August 17th 2020 – Weekly Astrology Forecast

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Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs August 17 2020


Let’s talk love and destiny

What does romance reveal?

A little self-care puts pleasure back on the agenda!

New beginnings and ah-ha revelations are promised by this week’s new Moon in your 5th. It trines both ruler Mars in your 1st and also carries a stamp of fate due to an angle to the North Node in your 3rd.

Just days before this, ruler Mars has you instigating something. Perhaps a conversation, launching a project, applying for a job or setting something in motion. Good news could flow back and forth thanks again to a trine between Mars and Mercury in your 5th at the start of the week.

Let’s talk love

The conversation could also flow around a lover – a past, present or potential partner. One who could make you a parent, step-parent or foster parent for instance. There’s also a sense of something coming to the surface. This could be around your own children, adult children, a desire to become a parent or the generations younger than you. Teenagers, perhaps those you teach or mentor even? The ah-ha part of this could stretch back two years or so. Think back to August 2018.

Or as the Nodes are in play this week, even further back for some. 19 years in fact to what was gestating or began. That creative venture, love affair, pregnancy? This new Moon could bring this all back but in a new way. If you were not old enough, then take it fate is at work in some way offering a lucky break brought to you by destiny.

Me time needs priority

Mercury enters its ruling 6th on the 20th and the Sun follows two days later. This is your house of wellness so please now, show that self-care and devotion. To yourself and to others. You cannot give back if you are running on empty. And with the good stuff going on you want to be feeling your best. Do what needs to be done to ensure this is what happens.

And strike that balance between your desire to do more and experience more and the very real need to unwind. Mercury’s opposition to Ceres in your 12th says follow your instincts on this. Beautiful solutions and divine down-time could go hand in hand with pleasure and love this week.

In a nutshell: Ruler Mars says ‘Don’t be shy’, Aries! We know that’s not your style anyway. But when it comes to conversations, don’t shy away from starting one. That includes that great opening line!



Time to fly free

Take that big step

Say ‘Yes to passion

There’s a new you emerging this week, Taurus. One that is ditching that ‘heavy’ feeling of being weighed down with too much dull stuff. One whose fun side wants to go out, play and possibly dazzle at the same time. Ready to attract? What you radiate draws back to you in kind.

This week sees a powerful shift occur behind the scenes. I was going to say ‘behind closed doors’ as it could well be around home, family or living arrangements. It’s linked in some way to you taking a bold new step towards a braver, brilliant new you.

Begin to live a lot more

You have a new Moon appearing in its ruling 4th this week. It makes angles of bold new beginnings when it comes to your lifestyle with Mars in your 12th and the North Node in your 2nd. Just two days before this new Moon appears, we have a direction determining angle between Mars and Mercury also in your 4th. News or decisions may be taken now around career, your home, family, property or what unpins your security or even restricts your freedom.

Don’t shy away from important conversations with those you live with around this. As I said, this could involve you and family members or your partner. And the time is now. This is a new Moon which sets a fresh direction for so many of us due to its link to the Node. And Mars pushes us to act.

Get the ‘homework’ out of the way as Mercury and then the Sun enter your 5th of romance and fabulization. This is your house of attraction above all. Where you get to let go, party, play and pursue whatever ignites your passion (or should I say who?). It’s important you are not being weighed down by unfinished business. So, set yourself free to experience this.

Completion brings about new beginnings

The 23rd brings Mercury into opposition to Ceres, planet of compromises and also new days dawning. What new world can you negotiate into being this week, Taurus? Hopefully one where you shrug off cares and taking on too much responsibility and get to express yourself. Do the deal behind closed doors. Then launch yourself out into the world once again.

In a nutshell: Are you being weighed down by things you know you need to tackle, but keep putting off, Taurus? The longer you delay, the more you put off freedom, love and pleasure. Action is the best medicine.



Words (and ideas) have wings

Love takes you back in time

Front of house? That’s you, Gemini

Ruler Mercury is in its ruling 3rd in your chart up until the 20th, Gemini. So, follow through on those ideas. And this week, take your message to the masses and accept any and all invites that come your way (social distancing rules notwithstanding).

Mars in your 11th doesn’t just ignite your social scene, but shows you a future path to blaze. The 17th brings a ‘start your engines’ angle between it and your ruler. Writing, speaking, texts, emails, your job, studying, that side hustle, Zoom meeting, interview, manuscript, thesis, CV or simply the interweb – it’s all about what you are putting ‘out there’. Your message, story, brand.

You may have just scraped the surface of this potential. This week says there is so much more to tap into. Highly creative energy simply swirls around you this week. With destiny driven new beginnings thrown in!

Love wants you to begin again

What you begin, initiate or even one piece of news, could send you down an exciting new path. All thanks to the new Moon in your 3rd on the 19th. This is especially significant for you as it activates the North Node at 27 degrees of Gemini. Check your chart to see if you have any factors within a two-degree orb of this. Or alternatively, within 25-29 degrees of Sagittarius your opposite sign.

If you were 18 or over 19 years ago, jump back in time like Jean Claude van Damme in Time Cop. The Nodes are our personal karmic time machines. Taking us back to revisit karma. Expect similar themes but combined with this new Moon, chances to begin again or second time opportunities.

The heart knows

Mercury and the Sun highlight property matters, family ties and living arrangements. Buying, selling, leasing and renting property. Stay or move decisions. Now is a good time to make long term decisions which build your sense of place, security and stability. But take your time in making them. The 4th is where our emotional wisdom lives. What we need to underpin our lives and that future you’re creating.

Time to seek out tranquility and appreciate what you have right where you are. Your best ideas are going to come to you if you unplug and spend time with what your feelings about what you have created for yourself so far tell you. Take all the time you need on this process. Mercury’s opposition to Ceres on the 23rd says you can’t hurry two things in life. One of them is love. The other is or should be your decision making process. It’s your schedule now, Gemini.

In a nutshell: Love has a plan for you, Gemini. You and another have signed up for this before. Past, present and potential loves feature this week. What you say or communicate, sets this in motion.



Relate to what you have in fresh ways

If not now, then when?

Have the confidence to succeed

Time for a new relationship. Cancer. But this may not be the one that springs to mind immediately! I’m talking about the relationship you have with what you earn or own. Your money, possessions, assets and yes, your talents too.

Ready for a date with destiny?

There’s a lot of cosmic, karmic action happening in your money zone this week. And with Venus’s fabulizing effect as it makes over the outer you, you can also turn your attention to re-evaluating all you have to offer on the inside too. You’re reaching higher too when it comes to what you want to achieve.

Mars fires up ambition in your 10th – and the confidence to go for it. Push ahead with any career boosting or money-making activities now as Mars and Mercury which rules both communication and business, align in your favour on the 17th.

The value setting new Moon on the 19th is what truly tells you the price is right, Cancer. Time to look back at your financial his-or-her-story if you were managing your own money 19 years ago. Or if you were in unpaid work then, look at either your partner’s money story or what changed around you and your appreciation of your own assets.

Words weave spells. Use them to sell yourself

The new Moon’s alignment to Mars and also the North Node in made-for-business Gemini, says its not enough right now to be confident and enthusiastic. You need a strong set of values. And if you are intent on increasing that net worth, you cannot afford to undersell yourself, your talents or ideas. So, set your value system. And also, value what you have right now. As this determines your standard.

If you require help either with communicating what you have to offer more effectively, selling those ideas in – even via social media or that CV, you have assistance as Mercury arrives in its ruling 3rd on the 20th and the Sun two days later. Mercury in what is its ruling sign and ruling house, lends itself to work, systems, schedules and yes, that includes managing what you have more effectively.

Negotiating? Deals and bargains are on the table with win/win move between Mercury and Ceres in your 9th. This one is about opportunity and also freedom. Both parties can walk away feeling they have what they want. Come from value. Leave with that stock on the rise, Cancer.

In a nutshell: Value what you have – including yourself, and watch how the world reflects it. This week could see your stock on the rise. Words are your superpower. Use these to show what you’re worth.



Begin again with experience

Don’t over-think

S/he who jumps doesn’t miss the boat

Your extra special new Moon promises circle of destiny new beginnings this week. It’s the chance to close one karmic cycle and move forward into a new one.

Mars in your 9th is pushing you out of your usual comfort zone. And giving you the confidence to try. It aligns to Mercury on the 17th and this is all about your personal dreams, ideas and where you want to get to in the next 12 months.

The future sets sail – don’t miss the boat

The new Moon will trine Mars and sextile the North Node in your 11th. Remember, your 11th is where your future begins. The Nodes rule 19 year cycles and due to this being a new Moon it tells you a new and important one is beginning. Our future doesn’t happen in isolation so pay attention to who you meet and interact with too. Look back 19 years as this could bear similarities to something which began back then.

Above all, set your intentions and then jump in. Due to Mars this is a time of action – not over-thinking things.

A little self-belief sets the standard

Mercury leaves your sign on the 20th and ruler the Sun two days later. You’ll now be focused on money, your possessions, assets and the possibility of acquiring more. If you are involved in any kind of negotiating – say your salary, selling an hourly rate for your skills or the price for what you create or produce.

Or alternatively, asking for that loan, credit application, Mercury’s opposition to Ceres says there are fresh deals to be done now. It all comes down to self-belief. If you bank on yourself and that future, others just might invest too.

In a nutshell: This week doesn’t want you to over-think things. It wants you to come up with a desire or idea – then go for it. Jumping in or joining in is the key to an all -important start with destiny as your partner, Leo!



Your success story – your way

What you focus on – you attract

Time to par-tay like it’s your birthday!

Happy birthday, Virgo! Ruler Mercury is in direct motion as your new cycle begins showing green lights when it comes to entering a fresh, new cycle.

Change sets the future in motion

It’s not just the next 12 months that is in motion now. But the next 19 years too. (No pressure, Virgo!). Change is in the air now thanks to Mars in its ruling 8th aligning to ruler Mercury in your 12th on the 17th. Time to think about what you want to experience, do and attract. And also to understand that what we focus on is what we draw to us.

So, as the new Moon appears in your mysterious 12th on the 19th, it’s time for some pre-birthday homework. To look at what you are thinking because this will determine what you attract. This new Moon places a big emphasis on the past and your karma. That is because it will trine Mars and sextile the North Node in your 10th.

Set a new standard for self-initiated success

Yes, that’s your success zone. Are you stuck in the past? Focused on what didn’t work for you as opposed to what did? Or, more radically, do you need to re-define what a success story is for yourself? Or has been?

Look back 19 years if you are old enough at what you set in motion and achieved. Is it time for a new mountain to climb? Don’t underestimate or dismiss what you have accomplished and due to the magnetism of the Moon/Mars/Karma angles, see results in terms of learning opportunities rather than success/failure.

Now you’re set. You’re going to notice a big difference in the coming year as heavyweight Saturn leaves your 5th of all things fabuloso. Until then, look at the commitments you are making to love.

That includes what you shine at and any fears around success or not being ‘good enough’. Your gift should be the surety that simply isn’t true for you. And you’ll be able to let others know this as Mercury opposes ceres in your 7th. That’s a new deal on (self) love. The first of many gifts heading your way, Virgo.

In a nutshell: The secret between what you focus on and what you attract is revealed. Call this a gift. Now you’ve unwrapped it you get to use it. All year long! So, focus on fresh starts and the new, birthday sign!



No more so-so loves

Head for the heat

Life is happening. You’re invited

Mars in your 7th always asks: Where’s the heat? This week asks where its to be found for your future?

Time to think big. And to ditch that tepid, so-so love or any other kind of experience. IF it doesn’t fire you up, it has no place coming forward with you into the future. Gravitate towards the fire that’s missing or strike a spark to create one. Being on the same page with friends, having something to be involved in and get excited about is part of this process as Mars trines to Mercury in your 11th.

Life’s a party. You have a VIP pass

Exciting invitations and sparky, stimulating connections can be made now. Your future rests with the people, networks, groups, clubs, bands and connections you form now. The new Moon in your 11th on the 19th says if not now – when? Especially when it comes to being fired up about your future.

It makes angles of ignition to Mars and also the North Node in your opportunity and freedom sector. What are you seeking? Or who? Fated encounters, friends with all kinds of benefits from help and assistance to yes, the possibility of being more than just friends, being part of something bigger, more exciting – all this is on offer with this new Moon. And more.

Be a joiner

But the thing is – you have to make the effort and join in. There’s no point in wanting this if all your social circle consists of is you, your couch, Ben & Jerry and that boxset. Even with current restrictions you can join in, connect and start talking about what it is you want, need or want to achieve. Mercury in your 12th says talk about those dreams, goals and visions you have been nurturing. They are part of feeling your best.

Work and routine get re-imagined to allow more time for what you want to do rather than have to so as Mercury opposes Ceres in its own ruing house of wellbeing and routine. The first deal on the table this week is the one you negotiate with yourself. The future of passion needs your commitment, Libra. Make the heat your priority.

In a nutshell: The heat is on this week, Libra. Or should I say back on for some of you? Settling for that so-so love or ‘It’ll do’ is no longer an option. To claim something better – be a joiner.



Burn like a flame but be as precise as a laser

Know what you want

Just know – nobody gets there alone

You may feel as if you can take on the world this week. Efforts could be rewarded as ancient ruler Mars trines Mercury in your 10th of recognition and status. Good news could arrive connected to your work or career.

However – don’t forget to breathe! Mars is in your house of health and wellbeing. You may feel you have energy to spare but if you rush burn-outs, mistakes and accidents can be your take-out. Yes, you have energy to spare but focus it, don’t scatter it.

Move on up

New beginnings which set your profile or status for the long term future arise from the new Moon in your 10th on the 19th. This is where consistent efforts and your determination pays off. This Moon strikes a blaze within Mars and also the North Node, that spinning point of fate and dragon fire, in Mars’s ruling 8th in your chart. This is a rebirth on some level and it relates to your professional path or your status.

Certainly, by the time Mercury (20th) and then the Sun (22nd) arrive in your 11th. you should have something new to talk about. Or those you know are seeing you in a fresh light based on the path you are now heading down. Finding yourself the object of desire is one outcome of Mercury’s opposition to Ceres in your 5th on the 23rd. Just know when it comes to dreams – nobody gets there alone. Find your dream team.

People don’t know what they want – until they see it

The rule: See and be seen also applies. This could be professionally or revolve around your talents or skills. Or personally as you become someone’s ‘must have’ potential squeeze. It’s a new deal and a new dawn. In a new world you’ve had a big hand in creating, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: Time to put yourself ‘out there’. And to understand nobody succeeds alone. We all need that dream team or cheer squad. Or simply contacts that can open doors. Be the next big thing everyone’s looking for, Scorpio.



Past, present and potential loves feature

Dreams come with a return ticket

The adventure begins – right from where you are

If there’s one new Moon you love above all others – aside from the one that occurs during your birthday season that is, it’s this week’s in your 9th.

In fact, this week should offer you a replay of how things used to be. And how they will be again for you, Sag. Confinement and feeling restricted simply isn’t your jam. We all know this. Covid has clipped your wings. Plus, you have been dealing with heavy duty planetary weather in your money zone which is of course, what bankrolls that freedom.

Reignite the dream

Fiery Mars in your 5th is all about your creative life force, your passions. It’s trine to Mercury in your 9th on the 17th could just see news around themes relating to romance, travel (real or in the mind), learning, overseas connections, writing or the outdoors.

Stand by, because something which again could be related to one, some or any mixture of the above could be about to take you along a new path or down one which is unfamiliar but carries that return-trip vibe to it. The new Moon in your 9th is all about heading towards an opportunity which expands your horizons in some way. It will have a bigger effect and mark the start of a longer journey than usual due to its angles to both Mars and the North Node in your 7th.

Don’t go it alone

So, this could involve a past, present or potential travelling partner. A romantic, business, work, activity one or that very close friend. You’ve deep karmic ties and have gone on a similar journey before. Look back 19 years or even 38 if you are old enough. What journey began back then – real or metaphorical?

Mercury and the Sun arrive in your 10th on the 20th and 22nd. You will find yourself in the public eye in some way or dealing with important people. This journey could even be connected to your career, status or reputation. Or if you are not in paid work, that of your partner.

Mercury’s opposition to Ceres in your 4th on the 23rd points to a new base, home or lifestyle interwoven within this. Moving, real estate decisions, relocations and the corner of the earth which smiles at you have a role to play in this. Chart your course. Next stop – the stars.

In a nutshell: Cosmic tickets to ride are on offer. Especially for you and a travelling companion, Sag. You’ve been soul travelers before. Could be you’re about to embark on the biggest trip yet!



Move away from restriction

Solutions offer freedom

The meaning is all in the grand plan

You’ll feel a sense of freedom and lightness of being this week as Mercury and then the Sun land in your 9th of expansion and opportunity, Capricorn. It will help ease the very heavy weather patterns you have had to learn to work with in your 1st.

Search for meaning

Ahead of this, comes change. But don’t think this is unwelcome. All I can say is, it’s part of a grand design or plan the universe now has for you. You may find yourself asking: What’s the meaning of life?

The new Moon in your 8th trines Mars in your 4th and also the North Node in your 6th on the 19th. It’s one of the biggest opportunities you will have in a long time to close one karmic cycle for good and step free into a new one. This is Mars’s ruling house and think of this as a literal ‘move on’ or ‘move away’ from something which has had you stuck, held you back or which you thought you might never be free from.

Explore new worlds – of freedom and opportunity

Soar upward as Mercury (20th) and then the Sun (22nd) enter your 9th. This hands you the confidence to do anything you may have been putting off trying. It’s time to venture out into the world again – even if this is at a social distance.

Mercury’s opposition to Ceres, planet of new worlds and compromises, in Mercury’s ruling 3rd points to news or a solution that releases you once and for all. Work, writing, the internet – channel your newly reignited enthusiasm for life into these areas. This week says – time to start dreaming again.

In a nutshell: Could it just be that after all, life has a grand design mapped out for you, Capricorn? Let go and trust that all the pieces will fall into place. And solutions appear right when you need them.



If change is a person, what would it look like? You perhaps?!

Let’s talk passion

That’s the power of love!

Carve out time for love this week. And a little self-love too, Aquarius. As well as the new Moon in our 1st, the one that appears in our 7th, is another opportunity to undertake that make-over or fabulize ourselves anew. Especially if love and attraction is on our mind. It’s all a bit retro Huey Lewis and the News track.

Love is your superpower

First, you want to say something? You won’t hold back as Mars in your 3rd trines Mercury in your 7th on the 17th. Mars has you taking a confident, fearless approach to conversations. And with Mercury in your 7th and Mars in Merc’s ruling 3rd, this discussion could just as easily revolve around work and selling yourself in as it could around love. Your passion for the topic – be it what you offer either professionally or personally, is contagious and compelling.

You are unlikely to take no for an answer when it comes to relationships. This does not mean you are not willing to compromise however. But what you are not willing to do is sell out. The new Moon appears on the 19th and as it does, trines that Mars and sextiles the North Node in your 5th. Time for relaunch, to go after whatever it is you want, to begin something new and to create.

Look back 19 years if you are old enough. There’s a new opportunity to begin again. Especially when it comes to love. Not just the kind of love you now know you need, but have to give too.

Be the change you want to bring into being

Wielding the Power of Love also means embracing change or becoming the change you want to see now plays a role as Mercury and the Sun enter your 8th. That compromise without selling your soul is on the table thanks to the Mercury/Ceres opposition on the 23rd. Both your money houses are involved here. But this is also about your self-worth and values

This could involve your salary, what you share or is shared with you. From your employer to the government and even a sexual partner. It tells you that upgrades mean understanding you don’t have to sell-out to succeed. Or sell your soul to get what you want, Aquarius.

In a nutshell: New beginnings in love are possible this week, Aquarius. Romance could get a re-boot. Something may feel familiar but what’s changed? You. Older, wiser and with so much more to give. Don’t underestimate that power.



Go for the slow burn in love and in soul matters

Do the work – claim the rewards

Re-boot that body!

Ready for a new deal on love? Of course, you are, Pisces! First – let’s get the practical stuff out of the way however.

Mars in your 2nd puts you in confident mood when it comes to your income. Take care however not to impulse buy. We do need to talk about wellbeing and protecting your greatest asset -your body.

Get a prescription for love

Burnout is a common problem with Mars in your money zone. Your desire for more of the folding stuff combined with a feeling nothing is impossible can see you making incredible inroads when it comes to your earning capacity. But leave you in an energy deficit.

You should however see rewards for extra efforts appear as Mars trines Mercury in what is its ruling 6th on the 17th. Once you have done what you set out to do, then know when to down-shift, kick back and enjoy your achievement.

Taking care of you over the long term needs to be your priority. It’s time to make you your priority as the new Moon appears in your 6th on the 19th. Self-care matters are always important under this new Moon. But all the more so in the time of Coronavirus. This new Moon hooks in the energy of Mars combined with the karmic cycle of the North Node in your 4th.

Feed your soul to free it

Downtime, nurturing, meditation, yoga, fuel for your body and soul immunity take on fresh significance. How you have approached these areas over the past 19 years (if you are old enough!) puts you either in credit or deficit with your body. If adjustments need to be made, see this as restoring your credit for the long term. And approach any wellness matters with this in mind. T’s not about quick fix solutions and dropping 8 kilos in 3 weeks. It’s about sustaining your body for the long term at its best.

Feeling your best is important when planets arrive in our 7th of partners and long-term love. Mercury arrives first on the 20th and the Sun two days later. Love or any close relationship is always the best medicine. New beginnings in existing partnerships are possible or love offers a new deal as Mercury opposes Ceres in your 1st on the 23rd. Wellbeing as your priority shouldn’t need a reason. But love just might be the best one there is Pisces.

In a nutshell: Your body is talking, Pisces. What’s it saying to you? It’s your gateway to love, pleasure and success. So, time to listen. Especially if you want to take advantage of fabulous new beginnings now.



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