Weekly Astrology Forecast for all Signs July 20 2020

Weekly astrology

Weekly Astrology Forecast for all Signs July 20 2020


Life wants to take you in a new direction

Does opportunity look familiar?

Release yourself into freedom – and love

An important and soul-setting new Moon appears in its ruling 4th in your chart on the 20th. So, get ready for a destiny-driven long term phase in your life to begin.

Set your intentions and start your engines!

You of all signs aren’t afraid to forge your own path, Aries. But this week allows you to see if someone else has been influencing your direction. This is a new Moon which always wants your life or lifestyle to flow in a new direction. The fact that it opposes retro Saturn in its ruling 10th in your chart tells you two things. 1: Time to create a new foundation on some level and 2: This may involve a second-time around opportunity to ‘get it right’. So, set your intentions and be prepared for a shift!

Change the game – and the rules

Standing on your own two feet, owning your path and above all, doing it your way are important sub-themes this week. When Vesta is active in our charts we may be looking at gender issues or someone else pulling our strings. The same day as the new Moon sees Vesta also in your 4th trine Neptune in its ruling 12th. Have you been living your life on someone else’s terms?

Vesta also opposes Jupiter in your 10th on the 22nd – the same day as the Sun enters your house of glamification. Your 5th. This could offer you a release from restrictions – especially if they have been imposed by someone else and an opportunity to hear towards expansion, fun and freedom. You may have had this chance before but hesitated. If it appears again, even in a different form – don’t.

Flow your own way!

Mercury also exits retroshadow on the 26th. In your 4th this puts career maters, moves and property dealings back on the agenda. Or just sees you realising you don’t need anyone else’s permission to go after what you want. The recent conjunction between Mars and Chiron in your sign should have showed the need to go your own way, Aries. Whether it’s around home, work or love now – this week is your green light.

In a nutshell: Life wants to take you in a fresh direction. Are you ready to let it flow? If you wake up to realise you’ve been playing by someone else’s rules this week – time to write your own, Aries!



Ideas set you on a path to freedom

Escape the mundane

Taking care of business brings release

Writing, publishing, speaking, teaching, learning, researching, the internet and even getting around are all highlighted by this week’s new Moon in your 3rd, Taurus.

Not only that, this week sees Mercury which rules this house, clear its retroshadow in it. Ideas, business, news and what you have to say is all important now. Especially if you have been feeling that life is confined and constrained. But in a way that precedes lockdown. This is a week where opportunities begin to appear and restrictions can lift.

Answer the call to freedom

This new Moon delivers the potential for long term freedom and change. This is due to it opposing Saturn in your 9th. Yes, Saturn restricts. But retrograde in your 9th combined with this Moon it offers an opportunity for long term change provided this is based on constructive desire and not escapism. In other words – a plan and a map!

Ideas, what you communicate or one piece of news could provide this. You’ll certainly be aware of that restrictions you need to transcend now. Chances are they have been in place for a while and you have patiently given your all. Dust off that courage and take care of business or changes close to home as the Sun sashays into your 4th of all things domestic on the 22nd.

Be the next happening thing

You’ve a craving now for either something bigger or the time to pursue what is close to your heart. What’s the big idea, Taurus? It could be you, that side hustle, idea or project that has simply got swallowed by all things mundane. Or you being expected to take on more than your fair share.

Vesta in your 3rd highlights issues around this as it trines Neptune in your house of goals, friends and the future on the 20th. And then creates an opportunity making angle to Jupiter on the 22nd. Ditch domesticity if you are being asked to take on more than your fair share. And sacrifice those dreams or who you are in the process. This week wants you to take an idea you have and run with it, Taurus. Chart your course to satisfaction and a fresh sense of freedom this week.

In a nutshell: What has come between you and those dreams, Taurus? Time to confront this. And to have a map and a plan to get where you need to go. Freedom is calling this week!



Work the power of gratitude

Reinvest in soul worth

Get some fierce confidence!

With ruler Mercury ending its retroshadow mayhem on the 26th in your 2nd, and a new Moon in here on the 20th, its time to begin anew when it comes to relating to what you have. And broadcast those values.

This begins with gratitude and communicating your worth, Gemini. Appreciating what we have always brings us more to appreciate. It’s all very well to hum along to ‘I don’t care too much for money’. But if you can’t care for money, it won’t care for you much either. It’s also worth nothing of course that the guys who wrote that were millionaires.

Make a soul re-investment

So, sing a new tune when it comes to taking care of your resources. And knowing your worth. This new Moon combined with Mercury stepping back into the light can bring in a new source of income, job or side-hustle. Or just you re-evaluating the price you put on your skills, time, expertise and even yes, emotional investment in others. Are you getting back what you put in?

Are you being treated at least equally or being rewarded in a way which reflects your worth? There’s a call-out this week to work within a budget or use what you have more efficiently due to this new Moon opposing retro Saturn in your 8th.

Ask with fierce self-assurance

You also have Vesta in your 2nd and this trines Neptune in your 10th on the 20th and opposes retro Jupiter in your 8th on the 22nd. You need to come from a place of fierce self-worth certainty when negotiating anything now. Be this who does the chores or takes care of the kids, to that pay rise or simply how people show you that you are valued.

The 22nd also sees the Sun arrive in your 3rd opening up speaking, asking, writing, communication, getting around and the internet. Words and the world on-line are your playground now your ruler escapes from the shadows. Got something to say, apply for, launch or ask? Words are your superpower now. Especially when backed with those values and that gratitude. So, bring these out into the light, Gemini.

In a nutshell: Get ready to launch. Ruler Mercury steps out of the shadows into the light this week. That’s right where you belong too, Gemini. And showcasing those values and self-worth for all to see.



Project yourself and watch love light up

Step into a big, bold relating cycle

Set your expectations for the next 12 months

Ready for your close up, Glamazon? Sure, we start the week in the final days of your birthday cycle. That doesn’t mean the spotlight is necessarily off you however. Because even if your official birthday cycle ends when the Sun enters your 2nd on the 22nd, we are looking at serious after-party action this week, Cancer!

Light up!

First, your extra special birthday new Moon makes it debut on the 20th. Plus you have Mercury moving out of the shadows and back into direct light in your 1st on the 26th. You new cycle should have marked an extraordinary opportunity to plan a relaunch, rebirth or much needed glamification. To set some new intentions for the coming year. This is now your cue to take action and launch yourself.

This new Moon opposes Saturn in your 7th. It’s making a final re-visit in here. And asking how you’re doing when it comes to self-doubts? They should have no place in your future. Especially when it comes to love and relationships, Cancer.

Know you’re enough

Ditch any insecurities. Time to run rings around the competition. And if there is a contest going on as to which sign is the most fabulous – you got this. Changing your look or simply the energy you are putting out there will get you noticed. What is the double act you need more of or what to draw to you?

The Sun in your 2nd on the 22nd wants you to tap into self-belief and werk that feeling of freshly minted fabulousness. It’s stemming for a fresh sense of self-belief. Of optimism and renewed faith in yourself and your future.

Let’s talk love and the opportunity to explore a new dimension in relationships. Vesta continues its staycation in your 1st. It trines Neptune in your house of big dreams and spiritual quests on the 20th. Then on the 22nd it opposes Jupiter in your house of long-term love and dynamic duos.

Vesta always brings up how equal we are or feel. All this confidence and self-worthiness could see a new chapter open in an existing relationship. Or one that reflects that re-launch persona that’s looking for a new leading squeeze. Set those expectations higher in love. And for the coming year, Cancer.

In a nutshell: That confident fierceness is something you need to showcase, Cancer. Sure, your birthday season is drawing to a close. But a new you goes hand-in-hand with new beginnings.



Focus and you will attract

Be the love you want in the next year

Happy birthday, Leo!

If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love someone else? Let’s talk about Leo destiny as we welcome your ruler the Sun into your sign on the 22nd. Because if you are a Leo then you need to know that whatever you want in live flows from learning to love yourself.

Attraction follows focus

This isn’t about ego. It’s about self-love and letting you out to play and be you. And that feel good-vibe this generates then radiates out to everyone around you. Don’t we all want to bask in the sun? Of course, we do! When you love yourself, everyone wants to be around you. And the more love you feel, the more you have to share.

This year’s theme for you is Be the love. Just prior to your new cycle we have a secretive new Moon in your 12th on the 20th. This new Moon has a quality of attraction to it that can get overlooked. It appears in your house of the past. So, between now and the new Moon in your 1st next month, what you may discover is that you attract what you have thought about for a long time. Especially as this new Moon opposes Saturn re-visiting your 6th.

Swap out that perspective

As well as this new Moon in your 12th, this week also sees Mercury jetting out of retroshadow on the 26th. Vesta in your 12th can bring up hidden undercurrents in both working and personal relationships. As well as the odd closet sexist. Or if this has been a pattern in past relationships, you’ll now be able to identify it. And shower yourself with self-love forgiveness. The truth sets you free. And history isn’t repeating from here on in thanks to the Vesta trine to Neptune in your change sector on the 20th. So, that new Moon delivers the perspective or truth you’ve been hoping for.

Vesta also opposes Jupiter in your 6th on the same day as your birthday love fest kicks off. Watch for an opportunity to come from self-love. And put a new spin on an old situation as you do. The next 12 months is all about the love, Leo. You have the gift so share it.

In a nutshell: Happy love returns, Leo! The next 12 months is all about the love. What you have to give to others and most importantly, to yourself. You’re the gift that keeps on giving all year long!



Who you know shapes your future

Friendships and goals get a fresh perspective

Crowd source goal getting success!

The new Moon in our 11th is never one we should underestimate. Because it holds the key to our future. And the one which appears on the 20th has extra long-term importance.

Dream team assemble!

Nobody gets to their future alone. This new Moon marks commitment or recommitment to a vision or goal. You’re in for the long haul now. So, who is going with you? Because this week also marks the yearly start of your soul declutter when the Sun enters your 12th on the 22nd. So, expect goals and connections to show you whether they still hold resonance for you or not.

You’ve been doing a lot of growing so time to see who or what continues to support, remain relevant and love you. And what you have achieved during the past year too. Who helped or supported you? Friendships will be locked in with this new Moon as it opposes Saturn. And if love or getting serious about it forms one of those goals, then again, who you know may be your Cupid in disguise. Especially now ruler Mercury clears retroactive shadow after the 26th.

Make time equal

Friends of one specific gender could feature now or the power of the group you join. This week sees Vesta also in your 11th align with Neptune in your 7th. Settleds need to ensure that social time is shared along with domestic duties evenly. Vesta opposes Jupiter in your romance zone on the 22nd. Single? Ask your group if they know anyone. Others could see doors to other opportunities open via a particular group or circle. Whatever you are trying to achieve, get or source, chances are a contact via a gender specific group or circle could provide the key. That’s the power of the dream team.

In a nutshell: With ruler Mercury clearing retroshadow in your 11th, connections and goals escape lockdown woes. Time to revive an old goal. Or set a new one. Who you know forms part of the game plan, Virgo.



CEO your destiny

Success is in the details

Serious moves demand serious self-belief

Home and career factors are intrinsically linked in our charts. This week brings you a need focus and a door opening opportunity. It’s all down to your confidence to push forward and go for it, Libra.

This week sees Mercury clear its backroom, behind the scenes retroshadow in your 10th from the 26tth. But your real pointer to upgrading that status is the new Moon in here on the 20th. It also opposes Saturn which rules this house in the Moon’s ruling 4th in your chart.

Time for a new kind of success story

Being the sign of harmony and balance, you will have noticed from this that both the Moon and Saturn are in one another’s houses. So, they are intent on working together. Saturn is retro but this is a new Moon. Watch for second time around chances where you can leverage what you have already achieved in the past. These two are having a power confab which could bring in long term improvements when it comes to career or living arrangements.

The trick is taking yourself seriously and not just knowing what you want to achieve. But believing that you can. Project self-authorship. You get to write your future now. Above all, don’t settle or be undermined. This week also sees the Sun offer opportunities to stand out and grant goals as it lands in your 11th on the 22nd.

The small stuff matters

Time to create something which supports you on a daily basis – mind, body and soul. Neptune in your 6th says you need a routine. This week sees Vesta also in your 10th trine it. Get organised. Have a ‘To do’ list and a schedule. If you create this you will find how much more smoothly life goes as a result. Take care of the every day details as they form part of a bigger picture. Vesta is all about duty but also working within a gender-biased group. Or negatively, being made to conform to rules or expectations based on nothing more than your gender.

CEO, OOO,OOO,OOO your future!

Watch for undercurrents around this now. But as Vesta opposes Jupiter in your 4th on the 22nd, be on the lookout for opportunities – especially if they come via women or are in an area dominated by one particular gender. And have the confidence to step forward and say ‘Yes’ when they appear. Even if you don’t have two pennies to rub together, act like billionaire-dom is a given for you now. You need to be seen as someone who works it like a boss. So, step into those bigger designer shoes this week, Libra.

In a nutshell: Take a fresh approach to home or career matters, Libra. Know what you want to achieve and have a personal business plan for your future. Doors are opening to a better deal.



Use that soul experience

Get ready to impress

You’re on show!

Ready to stand out, phoenix? This week is all about getting yourself noticed. And about striking out in a bold new direction.

Fire up that fierceness! Like your ancient symbol, the phoenix, it’s time to soar to freedom and to begin to leave lockdown ashes behind you. Even if this begins metaphorically. Chances are you will end up taking a real journey which reflects this shortly.

Get yourself noticed for all the right reasons

Mercury clears retroshadow time in your 9th of expansion, opportunity, learning, travel and foreign affairs of all descriptions from the 26th. This clears the way for all things Mercury ruled to flow. Such as business, getting around, communication, study, writing and the internet. And these areas get ‘supersized’ in your 9th.

What you’ve learned creates opportunity

The real ticket to freedom is the new Moon in your 9th on the 20th. It falls opposite Saturn which is paying a retroactive visit to your 3rd. It’s asking you to check your bearing and apply what you have learned so far. Especially if progress in a key area is your desire. If you have applied the lessons you have learned from your past correctly, you are about to see doors open as if by magic. Still stuck? Then you will be held in a holding pattern until you ‘get it’. So, are you shifting to high gear or spinning your wheels? Hopefully the former, phoenix!

Don’t get disheartened if you feel you are still encountering blocks to progress. Showing the universe you have taken on board what you need to can be done with a thought process. So, remember that. The Sun’s arrival in your 10th asks you hold your head high and project an image of someone who knows what they want – and all they have to offer. You are going to be noticed now by people that matter. VIP’s, bosses, people in positions of influence, authority and decision makers. This is your house of public image and reputation so you need to be aware of this at all times.

Love needs an equal footing

Knowing what you want and not ‘settling’ is your key to getting what you want. Vesta also in your 9th trines Neptune in your 5th on the 20th and opposes Jupiter in your 3rd on the 22nd. Jupiter of course, rules your 9th. First, if seeking love ensure you and that potential squeeze share the same values before throwing your heart after your hat into the ring. Especially when it comes to gender issues and equality.

Second, you need to be ready to take on a bigger role if offered. Or to take an opportunity which may require you to step outside your comfort zone. You don’t need anyone’s ‘permission’ any more to do this. If you are offered something, it is because you have proved you are ready for it. Don’t second guess this, phoenix. Or yourself for that matter.

In a nutshell: Suit up, Scorpio! Time to work that superpower. That’s your capacity to be reborn in a new form. Or author yourself a new path. It all begins with learning. And self-belief this week.



Move from lack to limitless

Depart from restrictions

Bank on that dream

Think about words like ‘departure’ and ‘destination’, Sag. Yes, I know I am touching on the area closest to every Sagittarians big, beating heart. Travel.

Where do you want to go next?

Those two words usually see your pulse rise and you reaching for that passport and heading to the airport. One Sag friend of mine used to say she would already be planning the next adventure as she sat in the departure lounge waiting to embark on the current one! Lately however, almost all Sagittarians have been chafing at having those wings clipped by Rona restrictions. Plus we can also say both Mercury retrograde in your 8th and ruler Jupiter also backwards in your trip bank-rolling Saturn has dampened that Sag optimism and spirit of adventure.

Move away from restrictions

I cannot promise that this week will release you from the lockdown blues. But it may at least shine the light at the end of the tunnel on you. And no, that is not the locomotive heading towards you. As well as Mercury ending its shadowy retro-phase in your 8th on the 26th, you have a new Moon in your ‘other’ money house on the 20th. This is where ‘departure’ and ‘destination’ feature.

This new Moon falls opposite Saturn making a final visit to your main money house where ruler Jupiter also resides. Saturn has been causing a lot of restrictions for the past couple of years. Money may have been tight or hard to come by. You may have had to do more with less. Working with what you have however has earned you credit at the Bank of Karma – which is the astro equivalent of Gringotts and which Saturn rules. So, you may see this new Moon as the beginning of you departing from budgetary blues and into a Go Fund My Bucketlist opportunity.

Working with what you have earns interest

You are being asked how powerful and authoritative you believe you are in directing your financial future or attracting the resources you need to fund it. Vesta in your 8th trines Neptune in your 4th on the same day as the new Moon appears. The Moon rules your 4th, don’t forget. Freedom begins at home with your lifestyle and how you are living. This includes freedom from worries. Especially around money or security.

Vesta opposes ruler Jupiter on the 22nd. The very same day as the Sun lands in Jupiter’s ruling 9th in your chart. Pack your bags and launch or go after that money making idea, better paying job or simply the confidence to reach for a new surety when it comes to backing those dreams with what you are capable of making. If you’re learned from your restrictions, watch the doors to the freedom vault swing wide this week.

In a nutshell: Those restrictions may have felt confining, Sag. But if you’ve learned to work with them rather than against them, this week could reward you with a well-earned glimpse of freedom!



Dare to suggest a brand new beginning

Dynamic duos and double acts feature

Put a ring around love!

There’s no doubt you have been putting in a gold-medal performance when it comes to love and partnership matters over the past few years, Capricorn. This week marks another opportunity at new beginnings when it comes to long term links. Be they of the marriage/live-in variety, business or working partnerships, that bff or that frenemy.

Relate to who’s been on your mind lately

Chances are you’ve been going back and forth over one particular connection during Mercury’s retrocycle in your 7th. helped by the Sun in here. The 22nd sees the Sun exit this house and land in your change and sizzling sexiness sector. While Mercury itself finally clears retroshadow on the 26th.

So, set yourself some new intentions in love and above all, follow through as the new Moon appears in here on the 20th. For some, this may be having a conversation they have been putting off. For others, this could signify the start of a search for that perfect ‘other half’. Backed by you knowing exactly who or what you need now. It’s time to commit or consciously un-couple yourself as this new Moon opposes ruler Saturn. Back in your 1st for a final ring-in-the-changes visit before heading back to your 2nd for good. So, no more procrastination when it comes to what you now need to do in the name of love.

Leave the silence lockdown behing

This touches on self-love too. Have you been keeping schtum about something you secretly know is unfair? No more settling to keep silent as Vesta also in your 7th, trines Neptune in your 3rd highlighting not just any inequalities between you and someone else, but the need to tackle these. A better, fairer and more balanced union is in the offing as a result as Vesta goes on to oppose Jupiter in your 1st on the 22nd.

Don’t be afraid to initiate the new start yourself, Capricorn. It could all begin with a conversation. Or an email or swipe if we are talking about a working relationship or that potential love. It’s time to be proactive this week when it comes to talking or even making the changes around relationships that you need.

In a nutshell: New beginnings in love throw up fresh possibilities when it comes to you and someone else. Past, present and potential partnerships are in focus. So, let’s talk togetherness this week, Cappy!



Embrace surrender

Letting go is an act of wellbeing

Get love ready!

In some mysterious way, this week life wants to show you that it isn’t meant to be a struggle. Buddha tells us that struggle creates suffering. You’ve aiming not just for surrender this week. By transcendence. Flying free. So, keep an open mind about events no matter what they look like.

Harness the power of letting go

Fix what you can fix, and what you can’t fix, or have no control over, then let go. It’s a time of trust for you as the new Moon appears in your 6th of daily life and also wellbeing. In fact, we do need to talk about wellness and what your inner voice is telling you that you need to do, change or yes, stop the struggle over now. Struggle even on a soul level impacts on our immune system. Those thoughts or feelings around what we ‘should’ be doing. Or those energy drains. If you have identified what these are, move away from them and towards wellness as this new Moon opposes Saturn which is all about boundaries and what you are and aren’t willing to work with or endure any more.

It doesn’t have to make sense to work

Neptune always hands us insight. Sometimes this may have no apparent basis in fact but turns out to be right anyway. It’s in your house of self-worth and Vesta also in your 6th, gives you an moment of insight into what has simply become too much like hard work on the 20th. The follow-through from Vesta two days later as it opposes Jupiter in your house of seering truth, could just hand you an opportunity to step free of this once and for all.

Ditch the hard work – go with the flow

Mercury rules your 6th and finally exits its retroshadow on the 26th. So, charging up that daily business in the form of work or a routine which supports you gets the green light. As do changes around this. Your philosophical attitude of letting go when you know you have done all you can, or simply understanding you have no control over the situation anyway, conserves the wonderful essence of you for what’s more important.

Of course I’m talking love. Or simply what you adore doing. The Sun’s entry into your 7th on the 22nd is not just about partnerships. But any connection that uplifts and makes you feel good. You only have so many resources, Aquarius. So direct these towards love and what’s effortless now.

In a nutshell: What you resist, persists, Aquarius. So, if something (or someone) isn’t changing despite those efforts, let go. Surrender just could be your superpower this week. It’s other name is love.



What’s that love forecast predicting?

The law of attraction and fate are in sync

Get the small stuff out of the way – and enjoy the big stuff!

First up – a question, Pisces. What is your intuition telling you about the next chapter when it comes to love, children or attraction? Because chances are you have been picking up messages around just what the future is about to deliver in these key areas.

Of course, ruler Neptune plays a role here. Beaming in those fast-forward love future previews when it trines Vesta in your fabulizing 5th on the 20th. Plus you have a new Moon of serious new beginnings in your 5th on the 20th. This is a new Moon of attraction and fate. Time for love? Saturn opposing it in your 11th says so.

Love has so many avenues to explore

Babies, children, godchildren, your adult children or even that lover who could bring you experiences around parenting or step-parenting, could be feature. As could allowing love to enter your life via what you love to do in the form of hobbies, pastimes, activities and creative self-expression. Jupiter opposing Vesta from your 11th on the 22nd could usher in an influential and long term working or personal relationship.

Fate irons out the bumps

Speed bumps to romance could flatten now Mercury clears retroshadow in your 5th from the 26th. Holidays or socially distanced mini breaks could also be back on the calendar now. The Sun enters Mercury’s ruling 6th on the 22nd. Putting the focus onto your daily work (paid or unpaid), your routine and your wellbeing. You may make wellness a priority now or initiate chances around diet, exercise etc. probably because you’re seeing the need to sparkle now. Think of this as getting fit to prepare for what you know love is about to deliver, Pisces!

In a nutshell: What’s the heads-up you’re receiving around love, Pisces? Or something you adore doing? Ruler Neptune hands you a preview of what’s to come. Flash forward to the future now!

Weekly Astrology July 20th 2020 Forecast for All Signs

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