15th Apr 2019 Full Moon in Libra Forecast

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs April 15th 2019


  • What is the love that you need to reclaim?
  • What’s opposite you is a reflection of you
  • Find that compromise position

Back to the future when it comes to love, where you love, what you love to do and who or what you dream of loving. That past partner or pash or even that enemy, opponent or rival could return now. Past places – those you have lived in or visited in this lifetime – or another, could draw you back as could departed dreams that need to be reclaimed.  Jupiter in its ruling 9th is retrograde and will have a fleeting but tight encounter with Venus in your house of the past. What returns? A person? A place? A need to reclaim a dream? Did you give up something you now see is in fact an integral part of you? Second time around love and other opportunities could present themselves under this influence. As could simply reframing your past to enter into a future where you no longer repeat it.

Certainly, look closely at who is ‘opposite’ you and what they are reflecting back at you when a full Moon appears in your house of opposite numbers on the 19th. This is the second full Moon in this house in your chart in a lunar month, so it qualifies for ‘Blue’ Moon. What is opposite you under this wild blue light is an aspect of you.  Love it, loathe it – embrace it even if it’s just on an inner level because it is your yucky ex or ghastly Janet from accounts who never gives you a break. This is a facet of you in some way shape or form. To deny it or reject it is therefore a part of you that you reject that needs some love instead. And transform the outer connection in the process. The way of the Rock Star is yours to walk as Mercury arrives in your sign and meets with Chiron on the 19th. So that radical, take me as I am approach is the one most likely to succeed for you. Venus follows on the 21st which is the point where you can begin to live the future of that love or reclaim that past one. The Sun enters Venus’s ruling 2nd on the 20th – expect a focus on not only your money, but your values. A compromise situation may require you to access Venus’s diplomatic skills or desire for balance as ruler Mars in your 3rd opposes Ceres in your 9th. Freedom vs. love or staying put. Or can you find a way to walk the middle path and have both? If anyone can, you can this week, Aries.

In a nutshell: A past love returns. This could be a person, a place or a passion. Whatever it is, it forms the link between your past and your future. Explore the past rather than repeat it this week, Aries.


  • Look to where compromise has tipped into sacrifice
  • No more pretence
  • Happy birthday, Taurus!

Ahead of new beginnings comes a soul revival. This could occur in the form of getting together with an old friend or even hanging out in a past haunt thanks to retro Jupiter hanging out an angle with Venus in your social sector. The soul revival part of this really kicks off in the days immediately before your birthday season as Mercury and then ruler Venus enter your 12th on the 17th and 21st. That soul revival may include recognition now for work you have done in the background, the past, behind the scenes, where someone else has got the credit/attention and you have been unacknowledged until now. Now you see what you do is more important than ever you realised.

This also begs the question: Has there been too much compromise on your part over a key area, Taurus? Start your year how you want it to continue in full Warrior for Self-Love mode. The Sun’s arrival in your 1st from the 20th is about to kick-start your very own personal revo/evolution. On some level, you are not the same and this goes far beyond the renewal our birthday season brings us. You’re daring to be different thanks to a creatively unleashing encounter between Mercury and Chiron in Aries. Your ruler will shortly follow suit. This is also necessary for your wellbeing – being true to yourself, not bending yourself out of shape to please others, not persisting with something that your heart is no longer in. the knock on effects of this on your overall wellbeing should be obvious thanks to a full ‘blue’ Moon in your 6th. Persisting in a pretence is no longer an option. But with regards to any over-compromising and what compensatory action you now need to take, make your birthday gift to yourself that of restoring balance or perhaps moving that line back where it should be. If you’ve put your own life/love/dreams on hold for someone or something else, Mars in your 2nd of self-worth and values opposing Ceres in your change sector says compromise is one thing, but giving something away and not receiving something equal back is another. Your New Year cycle could just begin with you reviving your soul via making yourself your priority. And don’t underestimate the importance of you – or what you do and start your new cycle as you mean to go on.

In a nutshell: Happy birthday, Taurus! Make your birthday resolution one of making yourself and your dreams a priority. Too much compromise on your part? Restore the balance to set the theme for the year.


  • Work that work relationship
  • The best company is where you get to be yourself
  • Step into your showcase!

That working relationship is very much front-of-house – at least in your mind this week. Is it? Does it? Support you, stretch you, offer you the expansion opportunities you seek? Jupiter presently retrograde in your 7th slows down relationship progress and instead has you doing your due diligence on existing ones instead of forging something new. There’s no harm in this as all connections benefit from a little housekeeping. Venus which rules your 7th is presently in your status sector – hence your focus on career-centered connections rather than those of the heart. But we should look at our work connections in much the same way as we do our emotional ones. It’s all about relating. This angle could allow you to revive a job, skill or even path to your benefit. Or see you reapproach that old contact, client, employer, boss or potential employer you applied to but did not have any luck with the first time around. There’s a real feeling of trying again and this is also wrapped up in looking at where your present working relationship is heading – and doing something to change that if this is not the path that speaks to your soul.

The planets are on the move – ruler Mercury into your 11th from the 17th connects you to fabulous social opportunities where you can be yourself and shine thanks to its meeting with Chiron in here on the 19th. This is also the day of a ‘blue’  Moon in your 5th. This is your Moondance full Moon and an opportunity to be noticed on some level. Put yourself – and even your ideas, out there now. Venus also arrives in your 11th on the 21st – just remember this is about the love of friends and assisting you towards your goals rather than love of the romantic variety. In fact, when it comes to love partnerships, you may have to reach for a compromise as Mars in your 1st opposes Ceres in your 7th on the 21st. With the Sun now in your 12th from the 20th, you may suddenly see someone is not playing fair. Boundaries may have to be reinforced or even put in if they have been absent in a relationship. To get the love you want, give the love of self-respect priority this week.

In a nutshell: Treat those work relationships and your career like you would your love life. In fact, bring the love into what you do. Or what you want to do in the future this week, Gemini.


  • All the right moves are at your command
  • Take that long overdue action – and the road less travelled
  • Get out of that rut!

Make those work and career moves count this week, Cancer. Your professional image is going to be important as will be showcasing those all-important ideas. You are set to make your very best impression – and to break free of work-related restrictions if a rut is what you have fallen into. Has your daily grind dug you an extremely narrow furrow? If so an escape route beckons now. Jupiter may be retrograde in your 6th of work and routine but the angle it makes to Venus in Jupiter’s ruling house in your chart could allow you to see an escape route you simply were not aware existed – until now. It may require you to take a chance in order to take advantage of it however. Mercury entering your 10th allows you to sell yourself and your ideas so much more effectively so this is an ideal time to apply for that new position, project or promotion. Keep the focus on what you and you alone bring to the table and also where you want to be in the long term. Your ruler the Moon is big, full and blued up in its ruling 4th on the 19th, allowing you to focus those smarts on what you need for the future. Bring any matters that relate to your lifestyle. Home and what supports you for the future, to a conclusion now if you can. Venus follows Mercury into your 10th on the 21st handing you the gift of diplomacy and the ability to come across as the ideal candidate for the job. This is not a time to undersell those talents and skills.

This week sees a renewed focus on your social as well as your professional connections as the Sun sweeps into your 11th from the 20th. Stay focussed on getting out of that rut and advancing your professional agenda but also know the opportunity to kick back, have fun and even something big to celebrate is on the horizon now. What you need to do to escape that rut once and for all – and the confidence to carry it through or negotiate it effectively, could be revealed around the 21st when Mars in your 12th opposes Ceres in your 6th. The courage to let go of something that maybe has you stuck – in that rut or just keeps you in a place where new opportunities fail to reach you, propels you into long overdue action. Take that initiative on your own behalf, this week.

In a nutshell: Get out of that rut and fire up those ambitions! Long term career plans can be brought to fruition as you are in a position to make all the right moves. And your best impression, Cancer.


  • Revive the passion
  • Head high and wear that pride
  • If romance is thin on the ground, friends fill the gap

Fly towards freedom this week, Leo. Lovers, children, those younger than you or just the child within who may have been feeling neglected or stifled, will also feature. Past loves and passions could make a return now Jupiter is retrograde in your 5th. This can take the form of literally that former love interest returning or you fulfilling a soul promise to yourself and reconnecting to an activity that gives you joy as Jupiter retro in your 5th angles to Venus in your 8th bringing about a positive change. For some of you, this could even mean returning or revisiting a place you love to spend time in. Travel and the need to learn something via broadening your experience of the world are flavour of the week as Mercury enters your 9th on the 17th and issues a dare when it encounters Chiron in here. What do you regret having given up, sacrificed or not experienced? This aspect can restore your soul and open you up to fresh opportunities, adventure and claiming those lost passions. Love from far far away, beneficial dealings with people and companies from overseas and unlooked for benefits while travelling are all aspects of Venus joining Mercury in your 9th from the 21st.  Watch who or what appears on your horizon when the ‘Blue’ full Moon strikes Mercury’s 3rd house on the 19th.

Your ruler the Sun is on the move and highlights those long term ambitions from the 20th. Your innate pride in yourself, what you have to offer and your achievements so far is stirred. But you know there is so much more you can do and accomplish. The Sun in here illumates your professional image and reputation.  It asks you hold your head high and project a success mindset for the next month. If you cannot believe in yourself and take yourself seriously, how do you expect others to? You’re going to be ‘on show’ this month as just like your 5th house, there is a theatrical element to your 10th where you get to show the world all you can be – to preface the recruitment poster. Mars in your friendship zone is stirring up your need for excitement and good times. But your pursuit of this shouldn’t be at the cost of neglecting what needs doing. Also, if romance has cooled off, don’t go after it or them in hot pursuit. Your best outlet for that much needed excitement, is your wider social circle rather than that one-to-one encounter as Mars in your 11th opposes Ceres in your 5th. Shift your focus and go for the bigger audience – you’re the star of the show this week.

In a nutshell: That Leo pride comes roaring back! Hold your head high and show the world – especially professionally, all you have to offer. Friends fill any gaps in your love life this week.


  • Plug into the powerhouse
  • All the world loves a lover like you
  • Be fearless

You’ve access to a powerhouse of ideas and the ability to move people or even mountains with what you say this week, Virgo. Weave a deeply compelling and irresistible sales pitch whether what you are selling are your skills, expertise, knowledge or even you. What you say or communicate has the ability to bring about a transformation in a key area this week thanks to ruler Mercury in your 8th. You also have a full ‘blue’  Moon in your money zone which shines on matters relating to your money, talents and self-worth. Selling yourself short in any area is simply not an option now. The fearless path of the soul warrior entails not shying away from what needs to be said or done. And also knowing where the buck stops. Being fearless when it comes to asking for what you know you deserve is the gift you are handed when Mercury meets Chiron in here on the 19th. As is some sexual healing if you feel your mojo has been somewhat tarnished of late. The week begins with Venus in its ruling 7th opening the door with Jupiter to something long term when it comes to your security or living arrangements. The 21st sees Venus join Mercury in your 8th daring you to express all that pent-up passion and intensity. If you are single and seeking, you could just attract the focus for that lust. You should be projecting a ‘sexy and I know it’ vibe. And if not, time to ask why not?

All the world loves a lover and there’s a whole new world to explore as the Sun enters your 9th on the 20th. Ditch any limiting thinking and above all, know the key to your success over the next month is to develop a sense of humour and refuse to take things (including yourself) too seriously. The world doesn’t just love a lover, it likes to laugh with you too. All this power that’s surging through you hands you another gift – the ability to compromise where necessary. Mars in your 10th opposes Ceres in your security zone. You know the difference between giving something away or allowing someone the upper hand and coming up with the win/win scenario. You’re the champion of your own agenda this week – and the warrior for sexiness. Who makes it all happen? You do.

In a nutshell:  Ignite passion and sex appeal. You have a deeply compelling sales pitch that few can resist now. Whether it’s your skills or you personally, make your case this week, Virgo.


  • Feel your best to attract your best possible future
  • New solutions set you free
  • Love demands a daring new approach

Ruler Venus starts the week in feel-good fashion. Sure, she’s not that happy in your 6th house simply because it is about routine and daily responsibilities. But this of course includes our wellbeing routine and health matters and Venus just wants us to feel wonderful. Pay attention to your diet, exercise regimen and just that inner wellness that gets reflected in how you look and what you’re projecting out there. You’re being readied up to look and feel your best – especially if you are single. There’s also the possibility of a work opportunity returning or something springing from work done in the past as Venus angles to retrograde Jupiter in your 3rd.

That getting ready for your close-up moment begins as Mercury enters your 7th from the 17th and meets with Chiron in here the day a full ‘Blue’ Moon happens in your 1st. This is the second full Moon in your sign in the past lunar month – hence it is a true ‘blue’ Moon. Remember, full Moons reflect their light into the house opposite to the one they appear in – so your 7th. The person who was ‘opposite’ you last month – that past, present or potential partner, is in focus again. Who or what has returned for a second time around?

You’re seeking more depth in all your connections as the Sun quits your 7th and heads on into your 8th from the 20th. The 21st sees Venus arrive in her ruling house and with this love rules once more. I should not need to tell you this is one of the major cycles of attraction for you – whether it is love or even working opportunities you wish to attract. Two full Moons in a month in your 1st should have shown you the undeniable benefits of radiating. And if you radiate – you attract. Solutions which set you free and a sassy, free wheelin’ boldness propel you forward and out and away from something that has been holding you back. Mars in your 9th puts you in a go boldly mode like the crew of the Discovery. It opposes the planet of compromise Ceres in your house of ideas, business and communication the day Venus arrives in its ruling 7th. Someone out there could just love that daring approach you’re taking or the fearless way you’re reaching for that previously unexplored solution. Take a chance this week. And attract something or someone daringly different – just like you.

In a nutshell: Feel good because a major cycle of attraction starts this week, Libra. You need to feel your best to take advantage of it. And what returns could simply have your name on it this week.


  • Don’t ignore your intuition
  • Enter the relating revolution
  • Money can’t buy you love – or self-respect!

Try as you might to ignore something – perhaps that message from your higher self or that ‘gut’ feeling, you won’t be able to this week. A situation demands your attention and no matter if you don’t like it or want to deal with it, denial is a river where crocodiles swim and honestly, do you really want to be on the menu? Ignoring your intuition or the truth is likely to impact your wellbeing now. You begin the week with an angle of opportunity between Jupiter in your money house and Venus (which rules this house) in your 5th. It’s an invitation to accept something designed to boost actual, self or soul worth. But you have to step up and accept it. This is one of those times when you may look back with regret if you don’t. Mercury and Venus are both on the move this week into Mercury’s ruling 6th. This is your house of details, of your day job, of pets and that mind, body, spirit connection. There’s a need to take a radical approach to whatever it is your higher self is bringing to your attention as Mercury meets Chiron. Also, are you waiting for someone else’s approval to do something or even be yourself? The only person’s approval you need is your own. Meeting disapproval from anyone now, especially if it has a deep impact on your emotions, is your heads-up not to look away but to deal with it especially around the time of the second full Moon to hit your 12th in a month on the 19th.

Once this is done and dusted with a good old dose of reality, it’s time to move forward. The Sun in your 7th is about to highlight some big changes coming through with your former, present or potential partner. You’re entering the love revolution and if you want a heads-up on just what this might entail, those Librans next door may be able to offer you insight. In the interim, embrace the great relating experiment with open arms and an open heart. For you, this is going to revolve around love VALUES – what matters, how you value close connections and how you are valued in return.  What money can’t buy you. This week also sees ancient ruler Mars in its ruling house oppose Ceres in your money and values sector. Here’s your chance to prove your worth – and how you intend for the universe – and others, to treat you in the future. Compromise – don’t sell your soul now.

In a nutshell: Don’t shy away from doing what needs to be done.  Especially if your higher self is waving a red flag now. Your love values propel you into a new relating reality.


  • Go back to basics
  • Make the world sit up and take notice
  • Get ready to attract

Your ruler retrograde doesn’t necessary mean everything is on hold. Especially when it comes to those daring Sag themes so close to your heart – travel, freedom, expansion. Instead of seeing Jupiter retro as a barrier to progress, see it as an opportunity to re-boot , revisit or begin again. This may especially apply to your living arrangements this week. Yes, you need a home port from which to set sail, Sag. Jupiter retro angling to Venus in your 4th could be your cue to go back to basics and set up a much better and supportive lifestyle or home situation.

You turning into a homebody is unlikely as the party continues in your 5th thanks to the arrival of Mercury and then Venus this week. This marks one of the major cycles of attraction and pleasure for you of the year. And it is an invitation to be more authentically you than usual. Rock those talents and what makes you unique this week  – especially if getting people to sit up and take notice either personally or professionally, is your goal. Mercury meeting Chiron in your 5th on the 19th coincides with another full Moon in your social sector. Be seen, be bold, be brave and be daring if romance or acknowledgement for what you do is your goal. The Sun is on the move from the 20th into your house of routine, work and wellbeing so don’t neglect your responsibilities – and that includes to your body. Look to your diet and don’t overindulge. Mars in your 7th opposes Ceres in your 1st the day Venus sashays into your 5th. Here’s the thing – nobody gets to have it all. If you want free-spirited freedom and you want love you need to find the middle ground. It could just begin with that homebase this week, Sag. You got this.

In a nutshell: Go back over what you need to create that base from which all those Sag-themed adventures begin. You’re entering a major cycle of attraction. Get yourself noticed.


  • Insight gives you the heads-up
  • Combine intuition and action for success
  • Work – then prepare for play, romance and pleasure!

What’s the secret to your success this week, Capricorn? That’s what you may have people asking. You may not want to let them in on it but keep them guessing now. Just take it that its your unbeatable combination of practical smarts and attention to detail combined with uncanny intuitive insight. Tap into these and you could be that unstoppable force which everyone wants to see succeed. Jupiter may be retrograde in your 12th but it is boosting those insights and allowing you to reconnect to opportunities you may have overlooked in the past – especially when it aligns to Venus on the 16th. Look closely at who or what resurfaces for you but chances are, you’ll be thinking about it or them just before this happens.

Long term decisions and important contracts and paperwork are tied to all of this as Mercury favours important dealings around property, security and even your business or career when it arrives in your 4th from the 17th. Your lifestyle, having the money to life how you want, working smarter – these desires fuel those decisions especially as the second career and status highlighting full Moon in a month graces your 10th of all things Capricorn related on the 19th. Did you know that 62% of people cite having the money to live the way they feel adds meaning to their lives as a key driver of happiness? The secret to that success is following up on insights around what you need to do to live and work your own way. Especially from the 21st when Venus in your 4th enhances all home related matters and Mars in your 6th of work and wellness opposes Ceres in your 12th. Find your path. Do this and you will be ready to embrace pleasure, fun and even romance when the Sun enters your 5th from the 20th. Your relationship with the younger generation, children and even your inner child, shows you how ready you are to embrace joy once you’ve taken care of business. The real secret to your success is following that work up with play now. Life wasn’t meant to be all work all the time. Get that balance this week, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: The secret to your success this week is maintaining that mystical balance between practical action and insight. Do the work, then get ready to step into pleasure – and rewards.


  • Time for a soul revival
  • How far can that idea take you?
  • What are you prepared to do for love?

Old friends, past connections and discarded dreams feature this week. There’s a soul revival happening now that Jupiter is retrograde in your 11th of all things Aquarian themed. Watch who or what reappears or resurfaces for you as it has a real feel-good factor attached to it as Venus in its ruling 2nd in your chart angles back at Jupiter. Back to something or the return of something or someone which has new relevance for you – this can be anything from a past work connection with a job offer for you or that friendship revival. What it shows you is that you missed this – or them.

Mercury heads into its ruling 3rd sending your mind buzzing with ideas, your schedule bursting with things to do and places to be, and you being given an opportunity to rock out those projects and plans. Travel, promotion, writing, communicating and news which boosts your bank account could also feature as Venus arrives in here from the 21st. The 19th offers you the opportunity to see how far an idea or project can take you as Mercury meets Chiron in your 3rd and a full Moon lights your house of expansion for the second time in a month. The Sun joins ruler Uranus in your 4th from the 20th. Get ready for decisions that see you living in a very different way. Meanwhile, Mars in your romance zone opposes Ceres in your 11th on the 21st. It’s all a bit Meat Loaf when it comes to love. Yes, you might do anything for it – but suddenly feel someone is asking too much. As long as the planets are turning, As long as the stars are burning – know what you will and you won’t do to make those dreams come true, Aquarius.

In a nutshell: An old goal or a past connection could come back in with fresh relevance. Romance? Know what you are prepared to do – and what you won’t, for love now, Aquarius.


  • Working with soul and insight brings its own rewards
  • Be the spiritual force they don’t see coming
  • If it works your way – work it

Show people how wrong they are to underestimate the power of spiritual ambition, Pisces. Ancient ruler Jupiter – and yes, the ancient rulerships still apply, is retrograde in your 10th of career, reputation and rewards. This week sees Venus in your 1st make what we would normally consider to be a tripwire angle to it. But as with all aspects involving these two planets – its hip to be square. You’ve been quietly and diligently working away with your usual thoughtfulness and insight – and this now pays off. You knew it would but others may have just dismissed those efforts. Maybe because your way is simply more intuitive and spiritually aligned to your soul. But this does not mean they are less effective.  Now you are left with the satisfaction of showing them just how wrong they have been. Of course, you’ll do this with your usual sensitivity. Which makes any success coming your way now so well-earned – and satisfying.

Venus is on the move into its ruling 2nd on the 21st and follows Mercury which enters on the 17th. This could bring material rewards from sticking to your vision or what you know was the right path for you. And while you have the soul satisfaction there is nothing like the tangible results to showcase your achievements. Your bank account may provide this around the 19th when Mercury meets Chiron and the second full Moon in a month appears in your 8th of shared money and resources. Money talks. If you’re negotiating anything from that salary to a settlement to a shared living space, you’ll know where to compromise and where you need to stand firm as Mars in your 4th opposes Ceres also in your 10th on the 21st. You’re not about to give away your power – or that position you’ve worked long and hard to achieve. The Sun in your 3rd now hands you the ability to sell yourself – and your ideas fuelled by your new found validation and belief. If it works for you – work it. There’s something to be said for being the one people underestimate sometimes. It makes success taste all the more sweeter. Stick to your methods, Pisces. The results are just beautiful.

In a nutshell: Others may have dismissed your quiet, soulful way of working. Rewards and the satisfaction of knowing your way is the highway to success, could be yours now, Pisces.


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