25th Feb 2019 Weekly Astrology Forecast

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs January 14 2019


Follow the path to your dreams
Love sets you free
Be an influencer for your career

Yo Warrior of love Aries, you are never a sign that does needy or clingy, Aries. And never more so than this week. Venus in your 9th puts you in the mood for love that gives you a certain sense of freedom. And with an extra adrenalin rush of adventure and exploration thrown in. Venus in your 9th is about freedom in love and makes an angle of intense attraction to ruler Mars in your 1st this week. If it expands your experience of love – you’re all in. Settlers could delight their partner with their desire to experiment and explore.

Singles will be seeking that out-of-the-ordinary experience. Stay at home types or emotional limpets need not apply. Your 9th is your house of travel and foreign affairs. Meeting someone when travelling or attracting a lover with overseas connections is another likelihood now. As is encountering love in pursuit of those dreams.

Is love a goal for you? The Sun enters this sector of your chart on the 20th and this is also your house of friends and connections. If romance is on your wishlist then I should not need to tell you to be out and about now. This week also sees Mercury have a powerful encounter with Pluto in your reputation zone. Powerful ideas, presentations or news around a long term career goal could feature. You have the ability to sway people in positions of authority.
The winds of change are rippling through your career zone and will soon arrive in your money sector. Don’t doubt your ability to influence others this week.

In a nutshell: Love wants to take you on a journey. Towards a bigger, more passionate experience. You may attract a new travelling companion.


Love is the big secret
Are you serious?
Get ready for release

Secret loves won’t stay that way for long now, Taurus. Ruler Venus in your 8th makes a revealing aspect to Mars in your 12th. You can’t keep a lid on this one! Unexpected declarations, hidden truths, secret desires – all come tumbling out of that love closet this week. Waking up to the truth of what it is you need from love could also form part of this. Venus in your 8th also links you to your soul values. What you will and won’t sell out for. Where you are willing to compromise and where you’re not.

Some things may be up for negotiation now while you’re prepared to draw a line under others and say The buck stops here. Your 12th isn’t just your house of hidden truth but also your house of hidden enemies. If someone crosses the line now, you won’t hesitate to make your feelings known. Mars is the ancient ruler of your 8th and in your 12th and angled to Venus will either intensify and deepen passion or have you saying enough’s enough. Release is what follows thanks to a meeting between Mercury and Pluto (modern ruler of your 8th) on the same day.

This week also has the Sun entering your 10th of recognition and rewards. Time to get serious – and be seen as someone who has serious intentions. Especially when it comes to your career. Your best tactic to progress and impress while you’re at it is to stick to what you know now. If you are seeking a new job, then stay within your industry. Leverage your superpower whatever it is and your expertise.

Keep your focus on career matters now and let other areas of life take care of themselves. If you do this you will be amazed at the progress you make. It’s not forever – the real world of fun, romance, friends and family will call you back soon enough. For now however – just do the work.

In a nutshell: If you’re keeping a secret – especially around love, it’s unlikely to remain hidden now. Career matters require your undivided attention. But the results will be well worth it.


Don’t wait for love to find you
Claim your power
Dare to try something new

If love is what you seek, don’t wait for it to come to you, Gemini. You are in an unprecedented period when it comes to any connection that involves doubling up with someone else. This cuts across all kinds of relationships – from the romantic to the business kind.

In fact, you’ve not experienced The Power of Two in quite this way for 12 years. All courtesy of Jupiter’s visit to your 7th. Consider this influence amplified this week due to Venus which rules this house, making a connection to Mars in your social and goals sector. Get out and stand out where love can find you. The 11th is the house of the future and also where the unexpected occurs. Such as meeting the perfect match in a place where you would least expect to find them. Or connecting with someone who turns out to be pivotal in introducing you to that ideal opposite number – whether it’s that new best friend, activity partner or long term working relationship. Game changing contacts could be the result of accepting an invitation this week.

Being given access to someone else’s resources, a payout or a salary increase could be one result of the meeting between Mercury and Pluto in your 8th this week. Negotiations could feature which when agreed, set you off in a powerful new direction. The Sun’s arrival in your 9th opens this up for you.

Successful outcomes restore your confidence and optimism. You’re not content to stay put and wait for what you want – be it love, success or just having the courage to try something you have always dreamed of doing. You’re out the door and off in search of adventure – and new hearts and worlds to conquer this week, Gemini.

In a nutshell: If forming any kind of duo is your goal you need to be out and about seeking it. Desire pushes you to explore new spheres. Dare to try what you’ve always dreamed of attempting.


Don’t put off what needs saying or doing
Tune in
Go deeper

Work and career enhancing inroads can be made this week but you create your own opportunities. Venus in your 6th makes a career move on Mars in your status sector. Working behind the scenes is favoured as is finishing up projects that have been hanging around.

Venus in your 6th is not the best place but allows you to add a touch of glamour or even find the creativity in even the most mundane task. Meanwhile, Mars has you focussed on the goal – the winning instinct comes into play. Together this adds up to the perfect recipe for bringing that project, job or even interview process to a successful conclusion.

You’re also more alert than usual to the subtle interplay between you and those closest to you. One conversation has the ability to change the direction of a particular relationship or take it to a deeper level as Mercury meets Pluto in your 7th.

One thing is for certain, you won’t put off having any conversation now simply because you feel it is too ‘difficult’. And because of your better than usual ability to tune in to atmospheres and people’s feelings, you intuitively can reach for the right words.

With Mercury conjunct erotic Pluto in your relationship zone, some very naughty conversations excite and delight you this week. You’re sensual and intense. There’s a good chance that a delicious temptation dangles before you. It’s fabulous to flirt but be careful how far you take it as a love interest may get jealous or annoyed with your new superpower teasing skills. A critical conversation could change everything as you’re ready to step into your independence and awaken your wild side.

When the Sun saunters into Aquarius, he lights up even more intensity. You are watching what is going on beneath the surface. If anyone has been trying to hoodwink you, you double bluff them take back the control. This week is all about empowerment and you leading your life your way. You’ve made some crucial decisions recently and now you’re ready to put them into motion

The themes of transformation extend not just to your relationship with others, but with yourself. As the Sun enters your 8th Map your own underground because baby, you are the most fascinating thing out there and the Sun in here opens up the opportunity to get to know your own psyche better.

Be your own soul caver now as you explore the wondrous depths. Here’s the thing about heading down there – just like a cave in the real world there are gems and treasures to be unearthed. Dig a little deeper into you. What you bring back to the surface is alchemical change you can apply across all areas – but especially what’s truly important to you.

In a nutshell: Bring those career moves to a successful conclusion. When it comes to personal relationships, say what’s on your mind and take them to a deeper level, Cancer.


Make it happen
Take a bold approach to what you want
Experience more than one kind of love

Going after what you want, making fun happen and the realisation that you are the igniting force when it comes to having those dreams, should take you into January on a high note, Leo. Venus increases your ability to draw to you what you want when in your 5th. But its influence just got turbo boosted thanks to a fabulous searing angle to Mars in your 9th. You’ve a need to break free of the dull, the routine, the mundane and you’ll realise this is only going to happen when you take action. You now have the confidence to do just that.

Romance could heat up or singles could experience a sudden, searing attraction to someone who echoes their new, bold approach. In fact, being a little bit bold extends to work as well as Mercury in its ruling 6th engages with Pluto in here on the 18th. News which impacts on your job, wellbeing or routine acts as a catalyst and sees you following through with bolder moves of your own. If things must change – you can direct these changes now.

The 20th sees ruler the Sun move into your 7th of partnerships illuminating all those ‘opposite’ numbers as well as shining on your own partnership potential for the coming year. There is a twosomeness happening about you now. This is no time to be ‘going it alone’ and again, it doesn’t matter about your relationship status.

Single or settled or maybe just simmering, look to being in a ‘dance’ with someone. This house rules all kinds of partnerships and double-up activities. From that business partner, to that best friend, long term work relationship or that activity buddy. You are in the spotlight now as are your partnership needs. So if you see an empty space in your life understand there is more than one way to fill it. Take the initiative and enter the dance one way or another this week.

In a nutshell: Single, settled or just simmering? This week opens the doors to new partnership opportunities. And more than one option when it comes to being in a relationship, Leo.


Re-awaken the magic!
Tune in to that vibe
Pass on what you have learned

Big shifts occur this week especially around romance, creative projects or children and young people. All thanks to ruler Mercury encountering Pluto in your 5th. Your love life could experience a transformation or regeneration. And if we are talking about younger generations, babies and children – you’ve learned a lot and have a lot to give and teach. So, pass this on in some way.

Your ruler is associated with youth and playfulness but often you can lose touch with this aspect of Mercury. Instead becoming over-focussed on its other influences such as details and routines. This meeting with Pluto allows you to re-connect with your own playfulness and inner child if life has become too routine lately and to remember the magic you once felt. It’s still there awaiting for the reawakening!

The Sun is on the move – into Mercury’s ruling 6th from the 20th. Look to your wellbeing and how ‘atmospheres’ affect you both at home and at work. If you do you may be shocked at the effect this has on you mind, body and spirit. This clarity allows you to make any necessary changes needed when it comes to putting yourself first.

You are aided in getting the home/life balance right now by fabulous angles between Venus (4th) and Mars in its ancient ruling 8th. Changes could also tickle down to your bank account – especially if they involve working in a way that’s smarter and healthier for you or even making money from your home. The theme of this week is regeneration on some level – whether it’s your love life or just reclaiming that lost, more optimistic and youthful you, Virgo.

In a nutshell: Connect to playfulness, joy and pleasure! Especially if reviving your love life or just your outlook is your goal, Virgo. This week asks you to let the child within express itself.


Be your biggest production number
Step into stardom
Make a living change

Get creative this week especially with what you say and your ideas. Write, share, communicate now that Venus is in your 3rd and angling across at Mars in its ruling 7th. Someone is receptive or wants to share your message. This could even extend to business, writing and publishing opportunities for you. It is now time to shine, to attract and to showcase yourself. Have a business idea, story, book or play you need to launch or showcase? This is the week to do just that.

You may not be doing this alone as there are increased opportunities for romance or attracting that collaborator around you now the Sun is in your 5th from the 20th. If you radiate, you will attract. Dress like every day will see you centre stage or at a party (you are the guest of honour or the star!). The more you show and tell this week, the more you will attract.

Changes or news which affect your home, apartment, family situation, roommate, airbnb, living arrangements, lifestyle or even your career and salary, will be the result of a meeting between Mercury and Pluto in your 4th on the 18th. If you are not happy with where you live or how you are living, then this brings the energy to make a shift. Look back over the past week at what news or rumblings may have happened that could have a serious impact on any of the above. This may bring matters out in the open or an opportunity to quite literally open a new door. Get the key to this – and attraction, this week Libra.

In a nutshell: Act like you are a star. You are. Dress to stop the show whether it’s for business or just to feel good. What you project out there, comes back in kind.


Take care of business
One milestone is reached with another ahead
You are your own best investment!

Venus in its ruling 2nd in your chart puts the focus on your cash.. Yes, you can attract more of it and this should be coming via your own efforts thanks to a money magnet angle between Venus and ancient ruler Mars in your 6th on the 18th. Business and work matters this week are especially favoured because you have both your rulers working hard on your behalf. This week also sees Mercury in its ruling 3rd meet with modern day ruler Pluto also on the 18th. Backing for your ideas, a job offer, increased orders, followers, traffic – any or all of these see you with more work but with your bank balance ultimately reaping the benefit. Mercury in your 3rd is all about doing business while Pluto puts power behind what you say and do.

When this extra money or validation arrives, invest this in your future rather than just spending the extra cash or resting on your laurels. This week could see you reach a milestone but understand this is the first stop on a larger journey towards success. The Sun in your 4th from the 20th asks that you focus on your long term security and what sustains you. It is all about investment – or should I say re-investment? Save rather than spend. Invest in your own talents, skills and abilities. They are what have got you this far. Look to where you live and how you want to live in the future – and invest in that vision. The Sun in this house of our charts asks us to plant seeds for the future. They won’t sprout overnight. Commit to the long term to something. You could be your own best investment this week.

In a nutshell: Time to invest – in your future self, Scorpio. This week hands you an opportunity to build something long term. Live in the moment of success, but look forward!


Burn baby, burn bright!
What you attract – you’ve earned
Get ready for a value and money changing moment

Outshine that supernova this week, Sag! Because you are not just hot – you are on fire! Venus in your 1st aligns to fiery and passionate Mars on the 18th – the same day Mercury and Pluto co-join in Venus’s ruling 2nd. That heat you are radiating attracts anything from that red hot lover to that money changing moment when it comes to your finances or success. You’ve been waiting for this for some time. The brighter you allow yourself to burn, the more you just seem to draw to you whether this is people or opportunities.

Others may see you as lucky or that you have done little or nothing to bring this all about. You know differently. Anything that transpires now is the result of you having to surmount difficulties and stick to your course despite these. Yes, you’ve earned this. Open those arms wide and embrace it all.

This week also sees the Sun change signs and drop into your 3rd of learning, communication and ideas. No more sitting around on the latter or your backside. Not that you are a sign which normally does that. Take your message out there. Again, part of you shining so brightly this week could be via your ideas or communicating your truth. Others love what you are selling or just that wild, big sky thinking and vision and want to be a part of it.

This week says – don’t think small. But then you are the sign who always has the biggest dreams of all. Let that radiance shine on them now – and everyone around you.

In a nutshell: The brightest object in the sky could just be you this week, Sag. When you’re hot – which you are, you make everything look easy. But you’ve earned this – the hard way.


Don’t keep that secret love to yourself
Own your talents and skills
Start that highly personal conversation

Secrets around family and the home front could feature this week, Capricorn. Have you been keeping something to yourself? Perhaps around how you want to live? Or is a past secret intruding on the present? Secrets wishes, desires and dreams could be revealed now as Venus in your mysterious 12th exposes what you desire for the long term when it aligns to opposite number Mars in your 4th. When it comes to your ‘opposite number’ this could also lead to you discussing what you desire for the long term.

Start that highly personal conversation this week as Mercury and Pluto also meet in your 1st on the same day as this wonderful alignment. Don’t keep those secret wishes to yourself.
Your money, values, investments, talents, property, assets and skills are going to be in focus too for the next month as the Sun leaves your sign and enters your 2nd from the 20th.

This isn’t just about your bank account although it will feature now. It’s also about ownership. Owning your abilities and also looking after what you own. The biggest soul question which transcends the material now is around what you own or whether it owns you. If we borrow too much money, the bank or credit card companies own us. If we buy something expensive and then don’t use it for fear of losing it or it being damaged, it then owns us. This is the house that wants you to build a better relationship with what you have – especially if you want more of it.

A better relationship also extends to valuing yourself and what you have to offer more. Know your worth and own your skills like a boss now, Capricorn. That way, that employer or client may rent you, but they won’t own you. Priceless.

In a nutshell: What’s that secret love or heartfelt desire you’ve been keeping to yourself, Capricorn? Share it this week if you can. Knowing you are worth it, brings that long term dream closer.


Live your truth to live up to your potential
Opportunities demand to be let in
Happy birthday, Aquarius!

Happy birthday, Aquarius! Get ready for a very different year from how things may have been recently. It’s time to welcome in exciting new connections and work opportunities. To do something with your ideas. And also to clear away anything that has been holding you back from doing this. You’ve arrived at the point where you have to be yourself and live your own truth. The fantastic thing that happens when we do this is that what no longer aligns with who we truly are, simply drops away or ceases to be a problem for us.

Watch for this just before the Sun arrives in your sign as two days before this Mercury will meet Pluto in your 12th. You may see the past or a connection in a very different way. Your ideas may shift allowing you to see alternatives or just the way forward. It’s a true rebirth.

New people and experiences are knock, knock, knocking on heaven’s door demanding you let them in as Venus in your social sector aligns with Mars in your business and communication house. Go with this – or them. Please whatever you do, don’t be a hermit now or keep your ideas to yourself. Your goals are going to feature with perhaps you taking a major step towards one. As you do, watch how the universe moves with you – perhaps bringing the very person you need to make it happen into your orbit. Just be aware that Venus in your 11th is more about friendship than romance. Mars can see you flirting but it may be more about flirting with ideas than the kind that leads anywhere else. No matter what new connections bring you, this birthday season says you’re on your way to something new. And free from the old that simply doesn’t work anymore!

In a nutshell: Happy birthday, Aquarius! The coming year sees what holds you back simply drop away. Get ready for a true rebirth into unrestricted opportunity and potential!


Power can be beautiful
New connections have a big influence
Own your choices

Time to claim your power in your chosen field and to own those choices. You are in a wonderful position to impress this week. So, act like the success story you want to become and then step into the role – for real. Venus in your 10th enhances not only career prospects but your image too. It aligns with Mars in Venus’s ruling 2nd this week indicating that financial rewards will be the result of your efforts.

This is all about taking yourself seriously and watching how when you do, others follow your lead. You can come across as desirable – as a candidate for that position, as a potential client, as representing a product or service that people want or just you creating your own best impression with people of influence or who are in a position to help or assist you. Your stock is on the rise now.

It’s a week for beautiful ambitions and also game changing ideas and connections. Mercury meets Pluto in your social sector and a powerful or influential friendship or contact could be one result of this. Others could literally be sitting on the next big idea and then meet the person who can help them do something with this. The 20th sees the Sun arrive in your 12th of intuition, secrets and the past.

Don’t be surprised if the past comes calling on some level but you have access to knowledge that tells you what your next move should be – if you tune in and listen. If you follow its advice, it will enhance your prospects for success now. Own your choices from the past, incorporate what worked to your decisions this week, and what didn’t – leave behind you now. You’ll know what works simply by the results you get this week.

In a nutshell: Realise those beautiful ambitions this week, Pisces. Success making moves can be made. Follow your intuition to maximise those opportunities!


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