18th Feb 2019 Weekly Astrology Forecast

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs February 25 2019


  • Know what is priceless
  • Master the art of self-awareness
  • Embrace people power!

You’re on the cusp of a Brave New World where your money and value system will be subject to radical revolution and change. Fear not, dear Aries as this is designed to bring you a new kind of freedom and have you embracing what truly matters to you. Call this week a dress rehearsal for what’s to come that allows you to look closely at what price you put on freedom and what you are prepared to compromise on or for – and what’s a deal-breaker for you. This may involve looking deep within your soul and realising some things are simply beyond price. Certain areas where you may have unwittingly given away your power may also be revealed and if so, you will take steps – radical ones if necessary, to rectify this. Dwarf planet Ceres is about what we are prepared to give up in order to reach that compromise but it is also about power. There’s a challenging angle happening between it in your 9th and the Sun in your 12th this week. This may lead you to an ‘Uh-oh’ moment where you may realise perhaps you’ve just been too accommodating over something.

This week offers an opportunity to reclaim your power or to enter into talks that eventually result in a solution you can live with thanks to ruler Mars in your 2nd making a wonderful angle to the Sun. Be flexible and don’t dig in. Expect some too-ing and fro-ing to occur before the final resolution is reached however. This is an art and it is the art of self-awareness as the result will be you understanding yourself a whole lot better. Freedom also lies with friends, groups, bands, clubs, contacts, associations and the Power of the People. If you’re seeking change, Venus in your 11th brings you group love – ask your network for advice and also the support of friends when it comes to those goals. Don’t sell out this week, Aries but count the cost of not finding that middle ground.

In a nutshell: What’s a non-negotiable for you, Aries? What won’t you ‘sell out’? Your value system is in focus. The art of compromise opens up new solutions – and a better understanding.


  • Share your inner world
  • Take relationships to a new dimension
  • Be confident with compromise

Being part of something always requires eventual compromise, Taurus. Often too, having that goal may require a similar compromise being made. Deals and negotiations may feature now and the question for you is going to be what will you be prepared to give up to get what you want? This week is a dress rehearsal for us all on some level when it comes to our values, but it concerns you most of all. Time to define what price you put on having what you want or even getting your own way. Look at compromise in a new way if it requires you to do this with friends or your personal life. You are compromising for the relationship. We see the person – or in your case perhaps even a group of people, rather than the relationship being an energetic and living entity in its own right. Once we understand this distinction, defining what we are prepared to compromise becomes easy. We either find common ground and invest in the relationship further – or not.

Looking at how reaching your goals may require a compromise somewhere is another area for you to achieve balance now thanks to the Sun in your 11th. There’s a one-way-or-another aspect happening between the Sun and the Queen of Compromise Ceres in your change sector this week. However, a gentler angle between the Sun and Mars in your 1st gives you a confident approach when it comes to knowing whether to seek the middle ground or hold in place. Ruler Venus is on the move this week giving you the opportunity to showcase what is unique about you when it comes to your career. Time to update your professional image if necessary but in a way that allows you to stand out in all the right ways. There could be another compromise to be struck with your work/life balance or just by taking a diplomatic approach. Remember, people don’t know what you are thinking unless you tell them. Compromise for you could well begin by talking about it.

In a nutshell: Think of your relationships as living things in their own right. Relate to loved ones in new ways as a result. It’s all about the compromise now.


  • Know where you need answers
  • Rewards come from finding equilibrium
  • Are you juggling two loves?

Admitting we don’t know the answer is usually the first step towards finding it. You’re at the start of a long process of discovery which will reveal just what you do need to know in order to evolve your soul. Your soul path or purpose is in focus this week thanks to the Sun in your career zone. Extra responsibilities may be on their way, and you may need to perform a juggling act in order to meet these. This may feel somewhat restrictive and some of you may literally feel pulled in two directions. One scenario could be you being offered a big project just as a romance begins to take off. Or the demands on your time increase on both the work and the home front simultaneously. When it comes to you career, one thing I can tell you is that there is more going on than meets the eye right now due to Mars in your 12th. Working behind the scenes and for rewards to be reaped at a later date is one possibility – as is people in positions of power and authority taking an interest in what you are doing – perhaps without you realising it. So, find the point of equilibrium if you can.

That conflict could simply be between what you have to do and what your heart desires to be doing (or I could say who!).  As the sign of duality are you juggling two loves of a different kind? Venus in your 9th is all about the freedom to explore what you love. What you may be seeking answers to this week could quite literally be how to achieve both. If you don’t know, ask others or seek answers on-line around time management. There truly is a compromise to be struck now between your responsibilities and your desire for freedom. Bear in mind however that you won’t find it if you ignore what needs to be done or look for distractions. Take it that your rewards may not appear immediately. But some things are quite literally worth the effort – and the wait.

In a nutshell: You may have to achieve a balancing act between what you have to do and what you love doing, Gemini. Keep the focus on your responsibilities. The rewards will come later.


  • Be open to something new
  • Adjust your daily routine
  • Enter a different world

Shifts around your goals and also your social life could have wider reaching implications than you first imagine, Cancer. Prepare for the new, exciting and innovating to enter your life. If that social scene has become so-so then this week could usher in the first of many far-reaching changes. You may be the one to instigate this. You’ve a desire for more stimulation and excitement now. There’s a curiosity and a desire to see who or what else may be ‘out there’. We tend to get stuck in a rut – not just in our daily routine but also in our social circle. This week could see the opportunity to enter a different world and meet people who would not normally cross your path. Mars combined with the Sun in your 9th pushes you out into something bigger, wider and more exciting this week.

Even as your horizons are broadening, it’s important not to neglect what underpins your daily world. Your day job and especially your wellbeing may require your attention. Something needs to change or shift around one or perhaps both of these areas this week. The result could be more time to do what you want but also you feeling good. Don’t ignore what both your intuition and your body is telling you.  Don’t whatever you do now have a ‘That’s just the way it is’ mindset. Hanging on to the way things were or closing yourself off to fresh possibilities blocks the flow of potential to you. Venus in your 8th promises release from stagnation, encounters which challenge your ideas, passion and even access to financial or other benefits. Venus in here asks if you’ve been settling for something less than you’re worth. Allow yourself to see potentials you never knew existed and adjust your goals accordingly.

In a nutshell: Step into a new, broader experience. Your ideas about what you can have or experience are set to change. The people you meet now could just be the catalyst, Cancer.


  • Share that spotlight
  • Passion attracts
  • Love is a collaborative venture

Ruler the Sun shines on what you share with another, fires up passion in relationships and draws to you the results of your ambitions this week, Leo. Be aware however, that some kind of compromise may have to be called for or struck. Nobody, not even you, gets to ‘have it all’. You may get most of it however. In relationships, ensure that your opposite number has their own time to shine and their own share of attention. Ceres in your romantic and show-stopping 5th says you may have to give something up to get something more – be it in romance or that spotlight. Mars is currently in your 10th firing up your ambition and desire to succeed. You’ve confidence and charisma to spare now. This goes hand in hand with you knowing you belong at the top, front of house, centre stage. However, ensure you give credit to those who have supported you or helped you get there.

Cooperation both in business and in love is your keyword now. We enjoy two major cycles for love, romance and attracting what we want during the year. This is when Venus the planet of love, transits either our 5th or our 7th. 2019 has Jupiter resident in your 5th until the year’s end giving you that extra attraction factor. With Venus in its 7th from the 1st, you are in one of the best cycles for a very long time to attract romance, love and opportunities which involve at least one other person. It’s about understanding that you can achieve more together than you ever could individually. Time for you to collaborate and create with another. This can be in a love relationship, a working one or just via a special friendship.  Share that spotlight this week, Leo.

In a nutshell: Share the spotlight this week, Leo. Love and success require at least one other person to join you there. And cooperation and compromise get you more of what you want!


  • Find that solution you can live with
  • Can you have both love and freedom?
  • Solutions are your superpower

Walk that fine line between family or home and freedom this week, Virgo. Questions about how much you have to compromise to be secure or in a relationship vs. the freedom you need to be yourself are likely to crop up thanks to Ceres in your 4th and the Sun very much in your partnership zone. Issues around power and control and who calls the shots or even restricts you could emerge. As could any fears you have about losing your identity in a relationship. You want to push the boundaries and explore but you want closeness too. Can you have both? The answer is yes provided you don’t insist on having everything you own way. Think of it this way: everything is better when shared with a like-minded soul and the Sun in your 7th shines on partnership opportunities while Mars can lead you into exploring new freedom within that.

This can even occur around a working relationship. Venus which rules relationships moves into your 6th of all things Virgo-resonant this week. Get creative around work, wellbeing and yes, that routine. Especially if things have felt restrictive of late. There’s no need to throw the baby out with the bathwater. You have everything in place you need to work that perfect solution between responsibility and freedom. Look to what drains you rather than excites you and you’ll see that it is this that is causing you friction and restriction. You have the ability now to enhance the way you live, love and work and come up with ideas that don’t in fact, compromise your individuality or freedom. Solutions are your superpower this week, Virgo so work them.

In a nutshell: What do you gain and what do you feel you may lose from being in any kind of relationship, Virgo? Whether it’s family, love or work, time for the art of compromise.


  • Get changes happening
  • Free yourself up to embrace pleasure and opportunity
  • Believe in love again

Get those changes around ideas, work, wellbeing or projects out of the way now and above all, know when to stick to your vision and then the input of others actually gets you a better result. We are in Mercury retroshadow plus you have Ceres in Mercury’s ruling 3rd and the Sun in Mercury’s ruling 6th. Because this is retroshadow time – Mercury itself is in here, you need to keep focussed on the details and try to reach agreements and bring those work matters to some kind of conclusion. But then remain flexible when it comes to any changes that may occur during the retro cycle. This especially applies to anything to do with publishing and written presentations. The old Hollywood joke of selling what studios describe as the ‘perfect’ script and then spending the next six months in re-writes is a good analogy. As is another piece of writing advice which is that when you are asked to make changes, 90% of these you can most probably argue convincingly against. But the remaining 10% – you will have to do. Bear all this in mind over the next few weeks.

There’s another and perhaps more important reason to bring work, business and ideas to a stage where you can at the very least, sign off on them for now. Ruler Venus sashays into your pleasure zone on the 1st and it’s less about work and routine and more about romance and restoring sparkle to your life. When it comes to attraction, love, fun and opportunities to shine, you of all signs know there are two cycles each year where these flow effortlessly towards you. One when Venus is in its ruling 7th and the other in your 5th.  You’re re-entering the flow of pleasure so the last thing you need are those loose ends and unfinished projects. Travel could feature for some as this is your house of holidays as could that ‘lucky’ break when it comes to your talents or even romance. Expect more from this week so clear your diary – and your desk, Libra.

In a nutshell: Tie up those loose ends and deal with the details, Libra. Work matters give way to romance, pleasure and fresh opportunities. You’re set to attract now so free yourself to receive!


  • Find an outlet for passion
  • Love begins within
  • Place yourself in a position to attract

Is love shaping up to expectations, Scorpio? Passion and desire fuel the week for you thanks to the Sun in your 5th now. The Sun in here always puts the emphasis on the ‘good’ things of life. It’s fuelled by a fearless element introduced by ancient ruler Mars in your 7th. This tells me you’re not only unafraid to go after what you want but when it comes to creative self-expression, you’re not interested in anyone or anything which stunts this now. You desire love or at the very least, an outlet for all that passion. If you are settled, just ensure your lucky partner can keep up with you now! Just be aware that all energy has to have an outlet. If it is blocked it turns in on itself. So, if you can’t make love, it turns into conflict instead. If love is falling short however, you’ll either ask for what you want or look elsewhere if you don’t get it. If you have no partner right now, then the Sun and Mars will put you in a position to attract one. If you find yourself on your own, you can channel all this passion into a creative project that feeds your soul.

Inroads and increases can result when it comes to your finances but this may involve simply deciding to channel the resources you have in a different direction than before. Or you may reluctantly decide that energy goes into making money instead of love. This is a different side of the same coin – pardon the pun. This week also sees Venus which rules both your love life and your bank account, set up residence in your 4th of home, family, town, country and overall security. Venus in here favours redecorating, entertaining at home and even business matters. You want to feel loved, safe and protected. Just remember, this comes from within. Time to find to who and also where you belong now, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: You want to give and receive love this week, Scorpio. As usual those emotions run deep. Ask for what you need.


  • Get living
  • Advance your ideas and your interests
  • Advantage – Sagittarius!

Compromises around work, family, living arrangements and lifestyle are all possible this week, Sag. The Sun in your 4th shines on that corner of the Earth you like to call home. Some of you may be moving or relocating – if not your home then your job thanks to Mars in your 6th. If you are going anywhere or have deadlines to adhere to, don’t rush however or accidents and mistakes may occur. People may be moving in or out of your home – roommates or children for example. There’s also another deeper, more subtle undercurrent happening and for some Sagittarians this may revolve around whether or not you are living your life or someone else’s for them. Living in someone’s shadow or remaining somewhere that really doesn’t feel like home to you due to a sense of obligation are just two examples of how this could play out. If any of this strikes a nerve, time to seek a new solution based on how you deserve to live.

This week sees Venus arrive in your sector of ideas, publishing, communication, learning and short journeys. This is also your house of neighbours, local community and siblings if you have them. Hence why house moves or family members could play a role for many. This house also rules contracts, business and commerce. Venus in here favours advancing your personal interests, signing important documents and work opportunities. You have the advantage with Venus in here as it gives you the ability to come up with a diplomatic solution if changes need to be made. A change of environment – whether at home or work, is promised now. Time for better living, Sag.

In a nutshell: Are you living the way you want to, Sag? Or to please someone else? Time for a change of environment at home, work – or both, that allows you to live life your way.


  • Want to rule your world?
  • Seek and give reassurance
  • Inner changes result in outer ones

Someone very wise once said that all conflicts arise from one of two questions: ‘How much do you love me?’ and ‘Who is in control?’ Step back and you’ll see how this plays out in everything from our personal lives to our career and even on the world stage. From ‘If you really loved me you would/wouldn’t . . . ‘ to power plays from politicians. As Tears For Fears tells us: ‘Everybody wants to rule the world’. Or hearts. Remember, love and control issues usually all stem from fear of loss. Losing the person we love or losing control. Do you or someone else need reassurance? This doesn’t mean we become a push over or have to give in to emotional blackmail or neediness. Ceres makes a tense angle to the Sun in your 3rd from your 12th indicating that if you are facing any kind of situation like this now, is it possible to resolve it by seeing what you or another person is really asking for? Reassurance. Shine a little light on a more loving solution if you can.

Venus the planet of love and balance, heads into its ruling 2nd this week. Venus in here doesn’t just enhance your bank account but your sense of self-worth too. Knowing you are worthy of love and feeling more secure simply results in you no longer fearing loss of control. In fact, you know what you can control – things like how you earn your money and what you do with it and your own feelings. And what you can’t – no matter how hard you may try. In other words, other people and their reactions. Venus brings you the inner reassurance you need to deal with the outer stuff. Rule your own heart – you rule your world this week, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: In a week where everyone will be asked to refine the art of compromise, you have the ability to look at it in a totally new way. Rule hearts. And rule your world this week, Capricorn!


  • Embrace radical self-love
  • What needs to be let go of may surprise you
  • Sow the seeds of your future

What do you need to let go of to have what you want? It’s a tricky cosmic conundrum of a question as the answer is more complex than you might think. Give us a clue? Well, it rests on your self-worth and ability to receive. For example – to have more money you have to let go of poverty. To be a success you have to let go of self-limitation. To have love you must know you are already loved. So, it requires both a paradox and being at peace within yourself. Your 11th house is lit up until the end of the year by the presence of Jupiter in here intent on granting wishes. Ceres now in the same sector of your chart asks the Sun in your 2nd to give something up to get what you truly want. And this could just relate to ideas around what you believe you can have – or deserve.

External validation in the form of someone who is an asset to you or an opportunity to increase your income and self-esteem could result if you can reach that point where you release limitations in order to have more. Venus enhances your ability to do this as it arrives in your 1st at the start of March. Venus’s arrival wants you to now look back at the past 12 months and see where you feel your ‘worth’ has increased – or decreased. Who or what has played a role in this? Venus in our 1st always plants new seeds for the future. This relates to your idea of self-worth, self-forgiveness and your ability to receive. If you have been left feeling you don’t deserve something or are ‘less than’ – then look to who has made you feel this way and consider the source carefully. It could be they or at the very least how they make you feel, are what you need to let go of, Aquarius.

In a nutshell: What we think we need to release in order to have what we want may come as a surprise. Be prepared to let go of anything that detracts from your worth, Aquarius.


  • The past feels new
  • Reach higher
  • Magic and mystery are yours to play with

Venus in our 12th connects us to past loves and higher ones. As the 12th house of the zodiac, all the mystery of this house is in fact your playground. Because of this, you can unlock the gifts of a Venus in your 12th transit that other signs just can’t access. Or as this is the house of all things hidden, just can’t see. Reaching for a higher expression of love, inspiration, spiritual truth and creativity sends exciting new things your way. Yes, sometimes this can result in a past love returning – but only if there is unfinished business between you. Or this can be something you loved to do or experience. If the past does reappear, it feels new.  Others could enjoy a deep, spiritual connection with someone new or just feel they are on the cusp of a new cycle of experience.

Ceres along with Jupiter in your career sector, is pushing at you to achieve more in the coming year. It’s time to elevate yourself in some way. Self-sabotage, under-achieving and holding yourself back are no longer options for you as you are in the best cycle for career progress you’ve experienced in 12 years. This week sees you power forward with your ideas and also your ability to sell or promote them. Launch yourself into a new beginning of some kind. Whether this is a project or money making venture, a new job or business opportunity. Reach that little bit higher. By the time Venus reaches your sign you could already be looking at the pay off. Give yourself the gift of your own potential this week.

In a nutshell: Time to reach for a higher love, Pisces. Intuition, inspiration and spiritual love combine to send exciting new opportunities your way. Blend the practical and the magical now.

By our astrologer Helen

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