24th Dec 2018 Weekly Astrology Forecast

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs December 31 2018


Own your inner truth
What are you ‘projecting’?
Wait for more information when it comes to career matters

The New Year begins on a passionate high note for you, Aries. January 1 sees ruler Mars arrive in your 1st. You’re riding a wave of renewed confidence and daring into 2019 as you set yourself new goals to aim for – and fresh worlds (and hearts!) to conquer. Look to your image now and what you want to ‘project’ out there. How you come across and what you say without saying anything, is going to be incredibly important now. It’s time to be true to who you are and to ensure the outer ‘you’ reflects your inner truth. Make any adjustments you feel are necessary.

I know it’s a bit glib to say ‘New Year – new you’ but this shoe fits you now, Aries. The fact is, the past seven years has seen you go through an amazing evolutionary arc where you have shed everything from outdated looks to ideas. You should have emerged from this with a better idea of who you are, what you need and also a pride in your uniqueness and individuality. This has come courtesy of Uranus in your 1st which moves direct this week. It will shortly leave your sign for good, never to return in your lifetime. So, make that final adjustment.

This week also sees a major focus on your long term career and reputation – all the more reason to look at the impression you make. Mercury boosts your deal making abilities along with getting your ideas across to those in a position to say ‘Yes’. The Sun and Saturn meet in Saturn’s ruling 10th marking the point where rewards fall due if you have earned them. However, questions about whether you are on the right path if they don’t make take time to be answered. There’s a new Moon in this house on the 6th but it brings us a partial solar eclipse. So, not everything is clear when it comes to career matters, business or dealing with people in authority. Take a precautionary approach and please, do your due diligence. If you are considering changing direction due to discovering your present path is not paying off, then hang fire for now. You’ll receive the information you need to either head in the fresh direction, do the deal to your satisfaction or discover what’s missing soon enough. For now, be seen in a new light this New Year.

In a nutshell: 2019 sees you enter it in passionate, signature Aries style. You should know what you want, and be unafraid to go after it. Hold your head high and expect more!

Unshackle yourself and step into freedom
What’s that secret longing?
Don’t deny your dreams in 2019!

There’s one more big revelation coming to light for you between now and March, Taurus. This could relate to a secret you’ve been keeping close to your heart and soul. Perhaps a goal that forms a big part of you but which you dare not admit even to yourself? Let alone someone else. What comes to light is something you need to act on because when it does, you will realise that to deny it, is to deny who you are on a soul level.

Your creative energy is at a peak as we begin 2019 thanks to Mars in your 12th and also Uranus moving forward – and heading towards your 1st. Channel this momentum now and please, don’t deny yourself those dreams.  Above all, when you see how things really are – take action and ask yourself, if not now, when?

There’s a call to freedom and to break free of what shackles you – especially to the past or something that you know has been lived out. In fact, when it comes to that revelation, I suspect that as you have been reading this, that secret love isn’t so secret anymore as you know deep down what I am referring to. You may even know where you want to get to – or what you want to do, but are uncertain of how exactly, to get there. What you do know for certain is that time’s up when it comes to continuing on the same path as Saturn and the Sun meet in your 9th. On some level its time to commit to a fresh direction and Mercury in here from the 5th gets you moving.

So long as you acknowledge this on an inner level, you do not have to worry if it does not reveal itself just yet. Normally the new Moon in your 9th which happens on the same day Uranus heads direct, would reveal this. But this new Moon triggers a partial eclipse of the Sun. You may, therefore, be ‘feeling’ your way forward through the darkness. Or unexpected events propel you along a route you are not yet ready to take. Understand if changes occur no matter their appearance they are designed to place your feet ultimately on the right path – the one to freedom.

In a nutshell: What’s that secret you’re keeping? Time to acknowledge the importance of that secret dream or longing. And to make no secret about going after it as 2019 begins, Taurus.

Initiate something new
No more superficial love
Keep asking those questions


The first week of 2019 sees us finally move out of retrograde weather. Future-focussed Uranus will turn direct in its ruling 11th in your chart and at this point we enter a period of almost two months where every single planet in the sky is moving forwards. So, this is our cue to move with the times – and the New Year and initiate something new for ourselves.

Mars also enters your 11th this week pushing you out the door to make new friends and contacts and giving you the confidence to go after your goals. Mars wants you to be fired up with an idea, to stretch yourself in pursuit of it and in doing so, to discover just what you’re made of. The Right Stuff in other words. What provides fertile ground for growing something new is the Garden of Transformation. What I can tell you is that there is a lot going on below the surface or behind the scenes that you may be unaware of as yet, Gemini. You can dig down deep now and unearth the hidden treasure of your psyche – parts of yourself, desires and abilities you may not even have been aware you had access too as the new Moon appears in your 8th this week.

However, be aware this new Moon will trigger a partial solar eclipse plus you have a meeting taking place between the Sun and Saturn on the 2nd. Eclipses conceal so with this one, something is partially hidden. This could relate to business, shared resources, loans, mortgages, taxes or even an intimate relationship. Talk isn’t cheap with Mercury now in here from the 5th. When it comes to sex – you won’t want anything superficial. And when it comes to any other arrangement – you’ll want to know what’s going on. Ask those difficult questions this week when it comes to discovering the truth. What lies beneath may surprise you.

In a nutshell: You need a new goal which stretches you, your abilities and your confidence. Change provides you with the starting point for achievement, Gemini. And it goes deeper than you think.

See the interconnectedness of relationships
Look closely at where your expectations have changed
Whose company are you keeping?

Who we are with or closely associated with, has a ripple effect across other areas of our lives. As we head into 2019, you’ll be looking closely at their impact on your outer life. Who you work with affects your personal life while the support of a partner (or not) can have a profound effect on our career. There’s also a saying we are judged by the company we keep.

Of course these days the term ‘company’ doesn’t just include who we are in a relationship with or hang out with, but very much who we work for too. So, what does all this say about you? What are your relationships or lack thereof ‘telling’ you?
There’s work to be done in these areas at the start of the year. Jan 1 sees Mars enter your 10th of career and status. Your professional confidence soars and you’ll want to achieve more.

This week also sees Uranus in here head direct and begin to move forward – to shortly head out of here for good. What has changed for you around those professional or even personal goals? This house also rules the status of our partner. What are you aspiring to now for yourself and for them? This week sees a pivotal meeting between the Sun and Saturn in your 7th telling you it’s time to get serious about love or a key relationship. One way or another.

Mercury also enters this house now enabling you to talk about your needs and expectations across all your relationships. There is also a new Moon in here, but your ruler triggers a partial solar eclipse. Something is hidden from view. Are you still holding back your feelings? Is someone else concealing something? What is the history/reputation of the ‘company’ you’re keeping? Honest and transparent or questionable and one-sided? You don’t yet have the full picture but a track record tells you a lot.

Remember, whether it’s a personal connection or a professional one, it’s all relating. And it tells you a lot about you.

In a nutshell: Who we love and who we work are in focus as 2019 begins. It’s all about the company we keep on a personal and a professional level. And what this says about your expectations, Cancer.

Go bigger, go boldly into 2019!
Take a chance – but know where you want to get to
Explore alternative routes

Mars in your 9th sends you hurtling down a new path or yearning for a fresh adventure. You want bigger, bolder, wider horizons to explore and if that comfort zone has got too familiar, Mars in here combined with Uranus heading direct in the same house, will propel you out of it.

You want something different from the ‘same old, same old’. But do you know what? There’s no point in heading out into the unknown if you don’t have a destination in mind. You may want to kick over that stale routine or job you’re now seeing doesn’t allow you for progress or self-expression, but be careful you’re not rebelling just for the sake of it. It’s time to take a chance in order to bring in something better. But this should be a calculated risk – such as daring to see what else is out there and reaching higher. It’s about stretching yourself to see how far you can go. Be a little more daring as 2019 begins.

We are out of retrograde weather now and have almost two months ahead of us where every single planet in the sky is moving forward. This is our cue to do just that – again, with the confidence that comes of knowing where we want to get to. Mercury, the planet which retros three times a year, enters its ruling 6th of work and routine this week as your ruler the Sun meets Saturn in here. It’s time for rewards around work or to see clearly where blockages sit in your path. Take a good look at these on the 2nd because four days later the new Moon in this house will trigger a partial solar eclipse. That way forward with routine, work or even wellbeing may no longer be so clear under this eclipse.

So, have that destination in mind but then don’t be tempted to be in a rush to get there. Gather more information if necessary especially if it relates to your job or work. An alternative route or way of getting what you want, may yet emerge.
In a nutshell: You begin 2019 hungry for more and ready to roar, Leo! You want more excitement, expansion and stimulation – especially with your work. Take a chance – but don’t rush things.

Know when to say yes – and no
See yourself in a fascinating new way
Love leaps over differences

Strange fascinations may fascinate you as you turn and face all the facets that are you as 2019 begins, Virgo. Radical change and transformation – of you shedding your old perceptions of you or stepping free of something which no longer serves your growth, propel you forward into the New Year. Mars is in its ancient ruling house in your chart fuelling desire – not just for change but for passion and that feeling of being alive! Uranus also heads direct in here this week and we are entering a period where every planet in the sky – including ruler Mercury, will be direct for almost two months. Unprecedented forward motion is therefore open to us all until the first week of February when your ruler heads backwards again.

This comes with one small caveat attached – well, there had to be one, didn’t there? Those  strange fascinations could involve a new romantic interest for some of you. Especially as your desire for passion is increased now. Ruler Mercury enters your 5th plus the Sun and Saturn meet in here on the 2nd. Lovers that are older or younger than you – perhaps at least a seven year difference could feature. There’s another story here too which could also revolve around children, step-children, your partner’s children, deciding to start a family or younger people in general. Saying ‘yes’ or saying ‘no’ – letting someone know where the boundaries are, may be required on or around the time of the new Moon in here as it triggers a partial solar eclipse. You know eclipses cover up. Just be aware that fascinating new lover is a blend of light and shadow and when it comes to children or even your creativity, there’s something you don’t quite see yet. There’s a third alternative to saying yes or no. It’s wait and see.

In a nutshell: Passion propels you forward into 2019. It’s also a time to let someone know where the boundaries lie. Love doesn’t see age differences – remember that if looking for romance, Virgo.


Balance those scales
Create order and structure
Don’t be kept in the dark when it comes to what you need

The need to balance the scales when it comes to relationships – present and potential, is top of your resolution list as you step into 2019, Libra. You are the sign of partnerships after all so look to who or what is on the opposite side of the scale as Mars enters your 7th this week. You also have Uranus, planet of awakenings and radical freedom heading direct again in here this week. Uranus just has a few weeks left in this house and during its stay, relationships may have taken unexpected turns, love may have been hard-to-ground or taken a very different form to what you envisaged.

You may also have been involved in some kind of rejection dance – either you experiencing rejection – possibly not just from lovers but also in the professional area, to you rejecting in turn. You should be emerging from this however, with an increased awareness of what or who you need when it comes to any kind of duo and a redefined vision of what love is. Use this now to look at those scales and make that final adjustment. And take with you the knowledge that the rejection dance now comes to an end.

Who you share your space with, family, flatmates, your home, apartment and what contributes to your sense of permanence and security are also in sharp relief as January begins. The Sun conjunct Saturn in here says it’s time for a serious step to be taken. This is about structure, foundation and the long term and creating that and also having the courage to change what does not bring you that. Mercury in your 4th favours anything to do with real estate, mortgages, leases and moving and also your career and income. There’s a need for permanence financial security and taking your emotional needs seriously. What steps have you taken? Or have you been operating in a fog of indecision?

This is the Moon’s ruling house and you have a new Moon in here on the 6th which would normally usher in a new phase of living or start of something which contributes to your long term stability. This Moon triggers a partial eclipse so either you don’t yet see what needs to be done to achieve this, or you are being kept in the dark – literally, about something on the home front. What is apparent however is the need for order and control – especially if you are facing disappointment in any area that has an emotional impact. Balance the scales by knowing just what weighs you down – for better or worse.

In a nutshell: You’ve emerged into 2019 with a redefined vision of love. And what you need from it. Continue to balance the scales to reflect those relationship requirements, Libra.


Look closely at what’s not being said
Confidence, daring and energy return
Contracts can be signed and connections made

Pay attention to the sub-text, non-verbal communication, what’s not being said and the small print this week. I could say the devil is in the details now and you need to look carefully and discover where the devil resides within them now. Take an innovative and even radical approach to your routine, your work, study, daily responsibilities and even your wellbeing. If your energy has been at a low ebb expect to get fired up again as Mars enters your 6th on New Year’s Day.

Your ancient ruler powers you up to tackle whatever needs to be done – especially if it involves changing your appearance or image or just clearing up the annoying, odd tasks you have been meaning to tackle that are left over from 2018. You’re mentally more alert and ready to tackle any task. Uranus is about to end its long term journey through this house as it heads direct in here this week. Innovate and start something new with confidence especially if it involves your job or taking up a new activity. Dare to do!

The 6th house is ruled by Mercury – as is your 3rd. Mercury arrives in here this week as the Sun also meets Saturn. There’s a lot of activity in this – your house of communication, study and commerce. This is where ideas are generated, contracts are signed, messages are sent out, goods and services bought and sold and you move around. The New Year could begin with an offer or agreement reached. There’s a new Moon in here hinting at contracts and also contacts as this can bring in increased business, communication and social opportunities – especially in your neighbourhood or around work or study.

However, the new Moon will also trigger a partial solar eclipse. Ideas may not yet be fully formed – or you need to guard them as they can be taken. It’s also time to look at how you are selling yourself. Doors should open now – eclipse or not. If they remain closed – you don’t yet have the big picture. This could relate to how outgoing, positive and confident you are in communicating your ideas. It’s time to speak up and sell yourself. And as for the devil – look to the fine print before signing anything.

In a nutshell: You hit the ground running this New Year. Your energy and your confidence soar. So start selling yourself, and your ideas, more effectively now. Go promote yourself, Scorpio.


Predictable does not mean boring
Make it happen
Have the confidence to say no

You know what you want. You’re not waiting around for it to come to you now Mars enters your fiery and fabulous 5th on New Year’s Day, Sag. You are going to make things happen and to create opportunities for yourself now. Especially when it comes to love, creative self-expression and what brings you joy and pleasure. This is one of your houses of attraction and by taking action, you merely increase your power to draw to you what you want. What’s more, you have the confidence to say no to what you don’t want now.

You more than any other sign could be focussed on new beginnings as 2019 begins Sag. You want a fresh start on more than one level and what’s more, you have the courage to try things you may not have attempted in the past. Uranus also in your 5th heads direct this week. It will shortly exit this house for good but for now, make one final bid for radical freedom and reinvention – especially when it comes to love – or what you love.

Is money one of those things? Our love life, pleasure and enjoyment as well as our money are ruled by Venus which rules the 2nd as well as the 7th house in our chart. This week sees Mercury’s entry in here bringing increased opportunities to earn extra cash which could be tied into something long term as the Sun and Saturn also meet in here.

In addition to this, a new Moon in here triggers a partial solar eclipse. Remember, eclipses conceal or hide. So, with a partial eclipse you only have part of the picture when it comes to finances or a financial deal or arrangement. Look for long term solutions and the predictable love or source of income now. Boring? Think of it this way: there’s nothing more boring than being broke. Or being repeatedly let down by a lover. Have the confidence to go after what will bring you stability in the long term – and say no to who or what doesn’t.

In a nutshell: You’re all fired up for 2019 and ready to go get what you want. When it comes to love or money however – opt for choice you can count on, Sag.



What are you not yet ready to reveal?
Channel your energy constructively
Don’t put off what needs to be done

You’re not about to put off or shy away from what needs to be done as 2019 begins, Capricorn. You begin the New Year with a powerful, self-determining five planet – yes, FIVE – stellium in your 1st. This week shines on newly reawakened long term ambitions and goals as the Sun meets your ruler Saturn in your sign on the 2nd.

Mercury’s arrival in your 1st on the 5th sets you off in search of new ideas and stimulation. You want to explore and learn now and this could see you reap the rewards of a long term project – or else start something new which pays off over the long term. This week’s highly personal new Moon in your 1st speaks of having the courage to do something that has been on your mind for some time. This could even involve a radical change or shift in direction.

The new Moon will trigger a partial solar eclipse. Eclipses conceal and this one could just be something you are not yet ready to reveal about yourself or wish to keep hidden – perhaps just for a while longer. You may want to experiment and try new things and might not want others to know for example. At least until you’re sure of the results you’re getting. Starting a relationship but not telling anyone until it is firmly established, or applying for that job or course of study but keeping it to yourself until you have the result are also examples of how this may play out.

Mars in your 4th gives you a lot of energy for making changes to your home or living arrangements and also fires up career ambitions. But the energy unless channelled into activity of some kind can have you cranky and irritable if you spend too much time at home. Coupled with Uranus now direct again in here this makes for exciting moves and innovative lifestyle improvements – or disagreements and upheavals with family or those you live with. Don’t put off what needs to be done however if that radical shift involves changing more than just your décor – but a lifestyle or career renovation.

In a nutshell: There’s something you may not yet be ready to reveal to the world, Capricorn. Share when you’re ready. The New Year says you’re full of surprises and not to be underestimated!


Back up words with action
Ask your angels
You and another have been here before

Ruler Uranus heads direct in your 3rd this week as Mars also enters this sector of your chart. Uranus will leave here for good shortly and powered by Mars, it’s now time to find your unique voice and say what needs to be said. Follow up words with action as talk is cheap. Radical, innovative and exciting ideas or a new approach to work, study or even your commute, has the capacity to turn how you have accepted how things are on its head now. Some of you may switch jobs, start a business or a blog or just be inspired by a way to shake up your daily routine. You’re able to look at what’s familiar in a new way be this your neighbourhood, what you do, your ideas, how you promote yourself or even what opportunities may be hiding in plain sight and right under your nose. You have more at your disposal than you think.

What is hidden from view, out of sight, or holds a deeper meaning for you beyond the physical and material, secrets, investigations and the occult take you on a journey to the deep side of life as the year begins. Your 12th house is your house of the past and past lives. Look to who helps you or who hinders you as the Sun meets Saturn in here. You’ve had this run-around before. Perhaps many times. Who needs you? Do you need help from others? This is the house of the deep side of life, empathy, compassion and intuition.

Mercury in here from the 5th allows you to express your desire to help or your need to accept assistance from others even as it channels inspiration and insight your way. This week also sees a partial solar eclipse in here triggered by the new Moon of the 6th. Remember, eclipses conceal. This is your house of hidden enemies and also the subconscious mind which can be the enemy within. Your take on a situation may not be real or someone could just try to pull the wool over your eyes. If you find yourself in a situation with someone which is oh so familiar or is set on ‘replay’ – stop. You’ve been here before. This is your chance to escape a karmic cycle. This is also the house of your Guardian Angel. If in doubt, ask- and wait for answers.

In a nutshell: Turn accepted ideas and thoughts on their head. Actions speak louder than words this week. Use your insight and when it doubt – ask for guidance and wait for answers. They will arrive.

Revolutionise money matters
There is more than one path to your goals
Friends or contacts define your destiny

Get a little more daring and a lot more innovative when it comes to your money and how you earn it, Pisces. The first day of the New Year sees Mars enter your 2nd and on the 6th, Uranus heads direct in here. Uranus is about to complete its transit for this house for good as in a couple of months it will move off into your 3rd.

Reawakening to your true worth and realigning your values will have formed part of a personal revolution these past seven years when it comes to how you interact with the material world. Selling out is no longer an option. Neither is selling your soul. As a result, you may begin 2019 with a new determination to change how you make your dough.

Hidden paths to your goals also lie before you. People who can assist you with getting there – some you already know, others you have yet to meet, are also in focus thanks to a massive build-up of planets in your 11th – Uranus’s ruling house. A friendship or professional connection that has a major role to play in how your future unfolds could be formed early in the New Year thanks to a meeting between the Sun and Saturn. You also have Mercury entering this house from the 5th – look out of the person with whom you have plenty to talk about and who introduces you to new ideas. You may meet them via study, work or shared interests.

This week’s new Moon is all about those hidden paths to your dreams – ones you have to wait to reveal themselves. The Moon brings about a partial solar eclipse. You may have to wait to see what potential a friendship or professional association has. This is a Moon under which to join up or join in. Sign up for that club, group or organisation and accept that invitation that takes you away from your usual circle. What’s waiting to emerge – or rather who, are players in your on-going destiny.

In a nutshell: Don’t be afraid to try something new when it comes to your money as 2019 invigorates your bank account. New connections can be made now. Sign up, join in, participate.


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