6th August 2018 Weekly Astrology Forecast

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs December 17th 2018


Are you getting the recognition you worked for?
Expand your horizons
Get noticed in 2019

Secret ambitions and what you want and where you are going are thoughts that are propelling you through the holiday ho ho ho and onwards towards 2019. This is about more than what Santa may have in that sack for you but what you want to achieve and be recognised for. It’s not just about the glitter of the lights or decorations – you need to be noticed and recognised for what you have to offer and have achieved so far. And can and will achieve in the future.

Ruler Mars is making an angle to powerful Pluto in your 10th from your 12th and asking you if you have been underestimating yourself? Or are you just not letting others know exactly what you are capable of?

We have arrived at the solstice this week and the Sun is moving into your 10th on the same day Mercury (direct) and Jupiter meet in your 9th for the first time in 12 years. This week’s full Moon appears in its ruling 4th for you on the 22nd, indicating that what is coming doesn’t just involve your sense of freedom but could also be something that enhances your sense of security over the long term.

Think of it this way – adventures need a starting place and somewhere to come home to afterwards. Foundation provides a launch pad to the stars while security – emotional and financial, allows you to explore and chase those dreams. The Sun tells you to unwrap your ambition and your faith in what you can achieve in the year ahead. These are your gifts.

In a nutshell: Ambition gets ignited as we head towards 2019. No more underestimating yourself or what you can achieve. Time to head towards something bigger and freedom, Aries.


How have you followed your heart?
Share the love
What do you need to prioritise?

You’re feeling the love of the festive season and wanting to share it, Taurus. Ruler Venus in its ruling 7th in your chart says there’s nothing superficial about this. You want to express the depth of your feelings to all around you. And they are responding in kind. As we head towards the solstice you feel a deep sense of belonging and also when you look back over the past year, a sense of achievement which comes from doing the right thing. Look back at your choices and you should experience the soul satisfaction that comes from staying true to your heart. If you’ve yet to follow its bidding, please make this your #1 resolution for 2019. Venus puts you in the perfect company this week sending the love far and wide across your social circle as it aligns to Neptune. Deep soul connections with those of like-minds is promised as is attracting the means to attain that goal or dream. What’s on your wishlist could just manifest. Yes, that’s how nice you’ve been.
This week sees the Sun’s entry into your freedom with purpose 9th house. Again, this could have you looking at how far you’ve gone in following the dictates of your higher self – and what you have learned from this. As to have far you have yet to go – look to the way ahead as Mercury and Jupiter meet in your 8th on the same day. The full Moon this week highlights neighbours and siblings who may play a role in the ongoing festivities. If you have had a falling out recently, then allow the holiday spirit to help patch things up. There may be the feeling of having to be in two places at once due to unexpected invitations, so once work is done, kick up those heels. Sometimes it’s fine to just enjoy the moment because right now – you’ve earned it.
In a nutshell: This year has been all about following your heart’s true calling. This week allows you to look at how you’ve been doing that. The love you feel is a gift – share it.


‘Tis the season to cosmically connect
Look for the connection that’s different
Intuition opens a door to your future

Fabulous cosmic fated connections happen if you mix and mingle this festive season, Gemini. The Sun remains in your sector of lasting love and partnerships right up until the solstice on the 21st. Uranus has moved back into its ruling 11th beaming you stimulating and unusual connections and social opportunities. There could be a true meeting between hearts and minds this week as for the first time in 12 years Mercury and Jupiter meet in your 7th. Singles could encounter someone very different from what they consider their ‘type’ – the heart wants what the heart wants. Others could be looking at heading into the festive frolics on a high note buoyed by news around work.

The Sun’s entry into your 8th on solstice day could mark the point where a connection deepens and becomes more intense. The following day sees a full Moon illuminate your money house. This has you ho ho humming over our beliefs around what you believe you will receive. Again, this is more about gifts of the season but the material, emotional and acknowledgement you receive.

You’ll audit what you have received over the last year and then be letting others know what you expect from the coming one. Your intentions are set to reward and receive when it comes to your money and career. Jupiter and Mercury could be acting as Santa and his little helper with some of you receiving a significant boost or bonus in your income – or hearing of one for 2019. You are being given the gift of glimpsing where the future is taking you – and who is travelling with you into it.

In a nutshell: Dynamic duos of all descriptions light up the solstice season for you, Gemini. If you’re seeking to meet someone, be out and about. And looking for that connection that’s oh-so-different.


Love is your gift – give freely
Attract someone – or something, lasting
Break free from routine

It’s solstice time and you know what that means, Cancer! It’s your time for extra special relating, love and closeness boosted by Venus in your 5th of romance, pleasure and children. Feeling the love, finding the love is what this festive season is all about for you. The weather outside may be frightful but the love you’re radiating is delightful and just everyone will want to get closer and bask in that warmth, Cancer.

This is your cycle of maximum attraction now so this holiday season and right on into the New Year, look to who or what is opposite you. Although the year is drawing to an end you are in the process of attracting something new to you – new friends, opportunities, pleasure, outlets for creativity, gifts (it is the season!) or even a new love interest.

You are in the mood to create pleasure for those you love – and also to seek it out. Indulge yourself and radiate that feel good spirit. The more you do, the more you will attract in kind.

Mercury in its ruling 6th meets Jupiter in here for the first time in 12 years creating opportunity for you when it comes to your work. You’ll see a clear path to break free of any ruts you may have inadvertently created for yourself in the year ahead.

This happens as the Sun arrives in your partnership sector boosting those feelings of connectedness. Who or what is being reflected back at you as the Moon your ruler, waxes to fullness in your 1st on the 22nd, allowing you to look at what you need to prioritise and what needs to be let go of in the coming year.

This includes satisfaction from both your work and your relationships. The love you feel is on the surface now and you won’t be able to hide those emotions. Give the gift of love – and the present of your presence, this solstice, Cancer.

In a nutshell: Step into the gift of attraction this solstice season. And as you give love freely watch what is reflected back at you in return. Love is the greatest gift – and the great attractor now.


You’re the star on top of the tree!
Work that gift of the right words
Follow the star of insight

Ruler, the Sun is set to offer you a taste of freedom or a stellar opportunity this week. It remains in your 5th of romance, good times and shining recognition until the 21st when it switches to your 6th. Until then, enjoy a period where surprises and unexpected delights and pleasure feature.

Shrug off any cares – at least temporarily, and allow the festive spirit to flow through you. You should be feeling at your most creative and expressive now and seeking outlets for this. There’s also an intense and magnetic sexiness you’re projecting thanks to Mars in its ancient ruling 8th in your chart. Combine this with the first meeting in 12 years between Jupiter and Mercury in your 5th and this is more than just a party – this is a festival! And you’re the headline act.

There is no way you won’t attract attention or be noticed in all the right ways now. I could say be camera ready and by this I am referring to more than just selfies. Being photographed or just being in the spotlight is a distinct possibility. As for romance, that sexy banter heats things up. You’ve the right line whether you’re starting a conversation or aiming for that job or business win.

The Sun moves into your 6th on solstice day but remember, Jupiter and Mercury remain in your 5th. Your psychic and intuitive abilities are about to receive a boost from the full Moon on the 22nd in your 12th. This is not a time to suppress your feelings or ignore your intuition. This is also your house of the past – and your past lives.

Look to who is around you now as chances are you may have shared more than one solstice together in more than one timeline. This full Moon allows for envisioning the future based on what your insight is telling you about it. Work with tis energy not against it – even if it is telling you something you would rather not know. You are being given the gift of glimpsing where the future is taking you – and who is travelling with you into it.

In a nutshell: Step into the spotlight. There’s a magnetism about you this week which draws people, opportunities and a chance to shine to you. The right words? That sexy banter is your superpower!


Opportunity knocks!
Feel at one with the world – and who you are with
Get a new sense of belonging

Bigger. Better. Bolder. Game changing. It’s been 12 years since your ruler Mercury met Jupiter in your 4th of home, family, roots and security. If you were 18 or over back then think back to what happened around these issues – anything from where you were living, to help from family members, to your career. Something is set to expand for you, opportunity and potential come door-knocking, moving to a new home, property and career decisions or news around one of these could light up the solstice season for you this week. You feel especially generous now and others – especially female family members or friends, show their generosity in turn.

What grounds you, what you can build on and makes you feel safe and secure is where you need to send those roots down deep. News of something you have wanted for a long time could accompany this meeting.

The Sun arrives in your 5th on the 21st – the same day as Mercury and Jupiter meet indicating that what arrives has the feel-good factor attached with the potential to have you celebrating more than just the holiday spirit. This week’s full Moon in your 11th shines on those other connections that can make this time so special – your friends and larger network. Immerse yourself in get-togethers with like-minded souls and make time to catch up especially with people you’ve not seen in a while.

What makes this time special is the love that surrounds you which is the gift that just keeps on giving. You realise just how much of that you have to share now – and have others share love with you in return. You could approach the end of the year celebrating good news along with the feeling of being one with the world, your surroundings, the people you are with and your future.

In a nutshell: Big news or something you simply can’t miss puts a smile on your face and brings the spirit of the festive season home. You’re at one with the world – and the future this week.


What needs to be let go of for renewal to take place?
Contracts can be signed and agreements reached
Step into a new cycle of opportunity and growth

There’s the promise of ending the year on a high note with you looking forward to a new and potentially more exciting and profitable 2019. Your ideas flourish and whatever it is you are selling now – people are buying. This is a week like no other to sell yourself in, negotiate and let others know what you can bring to the table.

You have a fantastic line-up in your house of business, commerce and communication – the like of which you have not had in 12 years. Contracts, agreements and paperwork of all kinds feature with the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury which rules this house, all in here. The 21st sees a meeting between Mercury and Jupiter and if you have all your ducks in a row, this could herald the arrival of positive news around these themes. Stepping into a new cycle of growth in terms of your job, career or business is one likely outcome as 2019 draws near.

We can’t talk about these themes without also looking deep into your money, assets, possessions and values. In fact, all of the above may trigger negotiations or even your feelings about larger sums of money than you’ve been handling of late. In fact, sometimes when we receive what we want this can push a few of our buttons in unexpected ways. Ruler Venus is in its ruling 2nd in your chart and trines Neptune in your work sector. Working with spiritual insight and creativity could form part of your rewards package.

The Sun moves into your 4th of stability, home and roots on the 21st indicating long term, security enhancing decisions will be made that build on your future. This week’s full Moon illuminates your career and your personal reputation. Like Leo, you are very much a sign which prides itself on its dignity, so I should not need to advise you to guard your image and reputation during the party season.

You are in a position to make an impression now and you need to ensure it is the right one. People are watching you – from potential lovers, partners or even bosses or those in a position of influence. Ensure you remain mindful of how you are coming across now at all times. Along with Uranus this week, you have the chance to liberate yourself from a long term situation which has turned into a dead end. When we are stuck it is because we are looking back and won’t let the past go. To kick start a new cycle we must release something to step into the future. This week tells you to let go – and enter into something new.

In a nutshell: Positive news could propel you into a New Year where all limits are off, Libra! Time to sell yourself in. And to let go of whatever still ties you to a situation that’s well and truly lived out.


Take the initiative
Words have power
It’s all about you and another this week, Scorpio!

Sex and money. Do I have your attention now? Santa says you can be naughty and nice – and bank the benefits this week, Scorpio. Both your rulers ancient and modern are intent at the start of the week on boosting your mojo. Mars in your 5th powers you will confidence and passion, while Pluto in your 3rd ignites ideas and your desire to succeed – at any endeavour. The result being you are pretty well unstoppable this week.

You have the confidence to take the initiative in any situation. What you say transforms the landscape especially when it comes to work and business but also your personal life. You can reach people on a primal level and they want what you are selling!

This of course includes YOU. A sizzling romance could begin or intensify now – perhaps fanned by your ability to be candid about your attraction and what you want! But there’s an added depth to this thanks to Venus in your 1st arcing to cosmic Neptune in your 5th – you want the whole package and that includes the romance and sparkles too!

This week sees the Sun join Pluto in your 3rd on the same day (21st) as Mercury its ruler meets with Jupiter in your money house. Business could just be booming as news of job or work success reaches you, which has the potential to put you in the black for 2019. This week also brings us a full Moon in your 9th under which to paradoxically set sail – to travel or explore something new.

This could be connected to work, ideas and business transformation and also seeing this as creating your base of operations to support further expansion. If you are going to expand your horizons, it makes sense you have a port to set sail from and return to. Hence the emphasis on your base, security and long term plans even as you step into something breathtakingly bigger. Take that first step on a larger journey.

In a nutshell: Yes, there’s more to life than sex and money. Passion and power money are yours to explore this week. Take the initiative when it comes to getting what you want.


Prepare for a personal breakthrough
Say goodbye to restrictions
Make a commitment to your wellbeing

Yes, it’s all about YOU and no-one else this week, Sag. That saying the world doesn’t revolve around just doesn’t apply – at least not to you. You’re centrestage, in the spotlight and you, your ambitions, your image, brand, appearance, what you say, your social media presence, your status and your ideas – just think of everything revolving around this. You’re in the final few days of the Sun being in your sign but this does not mean the focus is necessarily shifting off of you when it quits on the 21st to enter your 2nd.

This week sees Mercury planet of ideas, communication and commerce, collide with ruler Jupiter in your 1st. This represents a personal breakthrough moment that says you are going places! Travel is one possibility as is good news around business, work or any venture that involves writing, publishing or communication. It’s all very personal now and you need to remember that it may not be just your idea, message, skills, product or service people are buying but YOU. You are the key ingredient in your own success.

Part of this involves a breakthrough or break-away out of a rut or something that has confined or restricted you lately. It’s made you feel a lot less brave than you usually are. Celebrate the return of confidence and your signature daring attitude.

The Sun in your 2nd on the same day this occurs joins Saturn and Pluto pointing to a shift in finances or your personal circumstances that goes along with this. The following day we see a powerful full Moon stride across your 8th of deeply intrinsic soul values, salary and shared resources. This promises the opportunity to enter into a new situation which transforms your money, standing and self-worth. Along with Uranus this week, you have the chance to liberate yourself from a long term situation which has turned into a dead end.

When we are stuck it is because we are looking back and won’t let the past go. To kick start a new cycle we must release something to step into the future. This week tells you to let go – and enter into something new. Your ruler simply wants to deliver you good things and gives you the freedom to enjoy them as you watch the stars revolve around you this week.

In a nutshell: Breakthroughs and break-outs are possible this week. Ruler Jupiter brings an opportunity your way. Work that brand, Sag as YOU are the hot ticket item this week!


The secret to your success? That’s your secret
Weave a little magic, dream a bigger dream
Happy birthday, Capricorn!

Secret you, secret plans, what’s happening behind the scenes, the past and intangible yet oh so valuable gifts provide the backdrop to the start of your birthday season this week, Capricorn. Dreams which take you away from the mundane and perhaps show you a life you could and perhaps should be living feature. People from your past (or past lives) may offer help, assistance, benefits or gifts as Mercury and Jupiter meet in your cosmic 12th on the same day as the Sun arrives in your 1st.

Yes, your fresh start could well spring from the past or something you are not yet ready to reveal to the world. Explore the ideas or directions your subconscious mind wants to send you in. Secrets, confidential matters – even signing confidentiality agreements or an opportunity which involves you working behind the scenes are doors you need to be prepared to walk through and which could lead to success now.

It is a time for new beginnings, renewed optimism and you actively wanting to start a fresh phase with the Sun now in your sign. It’s also time for renewed certainty as the Sun joins ruler Saturn in here. You need to know what it is you want and also to believe in your ability to attain it. There should be no room for self-doubt now. When the Sun is in our 1st we need to be aware of what you are projecting ‘out there’. Because the world will mirror that – not just for the month the Sun is in our sign but often for the duration of the coming year.

Who mirrors you? This week also delivers a full Moon in your partnership sector. What you are involved with – or should I say who, directly impacts on your net and self-worth and involves someone who is quite literally an ‘asset’ to you. There’s something that is working oh-so-well between you and someone else now and please be aware this includes those working and business partners. They could have a major role to play in the upcoming year as your connection just got deeper and more meaningful.

So, be true to yourself and your ideas, beliefs and dreams and the world and the people you encounter will reflect this back at you.

In a nutshell: Your birthday season could begin with you planning something you are not yet ready to reveal. Secret loves, plans and ambitions feature. Reveal all when you’re ready, Capricorn!


Get lucky
Who you know plays a role in where you go next
Follow that inner voice towards your goals

Freedom , discussions and paperwork are all interlinked this week. Signing something, an offer or reaching some kind of agreement could quite literally liberate you from a situation that has grown confining and stale. The Sun makes a breakaway angle to ruler Uranus now back in your 3rd, from Uranus’s ruling 11th. Circumstance could just conspire to unshackle you from something that has been preventing you from moving forward.

Your 11th is a house whose energy you are all too familiar with as you are of course, the 11th sign of the zodiac. So, you are well aware this is your house of individuality, friends, connections and also your goals. Someone you know may provide the catalyst for this change or you could benefit from their help, expertise or generosity as Jupiter and Mercury meet in here for the first time in 12 years. Others could get that ‘lucky’ break on a long term goal but again, in some way your larger network may be involved. Who you know plays a big role now.

This is also your week to take a chance and follow those hunches. The Sun enters your intuitive and insightful 12th on the 21st which is the same day as Mercury and Jupiter have their meet-cute. Don’t ignore that inner voice especially when it comes to goal attainment. If you recall, I told you to make three wishes when Jupiter entered your 11th. This week could just see it deliver on one of those if you are willing to follow through and do your part.

The full Moon which hits your 6th on the 22nd asks you to take a close look at your daily routine, workload and wellbeing. How are you supporting yourself in other words? This is the season of over-indulgence if we are not careful. Make a radical and possibility long-term commitment to caring for yourself a lot better than you have been under this Moon. Call it your pre-New-Year-resolution-resolution to putting wellbeing first. Good times and embracing success require you to be at your best to enjoy your rewards. So, if you’re looking at success this week, know that you and only you and your follow-thru, could have pulled this one off no matter who helped you get there along the way.

In a nutshell: Break those chains and embrace freedom this week, Aquarius. Someone you know could be the catalyst for change. Embrace opportunity and step into something new.


Love gets bigger and bolder
Get ready to receive rewards
Unexpected invitations put you in festive flow

The Sun leaves your 10th this week and arrives in your 11th – putting you in full festive flow. But while you’re keen to get this party started and keep it going all the way to the New Year, this does not mean you have put those ambitions on hold. This week sees a status-and-reputation enhancing meeting between Mercury and Jupiter in your 10th. This could bring news of a raise, promotion, bonus or career opportunity for the coming year. Your professional stock is about to soar as you have not benefitted from an aspect like this for 12 years. Others could see themselves benefitting from a partner’s good fortune as your 10th rules not just what you are able to attain, but your partner’s status too. Jupiter and Mercury may have you working until the last possible moment but all this means is there may be just that much more to celebrate when you stop.

Good times and good companions are promised by the Sun in your 11th and for some, romance could just be the icing on the Christmas cake thanks to Venus in your 9th making a fabulous aspect to ruler Neptune in your 1st. Love could be extravagant, bold, outgoing and even come from far away. However, you feel an incredible spiritual bond and also share the same sense of humour and ability to see the world the same way.

This week’s full Moon in your 5th lights the way beyond those seasonal wishes and dreams and adds a touch of fun, magic and possibly even romance for you. This is your full Moon under which to express yourself, to dance, have fun and to flirt. Those secret dreams and ambitions will power you on into 2019 but for now – don’t take life seriously – it’s time to play.

In a nutshell: Recognition and rewards could be part of your holiday season gifts, Pisces. But it’s not all hard work. Get in the party spirit now. You’ve earned the right to kick back and enjoy yourself.

This weeks astrology brought to you by our astrologer Helen

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