receive’. This is not just the house of friends and goals but surprises and being receptive. Saying: Ready to receive puts you into the synchronistic flow that’s all around you wanting to make someday today.

If love has taken on that ‘someday’ theme time to set your intention to the present and not the past nor the future. Neptune retrogrades in your 7th of partnership matters while Mercury not only trines Neptune but also Pluto in your 5th of sizzling hot romance. It’s not so much about Mr. or Ms.or X Right but Mr. or Ms. or X Right now as opposed to someday. What do you want? The real deal. When do you want it? Now. It’s a shift to you deeper soul desires. Make today that day instead. You are worthy of love and a love that is right for you.

In a nutshell: Set your sign to ‘open’. It’s all about being receptive this week to what the universe wants you to have right now. Not someday. And that includes love, Virgo.


  • Put your career back on track
  • Intuition sends you in a fresh direction
  • Step in the love spotlight

Ditch the career mehs. Some of you Librans may have felt you have lost your way these past few years not just when it came to relationships, but to your work and career path too. Things were probably going so well – until they weren’t. Sure you made the best of a bad job – you always do. But this might have resulted in you no longer doing what you originally set out to do. Or doing it without the recognition or rewards you expected. Get ready for the turnaround that puts you back where you are supposed to be or doing something radically new but which nonetheless allows you the self-expression and success you deserve. The Sun and Mercury in your career sector are about to trigger a domino-effect with Uranus in your 8th of corporate money and personal empowerment and Pluto in your area of long term security and stability. What about that satisfaction? What about path and purpose? You can have those too if you heed your intuition. If the way has been murky it can clear with Neptune retrograde in your 6th. Bring a new creativity not just into what you do, but what you are prepared to do in order to do it in a way which resonates with your soul.

What about that chance to shine? What about all those other favourite Libran pursuits – romance, pleasure, immersing yourself in beauty and art, creativity? Most astrologers overlook the fact you are very like Leos in many respects. The good news for all of that this week is that ruler Venus in your social butterfly and goal-getting 11th angles across to sexy Mars in your 5th of romance. Look at what you attract without effort. It could be that new set of friends, a new lover or an opportunity to shine, be noticed and feel not just alive again, but validated too. This week contains a terrific bonus for you one way or another.

In a nutshell: An opportunity with a capital ‘O’ arrives to drag you out of the sidelines and into the spotlight. It may be in love, or your career. Step back in to a starring role.


  • Be a dreamer of dreams
  • Get to know real love
  • Real world matters bring rewards

Don’t get lost in a romantic fantasy as Neptune turns retrograde in your 5th this week until the end of November. Either you see love (and lovers) for what they really are, get real when it comes to your romantic expectations, tap into some serious creative inspiration and spread love and beauty wherever you go. Or else wander around in a fog of delusion and escape via indulgence and hedonistic pleasure. Actually, that last bit doesn’t sound too bad at all, does it? There is nothing at all wrong with fantasy and an occasional dose of hedonistic pleasure. We can say it is all part of the human experience and good for the soul. If we deny ourselves pleasure, we are saying we don’t deserve all the good things of life. So, indulge within reason. And take your time with lovers to get to know the real them.

Creative projects you have left on the back burner can be infused with fresh inspiration and it’s also a good time to draw to you those goals and dreams if you come from a place of magical realism. The Sun in your 9th is all about a month long cycle of expansion and learning. This is an excellent time to travel and also to experience a new kind of partnership adventure thanks to Uranus in your 7th. Soul releasing news could arrive as Mercury opens a line of dialogue with ruler Pluto at the end of the week. Ancient ruler Mars is also working on your behalf making a success-grounding aspect to Venus in your career zone. A little indulgence and hedonism may have been earned to celebrate something on the home and career front. Keep it real but allow yourself to dare to dream this week.

In a nutshell: You can be a dreamer of dreams and an explorer of hedonistic delights this week, Scorpio. Real world achievements could call for celebrations however!


  • Where do you truly belong?
  • Step into the flow of luck
  • Push forward with plans that enhance your future

Look at that sense of belonging this week, Sag. Yes, I know you have a universal view and you are a citizen of the world. But even free spirits need somewhere from where the adventures begin and end. Where do you feel you belong or to what or who? Your family, your tribe, the people you live with, your country, your home – these may not be the ones you were born with or into. This is all about where your sense of home and family takes you. Following your intuition and where it takes you is all part of finding your place in the world. Change the view, the people, the room and you change your life. Neptune retrograde in your 4th can at its highest vibration, have you following your very own North Star that leads you right where you need to be. You have until November to plan. Get moving in the direction of your true home now.

Ruler Jupiter occupies Neptune’s ruling house in your chart (12th). So there’s an air of expansion and the possibility of ending up somewhere you may have past life connections to if moving is on the agenda. Property matters may preoccupy many of you – buying, selling, letting, leasing as Mercury in your 8th impacts on Jupiter and the Sun also enters your 8th on the 21st. All this brings with it the desire to change, transform, build or create something in your life – most probably in the form of that launching pad for your adventures. This week also sees Venus in your 9th of all things Sag-ruled opposed Mars in your 3rd. Travel is on the cards now and if you are taking a journey then what’s the rush? Don’t in other words. Enjoy the scenery and remember, the journey is the goal. Travel could bring you lucky breaks so that’s another reason to take your time. You will push forward with business and work plans too. All this goes towards laying that foundation – wherever you decide it needs to be.

In a nutshell: Answer that question your soul is asking you about where you truly belong now, Sag. And with who. Your intuition is leading you to one conclusion: There’s no place like the home you make. 


  • Let your intuition do the listening
  • Past, present and potential partners feature
  • Big benefits come via others

Partners past. Partners present. And yes, prospective partners and news and communication around these dominates this week for you, Capricorn. It’s all about you and others and remembering that 93% of all communication is non-verbal. That’s right. Talk is not just cheap but when it comes down to communicating, only a small part of what we say. Neptune retrogrades in your communication sector from the 19th and will remain in backwards motion until the end of November. Neptune can create confusion and misunderstandings. We can overlay what someone is saying with our own interpretation or just choose to not hear what they really mean. However, while we may have pressed that mental ‘edit’ button, our intuition which is reading the other 93% non-verbal messages, hears it loud and clear. It all depends on whether or not we are listening. Don’t allow the real meaning to get lost in translation. Go by what your gut tells you.

The Sun in your 7th brings a month-long focus on partnerships plus we have Mercury in here too impacting on Jupiter in your social 11th, that Neptune, Pluto in your 1st and the Sun highlighting the potential of the newly arrived Uranus in your love zone. It’s all about you and at least one other now. Benefits can come via any kind of partnership. A working relationship. A friend. An activity partner. Don’t just think of romantic possibilities. Hearing from someone from your past is possible with Neptune retro. As is receiving a business opportunity or chance to promote yourself and what you do. Lovers may be like no other you’ve encountered previously. Money, assets and what you earn, owe or value is in focus thanks to Venus and Mars in mutual reception by house in your chart. This could see you involved in a deal to boost your assets or worth. Again, it probably involves you and at least one other or a whole company of others. The talk may be cheap but it can lead to money in the bank this week.

In a nutshell: Tune in to what’s really being said especially when it comes to partners. You could be set to team up on a success-making venture. Listen carefully. And don’t go it alone now.


  • Go in hot pursuit of what you love
  • Are you on the money?
  • What you need vs. what you want

Keep a close eye on money issues and where it all goes now. I don’t like the word ‘budget’ as it sits right up there with ‘diet’. It comes pre-loaded with wagon-falling off potential from the outset. ‘Spending plan’ on the other hand says you are watching those pennies and prioritising without the associations of denial. So, let’s talk about that as Neptune heads retrograde in your money zone until the end of November. Time to be organised and establish what it is you need as opposed to what you just want to buy during this cycle. I could say spend on spiritual sustenance as well as physical. But don’t spend on escapism or lend money to others unless you can afford to wait for it –or even write it off entirely. The Sun’s entry into your 6th puts your energy into organisation and routines so that spending plan should come easy. New and innovative ways of earning money perhaps out of your home or doing business could arrive thanks to the Sun angling to ruler Uranus in your 4th.

Venus in your 7th makes an ‘opposites attract’ move on Mars in your 1st this week. Is love on your mind? This is one of those weeks where finding it may be easy. Perhaps because of that hot confidence, you are projecting along with the aura of someone who knows what they want? Venus in your 7th is all about attraction. But you’re not waiting for things to come to you. You are off in hot pursuit of those dreams – romantic or otherwise. Take action – and keep your funds for what you really need to bankroll now.

In a nutshell: It’s not about denial when it comes to your money, Aquarius. It’s about establishing spending priorities. When it comes to love however, this week could cash you up!


  • Dream different
  • What needs to be made real?
  • Kick start your quest for love

Ruler Neptune heads retrograde in your 1st this week and will stay that way until the end of November. The thing about your ruler is that it spends almost half the year going backwards. Time to dispel some confusion. Yes, we know your ruler is associated with escapism and fantasy. But in your 1st this will only happen if you deny your dreams. By that I mean your intensely personal dreams that makeup who you are. And if you had them they would make you more whole, more real, more integrated. So, your ruler heads backwards so much so you can do this dream-weaving during these periods. Go about dreaming those dreams but taking the steps to make them reality. When we do this, we are in the here and now, living our highest purpose and there is no need to escape!

Do those dreams involve romance? Glamour? Creativity? Fun? Are you turning a passion into a career? You can kick start your quest as the Sun enters your 5th sparking your time to shine for the next month. Mercury also in here could bring dream-making news angling towards Neptune. But wait and remember, it does need to become real. Make certain you know what is on offer be it in business or love. The Sun in your 5th angles to Uranus in your 3rd perhaps bringing an unusual lover or opportunity. If it’s like nothing you’ve been before – go for it. Dare to dream differently this week.

In a nutshell: Dreams are not a means of escape. They are pieces of your soul calling out to be made real. Dare to dream different – and to follow them for the rest of the year, Pisces.

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