4th December 2017 Weekly Horoscope Forecast


· What returns with new relevance?

· Is there still a chapter waiting to be written?

· Feel the life-force this week!

It’s all very much Back to the Future week for you, Aries. Think of the card of Judgement in the Tarot. Something you thought dead comes alive again or returns from the past. Mercury now very much in retrograde form in your 9th collides with Saturn that old cosmic-time keeper on the 6th. The same day there’s a sextile happening between Mercury and Saturn and Mars in your 7th. Past projects, past partners, long lost lovers or friends. Something or someone where destiny has not quite been lived out features – especially with the Sun also in your 9th making a trine to your karmic North Node in your 5th. Just throw into the mix Mercury and Venus making angles to Neptune in his ruling 12th (the house of the past and past-lives) and also Chiron in here on the 12th. My spidey-senses are tingling as I write this! Cosmic contracts and writing a new chapter in the Book of Fate could be your task this week.

Mars moving into your 8th of rebirth also points the same way. This is Mars’s ancient ruling house. Or is it a new version of you that is the rebirth here? Harking back to the Judgement card in the Tarot again. One of my favourite versions of this card comes from the Robin Wood deck. It’s a pagan version of Rider Waite. The Judgement card depicts a woman rising from a fiery cauldron with a phoenix behind her. The ancient symbol for your 8th house and the sign of Scorpio is of course, the Phoenix. Is it you who is ‘coming alive’ again or reborn on some level or something else in your life? Whatever you have given up on could just return in a form that is more relevant to who you are now, than it was before. Live again this week, Aries.

In a nutshell: Something you had given up on returns this week. There’s another chapter yet to be written in this story. The past has a big role to play in your future now.


· Embrace a beautiful transformation

· What’s the bigger picture?

· Change brings benefits

Transformational changes beckon for you this week, Taurus. These may be long past due. Mercury retrograde meeting Saturn in here this week is asking you what has been lived out? What are you clinging on to? And why? Things cannot improve unless they change. Yes, this may require some short—term upheaval. And yes, it may also take you temporarily out of your comfort zone. But the results will be worth it, I promise you. Mercury rules your 6th of work and wellbeing and links to Mars in here who rules your 8th. So, both are in what we astrologers call ‘’mutual reception by house”. In other words, they are talking to one another and the conversation they are having is to your ultimate benefit. Mercury retro and Saturn highlight where the changes need to be made and Mars provides the impetus to make it happen.

Sure there’s some reluctance behind this because you love things to run smoothly. You don’t need Mars now moving into your partnership sector from the 9th to tell you this is going to impact on partners and your domestic life. But what needs to be done now has to be done unless you are going to continue to feel the even worse pressure of stagnating in place. I honestly think this is not an option for you now as the Sun hits the North Node in your house of home and security and ruler Venus has you realising there’s a bigger picture you need to see. One part of this is now being revealed with more to follow. You’ll be aware this week that staying put just short-changes you on so many levels. You’ve the courage now to shake things up. Be a mover and a shaker this week.

In a nutshell: Don’t cling to the past. Not when the future wants to hand you something so much better. Fearlessly let go and claim it now!


· Say what you need to say

· Ask for what you want

· What have you learned about the power of partnerships?

Last week’s full Supermoon in your 1st should have seen you tackling issues around partners, those closest to you and even career matters. Should you have put off saying what needs to be said – perhaps due to the person you needed to say it being unavailable, this week gives you that second opportunity. It’s very much a week to set the record straight or do what needs to be done. Ruler Mercury now in full retrograde flow in your 7th re-encounters Saturn. The Sun in here makes a positive angle to the North Node in your communications sector. Time for a talk perhaps or to seal a deal that’s been hanging around? Both spoken and unspoken agreements are featured now and if they are the unspoken kind, it really is time to verbalise them. If you’ve got something on your mind, don’t keep it there any longer. Your ruler and this week’s aspects all say ‘Out with it’! These past two and a half years should have offered opportunities for you to learn that two is better than one. But this begins with good communication.

As well as what needs to be said around current, past or even prospective partners, the need to state your intentions or wrap things up now extends to your work and career too. Venus also in your 7th (her ruling house) impacts on Neptune in your long term career sector, as does Mercury on Chiron also in here. Have you put off asking for what you know you deserve? Or reaching for that better job? Mars enters your 6th this week adding oomph, staying power and determination for a go-getting confidence injection. With Vesta also in here look at two key factors in play when it comes to your work: do you work in a group of women or do you work in an environment where one man calls the shots? Women could be your support network but if you are in the latter situation, it may be time to call a few shots of your own. Only you can make it – or see where it needs to be made. Call it this week.

In a nutshell: Seal the deal. Say what needs to be said. Second chances are the charm for you this week so make the most of them, Gemini.


· News completes a cycle

· Old ideas have new relevance

· Go where your energy and heart tells you to flow

What did you miss the first time around, Cancer? Mercury in his ruling house of work and wellbeing has you going back over things now. It could be you discover something you missed the first time around. Or else, something you should have been aware of – a missing piece of the puzzle, is now presented to you that completes the picture. Perhaps you have been waiting on someone else’s input. A signature, report or a response. This could be from a governing body, an institution or someone in a position of authority. As Mercury backs into Saturn this could now be delivered. Contracts are signed. Agreements are reached. Information or news you have been waiting on arrives perhaps bringing something to a much-needed conclusion. If you need to go seek an alternative – don’t be afraid to as Mercury trines Uranus in your career house offering you more options than you may have thought you had. Or else dust off that idea you’re sitting on as its time could just have finally come. Wrap it up this week if you can.

What’s been holding you back or making you afraid to move forward could also come to light this week in a way that both heals and frees you. Pay close attention to your energy levels when it comes to certain people or situations. How do you react? Energised or drained? Act on this information. Mars enters your 5th of play, fun, romance, glamour and general fabulousness this week. Feel that surge of passion and drive to express yourself –either romantically, creatively or both! This is no time to blend into the background but a time to stand out. Above all, it’s about actively seeking out and embracing what makes you heart beat faster and your soul ignite.

In a nutshell: Deal with the past but fan the flames of the future this week, Cancer. What did you miss the first time around? Time for finishing touches for new beginnings.


· Dare to dazzle

· Past lovers, past pleasures, past efforts have a heartbeat

· Get out and about and have a date with destiny

Don’t stay home this week, Leo. The reason I say this is that not only is your 5th house of all things Leo-like lit up as well as your 9th of soul freedom, but Mars enters your home sector on the 9th. Seeing as this is a house of feminine energy and nurturing, it follows Mars is hardly happy in here. Mars in your 4th can have you at loggerheads with family members and ignite quarrels – especially right now with a male family member if they insist on having their own way. One thing Mars in here is good for is any chores around the home and DIY tasks in order to prepare to deck the halls for the holidays. So, use Mars’s energy for this but otherwise, go deck other people’s halls with your own fabulousness.

There’s things going on you won’t want to miss and the heavens reflect this. It’s all served up with a heavy past flavour as Mercury retro bumps into Saturn in your 5th on the 6th. At this point Mars is still in your 3rd. Expect news on anything from a past lover to a past effort that could show there’s still a heartbeat there. The North Node, that point in the sky that links to our karma or destiny, plays a role now as your ruler the Sun also in your 5th makes a beautiful angle to it. With resurrecting links to your sexy 8th house made by Venus also in your 5th and Mercury, you could find yourself somewhere where you come face to face with the past unexpectedly. Or just receiving something that should have been yours earlier, Anything from attention or acknowledgement. Being the star of your own show requires letting your audience see you. Pleasure, romance, fun and the party spirit? These aren’t destinations. They’re part of your destiny. So, claim the spotlight and all that goes with that now.

In a nutshell: Deck the halls with fabulousness — your fabulousness that is! Don’t deprive yourself or others – it’s no time to stay home. Radiate and circulate instead.


· Review what you have built or established

· Love it? Lock it in for the long term

· Head for emotional safety

It’s all about home matters now ruler Mercury is retrograde in your 4th. And you’ve got just a couple more weeks of the heavy emphasis on your career and what makes you secure. This week could be your final opportunity to attend to housekeeping matters across all these areas. You’re being asked to do a stocktake on what you have managed to establish or build. These past two and a half years have all been about structure and foundation. Now, this could of course have been a literal structure as in a home. Or you could have laid the foundation for your future via a course of study, career progress or even a lifestyle. As Mercury bumps into Saturn make one final push or bring projects to completion. Mars is in your 2nd of money, assets, talents and skills. He’s pushing you to utilise what you have in order to create more that adds to your what you have already built.

When it comes to utilising anything from your smarts to your staying power, Mars gives you what it takes to bring matters to a conclusion. Saturn and Mercury make fabulous angles between this trio, ensuring you come across as dynamic and to the point. While you know all too well that Mercury retro is not about starting something new, this alignment is one of the best for bringing matters to a successful conclusion so try to schedule final interviews or presentations now if you can. It’s not just about business this week. There’s something more intangible and lasting on an emotional level that also emerges from what you build in the outer world. It’s all about creating a safe place emotionally where love and healing begin. For you this week, Virgo, outer success translates into emotional safety. That’s the biggest success of all.

In a nutshell: Time for one final focus on what supports and sustains you, Virgo. It’s all about your future support. Make the final touches to that lifestyle vision now.


· Time for completion

· Rewards for past work could arrive

· A new path opens up

Mercury is retrograde in his ruling house in your chart. With Saturn in here for the past 2.5 years words have had weight. Also business matters, getting ahead may have felt ‘weighty’ or more work than usual. By the 20th you are going to feel a big shift of energy – literally, as Saturn exits this house in your chart for 28 years. For now with retro Mercury backing up into Saturn and some soul-charging angles to Mars in your 1st, you have the energy now to make a final push forward and finish off those ‘heavy’ projects once and for all. This may involve working solo or on something you and only you can complete. There’s satisfaction to be gained from this. And of the material kind too. Vesta in your 2nd links to Neptune in Mercury’s other ruling house your 6th and your house of work while Mars enters your money house on the 9th.

News you receive this week could have a big impact on your future path in more ways than one. If you have felt you need a new element to come in to your life – anything from a new job to a new partner, this could set in motion the events that lead to that happening. There’s something a little but mysterious about this, with you being pushed in a new direction that has more potential than you could possibly realise. The very ‘weighty’ restrictions that you’ve had to work with or against, are in fact, the forces that send you off on this new path. There’s more going on than meets the eye. It’s all about having a little faith this week.

In a nutshell: Bring projects and work matters to a final conclusion. There’s something you and only you can finish. Then let it go and wait for the results, Libra.


· Debts are paid

· Fresh opportunities are drawn to you

· Reconcile hearts and restore cosmic balance

Mercury retrograde having a repeat close encounter with Saturn in your money house and hitting up ancient ruler Mars in your 12th for an insider tip straight from the source. Mars in your 12th wants you to take action on intuition. You’ve just two more weeks of Saturn in your 2nd. With Mercury retrograde now it’s all about consolidation and also balancing things out. What do you owe and what are you owed? It’s time for the books to balance in some way now. Call this reconciliation time. In more ways than one. Your entire money/work/career houses are impacted now and with Mercury retrograde this could mean you cashing in on something already set in motion from your past. Remember, this is not a good transit under which to start something new. It’s more about finalising something and also seeing what remains relevant or requires revision. It is however a time to settle outstanding debts if you can and this includes the karmic kind as well as the financial. The next two weeks could allow you to wipe clean the slate on some level and begin anew.

Reconciliation does not just refer to financial matters but to matters of the heart too this week. Mercury is retrograde in Venus’s ruling house in your chart and Venus is also in here. With aspects to your 5th also linked to the past, something could be pulled towards you in the present perhaps for healing or to re-frame anew. This week however is not about looking back or spinning your wheels waiting for the starting flag. Mars arrives in your 1st injecting raw passion, sexiness and determination. You have the ability to pick and choose now. To know with surety what you want to cherry pick and keep to take with you, and what to discard. The magnetism you exude won’t just attract backwards but can pull new potential towards you too. It may not be fully realised yet, but what you glimpse on the horizon could send you hurtling into 2018 at top speed.

In a nutshell: Reconciliation is your key word this week, Scorpio. With people, in matters of the heart, and also in balancing the karmic books. Time to begin anew with a clean slate.


· Keep what works, discard what doesn’t

· What’s in that family closet?

· Celebrate a stronger, more enduring version of you

You’ve two more weeks of Saturn in your 1st Sag. It’s no coincidence that during this time you also have Mercury retrograde in your sign too. It’s time to go over all you have learned from Saturn these past two and a half years. While Saturn rules time it’s not so much about feeling older but wiser. Some areas of life may have seemed like hard work. You’ve had a resistance to push against. But the upshot of this should have seen you emerge with a stronger core and foundation on some level. When Saturn exits your sign on Dec 20, he will not be back for another 28 years. I can guarantee you will feel the change of energy almost immediately and a shift in your focus. Saturn has been helping you prepare for a new focus on your money and financial security. For now however, have a stocktake on this Mercury retro period which ends just three days after Saturn exits your sign. What have you learned or established? Don’t be afraid to discard what has not worked for you. Saturn asks us to apply checks and balances. This needs to be done across all areas of your life now. What investments have paid off and what haven’t? Expect people, opportunities, projects, lovers and the past to pop up for one final assessment. Make your decision. Then move on and don’t look back.

The family past also features for you, Sag. If there are skeletons in your family closet they could come rattling out now. A greater awareness of past wounds and family karma that you have been carrying around allow you to ditch the burden now. If you can’t forgive – that’s fine. That may not be the task. It is however all about your story rather than theirs. Did you feel connected to your family? Or have you had to create your own that gives you that sense of belonging? It’s doesn’t matter which. There’s an adjustment to be made here that allows you to create your own sense of belonging this week. You have your foundation in place now to step into a future that truly supports you.

In a nutshell: You’re poised on the cusp of a new era of foundation when it comes to your finances. Time for a soul stocktake on what to take with you into the future – or discard.


· What dreams can you attain?

· Heed your intuition

· Utilise those ideas

You don’t need me to tell you that you are heading into one of the most important birthday periods for many years, Capricorn. And you need to consider the next two weeks preparation time for that. On Dec 20 you will welcome your ruler Saturn into your sign for the first time in 28 years. It doesn’t get much bigger than that.

With Mercury retrograde meeting Saturn for the final time before he exits your 12th, as well as a slew of other planets in there, this week is all about what comes to light and what is now made real. News or new information either cements something or you see it must now be let go of. This is a week to act realistically and to see things as they really are and not how you would like them to be. You could even set a new course or direction for the New Year, abandoning something you may have put a lot of effort into that you now see is not going to pay off. Be a little fearless if necessary. Mars enters your 11th this week, set on propelling you out into a wider network and acting on those ideas. However, choose your company and your battles carefully here. This is why you may come to the conclusion that conceding defeat over something is actually the greater course of valour and you end up gaining more in the end. While there’s a need to act with realism strangely enough your intuition is rock solid now. These past two and a half years should have taught you a lot about how you can rely on those gut feelings and insights. If you feel the nudge in a certain direction or a strong ‘gut feeling’ about something or someone, go with that. Intuition could just be the bedrock on which you’re building your future this week.

In a nutshell: Prepare for one of the most important cycles of achievement and establishment in a very long time. This week is preview week. What is it showing you?


· Be an influencer

· Connect to your tribe

· What’s generated in the past powers you on into the future

If the 11th house is the house of electricity, then think of Saturn in here as your generator now, Aquarius. With only two weeks left of this stay in here the question is: what have you generated for yourself? Retrograde Mercury bumping into Saturn this week asks you evaluate this now. Has it provided you with the ability to explore and create some kind of structure that represents freedom on some level? This can be anything from a social group that represents your ‘tribe’ or a means where you feel you can express your ideas and individuality – and be accepted. Or connections you can utilise professionally. You could see all this in action despite the retrograde as Mercury and your ruler Uranus are in each other’s ruling houses now. We call this ‘mutual reception by house’. So, they ‘get’ one another while in here. Something you ‘generated’ in the past returns and this could even be a former partner, a project of yours that becomes not just relevant again, but which others want, or an opportunity.

Fiery Mars hurtles into your 10th of career, reputation and status re-awakening dormant ambitions and career goals you may have set aside. If any of these involve reviving something or re-contacting someone you have had dealings with in the past, you can go for this on the retrograde. It’s also a time around healing and deservedness. And of knowing what your skills are worth as Venus and Mercury square Neptune and Chiron respectively in your 2nd. Remember – your 2nd is in Venus’s ruling house. When it comes to the collective seeing what you are worth, you can now generate a new and lasting price when it comes to your talents, skills, ideas and services. Set a new benchmark for what you, and your ideas are worth this week. You’re your own influencer now.

In a nutshell: You’re a powerhouse of ideas and creativity now. Plus you have the network over which to transmit them. Utilise both now, Aquarius.


· Blaze a trail

· Cement that reputation

· Keep the faith – in yourself above all else

Just two more weeks of Saturn in his ruling house in your chart remain, Pisces. And with Mercury retrograde in here and meeting him for the final time on the 6th, the question is not just what have you achieved, but how you will leverage this next. Saturn will not be back in here for another 28 years. Hopefully his two and a half year stay has seen you establish yourself on a long term path and to cement a professional or personal reputation. One door may swing back open for you to step through it this week. This could be your final invitation so be aware of this. Venus and the Sun remain in your 10th and Venus squares Neptune your ruler in your 1st while Mercury squares Chiron. You also have the Sun making a fabulous angle to the destiny-driven North Node in your sector of work and wellness. Heal any feelings around not being ready for more responsibility or not being ‘worthy’. If something returns now you need to have faith in yourself and leap. The impact of your choices and decisions (or inaction) will be felt seven years down the track. So, it’s important to be aware of the bigger picture.

A big change or a transformation remains a distinct possibility for you right up until the weekend thanks to Mars in his ancient ruling house in your chart (8th). He’s adding daring, passion and also magnetism now. You’re unafraid to ask for whatever it is you want – be it that raise or some sizzling bedroom action! The 9th sees him shift houses and enter your 9th house where you’re poised to power on perhaps into new territory. You want to experience something new – but wait until Mercury heads direct before embarking on this if you possibly can. You’re now waiting for Saturn to change signs and arrive in your 11th. When he does look forward to karmic connections and friends in high places. This should all tell you that you too, belong at the top, Pisces.

In a nutshell: Time for one final push forward with that career agenda. A door could swing back open again one final time. Get ready to step through it.


Your weekly horoscope 4th December 2017

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