17th Dec 2018 Weekly Astrology Forecast

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs December 24th 2018


Get ready for outrageous fortune
Unleash that inner indy rock God
Alternative routes fast track you to success

So this is Christmas, And what have you done? Please do not forget to celebrate all your victories over the past year – no matter how small or insignificant you feel they may be. The fact is, if you look back on 2018, you’ll begin to see just how much you have tackled, experienced, overcome and achieved. Acknowledge this and in the final week of the year, prepare for outrageous fortune to take you forward into 2019.

This holiday season sees you returning to the past in some way. Ruler Mars links you to the North Node in your house of home and family. Of course, this is traditionally the time when we return to the family nest, gather together or just reflect back on where we came from and where we belong.

Defining your sense of belonging and place which will be your launch pad for the coming cycle is part of this. Where you are drawn to may be different from where you now live but if a relocation is necessary, the coming year is the best one for this. Where in the world does karma link you to? Too much is never enough as Mars meets Chiron, the indy rock God of the zodiac on the 29th. Walk to your own rhythm, dream the impossible and shoot for the most outrageous and unlikely outcomes.

Your track record this year should have shown you that alternatives offer the best route to success. Be brave and crazy enough to try an even more unusual approach as those doors to outrageous fortune open in 2019.

In a nutshell: Get ready for outrageous fortune! You’ve come a long way in 2018, baby. Now, dare to try new ways to reach your goals for the New Year!


Make new love choices
Goals get infused with passion
Be the change love needs you to be

You’re either high or low on love this holiday season, Taurus. Why? Well, because ruler Venus is in its ruling 7th in your chart (good) but then so is Ceres. Now, whether this is the season of love and sensuality or the season of love long gone, could be determined by the choices you have made in the past 12 months around relationships.

Of course, you don’t have to be in a romantic partnership to be feeling loved-up as your 7th is about all kinds of close connections. Changes and choices, especially around deeply personal aspects of your life, have been a theme for you. 2018 should have opened up new partnership potential – bringing you either a new one or deepening an existing one. But it’s all an invitation. Participation is optional. What did you choose to accept? And this includes accepting change if it is necessary to bring you the love you need.

Both Venus and Ceres angle to Pluto in your 9th of freedom, expansion and also learning, this week. So, you will see how love has transformed your landscape or else understand that different choices may need to be made for 2019. Mars in your 11th meets with Chiron this week infusing those goals and desires with power, passion and yes, conviction too. You could come up with a daring new strategy to reach that dream. Look to your feelings around the love you feel and the love you receive and share this week as this is your barometer as to whether you need to make more adjustments to gain that soul-defining love connection. Love always changes everything so become the change that love needs you to be in 2019.

In a nutshell: Loved up or lacklustre? How you end the year could rest on the choices you made during it. Harness the transformative power of love for 2019, Taurus!


What’s on that wishlist?
Keep it real
Be yourself – not all things to all people

Hopefully, Santa did not misplace your wishlist, Gemini as there is the chance of misunderstandings or miscommunication this holiday season. You may be asking why when ruler Mercury is finally free of its retrograde shadow on Dec 24?

You distinctly told Santa a giant Amythest and A writing retreat in Arizona. Instead you find an Umbrella, crampons and a tube of Deep Heat under your tree. You hate painkillers plus you know you’ve been ultra-nice all year. What’s going on? Mercury’s tense angle to Neptune on the 25th is to blame for everything from keeping you from leaving on time due to last minute work glitches to gift-laden angst and disappointment.

Someone just may not be getting what it is you are trying to say – and seem to be intent on deliberately misunderstanding you. Illusions could even come tumbling down like a fairy falling from the top of the tree if you have been sprinkling someone with glitter who may not deserve it. Ruler Mercury always offers the antidote for any Neptune confusion so repeat yourself if necessary and stick to the facts. And remember, you can always exchange the Umbrella.

You’re already looking ahead to 2019. The themes that come up for you this holiday season are going to be around authentic transformation and the rewards that come from this. If you’ve been trying to be all things to all people you’ll suddenly see the futility of this. And instead just focus on being you. The final week of the year says why be anything else? And you’re ending it with your entire work, power and career sectors alight with confidence. You’ll know success in both love and the outer world rests on your authenticity and being any other way is simply a waste of time. And also have the confidence to return those unwanted gifts that simply don’t suit who you are, Gemini.

In a nutshell: The holiday season has a very special gift for you. The freedom to be authentic. It doesn’t matter what else is under that true – this is what you truly need for lasting success, Gemini.


Love is your gift

Share your joy
Follow that lover into new potential

There are two periods of the year where you can be certain the power of love and attraction is yours to wield. One is when Venus is in its ruling 7th and the other is when it occupies your 5th. The holiday season sees Venus intent upon bringing you fun, sensuality and pleasure topped off with a royal icing on that Christmas cake of romance and indulgence. There is also an added element of you knowing that what is meant for you, will come to you.

Above all, you won’t be bothered with anything that comes with a hidden agenda or secret price tickets attached to it. You are in full generous gift-giving mode yourself now and part of the pleasure for you comes from seeing the joy what you give brings to others. You’ll want to express your passion and open-heartedness physically with lovers and this could be one of the best holiday seasons for a long while when it comes to expressing your desires.

Attraction brings you other gifts and singles should think of mixing and mingling as one year ends and the new one begins. Mars in your house of freedom, luck and expansion trines the fated North Node in your 1st and karmic encounters could result. This week also sees Mars meet Chiron in your 9th which could for some bring in someone who literally ‘opens their eyes’ to possibilities in 2019 they had no idea existed. It all flows from you being open-hearted and being a conduit for giving – and receiving, this festive season.

In a nutshell: ‘Tis the season to attract – love, gorgeous gifts and above all, pleasure, Cancer! You’re caught in a cycle of romance and creativity now. It’s the gift that wants to keep giving.


Revive the true spirit of the holidays
Restore that glow
What are you in the mood to change?

Ghosts of Christmas Past could feature now. Getting together with friends, family or loved ones you have not seen for some time, or that card from someone you have not heard from in years, could light up the holidays for you. There’s a wonderful touch of nostalgia about this without it becoming over-sentimental. Returning to home, somewhere you love, people you care for and reviving special memories could warm you and infuse you with the true spirit of the season.

Others may find themselves in a very different place indeed but this comes packaged with the realisation that this for you is where you belong and these are your ‘family’ no matter what your relationship.

Reunions, revivals and rebirths are all possible and as we head towards the year’s end chances are you are in the mood to change something, Leo. If your creative spirit has been suppressed of late, make self-expression top of that New Year’s resolution list. This is an excellent time to go around gathering up those lost and forgotten pieces of your soul you have ignored or felt were not important enough to express.

Reclaim your full soul beauty and potential and also look closely at who or what may be getting in the way of that roar. Release these and also be very clear to others what it is you expect from them now. There’s power in every little part of you as you head into one of the best cycles for creativity, romance and luck you’ve experienced in a very long time. So ensure you’re operating at full glow now, Leo.

In a nutshell: Memories and people from your past get revived and put you in the holiday spirit, Leo. When it comes to the future however, time to look at what’s preventing you roaring.


Challenge those assumptions
Resist pressure to be anyone but you
Give the gift of being true to yourself –and others

Any attempts to pigeon-hole you especially by family or loved ones, will be met with resistance this week, Virgo. You won’t welcome questions by well-meaning relatives about your relationships status at the turkey curry Boxing Day buffet. And unless it represents an act of rebellion, I’m not sure you’ll be wearing that Christmas sweater either. Unless it’s really really cool like a wild women sisterhood or A Discovery of Witches characters on them.

This holiday season may have you determined to challenge any preconceptions about you that others may be hanging on to. You want to be seen for who you are, not how people think you are or want you to be.
Ruler Mercury is finally out of retrograde shadow this week and in your 4th of home and family. You also have a crowded house in your partnership sector with Mars, Chiron and Neptune home for the holidays.

Mars is not happiest in here as it is a planet of action and this is a house of relating. Mercury is angling at Neptune while Mars meets Chiron and also trines the North Node in your 11th. Running into people from your past is a possibility now as is not being able to resist saying it like it is. Whether this is to a partner, a family member or your parent’s irritating friend who asks you the same questions on your pilgrimage home every year (‘grim’ being the operative word!).

Your best options for keeping the Christmas spirit alive? Wear what you like, be who you are, avoid sitting around and opt for larger gatherings as opposed to smaller ones if you can. And extend the ‘be who you are’ courtesy to everyone. Even if they do drive you mad. That’s part of what family and loved ones are all about. Would you really be without them?

In a nutshell: You just want to be yourself this holiday, Virgo. You’re speaking your truth and walking your talk. Your best options for festive fun are big gatherings, walking off that feast – and being true to you.


What sustains your soul?
Fund your future
Do it your way – with style

Jingle bells – or is that cash registers, Libra? Even as you’re celebrating the festivities in superb taste as only you can, you’ll have one eye or at the very least a thought, on business and money matters. It’s got little to do with how much you may have spent and everything to do with what is truly important to you.

You are being prepared for a cycle where your values will be defined and determined throughout 2019 and beyond. What you need to sustain you, make you feel safe and secure and above all, pay for the beautiful things for yourself and your loved ones you know sustain your soul. Ruler Venus in its ruling 2nd angling at Pluto in your 4th may not only have you being the recipient of someone’s generosity but also has you looking at the steps you need to take to create that wealth foundation.

Funding your future – and all the Christmases yet to come will be your focus as the year draws to a close. And on some level this may involve a streamlining process even as you contemplate how to make more. You’re shedding what doesn’t have value and instead, focusing on what adds it. You’re ending the year with a big line up in your 6th of work and wellbeing. This is Mercury’s ruling house and it presently occupies its other ruling house – your 3rd, while you have Mars, Neptune and Chiron in your 6th.

Mars makes a highly positive angle to the North Node in your career sector putting you on course towards your true calling. Now, whatever this is and expect business to boom in the coming year, it calls upon you to unleash your inner Vivian Westwood. She’s the poster child for someone who does it her way, in her signature style and on her own terms. And beautifully, outrageously and unforgettably at the same time. That’s you down to a tee, Libra.

In a nutshell: You’re embracing the moment but you’ve also got one eye on the future, Libra. You want the kind of success that adds to your security, without selling out. Do it your way in 2019.


Step into the cycle of attraction and giving
Make that bold new move
You’ve the power – and the passion!

The spirit of giving and receiving flows through you this holiday season. Venus in your 1st gently coaxes ruler Pluto in your 3rd to be generous when it comes to increasing your power of attraction. Anyone you turn your attention to is likely to find you irresistible. But there’s more. Giving just results in more for you to receive. So, the more you give, the more you get.

There’s an element of being careful what you wish for with this – who knows what the Mother Xmas has in his sack for you. You want to belong now, to something or someone and Venus makes you crave love, affection and closeness and you’ll want to express your feelings in whatever way you can. This can be telling someone you love them, to your choice of gifts. It’s not just about what you want – you are highly attuned to what others want too.

Light up the festivities with your passion now as both your ruler ancient and modern are in the party spirit, powering you forward into the New Year. This includes your passion to spread love and pleasure amongst everyone thanks to Mars in your 5th. You’ll give freely and generously as you enter into the party spirit and want to share everything from good times to gifts.

Mars meets Chiron in your 5th and also trines the North Node in your 9th this week. The greatest gift you have to give anyone this week is the present of your presence. Above all, Mars and Chiron in here are about initiating something or creating it. Together they allow you to express yourself creatively and take that first step towards something – but in a way that’s bolder and more confident than before. So, whether it’s chatting up that beguiling stranger at that New Year’s bash or putting career plans into action, make the first move as 2019 approaches.

In a nutshell: You’ve the power and the passion now, so fire up those engines, Scorpio! Enter into the spirit of the season with your generosity. While making a first, bold move on your own plans!


Enjoy the present, plan for the future
Expand your way of living
Live, love, work and play – your way

You’re searching for a different way of living or a new lifestyle as the old year gives way to the new, Sag. But for now, be in the moment and enjoy wherever the holiday season takes you. It’s important to channel your energy and also not get caught up by unimportant things. Changes and decision lie ahead for you in 2019 which will bring you the biggest cycle of expansion that you’ve experienced in a very long time.

The changes could begin close to home however as Mercury in your 1st makes a confining angle to Neptune on the 25th. Don’t allow petty family issues to spoil things for you but you are being made aware of changes which need to be made around your own living arrangements, work or income for the New Year.

The fact is, there is some aspect of your work, lifestyle, home or career that has become confining and needs to change. You probably already know what this is reading this. Mars in your 4th is sending you a rallying cry to do something about this – but you are allowed in true Scarlett O’Hara fashion to think about this tomorrow – or at least once the holiday season is over, rather than let it colour the enjoyment of the present moment. Time to design a home, way of working, lifestyle that is more individualistically YOU and which supports you while giving you the freedom you need. Take note of the ideas you come up with about this as the time to act on them will arrive soon. But for now – happy holidays, Sag.

In a nutshell: Stay in the moment but plan for the future. There’s something about your work, home, lifestyle which needs to change. Embrace a bigger vision for living and your career,Sag.


Explore new paths to your dreams
Benefits flow from social encounters
A new connection could change your world

Wish upon that star on top of the tree, Capricorn as Venus lights up your goals sector this festive season. Venus in your 11th is usually about the love of friends, your social circle, parties and pleasurable events, concerts and gifts and other benefits which flow from the people you socialise with.

However, because of other elements at play in the sky at the moment, there is the promise of so much more as we continue your birthday season and head towards 2019. Chances are you are filled with radical new ideas on how you will reach those goals in the coming year and the people you know or even encounter now, could have a radical and unexpected role to play in you attaining those dreams.

Mars in your 3rd and conjunct Chiron this week is responsible for powering up those ‘out there’ ideas and ambitions. Love and romance could also be on the agenda now as it also makes an angle of attraction to the North Node in your partnership sector.

This could herald the arrival of a karmic connection – a life-long friend or partner. Any emerging relationship has the potential to transform you and even your lifepath, on a very deep level. Destinies meet and become intertwined as soul contracts fall due. Make this your time to connect, be seen and be out and about now. 2019 is a path you may be walking with someone exciting and new.

In a nutshell: New ideas on how to reach your goals expand your possibilities. When it comes to lasting connections – someone may have a major role to play in your next direction, Capricorn.


You need more than just a ‘day job’
Take a chance on something untried
Work that superpower in 2019!

Money and career karma and decisions around the direction you want to head in during 2019, bring the year to a close for you, Aquarius. It’s important to have a clear picture on finances, assets, property and also your ‘market value’ when it comes to your talents and skills.

Now is a time to set structured goals, get a grip on money matters and above all, to have a strong sense of your worth. Knowing our worth opens the gateway to abundance. This is also all tied in with the right way of working for you – more than just seeing something as a ‘day job’ thanks to Mars in your money house aligning with the North Node in your work zone. You’ll find yourself asking how what you do contributes to your path and your wellbeing. This is likely to influence your job and income decisions in the coming year.

Mars in our 2nd usually sends us off in hot pursuit of more cash. But it also has the effect of boosting our confidence in our skills and allows us to sell ourselves in more effectively. Mars meets Chiron also in your 2nd on the 29th and asks you to believe in yourself, your talents and abilities – and dare to take a chance on them. Chiron always urges us to unleash those aspects of our creativity that scare us. The ‘out there’ idea or outrageous new approach. To dream differently. Especially when what we have tried in the past hasn’t got us the result we hoped for. So, in the coming year, be a little bit bolder and daring when it comes to applying for that job, launching that idea or any endeavour, that could boost your income and/or self-worth. The world needs dreamers like you now.

In a nutshell: Time to realise that what makes you unique is your superpower. Are you hiding it or using it in plain sight? Your choice impacts the bottom line in 2019, Aquarius.


Clean up, clear out – clear the way for love!
See yourself in a new light
What are you drawing to you?

You end the year with a crowded first house which is puts you at the axis of destiny and invention, Pisces. Right now you have ruler Neptune, passionate and fiery Mars and also Chiron and the asteroid Hygeia in your 1st. Mars will meet both Chiron and Hygeia this week as well as trine the North Node in your 5th – which is why destiny plays a hand too. Invention? Going with a different approach and also seeing yourself as someone with something to say, teach or pass on. It’s not just about New Year resolutions either. It’s time to make some changes and ‘clean up’ your act. And again, to take a radical and inspired approach to what this entails. Which can be anything from decluttering your desk to taking better care of that body or taking your career more seriously.

Mars is firing you up with confidence and sexy self-assurance, while Neptune gives you the inspiration. As Mars angles to the North Node it makes an important angle of attraction bringing you anything from a new lover to good times or an opportunity. One more reason to be cleaning up and clearing out – to make room for the new. Venus the planet of love in your 9th makes a bold come-here move on Pluto in your 11th of social contacts and goals. No matter what your plans are for the run up to 2019, they should not include 1) staying home or 2) feeling like you have nothing to offer. See yourself in a new light and others will just be drawn to it like moths this week.

In a nutshell: Draw your destiny to you by clearing out what you don’t need and seeing yourself in a new light. Above all, get out and about now. What or who has your name on it is waiting!

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