28th January 2019 Weekly Astrology Forecast

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs January 7th 2019


Ready for a bigger kind of love?
Travel, learning and luck expand your horizons
Prepare for career transformation

Setting yourself free to explore what love has in store for you – that’s your task this week, Aries. Good things want to come your way and this includes a bigger love experience thanks to Venus entering your 9th.

Don’t forget Jupiter the planet which rules this house is in here for the first time in 12 years. Call this a double-dose of lucky love freedom. Travel, benefits from this, people and businesses from overseas – including that fascinating stranger, could feature. You’re drawn to explore your own and others uniqueness. The mundane and boring drains you this week so shake things up.

That love extends to loving what you do and the monetary rewards and recognition which can flow from this. Your 9th house rules ‘big’ business, the mass media, the travel industry, law, academia, religion and philosophy, the outdoors and large animals.

Your 10th is all about reputation, how far and how high you can climb and people in positions of authority and power. In other words – gatekeepers and those who can aid you or say ‘Yes’. 2019 could be set to ring in powerful changes around your career as the Sun and Pluto meet in your 10th this week and Mercury catches up with the ruler of this house – Saturn, on the 13th. You may be thrust into a position or power or meet influencers who get your vision.

This day also sees Jupiter square Neptune in its ruling 12th. Note both planets here are in their rulerships. Provided you know where you are going and what outcome you want, a lucky career break, promotion or recognition could be heading your way. You are set to step into a powerful and self-empowered transformation now. Rewards for sticking to your crystal wands over the long-haul could just come calling.

In a nutshell: There’s a bigger love experience waiting for you, Aries. And also rewards for those long-term efforts. Get ready to collect as doors open wide around romance and recognition.


11 Jan 2019 SUN CONJUNCTION PLUTO (10th)


13 Jan 2019 JUPITER SQUARE NEPTUNE (9th to 12th)


No more barriers
Over turn long term thinking
Go where love leads you

Mountains are revealed to be molehills and this week offers you the opportunity to crush some when it comes to what lies between you and career success and freedom. If you believe what is between you and your goals is insurmountable or impossible to circumvent, then that is what you will continue to see.

I’m fond of quoting Henry Ford on this: Whether you think you can or you think you can’t – you’re right. This week adjusts your perspective towards the ‘can’ as massive triggers occur in your 9th of expansion with the Sun meeting Pluto and Mercury meeting Saturn in here. The long term gets overturned as you aim for freedom and success.

You’re helped along the way by ruler Venus entering your 8th of passion and change. Charismatic and empowered, it’s time to act. You also have Jupiter paying this house a visit for the first time in 12 years. As Jupiter makes a reality-check angle to Neptune in your goals zone the way forward – or your perspective is revealed or changes.

Living without purpose or passion is just no longer an option. Shared money, loans, mortgages, your salary and above all, your values, will be up for discussion and negotiation. If you have recently started seeing someone, passion deepens and moves to the next level. In fact, love is the great moving force for you this week. Move on up, Taurus.

In a nutshell: Watch how what you believe stands between you and your goals crumbles or gets cut down to size. Love is the great moving force for you this week. Follow where it takes you, Taurus.




13 Jan 2019 JUPITER SQUARE NEPTUNE (8th to 11th)


Have the courage to ask for what you want
Get lucky in love
Deepen the passion

Lucky in love? That’s you right now, Gemini. You’re also lucky in business too or any venture that involves you and at least one other person. Here’s an astro secret – your best cycles to attract romance or indeed, attract anything, are when Venus transits either your 5th or your 7th which it rules. Venus enters your 7th this week and you also have Jupiter in here too. Travel, money matters, foreigners benefits via others, big business, mass media, academia and the law are areas highlighted for you. As it attracting a lover with a distinct Sagittarian flavour or simply benefitting from someone’s generosity or attention who also embodies these qualities.

This week asks you to aim high. Those of you in existing relationships could benefit from their partner’s good fortune and this is a time to recapture the love and passion of when you first met. Or to create a joint vision that you both want to attain.

If a romance begins now expect it to hot up quickly as you have a slew of planetary activity in your passionate 8th. Pluto which rules this house meets the Sun pointing to a beneficial and powerful transformation as Mercury and Saturn also meet here. It’s time for rewards, transformation or release from something that has confined you for far too long.

Joint finances, career rewards or even a loan being agreed boost your stock in more ways than one. Know the result you are aiming for from any negotiation now and that those who ask for what they want almost always get it.

In a nutshell: Love is literally all around you now, Gemini. And in a bigger, better, deeper and more passionate form than you’ve experienced in 12 years. Get lucky this week.




13 Jan 2019 JUPITER SQUARE NEPTUNE (7th to 10th)


Embrace love transformation
Time to get serious
Create the best work impression

Changes and transformations around a key relationship or even your career are set in motion this week thanks to the Sun meeting Pluto in your 7th and Mercury aligning with Saturn. Time to commit or get serious and this cuts both ways as all transits do. If it’s right – whether it’s your job or your connection – you’ll know it and want to move it to a deeper level.

Putting a ring on it is possible or signing on the dotted line when it comes to a work contract. If it’s wrong – then nothing and no one is going to keep you there as whether you realise it or not, or whether they reach you this week or later, changes are being set in motion to guarantee your freedom.

Work and wellbeing matters loom larger. Larger than life in fact and I do hope that’s not what you are turning into. You have both planets which rule pleasure and indulgence in your 6th now as Venus sashays in here from the 7th. Any tendencies towards doing things to excess and that includes eating and drinking, need to be monitored. The same goes for not concentrating on the task at hand and imagining yourself elsewhere.

Where? Most likely somewhere warm, exotic and far far away. You do have two things working for you here however. Venus may hate exercise or the mundane but it rules aesthetics. So Venus wants you looking and feeling your best. Jupiter rules sports and the outdoors so you could be motivated to get moving. Above all, this pair in here allows you to create the best possible impression with bosses, potential bosses and co-workers.

That lucky break, offer, or abundance blanket could be on its way. Stay in the moment and look for opportunities right where you are.

In a nutshell: Get serious about a relationship, a career path or your commitment to a vision for your future. If it’s right, you’re all in. If not – freedom and the track to something new opens up.




13 Jan 2019 JUPITER SQUARE NEPTUNE (6th to 9th)


Romance, fun and creative self-expression are yours
Amp up that attraction factor
Weave a little magic

Freedom and fabulousness. Flirty charm and romance. Plummeting headlong into fun and pleasure. Sounds like Venus in your 5th house. There are two periods during the year when our capacity to attract – love, money, possessions, good times – is at its peak. One of these is when Venus is in its ruling 7th. The other is when it is in our 5th. But you have this aspect supersized. The reason – Jupiter is also in here and will remain so until December.

Attraction is amplified until December but consider Venus in here those extra sequins on your spangly attention-getting outfit. You have a confidence and also a playfulness that is going to be difficult to resist now. Creating the best first impression or approach? Whether romance or business is on your mind – you got this. Follow your intuition and inspiration now as creativity merges with karmic romance and destiny.

Your gut feeling could lead you to the right place and the right connection.
Good times may be yours to explore as may be lucky breaks and gaining show-stopping attention for what you do – or just what makes you special.

However, don’t get so carried away that you forget to take care of business. Powerful aspects could transform your work path, your studies, your routine and even your wellbeing. Being organised and structured around these themes and being prepared to work and do what needs to be done is important now.

Do the work because you know play and pleasure is waiting for you afterwards. Take care of your diet, yoga is also good for you now. Work success or a new job could await if you have laid the right foundations. Success is all part of your attraction factor now.

In a nutshell: Radiate and attract back in kind. What you put out there is pulled towards you. You’ve an unusually long period to work the magic of romance, self-expression and luck. Get creative, Leo.




13 Jan 2019 JUPITER SQUARE NEPTUNE (5th to 8th)


New beginnings and rebirth bring fresh starts
Upgrade your lifestyle
Romance has a karmic tinge

Who you live with, where you live and that place that resonates with your soul are in focus this week. As you know, you have Jupiter in your 4th of family, home and long term paths until December. This week Venus moves in bringing benefits through your home, a family member or even women via your career, the opportunity to beautify your surroundings or to undertake home or lifestyle upgrades.

Moving to a bigger, better home is one way this could occur as could redecorating. Others could benefit via a roommate or someone they live with – perhaps a partner. There’s a sense of needing to create a spiritual belonging as well as an actual physical place to call home. Who do you belong with? And where? Remember, this may not be the family we are born into but the one we create for ourselves.

If you have been dreaming of moving elsewhere – be it to another neighbourhood, town or even country, now is the time to explore those possibilities. Any shift should be beneficial now.

Ruler Mercury meeting Saturn in your 5th favours long term decisions when it comes to love or children. Some of you may upgrade your living space due to family expansion.

This week also sees a powerful creative meeting between the Sun and Pluto also in your 5th. As well as the possibility of a birth, this could see the birth of a creative project or venture, recognition for what you alone can do or the start of an intense and possibly karmic—tied romance. This is one new beginning you can’t miss and one which involves your own personal growth and transformation. Magnetic meetings and opportunities are heading your way.

Get out there – and watch success intensify.
In a nutshell: Who you live with, who you call family and where you feel you belong, brings you a renewed sense of security. Children and romance also feature in new beginnings, Virgo.




13 Jan 2019 JUPITER SQUARE NEPTUNE (4th to 7th)


Say it with love
Others wants what you’re selling
Emotions go deeper than you think

Ruler Venus is on the move into your 3rd this week – joining Jupiter in here. Love, romance, beauty, freedom – and yes, truth – all these fuel your conversations now. You can work magic with words and ideas now whether it’s selling yourself or a creative venture. Expect opportunities to flirt.

You’re feeling more outgoing and courageous and sharing your feelings just comes naturally. Don’t even try for a poker face with these two planets in here as you won’t be able to hide what you’re thinking and feeling. This is an excellent time for business, getting that new job or pushing forward with that project or message.

See every encounter as an opportunity to engage and connect from the heart, and people will respond in kind. Venus rules your bank account as well as your love life as well you know, so business should be booming in more ways than one.

Use any financial gains that may be coming your way to add to your security in the long term. It’s time to invest in your future and get serious about this. Four planets remain in your 4th of home, long term career and security – the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto. Mercury and Saturn meet in here which could bring you news that cements your future.

While the Sun and Pluto also meet in here pointing to a powerful and beneficial move. If you seeking to regenerate in a new home, area of even career reinvention, this week aligns you to those changes. Major transformations could occur around your most intimate emotional relationships. Financial gains could be just one benefit you’re looking at this week – as you discover ideas and feelings go deeper than you ever thought possible.
n a nutshell: The power of ideas and the magic of words are your superpowers now. Watch how they transform your world – and bring you big benefits. Leave no heart untouched this week.




13 Jan 2019 JUPITER SQUARE NEPTUNE (3rd to 6th)


Love boosts the bottom line
What can you buy that lasts?
Say it like you mean it

Venus enters its ruling 2nd this week – joining Jupiter in here. You’ve a focus on finances happening that you have not experienced in 12 years. Later this year you will enter another cycle where not only your money but your values will be increasingly important.

This week allows you to do the ground work for that. How you think of money is going to be every bit as important as how much you have. What does it buy you? Don’t think in terms of things or ‘stuff’ – money buys you choices and experiences. In fact, with your bank account set to increase, focussing on the choices it creates and the experiences it can buy you, is the way to ensure gains add value.

A new and important connection could be made now as your 2nd rules assets and this includes those relationships which are ‘assets’ to us. This can lean towards a deeply spiritual new love connection as you have Neptune in your 5th. But remember, close friendships, long term working relationships and business partnerships are all ruled by Venus too! Expect whatever form a new relationship takes to be based on love!

Ruler Pluto is involved in a collision with the Sun in your 3rd and Mercury which rules this house meets Saturn in here this week. News could be a game-changer but when it comes to your ideas – by all means defend them, but don’t force them on others. Just show you are serious about what you are saying.

Power moves can be made now and major agreements can be reached. People from your past – especially your teens or university years, could resurface as could former neighbours. Mercury gives you the right words and ideas while Saturn just adds weight to them. Create a powerful impression with what you say, write and communicate. And say it like you mean it for success, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: You’re right on the money this week, Scorpio. Not just with your bank account but relationships that are asset-boosting. Gains revolve around love – and what adds value now.




13 Jan 2019 JUPITER SQUARE NEPTUNE (2nd to 5th)


Begin it now
Dare to be yourself
Get serious about your money

Yasss more good news! Delicious and lovable Venus in your 1st wants you to plant seeds to harvest later in the year. Try to avoid any desire to cruise or else succumb to over-indulgence. Because if you do, you’ll be missing out on one of the biggest cycles of opportunity you’ve been handed for 12 years due to ruler Jupiter also in your 1st.

Making the most of this time requires some effort from you but don’t worry – you’ll love it! Shower yourself with self-love but don’t break the bank if this includes a makeover. Above all, it’s time to stop worrying about others may think, you are the ruler of your destiny and the captain of your life ship, just follow your heart. Don’t take life – or anything else for that matter, too seriously.

This can indicate a time of success and rewards. You’ll certainly succeed in dealing with people in positions of authority who just seem to want to hold open those doors or grant favours or requests. Grab yourself an enhanced serving of charisma sprinkled with charm this week. Who in their right mind could resist?

Powerful alignments light up your money house (which Venus rules don’t forget). Pluto guards the riches of the underworld and represents power money and meets the Sun on the 11th. Again, those who act as custodians for this could be inclined to grant your loan or mortgage application or agree to that raise or pay deal.

Getting serious about your money could result in a serious financial improvement thanks to Mercury and Saturn also meeting in here. Ruler Jupiter makes a tight angle to Neptune in your 4th. You need to be clear on what you need to support you in the long term. No more fuzzy thinking around home or career matters. Transform your thinking around those needs – emotional, material and spiritual. You’re on a home run now.

In a nutshell: Time to express yourself, dare to follow your heart– and not care what others may think. People love this side of you. And may just open doors to opportunity for you as a result.



13 Jan 2019 JUPITER SQUARE NEPTUNE (1st to 4th)


The past catches up to the present
Who shares that karmic path with you?
Welcome in a new era

Hearing from people from your past, past lives, divine inspiration and spiritual truths form the backdrop to a lot of activity in your first house, Capricorn. Venus enters your 12th this week, joining Jupiter in here and this sets you climbing a spiritual peak rather than your usual worldly one.

Not that you’ve parked ambition on the sidelines – you haven’t. There’s a touch of karma in the air as what you are owed could be repaid or you pay it forward. Both Venus and Jupiter in here are more about higher, universal love and truth – you’ll be seeking out the latter. But a past love can reappear now or someone with whom you share a spiritual affinity and deep karmic ties.

In the grand scheme of checks and balances, this could be the moment when the two of you reconcile whatever is and has been, between you. Watch who you think of, encounter or hear from around the 13th when
Jupiter angles to Neptune, the ruler of this house.

Front of house – or rather first house, the Sun meets Pluto in your sign while Mercury collides with ruler Saturn. Powerful changes around a personal goal or ambition tell you the time is now. Something may end and you may well have brought this to a close yourself. But even if it is not of your own volition, someone ‘up there’ has got your back. Time to step into a new era on some level and ascend to new heights or pick another peak to conquer.

Acknowledge that something may have gone as far as it can in its present form and welcome in the new. You’re rich in experience now – not only in this life but you can draw on that past life knowledge too. You’ve done this all before. People in positions of authority take you seriously. Put all this to work for you.

In a nutshell: The past may come calling as this week says you could be due for karmic rewards. When it comes to this life however, people that matter are taking note – and taking you seriously.




13 Jan 2019 JUPITER SQUARE NEPTUNE (12th to 3rd)


Start a journey to your dreams
Keep your feet on the ground and your head in the stars
Friends bring new opportunities

There’s a major transformation happening deep in your psyche this week, Aquarius. This may have you pausing for thought as you contemplate how the outer world reflects our inner one in some spooky way. How you see things and respond to events around you, how you see your place in the universe and the grand scheme of things, may suddenly change. You may uncover a deep truth about yourself or someone close to you. Journeying to the deep side of life – where heaven and earth meet, the spiritual realm and big questions around life, death and everything in between, could occur now as the Sun and Pluto and also Mercury and Saturn meet in your 12th this week.

The 12th is your house of the past and past lives. Astrologers often refer to the 12th as ‘womb and tomb’ as the 12th shows where we were before we got here – and where we are going next as well as all the mystery and magic in-between. And if we really don’t want to be stuck in normality – well, it shows our desire to escape too. But Saturn in here says this is destiny driven and it’s essential to have one foot in this world even if we are exploring another one. So, stay grounded.

Even as all this unfolds, an invitation arrives from the cosmos to get out, connect, meet new people and above all, pursue those goals. Venus enters your social-centred 11th this week reminding you the love of friends is every bit as important as the romantic kind. You have Jupiter paying this house a once-in-12-year-visit, expanding your social circle, bringing opportunities for travel and learning – again, via a group or friendship, and putting you in the path of goal-gaining opportunity.

With both of these planets in here, work those connections and accept all invitations as seemingly ‘lucky’ breaks and being in the right place at the right time could result. Don’t deny yourself your dreams – or the journey that comes with pursuing them. Life’s too short, so what are you waiting for?

In a nutshell: You’re in search of a deeper meaning this week. But don’t neglect those goals and dreams. These too give you passion and purpose. The journey to them begins here.

11 Jan 2019 SUN CONJUNCTION PLUTO (12th)


13 Jan 2019 JUPITER SQUARE NEPTUNE (11th to 2nd)


Pursue that dream
Transform your social life
Make a seriously beautiful impression

Goals or your social circle could receive a radical overhaul this week. You could reach a long term milestone or tick something major off that bucketlist. Old goals may be discarded as you realise they no longer have any relevance for you, and replaced with fresh dreams. You’ve the staying power necessary to go the distance now thanks to Saturn in your 11th. This week sees two powerful conjunctions occur in this sector of your chart. The Sun meets Pluto in here on the 11th and Mercury and Saturn join-up on the 13th. A powerful and influential friendship or contact could be one result of this or you just reaching that milestone. Others could venture out into a new social scene as they realise old connections no longer hold the resonance they once did. A prime example of this would be deciding to go sober and moving away from a group of friends whose social activities revolve around going to the pub.

You’re in a position to make a seriously beautiful impression on people in hire and fire positions, those in authority or with the ability to say ‘Yes’ to you thanks to Venus moving into your 10th of career, reputation and status. You’ll bring a lighter, diplomatic touch to business proceedings now yet retain the ability to be taken seriously.

Jupiter is also in this house in your chart and angles to ruler Neptune in your 1st. You’ll intuitively know what someone wants and act accordingly to fulfil it. As a result you come across as someone who has the solution and who people want to work with or do business with. In your personal life, the combination of Venus and Jupiter in here could see the emergence of a successful, worldly lover who raises your stock accordingly. Don’t doubt you belong with the company you keep this week.

In a nutshell: New goals and visions replace old ones. You’re in a position to create a positive impression and influence people, Pisces. And this applies to both business – and your love life!


11 Jan 2019 SUN CONJUNCTION PLUTO (11th)


13 Jan 2019 JUPITER SQUARE NEPTUNE (10th to 1st)

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