30 April 2018 Weekly Astrology Forecast

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs April 30 2018


  • Know you are entitled to your feelings
  • Explore – and answer you desires
  • Ask for what you need – not what you want

Time to explore what it is you really need as opposed to what you want.  This cuts across so many areas from your emotional and sexual needs to your money. This week’s full Moon in your powerful 8th stirs passion and desire and could bring up intense feelings.  Don’t run from these. Don’t tell yourself you should not feel the way you do and above all, please please don’t keep them to yourself. The full Moon makes a tense but also potentially releasing aspect with the North Node in your 5th and Saturn in your 10th. By opening up and going deeper into your emotional world and allowing others in on it, you have the opportunity to evolve your relationships and establish something new. As your 8th house rules other people’s resources this is a fantastic full Moon under which to ask for something. This could be a raise, a loan or just more support from someone.

The key to all this is understanding your desires and this brings me back to what you really need as opposed to what you want. These are two very different things. You may, for example, want a bank loan or a new credit card but do you actually need one? Very often there is a deeper desire behind the desire we are trying to fulfil and this is your key to discovering what emotional needs are really driving you. When you do, you can ask for or get what you truly need. Perhaps deep down you know what it is but are afraid to ask for it? Ruler Mars nudges at Eris in your 1st the day after the full Moon and you can reach deep down for that courage and also that surety that comes from knowing you are now asking for exactly the right thing. Answer that emotional call now.

In a nutshell: What we want and what we need can be two different things. This week’s full Moon allows you to go straight to the heart of desire. And get them fulfilled.


  • Aim for balance in love
  • Explore your beliefs around desire
  • Plant long-term seeds

Freedom and security, autonomy and togetherness all vie for your attention this week, Taurus. You could be up for juggling opposing desires or a balancing act to achieve this as the full Moon appears in your 7th. Behind all this is what you find desirable. This extends to attraction and sexual desire and also whether you believe yourself to be desirable and wanted.  If this Moon triggers the urge to splurge, look closely at why you are being drawn to buy the things you are being drawn to. Do they fulfil a deep emotional need or longing? In other words, do you believe by having these things you will be more desirable? If you discover this to be true then it’s time to look within to where your self-image or beliefs may have been compromised rather than slapping on a Band-Aid of ‘things’. And when it comes to that balancing act, if you are in a relationship, then share your feelings. You can have the best of both worlds – the freedom to be you and the freedom that comes from being loved.

Venus in your 2nd and ruling house makes some security enhancing aspects to Ceres and also the North Node in your 4th this week. This could result in you being able to repair any self-worth issues as well as plant seeds to harvest in the future. This is where the freedom and security issues come in to play. You can only be free to explore the world of potential when you have something or someone backing you up. And that someone could even be you. Weave a future from your desires and your unshakeable belief in your desirability this full Moon week.

In a nutshell: This full Moon highlights your feelings around desire and also being desired. How are you going to answer the call, Taurus? Get in touch with your needs – and your beliefs this week.


  • Are you the idea whose time has come?
  • Don’t fight the feeling
  • Step back into attraction

News sheds light on a mystery or you suddenly realise an idea that you’ve been nurturing time has finally come. This week’s full Moon in your 6th could see you keeping things to yourself or else secrets revealed. You could be focussing on wellbeing matters and under this full Moon, don’t comfort eat or stuff down those feelings with food. There’s a need to keep your system ‘pure’ if you like and not overload it. While this full Moon may bring a work cycle or project to a climax, once this is done you may want to withdraw and delve deeper into something more personal. This could be that idea I mentioned but this is also a wonderful full Moon for matters of the soul and spirit too.  Delve deeper into your psychic abilities or studying anything from mediumship to the Tarot is favoured. You could be drawn to self-help books, psychology, understanding yourself or others better or just unplugging for a while. You’ll feel immediate benefits if you do.

Venus in your 1st means that no matter what, you won’t be spending too much time contemplating the meaning of life. But she will ensure that when you emerge, you radiate once more. In fact, Venus in our 1st is all about radiating and then what is reflected back at us. Chances are this could be something to build on as new beginnings appear. This could be a flirtation that becomes more serious between this full Moon and the next or a work opportunity. Time spent alone could just result in you emerging to make faster progress than before. Go within for inner and outer satisfaction.

In a nutshell: If you feel like keeping things to yourself or even spending time alone, don’t resist. There’s a deeper purpose. You’ll emerge renewed and  ready to radiate – and attract, Gemini!


  • Come out of your shell
  • Embrace emotional radiance
  • Ask with empowerment

We know a full Moon is always a bigger deal for you than any other sign, Cancer. Your ruler always triggers deep feelings that can sometimes seem overwhelming to you. Is this why you sometimes withdraw? Others may be left guessing what’s up when you do this but often when you do this it is out of sensitivity for their feelings rather than yours. Chances are you just don’t want to bother them. This week’s full Moon however is asking you not to do that. Instead come out of your shell, don’t assume others will think you’re being needy or a burden and open up that wellspring of emotion inside you. By sharing what you feel and also by taking ownership of those feelings, you’ve a wonderful opportunity for passion and a new kind of closeness emerging.

Chances are however this week’s full Moon in your 5th is going to be all about expression romance, love, creativity and you wanting to be adored or just noticed. Is there anything wrong with that? If you are not getting the attention you need from your current squeeze, don’t be afraid to ask for it but in an empowered way. This full room could see a romance go to a deeper level, new understanding in that existing relationship as the needs of you both are met, or just you diving head first into fun, pleasure and being noticed. Venus in your 12th links you to the past so someone from your past could appear. Secrets could surface too. If something ends at this time, it’s been a long time coming and won’t be too much of a surprise. So own those feelings around that too.

In a nutshell: Don’t withdraw under this week’s full Moon, Cancer. This is no time to go into your shell. Instead open up, share your emotions or get out of about. It’s all about emotional radiance.


  • Let’s talk about family
  • Give and receive nurturing
  • Make those long term decisions

No matter what your actual family situation, the full Moon in your 4th always brings up strong feelings around this or your home. Even if you are not on good terms with your family, what family means to you will be important. If your actual family left something to be desired, then you’ll find yourself looking at what you need to do to create that. This full Moon is very much about issues to do with your security – from the bricks and mortar of the place you live, to work that supports you and the emotional nurturing that you need to underpin all this. At its very basic, this full Moon has you saying: I need a hug. Don’t be afraid to ask for that as it is pretty essential to our wellbeing – both emotional and physical for that matter.

Decisions around where you live and also your career can be made at this time. There’s also a need to look at that work/life balance now. Try to spend equal time between the two and the beauty of doing this is that you bring your emotions into balance as well. Very important for a 4th house full Moon as they can leave you feeling vulnerable and strangely needy. Venus in your 11th making aspects to both the North Node and Ceres in your 1st is pointing to important new connections which could have a big impact on your future. Maybe these people are part of that family unit this Moon illuminates for you this week. As Wiz Khalifa said: it’s all we’ve got.

In a nutshell: Home, family and that work/life balance need some love and emotional nurturing. Just as you may this week, Leo. Do some nurturing – and ask for some in return.


  • Fate is at work – and play in your life!
  • Everything happens for a reason
  • Go with the mystery this week

Unseen forces are at work this week, Virgo. There’s a touch of mystery, fate, kismet, karma, destiny – whatever you want to call it, aligning you with your soul purpose. Whatever you see or hear now, there’s more going on than meets the eye! How you deal with this is all going to depend on whether or not you believe in soul contracts and also that there are certain people and events we agreed to experience when we came here. So, what about free will, I hear you ask? That’s a very good question. That is where and how we choose to deal with whatever we signed up for when it turns up. Of course, the larger purpose behind all this is usually to set our feet back firmly on the journey we are supposed to make if we have been diverted. Therefore, bear in mind this week that everything happens for a reason and suspend judgement – at least for the time around the full Moon.

Those mysterious elements are being generated by Venus in your 10th of career angling to the North Node and Ceres in your 12th. The full Moon itself could see you having to repeat yourself or just work harder than usual to get others to understand where you are coming from. It’s all a bit Mercury Retro revisited and you of all signs, know all about that. Clarify and repeat and above all, if what you are told is not what you want to hear now, try to detach from it and understand those unseen forces at work. Some things are just not meant to work out. The reason? We’re destined for something (or someone) so much better.

In a nutshell: There’s a touch of mystery around you this week, Virgo. Look below the surface. Don’t get too attached to outcomes – your destiny could involve something so much better.


  • Think rich
  • Bank on self-worth
  • What do you have that others want?

A full Moon in your 2nd house asks you to watch your money – or rather what you are spending it on. Full Moons in our money zone tend to trigger emotional spending. We buy something to make us feel better. These are the most likely purchases to be consigned to the back of the wardrobe or end up being re-sold on eBay or donated to the charity shop later. Simply because we ‘feel’ different about them later. It may be better to focus within as this is one of the best full Moons under which to look at your self-worth and what you ‘feel’ about how much money/possessions/assets you should have in your life. And this includes how you are treated by everyone from your boss to your partner. Strangely, a lot of this revolves around self-control and power. Self-control when it comes to spending and saving, and power when it comes to your earnings and financial future. Do you feel you have the ability to get what you want in other words?

Venus is in your 9th of expansion is a transit that can actually bring luck with money. By that I don’t suggest you blow all your savings on scratch cards or lottery tickets. But speculation in the form of something you can offer to the world at large might just pay off for you now.  While you’re having that self-worth audit look at what you have to offer. Venus is making fabulous angles to booth Ceres and the North Node in your 11th. You could have something a lot of people want. A skill? A talent? An idea? Trot it out to the masses if you can and watch not just your luck change, but how you see that worth this week.

In a nutshell: On the surface, this week may appear to be about your finances. But there’s also something more valuable at stake. Look at what you have to offer – it’s something to bank on.


  • Own your feelings
  • Look for the compromise
  • What do you need to negotiate?

This week’s full Moon is all about your emotional response to the moment, so bear this in mind, Scorpio. Our feelings get more intense at the time of the full Moon and when it is in our 1st house, it all feels intensely personal. Just remember that all lunar transits are short-lived. The Moon spends approximately 2.5 days in each sign. The reason I’m reminding you of this is that our feelings max and wane along with the Moon. So, what feels incredibly deep and intense one day can feel less so two days later. When the full Moon appears, it reflects the light of the Sun to the opposite house to which it is in. So, your partnership sector and relationships are going to feature.

You’re being asked to strike a compromise now or re-balance a connection as the Sun in your 7th squares Ceres and the North Node in your 10th. Now, this negotiation could involve your partner or even your boss. Venus who rules your 7th is actually in your 8th of power, shared money and resources and transformation. We can say under this full Moon you’ll experience a shift in one kind of relationship or another. You may have to negotiate anything from who does the dishes to your salary. Remember what I said about your emotional reaction to the moment. Keep it in proportion to what is going on and with an eye on the future. How you feel about things as and when they occur may be very different to how you feel looking back in hindsight. Tune in to the feelings on the other side before responding – and think about how you both want to be feeling about it all in the future. You could just come up with a solution that feels good for both parties.

In a nutshell:  This week offers a fabulous opportunity to transform a key connection. Be in the moment when it comes to your emotions. But also imagine just how these may change for the future.


  • Mine the soul motherlode
  • What are you missing?
  • Love comes from far far away

You’ve more going for you than you may realise this week, Sag. So, what are you missing? Something is hiding in plain sight and this could relate to your income, something generated from your past or just you failing to grasp the bigger picture now. Maybe it’s that work opportunity you cannot see or a way to bring about those changes you’re craving. Yes, I know this sounds all a bit vague and mysterious but this week’s full Moon in your 12th along with ruler Jupiter in here is asking you to look beyond the obvious. If you do, there’s treasure to be discovered. What you unearth could literally impact your bank account in a positive way. Keep digging until you strike gold.

Above all, if people ask you for help at this time, step back and look at whether or not they have a history of getting themselves into the same mess over and over again. If the answer is yes, then your answer should be no. Romance could appear from far far away as Venus in her ruling house (7th) makes beneficial angles to Ceres and the North Node in your 9th. Jupiter in your 12th links you to the past and also past lives. If you’re a snagged Sag this is a wonderful opportunity to plan that next big adventure with your partner or just set some joint goals. You know sharing your dreams plays a huge role in your relationships. Others could be stepping out into a bigger picture on the work front. But one thing is certain, those opportunities are right under your nose this week.

In a nutshell:  Could it be you’ve been so busy looking at the horizon you’ve failed to see opportunities closer to home? What you seek could be right under your nose. Dig deeper, Sag.


  • Clear space for something new and exciting
  • Tune in to others
  • Use that energy!

It’s a time of new beginnings with the Sun in your 5th house right now and trineing ruler Saturn in your 1st. But often in order to have these happen this means letting something go to make room.  Chances are you already know what that is and have begun the process. It could involve freeing you up to make room for that goal that’s closest to your heart, Capricorn. That one that excites and empowers you just thinking about it. This week’s full Moon in your 11th shines on your goals and your social life. This is one of those full Moons which can have you feeling more social. You want to reach out, share those ideas and feelings with others. You are also able to pick up and intuit accurately what others are thinking and feeling right now. And this is another gift you can use to enhance those connections and make new ones.

Full Moons reflect light back into the house that is opposite to the one they are in – in  this case the 5th which the Sun rules. Not a week to stay home no matter what you goal but especially if love tops that wishlist. You should be radiating the feelgood factor now and this draws people and also opportunities to you. As you’re in a mood for sharing – whether it’s those feelings or those dreams, it could just be you discover you’re in the right mood, the right place and the right time to attract who or what you’re seeking. If you want something new this week, it’s out with the old first. There’s another element happening too and that’s to do with using your energy. Stay home or stay put and you just could lose it this week.

In a nutshell: Clear the decks for an important new beginning, Capricorn. You’re radiating thee feelgood factor and others are drawn to this. Use it – or lose it this week.


  • Get serious
  • Recognition, rewards and responsibility arrive
  • Attract the right kind of attention

This week’s full Moon in your 10th sees you ‘on display’ in some way. Your public image or professional reputation is in the spotlight now. Guard this carefully and ensure you are quite literally seen in the best possible light. You are coming across as more serious and ready to step into something where you take more responsibility. Even if you don’t have a job, this could see you takin on extra work on the home front. Above all, this Moon asks you to be seen as someone who knows what they want and where they are going. This is one of those full Moons under which you can establish or build something for your future. Important contracts, negotiations, sales or agreements can be reached now. Business or professional ventures can be brought to a conclusion.

Full Moons often mark situations reaching an emotional peak. This could reflect on your home, family and living arrangements. But when it comes to business, it’s important to keep emotion out of things whenever possible. So, no matter what you feel inside, stay business-like and remain focused. Chances are decisions you make will affect at least one other person this week as Venus in your fabulous 5th makes angles of attraction to the North Node and Ceres in Venus’s ruling sector of your chart. Success could see you being in a position where someone goes with you. Or you being ‘on display’ could just result in you attracting that someone. Showcase those smarts and don’t lurk behind the scenes this week.

In a nutshell: Step into a bigger role that brings professional recognition this week. You’re ‘on display’ so craft your image.  Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.


  • Get rid of what no longer works for you
  • Commit to that bigger vision
  • Get more flow – and more freedom!

Are you working that routine – or is it working you? Basically, have you dug yourself into a rut without realising it? It’s easy enough to do. Routines are there to support us. Not the other way around. Take a good look at yours. Does it give structure and meaning to your life enabling you to achieve more or do you now feel you are on a hamster wheel and unable to get off? Or it may not be as extreme as that. It could just be you are feeling things are somewhat stale.

Answer the call to add more variety this week. After all, it’s the spice of life! Vary your route to work or your exercise routine if you can. Try a new coffee shop, café or restaurant to your usual one. Order something different. What do you do when you get home? Vary that too. This week’s full Moon in your 9th and some high impact transits to your 6th of work, routine and wellbeing point to you breaking free of anything you may have created that is restricting you. Look at your daily life and see where you can create more flow and more freedom. The urge to explore could be triggered by this Moon so travel or at least planning to do so, is favoured. If not, there’s a vision you may want to explore and yes, one that takes you away from that routine. It’s not so much an escape route as a release you’re after creating this week. There’s an increased optimism and positivity underpinning all this. I ‘Yes, I CAN!’ attitude.  But you won’t take kindly to anyone who either attempts to clip your wings or rain on your parade. If someone’s negativity has become part and parcel of your daily life, perhaps it’s time to shake them off too.

In a nutshell: Escape that routine that may have become a rut, Pisces! Time to introduce a few new elements. You’ve a vision forming for the future – dare you follow it?

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