16th July 2018 Weekly Astrology Forecast

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs July 2 2019


  • Changes bring benefits
  • Tap into your inner ‘knowing’
  • Second time around for romance or fun feature!

Beneficial changes beam in that enhance your long term security and which could transform your domestic situation. All thanks to a wonderful angle between the Sun presently in your 4th, Jupiter in your 8th and Neptune in your 12th. Getting in touch with what you need, tapping into your ‘roots’ and also intuition, allows you to tune into what you really want and how you want to live. Taking some time out now, even if you are faced with some kind of move or success, may form a necessary part of this process as it is all about setting your intention and aligning yourself with what you want to achieve for the rest of the year. Inner ‘knowing’ and wisdom have a vital role to play in all of this so please don’t ignore them. Strangely enough, if you heed your inner voice and take some ‘me’ time out, you can end up producing your best work this year – or put yourself firmly on the road towards success for the rest of it. Don’t fight the impulse.

Ruler Mars remains retrograde in your 11th so this is another factor you need to consider as you may not feel like socialising quite so much as you usually do. However, Mercury in your 5th may deliver an irresistible invitation or opportunity to come out and play. If this happens, you might want to leave your fortress of creativity and solitude and venture out. Especially if this involves people or places you haven’t seen in a while. There’s the possibility of a reconnection opportunity on offer. But you’ll instinctively know if you need to RSVP in the positive, or stay with that process of creating that future path.

In a nutshell: Positive changes could impact not only on your living arrangements but your work too. Reconnections are possible this week. Who or what are you missing, Aries?

5 Jul 2018 SUN TRINE  JUPITER (4th House to 8th House)

5 Jul 2018 MERCURY OPPOSITION  MARS (5th House to 11th House)

8 Jul 2018 SUN TRINE  NEPTUNE (4th House to 12th House)


  • Share your feelings , ideas and yourself!
  • Set your intention to love
  • Take time with decisions

Career matters are on a slow burn now due to Mars being retrograde in your 10th. However, those of you who have been working long and diligently – and what Taurus doesn’t? could get some news they have been waiting for. However, you’re not about to leap into anything and will think decisions through carefully. Whatever you do now, share your feelings especially if you have something on your mind. Becoming a recluse or shutting down is going to cause people to misunderstand you – which will only make matters worse. If you have been sitting on a business or work-related idea, now is the time to share that too. It won’t do you – or others, any good if you keep it to yourself.

The Sun in your 3rd highlights all kinds of communications. Emails, calls, projects and presentations. Travel is favoured as is hearing from people from your past – those you went to school with, worked with or lived close to. Siblings if you have them may also play a bigger role than usual. The Sun makes a fabulous angle to both Jupiter in your 7th and Neptune in your 11th. Settled? Time to get out and about with your partner. If you can’t get away for a holiday then at least plan some social activities together or set some joint goals. Joint dreams contain twice the potential. And twice the power to succeed. Single? What are you waiting for? That dream of love is not as faraway as you think. In fact your social network or at the very least, getting out and about this week could see you make that all-important heart-connecting conquest. See each interaction you have now as an opportunity to flirt and give a little love. It’s your intention that counts. You’ve got a lot to show the rest of us this week, Taurus.  So don’t keep it all to yourself.

In a nutshell: Awaken that dream of love. In fact, it’s not a dream. Planetary alignments could just make it real, Taurus. Who you know and your social life may just hold the key.

5 Jul 2018 SUN TRINE  JUPITER (3rd Hse to 7th Hse)

5 Jul 2018 MERCURY OPPOSITION  MARS (4th Hse to 10th Hse)

8 Jul 2018 SUN TRINE  NEPTUNE (3rd Hse to 11th Hse)


  • Update your values
  • Live that success dream
  • Dream big – but don’t neglect the details!

What are those career dreams? Have you become disillusioned with your path or do you feel you are on the right one in terms of your work and rewards? The Sun in your 2nd highlights your money, what you are working towards and what you value – and how you are valued in return. Angles between this and Jupiter (6th) and Neptune (10th) illuminate whether those ambitions are being attained – or are within reach, or need to be replaced with something more real now. Think of it like this – what you value as a teenager is going to be very different to what you value in your 30’s. Or it should be. Time to be creative and disciplined at the same time when it comes to work and career matters. And don’t be afraid to let your imagination loose to dream up something new if your present work reality just isn’t measuring up.

Ruler Mercury sits in its ruling 3rd which is always good for business, study or you being able to communicate effectively. Travel could be on the cards now especially as Mercury opposes Mars in your sector of long distance travel and all things foreign. Mars is presently retrograde in here and this means expansion with planning and getting there without the rush. This can even be a metaphorical journey. Neptune and Jupiter in your work and career houses can often have us caught up with the big idea or dream and neglecting the details. Mars in the 9th can have us leaping before we look properly. Lucky for you this week, the planets slow you down so you can tick all the boxes, dot those ‘I’s’ and cross the ‘t’s’. Whether you’re out to impress a potential or existing client or boss, or just planning your next move, you have all your bases covered now.

In a nutshell:  Are you living your dream career or is it just a dream? You have the ability to turn a dream into something more real now. Let your imagination guide you.


5 Jul 2018 SUN TRINE  JUPITER (2nd House to 6th House)

5 Jul 2018 MERCURY OPPOSITION  MARS (3rd House to 9th House)

8 Jul 2018 SUN TRINE  NEPTUNE (2nd House to 10th House


  • Stop dreaming, just do it
  • Be your future self today
  • Improvements could be life-changing now

We’re talking a major injection of confidence this week, Cancer! The confidence to do those things you may usually hesitate over. Even if these include getting yourself noticed or making that first move. It’s time to take a chance – on you! Your point of power is in the moment – especially while the Sun is in your 1st. This is always the time where we need to set our intentions for the coming year. But more than that. We need to become the intention via the actions we take. So, no matter what it is you want to achieve in the next 12 months – be the person who already has it. The Sun in your 1st is making future-creating connections to Jupiter in your 5th of romance and pleasure and Neptune in your 9th of adventure and expansion. If you can imagine it, you can do it and the process starts with you flash-forwarding into your future to see how you think, act and behave once you have. Then bring it back to the present and be that you – today! Above all, have fun with this.

Mercury in your money house looks across at retrograde Mars in your 8th – Mars’s ancient ruling house. Mars is retrograde and this house is all about transformation while your second of course rules money and values. You have the power to bring about creative changes in your finances and strangely enough, retrograde Mars in here aligned with Mercury’s communication skills, can send you on a self-improvement quest that could quite literally be life-changing. The retrograde weather we’re experiencing at the moment doesn’t have to be heavy weather at all. Again, project yourself into the future, claim that future version of you, then become them in the present and set the whole process in motion.

In a nutshell:  Claim that future right now, Cancer! Feel a fresh injection of confidence that makes you dare to live – and claim your dreams. Not ‘someday’ – but today.

5 Jul 2018 CHIRON STATIONARY (10th Hse)

5 Jul 2018 SUN TRINE  JUPITER (1st Hse to 5th Hse)

5 Jul 2018 MERCURY OPPOSITION  MARS (2nd Hse to 8th Hse)

8 Jul 2018 SUN TRINE  NEPTUNE (1st Hse to 9th Hse)


  • Choices are illuminated
  • Start a conversation about love
  • Are you getting your share?

Ruler the Sun sits in your 12th just prior to your birthday beginning, Leo. Time to turn on and tune in to what is being said, shown or quite literally being illuminated in the light of higher wisdom. This involves quite necessary changes perhaps on the lifestyle/home front or around who owns the power in relationships (past, present, future).  Harness that fearlessness and go deep into your needs if necessary. How you handle resources and whether or not you are getting the ‘lion’s share’ of anything from love to money, could be something that needs your royal attention as the Sun makes illuminating aspects to Jupiter and also Neptune who rules your 12th.

Mercury is in your 1st now and those ideas you’re having are probably already revolving about what you want to achieve, have or experience in the coming year. Time to air these. Open up a conversation. Especially with the person ‘opposite’ you. Now this can be a lover but it can also be a business partner – or a prospective employer, collaborator, close friend. Mars in your 7th is usually not the best company in this house as this is a house of relating. Mars is all about action as you know. But Mars is retrograde in here. So, Mars stops and listens and thinks before doing anything. Allowing you to have those discussions and sure, discuss what it is you want or need. But without you coming across as insisting on having it all your own way. Surely that’s a win? The only downside? Love may take a while to get going or find some traction. But here’s the thing. If you think the wait will be worth it you’ll do just that now.

In a nutshell: Are you getting your ‘lion’s share’, Leo? When it comes to negotiating love or other matters, look to what you need for the coming year. It’s time for a conversation.

5 Jul 2018 SUN TRINE  JUPITER (12th House to 4th House)

5 Jul 2018 MERCURY OPPOSITION  MARS (1st House to 7th House)

8 Jul 2018 SUN TRINE  NEPTUNE (12th House to 8th House)


  • Take a ‘watch and see’ approach
  • Expand your vision
  • Be where love can find you

Watch carefully what happens this week. Who turns up (especially from your past), what insights you receive (act on them) and what doors open or remain closed (walk through or knock on a different door).  Fate, karma, kismet, destiny – whatever name you like to call it, is very much at work this week as ruler Mercury conjuncts the North Node in your spiritual and mysterious 12th. There are links to the past and also a big connection to what you have been working on or at and your overall wellbeing. Not to mention that beloved routine. Are you so focussed on what’s right in front of your nose you are neglecting to see the bigger picture? As Mercury opposes retro Mars in your 6th, your perspective may shift and you may see other actions are available to you – especially if you have been feeling confined or restricted of late. 

There are more options available to you that what you realise. Look again. The Sun highlights your social and goal-centered 11th house and makes some truly illuminating angles to Jupiter in your 3rd and Neptune in your partnership sector. This is no time to be a hermit and also this relates to what I was saying about who turns up now. Or who crosses your path. You need to start walking it to meet them so make an effort now. Jupiter could bring good news especially around study, business or anything that involves the written word. Travel is another possibility. But Jupiter asks you to be secure in knowing what it is you want. And while Neptune may normally weave an enticing veil of delusion that has you thinking ‘This is it!’, that is absent now. So, all you see is the reality. You should know what doors to knock on – and whether that job or romance offer is the real deal. If not, you now see there’s far more potential around you than you previously thought.

In a nutshell:  Fate is at work and destiny reveals at least part of its plans for you this week, Virgo.  Gain a bigger perspective. You have more choices than what you think.


5 Jul 2018 SUN TRINE  JUPITER (11th Hse to 3rd Hse)

5 Jul 2018 MERCURY OPPOSITION  MARS (12th Hse to 6th Hse)

8 Jul 2018 SUN TRINE  NEPTUNE (11th Hse to 7th Hse)


  • Watch what reappears
  • Know what you want
  • The timing is right

That interesting potential lover, friend or even business or work connection that you met previously but nothing happened could just pop back up on your radar this week. The delay may have had a purpose in giving you time to think or just process more ‘stuff’. Chances are you have had practical matters to deal with first and hopefully what I will call ‘Destiny’s Intermission’ had given you time to do just that. Now, ready or not it (or they) reappear and this time, well, the timing could just be right or you are now both in a different place which means you move ahead. There’s an element of re-tracing one’s steps, being in the same place again or just someone reconnecting to all this thanks to Mercury in your 11th opposing retro Mars in your 5th and also Chiron preparing to head backwards in your 7th. Same tune, different chorus.

The Sun is shining on all things status and career related now. Craft that image carefully. Work with insight and creativity. Look at how much you charge for your time, expertise, product, services. Set bigger goals. Fabulous alignments with Jupiter (2nd) and Neptune (6th) activate your entire money/work/reputation sector. Fire up those ambitions. Dress to impress no matter what situation you are in – you are your ‘brand’ after all so showcase it! Above all, ensure you come across as someone who knows what they want and where they are going. This also applies to your personal life as well as your professional one. Stay focussed on those goals and above all – be ready to receive the rewards this week, Libra.

In a nutshell:  That missed connection or opportunity could pop back up this week, Libra. Chances are the first time around the timing wasn’t quite right. Now – it could just be perfect.

5 Jul 2018 CHIRON STATIONARY (7th House)

5 Jul 2018 SUN TRINE  JUPITER (10th House to 2nd House)

5 Jul 2018 MERCURY OPPOSITION  MARS (11th House to 5th House)

8 Jul 2018 SUN TRINE  NEPTUNE (10th House to 6th House)


  • Sustain the long term burn
  • Go with your instincts
  • Get lucky

What do you need to achieve or establish for yourself for the long term, Scorpio? The fact is, you have ideas and energy to spare when it comes to this now. You ‘re coming from a place of understanding where you know there are no short-cuts and anything worthwhile requires effort. But, you are ready to commit to the long haul if that is what it takes and also have the determination to sustain you. You’re not about to have a ‘win at all costs’ philosophy about this either. The vision you craft has to be one where you achieve that ideal  work/life balance. Mercury in your 10th delivers the ideas and power of persuasion. While ancient ruler Mars in your 4th allows you to take into consideration the needs of others and also gives you that ability to keep the vision and the faith.

Commit to something bigger now. More passion? More fun? More pleasure? More experiences?  Expand your horizons and your dreams as the Sun in your 9th (Jupiter’s ruling house) beams across at the planet of luck and good fortune in your 1st. The Sun also snares in Neptune in your romance sector this week. There’s a touch of luck happening here. Time to go with your instincts when it comes to which direction you should take or what you should do. Don’t over-think things. Just move in the direction of those dreams. Just ensure you are looking FOR something and not running away from something instead. Provided you know what it is you want, and take a step towards it, you’ll discover the truth in the saying ‘Heaven helps those who help themselves’.

In a nutshell: Help yourself to an extra serving of dreams, determination and perhaps a sprinkle of good luck this week, Scorpio. Who dares – wins, and goes the distance now!

5 Jul 2018 CHIRON STATIONARY (7th House)

5 Jul 2018 SUN TRINE  JUPITER (10th House to 2nd House)

5 Jul 2018 MERCURY OPPOSITION  MARS (11th House to 5th House)

8 Jul 2018 SUN TRINE  NEPTUNE (10th House to 6th House)


  • Make it real
  • Create a map to the stars
  • Self- discipline + slow burn = winning combination

Flights of fantasy are all very well, but you need to keep your feet on the ground even if your head is in the stars this week. Jupiter in your 12th is all about exploring possibilities. This week places you in a position where you can access the power to turn some of those into realities. That’s thanks to the Sun in a power position in your game-changing 8th. You can tap into incredible resources when it comes to the self-discipline to pursue those dreams. However, ensure you do have a plan – or map to the stars, in mind and don’t  get so caught up in the fantasy of having the dream you neglect to do anything to make it reality. Neptune in your 4th when utilised properly allows you to escape from negativity and limitations of your past – or attitudes handed down to you by others. If your dream revolves around anything to do with water – living, working, being near it or even large animals – especially horses, you may get an extra injection of inspiration and spiritual guidance to make it real now.

Mercury in your 9th helps you with arranging your life in order to live your dreams – or travel to them as in here it favours travel – especially the long distance variety. Mars in your 3rd (Mercury’s house) gives you that extra confidence and energy for business or work ideas that bankroll those dreams. Except Mars is retrograde right now. Are you lacking in confidence? Not likely. Lost for ideas? Again, not possible. No desire or mired in inertia? Not unless you are opting for a fantasy life rather than living the real thing. No. Mars retro means you get a playbook to pace yourself. It’s the slow, sustaining release of energy, the more strategic and considered approach to getting to those goals. And when it comes to working with others or getting them on-board with those ideas – you can do this with conviction and be seen as someone who is both a team player and a team leader. Hot pursuit of a dream is one thing, going the distance something else entirely.

In a nutshell:  Just like the card of The Magician in the Tarot, you have the power at your fingertips to turn dreams into reality. But remember – dreams stay dreams unless you take action, Sag.

5 Jul 2018 CHIRON STATIONARY (5th House)

5 Jul 2018 SUN TRINE  JUPITER (8th House to 12th House)

5 Jul 2018 MERCURY OPPOSITION  MARS (9th House to 3rd House)

8 Jul 2018 SUN TRINE  NEPTUNE (8th House to 4th House)


  • Opposites attract
  • Don’t dilute your dreams
  • That call gets answered

What’s on your horizon now, Capricorn? The Sun in your 7th isn’t just about partners and partnerships – past, present and potential. But it’s about a cycle of attraction. It’s the house ‘opposite’ us after all. And that’s a reflection of our capacity to attract. What we do attract is also a reflection of some aspect of ourselves. That you will attract – guaranteed. Especially as the Sun makes an angle of attraction to Jupiter in your 11th of friends and goals. There’s also another one made to Neptune in your 3rd. It could be a magic spell combination that conjures something you have been thinking about for some time. Here’s a tip however: don’t dilute your dreams. And by that I’m not talking about making them smaller because you believe deep down you can’t have a big dream come true. I’m talking about sharing your dreams with people who cast doubts on them, your ability to achieve them, or sadly just plain fear you achieving them and leaving them behind. Dreams get crushed this way. My advice: keep them to yourself unless you are 100% certain the person sharing them with will encourage or support you, or else until they come true.

Mars retrograde in your 2nd may slow up your ambition when it comes to money making activities. But the upside is you’re looking closely at how you put your cash to work, are unlikely to waste it on impulse buys and are prepared to do whatever it takes to get more of it. Open yourself up to new ideas when it comes to money, assets and how your attitude towards these influences so much of your life. That cycle of attraction you’re in also includes attracting either a new working relationship or even benefitting from someone else’s generosity. Put the thought out there and then see what answers you this week.

In a nutshell: Look to the horizon now Capricorn. You’re set to attract and what has answered your call should appear over it this week. Your opposite number? Highly likely one way or another.

5 Jul 2018 SUN TRINE  JUPITER (7th Hse to 11th Hse)

5 Jul 2018 MERCURY OPPOSITION  MARS (8th Hse to 2nd Hse)

8 Jul 2018 SUN TRINE  NEPTUNE (7th Hse to 3rd Hse)


  • What do you want to project?
  • Impress with your smarts
  • Love returns magnified

What are you projecting, Aquarius? Our 7th house is all about attraction and Mercury in here can give us the attraction of shared ideas, of working partnerships and yes, the expression of attraction via flirtation. However, this week sees that Mercury oppose retrograde Mars in your 1st. So, it’s about the bounce back rather than the attraction. In other words, you project parts of yourself onto who or what is ‘opposite’ you. Now, this is your house of opponents as well as long term loves, so don’t be surprised if you’re dealing with someone who just doesn’t ‘get’ your ideas and wants to shoot them down. You may even feel out-of-step with people you usually get along with. If so, step back and truly ask if it is them or you? Conversely you project loads of love and passion and hopefully that bounces back ten-fold. If it doesn’t – time to look at what part of you needs some self-love or is perhaps emotionally unavailable on some level. And yes, if you want to break up with someone now ‘It’s not you, it’s me’ is actually a valid excuse.

The Sun shining in your 6th favours work topics and here you have no worries about what it is you may be projecting except perhaps a can-do attitude and far-reaching ambitions. You’re keen to express yourself and your ideas through you job and also you want to impress others with what you do. There’s fabulous angles happening between the Sun and Jupiter (10th) and Neptune (2nd).  Big achievements are possible for you so long as you act in a business-like manner. You can impress people with your talents, your vision and your scope for ideas as well as your confidence. Just don’t exaggerate your abilities – walk that fine line between selling yourself effectively without tipping into bragging or promising more than you can deliver. The bottom line? That’s set to improve through your own talents and efforts now.

In a nutshell: What are you projecting onto others? Those thoughts and feelings might not be theirs. Don’t feel ‘out of step’ with love. Try a little self-love and tenderness instead.

5 Jul 2018 CHIRON STATIONARY (3rd House)

5 Jul 2018 SUN TRINE  JUPITER (6th House to 10th House)

5 Jul 2018 MERCURY OPPOSITION  MARS (7th House to 1st House)

8 Jul 2018 SUN TRINE  NEPTUNE (6th House to 2nd House)


  • Follow your passion
  • Ditch the energy vampires and soul-drain
  • Live a little, laugh & love a lot

If you don’t live or express your passion this week what will happen is that you are going to start to feel inexplicably drained or depressed, Pisces. So, look to that energy level or that spiritual/mental state for guidance as to whether or not you are in harmony with your mind, your body and above all, your desires. The Sun in your 5th is all about pleasure and enjoyment. This is also the house where we get to express ourselves, have fun, love and play. It’s about taking a chance too and the Sun angles to Jupiter the planet of luck in your 9th. What do you dream of doing? Why aren’t you doing it? If not now, then when? Do you suppress parts of yourself or tell yourself you should not want to experience, have or do a certain thing because it is ‘childish’ or you are worried about what others will think? Now is the time to listen to the voice within as the Sun also angles to Neptune in your 1st, and do it anyway. If you do, you will find others are drawn to you and respond in kind. Live a little, laugh and love a lot now. This is a fabulous time for a new romance to begin, to travel or to express yourself creativity.

That soul drain I mentioned needs to be attended to and not ignored if you are indeed feeling its impact. If your energy is low or certain tasks or people drain you even further – especially if even thinking about them has this effect – then you need to give this serious attention. Mercury in its ruling 6th opposes retrograde Mars. You may suddenly become aware of the effect someone or something has been having on you for some time. But you may not have been able to see it before. Now you know and you can deal with it (or them) accordingly. This week is about recapturing love and joy. If you discover anything or anyone that is preventing you from doing that, time to take action.

In a nutshell: It’s time for romance, for fun, for adventure and pleasure now Pisces. It’s also time to look at what stops you from experiencing those. Ditch any soul drains now and express yourself!

5 Jul 2018 CHIRON STATIONARY (2nd Hse)

5 Jul 2018 SUN TRINE  JUPITER (5th Hse to 9th Hse)

5 Jul 2018 MERCURY OPPOSITION  MARS (6th Hse to 12th Hse)

8 Jul 2018 SUN TRINE  NEPTUNE (5th Hse to 1st Hse)

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