15th July 2019 Weekly Astrology Forecast


Reawaken the passion!
Retrace those steps
Revisit old friends, old hangouts and old goals

22 Jul 2018 VENUS SEXTILE JUPITER (6th House to 8th House)
22 Jul 2018 SUN ENTERING LEO (5th House)


Ruler Mars is still moving backwards (or appears to) across the sky. Remember – it’s all an illusion. No, you have not lost your warrior spirit nor your passion for that matter. However, think ‘retracing your steps’ now. Especially when it comes to friends, groups, hang-outs, places you used to frequent, clubs or associations you used to be a member of or even missed connections. Mars retrograde means you still have all the passion. But you are going to be discriminating as to what or who you get passionate about. Now, chances are that reconnecting with people you have not seen in a while, a reunion or revisiting anything from an old haunt to an old goal, reignites that fire for you as Mars opposes the North Node in your 5th. Is something or someone your destiny after all?
The Sun also enters your 5th from the 22nd. This is the Sun’s ruling house in your chart, the part of your chart where you literally get to ‘shine’. I always think of the month the Sun is in our 5th almost like an extra ‘unofficial’ birthday. It’s one of those times of the year where we get an opportunity to begin something new or start afresh. So, the fire is very much back now. As well as being the house of pleasure, enjoyment and fun, this is also your house of luck, romance and creativity. Getting recognised for doing something you are passionate about is one outcome. As is attracting new friends or a lover. You won’t be content to sit on the sidelines either, you’ll want to participate or initiate something yourself. Especially if you retrace those steps and discover someone or something you’ve missed, Aries.
In a nutshell: You’re saving your passion for something or someone, worthwhile. Revisiting an element of the past could just provide that reawakening of desire this week, Aries.


22 Jul 2018 SUN ENTERING LEO (4th Hse)

22 Jul 2018 VENUS SEXTILE JUPITER (5th Hse to 7th Hse)


Set your value system
Create a lifestyle that supports love
Embrace pleasure

Your home, apartment, lifestyle, living space, sense of space and place and above all, sense of belonging features now. Are you feeling a sense of pride around these things or is where you live just somewhere you hang your hat? With Uranus in your sign for the first time in your adult life, you are beginning a personal awakening and revolution. In how you see yourself and of course, your lifestyle and surroundings need to reflect this. Your deep sense of being a spiritual being experiencing the material world means you are constantly seeking that balance between staying in touch with what matters (your values) yet needing to not just pay the bills, but have enough left over to enjoy life’s sensual pleasures too. And you could be looking at those aplenty thanks to ruler Venus in your 5th angling to Jupiter in Venus’s ruling 7th. This is a fabulous week to attract love and other pleasures into your life. Radiate. Attract. Embrace what responds. And don’t question the process.

The Sun’s entry into your 4th this week has you looking at your apartment, your home, your living space, your family, the people you live with and even investment property if you have it. How does this all reflect on your present identity revolution? Where or what is home to you and what do you need to gain or change to obtain this for the future? There is no place like home as it is our bedrock from which everything else begins and returns to. The next month is all about adjustments to this if need be. If you love where you live, how you live and have that all-important sense of place, then commit to it and do what you can to make it even more enjoyable for yourself. This is a good time to redecorate, renovate or spend money on your home. If you don’t like your lifestyle or your living arrangements – do something about it. This week is all about your roots. Dig deeper – or replant in more fertile soil.

In a nutshell: Build a foundation on which to enjoy whatever you are in a position to attract this week, Taurus. Romance, partnerships and pleasure are in focus. Bring it all on home now, baby!


22 Jul 2018 VENUS SEXTILE JUPITER (4th House to 6th House)

22 Jul 2018 SUN ENTERING LEO (3rd House)

Change your way of working
Ideas have wings
Routine matters matter more than you think

Wellbeing matters, your lifestyle and routine come to the fore this week thanks to a wonderful angle between Venus in your 4th and Jupiter in your 6th. For some, this could bring through a beneficial job change or way of working that works for you. Love your work, love your lifestyle, love that body, Gemini! If the love is lacking – do something about it. This is a highly beneficial angle between the two planets that basically both want to deliver us good stuff. Expanding or changing up your daily routine could bring you unexpected benefits. Explore some new and different options. Is there an alternative route you can take to work for example? Or somewhere new to go get that latte on the way? Look at ways you can vary your routine to inject it with the untried, novel or new. Here’s the thing. This may involve small adjustments on your part but it sends a message to the universe you are ready for something bigger. Whether it’s your domestic routine, your commute or your work one, create something you love.

This week sees the Sun enter your 3rd of business, communication, publishing and the worldwide web. What you say and how you get it out there will be all important now. Above all, this house is where your ideas are generated. Travel – either short in distance or duration, could feature. This is also about your neighbourhood and one neighbourhood in particular – your mind. Which is why your ideas and utilizing them or just saying what you need to say will feature. Project confidence now when it comes to these even if you don’t feel it. You are what you say and the intention behind your words this week. Choose them carefully and you could weave a little magic where others not only believe in what you say, but what you have to offer too.

In a nutshell: Enter a wonderful world of enhanced wellbeing and optimism when it comes to the work you do. Your ideas could take you far now. How far? As far as you believe they can, Gemini.


Step into the pleasure zone
Is your ‘stock’ on the rise
Let the river run in your direction

Watch those ideas and thoughts become reality this week as Venus in your 3rd makes an angle of enchantment to Jupiter in your 5th. It’s not just your creativity which may be peaking this week although you may astound those around you with how you can express yourself via your ideas. Your ability to attract what you can imagine in your mind makes this week a time where you can weave a little manifestation magic. What is it that you want? The freedom to follow your bliss? Recognition for what you do? Or is a little fun or romance what you have been longing for? Travel and holidays are highlighted now while the fun for others could well see a new love interest appear. But the thing is, if you can visualise it, chances are you will see it appear under this intense transit of attraction this week.

Take a more creative approach to finances now as the Sun leaves you sign and enters your 2nd house of money and values this week. It’s time to embrace the energetic flow of money and see it as an exchange. Your time/expertise in exchange for money. The Sun shines on what you believe you are worth now. We all see our idea of our ‘worth’ fluctuate throughout our lives as our ‘stock’ if you like rises and falls. But this is all due to our own perceptions about ourselves. Take those ideas and thoughts about what you are worth and give this an upgrade if necessary and visualise the abundance flowing in your direction. Chances are you can bring in a new reality with your money as well as so much more this week.

22 Jul 2018 VENUS SEXTILE JUPITER (3rd Hse to 5th Hse)

22 Jul 2018 SUN ENTERING LEO (2nd Hse)

In a nutshell: If you can imagine it, chances are you can draw it to you, Cancer. The same goes for your money. Imagine exactly what you’re worth. What you truly think this is could just get real this week.


22 Jul 2018 VENUS SEXTILE JUPITER (2nd House to 4th House)

22 Jul 2018 SUN ENTERING LEO (1st House)

Are you keeping your promises – to yourself?
Get the gift that keeps on giving
Happy birthday, Leo!

The Sun’s entry into your 1st marks the start of your birthday season and this year this could come with some gifts that last way past your actual birthday. But first before we get to the present unwrapping bit let’s look at how your ruler’s arrival in your sign is going to be all about how you want the world to see you in the coming year. How do you feel about you right now? Ready to roar? To purr? Anything else just won’t do. The start of our birthday season is always the perfect time to look at whether we are being true to ourselves – or not. Look back over the past 12 months and see whether you have kept your promises to yourself and been your own best friend. Or have you sold yourself out in some way either to keep someone else happy or because peer pressure (or the media) has made you feel you’re not ‘good enough’ the way you are. Make this your time where you say ‘No more broken promises – between me and my true self’. See this as your new year’s resolution because our personal new year always begins with our solar return. Never mind what the calendar tells us!

Now, those gifts that could just keep on giving for you Leo. Unwrap a surprising angle between Venus in her ruling 2nd in your chart and Jupiter in your 4th of home, family and security on the same say as the Sun arrives in your sign. No matter how you have decided to live your truth in the coming year you need a base, security and yes, financial backing to live it. This alignment speaks of that and of you being given something to build on – most likely via improvements in your money situation which could come in the form of a new or second income or even through property dealings or investments. It could keep on showing returns for the rest of the year or see you in a position where you can plan for the future with confidence. Unwrap your gifts this week, Leo.

In a nutshell: It wouldn’t be your birthday season if the universe didn’t have a gift or two for you to unwrap, Leo. Yours could just be the freedom to be true to yourself. Make a soul promise this week.


22 Jul 2018 VENUS SEXTILE JUPITER (1st Hse to 3rd Hse)

22 Jul 2018 SUN ENTERING LEO (12th Hse)

Make an announcement
The beauty is in the details
Do your groundwork for a fresh cycle

What’s the news? Are you the hot topic this week, Virgo? One thing I can tell you is that there is more to you than meets the eye right now. It could be you are sitting on something big and have an announcement to make. You’ve a dash of early birthday cycle charisma and ability to attract happening thanks to Venus in your 1st. Look at what you have achieved over the past 12 months and what is still to be attained. Chances are something is close now and almost within your grasp. Recommit your belief in yourself and your ability to attain whatever it is you want. You can draw to you the power of attraction in any area now – especially romance as Venus in your 1st cloaks you in a special kind of glamour. But you can utilise this in other areas especially business. Jupiter in your 3rd adds a good luck factor when it comes to ideas, communication, publishing, studying, getting your ‘message’ across or the world wide web. Just stick to your signature Virgo style of looking closely at the details and this week’s angle between Venus and Jupiter could result in you having a big announcement to make.

This week also sees the Sun enter your 12th. You’re in full preparation mode for the upcoming new cycle which will begin when the Sun reaches your 1st. Call this laying the groundwork. Your attunement to what others are thinking and feeling increases exponentially now. Pay close attention to what your intuition is telling you about people one way or another. This is your time of soul house clearing where you need to look at what you need to release and what needs to come with you on into your new cycle. The past may feature and it could be time to re-frame it in some way. It has after all, brought you to the place you are at right now. Harness your creativity and your psychic abilities now as they will prove to be tangible assets for you. The future begins here this week as fresh starts in love or business beckon.
In a nutshell: Fresh starts and new beginnings are there. But you may have to look carefully to see them. Don’t miss something small. There’s huge potential in it whether you see it now – or not.


22 Jul 2018 VENUS SEXTILE JUPITER (12th House to 2nd House)

22 Jul 2018 SUN ENTERING LEO (11th House)

What’s the hurry this week?
Adjust your setting to ‘Receive’
Reach for a higher love

Take your time when it comes to romance or financial decisions this week, Libra. Ruler Venus heightens your creativity in your 12th but can also have you weaving unrealistic fantasies if you are not careful. You’ll want to reach for a higher love with Venus in here and the problem is you can project these qualities on to someone who to put it bluntly, just doesn’t measure up. Yes, they have the potential but they may not be able to live up to what you see in them. Tread carefully. That being said, something you were owed from the past or a missed opportunity especially around your money could come winging its way back to you thanks to Jupiter in Venus’s ruling 2nd. If there is something you have felt you literally ‘lost out’ on, then the scales could be re-balanced for you this week. It all boils down to the fact your blessings have your name on them – and sooner or later they catch up with you.

Embrace some community spirit this week as the Sun enters your social sector. This is all about your people, your group, your tribe and also about how you as an individual sit within this. Is it a comfy fit? Expect increased social and networking opportunities. Accept all invitations and get out and about. Now is the time to do something about your social life if it has been lackluster lately. Just be aware of the fact that this is your house of Receptivity. How is your ability to receive anything from good times to goals being made manifest? Look into a new social scene or new ways of doing things. This week marks the start of you receiving whatever it is you need – not what you want (big difference!). Keep an open mind as to what this is and prepare to be surprised.

In a nutshell: Don’t be rushed now, Libra. Whether it’s in love or a financial matter, take your time. Something returns from the past showing you your blessings always have your name on them.


22 Jul 2018 VENUS SEXTILE JUPITER (11th Hse to 1st Hse)

22 Jul 2018 SUN ENTERING LEO (10th Hse)

Make a wish
Accept all invitations
Craft your image

You’re one of the signs most able to benefit from an alluring angle of attraction between Jupiter in your 1st and Venus in your 11th this week. I could say ‘Be careful what you wish for’ – because it’s highly likely you will get it. Your 11th is of course your house of goals, wishes and dreams as well as your social connections. And you have the two planets who just want to deliver the good stuff interacting. Benefits via friends – or even friends with benefits, are part of this week’s social planetary scene. If you are determined to stay home then nothing much will change but being in the right place at the right time is a strong possibility. Remember, that comfort zone like your couch is warm and snuggly but nothing much happens there. This week says put yourself and your dreams out there and watch what comes back.

Career matters are very much in the spotlight too this week so don’t ignore the professional networking aspects of this. The Sun steps into your house of reputation, recognition and rewards this week. Project a professional image no matter what it is you do. This is an excellent transit under which to apply for a new position or ask for a promotion or raise. You are in a position to make a positive impression on superiors or prospective employers or clients. Take yourself and what you have to offer seriously. Because if you don’t you can’t expect anyone else to. Above all, ensure you are always seen in the best possible light in the coming month as people in positions of influence will be watching you. Up those ambitions and reach that little bit higher than you have allowed yourself to in the past. Time to go for goal in all areas this week.

In a nutshell: Make a wish and chart a course towards your goals, Scorpio. People may cross your both who can help you get there. Ask for what you want – you could get assistance at the very least.


22 Jul 2018 VENUS SEXTILE JUPITER (10th House to 12th House)

22 Jul 2018 SUN ENTERING LEO (9th House)

Doors to opportunity open again
Set yourself a new direction to travel in
Big up those dreams

When your ruler Jupiter gets together with Venus it can only mean one thing: something good is heading your way. Whether you are aware of it or not, you are in the process of setting yourself a new soul direction while Jupiter is in your 12th. This week could see you take the first step towards this as your planet of good fortune angles to Venus in your 10th of career, rewards and reputation. A fresh start or new opportunity is possible now and not only could this be rewarding financially, it could also reward you in other ways as it may be more truly aligned to your soul purpose.

Also you can look forward to a return of optimism, expansion, creativity and pleasure as the Sun arrives in your 9th of all things Sag-ruled on the same day. Doors open wide. Horizons are broadened. You’re being asked to expand your worldview or your knowledge during the next month. What can you learn, experience or explore? Big up those dreams – especially if they involve the adventure of love, travel or creativity or following your passion. But then have an actual concrete plan to make them real. Dreaming alone just won’t do it. This week says put yourself out there in some way. Fate is at work and if you’ve been walking around thinking ‘Is that it?’ recently, this week tells you there is so much more for you out there. Come and get it.

In a nutshell: Something wickedly good this way comes, Sag. You may not have the big picture yet. But a new chapter is waiting to be written. New beginnings beckon so be ready!


22 Jul 2018 VENUS SEXTILE JUPITER (9th Hse to 11th Hse)

22 Jul 2018 SUN ENTERING LEO (8th Hse)

Make it happen
Get the passion
What’s your ‘No go’ zone?

Venus in your 9th is all about big love, Capricorn. Now this can be the love that expands your horizons or you being a very big fish now when it comes to your career. Jupiter in your 11th points to benefits coming via those you know and this includes your professional network. No matter what it is you are seeking – and don’t forget your 11th rules your goals too, this week put yourself out there, let others know what it is and do whatever that is within your power to take a step towards making it happen. Magic could just be the result of this. Luck is with you at the moment so take a chance. This week’s angle between Venus and Jupiter says the good times are set to roll for you. Got a trip coming up? Or are you attending a large event such as a concert or festival? Someone you meet while travelling or at a large event could have an important role to play in your future – possibly even a romantic one. Get out there and the more you enjoy yourself doing whatever it is, the more passion you project which is what acts as the attraction magnet.

The Sun in your 8th this week says change is in the air. But not necessarily an unwelcome one. It’s also a time to boldly go into areas you would normally avoid. This is because our 8th rules taboo subjects and the funny thing about this is that it varies between individuals. So, where is your ‘no go’ zone – especially when it comes to you and someone else? If you are settled, what’s the elephant in the room? Dare to deal with it before it becomes a full blown hairy mammoth. The Sun in here is also about joint or shared finances, lending, borrowing, corporate money (your salary), benefits and maintenance payments, mortgages and also who calls the shots around all of this. Address any issues around these subjects this week and take a head-on approach with any subject you would normally shy away from. This house is all about sex, money and taxes as well as your personal power and what scares you. Tell yourself you’re not afraid of the Big Bad Bank – nor the Big Bad Wolf this week.

In a nutshell: Time to take a chance and to jump into something big this week, Capricorn. This could be anything from an event, a trip to a new social scene. New people await. Go meet them.


22 Jul 2018 VENUS SEXTILE JUPITER (8th House to 10th House)

22 Jul 2018 SUN ENTERING LEO (7th House)

Love is the great transformer
Get a fresh perspective
What’s your feeling?

Powerful shifts in relationships could occur this week with positive transformations and alchemical reactions taking place. You may suddenly see something (or someone) in a totally new and revealing light and wonder how you had got it so wrong or just step free of a usual knee-jerk reaction and the new one totally transforms your connection. Others could be in a position where they reap serious rewards for career efforts or gain something they can bank on thanks to Jupiter in your 10th and Venus in your sector of shared money and soul changes. Ring them in.

This could very much revolve around partnerships – or a prospective partnership for you as the Sun enters your 7th. This is one of the best cycles of the year to look first at YOU and how confident you feel in your relationships – or your ability to attract or be in one. Yes, of course this involves you and at least one other person. And remember this can be a love partner, business or working partnership, friendship or even that enemy can be in your face now. But it always boils down to us and our feelings. Look at who or what you are attracting when it comes to your ‘other half’ – because that’s the role people are playing for you now. See everyone as a mirror of some facet of you and look at what this is saying about YOUR feelings, not theirs. Make an adjustment if necessary. Work on your relationship with yourself. It’s a fabulous week for love of all kinds but it begins with you showing some self-love and knowing you’re ready for more.

In a nutshell: You’re entering one of the best cycles of the year for love and romance. But how do you feel about YOU? Show some self-love to receive more from others now, Aquarius.


22 Jul 2018 VENUS SEXTILE JUPITER (7th Hse to 9th Hse)

22 Jul 2018 SUN ENTERING LEO (6th Hse)

Say ‘Yes’
Jump into something bigger
What are you really worth?

Venus in her ruling house in your chart is all about attraction. And an angle between the planet of love and Jupiter planet of expansion in its ruling house, adds up to just one thing. You’re pulling in something big this week, Pisces. One thing I can tell you is that this is a love that frees you and it may not arrive in the form of a person. Although that being said that is also a possibility. This can be an opportunity to do something you love – to step free of a confining role at work and enter an opportunity where you can work your passion. Or it can manifest in the form of a learning or travel opportunity or chance to engage in something bigger than before. Yes, it can manifest in a person. Someone expansive, adventurous and daring who brings with them a dash of much-needed excitement. Whatever they are offering – say yes.

The Sun arrives in your 6th this week bringing you a month-long focus on your work (paid or unpaid), your routine (does this need a re-vamp?) and the body beautiful when it comes to your health, diet and wellbeing. Looking for work? Want to change jobs? What you think you are ‘worth’ to a potential employer will be the deciding factor now so look closely at what you have to offer – and what you feel about your ‘market’ value. You’ll be seeking a better working relationship whether you are moving on or staying put. Re-evaluate your job and also wellbeing priorities now. These things are intrinsically linked as is our routine which this house also rules. Routines can enable us to be highly productive but they can also end up limiting us in both our thinking and our opportunities. Shake yours up a bit to see if this has happened. Is your routine a trap or a support structure? Know the difference and create a better working relationship with your body, your day and what you do.

In a nutshell: It’s your week for saying ‘Yes!’ Pisces. Say yes to more fun, adventure and passion. And certainly say ‘Yes’ to anything that broadens your worldview – especially love now.

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