12th August 2019 Weekly Astrology

Weekly Astrology Forecast For All Signs August 12


  • Go after that bigger experience
  • Be seen and attract
  • Make the most of what you have to get more of what matters

Jupiter direct this week means all of us can stop spinning our wheels and get fast & furious instead when it comes to pursuing those bigger experiences. You and fellow fire sign Sagittarius which Jupiter rules will feel the change the most. Jupiter is in its ruling house in your chart so expansion, optimism, setting your sights higher and travel are very much back on the agenda. Plus Mercury retroshadow ends in your 5th. This combines to create plain sailing weather towards what exactly? Perhaps your very own Love Island experience thanks to the meeting of the Sun and Venus in your 5th. You’re willing to take a chance on whatever it is you want, Aries. Plus a full Moon in your 11th this week puts the emphasis on those social connections and your future goals. Time to party and immerse yourself in pleasure and play. And while you’re at it, attract anything from invitations to romance.

Uranus turns retrograde in your 2nd. Need some asset assessing breathing space? Perhaps a self-audit of anything from where it goes to how you make it. This allows you time off that money rollercoaster to determine how to utilise what you have to create what matters. This week also sees ruler Mars shift into your 6th. It offers you the energy to change how you operate on a day to day basis in here. Yes, that can include revamping anything from your day job to your routine and everything else in between. That body image or what’s in your closet for example. Harness that energy to change the everyday things that simply no longer charge you up the way they used to. You’ll be creating a romance and pleasure support structure if you do.

In a nutshell: Time to head towards that bigger experience. To immerse yourself in pleasure and play. And prepare to get yourself noticed. It’s access all areas when it comes to what you love, Aries.


  • Evolve your soul
  • Inner changes are reflected in your outer world
  • Show who you truly are meant to be

The change engine of the cosmos turns in your favour now, Taurus. Time to bring into being the new which reflects more accurately the beautiful being you are becoming. Uranus in your 1st is all about a personal revolution which encompasses everything from your appearance, brand, image, job title, style and profile to your values and the people and situations which now reflect this new ‘you’. The evolutionary process with take seven years to complete but this week marks a pause where you can stocktake the transformation so far as Uranus retrogrades in your 1st. It’s all linked to you having the freedom to show the world who you truly are. And being unafraid to do so. Outer changes need to reflect inner ones. So use this time to ensure that how you look, your relationships and what you say, do and project, really does tell everyone where you are coming from.

Help with this is at hand thanks to Jupiter now direct once more in your 8th of transformation. If you need to bring those living arrangements in line with the new sense of freedom you are embracing, then the Sun and ruler Venus conjunct in your 4th and Mercury exiting retroshadow in here shines on property dealings and family matters. This week’s full Moon in your 10th shows you what you need to do to attain that enhanced sense of long term security which is so important to you. Bring career and work matters to completion now. Mars in your 5th sparks a fresh appreciation of all you have to offer both personally and around what gets others talking about you. You are the one to take the initiative when it comes to flirting or putting your talents on show. Desire is high now to get that attention, love and appreciation you know you deserve. Turn up the heat on this brand new you, Taurus.

In a nutshell: Time to take stock of how far you’ve come and the fabulous changes you’ve initiated, Taurus. Now, bring other areas into alignment with your true soul self. Allow the inner you to shine through!


  • Head towards a new love future
  • Put yourself out there
  • Have faith in a higher power

Jupiter heads direct again in your house of long term love and dynamic duos of all kinds while ruler Mercury finally exits retroshadow time in its ruling 3rd. Love matters get a green light as do business, communicating and getting around. Flirtation, saying it with that extra ingredient of passion and love and entering into something exciting and new thanks to this week’s full Moon in your 9th, are your ingredients with which to create something extra special this week, Gemini. Then there’s a meeting between the Sun and Venus in Mercury’s 3rd on the 15th. If love is what you seek, engage. Sign up for that dating app or just get talking. The same goes for work and anything to do with ideas or communicating. Put yourself and your message out there. This is your house of commerce and with the Sun and Venus co-joined and Mercury direct there’s a bargain to be had or a highly beneficial deal to be agreed. Perhaps even between your heart and another’s.

Uranus turns retroactive in your 12th this week. There’s so much going on below the surface with you right now. And if that’s where you want to keep it for now, that’s fine. Uranus in here is all about having faith the universe has a plan for you. That what happens or doesn’t happen, does so for a reason. It’s all to do with freeing you from anything that keeps you stagnant and stuck. Keep the faith by continuing to let go now. This week also sees Mars enter your 4th. You need to be doing things around or to the home. If that includes actually moving, then Mercury gets behind this. Redecorate, renovate, update, change rooms, clear out that clutter. Mars demands you take action. Clear space. Why? So there’s room for something or for someone new to enter, Gemini.

In a nutshell: Time to create that loving feeling between you and someone close to you. Love stuck instead of love struck? Clear that space for romance to move in, Gemini.


  • In your vulnerability lies your power
  • Open your soul to true intimacy
  • Practice authenticity

Ruler the Moon triggers intense feelings this week as it’s full up in your 8th of empowerment and transformation. What you feel now, you’ll feel incredibly deeply. There’s simply no meh or middle ground with this full Moon. Emotionally, you need people around you who understand your need to go deep and leave the superficial behind. Although the full Moon in here can push a few buttons and make us feel extra-vulnerable as a result, the important thing to remember is not to put up barriers to intimacy or sharing what you feel. Allow others to swim those deep waters with you by allowing them in to your emotional world. Letting them know what you think and feel brings you the closeness and understanding you’re seeking. Plus they will appreciate how you don’t just grant this kind of Access All Areas pass to your secret inner world to just anyone!

Feeling strong, feeling powerful often go hand in hand with us feeling free to be ourselves. In our vulnerability lies our strength. And also our ability to be free to forge more authentic connections. Your confidence is enhanced by this as Jupiter moves forward in your 6th opening doors to enhanced wellbeing and work opportunities. Uranus which rules your 11th heads backwards and has you looking at friendships which allow you the same kind of authenticity. Mercury retroshadow ends in your 2nd this week as the Sun and Venus meet in what is Venus’s ruling house bringing you the possibility of cash related benefits. Meanwhile, Mars exits here and ignites what you say with passion. Get ready for some fearless sharing, Cancer. Whether this is your thoughts, your feelings or your ideas.

In a nutshell: Opening up and being vulnerable links you to inner strength, Cancer. Share your intimate thoughts and feelings. You are more powerful when it comes to love than you know.


  • Live out your future potential today
  • What are you drawing to you?
  • Make a status setting move!

Be the love or success story you want to experience in your life this week, Leo. Time for new beginnings when it comes to those personal dreams and desires. Embody what you want to become on some level. Project yourself into the future and experience how you will look at feel there. Now, be that person right now. Ruler the Sun and Venus meet in your 1st this week forming a nexus of attraction designed to magnetise that future. New beginnings in love or which can lead to personal recognition are promised now especially as Jupiter swings to forward motion in your fabulous 5th and Mercury exits retroshadow in your 1st. Who is opposite you this week? What are they reflecting back? The full Moon in your 7th is the embodiment on some level of who or what you are trying to attract. And perhaps that person contains the essence of what you can become? Look who you ‘draw’ to you now.

You could be charting a new course towards status defining success. Uranus now turns retrograde in your 10th of reputation and career. This allows you to take a new and innovative approach to career matters and review progress since it arrived in here. What no longer works for you? Embrace the process of relaunch and reinvention. Part of this may be taking a more proactive approach to how you sell yourself, your talents and skills, or even how you make your money thanks to Mars in your 2nd from the 18th. Become your own success story this week and set the future you in motion.

In a nutshell: This week powerful aspects of attraction pull your desires towards you. Magnetise the potential by being your future self, today. The power is in being what you are becoming, Leo. 


  • Follow the advice of your intuition
  • Precognition provides you with a preview of what’s to come
  • Get a head start on your fresh cycle

The end of Mercury retroshadow in your 12th adds up to just one thing this week, Virgo. And that’s a new certainty around what it is your intuition is telling you. You know now what you need to do. The only question remaining is why you are hesitating? This week also sees you filled with precognition around a certain outcome or event. You know what is coming – and then it manifests. This could be something you have been wishing or hoping for for quite some time. Faith and expectations were not misplaced courtesy of the fabulous meeting between the Sun and Venus in here. The fact you have been proved correct should prove that you can trust what your instinct is telling you to do now so follow through. The result will be the freedom Uranus in your 9th has been trying to send you these past few months. Align yourself with it as Uranus heads backwards from the 12th. And expect more surprises to come.

Jupiter removes blocks to expansion on the home and lifestyle front as it finally shifts to direct motion in your 4th. This also gives you a green light to fast track career and work matters as this is all about making yourself ‘at home’ with success. The Moon rules your 4th of course and this week we have a full one in your 6th of all things close to your pristine soul. There’s always a push-pull happening at the time of a full Moon but in here you are being asked to tune in to what your body is telling you it needs. Burning the candle at both ends is not a good idea now. Your body and even your routine need some TLC. Don’t be afraid to delegate if you feel you are running on empty. Even if you do – that feeling won’t last. The arrival of Mars in your 1st on the 18th is like an adrenalin shot which sets you off towards whatever it is you want for yourself for the upcoming year. Get a head start on that birthday season this week.

In a nutshell: That feeling of anticipation isn’t wishful thinking, Virgo. Your intuition proves to be spot on this week. Expect the arrival of something you’ve been waiting on. And follow your insight.


  • Time for some healing reinvention
  • Be seen in a new light
  • Love or other assets are at your disposal

Time to push ahead with whatever plans you have been ruminating on this week, Libra. Jupiter direct in your 3rd plus a meeting between the Sun and ruler Venus in your 11th is your relaunch moment. This applies not just to projects and business plans but also to you interacting with a wider audience. Goals, wishes and dreams feature with perhaps a wish being granted. Being seen in a new light or just entering a brand new and exciting sphere where you make new connections who see you in a brand new way is just one of the exciting potentials around you right now. The full Moon in your 5th could be a fabulous night for a date or else connect you to a potential love interest or contact whose sole agenda is to assist you in some way on a friendship level. You want to express yourself now so get out and moondance and others or at least one significant person will join you!

Uranus in your 8th is linking you to a new dawn when it comes to your money, assets, property and values. This in turn touches on what you share with others. Uranus retrogrades this week and as it rules your 11th, don’t be surprised if what I have mentioned above revolves around someone doing you a favour or putting their resources at your disposal. Mars enters your 12th this week marking the beginning of your soul house clearing period prior to the Sun’s arrival in your 1st. Your energy is at a peak now as hidden desires and longings surface and demand you own them. Connecting to the person who allows you to do just that is one hidden benefit that could come your way this week. Let’s get this party started, Libra.

In a nutshell: This week marks a relaunch. Of your dreams and goals and also yourself on some level. Enter a new sphere were people look at you in a fresh way. Reinvent your dreams, Libra.


  • Nurture every aspect of yourself
  • Status making shifts could occur
  • Success means balancing outer achievements with honouring your inner needs

This week’s full Moon falls in the Moon’s ruling 4th in your chart. The push/pull you feel this week could well be between what you want to achieve in the big wide world and your emotional needs. Or the you that you need to be in order to succeed and that secret, inner private you. How do you meet the needs of both these aspects of yourself? This week may see you engaged in bringing a career or business matter to a successful conclusion with rewards following thanks to the meeting between the Sun and Venus in your 10th. This offers you the chance to be seen in the best possible light by employers both present and potential, influencers, authority figures and VIP’s. Mercury ending its retroshadow period also points to career matters moving ahead. You have Jupiter finally heading direct once more in your money zone which could open a conduit to extra income. But the Moon in your 4th is about more than just financial security. Of course, it’s a big part of the overall picture. But not all of it. The full Moon asks you to ensure you are maintaining the correct work/life balance. And if you are out there competing for that position, job, client or piece of business, to also ensure you make self-nurturing your priority when you close the door of your home to the outside world. Within make this your refuge.

Remaining aware of this applies double as ancient ruler Mars enters your 11th this week. Yes it injects confidence and a desire for excitement back into your social life. And reignites those goals and dreams with passion. But ensure your need for excitement and stimulation doesn’t lead you to burn the candle at both ends or simply burn out. Uranus now retrograde in your 7th puts you in a position where you may need to take time to assess how your relationship needs are evolving and how that fits in to all this. You could be celebrating a success this week but remain aware that sometimes quality ‘me’ time is the best reward we can give ourselves.

In a nutshell: Balance what you want to achieve in the outer world with your inner needs, Scorpio. Recognition means recognising the need for downtime too. Get that work/life balance happening.


  • You are both the message and the messenger
  • Words have wings – where can they take you?
  • Create a routine that frees

Words have the ability to take you places in a big way this week. There’s also something fresh and new about what you image is saying. You’re both the messenger and the message itself as ruler Jupiter heads direct once more in your 1st. You have something to say this week and what you are sending out there and projecting to the world is your heartfelt belief in the integrity and truth of your message. Travel, education, the internet, writing, speaking, pitching, publishing, presenting and even performing are themes you could successfully embrace now thanks to the meeting between the Sun and Venus in your 9th. Mercury also finally exits retroshadow in here giving those plans wings. This week’s full Moon in your 3rd points to important meetings, a trip or journey, a chance to make your case or news which arrives. How you get your message across will be important at this time and you’ve a deep emotional need to be understood. You should be able to craft that message simply by your enhanced ability to tune in to your audience – be it the masses or an intimate one, Sag.

Uranus is retrograde in your 6th this week. Yes there are changes and fluctuations leading to freedom and evolution around your work or general wellbeing. What do you need to do to navigate these? Revolutionise that routine and once you get it working for you, allow it to create structure in the midst of change. This week also sees Mars fire up your desire for success as it arrives in your 10th. Ambitions too require a structure for you to reach your full success potential. Create this. It’s not just the launching pad for those ideas and what you have to say. But allows you to reach for something so much bigger.

In a nutshell: Writing, education, travel and the internet offer opportunities not just for self-expression but success, Sag. Craft your message and your image. And aim for a bigger result.


  • Give in to the power of your emotions
  • What more do you have to give?
  • What you think is less is actually more

Give in to the full power of love this week, Capricorn. Or if you are single, make a pact with yourself so no longer deny on a soul level, the kind of love you need for the future. You have the Sun and Venus meeting in your 8th pointing to a relationship which has the ability to transform you. A new connection could intensify now or you reawaken the passion in an existing one. Someone with whom we share a deep bond can stir our soul and our deepest feelings or even fears can come to the surface now. This is also your house of assets you share with others, salary, benefits, property, loans and borrowing, assets and even what you have to give to charity. In other words, what you have to share as opposed to what is shared with you. Jupiter in your 12th direct links you to soul abundance so you may be feeling generous, compassionate, altruistic and giving. This says you can afford to share something – even if it’s just kindness and wisdom.

The full Moon in your 2nd this week shines on money matters and questions around what is enough. When do you know you are prosperous? This is about how you feel as we can say you can have millions in the bank but have a poverty mindset, yet not have two pennies to rub together and feel rich. Are you in fact focussing on what you don’t have rather than what you do? That being said, money matters may come to a climax now so think and above all, feel rich on an emotional level. Your worth is not defined merely by what you have in your bank account. This Moon is all about that – and also knowing where to set your price.

Sudden attractions that take you by surprise, lightning strikes of inspiration, luck or desire are all signatures of Uranus in your 5th. Love may also keep your guessing now it turns backwards in here from the 12th. It’s the same if you are looking at issues around parenting. What used to work doesn’t now. Uranus always wants to innovate so reach for something new. Mars puts you on track for liberation and a desire for adventure as it arrives in your 9th on the 18th. You want to explore something and this could even be that new way of seeing or doing things. Leave what you know behind. And become the explorer of the new instead.

In a nutshell: Don’t deny those desires this week, Capricorn. And focus on what you have, not what is missing. Chances are it’s more than what you think. Especially is passion is anything to go by.


  • Goals get that loved-up feeling
  • Couple up those desires
  • Be confident enough to ask for what you want

Take a good look at who is opposite you this week, Aquarius. The path to your biggest goals and dreams involve walking it with at least one other person. Venus meets the Sun in its ruling 7th this week plus you have Mercury exiting retroshadow time. Forging partnerships, lasting love and new alliances who is it that you are seeking? What kind of two-to-tango connection will evolve your understanding of love and who you are? This is a week where opportunities to connect open up thanks to Jupiter finally direct again in your social sector. And don’t forget, this is also your house where wishes get turned into reality. The chances of meeting or connecting with someone who is seeking well – someone just like you and for a relationship exactly like the one you have in mind are helped by this week’s full Moon in your 1st. The extra special love angle you don’t normally see occurs due to this Moon in your sign occurring the same day as the Sun and Venus meet in your opposite one. You don’t often get loved up aspects like this where what you send out is reflected back at you.

Ruler Uranus retrograde in your 4th isn’t about to turn you into a homebody either. Sure you may make some changes to better suit your lifestyle but traditional domesticity is not your style now. You’d rather be mixing and mingling – especially if single. Settleds can recapture that first rush lovin’ feeling while business or collaboration partnerships could be looking at gains and benefits. What’s hot in the mix? Mars entering its ruling 8th and increasing your drive, passion and your sex appeal. Stating your desires when it comes to outcomes either in personal or professional matters gives you a confidence others find alluring. Time to intertwine as relationships are entered and agreements reached. You can’t say no this week, Aquarius. And neither can someone else – to you.

In a nutshell: It’s a loved-up week where the main story is you and someone opposite you, Aquarius. Taking love to the next level is just one chapter. The other? Asking for what you want now.


  • Find what fulfils that calling
  • Rewards and acknowledgement follow
  • Express that passion within your soul

Doors to work progress or career opportunities re-open now as Jupiter heads direct in your career sector and Mercury exits retroshadow in its ruling 6th. You also have a meeting between the Sun and Venus in your 6th on the 15th. It’s time for acknowledgement and recognition around what you do. And also what you hope to achieve in the future, Pisces. For some, this may come in the form of a new job, project or promotion. This week’s full Moon in your 12th also has you looking at if what you do fulfils your higher calling. You want to know your purpose and to make a difference in some way. Finding out in which direction fulfilment lies is integral to this process. You also need to know that what you do matters. Not just to you but to others. Acknowledgement, recognition, praise – these are just as important as financial rewards and other benefits. Knowing we are appreciated for what we do – whether we are paid for it or not, is your most important take out this week. Not enough positive strokes let alone financial rewards? Go in search of them if that’s the case.

You’ll discover new ways to upsell yourself and your ideas now Uranus heads direct in Mercury’s ruling 3rd. Go back over old contacts or people you have worked for or done business with in the past. A fresh approach may yield a different response this time. Mars in your 7th is all about acting on desire and expressing passion. It also makes you hot stuff. If love is one of the perks you are after, Mars in here sets you off in hot pursuit. Take the initiative now.

In a nutshell: Doors open wide but you have to take the initiative and walk through, Pisces. Career and work opportunities are highlighted this week. When it comes to love – express your passion.

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