8th July 2019 Weekly Astrology Forecast

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs June 11 2018


  • Leap in – let go
  • Set your soul stock values
  • Attract the love you believe you’re worth

Make decisions and then don’t worry about them this week, Aries. Strangely enough this is a week that favours your usual love warrior style which is all about affirmative action on your own behalf. Of course this does not mean you act selfishly. You’ve always that eye on the greater good – especially when it comes to those you care about. But that talent of yours to make decisions in the moment will stand you in good stead as the new Moon in your 3rd is all about new beginnings and one which may just require a spur of the moment decision. So, while other signs may benefit from thinking things through before acting – that’s not you now. The first choice you make is most probably the correct one. So make it and move forward.

Your self-worth and values play a major role in your ability to attract now. You’re finally free of the presence of Uranus in your sign who has moved on into Taurus and your house of money, assets, possessions and material splendour and sensuality in all its various forms. Hand in hand with those goes all those thoughts and feelings you may have around whether you are worth it or not. Time to look at how you feel as the barometer for what you can attract and experience. Venus rules your 2nd and this week enters your 5th of romance, attraction, children and all things playful and pleasure-related. How you feel about your worth sets the tone for what – or who, you attract. And what approaches may unexpectedly reveal just where you stand in the cosmic balance sheet. Value yourself above everything else as self-love is what sets your stock soaring this week.

In a nutshell: Follow that impulse when it comes to decisions now, Aries. Time to be a warrior for love on your own behalf. The love you have for you attracts its opposite in the big wide world now.


  • Connect to the current
  • Make a bold move towards freedom
  • Something new enhances your life

Hopefully, you are ringing in the changes now Taurus. At least when it comes to you and your money, possessions and on a very deep level, how you interact with the material world. There’s a bit of a boom or bust feel around you now. I keep on returning to the word ‘currency’ and how this applies to you on more than one level. We associate currency with money and methods of exchange. But there’s also the ‘currency’ of energy and electricity. It’s about being plugged into this and charging up like a dynamo. And also the flexibility of change you need to adjust when that ‘current’ takes you in another direction or changes course. New ways to handle your money and resources are being presented to you this week so be prepared. You will have a strong desire to plug yourself into that money current as the new Moon appears in your 2nd – perhaps at a new source.

Bold, brazen moves can be made now that enhance your security thanks to ruler Venus moving into your 4th. What you have to understand is that what worked for you in the past may no longer work for you now. Uranus’s arrival in your 1st points to a personal revolution occurring and a shift not only in your priorities and values, but how you earn your money and lifestyle too. You’re being asked to change what you believe keeps you secure but in fact, keeps you stuck or imprisoned. An unexpected change this week offers you the opportunity to do just that. Don’t resist it now.

In a nutshell: The cycle of change you’ve entered intensifies now. Time to look at what really enhances your security and what traps you. Plug yourself into the current of freedom now.


  • Showcase your secret self
  • Flirting is an art form
  • Know where you stand with love

What’s that new and secret self that’s trying to emerge, Gemini? The new Moon in your 1st is always the start of a fresh cycle. A time of rebirth where we can decide who we are for the coming year – and how we want to be seen. It’s all about your image now and how you see yourself. Need to make any adjustments? Deep down you may be desiring radical reinvention or change. If not around how you look then around how others see you. Time to set these in motion. This week sees ruler Mercury in your house of money, values and self-worth make an angle to the newly arrived Uranus in your 12th. Knowing you are worth or deserve so much more than you have been getting lately could form part of this birthday gift for you. As could the ability to take action if necessary.

When it comes to work, your ideas or selling yourself this week sees you in a position to make your very best impression thanks to Venus’s entry into your 3rd. It’s all about communication now and with Venus in here the talk has to turn to love. Finding out how someone feels about you one way or another is implicit in this. Along with elevating flirting to an art form. You may get more than one opportunity to practice this. Whether it’s with a person or with ideas. They could come out of the blue and quite literally regenerate everything from your image to your job or your love life this week. Follow your instincts this week as they will lead you towards what’s fresh and so totally you.

In a nutshell: There’s a new you waiting to emerge this week, Gemini. And a new way of loving and knowing what you need. Showcase those changes as the world is waiting!


  • Ditch that dull routine!
  • Set the direction of your dreams
  • Want romance, fun and success? Get yourself noticed

Get out of that rut now, Cancer. Have you wandered into one unawares? Mercury’s arrival in your 1st this week shows you where your ideas around your personal routine may need some upgrading. Or should I say uplifting? The new Moon in your 12th opens up the ability to tune into insight around this. You need to be open and honest with yourself about what needs to change – and then follow through with action. This may not involve massive upheavals but minor adjustments which bring about big changes.

You love the bright lights and have to boogie now that Venus moves from your 1st and into her ruling 2nd. More money could be on its way but along with this the desire to spend it on fun, pleasure and ways to get yourself noticed especially if you are seeking love. I’m not saying that this may not be your best investment now – especially if you are looking for love or want to express your show-stopping creativity. However, please remember that Venus in here can draw more money to you but see it going out just as fast – or often faster, than it comes in. With Uranus sitting in its ruling 11th of your goals, wishes, dreams and your social life, whatever your goal is now, it is time to put yourself out there. Of course, this also means you can no longer hide away in that rut. One beneficial move could set in a chain reaction that leads to romance, money or work success now.

In a nutshell: Dull? That’s just not your destiny now, Cancer. Follow your intuition out of that rut and into a new cycle of romance, fun and getting yourself noticed!


  • Be what it is you want to attract
  • Get out of hermit mode
  • Your stock is set to rise

Time to put yourself out there. And to make an effort to socialise. Not just with the people you already know but to expand your social and professional circles. The new Moon in your 11th is saying it’s time to live a lot more than you may have been recently. It’s also time to be asking yourself what you really want as this is also your house of goals.  New friendships and connections can be made and I am talking about real-world interactions and not how many followers or friend requests you may receive (although those may increase). Examine your current social circle for resonance. Are you still on the same wavelength? Or have you outgrown some connections? If your social life has lapsed into the lacklustre lately now is the time to do something about it. Know that it’s all down to you. This is your life and only you can take action or change things. Goals need action or else they remain just dreams.

All this happens just before the arrival of Venus in your 1st. Time to evaluate your personal stock and how it has risen or fallen since Venus last paid you a visit. Are you up in value or feeling down? Venus is about attraction and self-worth. If we don’t feel attractive then we cannot attract. Venus in our 1st pulls new people towards us so you have a touch of extra allure when it comes to meeting new people now. This includes potential lovers as Venus rules our love life. So, be Venus and if you don’t feel like love personified then upgrade that allure. This extends to how good you feel about your professional image too. All this adds up to people sitting up and taking notice of you in new ways this week.

In a nutshell: Polish up that allure and don’t stay home now. New friends, new lovers, new contacts are waiting to find you. See and be seen in new ways – and new places this week, Leo.


  • Make that connection
  • Friends shape your destiny
  • Add some drama and make all the right moves

You’re in a social mood thanks to the arrival of ruler Mercury in your 11th. A connection may surface now that could have a big effect on your future. Certainly it is destined to free you on some level and provide a powerful awakening around something you have been missing. Mercury will make a wonderful angle to Uranus in your 9th from what is Uranus’s ruling house. There’s a feeling of liberation involved here as you step free of something that has been holding you back- and this person could just be the catalyst for that. Mercury will also angle to Saturn in your 5th of romance and attraction this week. The person you meet may be older or younger by some years but don’t forget, it’s the age of the soul that matters. This could have romantic potential but if so, this may take some time to emerge. But what is promised is a long term connection where the other person brings you unlooked for benefits.

There may also be a sense of karma and timing about this as Venus enters your 12th house of all things mysterious, mystic and a little bit spiritual. Expect those you already know to show their true feelings one way or another. And what you see may surprise you. This links you to past loves and past lives. This week’s new Moon takes place in your status-enriching 10th opening up doors to fresh career opportunities or past blockages to progress. Time to make any changes especially if they involve going after the rewards or the recognition you may not be getting but know you deserve. Add a little drama and dress to impress. Others are watching and waiting for your next move.

In a nutshell: This week could kick-start an important new connection. One that is destined to impact on your life in ways you can’t yet imagine! Friend or lover? Or maybe both!


  • Break free of restrictions
  • Step into a starring role
  • New relationship opportunities appear

By now you should have been feeling the release into a new phase of life that may just have echoes of an old one. No, that is not the contradiction it seems, Libra. The past month may have seen you pick up the threads of the past and re-weave them to create something more relevant for yourself in the present. All this takes you forward to a place where you can begin to operate free of the restrictions you may have had to work within over the past few years. This may especially apply to your work or career thanks to Mercury facilitating career progress from the 12th. The new Moon in your 9th the following day has you looking at how things are and realising they just won’t do anymore. With restrictions easing you can now take whatever actions you need to in order to put yourself firmly back into the flow of life once more. This is a good time to plan for travel or plan for anything that is set to expand your world.

Have you also been hiding behind the scenes or just hidden from view? Again, you may have felt you’ve ended up washed up and castaway far from sight. A bright centre to the universe? Pop culture references aside, you truly may have begun to feel you were at stranded at the place this was farthest from. This may have cut across several areas but has most probably been operating on the love/money axis. Sound familiar? That’s now set to change as ruler Venus enters your 11th bringing you new and unexpected relationship opportunities with added benefits. Yes, those kind too. Dealing with people on a grand scale is also favoured as is the feeling you’re ready for your close up – finally.

In a nutshell: Feel you’ve been stuck back stage? In a supporting role?  Hidden from view? All that is set to change this week. Welcome back to the spotlight where you belong, Libra.


  • Sell yourself
  • Make that first impression count
  • Life takes a surprising turn

Start selling. Yourself. Your ideas. Your dreams. But without selling out, obviously. It’s time to make agreements – for study, for business, and for yourself when it comes to fulfilling your dreams. Mercury in your 9th favours signing contracts, big business and travel. And it begins with the contract you have with yourself. About what you want to see, do and experience. And also not to sell yourself short. This is very different to faking it till you make it or bigging up your experience or abilities. It’s about knowing that you need to do justice to what you genuinely have to offer. And chances are this is exactly what someone out there is looking for and needs right now. Time to apply for that job or even that long term course of study as Venus is about to enhance your status-driven 10th from the 13th ensuring you make the best possible impression on those hiring or in a position to open doors.

The 13th also brings a powerful new Moon in your 8th. Negotiations, mortgages, loans, shared resources and what you have at your disposal – yours and other people’s money, take on a fresh perspective. You could be about to see your life pivot and turn around for the better in a totally unexpected way. How you handle those resources or negotiate around them may have a role to play here. But now is you moment to try something new to get a different outcome than you may have done for in the past. This comes from a place of self-empowerment and a ‘What do I have to lose’ mindset. All you have to lose now is your limitations and anything about your current situation you want to change. That’s all the more reason to sell yourself in this week.

In a nutshell: Life could take a turn for the better now especially when it comes to money or your work. Adopt a ‘dare to do’ attitude because you’ve got everything to gain and only restrictions to lose!


  • New mood, new love – new life!
  • Fund that dream
  • Opportunity is waiting for you to find it

News could put a new spin on your future – especially when it comes to work and money thanks to Mercury’s entry into your 8th. You’re no pushover now when it comes to negotiations and have the facts and figures to back up your position. A new and more challenging job could be on the cards for some Sagittarians and as usual, you will be looking at this to fund some bigger dream you have been nurturing. Consider this backing or your seed money.

This week’s new Moon appears in your partnership zone. New beginnings are whispered of around love and if that is what you are looking for now – or any kind of meaningful connection, this Moon wants to nudge you ‘out there’ to where it (or they) can be found. This marks the start of a month of personal magnetism so please use this. You are in a position to attract a new relationship or even a whole new set of personal circumstances. Provided you know what is it you want. Otherwise all you’ll attract is more of the same. That you don’t want. Venus in your 9th points to a lucky break not just with love but with your money too. Where’s that luck lurking? With all things Sag ruled. You know where to look.

In a nutshell: New beginnings, new connections, new love. But you have to go find it. Time to get out and explore those opportunities that are waiting for you this week, Sag.


  • Love talk gets serious
  • What’s that mind/body/work connection?
  • Set yourself up for success

The talk turns to partnerships of all descriptions this week. Not just the marriage or long term love kind but the business and friendship kind too. Are you getting what you need in terms of emotional support? The talk could turn serious. Are you feeling loved? Reassured? Mercury opposing your ruler Saturn in your 1st has you opening up about those needs without feeling embarrassed about them. You could also be looking at whether your current relationship is able to give you what you need without getting emotional or needy about it. Your matter of fact approach means nobody needs to feel bad. Just more enlightened about what makes each other tick. Venus in your 8th means you’re able to look deep into the soul of your relationship. This only applies to existing ones however. Venus in here can bring in something new, hot and incredibly intense. The ‘soul’ of the relationship may yet to emerge however so for now – just go with the heat of the moment.

This week’s new Moon in your 6th brings in new themes around health, work and wellbeing. Certainly you’ll be exploring the mind/body/work connection and be left in no doubt about how these operate in your life. If you have been constantly feeling drained lately, this new Moon will allow you to see exactly what it is that is making you feel this way – and also show you the way to get rid of it. Starting or applying for a new job is favoured now if that daily grind has become just that. Your body is a reflection of what is going on in not just your mind, but your world. Are you working in harmony with it – or not? Working with it rather than against it sets you up for success further down the track now.

In a nutshell: Time to some straight talk when it comes to love and what you want from partners.  Sizzling encounters snare singles. Explore that mind/body/soul connection now.


  • New opportunities are loaded with long term promise
  • What’s your moving experience?
  • Get lucky!

Ruler Uranus has been in your 4th for a month this week. Even if you don’t intend to move any time soon chances are you have some changes planned even if they only run so far as to rearrange your living space. However, changes around work or even relationships could result in lifestyle chances as you adapt to accommodate new people and new opportunities. Mercury arrives in its ruling 6th this week and this boosts Uranus’s influence to bring about change. So, if house moving experiences aren’t on your horizon, then job changes may be. Certainly your daily routine will be undergoing a minor revolution at this point. Do you have habits you know you should probably kick but don’t? You could well ditch them now and replace them with something more liberating.

This week’s fabulous new Moon lights up your romance zone plus you have Venus, planet of love, moving into her ruling 7th. All this adds up to the fact that changes brought about by love may be the most surprising of all. If you’re looking for love this new Moon puts you places where love can find you. Lucky coincidences may even form part of this with invitations or excuses to get out and have fun paving the way. Venus in her ruling 7th adds long term promise to anything that begins now. Others could see new work alliances appear and a fresh opportunity to shine. If love is the change that has been overdue lately, get ready to make your move.

In a nutshell: Love could be the change you’ve been looking for. Or the catalyst that brings about changes in other areas. Whether it comes in the form of a lover – or an opportunity.


  • Unexpected good news propels you into opportunity
  • Stay focussed
  • Your thoughts could just become reality

Mercury in your 5th usually means good news, dealing with those younger than you and opportunities to play and have fun. Mercury adds to your flirt factor – as well as dropping opportunities to do just that right in your path. Expected good news or an invitation could send you headfirst onto the party circuit or put you in a position where you can show off what you can do or showcase those ideas. Just watch out for a tendency to overlook the essential but small details however. But provided you don’t lose sight of these, Mercury hands you the ability to turn any task into fun and adds an engaging playfulness to all your interactions. And that includes the business ones. Your obviously enthusiasm means you can win hearts and minds when it comes to selling your ideas – or just you for that matter.

This week’s new Moon appears in the Moon’s ruling house and has you looking at home, family and security issues. Where you call home and who you share that with will be increasingly important now. Women will feature – if not your mother then a woman connected to your business or work may offer you an opportunity that could benefit you in the long ter. Venus enters your 6th of work, routine and wellbeing also on the 13th enhancing business and work related finance as well as your relationships with bosses, co-workers and clients alike. Again stay focussed on your job and those details. Don’t allow yourself to be drawn into office gossip now or spend too much time chatting. Be seen as someone who can get the job done. You’re working towards something better this week.

In a nutshell: Anticipate good things and they could just manifest now. This especially applies to your work. Act like what you want has already arrived this week and it may appear sooner than you think!

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