14th January 2019 Weekly Astrology Forecast

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs January 20th 2019


Are you emotionally free?
Opportunity is clearly lit
Love lies in the dark

This week’s Supermoon in your house of romance, creativity and children, soul mates and boom boom shakalaka, just happens to come wrapped in a total eclipse. By now you know that eclipses conceal and total eclipses – well, then we are totally in the dark. At least for a while.

The Moon rules our emotional lives and in here our emotional bond to what we make. The love we make, the children or creative projects that we create and how we express our passion, desires and lust for life.

Do we feel free to do the latter? You’ve soul liberating aspects happening elsewhere in the sky this week but this eclipsed Supermoon heightens emotions especially when it comes to how you express your love and what your love has created.

Be sure you don’t have the big picture right at this second. Also be wary of diving into a new relationship far too quickly. You’ll want to love and be loved under this Moon but what you find under it may not be what you are seeking.

Be especially cautious if you are currently on the rebound unless all you want is a fling. Love in the light of day may look very different.

Significant opportunities come knocking and it’s up to you whether you open the door to claim them. When it comes to travel, learning, expansion and luck the way ahead is a vortex of fabulous. Goddess Venus and expansive Jupiter meet this week in Jupiter’s ruling 9th for the first time in 12 years. These two are saying it’s all about following and expressing rather than suppressing that passion that fires up your soul.

Step into a more meaningful opportunity now to expand your worldview. Ruler Mars in your 1st also angling towards Jupiter says you’re travelling on some level. You have the confidence to claim what’s waiting for you this week or take a massive step towards the grand prize. When it comes to what’s on offer – the way ahead is Quartz crystal clear.

In a nutshell: Fabulous freedom inducing aspects propel you out of the door towards success, Aries. While one path may be clear, however, another needs light shed on it before you go further.


See you on the dark side of the Moon
Travel to emotional security
Passion deepens, karmic rewards come calling

By now the theme of change which has been rippling through your life must be getting old and tired. This week it all relates to what you share and especially your shared space. Your home and your family are in moon ray focus

This week brings us a totally eclipsed Supermoon in the Moon’s ruling house in your chart. Security issues – from where you live to financial and emotional security will feature. You need to feel safe, nurtured and supported more than usual.

You’ll be looking around you at who or what gives you this. Changes (there’s that word again!) could occur now around your living arrangements or what you share with others. Without alarming you too much about the ‘c’ word, changes that are on their way are now to your benefit.

But with regards to the eclipse, you don’t yet have the full picture on what needs to be done or even what is going on with others. You do need to be focused on the long term and your long term emotional needs vs. what is happening in the moment however, If you are not getting what you need in terms of that support, ask yourself what you need to change or even how long you can sustain without the change?

Now, as to the benefits, this can bring you, ruler Gorgeous Goddess Venus meets Jupiter in your primal 8th for the first time in 12 years this week. Joint resources, assets, your salary (Venus rules your bank account), taxes, payouts and legacies may feature as may a key relationship going deeper and giving you the depth of connection you seek. If you need to make changes, to break free and also if you are karmically due rewards, this meeting combined with this eclipse could just see them appear or you have the confidence to do whatever needs to be done thanks to Mars in your 12th.

Move with the times, and with the changes, towards emotional security this week, Taurus.

In a nutshell: Change comes in a positive form. Passions deepen and karmic rewards could transform your emotional landscape. Into something which really sustains you, Taurus.


Say it anyway
Big up that love potential
Tango with all kinds of two-somes

The challenge this week may be in putting those feelings into words, Gemini. Communication is a two-way street as well you know. Emotions could get in the way of your words, or misunderstandings could occur. The other side of the total eclipse of the Supermoon in your 3rd is that something is being held back that needs to be said.

If you feel someone is not being totally upfront with you now, you need to pay close attention to this as chances are you are right. Remember, only 7% of all communication is verbal so look to the non-verbal emotional message. The truth is in the sub-text whether spoken or otherwise now. Remember eclipses conceal and then later reveal. Please, if signing any important contracts or documents, pay attention to the small print and if necessary, have a professional pair of eyes go over it.

The energy of this stunning, cathartic eclipse all started in Feb 2017, what was going on then? Have you changed the way you communicate? Did you receive news that changed the course of your soul journey? Whatever it was it all reaches a climax this week. Prick up your ears and tune in to what the Cosmos is trying to tell you. You may find that you finally see the truth of a situation as the eclipse rips away all illusions.

Venus is in its ruling 7th in your chart and meets Jupiter in here for a date for the first time in 12 years. This is all about partnerships and long term love now. Remember, it’s all love no matter what form the partnership takes. This can be a romantic connection, a marriage or live-in love, a working or business partnership, a close friend, an activity or collaborative partner or even in some cases, a horse or non-human partner.

New connections sparkle with long-term potential especially with Venus now out of retroshadow phase. Benefits come to you via existing partners or an opportunity to step into a new working one emerges. Be on the look out for anyone larger than life who wants you to tango.

It’s all about duos, double acts and toothsome two-somes this week, and how an opposite number can provide you entrée into a wider, wilder bigger love adventure.

In a nutshell: It’s all about partnership and two being more than one, Gemini. Don’t let your feelings get in the way of what you want to say. Say it anyway – and with love this week.


What do you believe you’re worth?
Doors to career advancement open wide
Hold your head high and believe

Your ruler is not only supersized this week but also totally eclipsed. This week’s full Supermoon is all about what you feel you’re worth and who or what may undermine that – perhaps without you realising it. Your relationship to your cash – again, this is linked to your own belief in your worth or what you time and talents command, could be pushing some emotional buttons. KNOW you are worth it, you are fabulous and you deserve the security within yourself that you have been grafting towards since Feb 2017.

Be aware that eclipses conceal before a big reveal. Be cautious then when it comes to entering into any financial dealings under this Moon and if you lend someone money, be prepared for it not to come back as fast as they promise – if at all. So, be sure you can write the sum off in the long term.

Your own feelings about your money, value and assets – material and intangible, could be the mystery you need to uncover however. The cosmic force of this eclipse is the climax to a journey you’ve had with security since Feb 2017. You are determined to achieve security and should recieve the final piece of the cosmic puzzle this week.

There’s an interconnectedness happening across your entire money/work/career sector. Work opportunities are there or just enhanced wellbeing provided you do not hit cruise control or tip into overindulgence or daydreaming. There’s a porthole to a more abundant dimension, so make sure you squeeze through!

Venus and Jupiter unite for a collaboration in your 6th for the first time in 12 years. This is a major opportunity to win that job or promotion or make a lasting impression in your business. You’re also given the strength to transform negative patterns and hurtle towards a deeper sense of wellness.

Mars in your career centered 10th actually ensures you won’t be tempted to just chill out and binge-watch ‘This is Us’ as it ensures you have the drive and the confidence to bust through that door Jupiter is holding open. And do this knowing your worth. Get to work this week, Cancer.

In a nutshell: Time to evaluate your worth – especially when it comes to how you’re paid for the work you do. Professional doors swing wide. Hold your head high and walk through.


What does destiny deliver?
Play with the forces of love and luck
Make it happen

Hello, karma! What form is it taking? What I can tell you is that it will slowly emerge from the shadow of the totally eclipsed full Supermoon in your 1st this week. Be aware that you are going to feel more intensely about everything than you normally would at this time. So I am going to advise you not to make any major decisions about anything at this time – unless you are in a position where you have to. There’s a karmic link to all this so watch who or what begins to emerge over the next few weeks. What comes and goes in your life is governed by larger forces at work.

You are at the climax, crescendo, summit of a process that started in Feb 2017. Your identity, your life path and your soul journey is about to take a turn into a new dimension. The eclipse is a massive game changer for you. You have magic in your fingertips but first a secret is revealed that makes the next leg of your journey very clear. It’s an intense week full of emotion and fascinating twists and turns.

In other news,love and pleasure take to the skies thanks to a once-in-12-year meeting between Venus and Jupiter in your fabulous 5th. Big loves, big passions, diving into pleasure, luck, success and travel all beckon as does the opportunity to shine, see and be seen.

Mars in your 9th boosts your show-stopping confidence and sends you headlong off in hot pursuit of adventure and new horizons. Those intense feelings I described earlier mean you won’t settle for anything that does not fire up your soul and set your heart beating faster. You won’t be content to wait for love, success or anything else you want to find you – you will make it happen. And as you do, the universe moves with you.

Destiny is at work but always remember you are a magician. Be as creative as you can be this week when it comes to going after whatever it is you want. You’ve star quality now.

In a nutshell: You’re walking a path towards a new destiny this week, Leo. Lucky for you it’s also the one that leads you towards romance, luck and success. Make it happen now!


Intuition whispers – heed it
Benefits flow from home, career, property and family
Build for your future

You of all signs need to remain attuned to the hidden aspects of this week’s totally eclipsed Supermoon, Virgo. It takes place in your mysterious 12th of secrets, psychic ability, intuition and hidden enemies and synchronicity.

Eclipses conceal and later reveal the truth as the shadow of the eclipse passes. Sometimes this can take months. Partial eclipses mean we only have part of the puzzle. Total eclipses mean we are utterly in the dark. Do not take anyone or anything on face value now. Keep the line open to your intuition and above all, heed what it is telling you. The realm of dreams may provide you with some clues so keep your dream journal handy but don’t jump to any conclusions about what dreams reveal.
Not so much watch and wait more watch AND TRUST YOUR INTUITION Moon.

Be wary of anyone you feel is not 100% on your side and avoid if possible anyone with alcohol or substance abuse issues or narcissists if you can as they can drag you into their drama. Nothing and no one is as it seems under this Supermoon. However, don’t forget you’ve been here before and this is the climax of a personal process you have been going through since Feb 2017. If you are true to yourself a magical reward is on the way.

A journey to the deeper side of life is possible, and gains and advantages are yours this week when it comes to property, where you live, family, who you live with and your career. Big, beautiful benefits could flow via those you live with, property dealings, moving experiences or via career progression thanks to the once-in-a-12-year meeting between Venus and Jupiter in your 4th. All this points to your bedrock – what sustains you over the long term. What shelters you, nurtures you and allows you to build a base from which to create a firm foundation.

Some could benefit from the generosity of a female family member, older woman or female mentor. Leases, contracts, mortgage agreements can be signed now. If you are seeking to move, expect to get more for your money than you thought – and this applies to either buying or renting. Long distance relocations can be undertaken and bring you more benefits than you could possibly imagine. Put down some roots from which to grow your freedom this week.

In a nutshell: Big, bold, security enhancing moves can be made this week, Virgo. Build a base from which to aim high. But when it comes to intuition – listen to it and wait for more to emerge.


Where do you fit in the bigger picture?
News puts you back in the spotlight
You go from not to hot again

What’s going on with friends, groups, organisations or even one friend in particular may keep you guessing this week, Libra. Be aware you don’t yet have the big picture as a totally eclipsed Supermoon throws a shadow on this sector of your chart. You may be questioning one particular friendship or even your place within an entire group. All this leads to a fabulous revealtion that ends up leading you where you need to go.

Remember, you are at the peak of a process around this area that began in Feb 2017. You have changed your attitude around groups, beliefs, and your concept of social media. What you ‘put out there’ matters now and you are about to take your ideas and go viral, particularly if you have the right collaborators.

Defer any decisions if possible as perception and reality may be entirely different things. The 11th rules all kinds of social connections and this includes social media. Again, perception and reality may be skewed right now as may your interpretation of someone’s post – or for that matter theirs of yours. If you have been toying with the idea of social media cold turkey for a while– there may not be a better time to do this as you gain a deeper perspective.

Your sense of belonging could be challenged and your goals may be up for review. You have a deep emotional need to ‘belong’ to something – the people, the group of like-minded souls to whom you resonate. Or is this your Muriel’s Wedding moment when you realise you don’t belong and you stop trying to fit in with those you don’t even like?

Big tangible things are happening in another part of the sky which make you realise just what you have to offer. New work opportunities, business success, unicorn unique plated ideas, travel and expansion beckon thanks to ruler Venus meeting Jupiter in your 3rd for the first time in 12 years.

Whatever you’re selling now – people want it. This may seem strange after the challenges of the past seven years when many of you have seen yourself go from hot to not either personally or in terms of your work. Watch for a complete reversal of fortune, opportunities to flirt and your words, ideas and even that CV to open doors for you in ways you could not have imagined 12 months ago. Time to stage that comeback, Libra.

In a nutshell: Examine goals and contacts and see if they remain true to who you are, Libra. As to who that is now – you’re about to stage an amazing come-back this week!


Value your professional image
Keep plans to yourself
Brazen new beginnings with love and money are possible

Guard your reputation and your public image this week, Scorpio. Don’t get into arguments with people in positions of authority. Keep your broader ambitions under wraps and your own counsel when it comes to your career and above all, pay close attention to what you feel may be going on at work or even at home, rather than what is happening in plain sight. You are about to shift your perception of work and have a massive revelation.

You have been going through a huge career shift since Feb 2017 and the Leo Super Blood Wolf Moon, in all her glory, is bringing things to a climax.

Hidden agendas, manoeuvres in the dark, takeover and power moves may feature, but if you use your instincts, and those tantalising charm skills of yours, you could end up winning. Avoid gossip at all costs and do nothing to fuel it. Be seen as professional and focussed on the job at hand.

A certain detachment may be necessary this week thanks to the total eclipse of the Supermoon in your 10th of career and status. This may be a time to keep your plans and certainly your thoughts, to yourself. If you have the ‘feeling’ that someone at the top – an influencer or power magnet, is holding something back, pay attention but again, keep your thoughts to yourself.

If you are given confidential information, lock this in the vault. Eclipses cover up and total eclipses are black-out curtains pulled across a particular area of our lives. Guessing and gossip will serve no purpose now. If you are thinking of applying for a promotion or a new position, keep this to yourself. Be stealthy Scorpio and see all while creeping towards your goal.

Huge abundance could come calling so professionalism and discretion bring their own rewards this week. Venus in its ruling 2nd in your chart has a deal-making meeting with Jupiter in here on the 22nd. This is the first time Venus has encountered Jupiter in here for 12 years. Your star is about to shine, beam your unique view out. Oh and you might dive into a relationship (either in business or in love or even both!) that is quite literally an ‘asset’ to you.

Ancient ruler Mars in your 6th of work fires you up to go for it as it too, unlocks Jupiter’s massive money making potential. Handling larger sums of money than you have previously or just having more at your disposal gives you a new sense of freedom and confidence this week. But keep your plans for getting your hands on it all to yourself until you’re ready, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: When it comes to your career this week, discretion and being job-focussed pays off. An asset-building opportunity could arrive in the form of a new job, source of income or love affair!


Ride that dragon
Work the law of attraction
Be prepared for breath-taking things

Is it the journey or the destination that isn’t clear to you this week, Sag? You are the sign of the explorer and usually the full Moon in your 9th of all-things Sag-ruled, is one you set sail under. However, this one comes super-sized and obscured by an eclipse. This is a total eclipse so instead of a guiding light, you are very much in the dark, but not for long.

Here be dragons as the old saying goes. Not that the thought of them would normally stop you venturing forth as in your philosophy, dragons are there to be ridden. However, on the day, take extra caution while travelling – especially the long distance kind that you love, and if you are uncertain of your next step, please wait for the map to be revealed.

This may be a time of staying in place instead of venturing forth and reassessing where you fit in to this wild, brave new world. You need more information at this point especially if you are involved in any of the following: legal matters, mass media, travel, academia, religion or philosophy, sports, doing business overseas or people from overseas in general, buying or selling of livestock especially horses.

Make no mistake you are on the brink of something breathtaking however. The above is merely a caution to have a clear map or destination in mind. This week sees Venus planet of love, pleasure and attraction meet your ruler Jupiter in your 1st for the first time in 12 years.

If you were over 18 back then, think to what opportunities presented themselves. You could be in for similar opportunities and themes. Work that Law of Attraction now as its yours to wield in any way you want. A big new love or something which broadens your horizons could appear – anything from that hot new lover to a chance to show the world just what you have to offer thanks to Mars in your 5th.

You come across as passionate, confident and oh so sexy that people just can’t help but offer you that job, opportunity or their heart. You have room on that dragon to take someone with you now. Get ready to ride.

In a nutshell: This week could see you momentarily unsure of your direction. Don’t worry – this won’t last. A big bold brave new path or opportunity is about to open up. Get ready to ride, sag!


How deep do those feelings go?
Come to the Cross of Changes
Past rewards and people feature

You may not see important changes coming until they occur or else be unaware of the need to make them, this week Capricorn. But make no mistake, a transformational and seismic shift is occurring. This may be happening in the last place you would think. It’s either right under your nose or within. And chances are even if you are now looking, you still may not see it thanks to the totally eclipsed Supermoon in your 8th on the 21st.

Emotions run deep under this full Moon but with the eclipse, you may not be aware until the later of the true extent of your feelings or even your fears around something. Chances are however, you have subconsciously thought about this for a very long time. There may be changes around your salary, shared resources or a relationship and again, you may not see this coming. If they do occur what I can tell you is this is by no means over – yet. The bigger picture has yet to emerge.

This week’s biggest gift for you is that of a supersized meeting between Venus and Jupiter in your intuitive 12th. Gifts from the past, people from your past, past life credits, divine inspiration, self-healing, freedom and higher love are all yourself. Watch who or what comes winging in from long ago and far far away with fresh relevance and newly minted opportunity attached. This can be as simple as a thought which frees you from a long term restriction to someone who simply pays it forward karmically.

If something is holding you back, it may now magically be removed from your path. Revelations clear the way for freedom now. Get ready for spiritual truth and lasting insight.

In a nutshell: You may not be able to see the changes ahead – or the reason behind ones which occur. But don’t doubt your freedom is at the heart of this, Capricorn. The past comes calling.


Go for goal
You have the team to make the dream
Focus on friends rather than one-to-one love this week

When a full Moon appears in our 7th this is usually the time to look at what others are reflecting back at us. However, this week’s Supermoon in his house comes eclipsed. Totally. You’re now in the dark about a key relationship, how someone sees you or where this is going. Remember, this house rules duos of all descriptions – your marriage partner or long term, live-in love, your business or activity partner, your closest friends and collaborators, a beneficial working relationship and open adversaries. There’s a feeling of not seeing the person opposite clearly or even concealment around them.

Now, it’s important to remember that you are at the climax of a process that began in Feb 2017. What has changed in your relationship experience since then? What do you think will be revealed?

Your gut will be telling you who to watch. Try to avoid confrontations or decisions around a key relationship if possible now. You don’t have all the facts.

Despite Venus and Jupiter meeting in your 11th this week – something which has not occurred in 12 years, this is not the time to embark on a new love affair. Again, you may not have the full story when it comes to someone’s intentions or their history. However you could also meet someone out and about who you have a soul connection with.

As you of all signs should know being the 11th house, your 11th is more about wider, connected relationships between you, friends, groups, organisations and the collective. Both these planets want to deliver good things and in here – good times. Benefits flow from the people you know now. A friend or even a new group of people could introduce you to wider possibilities and broaden your horizons.

Friends may share what they have with you – anything from their contacts and influence to their possessions and assets. Someone who helps you in a big way towards a goal could appear now. To get the best from this meeting this week, concentrate on your social life and leave the one-to-one stuff on the backburner for now until love shows you just what you need to know.

In a nutshell: Benefits flow from people you now. Both on a personal and professional level. Share your goals and wider vision with others. You have the team behind your dream now.


Wait for a new light on wellbeing
Act with humour and diplomacy
You are your own best asset

Your energy may fluctuate, and you may feel unsettled or even ‘in the dark’ about what is happening with your work or routine now. Eclipses cover up something and this week’s eclipsed Supermoon in your 6th is totally eclipsed. Don’t fret as a revelation is coming, it is the climax of a process you have been going through since February 2017. You are about to finally breakthrough patterns and habits and step into your magnificence.

You may know inside something needs to change around your wellbeing, routine or even your working life, but can’t quite see what or how all these things are connected. No, your intuition for which you are famed is not failing you. What this says is that more information needs to emerge and it is your intuition which may end up guiding you towards it. There is big treasure to be unearthed.

As far as your work or rather your long term career goes, this is your week of big moves, significant opportunities and possibly even larger rewards. You are in a position to impress now in a way you have not seen for 12 years. Venus and Jupiter are meeting in your 10th of recognition, rewards and status, offering you the chance to climb higher than you have done for a very long time.

Magical fishy, use your empathy and intuitive skills and you can do this in a way that wins you backing and support from influencers. You come across as someone people want to work with or do business with. You are in a position to showcase your experience and skills and are seen as an asset to any company or business situation. You accomplish your desires with grace, diplomacy and a touch of humour thrown in.

Yes, you’re all enlightened business but the fact you don’t take yourself too seriously just adds to your desirability. Others could attract a partner who is charismatic, successful and extremely outgoing. You’re off in the pursuit of success this week as you feel your stock soar. Bank on it.

In a nutshell: That mind/body/spirit connection may be hard to define this week. However, when it comes to your career – do it, and do it with style, Pisces. Success is within your grasp.



25 Jan 2019 MARS TRINE JUPITER (2nd to 10th Hse)

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