16th April 2018 Weekly Astrology Forecast

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs April 16th 2018


  • Get ready for your beautiful evolution
  • Every little thing you do could have magic results
  • Ring in the career changes

The new Moon in your 1st always marks the beginning of your new year cycle regardless of what date your birthday actually falls on. This one is extra special however as it falls conjunct Uranus. A radical new approach is going to be called for in the coming year. You need to embrace innovation and experiment. Be unafraid to uproot your old ways of seeing and acting. If you can embrace this personal revolution – which is what this is, there is also healing to be had.  Icy bright comet Chiron enters your 1st the day after the new Moon appears. Chances are you are unafraid to probe deeper into why you do things – and how they can work for or against you. Think of this not so much as a revolution but an evolution. The radical shift that puts you in touch with your warrior magician within. What’s your next move? You may just see it when the Sun meets Uranus in your 1st this week before moving off into your 2nd. When it does, you can use all this insight to empower your goals on the material plane.

Two planets in your career sector shift to retrograde motion this week. Saturn who rules this house and Pluto. Time to go back over career progress and what you have been trying to establish. Have you been resisting changes you know you need to make in this area? Remember, Pluto is more powerful when moving backwards. Bring a little magical and radical insight to bear here too. The personal revolution begins this week.

In a nutshell: Don’t be your old self now. It’s a time of exciting reinvention. You can bring a magic touch to anything you do with regards to new beginnings – and that includes a new you.


  • Ready for mystical magic?
  • Be a cosmic multi-tasker
  • Happy birthday, Taurus

It’s all a bit new and also a bit mysterious and mystical for the start of your birthday season, Taurus. Are you ready to weave these elements together to create some magic? Can you simultaneously look ahead and look back? Take what you need from the past, reshape it if necessary then step fearlessly into your future? Cosmic multi-tasking is what you are asked to do this week and this could impact directly on your relationships as the new Moon in your 12th casts a deep, knowing light into your 12th.What is your insight telling you? It’s telling you to look deep within and break free of patterns that could be holding you back especially when it comes to relating and getting the love your brave, soft, beating heart deserves. Ruler Venus in your sign opposes Jupiter in your partnership sector.  This is one of the best transits for not just love and relationships, but all areas of your life. You can fearlessly confront and also heal anything from your past as Chiron, that sparkling icy astral wanderer also arrives in your 12th this week. While the Sun conjunct Uranus in here has you approaching the remnants of the past in a radical fashion.

You’re on the cusp of one of the most pivotal cycles that you’ve ever experienced now. This week puts you on the cusp of that as the Sun arrives in your 1st. Two major retrogrades occur this week in your zone of expansion, travel and higher learning. Look within again and draw on the past as Saturn heads retrograde in here from the 18th. Pluto also retrograde from the 22nd asks you to look back and see what’s been stopping you? Pluto becomes more powerful when retrograde so adds a fearless quality. Let nothing stand in your way this birthday cycle.

In a nutshell: Your birthday cycle arrives loaded with magical potential. Reshape your past and in doing so, create a fabulous new future. Love could just be the biggest pay-off for doing this.


  • Shoot for the stars
  • What holds you back?
  • Go with the changes

Step into a new world and new social circle. Expand your friendships and your mind. Potential and possibilities surround you now, Gemini as a new Moon in your 11th falls conjunct Uranus in this, Uranus’s ruling house. This is the house of goals as well and one effect of this can be a new alignment towards them and also a radical shift in what you believe is possible. Chiron, that astral icy messenger who gets us confronting wounds as well as ‘why nots’ arrives in here this week. The effect of this can have you looking at your beliefs around just why you cannot attain, have or do something. Where did this all start? You’ll see that nothing is holding you back except these beliefs. Uranus wants to radically reshape these now and this may happen via contact with others who show you just what may be possible. Probably more than you have allowed yourself to imagine or believe. This week is all about letting down those barriers.

Inner and outer changes may go hand-in-hand now. Your house of transformation, shared money and personal power sees two planets turn retrograde in here. Saturn heads backwards on the 18tth and will remain so until Sept 5. Pluto follows suit on the 22nd and stays this way until October 1. Unlike Mercury retrogrades, this may see a change or transformation process accelerate rather than slow down. Saturn restricts so we can say, his power to do so is lessened in retrograde. This is Pluto’s ruling house in your chart and also Pluto becomes more powerful when retrograde. With the Sun now in your 12th from the 20th, your energy is about to peak. You are at the same time intuitive yet grounded in the real world. Your head in the stars but your feet firmly planted in reality.  The best of both worlds? You can bring action and spiritual insight into anything you want to tackle this week.

In a nutshell: A whole new world? That could be what’s waiting for you this week, Gemini as new friends and goal possibilities appear. Step into a magic carpet ride this week.


  • Take care of business
  • It’s all about the love no matter what the connection
  • Make those big decisions with confidence

As you are ruled by the Moon, a new Moon in any house of your chart adds up to important business. No more so than a new Moon in your 10th. Career and also lifepath decisions could await with a new beginning beckoning. It’s about you taking control however and having the authority to direct this energy where you want it to go. It’s also time for some ownership. Not just about those successes as this is your house of reputation and rewards, but those actions that you took that may have hindered rather than helped you. You could be about to see all of this in a radically new way as this new Moon promises innovation as it falls conjunct Uranus in here. The Sun also meets Uranus two days later. If you’ve been looking at a shift – perhaps in your actual path or just in making the most of the opportunities around you – this could be your break. There’s healing happening too thanks to the arrival of Chiron in here. Icy bright searing insight into just why you did or didn’t do things could be yours with course-changing results.

Time to tackle any issues around partnerships too as Saturn and Pluto in your 7th both retrograde this week. Expect changes around a key connection. This is about transformation and also moving forward. Saturn’s influence reduces when retrograde but Pluto’s increases. There’s something very much ‘about time’ in all of this. If one-to-one is getting too intense then the good news is that this week the Sun illuminates your friends and social sector. It could be that more is just – well, more for you now. Venus also in your 11th opposes Jupiter in your 5th of attraction this week. This is one of the best transits for meeting someone special. Or just someone to have fun with. The choice is yours.

In a nutshell: It takes two this week, baby! Explore all kinds of connections now. Whether it’s you and someone close or you and a group, it’s all about love and attraction now.


  • Time for something new?
  • Work and career offer expansion
  • Limitations fall away

What do you need to set you free, Leo? Whatever it is it probably involves growth and experience. You want to stretch yourself into something new and along with this, experience something a bit wilder, bigger and above all, different than what’s been presented to you of late. Why limit yourself? This new Moon falls conjunct the planet Uranus in here and just two days after it appears, your ruler meets Uranus in here as well. Uranus delivers surprises and thrills. Radical shifts are possible and these should prove to be to your benefit.

Look towards work and career to offer your best opportunities. The Sun moves from your 9th into your 10th this week. Venus in here opposes Jupiter in your 4th now and this is one of the most beneficial aspects we can encounter. You are in a position to create the right impression and doors could swing wide. A long awaited job shift or just a return of that Leo sparkle could see you ready to push forward with long term plans as both Saturn and Pluto retrograde in your house of work and health this week. These are long term retrogrades which will last many months. Saturn’s ability to make everything feel like ‘hard work’ in here is weakened while Pluto becomes more powerful when retrograde. Allowing you to push forward and make changes or just recapture your zest for living, there’s nothing you can’t attempt. Limitations can fall away especially if you opt for a different choice or new way of doing things. It’s all about taking a chance this week so don’t be afraid to.

In a nutshell: Make freedom your goal this week. Your energy returns and you plus back in to passion. Time to set yourself free of restrictions and soar once more, Leo!


  • Lack turns to lustre
  • Jump  back into the flow
  • Get fabulous!

Radical and perhaps even magical changes are the order of the week as the new Moon in your transformational 8th falls conjunct Uranus in here. What form will they take? This could have a lot to do with your money, your income or even something you share with someone. Some of you could benefit by someone putting their resources at your disposal. Others could literally be looking at something and be unsure whether it’s what they need or not. Look closer if so as it may not be exactly what you thought you wanted but it could be what you need. If you’ve had trouble knowing what that is in the past, insight is arriving that will allow you to make better choices in the future thanks to the arrival of Chiron in here from the 17th.

No matter what transpires now, it will be designed to push you out of your comfort zone. Is there a voice in your head whispering that you are in fact, entitled to a lot more than what you’ve been settling for of late? News that opens doors for you or a green light you have been waiting on could arrive as Venus in your 9th opposes Jupiter in your 3rd. This all points not just to the start of some kind of journey – either real or metaphorical, but also to jumping back in to the flow of life again if you’ve just been standing on the dock watching others sail away. You’ve got two retrogrades happening in your fabulous 5th. Saturn heads backwards in here until September 5 and Pluto until October 1. It’s all about passion with a purpose. What attracts you and what repels you? Saturn tends to slow things down and restrict so if romance or just good old fashioned fun has been in short supply, the retrograde eases this. Pluto just gets – well, more powerful when retrograde. He’ll want to transform anything from your love life to how you express yourself and your creativity. This is your house of attraction and chances are Pluto will ask you how you really feel about what you attract? Think about it, chances are you’ll attract it. That’s the magical change.

In a nutshell: You are the magic  ingredient when it comes to creating the changes you wish to see, Virgo. The future is yours to craft now. What will you do with it?


  • Past, present and future meet when it comes to love
  • Get those answers
  • Project passion

It’s all about you and that current lover, potential lover, or that long term partner this week, Libra. You could see a new relationship emerging or a new and exciting phase in your connection thanks to a new Moon in your 7th which also falls conjunct Uranus. Uranus has been responsible for the ups and downs in relationships a lot of Librans have been experiencing these past few years. Something this has taken the form of just not knowing where you stand, things being ambiguous or you just wanting something ‘different’ but not knowing exactly what that is. Others could have seen radical and sudden shifts take place in partnerships – perhaps going from single to smitten overnight – or vice versa. You only have a few more months of Uranus’s radical kind of magic in here before the planet of surprises enters your 8th. The last couple of months could see final clarity over a partnership issue or you just getting very clear about what (or who) it is you want in the future. Chiron that icy wandering medicine man arrives in your 7th also this week. This could result in you deciding what you want for your future looks very different from that you wanted in the past.

Ruler Venus in your 8th opposes Jupiter in Venus’s ruling house this week. As far as your money goes, this is probably one of the best transits so far this year for improving your finances. The Sun also arrives in your 8th from the 20th highlighting areas where you can plant seeds for your future. You’re feeling more passionate now and others pick up on this so again, it’s important to know what you want. Two big retrogrades top off the week and both are in your sector of home and long term security. Saturn moves backwards on the 18th and Pluto on the 22nd. Many of you could be looking at a house move or else a career change. This week offers a chance to rebuild from the ground up. So know what it is you want to create.

In a nutshell: Love past, love present, love future. All of these meet this week. If you’ve questions you could just get the answers now, Libra.


  • What’s the big idea?
  • Project love to attract it
  • Go with the different choice

Innovation and ideas dominate the week as does a focus on love Scorpio. You’ve some practical magic to wield when it comes to work, wellbeing and just your everyday routine. Sometimes we forget that it’s making changes that effect our daily lives that can have the most powerful results. Imagine, innovate then initiate is your mantra now as a new Moon in your 6th opens doors to a new way of working, job or wellbeing. Solutions that would have never occurred to you up until now could alter your work or just your daily landscape. It’s all down to this new Moon falling conjunct Uranus planet of the unique and dare I say it – genius. Not only that, the Sun also meets Uranus in here two days later showing you where all this can be applied. But – as the old infomercials told us – there’s more. Chiron’s entry into here has you applying some of that radical magic to unseen wounds via alternative thinking, therapies or even by doing something creative.

Venus in her ruling 7th opposes Jupiter in your 1st now making this one of the best weeks for attracting love or just for partnership matters in general. Both of these planets want to deliver good things. You’ve two powerful retrogrades beginning in your 3rd of ideas, commerce and communication this week. Saturn heads backwards from the 18th and your ruler Pluto in here also retrogrades from the 22nd. You of all signs know that Pluto becomes more powerful and his transformational influence increases when retrograde. Saturn gets us working to establish something but this can often feel like ‘hard’ going or that the return we are getting simply is not equivalent to the effort we put in. Saturn retrograde can lift this feeling. Both these cycles last for several months and during this time you may see something that you have invested in come to fruition, or else something you thought over and done with, revive. This could just come about by you coming up with a radical and heart-starting idea. Imagine and innovate with love.

In a nutshell: Ruler Pluto turns retrograde. The result? Something you thought over with gets some soul defibrillation. Get ready for a heart-starter, Scorpio.


  • We’re gonna have a soul shakedown party
  • Ban the beige
  • What’s the money lesson you need to apply?

Let’s look at all the things that make you feel good now, Sag. Especially love and money. Do either or both of these areas need an upgrade? Is it time for something new? Or is it that your expectations or just how attractive, vibrant and downright gorgeous you feel require a radical overhaul? In other words, has that Sag confidence been running on low lately? Do you now hesitate at the giant leaps you are famed for and opt for small steps instead? Have things gone stale? Time for something new and it starts this week with the new Moon in your 5th. Ban the beige if that’s what your life seems coloured with lately and bring back the vibrancy instead. This new Moon falls conjunct Uranus in here. Uranus always brings the exciting and the unexpected. This is your house of pleasure and romance, so yes, it’s about passion and enjoyment. But Uranus energy is highly charged and individual. So, what appears to shakeup and shakedown your life may look very different from what you might expect. Uranus rules Aquarius and the ultimate soul shakedown party Aquarian – Bob Marley. In other words, this week could be better than a classic Bob Marley song if you’re open minded enough to accept that invitation.

Ruler Jupiter in your 12th opposes Venus in your 6th perhaps bringing you an opportunity to make your mark working behind the scenes or a job offer you’ve been waiting on boosted by the Sun in your work sector from the  20th.. Two important retrogrades influence your income from this week as both take place in Venus’s ruling house (2nd). Saturn in here has been asking you to commit and work with what you have right now, rather than spending what you don’t. Pluto in here has been working to transform your attitude to your money and to the material world in general. Both will retrograde until the final quarter of the year. Saturn’s influence will lessen now  – so if you have learned a lot about your money since late last year, you’ll be given this opportunity to demonstrate that. Pluto’s influence will increase – by showing how you’ve adapted, you could be on course to change your financial future. The Sun enters your 6th this week and you’ve got your eye on the details – and the every day adjustments you need to make. It’s not boring business. It’s all part of the soul shakedown party now.

In a nutshell: Reconnect to what makes you feel good. There’s a soul shakedown party happening in your chart this week. Accept the invitation.


  • What returns?
  • Don’t stay home
  • Redefine what family and foundation means

The new Moon in your 4th usually brings in a new home or a new lifestyle. This is the Moon’s ruling house in your chart. Roots, family, nurturing and just what you need to feel safe, secure and satisfied all feature. This week’s new Moon is a little different as it falls conjunct Uranus in your 4th. It’s all about a revolution when it comes to living and perhaps creating a lifestyle that is very different from the one you have been leading. You could be drawn to a home that is highly individual and looks very different from those of its neighbours. Or you could embark on alterations to you home that not only set it apart, but reflect the way you want to live. Altering anything from your space to your living arrangements can feature now. The Sun conjunct Uranus in here throws light into those dark, dusty corners of your living space that require a total rethink. Creating something which supports you – and this could even be a family network if you feel  your birth family is not who you belong with, or just understanding what is missing for you, could now be confronted and repaired thanks to Chiron’s entry into here.

While this may have you focused internally, my other advice this week is don’t stay home. The Sun moves into your 5thnow joining Venus.  Venus opposes Jupiter in your social and goals sector. It’s one of the best aspects to deliver love or just opportunities and good times via people we know or meet. There’s a feeling of something we missed out on returning to all this. Ruler Saturn now retrogrades in your 1st along with Pluto this week. Both planets will spend many months retrograde. There’s an element of lightening the load but also in reclaiming something that was meant for you which presents itself again. This time, don’t hesitate. It could be a game-changer for you. Taking a chance on opportunity often requires us to come from a place of security. You’ve got that now.

In a nutshell: Home, family, foundation and roots feature. Put these down or create your own. Second time around chances feature. What returns had your name on it all along.


  • Change the way you see yourself
  • Have faith in your ideas
  • Create something lasting

What’s the big idea this week, Aquarius? Whatever you do, don’t scatter your thoughts or your energy. You’ve the ability to channel those smarts or perhaps one idea in particular, to your advantage and make incredible inroads towards work and career goals. The reason? This week’s new Moon in your 3rd of commerce and communication falls conjunct your ruler Uranus. Innovation could just be your middle name now. The Sun also meets Uranus in here this week and this could send you in a radical new direction when it comes to your work or a project. Above all, this is having faith in your ideas and understanding it is they and they alone that provide you with your advantage. Weave some electric blue magic with your words whether you are attending an interview, sitting an exam, wooing a client or just writing that social media post. Don’t allow others to dilute your vision and above all, sharpen it and focus. The only downside is that you could end up with so many ideas buzzing round your inventive head you become unsure which one to go with. Chiron’s entry into this house from the 17th could just fuel that much needed self-belief.

Look to the past and what you have learned from it. Two big retrogrades in your 12th have you looking back and seeing where acting on your ideas payed off for you. Saturn heads backwards in here perhaps bringing up unfinished business while Pluto’s retrograde in here points to you undergoing an inner transformation around your deepest held beliefs. Perhaps about yourself. The knowledge you are more capable than you previously thought sees you able to make some long term decisions with confidence – perhaps around your home and career thanks to Venus in your 4th opposing Jupiter in your career zone. The Sun’s entry into your 4th from the 20th points to something lasting on its way. And it could all spring from that new idea that’s demanding you do something with it.

In a nutshell: If you’re after success you’ve all you need to attain it. Provided you don’t scatter your energy. Commit to that big idea and channel some electric blue magic this week, Aquarius.


  • New and influential connections can be made
  • Tap into a fresh source of abundance
  • Show the rest of us how it’s done

This week puts you ahead of the curve, Pisces. Why? Well, shortly we are going to see revolutionary planet Uranus enter the sign of Taurus. Taurus is the 2nd house in the zodiac and rules money amongst other worldly matter. Uranus is the planet of revolution. So, all of us will experience a revolution around money, currency, how we earn our daily bread and even banking. Trust you, the mystical explorer of the zodiac to getting a taste of what this may entail. This week’s new Moon in your 2nd falls conjunct Uranus inviting you to start your personal financial revolution. What form does this need to take? Perhaps mining that idea for your side hustle, choosing to handle your money differently, changing jobs to a better paid one? Be inventive. The Sun conjunct Uranus may shed light on this. Any issues you have around abundance or lack can also be tackled now as Chiron moves from your 1st and into your 2nd. Open up and be receptive and see what flows.

The Sun moves off into your 3rd from the 20th and there is also a sense of freedom, learning and exploration around all of this. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Your larger social circle and network can now be mined for both assistance and ideas. Two planets in your 11th turn retrograde this week. Saturn followed by Pluto. Both will remain retrograde for many months allowing you time to shake free of social shackles and connect with possibly powerful and influential people. You’re forging a path that all of us are about to follow, Pisces. You’re our explorer, our revolutionary and our scout this week. Don’t forget to report back to the rest of us what you find out there.

In a nutshell: You’re the mystical explorer who paves the way for other signs this week, Pisces. Embrace a new currency that’s generated within and results in abundance and flow.

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  1. I thought how impressive this weeks astrology forecast was for my sign. Especially the part that says about to shake free of social shackles and connect with possibly powerful and influential people. What does this mean? I always knew that I was a special person. I’d really would like to know if someone can explain any further.
    P.s. I don’t like the colour pink.

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