6th November 2017 Weekly Written Astrology


· Feel the Power of Love

· Overwhelm those goals

· Be a love alchemist

You’ve got the power this week, Aries. So my only question to you is how are you going to use it? It’s the power of love I’m really talking about. And while to quote Huey Lewis: Don’t take money, don’t take fame, don’t need no credit card to ride this train, strangely enough if your actions are coming from a place of love – or doing what you love, money and at the very least, recognition, could be your take-out now. You’re being prepared for something big which may reach its conclusion next week. For now, pursue those projects and career goals and get ready for a satisfying conclusion or breakthrough moment. Changes to your career or professional standing lead to you leaving restrictions behind. You’re always determined, Aries. And when you set your mind to something nothing can deter you from it. Now, head for that goal and overwhelm it. You are so close now. You can dig deep, tapping into that well of talent and will to succeed.

The results could not just be transformational when it comes to your work and money. But there’s just as much alchemical potential around your love life as Venus arrives in your 8th this week. Express don’t repress those passions and feelings. Some of you may see a romance hot up or one suddenly ignite. Burn baby, burn! You’ve a magnetic allure right now and this could lure those lovers out of the woodwork. The power of love intensifies now. Who and how you love has an impact far beyond the bedroom now. Passion extends and transforms your inner and outer worlds. It’s all about relating whichever way you look at it. You have the power of love alchemy this week. Now use it.

In a nutshell – You are the love alchemist this week. Powerful emotions transform relationships and even your outer world. Breakthrough moments offer opportunities from the bedroom to the boardroom.



· You’re in love with love this week

· Existing connections deepen, new ones blossom

· Bring balance back to love

Ruler Venus takes up residence in her ruling house in your chart this week and with Jupiter already in here, puts you in the best position for 12 years when it comes to all close relationships – be they lovers, partners, collaborators, your bestie, co-workers or even that person you secretly wish would be consumed by a bone-eating snot-flower. Your 7th house rules not just close relationships, but maintaining a proper balance within them. That you and me, give and take, rock and roll balance we all strive for. The up-coming two week period asks you to throw open your arms wide and declare that you are ready to receive love if you are single. Venus in her ruling house is in love with love and wants you to experience it. So this is one of the best transits for bringing a new one in to your life. It also offers the opportunity to deepen existing

relationships. The ‘L’ word may now get spoken in newer ones. While older connections deepen as you are able to express your feelings to your partner.

Venus in here can also rebalance the scales if they have become tilted too much in one direction. She will allow you to speak up about any issues in your relationship without worrying about hurting or alienating your partner. Venus reaches for the diplomatic solution. With regards to those bone-eating snot-flowers – the 7th rules our open enemies and the 12th rules our hidden ones. You may find that the person in question no longer has the power to hurt or upset you and the fact you are no longer buying their bone-marrow freezing brand of toxic renders them impotent. Or Venus may just remove them so you no longer have to deal with them. Let the bone-eating snot-flowers do their work.

With the Sun also in your 7th and making a wonderful angle to Pluto in your 9th this week, a transformation within an existing relationship, or a new one with the potential to transform your world, is very much on the cards for you. This also has the capacity to break you free from unhealthy ties – redressing that balance I spoke about earlier. Be ready to experience a new way of loving and connecting this week and remember – no matter what form it takes – it’s all love!

In a nutshell – Throw open your arms and declare you’re ready to embrace a new way of loving! You’re set for a new cycle of togetherness now, baby.



· Rewards from what you do and how you do it

· Working relationships flourish

· Inject some love into everyday tasks

Here’s the thing about your 6th house and Venus in here (as well as Jupiter of course). The energy of your 6th house isn’t really the goddess of love and sensuality’s ‘thing’. Unfair, I hear you cry! How come all those Taureans and Cancerians next door are all loved-up or at the very least sprinkled with charismatic fairy dust and you tell me I have a sub-standard Venus transit? No. I didn’t say that either. Venus and indeed, Jupiter who Venus will meet in here next week, want to bring us benefits. Being the ruler of our love life, we always tend to think this is the area where Venus will deliver her benefits. However, the nature of the benefits depend on the house she is in. That you will receive benefits – have no doubt. It’s just that in your 6th, they may not be the romantic kind. Venus in your 6th is all about benefits coming from your work or profession. Bear in mind that Venus rules your bank account. So, many of you could see a new job, promotion or raise come through as a result of not just Venus in here but also the Sun who makes a cash-attracting angle to Pluto in his ruling house in your chart on the 9th. Your 8th is all about your salary and shared resources. You could negotiate a favourable outcome this week and the message here also is to not sell yourself short – especially if you’re injecting what you do with passion and creativity.

As Venus is all about relationships – even working ones then those which involve your co-workers, working as part of a team, customer relations and professional contacts of all kinds should flourish. How you are seen and perceived by those you come into contact via your work or professional circle will be important now too. Others appreciate just what you bring to the table. Saturn in your 7th which also rules close working relationships with people like your employer, manager or boss, is making a wonderful aspect this week to Uranus in his ruling house (11th) of you and the wider world. The result of all this could just be unexpected benefits flowing from your boss or job which could be anything from extra money to extra recognition or you impressing at that interview and winning that job. It may not be romantic style love, but others will love what you do and how you do it this week.

In a nutshell – Unexpected wins, recognition or benefits flow from your job. What you and you alone bring to the table gets you noticed. And rewards follow.



· Fall in love with love

· Work becomes play

· Be the embodiment of romance

Baby, you’re a firework this week! Let your colours burst and be your own work of art. Venus’s arrival in your fabulous pleasure-centered 5th gives you permission to let your creativity flow, to joyfully be yourself, to step out of the shadows if that’s where you’ve been lurking recently, and to fall back in love if you have fallen out of it. Or even to fall back in love with your own life. Looking for a lover? Venus’s entry in here could herald your best opportunity to attract one or even more than one, potential lover in 12 years. The desire to express yourself creatively in some way will also be strong now and as your 5th rules children, then it’s time to allow the child within out to play – especially if work or career matters have been weighing you down of late. Children if you have them may give you the excuse to do this, but ask yourself if you really need an excuse?

This transit along with Jupiter in here and the Sun is all about fun and passion. Bringing passion into everything you do. As well as the ability to attract a new partner or allow you and an existing one the opportunity to rediscover the love as the Sun in your 5th makes an angle to sexy Pluto in your partnership zone. If you are looking for love under this transit, then its likely that the person who responds to that passionate vibe you’re projecting, could be a real game-changer for you. All bets are off now and it’s time to step free of the past. A new chapter can be written in the Book of Love so fire up your creativity as you’re facing a blank page now.

Above all, this week all about passion and play. This extends into your work area. If you bring the love to what you do then rewards could follow thanks to an amazing boost from both Saturn and Uranus this week. If you’ve been looking for a job you love or to be acknowledged for what you love to do, then this week could be your time to shine. Light up the sky – or just someone’s life this week, Cancer. It’s what fireworks do!

In a nutshell – Ignite the love and passion within that’s just bursting to be expressed! Romance, creativity and fun light you skyward. Send out the love and attract it back in kind.



· Let your domestic goddess (or god) out to play

· Upgrade your living space or your lifestyle

· There’s no place like home

Home and the lion’s den feature as Venus arrives in your 4th – perhaps intent upon turning you to a domestic goddess or god. You may be thinking of moving home or redecorating. Your pride in your surroundings and love of beauty could see you spending money on enhancing your living space. Beautiful things, lush, relaxing living spaces, entertaining in your own personal style. The only warnings I will give you about Venus in here is that she may have you spending big on interior décor items and also that people who come visit now may not want to leave.

Good food, fine wine, family, friends and feeling nurtured. Even if you are not entertaining, you will make your home a temple to beauty and sensuality now. Don’t be surprised if you’re spending more time in the kitchen enjoying the sensual pleasure of creating dishes and then tasting and sharing them. You’re creating a place within which to be yourself, share a life and grow. Even if you are renting, expect to be making the space ‘yours’ in some way. If you have been trying to get that foot on the property ladder or to move to

somewhere that sustains and supports you, the wherewithal to make this possible may be on its way. Your ruler the Sun shines at Pluto guarding the resources of your 6th house of work and service on the 9th while Saturn in your 5th trines Uranus in your 9th. The money to establish something lasting for yourself may be forthcoming, handing you the keys to a place to call your own. A family member could even offer assistance here –even if it’s just with moving or decorating. The next couple of weeks sees the best period for establishing something lasting – a base, something which sustains you over the long term, that you’ve experienced in 12 years. It’s not just about where you live but your lifestyle. This week start to create your perfect one. Click your heels together and repeat after me; There’s no place like home.

In a nutshell – Home, your living space and what sustains you. Welcome to the temple of your familiar. You’re in your best cycle for 12 years for creating your perfect lifestyle now.



· Communicate with love

· Good news arrives

· Flirt with life and life flirts back!

This week reminds you that love, actually is all around you. With Venus in your 3rd house along with the Sun making a beguiling angle to Pluto in your romance zone, messages of love could be landing in your inbox. Your 3rd is ruled by your ruler Mercury who acts as messenger to Venus. Jupiter is also in this house in your chart and the presence of the Sun, Venus and Jupiter in here makes this one of the most news-worthy cycles you’ve experienced in 12 years. The energy that is all around you for the next 10 days is not just about messages of love, but also about how you communicate and get around too.

And now for the good news. Words are your mojo this week. It’s not just about the messages you receive from others but the ones you send out. Venus asks you to speak, write and communicate with love. Venus doesn’t just add the magic to your communications – she adds diplomacy and creativity to your messages too. You can use her gifts for any project from updating your CV, to finishing that project, exam paper, manuscript or just in what you say. Success via what you say or write therefore follows with good news heading your way in response to this. You could hear you got the job, passed the exam, won the business or your manuscript has been accepted. Work just works for you. You can also win over people with your charm be it at an interview, meeting or presentation. You also reach for the win/win solution with a touch of diplomacy and creative flair!

Amp up the flirt factor as Venus in here not only adds charm to everything you say but makes you just that little bit more playful and daring. Don’t be surprised if a little boldness creeps in and sees you making that flirtatious first move! Just ensure you mean it if it progresses beyond wordy foreplay because this is all about communicating with love and therefore the best intentions. Love could be found on your commute or just going about your daily routine. Yes, love really is all around you this week. All you have to do is look for it.

In a nutshell – Love is all around you this week. News puts a smile on your face and joy in your heart. While romance could be part of your daily routine.



· A change in inner values results in something you can bank on

· Time to make long term investments

· You could get a ‘Go fund me’ from the universe

Money, resources and above all, your values are in focus now. The past two and a half years have all been about defining what really matters to you, Libra. And chances are you’ve discovered along the way that it’s not just your shoe collection you place a high price on. Internal values and what really matters to you have been examined and re-defined. As a result – well, I’m not saying you don’t still love those Jimmy Choos but chances are you put a higher price on who you have become with or without them in your wardrobe. There’s been a purpose behind all of this and it’s been to give you a solid foundation upon which to build something truly lasting that adds value to your life no matter how your relationships and circumstances may change. This week could see the material rewards from all this soul auditing begin to appear thanks to your ruler Venus entering her ruling house in your chart (2nd) this week.

You already have Jupiter and the Sun in here. So this is a line-up you have not seen in 12 years. With the Sun making a cash-flowing angle at Pluto in your 4th (who guards the riches of the underworld don’t forget) and Saturn who has been overseeing that transformation in your values and beliefs from your 3rd making a trine to Uranus in your partnership zone, it’s all about seeing your way ahead and having something with which to plan for your future. This week could see the first stage in what I will call a larger funding process which could just transform your income and your bank account. Define your values and reap the rewards on your investment in yourself now.

In a nutshell – Ruler Venus in her ruling money zone in your chart is set to deliver a payday on more than one level. You could see a big return on your values as well as your talent & skills.



· What comes effortlessly to you now?

· Who are you in the process of becoming?

· The world loves those changes so make them!

Time to think about deeply personal transformations and upgrades this week, Scorpio. Is it time for a new ‘you’? Venus entering your 1st is about attraction, attracting and feeling attractive. As it’s your birthday season do you feel you need to mark this by changing the way you look or appear? Venus adds allure and beauty and as this is the start of one of the most expansive cycles you’ve experienced in 12 years thanks to Jupiter in here, why not celebrate by showing the world a beautiful new version of you? With the Sun in your 1st talking to ruler Pluto in your 3rd, it’s not just about no longer being your old self, but basking in the attention any changes you make get you.

The benefits of a brand new you – whether the process involves updating your appearance or just updating your thinking, resonates in every area of your life now. Venus in your 1st is all about radiating so you attract back. And she promises it’s easy! Sure you have to take whatever steps you can but part of this New You cycle and Venus’s birthday treat for you, is showing you that it’s not meant to be difficult. There’s a big difference between making an effort and something that is just hard work with no return. Look closely now at what area of life flows easily, what comes to you as if by magic or by you just doing what you can and what remains stuck or where you give your all but don’t get the results you expected. Venus’s gift is allowing you to look at whatever this is – from your job to relationships, and if you decide that it’s all give on your part and all take from the other side, Venus allows you to graciously let this go – and with the confidence of knowing something better will replace it. The fabulous updated you could receive a validation that those changes are worth it around the 11th when Saturn in your money zone works with Uranus in your 6th to bring about a change in your job or way you work. Enjoy a beautiful upgrade experience this week.

In a nutshell – Unfurl those wings and fly, phoenix! Time to show the world a new you. Update anything from your look to your thoughts for wonderful, fresh results.



· What goes around comes around

· Questions about love are answered

· Embrace the ability to create your future

The past and the future vie for your attention this week, Sag. Venus joins the Sun and ruler Jupiter in your mysterious 12th this week. It’s all about relationships and people from your past – and past lives for that matter. As well as events set in motion in the past and their impact on you in the present. It’s all about any rewards that are due. Your 12th is not a material house per se as it links you to the world of the unseen – of spirit, psychic ability, inspiration, intuition, the multiverse, secrets and your past and future lives. However, we can also say it rules spiritual and karmic legacies including good karma or karmic debts – those you owe to others and what others owe to you. The Sun in here angles at Pluto in your money zone on the 9th. Pluto rules death and rebirth as well as the house of assets and legacies. I’m not saying you have not worked for any money that may come your way under this influence. Just that this may be the pay-off of karmic or spiritual work in some respect as well.

As a result of this, you need to be on the look-out for who helps you at this time as you have either helped them in this lifetime or in another one. If you are asked for help and are in a position to give it, then do so. And again, you could be repaying a debt you owe someone – and not necessarily the person you are helping, from a long time ago.

Questions about romance or a possible partner? Uranus in your 5th could have had you wondering if they do or if they don’t. Uranus in here isn’t the best placement for romance. He can result in ambiguity, mixed signals, someone appearing who seems to tick all the boxes, flirts but never closes escrow or leaves you scratching your head and wondering just what the nature of your connection is as it appears to defy categorising. The good news is that Uranus moves out of here next year but Saturn in your 1st angling at him this week could see you deciding to end the guessing game and put this one where it belongs once and for all. It’s all about self-determination rather than waiting for someone else to make their mind up. A lover from the past could also appear and again, this will be very much up to you as to whether you give this a second chance. If you meet someone new and it all seems familiar in some way, then it probably is. Just remember however, the future is an open book and you get to write it now. That’s the power of the past to shape your future.

In a nutshell – You have the power to create a new future from your past. Follow your insight. Spiritual legacies fall due and destiny plays a role now.



· Your social circle shines

· Get a helping hand towards a goal

· Friendships get locked in for the long term

How are you resonating with friends and people around you, Capricorn? Time to connect with your tribe and if you’re feeling like an outsider, to discover the people you belong with. Venus in your 11th this week enhances all your social and business interactions. She’s promising good times and good company too. If you’ve come to the conclusion of late that you no longer have much in common with the group you normally hang out with, Venus along with Jupiter and the Sun in here, will bring you an opportunity to meet new, like-minded souls.

Chances are the personal transformations you’ve been experiencing over the past few years have resulted in you seeking more depth from your friendships and you could see this in action this week as the Sun in your 11th shines on Pluto in your 1st. You may also have been in situations where people around you have shown their true colours. You’ve discovered who you can rely on, who is going to be there for you – and who isn’t or who only shows up when the times are good. And who is conspicuously absent when they get bad. Don’t be afraid to take this knowledge and do a little pruning if necessary.

Remember above all that your 11th rules goals, wishes and dreams and Venus just loves happy endings. If love is your desire, Venus could just bring in a new connection laden with romantic potential. Or wave her magic wand and put you in the path of someone who can help you make your dream come true – no matter what it is. Venus promises good times and the love of friends at the very least. But you need to sign up for the magic. No use staying home – make the effort to get out and about, accept all invitations or issue a few of your own. Ruler Saturn has just a few more weeks remaining in your 12th. Until he moves into your 1st, the remaining period is all about determining who or what travels with you into this all-important new cycle. Friendships and connections are now being locked down for the long term. Or you’re attracting new ones to accompany you on the next part of your journey.

In a nutshell – Your tribe, your larger social circle and contacts expands with important new connections to be made. Good times with like-minded souls lie ahead. With a splash of romance thrown in.



· Be the embodiment of success

· Others sit up and take notice

· Think big, walk tall, aim high

All the planetary action right now is centered on your 10th of career and status – in a way it has not been for 12 years. To say it is time to make that move is an understatement and the next two week period could be pivotal for you, Aquarius. So – be ready.

Venus arrives in here this week, joining the Sun and Jupiter. She’s going to facilitate those career moves now, bringing you and your work to the attention of people who just seem to want to help you up that ladder. You’re in a position to create exactly the right impression. As a result, it’s worth

spending extra time, money and effort on your professional image if you feel it needs an update. Look your best and you feel your best – and act your best. Venus says you’re playing a starring role now so it’s important to look the part. Dress for success is your mantra now. Your talents will come to the surface and be recognised. You’re no longer content with playing a supporting role this week but in being the star of your show. The Sun lures you out of hiding as he makes a wonderful aspect to Pluto on the 9th. Those you are seeking to impress now sit up and take notice.

Venus rules our love life and the 10th house also rules the status of our partner. Those of you coupled up could be benefitting from a partner’s success. Single water bearers could attract someone successful, well-to-do and who could just turn out to be a serious contender for that heart of yours. Don’t be surprised if there is an age gap between you and them however. This can go either way – they may be older or younger. Remember, it’s just a number and love is timeless. Ruler Uranus in your communication sector and Saturn in your social sector could see you in the right place at the right time to make a significant connection. Or deliver news you’ve been waiting for. There’s a big picture that’s being painted this week and this is just the first part of it.

In a nutshell – Time to adopt a success mindset and aim for the stars. You’re in a position to impress both in your career and your personal life. Now is the time to go for it.



· Yes you can can!

· Who is on your journey with you?

· Truth, beauty, freedom, love – embrace the revolution!

Truth. Freedom. Beauty. Love. Sounds all very Moulin Rouge, doesn’t it? Come what may, you are going to be wrapping yourself in all of these like a glorious costume from a Baz Lurhman film and can-can-ing your way into something fabulous this week. What will it be? Well, with your 9th house it’s all about expanding your horizons in some way. Love is a many splendored thing. Love lifts us up where we belong. Like Satine, you could be enchanted by a love that flies you away as Venus enters here. Travel beckons – whether this involves Paris, elephants, maharajas, is another matter but take it from me – there’s a game-changing journey happening as the Sun also in your 9th sextiles Pluto in your 11th. Who is travelling with you on this trip? Chances are, at least one other person now. Even if your adventure doesn’t involve love, it doesn’t look like you’re going alone. There’s at least one connection with fabulous possibilities emerging now. This may be just a friendship but it has the potential to bring you more than you might first think.

Your 9th house has not sparkled with potential like this for 12 years. Jupiter is the ruler of this house and he takes 12 years to orbit the Sun. He’ll spend just over a year in here and then you will have another 12 years to wait until his return. Which is why you need to be making the most of this. With Venus in here the emphasis is all on beautiful experiences. Think Venus benefits – love, creativity, pleasure, framed within Jupiter experiences – travel, study, the law, the mass media, philosophy, beliefs, the outdoors, large animals. Doors open. Lucky breaks happen. Your horizons expand. So, you may not have to become a bohemian but this is all a big celebration of all things romantic and creative happening in your life right now. And when it comes to something that revolutionises your world, well Saturn in his ruling house in your chart making an angle to revolutionary planet Uranus in your money zone could bring professional success as well. So exciting. So delighting. Yes you can, can now!

In a nutshell – Expect expansion in one or even more key areas. You don’t need a star to guide you – you are that star! It’s time for big production numbers this week, Pisces.

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