11th Feb 2019 Weekly Astrology Forecast

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs February 18th 2019

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Blend professional smarts with intuitive insight
Get noticed
Promote yourself

Beneficial business dealings, powerful people ‘on side’ and your ability to influence the gatekeepers and decision makers, could see a career-defining moment arrive this week, Aries. Venus in your zone of career and reputation enhances what you say and do.

You have the ability to perfectly align your own agenda with those of others in the business realm. Not only that, if you are seeking support or assistance from those in positions of authority, your innate charm and diplomacy, just seems to make people want to say yes to you. Your 10th is actually quite a ‘theatrical’ house. In a different way to your 5th which is all about where you get to show off and have fun.

Your 10th is about the world sitting up and taking notice of what you have to offer. So, as Venus meets first Saturn in here on the 18th and then Pluto on the 23rd it’s time to showcase yourself and your skills in a way that gets you taken seriously.

This week’s full Supermoon in your house of everyday work and responsibility brings up the need to be acknowledged for what you do. You are able to focus on the details but above all, you’re seeking meaning.

This is an excellent Moon under which to bring work-related projects to a conclusion so try to schedule meetings, interviews, presentations or just sending out that all-important application, email or document for now. You also have the ability to combine business and intuition now as the Sun enters your 12th on the 18th.

Mercury which rules your 6th meets with Neptune which rules your 12th the day the Supermoon appears. You know instinctively what people want or are looking for and are able to craft what you say or your ideas accordingly. Stepping into the perfect role professionally results in promotion, recognition and possibly career reinvention too. Get noticed for all the right reasons this week.

In a nutshell: This week offers a chance to make a beautiful move professionally. Or win people in positions of influence over. Showcase your smarts – and your style, Aries.


Be an escape artist
Live the dream
Welcome to the real world

Are you dreaming of escaping, Taurus? This week doesn’t want you to just dream about it. Ruler Venus wants you waking reality to be just as satisfying as that dream.

If you’ve been spending too much time in a fantasy life – or the ‘someday world’ as I like to refer to it, fabulous aspects this week offer the opportunity to escape that too. Often we escape what we have ‘settled’ for in ways we don’t even notice. The wine we drink to destress from that job we don’t like, the internet, our phone screens, netflix binges. The list goes on.

‘Kid at heart playing games, In the shadows, Fall asleep make a wish, And the bad goes, I can dream can’t I? When I close my eyes, Kiss the world goodbye, You’ll see me escaping.’ The lyrics to ‘Escaping’ perfectly sum this up. Venus meeting Saturn and then Pluto in your 9th this week is your moment when you realise what you have been doing to ‘escape’ because one area of your life (or maybe more than one) just doesn’t measure up to what your reality should be.

You’re not about to settle for anything less than the real deal under this week’s supermoon in your 5th either. You want real passion, love and creative self-expression – not the edited Instagram version of it. Living vicariously or in the future you create in your head no longer cuts it.

The Sun in your 11th brings a renewed emphasis on your social life – and those all important goals and dreams. This week also sees Mercury meet with Neptune in here. Aligning yourself with like-minded souls is one possibility. The other is to continue to seek solace via those tired yet trusted methods which don’t allow you to live your dream for real.

You have a choice this week – to continue to escape or to travel to where reality lives up or even surpasses your dream version of it.
In a nutshell: Welcome to your escape room week, Taurus. Ruler Venus wants you to experience a new reality when it comes to love and freedom. Live the reality – not the future fantasy.


Focus on your outcome
Go where change wants to take you
Unlock riches and powerful potentials

Ch-ch-ch-changes define this week, Gemini. What do you automatically think when the ‘c’ word is mentioned? Is it ‘About time!’ or ‘Over my dead body’?. You have a choice this week which is to embrace change or hang on like grim death. The thing is no matter which you choose, change will occur anyway. Not all change is to be feared but our 8th house is where our fears reside.

Even if something isn’t actually working for us anymore, we can fear changing it because we fear the unknown more. Venus in your 8th does not necessarily mean the changes that take place this week are bad. In fact, with ruler Mercury making some major moves in your career house and the Sun’s entry in here on the 18th, you could be set for a powerful and ultimately beneficial shift especially around your finances.

Pluto which rules your 8th is also in here and Venus will encounter first Saturn on the 18th and then Pluto on the 23rd. Pluto guards the riches to the underworld while Saturn says it’s high time for a change. Saturn is also the ruler of your 10th which is where Mercury will encounter Neptune this week. Provided you are focussed on the outcome you want to achieve, these changes could well be to your benefit.

Pay outs, inheritances, bonuses, loans, taxes and mortgages could also form part of this as could shifts around your home, family or living arrangements. Full Moons mark peak emotional tides and Supermoons supersize them. Especially when the Supermoon appears in its ruling 4th in our chart. Because of all the activity in your 8th, this Supermoon could bring about both an ending and a new beginning.

What you feel will be incredibly intense. Some may be contemplating a house move or career shift. An important phase may end with a new one now just around the corner. No matter how you react to the ‘c’ word, it truly is inevitable this week. Your rebirth awaits.

In a nutshell: Changes around home, living arrangements, career or your money are designed to bring about something better. What looks like an ending may be a rebirth. Roll with it, Gemini.


Love is letting go of fear
Say it anyway
Discover the power of emotion fused ideas

Powerful shifts around partnerships could occur this week, Cancer. Just a reminder if you are single and seeking, that each year we have two key periods where we are in our best position to attract a potential partner. These occur when Venus the planet of love is in either our 5th or 7th house. This week sees Venus in its ruling 7th and meeting both Saturn and Pluto in here. Powerful shifts could occur as a result.

Saturn rules time, karma and destiny, Pluto rules sex and transformation. If the timing is right, then this could mark the beginning of that transformative relationship that was written in the stars a long time ago. Others could see a connection deepen and go to the next level but please be aware that intense transits such as this have the potential to go one way or another. Especially as you have the Sun and also Mercury and Neptune in your house of freedom and exploration this week.

While many of you could be released into a new love, others could find the release takes the form of ending one that has been lived out or has no future. The broader, bolder message behind all this is: Love is letting go of fear. This also includes a fear of saying what needs to be said. This includes ‘I love you’ of course.

A full Moon in your 3rd not only aids you in expressing your ideas, but also your emotions. This week’s full Moon in here is also a Supermoon. So, everything gets ‘bigged’ up and supersized. You are wearing your heart on your sleeve and won’t be able to hide what you are feeling. When it comes to those ideas and how you communicate, at work or even if you are studying, you can infuse even the most mundane concept with emotion that engages others.

Words and feelings are intertwined but you can use this to maximum effect now. Whether it’s getting that concept across at work or letting others know what you really feel, don’t hold back now. Say it anyway.

In a nutshell: Love is the transformational force you can harness, Cancer. Changes around partnerships and close personal ties are helped by your ability to share your feelings this week.


What’s the price you put on success?
Know your soul worth
Begin something new

Ruler the Sun illuminates soul values and what really matters to you this week, Leo. You want more than just money and material gain – although there’s nothing wrong with either of those things! What’s on offer for you now is the opportunity to attain these but with added depth and meaning. The things you cannot put a price on – what in fact is priceless to you, what you will or won’t sell out for – simply your Soul Worth if you like, will determine any outcome especially when it comes to negotiations around work, money, your salary or even relationships!

Your 8th rules endings and rebirth and the arrival of your ruler in this house often coincides with your desire to begin something new. This has to have spiritual meaning on some level due to Mercury and Neptune meeting in here. You’re looking for a challenge and ideas or work which expands your understanding and aligns in some way with what you truly value.

Your 6th which also rules work and wellbeing is alive with the potential for change as Venus in here meets with Saturn and then Pluto. So, a new job, project, raise or promotion could be in the offing but again, although you are drawn towards success, you are not prepared to sacrifice certain things in order to have it.

Venus enables you to make a good impression on present and potential bosses, customers, clients and co-workers while Saturn keeps you focussed on the long term picture. Pluto adds power and persuasion in any situation where you are selling yourself, your product or service.

This week’s full Supermoon in your money zone sees you acting in a practical way when it comes to your money – or negotiating more of it. You also come across as unflappable – or should I say you are able to keep your cool no matter what may be going on inside! You have a need to build a richer life and will take steps to do just that. And you know exactly the price you are willing to pay to get it now, Leo.

In a nutshell: Your soul worth is in focus now as is what you want. But you won’t sell your soul to get it. Your values dictate every outcome now. Success yes, but not at any cost, Leo.


No more time wasting love
Attract something deeper
Shine a light so love can find you

When it comes to love, relationships and attraction, you and water sign Cancer have the advantage this week. We have two cycles during the year when we are in a position to attract new love, take current relationships to the next level or just attract opportunities, money, possessions and new people into our lives. These occur when Venus transits either our 5th house or our 7th which it rules.

This week has Venus in your 5th plus the Sun entering now 7th for an extra boost. Not only that, ruler Mercury will meet Neptune in your 7th offering the possibility of divine and deep conversations and new connections and a meeting of hearts, minds and souls. Despite all planets moving forward we are now entering Mercury retroshadow time this week so the past could feature in some way as could backwards and forwards movements in relationships.

When it comes to romance – it’s either hot or not thanks to Venus meeting Saturn and then Pluto in your 5th. Think of this as ensuring there are no time-wasters allowed.

Your sensitivity and your feelings are magnified now thanks to the full Supermoon in your 1st on the 19th. This is also the day that Mercury and Neptune meet in your 7th. You feel an intense desire to connect on a very deep level with partners.

Your ability to attract is also magnified as you emanate an irresistible and other-worldly allure. Just steer clear of projecting qualities on to partners they simply do not have.

This Moon will draw your deepest feelings and also your insecurities to the surface. When it comes to the latter, please remember that all Moon transits, even Supermoons, are fleeting and this won’t last. Something is either ending or beginning for you this week, and it involves you and at least one other person. Shine your light out there if you’re seeking love, work, attention or anything else. What you seek will find you.

In a nutshell: This week’s line up has you looking at love and what you need from it. Whether it’s work or love, you’re in a position to attract. And also weed out any time-wasters, Virgo.


Align your lifestyle and your purpose
Get a sense of true belonging
Where is ‘home’ for you?

Decisions around home, property, living arrangements, family or who you live with are front-and-centre this week. It’s all about your long term security, Libra. There’s no place like home and where this is or your roots may be in focus. Often where we belong can be totally different to where we were born, grew up or are even living right now.

The same goes for our work if we feel we are the proverbial square peg in the round hole. Ruler Venus is offering you the opportunity for a move or lifestyle change and what is more, if you are shifting, once you unpack you should be settled for a very long time.

This also applies to a change in your workplace environment. Venus will meet Saturn (roots and establishment) in your 4th this week and then move on to conjunct Pluto (change, endings, transformation, regeneration). In fact, this coupled with the Sun’s arrival in your 6th as well as a meeting between Mercury and Neptune in here, could see an improvement in your overall wellbeing triggered by a move of some kind.

Look to where you feel ‘at home’ and if it is different to where you currently reside, then come up with a strategy or plan to relocate. Are you being ‘drawn’ either back to somewhere you lived in the past or to another neighbourhood, town, area or even country that has an inexplicable ‘pull’ on your soul? If you love where you are and what you do, time to commit to it, to send those roots deeper and improve it whatever way you can.

This week’s full Supermoon in your 12th gives you access to powerful intuitive knowledge when it comes to where you need to be. Don’t ignore this. The place where you can live and work the way destiny wants you to is calling to you. You know deep down where you belong, Libra. Set up home this week.

In a nutshell: There’s no place like where you belong, Libra. You’ll know this week if you’re in the right one when it comes to both home and work. If not – make that move now.


Say it and mean it
How far does your message go?
Find a fellow dreamer to weave a new dream with

Venus in your 3rd adds creativity, diplomacy and love to any discussion this week, Scorpio. Say it like you mean it and watch how what you say transforms any situation. There’s an extra special magic and sparkle to your ideas but they also have weight and depth. Long term efforts – with projects, study, presentations, publishing, the World Wide Web, interviews and research, could pay off for you now.

The fact is, this week people want to hear what you have to write, say or communicate so tell it like it is as Venus meets first Saturn in here on the 18th and then ruler Pluto on the 23rd. People take your meaning seriously now and while you have a way with words, you’re prepared thanks to Pluto, to back up what you say with appropriate action too. Taking what you say to a wider audience is another possibility as your 11th rules what you have to share with the world.

This week’s fully supersized Supermoon in this house could just send that message out further and to more people than you thought possible. Above all, stand by what you say. While Venus rules beauty and diplomacy, Saturn rules authority and Pluto power. This is no time to turn into a ‘Yes’ person. Success comes from walking your talk this week.

Your power with words extends into your personal life attracting in new people, romance and opportunities to shine. The Sun moves into your 5th on the 18th and the following day sees Mercury which rules your 3rd, encounter Neptune in here. You’ve the ability to enchant when it comes to meeting new people – be it for business or that potential lover. There’s a touch of other-worldly glamour about you.

Singles could attract someone to weave a new dream with. Others opportunities to shine via their talents or what they do. Here’s the secret for you, Scorpio. All this adds up to you wanting it all NOW – the love, the recognition, the sparkly stuff. You may just get that – and see it last for the long term too.

In a nutshell: Can you have what you want in the short term but see it turn into long term gain? Whether it’s work or romance, if any sign can pull it off it’s you this week, Scorpio!


What have you learned about money?
Establish yourself
Create a spiritual home

Venus occupies its ruling 2nd in your chart Sag and this week has two cash-attracting encounters with both Saturn (18th) and Pluto (23rd). Saturn is all about the long term – delayed gratification, which runs contrary to your sign’s belief that instant gratification takes too long. Pluto rules power and in this instance, power money and how powerful you feel in the material world and in earning the money you need.

Venus just wants to bring pleasure. Not just your money but your assets are in focus this week – your possessions, your talents and skills and your values. The past years should have seen you take a very different approach to your cash. Instead of a ‘borrow today, pay it back someday’ approach you now appreciate that financial security is in fact the key to the freedom you crave that is part of your make—up. If you have truly embraced this lesson, this week could quite literally deliver the rewards – straight to your bank account.

Keep the focus on the long term as the Sun swings into your 4th of home and security on the 18th. Anything to do with property matters or your career is favoured now especially as Mercury which rules commerce and contracts is also in this house in your chart. Your ‘spiritual’ home or creating a lifestyle which truly aligns with who you are and where you want to be is a deep emotional need which requires your input.

This week’s full Supermoon in your 10th shines on opportunities which would allow you to do just that. The Moon rules our emotions, full Moons bring peak emotional experiences and Supermoons supersize these. However, the 10th is the one house the Moon appears in where we can remain objective about things rather than subjective. It’s not that you are unemotional – far from it. Just that you can act in a way that ensures your emotional needs are met over the long term rather than just reacting to how you feel in the moment.

Making the right decision that is true to who you are and what you need for the future is what this full Moon promises. Set your future foundation and you’ll have the freedom you’ve always wanted now, Sag.

In a nutshell: Freedom is always your #1 goal. But to get it you first need a foundation. This week offers the chance to establish or add to yours, Sag.


Bring some practical magic to bear
Let go of what no longer serves you
Follow that vision for your future

2019 has been a highly unusual year so far for you, Capricorn. The focus that our birthday season brings us has just continued unabated for you. This week hands you the perfect blend of your signature earthy wisdom and heavenly inspiration. Call this practical magic. You can use both to quite literally bring what you want into being now.

Venus in your 1st meets ruler Saturn this week. You are fully aware of what you want from life – and love, and what you don’t now. As Venus moves on to conjunct Pluto also in your sign, you’ll take a powerful and fearless approach when it comes to letting go of what no longer serves you – and going after what does.

Because there is so much going on in your sign, look at who or what is opposite you and see whether or not it or they distract you from attending to your own needs. Make decisions accordingly. A massive shift in love and relationships is exploding now. Boom! You have more power than you know.

You’ve access to inspired ideas on how to align what you want with your emotional and spiritual needs thanks to the Sun’s entry into your 3rd on the 18th. This is Mercury’s ruling house in your chart and the planet of communication meets with Neptune, guardian of intuition and the hidden realms on the 19th. This day also sees a full Supermoon take to the skies in your 9th – expanding your psychic abilities and giving you new insights as to the direction you now need to head in.

This is a full Moon which can trigger your desire to experience more of the world and one under which travel or any kind of journey can be undertaken. Your curiosity and your optimism are awakened. You won’t have time for anyone whose thinking is limited or negative now. You have a vision for your future and what it contains. If someone doesn’t share it, you’ll choose another travelling companion. You know your direction – and who is going with you, now.

In a nutshell: You’ve the tools you need both practical and intuitive to bring about the outcome you want, Capricorn. Take a fearless approach when it comes to what you want to keep – or let go of.


What remains relevant and what needs to be let go of? Your birthday season ends this week as the Sun moves off into your 2nd. But while new beginnings are appearing, you may still be dealing with residue from your past, Aquarius. Are you still holding yourself back from having what you want or love? If you have been thinking about someone from your past lately this week may see them reappear or at least echoes from pastimes or past lives reach you in the present as Venus meets Saturn and then Pluto in your 12th.

Plus you have Mercury in your second meeting with Neptune, ruler of your 12th. Your 12th rules your past lives and Saturn rules karma so look to who may be helping you or even putting obstacles in your way now. You have done this dance with them before. Rewards from the past or again, your past good karma could fall due. There may also be a need to show someone where the boundaries are in your relationship. The 12th is our house of empathy and compassion. But has someone overstepped the mark when it comes to taking your help for granted? Or is it all take and no give? Chances are you already know who I am talking about if this strikes a chord for you.

This week asks you look at the past not with sentiment, but how it has shaped your present circumstances and having learned from this, make a new commitment to your future. Changes which are necessary for your growth could be triggered by the full Supermoon in your 8th this week. You could uncover a secret or hidden motivation now. Exploring occult subjects, psychology, therapy, the Tarot and psychic abilties under this Moon will not only provide you with answers you seek around any changes or in putting your past into perspective, but provide you with a deep healing on a soul level. This week says all change. And for the better.

In a nutshell: Powerful insights into your past allow you to re-frame your future. You’re keeping what heals or is relevant. And letting go of the rest


Time to believe again
See true colours
Happy birthday, Pisces!

Happy birthday, Pisces. Who is around you or ‘opposite’ you could mark an extra special beginning to your birthday season. The Sun arrives in your sign on the 18th and the following day Mercury will meet your ruler Neptune in your sign.

Look to what you are ‘projecting’ out into the world as this cycle begins. It’s time for a new beginning and a new you on some level. You’re being asked to speak your spiritual truth, to create and to dream – and to believe in that dream.

The reason I asked you to pay close attention to what is ‘opposite’ you this week is that it will be a reflection of what you are projecting out there. You could see this very clearly on the 19th when a full Supermoon appears in your opposite 7th. Yes, this is the sign of partnerships but you don’t need to be coupled-up to see what you are attracting. It’s time to truly express what’s in your soul now – and if you do, you’ll see that reflected back in kind.

Of course it’s your birthday so parties, celebrations and get-togethers are all in focus. But the people who are there for you – not just for the good times, but the long haul feature.

Venus in your 11th meets Saturn and Pluto in here. Long term and possibly even powerful connections can be made now. Just remember that Venus in our 11th is more about the love of friends rather than romantic love. Expect people to show you their true colours one way or another.

Someone you have only known a short while may prove they are the stuff long term friendship is made of. While someone you thought you could rely on proves the opposite. No matter what you discover, this won’t take the shine off your celebration. The party’s only just getting started for you now, Pisces.

In a nutshell: Time for new beginnings as your birthday season begins. Believe in your dreams. What you send out into the universe is reflected back at you – in kind, Pisces.

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