31 Dec 2018 Weekly Astrology Forecast

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs February 11 2019


  • Align to your true values
  • What does money buy you?
  • Get ready for the rollercoaster ride of love!

Valentine’s week brings rollercoaster passion and surprises, Aries. One thing is certain, there’s nothing ambivalent or so-so about what you’re feeling. Your heart is in high gear one way or another. Love or the opposite, there is no middle ground. Ruler Mars has its final encounter with Uranus in your 1st – the last time this will happen in your adult life unless you live to be really, really, REALLY old. During its stay in your sign, Uranus should have revolutionised how you see yourself – and in turn how others see you. A change of heart about something, someone or just one final turn of the soul evolutionary wheel completes the personal revolution that has been fueling your life for the past seven years. Mars could see you taking the soul warrior action and initiating this. Or the way you react to something unexpected just shows you how far you have come. Warrior for self-love? You may be someone else’s Valentine Aries, and let’s hope they make that heart beat faster, but you are also your own this week. Love how far you’ve come, baby!

Mars enters your 2nd on V-Day itself. Remember, next month Uranus will follow leaving your sign for good. Passions run high as does your desire for sensual pleasure. Taurus and your 2nd rules your relationship to the material world, the money you make, your possessions and all the good things money can buy. And a few that it can’t. Such as self-worth, your values and yes, love too. Mars in here fires up your desire to have and experience more, but also shows you where that self-worth may need shoring up or you need to define those values. Where you literally will not ‘sell your soul’. People whose values are superficial? You’ve no time for them now. Lennon & McCartney said it: I don’t care too much for money, money can’t buy me love.

In a nutshell: What’s the price you put on love – or self-love this Valentine’s week, Aries? Mars your ruler says feel the passion and the fire. Tepid, so-so love just doesn’t cut it this week.


14 Feb 2019 MARS ENTERS TAURUS (2nd)


  • Be true to yourself
  • Dreams for the future come into focus
  • Set love in motion

During Uranus’s stay in your 12th you have been dealing with secrets, what’s hidden and the need for soul-shaking and radical change, Taurus. Yes, I know how you hate the ‘c’ word. No, meals will not be interrupted. How you see your connection to the universe, the ‘deep’ side of life, mysteries and the unexplained – all may have shifted. This a part of a grand design to bring more meaning into your life and this translates into being able to live a more meaningful life in everyday terms. As Mars and Uranus entangle for the final time in here in your adult lifetime, your Valentine’s message is to follow through to be true to yourself. Now you see it, make the meaningful change you know you need to. Your dreams and goals for the future should now coalesce and as the do – again, take action. Be aware that if you do not, by the time Uranus reaches your 1st which is next month, the universe may take its own hand in your evolution.

Unchaining your soul and setting you free is what the upcoming period will be about. Especially when it comes to your values. Mars planet of decisive action charges into your 1st on V-Day itself. You’ll be seeking ways to express your passion and if you have someone special in your life then they are in for a searing hot Valentine’s Day if they are the focus of your sizzling sensuality. Mars wants you to express yourself and in a way that’s meaningful to you. Your confidence soars now whether it’s in telling someone how you feel or just being true to yourself. Get love with new meaning this week.

In a nutshell: No matter what is happening in your life it’s all intended to give your life –and way of loving, more meaning. You know what you need to do this, Taurus. Follow through with love.


14 Feb 2019 MARS ENTERS TAURUS (1st)


  • Action sets the future in motion
  • Prepare for the next evolutionary stage in life – and love
  • Step into healing

Valentine’s week has Jupiter in your partnership zone for the first time in 12 years and Venus, planet of love and romance in your sexy 8th. Many of you may be feeling extra-specially loved up now or be seeing a new connection enter a new phase – perhaps boosted by the love is in the air vibe that follows us everywhere at this time of year. Single and seeking? Don’t despair. Unexpected encounters and meetings are promised if you make the effort thanks to Mars injecting added life into your social scene. This week also sees Mars meet Uranus in its ruling house in your chart – for the final time in here in your lifetime. This is your sector of goals and the future. The future requires you to take action to set it in motion. And let’s face it, the love of friends is every bit as important as that one special someone to call your own. So, spread the love this Valentine’s Day week and get out there. New people, new experiences prepare you for the next evolutionary stage in your life. These are Uranus’s final weeks in this house in your chart and we usually feel a planets effects the most when it enters and when it leaves – so take note!

You can’t hurry love no matter how much Mars in your 12th may want to, Gemini.  If you are single, pushing things or trying to make them happen won’t get you what you want. Mars enters here on V-Day itself bringing your creativity and passions to the surface in ways which may surprise you – and others. Hidden desires surface, you’ll be able to tap into incredible psychic insights but above all, Mars in here takes the guise of the Healing Warrior. What you are being directed to do or uncover is all part of a deeper healing which needs to take place. Follow those instincts. There’s love to be shared and then the soul love that’s there for yourself this Valentine’s Day.

In a nutshell:  Love is literally all around you so look at its many facets this Valentine’s week, Gemini. If one particular passion doesn’t feature, you’ve so many people to share the love with this week.


14 Feb 2019 MARS ENTERS TAURUS (12th)


  • Write a new success story
  • You’ve got that lovin’ feeling
  • Find your people

Does that career path need some love this Valentine’s week, Cancer? I’m not saying you won’t be on the receiving end of the usual kind as you have Venus in its ruling 7th in your chart this love-struck week. This gives you a better than average chance of having that loved-up feeling. But loving what we do and the rewards from this has a knock-on effect into every aspect of our lives. You are in the final weeks of Uranus’s revolutionary adjustments to your reputation and rewards. What holds you back from achieving? From being creative and recognised for what you have to offer? Uranus has been asking you to own your unique skills and to take yourself and your ambitions seriously. Uranus in here has allowed you to make changes to your career direction if you have felt the path you are on has not been the right one. Now Mars adds that extra element of confidence and freedom asking you to take charge of your own career destiny and make that move once and for all. If you don’t believe in yourself, how do you expect others to?

Once this encounter is over, Mars heads off into Uranus’s ruling 11th – where Uranus is heading next month. Remember, this is your house of the future and reception as well as your house of friends and contacts. Mars in here renews your sense of purpose and has you asking where and who you fit in with. In the period between now and Uranus’s entry in here you may commit to new goals and make changes to your social life. Expect the entrance into your life of people who have strong Taurus qualities – sensual, creative, good with material resources. Mars says you need to seek out those who are like-minded. Get your social life on the same page to your soul now.

In a nutshell: You’ve Venus in its ruling 7th sprinkling you with that lovin’ feeling. But show your career path some love too this week. It’s your chance to break free into success.


14 Feb 2019 MARS ENTERS TAURUS (11th)


  • Opportunity comes in disguise
  • Take a chance on the unexpected
  • Confidence soars and you roar

Uranus in your 9th has literally been about breaking you free and allowing you to evolve via experiencing the world in a radically new way. This may have been via study, travel or just encountering individuals who acted as a catalyst for this process.  This week sees Mars have one final encounter in here with Uranus – this will be the last time this occurs in your adult life. Unexpected opportunities in business, to travel and to learn could present themselves. Please be aware that often opportunity when it crosses our path doesn’t quite look the way we thought it would. This is your house of being open-minded and Uranus rules free-thinking. So please, be just that now. Mars instils you with the confidence to take a chance however – giving you a ‘What have I got to lose?’ mentality. You could initiate a large scale project or plan on your own behalf or commit to taking that bucket-list trip you have always dreamed of doing, but did not quite have the courage to undertake. Move towards anything that expands your world and which quite literally ‘fires you up’ when you think about it.

Mars moves into your 10th on V-Day itself and when it comes to those you love, you’ll be going all out to woo them and make your best impression. Don’t forget, Uranus will shortly follow Mars in here for a seven year stay. For now, despite love being in the air and on your mind, you are also able to allocate whatever resources necessary to pushing those career projects and plans forward. You are in a position to succeed and impress provided you don’t take a ‘My way or the highway’ approach. Yes, stand by your ideas but be seen as someone willing to incorporate the vision of others and respond to feedback if necessary. Your confidence and pride in what you do and have to offer will impress those in positions of power and authority. And that ‘I know what I want and what I want is you’ wins lovers over too, Leo.

In a nutshell: Dare to dream, dare to do! Valentine’s week sees your confidence soar when it comes to grabbing opportunity or trying something new. And confidence is oh-so-sexy, Leo!


14 Feb 2019 MARS ENTERS TAURUS (10th)


  • Transformation frees you from restrictions
  • Discover more of who you are
  • Go after your dreams

Anything that ends, changes or transforms this week bring you much-needed freedom, Virgo. Big decisions or negotiations around money, salary or even the terms of a relationship could also feature. Mars is at home in its ancient ruling 8th in your chart. It gives you a sexy, magnetic intensity that others may just gravitate towards this Valentine’s week. Your 8th is where you receive support from other people. How’s that support structure when it comes to your most intimate ties? Mars meets Uranus in here this week for the final time in your adult lifetime. Get ready for a massive transformation and one that may take you in a surprising new direction. Understand that no matter how this occurs or what it is – whether self-initiated or not, this is all part of your evolution. Both these planets are saying you cannot stay stuck and are intent on breaking you free. Be open minded when it comes to change.

Mars quickly moves on – into your 9th on the 14th. The confidence to go after your biggest dreams, to explore and discover just what you are capable of, is what Mars is about to hand you. Think of yourself as an explorer now. That unknown territory you’re about to enter into could just be your own untapped abilities. Give yourself permission to go after your dreams and tap into a reservoir of self-belief. Just don’t rush and don’t promise more than you can deliver. Make the most of your abilities and have the confidence to go for it. Soon Uranus will move into this house for a seven year exploration. You’re off in search for a wider, wild new world. And that includes a wide, wild new love.

In a nutshell:  Changes are designed to evolve your soul and set you free this week. You’re poised on a wider, wilder, larger cycle of experience.  Discover just what you’re capable of now.


14 Feb 2019 MARS ENTERS TAURUS (9th)


  • Travel outside your usual love experience
  • What has changed around love?
  • Begin change now

Uranus in your 7th has brought you unexpected shifts in relationships, unusual connections and the person ‘opposite’ you not always being the one you would have chosen. Your ideas around partnership and love may have shifted and you may have explored more than one kind of partnership arrangement – not just the romantic/marriage kind but business, collaborative, friendship and even in some cases, with a soul other than a human one. That person who is ‘in your face’ may also have featured as our opposite sign also contains quite literally our ‘opponent’. One final evolutionary event around more or one of these partnership themes occurs this week as Mars meets Uranus in here. Expect to be taken outside your usual relationship experience one last time before Uranus exits this house for the rest of your adult life.

Valentine’s Day sees Mars move into its ancient ruling 8th. Passion and how to express it could preoccupy you now. If you have no-one to call your own, channel these feelings into looking at how powerful you feel in other areas and pour in the confidence and self-love if there’s another lacking. As well as the passion and the creativity. Your values, your money, what you owe, are owed or share will be in focus too – anything from your salary, to joint accounts or to a bed. Mars is very comfortable in here and injects you with a sexy boldness when it c omes to initiating much-needed change.  You have the power of change at your fingertips and also the ability to begin those changes NOW. Mars says: why wait? At least not for Uranus.  Think of money as energy and part of the creative force available to you. Feel the Force this week, Libra.

In a nutshell: Take one final revolutionary step in your evolution towards love freedom, Libra. Your ideas around partnerships and what you need, have changed. Now, live your love truth.


14 Feb 2019 MARS ENTERS TAURUS (8th)


  • Free yourself from dullness
  • Reclaim your passion
  • Your ability to attract intensifies

Ancient ruler Mars always adds passion confidence and the ability to take action on our own behalf. This week sees it make a final meeting with Uranus in your 6th. Be prepared to be propelled out of that dull rut or routine in unexpected ways or see dead ends transformed into highways to opportunity. When it comes to your work and wellbeing, Uranus should have handed you the ability to make creative and innovative changes. One thing is certain, you will have craved more variety and stimulation in your everyday work or daily life during the seven years Uranus has been in this sector of your chart. The meeting between these two could bring you one final freeing and exciting change. You will also have become more aware of the draining effect the lack of variety or a satisfactory outlet for your energy, has on your overall health. This conjunction allows you to make one final change necessary to bring you the variety you seek.

Mars moves on promising a hot, passionate V-Day for some on the 14th. In your 7th Mars turns earthy and becomes steamily sensual. Your 7th is about attraction but Mars in your 7th is also about how you respond to others – and what you attract. Mars brings out extremes so you will either love or hate what you attract. There won’t be middle ground. If you don’t get the response you’re seeking from others, frustration could lead to conflict. Mars in here wants to make love, but if it can’t, the opposite will occur. Striving for balance and harmony may take more effort than usual. But when it comes to love – you’ve energy – and passion, to spare this week.

In a nutshell: Changes propel you out of dullness and back into passion. And when it comes to love you’ve more than enough to spare. You can’t help set in motion your powers of attraction this week.


14 Feb 2019 MARS ENTERS TAURUS (7th)


  • Start something new
  • Follow your passion
  • Get a little radical everyday magic

Children, young people, the next generation could feature now or if not, this could be a time of dynamic new beginnings. Unexpected opportunities and new directions appear now. You crave excitement now and just won’t be satisfied with the status quo. Mars in your 5th hands you raw creative energy. Passion and desire mingle like rocket fuel for the soul. Add in a collision with Uranus – in here for just a few more weeks before moving off for good, and we have ignition! Channel this energy in a constructive way to initiate something new. A project, a romance- it is after all, Valentine’s week, or just explore a new social scene.  The call you hear is to evolve your soul so take the initiative and do something to change your current direction. You’ve the confidence you need to go seek it out now.

Mars moves into your 6th on V-Day itself and you can bring all this dynamism to bear on your work. You are determined to get the job done now and also direct this energy into writing, communication, projects, presentations or just selling yourself more effectively if you are seeking to change your job. Remember, you just have a few more weeks left before Uranus arrives in here to perform its radical magic on everything from your daily routine to your wellbeing.  Just don’t take on more than you can reasonably handle now and watch your diet – your body needs the right fuel. Getting impatient for change won’t make it appear any faster. New beginnings have a timing of their own.

In a nutshell: Be your own agent for creative change and kick-start a new beginning. You crave excitement and something new.  Go start something life-changing, Sag!


14 Feb 2019 MARS ENTERS TAURUS (6th)


  • Renovate your life
  • Design for truly living
  • Step into a cycle of excitement – and romance!

Radical home or lifestyle renovations or moving experiences may have been the result of Uranus remodelling your 4th of family and all things domestic these past seven years. It’s been about your security, yes. But looking at what gives you this in a radically different way. Designing a living arrangement that works for you, adjustments to your career and income, may have gone and-in-hand with this process. Moving to a quirky, highly individual home could have been one sign Uranus had taken up residence for some of you. The whole changing rooms experience is now virtually at an end as next month, Uranus quits this sector of your chart for good. However, one last re-model could occur as Mars meets Uranus in here this week pointing to you making some kind of final adjustment to living arrangements or even you income. Women may have a key role to play in levering you out of any remaining ruts you have fallen into.

Valentine’s Day sees Mars head into your fabulous 5th. Uranus will be following shortly but for now think creativity, confidence and passion. You won’t wait for romance to find you – or anything else you want for that matter. Life, love and the pursuit of happiness propels you forward. Neither will you shy away from expressing how you feel. Red hot hearts and flowers moments could occur between you and that special someone. This is one of your houses of attraction and you ignite your ability to do this via taking a chance this week. No more staying home now, Capricorn.

In a nutshell:  Make one last upgrade to that home, lifestyle or living arrangements, Capricorn. This frees you to enter into an exciting cycle fuelled by creativity, luck  – and romance!


14 Feb 2019 MARS ENTERS TAURUS (5th)


  • Say it your way
  • Ideas have unexpected results
  • Take action on love

If you don’t say it now –when will you, Aquarius? The same goes for acting on those ideas. There’s something you just can’t supress now – which either needs to be said or sent out there. This week is all about launching something or saying what you need to say. Get a fresh spin and a new perspective when it comes to what you have to sell – those ideas, projects, plans, business or even yourself. Push forward now as you have incredible momentum and also originality at your disposal all thanks to Mars entangling with ruler Uranus in your 3rd for the final time. Be confident in your ability to be an original – especially in business and when it comes to what you have to offer. Send that message out there. If you have been putting off having a conversation, biting something back or have been unsure how to say it – Uranus gives you the original approach while Mars adds the courage of your convictions. You own your ideas now and they can take you unexpected and surprising places. Watch for a last minute opportunity in work, study or communication that this encounter could deliver.

Mars moves off into your 4th on Valentine’s Day. This is a better position for an outside date night rather than staying home with wine and candlelight. Mars is not at its best in here as this is a feminine, nurturing house and Mars is masculine, action-centered energy. So, make plans to do something with that squeeze. You only have a few weeks left before Uranus too enters this sector of your chart bringing a living and lifestyle revolution. For now, understand that Mars in here makes you extra-sensitive. There’s a touch of remembering the past this V-Day tied up in this but please don’t focus on past hurts or things that have gone wrong. This can lead you to interpreting others’ behaviour as hurtful when none is intended. Above all, if you need something, anything from a hug to a little more emotional support, ask for it. That’s what those words are for this week, Aquarius.

In a nutshell: Say what needs to be said this week, Aquarius. Whether it’s ‘I love you’ or simply sharing that idea, you’ve a way to make words work for you.


14 Feb 2019 MARS ENTERS TAURUS (4th)


  • Send yourself a Valentine’s gift of self-love
  • Seal that deal – on your heart or in business
  • Actions speak louder than words

Stand by those values this V-Day week as you could be asked what price you put on love, Pisces. This of course includes self-love – not just those you love and extends out to your time, money, skills and how you expect to be treated by others and rewarded by employers. Yes, in a way it’s all love so explore these relationships and treat this exercise as a Valentine’s gift to yourself. The more you value yourself and what you have to offer, the more this is reflected across all your relationships. You have had Uranus bringing the money revolution to you for the past seven years and during this time how you earn you money, your attitude to it and the price you put on everything from time to relationships, has undergone a radical shift. This week sees Mars and Uranus have a final meeting in here and you could be closing a deal that impacts not only on your bank account but what setting your price on what is most important.

Mars moves into your 3rd of communication on Valentine’s Day itself adding passion to what you say. If you love someone, you’ve the confidence to let them know. You’re also being powered forward by an idea that quite literally ‘fires you up’ now.  You’ve a need to engage and share this with others. Above all, you’re out seeking something or someone that keeps that heart beating faster and the adrenalin flowing. This could be anything from a new job, business opportunity or project to a new love. This week sees you not just content to talk about love or any other subject for that matter. Actions speak louder than words with Mars in here. Follow through on values – and on ideas you love, Pisces.

In a nutshell: Close that deal this week, Pisces whether it’s on your heart or purely business. You won’t just be content with talking either. For you, actions speak louder than words.


14 Feb 2019 MARS ENTERS TAURUS (3rd )

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