27th August 2018 Weekly Astrology Forecast

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs August 6th 2018


Have a royal ‘official’ birthday
Reconnections and revivals feature
You really can’t hurry love this week

When it comes to love and romance this week, you may not yet have the big picture, Aries. I could quote from the Phil Collins classic track ‘You can’t hurry love’. Don’t be in any kind of hurry no matter what your love or partnership situation may be now. This is the week where our retrograde weather peaks as we have Uranus heading retrograde in your 2nd, joining Mercury, ruler Mars, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. So, we have six planets appearing to move back across the sky. Uranus has turned retro in Venus’s ruling house in your chart and this week sees Venus arrive in her ruling 7th. A fabulous reconnection between Venus and Mars in your 11th occurs on the 8th and this is what could happen for you. However, don’t be in too much of a rush to jump back in.

Lovers, children, step-children, those intent on capturing your heart or capturing your castle, opportunities to shine, be seen and express yourself are all ruled by your glittering 5th house. Usually a new Moon in here is like a second birthday that makes you feel just like royalty. Just like the Queen has an ‘official’ birthday as opposed to her actual one, the new Moon in our 5th is just that. Leo and the 5th house rules royalty and is also where we get to feel special. Like royalty if only for a short time in other words. Fun, pleasure, validation, acknowledgement, creativity, acceptance, adoration – all that good stuff flows to us out of the 5th house. The combination of the New Moon in your 5th and Venus in her ruling 7th would normally be propelling you into the spotlight in some way and turning your aura into a powerful gravitational field of glamour and attraction. That’s not to say this won’t happen but this new Moon occurs with an eclipse. The upshot of it being, you don’t have the full picture and it may take some time to emerge. So, take new love slowly as well as any old ones that reappear. Ensure opportunities are what they appear to be and that the person who wants to win anything from your attention to your idea or your hand, is not a pretender to the throne, but is someone fit for a Queen or King.

In a nutshell: This week hums a classic track: You can’t hurry love. Whether it’s an old one. Or a new. Wait for the big picture and for lovers to prove they are worthy of your heart, Aries.



Be your own work of art
Who do you know you are?
Missed opportunities could return

Newly arrived Uranus in your 1st is about to leave you until early next year as it heads backwards from the 7th. This may give you time to catch your breath when it comes to the cycle of change Uranus in your 1st will bring. With six planets now retrograde in the sky it’s time to look back and decide what needs to remain in the past and what you will take forward with you. There’s a question hanging over this which is: Who do you think you are? Do you think how you look, what you do, how you live and the people in your life reflects this accurately? The fact is, you’re a work in progress now Taurus and the rest of your life in terms of everyone and everything else around you, may be subject to change along with this.

Ruler Venus arrives in your 6th this week and aims to raise your rep in terms of your career angling to Mars (retro) in your 10th. You may find yourself reconsidered for that position or project you missed out on or hear a missed opportunity has returned. With the number of retrograde planets at a peak, it’s about going back over things rather than embarking on the new at present. This will start to shift shortly. But even if a new offer is on the table, take it that you may not know what this may entail. The new Moon which appears in your 4th and the Moon’s ruling house, will trigger a partial solar eclipse. Normally this would be about a new home, a new lifestyle phase or even a job as this house is all about both material and emotional security. One or even several of these themes may feature but with an eclipse take it that you don’t have the full picture just yet. If changes appear that you have not initiated either at home or work, or if you clearly now see the need for change, then it’s one step at a time. Remember what I said about you being a work in progress. See yourself and your life as a work of art. Works of art take time to create. This week could just mark the start of a masterpiece of living solutions that reflect who you truly are.

In a nutshell: As you’re ruled by Venus you are blessed with natural creativity. Time to focus that talent this week, Taurus. And create a lifestyle that’s a true work of art.


Use caution in business dealings
Tap into what you have learned
Attract what you need

You’re on to something now, Gemini and as Uranus planet of awakenings and revelations turns retrograde in your 12th, hang on to the truth. You may not use what you have learned until Uranus re-enters here in 2019. But see this as a seed which has been planted in your mind which will continue to grow in surety. This bring the total number of planets retrograde to six which includes Mercury your ruler presently retrograde in its ruling 3rd. This week’s new Moon in here triggers a partial solar eclipse which will fall conjunct Mercury. Take this as a given that you are not in possession of all the facts or that someone may even be attempting to mislead you over something. Take extra care with contracts – you of all signs know you should not sign them unless you can possibly help it under a Mercury retrograde. Eclipses conceal and in your 3rd with your ruler in here retrograde points to lack of transparency and misleading communications. Avoid major purchases too unless a breakdown forces you to replace something.

If all this makes for anxiety-inducing reading, Venus’s entry into your 5th puts pleasure back on your agenda. This is always a transit that boosts your ability to attract. With the retrograde weather all around you and Venus sextile the cosmic North Node this week, there’s a touch of destiny and karma involved too. Unfinished business between you and a lover being one scenario. As could be attracting what you need but didn’t know you wanted. Attraction in its purest form pulls towards us something so much better than we can imagine for ourselves. But we block it when we become
too fixated on having one particular outcome, thing, experience or even relationship happen for ourselves. We’re then not even looking at or for the alternatives. This week asks you to wait and see in one area, but to open your arms and welcome something else in without question. It’s a fine balance caution and optimism. But if anyone can pull it off, it’s you Gemini.

In a nutshell: Hang on to that inner knowing as it will be your greatest resource this week. Your ability to attract brings you exactly what you need. And you’ll know instinctively when it’s right.


Channel your creativity into your living space
Make an investment in yourself
New connections fuel your evolution

If you’ve been pegging your value on something or someone external to you, Cancer, events this week may force you to reevaluate this. This week revolves around how you see your ‘worth’ especially when it comes to how you think others see you. The past couple of months may have brought you into contact with new people and ideas. And also had you looking at the ‘fit’ between you and your existing circle, group, tribe, network. The question at the heart of this being whether or not you can truly be yourself with the people you hang out with. And if they also still reflect who you are. Uranus which rules your 11th heads backwards out of there now and won’t return until 2019 when it will kick-start a seven year party. Time to think about who you want joining you for that. So think of this period as a time where you refine your guest list. This is also your house of goals, wishes and dreams so expect these to change too. Goals need to evolve along with us.

Venus in your 4th from the 7th has you appreciating your home, lifestyle, family and those you live with. Even with the major retrograde weather operating which we cannot ignore, Venus in here favours any property dealings. You’ve creativity to spare when it comes to enhancing your home or living space. When it comes to bank-rolling any changes, don’t over-commit yourself and don’t over-spend now. This week’s new Moon in your 2nd usually promises financial improvements but this one falls conjunct retro Mercury and triggers a partial solar eclipse. Exercise caution in your financial dealings, don’t enter into new loan arrangements unless it cannot be helped and remember, the deal’s not done until the money’s in your account. Above all, avoid any speculative ventures or get rich quick schemes. There are none. Ensure new relationships be they business or the love variety are worth investing in. In other words, do your due diligence. Taking a chance on your talents however – now that’s something else entirely. The best person to bank on under an eclipse in here – you.

In a nutshell: If you’ve been seeking the approval of others, this week shows you there’s only one opinion that matters. And that’s yours. Value yourself enough not to over-commit to anything this week.


Explore the hidden realm of opportunity
Let that star quality shine again
Give yourself a second chance

Unlike other signs, you never have to contend with your ruler heading retrograde. This week sees Uranus add to the retrograde weather by heading backwards in your 10th and bringing the back-facing planetary tally up to six. You do however have Mercury retrograde in your 1st which may be making you feel others are deliberately setting out to misunderstand you or are missing the point of your ideas entirely. While you may not have to content with your ruler deciding all bets are off during retrograde phase, you do however have to contend with eclipses.

This week’s eclipse falls conjunct retro Mercury and just a day later we have Venus now in your 3rd (and Mercury’s ruling house) make a magical angle to the North Node also in your 1st. Something is being triggered here that when it fully emerges from the shadow of the eclipse, is going to allow you to let that star quality shine again. It could very well have a past flavour to it as something you had consigned to the past or just ‘It’s not meant to happen’ comes spinning out of stardust and drops back into view. Or you gather your courage, follow your soul urging that’s speaking loud and clear and give something one final shot. Taking a chance and acting confident even when we don’t feel it, are hallmarks of the new Moon in here. Just because this is an eclipse doesn’t mean you miss the opportunity. It just means you may have to ignore any niggling self-doubts or set aside your fears. Sometimes when we step into what we believe to be a shadow, we find an opportunity waiting for us.

In a nutshell: What’s another term for ‘comfort zone’? Shadow. Step into the shadow of this week’s solar eclipse in your sign, and discover where the magic happens for you, Leo!


Reach for your highest soul expression
Pleasure can be a spiritual pursuit
Make a date with destiny

Ruler Mercury remains retrograde this week in your 12th and also gets entangled within the partial solar eclipse when the new Moon appears in your 12th on the 11th. Remember, eclipses conceal and this is your house of secrets. Something you literally thought you had put behind you could challenge you with one more go-around. Hopefully you don’t have any secrets you don’t want getting out there. Be very careful who you confide in now as someone may betray your confidence. If someone confides in you, consider yourself a vault that lets nothing escape. This is your house of spirituality, higher purpose and where we aspire to quote the recruitment campaign: Be all you can be. At least on a soul level. Your 12th rules your higher self and your soul. In other words, the highest expression of yourself you can possibly aspire to. You’re being asked to reach for this now and set an example. No matter how others around you may behave.

The retrograde weather is at its peak with Uranus doing an about-face and bringing the number of backwards moving planets to six. Venus very much direct for the time being, moves into her ruling 2nd in your chart from the 7th. You’ll be more focused than usual on acquiring more money and Venus in here will usually provide us with at least one opportunity to improve our bank account. But beware. This is the house of worldly pleasure, art, beauty and adornment. Chances are Venus in here will have you spending it as fast as it comes in – or faster, on beauty, indulgence and sensuality. And with you, it will be something incredibly timeless and classic too. Venus in here can also deliver love and as she angles to the North Node in your 12th this can be a past or a past life one. A date you made with destiny a long time ago could be fulfilled. Reach for a higher expression of love this week.

In a nutshell: This week offers you the opportunity to reach for your highest soul potential and to immerse yourself in worldly pleasure. Make sensuality and love a spiritual pursuit in a search for higher love!


What dreams makeup part of your soul?
Answer the call of your desires
You have the power of attraction – use it!

The arrival of ruler Venus in your 1st is the next best thing to your actual birthday. In fact, it feels like a birthday with its potential for new beginnings and your ability to attract. Time to think about what it is that you want to draw to you. The present retrograde weather should have had you looking back over what you have lost or discarded which you now realise is in fact a very big part of you. As well as setting new goals for yourself. Uranus heads retro in your sector of big money and intimacy this week bumping up the backwards motion to six planets. It will head back into your relationship sector for one final visit. In the interim, what is it you need to feel truly connected to another soul?

Mars is another backwards planet at present and an enticing angle between the planet of passion and action and Venus could see the return of a former lover. Does the fire still burn? You may have to wait to find out as you get to know one another all over again. This week brings a partial solar eclipse along with a new Moon in your 11th and all this relates to your goals and what you desire to attract. Remember, eclipses initially conceal but it is now time to focus on fresh dreams. Include along with these new people, especially those who can open up new experiences for you. Above all, own your dreams. You have them for a reason and they are an integral part of who you are. When we deny our dreams we deny part of ourselves. As Venus angles to the karmic North Node in your goal sector, the message is to answer the call of your desires as you make that wish this week.

In a nutshell: The arrival of ruler Venus in your sign this week is like being given an early birthday gift. Time to use your powers of attraction to manifest a few goals. Your heart knows what it wants – make a wish, Libra!


Fire up those ambitions
Welcome some relating changes
The Right Stuff? You got it – you ARE it!

Uranus’s brief visit to your partnership sector begins to end this week as it turns retrograde and will head slowly back into your 7th. You may already be seeing changes in how you relate to the people closest to you, and this will continue next year when Uranus returns. For now, Venus in your 12th links you to higher, universal love, empathy and channeled inspiration. This is your house of the past so don’t be surprised if a past lover gets in touch – especially with the number of retrograde planets peaking at six this week.

You are the sign of rebirth and there’s a theme of resurrecting something from your past around you in more than one area this week. Now, this can be a connection but it could also be the stirring of an old goal or ambition. Perhaps you have been telling yourself something is beyond you or impossible? Suddenly you see that this is not the case at all. Perhaps you bought into someone else’s limitations and realise this is their story – not yours. You may recommit to something under the influence of this week’s new Moon in your career sector which comes packaged with a partial solar eclipse. You know by now eclipses conceal and then reveal. What’s revealed is that yes, you CAN. Nobody says it’s not going to require some effort of your part – but the Right Stuff? You are it and you got it in spades, baby! The truth around this and whose lies you have bought into regarding what you can and can’t achieve may start to become obvious now as someone appears to show you the error of your thinking. Get ready for recommitment to making it on your terms, this week.

In a nutshell: Your ambitions get fired up this week. Chances are you need to have more, achieve more and receive more rewards in the process. Get ready of opportunity – and recognition now.


Get connected
Plan for a new work adventure
The magic of manifestation is yours!

This week marks the peak of the present retrograde cycle as Uranus heads backwards in your work sector. We now have a total of six planets backwards but the good news is of course that Jupiter your ruler is no longer one of them. Uranus has given you a taster of what changes you need to make with regards to your work and most importantly, the kind of work that gives you the freedom you crave. It will return to this sector of your chart in 2019 for a seven year stay. In the interim, begin to integrate any insights you have gained so far. A new world of working lies ahead.

Venus enters your house of friends, goals, wishes and dreams this week. What’s the difference between a dream and a goal? What is it that boosts your luck? Connecting to others. Get out there. Radiate. Make new friends and revive old ones. Tell people what you are about and what you want to achieve. Venus in here can imbue your dreams with a touch of manifestation by placing the right people in your path. Despite how things may seem and whether you realise it or not, a new direction of expansion, learning and opportunity is opening up for you this week. A freedom-inducing new Moon in your 9th comes ready-packaged with an eclipse. So, that direction may take a while to emerge. With it linking to Jupiter don’t resist the message coming from your intuition as to which direction you need to go in. Someone who may play a pivotal role in this journey and with whom you share a karmic tie could be about to appear to show you the way or even assist you in getting there. You’re taking at least one other on your journey from here on in.

In a nutshell: You’re being let in on a cosmic secret now, Sag. And that’s how to work some manifestation magic. The clue is in the people you know – or who get to know you this week.


Is it lack or lack of perspective?
A new connection has long term potential
Close the distance

Is there a disconnect in your life at present, Capricorn? Lack of love? Lapse of love? The feeling that you and someone close to you are no longer on the same page? For one thing, Uranus in your 5th is going to redefine who and how you love over the next few years. For now, it heads backwards in your 5th but will return in there in 2019. Presently you have both Saturn your ruler and Pluto retrograde in your 1st. Uranus retro brings the number of planets apparently heading backwards in the sky to six. I say apparently because retrogrades are an illusion. So, if you are feeling disconnected, isolated, alone or distanced from loved ones, just take a moment to think about whether this is actually the case or whether or not it is just requires a shift in your perspective. Think of it like this: if you had a starship and were observing the planets from that, there would be no retrogrades. This week’s new Moon in your 8th triggers a partial solar eclipse in here. This could quite literally uncover for you a way to reconnect in a more intimate way with those around you, deepening your bond – again, just brought about by a shift in your perspective and you leaving your usual emotional orbit.

Venus enters your 10th of career, recognition and all things ambitious and Capricorn-focused this week. Venus in here enhances your professional image and makes you seem more desirable to employers – present and potential. Dress to impress and update your work look if need be. As Venus rules your bank account, your earnings may increase now and when it comes to your ideas, you’ve plenty to work with. Venus in here can deliver a serious work opportunity or a relationship with long term potential. This may or may not be a love connection. But it can go hand-in-hand with you exploring forging a deeper connection with another. If you feel alone this week, remember – it’s all an illusion.

In a nutshell: Existing connections can be transformed and new ones taken to a deeper level than what you have experienced in the past. Open up and bring people closer this week, Capricorn.


Redefine the way you live
Try the open-hearted approach
Doors to love open

Ruler Uranus joins the retrograde movement this week, heading backwards in your home and lifestyle sector. This brief stay and now this retro period allows you to look at where some ‘housekeeping’ needs to take place on the domestic front. Think of the past few months as the equivalent of an Airbnb experience. When Uranus takes up residence in here for a seven year stay in 2019, expect a revolution around living arrangements and what home and family mean to you.
The Sun in your 7th always puts lasting love, partnerships and your closest relationships in the spotlight. You’re feeling more open, expansive and also searching for ways to bring others closer. Being generous with what you share is another hallmark of this cycle. You’re generous with your love, your time and your resources when it comes to those you care about. The eclipse in here at the time of the new Moon angles to Jupiter in your 10th and falls conjunct Mercury. This could trigger serious ‘forever’ issues. Be aware if you meet someone now you could get serious very quickly but try to pace things as eclipses can conceal. Talk of commitment, taking things to the next stage or where things are headed could bring in a new phase. Or you could decide that something is not for you after all. Doors open and close under an eclipse in our 7th. Watch who walks in – and out, this week.

In a nutshell: You want to show your love and be loved in return now. Doors to love swing open wide. Watch who walks through.


Don’t take anything for granted
Find the devil in the details
Be an irresistible force for passion

Focus on the details and go back over work projects this week, Pisces. Above all, check and double check anything work-related before it gets sent out. Record, schedule, take minutes and make notes. Get everything in writing and then read the small print carefully. The reason for all this is this week’s new Moon in your 6th which not only triggers an eclipse in here but falls conjunct retrograde Mercury in this, its ruling house. This is also your house of health and wellbeing. If you have any health concerns – or even a concern about a pet’s wellbeing (this house also rules pets if you have them), then be prepared to investigate further. Remember, eclipses conceal and then reveal. Don’t be afraid to ask for a second opinion if necessary be this on that email you are about to send to a client or that diagnosis.

We’ve heavy retrograde weather still and Uranus takes the number of retro planets to six this week when it too retrogrades in another Mercury-ruled house, your 3rd. Yet another reason for paying attention to the details and what is really being said. Above all, don’t take anything for granted just because someone says it’s that way. Probe. Investigate. Ask questions. Fact find. This week also sees Venus enter your 8th of deeper intimacy. You want more passion from your partner and if you have no partner now, you’ll be in search of one who can offer you the intensity you’re seeking. Handling more money than you are normally used to is a distinct possibility. Banks, building societies, loans, credit cards are in focus but don’t over-extend yourself. This week however is very good for getting others to say ‘Yes’ to you. Just decide what it is you want from them before asking.

In a nutshell: You’re projecting an intensity that’s hard to resist this week, Pisces. That magnetic allure could draw to you the resources you need. Anything from love – to money.


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  1. The weekly astrology forecast for my sign was enjoyable to read. I was hoping to ask a client a question. Hopefully the answer will be ‘Yes’ as described in my sign forecast. I’m not so sure though. As the client is something of an enigma. I would like to hear from him/her in the future about their feelings…

  2. I like this week’s astrology forecast. I thought it was good advice to read the small print and get everything in writing. I was thinking about a lovely man who I once met whilst reading those words. He seemed like a kind man. I must admit I felt a deep connection with him.

  3. I am surprised about how accurate my astrology forecast is for this week. I have been thinking about sending an email to a client. But wait!… this is no ordinary client. They are a really special client! I am thankful for their help! I would really like to have a second opinion on the email for my client.

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